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I can’t stop thinking about the wisecrack carrie fisher would make about debbie reynolds dying a day after her: the joke about her family, always bringing the drama, the ‘she couldn’t stand to let me have all the attention even when I had just died. I want you all to remember that I did it first.’  

I like to imagine her in the afterlife adding material to her stand up: ‘I’m really disappointed to be here tonight, I was hoping I’d get to haunt george lucas for that metal bikini.’ ‘do you know how long the line for this place is? I flipped off nancy reagan and fidel castro on the way in. ’ ‘when I said dear lord please don’t let me live to see that orange buffoon be president I should have been a helluva lot more specific.’

playing to a sold out audience, her mother in the front row. bowie and rickman at a table in the back. 

As much as there’s a large community of people who really want to see Jughead as asexual, and I am a huge proponent for that kind of representation, there’s also quite a large community of avid Archie fans that want Betty and Jughead to be together, too,“ Sprouse said. "I think these are things we need to juggle when considering what Jughead is in Riverdale.

This is a new universe, this is a new take on Jughead, and he is this tortured damaged kid — this Holden Caulfield — who is looking for someone who can relate to him on a personal level and that narrative itself is also beautiful. While I think that [asexual] representation is needed, this Jughead is not that Jughead. This Jughead is not Zdarsky’s Jughead and this Jughead is not the aromantic Jughead.

This Jughead is a person who is looking for a kind of deeper companionship with a person like Betty..and Betty ends up being this super nurturing, caring, catering person that with Jughead’s super screwed-up past they end up diving into each other and it ends up being a beautiful thing. How are people going to respond? Truthfully, they’re probably going to be quite incendiary about it at first. Do I think that’s ill-placed? No. Do I think they should give it a shot? Yeah, I do, because I think that after filming thirteen episodes, it makes sense to me and if it makes sense to me as the person who’s dumping so much time and so much argumentation into trying to represent Jughead correctly, it will make sense to other people as well.

—  Cole Sprouse (x

I figured it was a little weird that I’d painted a detailed thing of an npc and not done a helluva lot for the actual player characters so more High Rollers, aaay

Tried to pull of that look Matt makes every time Trellimar does something AWFUL but I think I missed the mark so have overly jubilant and detailed Trell


no sense or reason I just adore Korak and Jiǔtóu

K, so, Ima be goin on a Stranger Things binge for a bit and be reblogging all the stuff I like.

And even though I realize I’m mostly just yelling out into the void with this Ima just say my two cents on the Discourse ® that has now festered in the ST fandom concerning one Billy Hargrove.

Is he Billy a terrible abusive prejudiced violent person?

Yes, yes he is.

Does he deserve all of kick-ass beatings he gets from Steve and Max at the end?


Did I feel sympathy for him when finding out his dad is super abusive and hurt him physically and verbally until he made his teenage son actually cry?


Does this excuse his controlling/abusive behavior to Max, his racism/violence to Lucas and his violence with Steve and the rest of the kids?

Hell to the fuck no,

Lucas deserves to get his own hits in and I was cheering with the rest of them when Steve beat him down and when Max finally got the upper hand on him.

Do I want him to get/thinks he deserves a chance at redemption?

I think it could be possible. He seems to have toned down a helluva lot when we see him at the end before the Snow Ball, but any true chance of redemption is going to take a shit-ton of work, lots of apologies and actually doing something thats, yknow, good.

And if he continues to be human garbage?


Now, do i love Steve Harrington? Yes, Yes I do. Has he done problematic things this season and last? Yes, yes he has. But has he shown immense character growth and has earned his new title as Dad!Steve? Yes and I am HERE FOR IT.

Now that we’ve reached this accord, I’m also here to have fun, enjoy myself and indulge.


am I going to ship Steve with Nancy, Steve with Johnathon and Steve with Nancy AND Johnathon? Hell yeah OT3 for the win.

but am I going to read/reblog/write fic and content of Steve and Billy doing the nasty in the locker rooms and in the back of Billy’s car?

