a hermit crab

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Why's the crab in a snail shell? Do hermit crabs usually inhabit those?

Hermit crabs will take any kind of shell that fits them. People who own hermit crabs will even make cute decorated shells in all kinds of shapes for them to move into as they grow.

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Imagine Murdoc finding out his s/o also has a pet hermit crab~ omg hermit crab bonding 😭


~ Admin Cock

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Anybody home?

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I have a dumb question: who is sherm????

Sherm is a hermit crab one of the followers dreamed Murdoc had and he became a legend.

– Admin Croc

There is no room for tradition in animal care.

Animal care should not be stagnant. It should always be evolving and improving.

This applies to breeders, hobbyists, “casual” owners, everyone. It also applies to anyone who keeps animals for profit. If animals are raised to be eaten, they should still have the most up-to date care available.

If you find something that works, great! Use it, recommend it, whatever. But keep doing research. Keep learning and trying to improve. There are very few things that were done 50 years ago, even 20 years ago that have not changed or been improved upon since then.

If a breeder, store, rescue, etc. tells you that they’ve been doing something a certain way for more than a decade, start questioning.


Hermit crabs lining up by size to make an exchange of shells.

Mr. Hermit Crab!

We’re playing a pirate campaign and we’re sailing. Our paladin is a sort of living construct who doesn’t needed to breathe and wanted to test this theory by jumping off the ship. He rolled a 5 on investigation and found a hermit crab. The following conversation happened.

Paladin: hello mr hermit crab!
DM (as hermit crab): hello
Paladin:nice shell you got there!
DM (as hermit crab): thanks. its my home. i live here.
Paladin: its my first time down here…anything cool to see?
DM (as hermit crab): hmm…-pulls copper coin out of shell-
Paladin: um…ill trade you…this coin (a gold coin)
DM (as hermit crab): woah! thats a nice coin!
Paladin: gonna trade??
DM (as hermit crab): what does that mean
Paladin: you take this coin, and i have that coin, and we switch
DM (as hermit crab): uhh..i…i like my coin….but that coin is pretty nice too…you can have it

DM: at this point the boat is 100 feet away
Bard: -plays my heart will go on on kazoo-

Paladin: i walk to shore and talk to any fish i go by
DM: they swim by and say “HELLO”

No pet is an easy pet.

Starting to get increasingly annoyed with people comparing hedgehogs to other small mammals like gerbils, hamsters, etc., even when they’re trying to use it as an argument that hedgehogs are higher maintenance. Yes, hedgehogs might need more equipment due to heating needs. But no, hamsters & gerbils aren’t “easy” pets either. They’re just much more common and the neglect and misinformation given out for them is much more widely accepted & ignored.

No pet is an easy pet.

Every animal has specific care needs. Every animal needs the proper enclosure, the proper handling and attention, and proper diet. Some are easier than others. Some might work better for a person’s schedule than others. All of them need to be researched for, all of them need their enclosure set up appropriately, all of them need some kind of continuing care & attention.

None of them are “easy”. If you want easy, get a stuffed animal or a pet rock.