You bet your sweet ass I am

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“The fuck are you wearing ?” - Wolverine x Reader

I saw a deleted scene from Reel Steel where Hugh Jackman is shirtless and then puts on a shirt, and besides the fact that he’s incredibly sexy, I couldn’t help but think…”What the fuck is he wearing ?” cause that shirt is…I don’t know I just find it funny. So…Here we go with a short and shitty Wolverine thing, because…Yeah. Boom, here, hope you’ll like it

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It was still rather early in the morning when you felt Logan’s side of the bed shift, and you groan as he slipped the arm that was under your head away, and stood up. You slowly opened one eye. In the light of the rising sun, you could see his naked silhouette gathering some clothes from his wardrobe. Damn he looked good. You wanted him to come back to bed…

-Logan, honey, it’s like - you quickly looked at your alarm clock- 6 am…Oh my god it’s 6 fucking am ! It’s Sunday, and you’re up at 6 am. The Hell is wrong with you ? 

You heard him chuckle as he put on some boxers and pants. You gave him a disappointed pout, because you wanted to check him out some more, and he just smiled at you, giving you one of his sexy wink he reserved for you only.

-I promised Cap’ we’d go on a motorcycle ride today, road trip you know. So we can talk about old times and such. 

You rolled your eyes to the sky, but couldn’t help the smile creeping on your face. To the surprise of many, the Wolverine was actually a great friend. Once you went threw his layers of being a bit rough and broody and a “lone wolf”, he was great to be around. He was always there for his close one, and if someone needed him, wether it was to talk, get drunk, or just hang out…He was up for it. Still, you sometime had trouble sharing. 

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i love zoe murphy a helluva lot and when i think abt her and how she had real solid good opinions on her parents treatment of connor it’s like. man. she really did care about him. also she’s not afraid to face her feelings even if they’re not what she’s “"supposed”“ to be feeling; she’s like ‘hey, i hated living w my brother and i don’t think i want to mourn him bc he was awful and violent to me, that’s cool, that’s ok, i am not gonna pretend that’s not how i feel.’ and she’s so kind. she’s got such a kind heart. she just wants to meet her boyfriends mom!! and despite the tense atmosphere there she tries her best to make things normal!! she cares abt evan so much!!! she handles being doxxed so well!! strangers online are calling her a b*tch and she is so strong in the face of it!!!!!! i love her!!

 did a quick tally of OVW “representation!”

  • WHITE - 8 characters
    • Mercy, Soldier 76, Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Tracer, Zarya, Junkrat, Widowmaker (purple is not a race jsyk)
  • BLACK - 2 characters
    • Doomfist, Lucio
  • LATINX - 2 characters
    • Reaper, Sombra
  • MIDDLE EASTERN - 2 characters
    • Pharah, Ana
  • EAST ASIAN - 4 characters
    • Genji, Hanzo, D. Va, Mei
  • SOUTH ASIAN - 1 character
    • Symmetra
  • AMBIGUOUS - 2 characters
    • McCree, Roadhog
  • NON-HUMAN - 4 characters
    • Winston, Orisa, Bastion, Zenyatta

SO there you have it! when fucking ROBOTS have more representation in your game than literally any race/ethnicity other than WHITE, maybe there’s an issue, yeah???

Modern AU!Davey Headcanons
  • His middle name is Randolph, but he tells everyone it’s Richard to avoid embarrassment
  • He is cisgender/androsexual
  • He’s also polyamorous
  • He’s had a crush on Jack since freshman year of high school
  • He got into NYU with a full scholarship
  • His major is Biology with a minor in Environmental Studies
  • He roomed with Crutchie in college and ended up falling in love
  • Crutchie and Jack started dating at the beginning of their sophomore year of college
  • He spent the day curled up on the couch, eating his weight in Snickers bars and watching Disney movies because he’s hopelessly in love with both of them
  • Speaking of which, he loves Disney movies
  • He hates Snickers bars
  • His favourite movie is the live-action Beauty and the Beast
  • He runs a social justice blog
  • His favourite musical is Wicked
  • He only listens to musicals and Disney soundtracks that’s it nothing else ever
  • When he was in high school, his parents wouldn’t let him go to pride so he snuck a ride with Jack and told them he was studying with Crutchie (who went with them)
  • His senior quote was “Of course I’m well-dressed, I didn’t spend all that time in the closet for nothing.”
  • He thought his parents would be mad, but they just laughed and complimented his choice
  • When his older brother came knocking at his door at three in the morning the night before his English final (his worst subject), sobbing about how he wasn’t a boy he wasn’t he wasn’t and he didn’t want to be, he stayed up all night hugging her and assuring her she was valid
  • That final was the only B he ever got in highschool, but when his parents told him how disappointed they were, he just shrugged and said “it was worth it”
  • When his sister needed to pick her female name, he was the first one she came to
  • His celebrity crush is Andy Mientus
  • His favourite colour is periwinkle
  • He read the Harry Potter series 32 times throughout elementary school
  • He had a brief crush on Spot in seventh grade
  • His first crush was on a girl named Charlotte on the playground in first grade
  • Many years later Charlotte became Charlie
  • Davey was the first person he came out to; they were best friends
  • They even roomed together in college
  • He was the first friend Charlie told when he found out that he would need a crutch in third grade
  • In his first year of college, he got drunk and went on a hour-long rant about how useless clothes were
  • he ended it with “also I’m hella gay” and a wink in Mush’s general direction
  • Even Blink thought it was funny
  • He doesn’t like harder liquor much, but he’s a bit of a wine connoisseur
  • He can sing ‘Touch Me’ from Spring Awakening flawlessly
  • He owns, like, three shirts and two of them are actually identical
  • He developed an eating disorder in high school from stress and overworking himself
  • One day he went to the park with Jack and Crutchie and just collapsed while chasing Jack to get his book back
  • He woke up in the hospital to the sound of a nurse yelling because there were too many people in his room
  • Eventually only his family was allowed to stay
  • The next day Jack and Crutchie came in and they just sat there and hugged him for almost two hours
  • He can and will give you a three-hour long lecture on the under representation of LGBTQ+ characters in popular media and how much better Wicked would have been if Glinda and Elphaba were lesbians
  • He has a thing for angsty gay love stories
  • (It’s called projection)
  • One time a kid in his class called polyamory a ‘kink’ and he punched him in the face
  • That was the second time he ever punched someone
  • The first was after Jack came out as bisexual junior year and someone called him a whore
  • He will only use mechanical pencils
  • He required all of his friends to watch DWSA on threat of being disowned if they didn’t appreciate the wonderfully creative blocking
  • All of them loved The Word of Your Body (reprise)
  • Mostly because of Andy Mientus
  • What?
  • A N D Y  M I E N T U S

Something that always cracks me up about characters being depicted drawing poorly in cartoons

their “bad” drawings are LITERALLY NEVER BAD

and I think it’s because the artists tasked with creating the “bad” art drawn by the characters in the cartoons have forgotten how people who haven’t trained themselves as artists tend to tackle drawing

like.  jagged lines, but decent form?  nah, dude, that’s obviously a picture drawn by somebody who knows how to draw but is trying to fake drawing poorly

you wanna make art that looks like it was done by a beginner, you gotta think about how it felt to first pick up a pencil and move it

^ this is a simple drawing with deliberatly shaky line quality that was done by somebody who knows the basic rules of form and has unconsciously applied them even to a simple sketch

whereas THIS

^ is closer to what an untrained artist might do – try to draw from observation without yet understanding relative proportions or how to distinguish the line qualities between features in a way that helps the drawing read clearly. the lines are going to be more carefully rendered, even if not very well placed, because the untrained artist put a HELLUVA LOT OF EFFORT into this

reminder that its never okay to be abusive or toxic to someone, regardless of who you are or what you have to deal with.

thegreysman  asked:

More spoilers of the novelization alíen covenant??. Pleaseeeee


(Spoilers, obviously)

Oh well, what more can I say? I think I’ve spoiled all the good bits already. Let’s see.

-Walters tends a garden while the colonists sleep, and he whistles to the plants while he gardens. Apparently he whistles *badly* because Mother teases him about it.

-Everyone knows that Walter grows pot and gives some to Daniels, but in the book she also is officially ordered to take two or three days off “to go cry” -literally what Captain Dumbshit told her- so Walter convinces her to sneak out with him and go check on the terraforming equipment against the captains orders.

-When the crew give their goodbyes to captain Branson, at first it’s just Walter and Daniels, and apparently Daniels asked him to be with her. She tells him it’s because he knows what it’s like to be alone, and this explanation seems to make him a bit awkward: he is happy when other crew members interrupt to show up for the memorial, but it’s TOTES JUST CAUSE HE’S HAPPY THERE’S MORE PEOPLE SO DANIELS ISN’T ALONE, GUYS.

-in fact the entire book he is having odd reactions regarding Daniels and coming up with unsatisfactory explanations for it.

-Walter and Daniels are often mentioned to be walking together. In one instance the book thinks it’s important to specifically mention that Daniels gets up to go check something and Walter goes off with her without being asked or ordered.

-I mentioned that at one point Daniels touches Walter’s face, and he recognizes that she means it in an affectionate way (which makes him embarrassed). Right before she touches his face though, he tells her that it was his duty to save her life, and she jokes that she’s heard worse pickup lines.

-David is even more hilarious and salty in the book. He also talks a helluva lot more, but I think that’s just the style of this writer: I’ve noticed he makes everyone more wordy in all of his movie novelizations.

-Daniels tells Walter (well it’s David but she thinks it’s Walter) that she wouldn’t mind coexisting with a society made of synthetics, and before she goes into hypersleep she tells him she’ll make sure he has a future on the new colony, no matter what regulations say (and I think this seems to suggest that Walter is supposed to be decommissioned with the rest of the spaceship once the colony lands, which I find very sad)

-David (pretending to be Walter) is obviously impressed with her views on synthetics, and gives the odd comment that it’s a shame she couldn’t have spent more time with David, because she might have changed him.

I dunno. I think that’s all I got. I think the rest of the book has been thoroughly spoiled.


pencyls 100 days of productivity, day 18? 

i did work at the main library today for like 5 hours, and then i took a nice nap. i’m feeling pressured to work around the clock for my accounting exam, but I feel like as if I work more better when i  allow my body to rest when I want and allows me to absorb the information so much better. i know this is just more pictures of another library and i know y'all are probably tired of seeing my campus’s libraries but i’m not lol, didn’t take any pics of me working or notes today really, but i definitely did a helluva lot of work 

Sugar Baby Basics: 4 Things Every Aspiring Sugar Baby Should Know

To any and every man or woman who is aspiring to be a SB – I hope this article finds you before your first SD does. Why?

Because apart from the know-how in picking the right SDs, the techniques of negotiating allowance, and the little tips and tricks to controlling the relationship to progress your way – there are the fundamentals to sugar dating that lie at the very base of all of that.

And these are the things that every SB absolutely needs to know.

Learn it. Memorize it. Internalize it. And don’t forget it, no matter who you meet down the sugar road.

#1. Men Think You’re More Attractive Than You Think You Are 

If you’re a somewhat decent-looking girl, you probably have an assessment of your looks that you are right now comparing to the looks of so-and-so model or so-and-so gorgeous acquaintance, etc. By comparison, you don’t feel so hot.

Well, guess what?

Most sugar daddies don’t spend their days flipping through the pages of Cosmo. They’re also too busy with work to go frolicking around with models all day. The simple fact that you’re a young, cute girl makes you beautiful. Add to this the fact that you’re a young, cute girl who is having dinner with them and interested in what they say, makes you the most gorgeous girl they know.

In addition, you have to remember that men are human. And all humans are susceptible to a herd mentality: We believe what other people believe. That is why, in America, as the media broadcasts images of models and underweight actresses, we believe thin is a epitome of beauty. In Mauritania, however, girls force-feed themselves to attain the ideal fatness their men like.

What all this means for you is that men will judge your beauty by how other people judge your beauty. And the primary way he can do that is by observing how attractive you seem to believe yourself to be.

Have an unshakeable belief in your own attractiveness, and he’ll believe it too.

#2. Do NOT Equate your Physical Beauty with your Worth

Many SBs fall into this trap when they’re figuring out how much they should ask for allowance. Some make the mistaken assumption that the allowance should be equivalent to your level of physical beauty. This is bullshit.

By determining your allowance amount by your physical attractiveness, you’re leaving out the majority of what you offer.

Every girl possesses certain, non-physical qualities that are worth much more than her physical beauty and most often, those characteristics are what SDs are looking for. You might not be America’s next top model, but are you witty enough to make him laugh? Are you thoughtful enough to know just when to say the right thing? Are you appreciative enough to make him feel like the amazing man who’s made your life happier and easier?

All these qualities of yours are priceless. He knows it.  Make sure you do too.

#3. The Difference Between a Sweetheart and a Pushover

People like sweethearts. Sweetness is wonderful. Sweetness can also be powerful. It can help you diffuse arguments, mask criticisms, and get out of undesirable situations.

But sweetness needs to have a backbone. It needs to able to laugh in his face when he makes a moronic request. It needs to be able to let him know that he’s being a douche when he’s crossed the line. Do it sweetly, of course, but DO IT.

Men will try to push you just to see if they can. This “pushing the envelope” game is also popular with dogs and children.  Whomever you’re dealing with – remember that the boundaries need to be set early.

If you’re a sweet pushover, there is no greater service you can do for yourself than to practice saying, “no.” Say it with a smile. Follow it up nicely with something else you’d like to happen instead. Keep your sweetness, but learn to mix it up with a little spice and a little sour when called for.

#4. Most Importantly: You’re Worth a Helluva Lot More Than Whatever He’s Giving You

Ever heard the saying, “People spend their youth trying to make money and spend their money trying to buy youth?”

It’s uncanny how this saying sort of explains the entirety of the sugar relationship.

But anyway, I’ve brought this up so that you don’t forget something mighty important: you may not have money, but you have youth. Guess which one is actually attainable.

My point is, don’t ever let yourself get intimidated by his wealth or successes. Don’t let your life be dominated by what he wants from you.

You’re young and you have something worth much more than what he can ever offer you: you have a future. And a future full of possibilities has an allure greater than a past full of successes.

You have something far more valuable than what your SD can offer you. Don’t forget that.

hey look! another unnecessarily long hc post!! as always blame @manonblaxkbeak but also pray for her i sent her nearly 100 (one. hundred.) messages about this

here we go

Six of Crows Modern/Zombie Apocalypse AU!!! 

The basics: Five homeless kids working B&E jobs for the local gangs in NYC and a rookie cop band together in the aftermath of a bioterror attack on the the major cities of the country. They decide to flee the country to escape the infected areas, but the entire plan goes to shit and they make some new friends and a helluva lot more enemies on the way to finding a cure to the virus and way out of the country.

  • Kaz: a brooklyn boy who showed up seemingly out of nowhere in the world of new york gangs, but quickly makes a name for himself with his ruthless efficiency. Fearless Leader, as always. He is safe cracker and strategist extraordinaire. he organizes hits on supply storage of survivalist camps and uses a bow staff to beat off zombies. he wears a brace on his leg that he fashioned sheaths to for two long ass daggers, also for zombie destroying.
  • Inej: stolen by a human trafficking ring she escaped upon landing in the states and started up with the gangs to make money to get back home. the spy, the scout. she sneaks into camps and finds out what theyre hiding where. she uses two big ass swords and has all the knives. so many knives. she never runs out. she decapitates zombies and intimidates any other survivors by being Very Pointy.
  • Nina: an illegal immigrant from russia who fled after the authorities put out a warrant for her arrest on the grounds of “homosexual acts” (”what the fuck? i’m bi. they could at least get my sexuality right if theyre going to imprison me for it”). she is the face of the operation, she is beautiful and amazing and she knows how to work diplomatically to get what they need through bartering and trade. also i don’t care if its impractical, she uses brass knuckles because theyre badass and fashionable. she also has one of those snap out metal core batons for beating people off and a machete for chopping off zombie heads.
  • Jesper: an accounting major with a gambling problem who took up gang work to pay for school. he has his signature pistols, but i am a strong believer in melee weapons in the event of a zombie apocalypse because ammo runs out, dudes, so my boy has throwing knives and a slingshot (fight me they’re actually really cool). Him and inej bond over their cool knives. He’s got those badass rainbow ceramic ones that he always had on him in case there were ever metal detectors when they were casing a place. 
  • Wylan: he’s still their resident explosives expert, a master of being cute and using household materials to make pipe bombs, fertilizer bombs, molotov cocktails, shrapnel grenades, etc. Wylan got kicked out for similar reasons to canon, his father is a UN rep and working with the CDC (idk man i don’t know how these things work just roll with it) after the outbreak. also he doesnt play the flute he plays the harmonica because i think harmonicas are cool, theyre smaller and less fragile than flutes, and it’d be really funny if he played it if they were ever stuck in holding at a precinct
    • just imagine jesper: “ayye boy what that mouth do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ”
    • wylan: “play cotton eyed joe” *sick harmonica solo*
  • Kuwei: my brilliant boy is chemistry prodigy who went with his dad to family day at the CDC but then everything went to shit, a bioweapon was released, he missed his tinder date, and now he’s a hostage being used as incentive for his father to further develop this bioweapon released to create more zombies and spread to other countries. He super didn’t ask for any of this, especially when his dad got sick himself and died and he had to take over making increasingly aggressive strands. Pretty please message me if you are interested in my theories on the creation of zombies. I have ideas. 
  • Matthias: a rookie cop back from one tour with the special forces after some disciplinary issues regarding protecting refugees and going AWOL. He’s put on a task forced focused on gang activity and he’s been chasing this group of kids his damn age for over a year now and how the hell are they so good at what they do??? He’s chasing them when the outbreak happens and in order to escape a zombie horde ends up running off with them to find shelter. he’s an excellent shot and strategist, also known for physically tossing zombies like a fucking amateur mma fighter this boy is jacked ok he fills out that uniform like a stripper cop and Nina is most definitely Here For It

Miscellaneous plot ideas!

  • Pekka is a sleazy businessman who had jordie killed in front of kaz by some dirty cops while he was getting carted off to juvie for some work they were doing (he never made it to processing). 
  • They hole up in a hospital and find patient records - this is how they start to figure out the outbreak’s origin.
  •  The kids have are trying to leave the country through the CDC base since thats the only place with functioning travel. 
  • Kuwei is saved once they find out who he is while theyre sneaking around the base, Inej is taken in the process trying to protect him. 
  • The Dime Lions are basically the national guard.
  •  Matthias and Nina met when he helped her when she arrived in America, he knew she wasn’t here legally and barely spoke english but after a few weeks she picked it up fast, and disappeared with a bunch of his cash. 
The Fallacy of Fate (Part 1/?) (Rogers/Barnes x reader)

Requests:  Can I request a Steve, Bucky, & Reader- love triangle? after CA: Winter Soldier, Steve meets Reader; a new agent & they begin to fall in love. Then when Bucky gets back (you decide when) he falls in love with the reader. Idk if you do poly relationships or not but it’s 100% your choice where you take this. I just thought it would be amazing if you wrote this because you’re such a talented writer. 

 jackstimelady said: I couldn’t access so I don’t remember if you write any of the soulmate au’s or not but my request would be for the soulmate au where they have each other’s “symbol” basically tattooed somewhere on them from birth. So like the red star for Bucky or the shield for Steve. And I would preferably like it to be Steve x Reader x Bucky but if you are not cool with writing that type of relationship that is fine and I would be ok with Steve or Bucky with the reader.  but the reader has powers, what they are is up to you, but she gets detained by S.H.I.E.L.D when the find her because of how unstable her powers could be if she were to ever lose control so they give her the choice of either be locked up in “super jail” or join the team and learn how to fully harness her powers.

Fate.  You never really believed in it; belief never changed your course through life anyway, so fate was just an idea that never stuck. Having a soulmate was another fallacy that you refused to buy into, even though you had watched couple after couple find themselves around you.  That was something that Nick Fury had claimed to be why he brought you into SHIELD, your stubborn tenacity, but as your tenure as an agent went on, you began to realize that he had other ideas.  

The week that your beliefs began to change had started with a Monday like any other; waking up far too early for a shift that you dreaded working, a mandatory stop at the gym for a workout that made your body ache, and a stale cup of coffee from the break room that had likely been sitting in the pot from the night shift.  It was the same thing every day, and the monotony began to wear on you.

“Agent (Y/L/N),” Nick greeted plainly, stopping to stand at your side as you waited for the elevator, “how’s your morning so far?”  His thick fingers were drumming on the tablet in his hands, tucked behind him as he watched the numbers of each floor click by.

“Oh, just captivating,” you snapped, tossing your cup into the garbage with a snap of your wrist.  “I heard that we had new optic sensors installed upstairs, so I wore lenses to screw with it.”

Nick turned with a hesitant grin, taking advantage of his comfort with you to reach up and take your chin to tip your head so that he could see your work.  “Oh, yeah,” he nodded, “I thought there was something different about you today.”

“Gotta keep things interesting.  So, was there something that you needed from me, sir?”

“Right,” he jolted, releasing you and extending his other hand to give you his tablet, “there’s someone that I think you should meet.  You’ve been with us for a few months now, and you’ve kept your powers under control, so I think it’s safe to move forward.”

“Forward?”  You swiped your finger across the glass, the bright illumination of it playing across your expression of confusion that changed to a fast resolution as he watched.  The elevator door opened, but you held firmly in place as he chose to enter. “Director, there’s no reason for me to meet Captain Rogers.”

“That shield tattooed on your arm says otherwise.”

“I told you, I don’t believe in soulmates,” you hissed, thrusting the tablet back.  “Besides, the shields don’t match.  The star at the center of mine is red.  The one he carries is white.  I’m sorry to dash your hopes of love at first sight or de-virginizing the poor guy or whatever you’re buying into this week, sir, but it’s not gonna happen.”

Just as the lift doors closed, you swore that you saw that knowing grin from your boss, the grin that he had worn on the day he brought you in, convinced that he knew what was best for you.  Sure, he was right, but you didn’t try to ever make that too obvious.  You were a power running loose in the world, needing control, and he challenged himself and SHIELD to do it; it was a gamble that paid off, because you could easily wipe out any life around you with the snap of your fingers but never felt the urge.  This was the disarming grin that sold you on that first offer of safety here, and to see it again only set you on edge as to what he was planning for your life now.  

“Darlin’, you never know when fate might drop into your lap.”


It wasn’t your lap that fate would fall into, but rather into the Potomac river.

Standing on the lawn of the Triskelion as helicarriers dropped from the sky one by one, it was the third and final boat that drew in your attentions.  Actually, not so much the helicarrier itself, but the energy that you were being fed from two very specific passengers.  Steve was one of them, you could tell that from the characteristics in the sound of his heartbeat; you were in tune to so much life around you that you normally had to shut it out just to stay sane, but this sound was breaking down those barriers.  It sounded like he carried two hearts, it was so loud and persistent.  As you watched the Captain fall from the ship and into the river, the beating began to slow, only now it was muffled by the depths of water he was sinking into.  It still kept the same rhythm, and when you looked up you knew exactly why; the Winter Soldier was there, and the two of them shared the same energy that had been pushing you back.  He seemed to be scanning the water for the man who had fallen, and you felt compelled to help.

You extended your hand and sought out the sinking energy from Steve, pushing past the life around him, finding him quickly.  Closing your eyes, you hoped that the Soldier was still watching as you illuminated the waters around his target for him to find, confirming that he was when the loud splash of water signaled his dive in after him.  You broke into a sprint along the bank of the river, jumping over pieces of fallen debris that now littered the scene in every direction; it hadn’t actually occurred to you that you might have just given Steve’s location to a man who was trying to kill him, and you were the only one who could stop him.  

“Shit,” you muttered, stumbling over a fallen tree, catching your toe on it when you tried to jump to clear it, only to find yourself caught by the very man you had come to intercept. The grip of his metal hand pinched at your skin and stuck to the sweat beading from it, but you didn’t notice.

“You…uh…you okay?”

“Yes, fine,” you shook him away, looking down at his feet with a gasp, “is he?”

“He’s alive.  I have to go.”

“What?  No, hold on,” you interrupted, taking an uncalculated and likely stupid risk by reaching out and grabbing his hand.  Only this time, it was his human hand, and it felt as if a bolt of lightning shocked you both into place.  “W-who are you?”

“I’m no one…I don’t…I don’t know,” he answered in amazement, his eyes wide with fear.  “What did you just do to me?”

“I was about to ask you the same thing.”

It wasn’t clear how much time had passed between you as you both stood almost perfectly still, searching each other for an answer that neither of you knew how to give.  Your hands were still joined and the energy running through your skin was still as sharp and vibrant as the moment you touched.  You didn’t know who this guy was, but there was something about him that drew you in and fed your need to figure it out, and fast.

Steve began to cough up some of the water that he had breathed in, sputtering and convulsing on the ground next to you, finally giving you a jolt to pull away from the Soldier’s grip and turn to him.  “Captain Rogers?  You’re okay,” you tried to reassure him, reaching out to take his hand, but then it happened again.

“What is that?  Why does that keep happening?” you shuddered, turning to look back, but the Soldier was already walking away.  “Hey! Don’t leave!” you tried, but you couldn’t bring yourself to let go of Steve to go after him.  The connection was so powerful, in fact, that the only thing running through your mind now was the sound of Fury’s voice and what you would say to that know-it-all when he found out that he may have been right all along. When the sun hit the bright red star on the Soldier’s arm, the very same one that you carried on your own, you had no choice but to believe.  Maybe soulmates did exist.

And maybe you were just lucky enough to have two, if lucky was even the right word to choose.


“So, how does it feel?” Nick smiled, sitting across from you outside of Steve’s hospital room.  He had that damn grin again, as if he were waiting for this exact moment.  That smug bastard.

“How does what feel?”

“Being in the presence of greatness?”

“Well,” you shrugged, “Steve and I haven’t really had a chance to talk, given his whole unconscious thing.  His friend Sam seems to think pretty highly of him.”

“You little shit,” Nick snapped, pointing a harsh finger your way, “I was talking about me.  Helluva lot of nerve you have there, missy, and by the look on your face you knew exactly what I meant-“

“Excuse me,” Sam joined in now, peeking his head from Steve’s room, “but Cap says to watch your language out here.  People are trying to sleep.”

Sam had been the first one at Steve’s side when you called back to HQ and asked for help to bring him in, finding that he was far too heavy to drag along the river by yourself. The man was already knocked out and half drowned, so you didn’t feel the need to add a dislocated shoulder to the mix. Sam seemed like a nice enough guy; clearly committed to whatever Steve needed, fighting at the side of a superhero without so much as a second thought to his own safety.  He smiled more than he didn’t, and he had an ease about him that you hoped to get to know.  There weren’t many people in the world that you actually wanted to be around, generally finding that you disliked most, so it was almost refreshing to find one who could sneak his way in.

“He’s awake?” you asked quickly, standing to meet him.  “I need to talk to him.”

“Whoa, darlin’, let’s not get too excited, he’s barely opened one eye.”

“That’s because the other one is swollen shut, genius,” Nick added for you, standing to have your back. “Let her in, Wilson.”

“You’re not the Director of me.”

“I’m not the Director of anybody,” he shrugged, “but this might change your mind.”  Reaching around, he grabbed your arm and pulled up your sleeve to reveal the shield that was emblazoned in your skin, waiting for the inevitable shocked response, though he wouldn’t get it.

“The star’s red,” Sam huffed, crossing his arms defensively.  “Cap’s is white.”

Nick paused, still holding your arm extended with a really firm grip that you tried to get out of but only found him squeezing harder.  “Yeah, and I’m gonna let you take a minute to put this all together. You let me know when that lightbulb comes on.”

Furrowing his brow, Sam looked from the shield and to you, then to Nick and back, his mind trying to put the pieces together, not finding that they made much sense.  “Why would it be red?  If you’re Cap’s soulmate, then shouldn’t it be white?  Hell, honest to God I thought that Barnes was his soulmate, the way he talks about the guy.  Actually, now that I take a closer look, that star is about the same color as the one…on Barnes’…shoulder…” he paused, letting the pieces finally fall into place.

“There it is,” Nick smiled, gently pushing you forward.  “Now, if you’ll excuse the lady.”

Now Sam was more than willing to take a step aside, even holding the door for you at that.  You stopped just inside the door, barely crossing over the threshold, not out of fear but out of the sudden inability to breathe at the sight of Steve looking back.  Sam pulled the door closed with a grin towards his friend, but it only spurned Steve on.  He must not have been fully unconscious when your hands had met back on the river, and he seemed to be remembering.  The look of pure, unabashed, hopeless love in his one good eye left you stunned and with nowhere to run, and a voice that barely made a sound.

“I woke up too damned early for this.”

Part 2