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day 1 writing prompt: first meeting

aka lukas is flustered by new-kid philip

They don’t get new kids. Not here. Not in a town this small, with nothing to bring people to it but previous family ties. Tivoli isn’t a place people come to. It’s a place they leave.

And yet, all Lukas has heard about today, the news swimming through the halls, is the new kid. The rumors swell and change, some painting Philip as a goth kid, some painting him as a hipster, some painting him as short, some as tall.

None of them do him justice, and none of them are true.

The real Philip, the one who walks into Lukas’ 5th period History class, is like no one Lukas has ever seen before. With messy brown hair, dark eyes, and a reserved demeanor, he really shouldn’t be anything special.

But he is. He’s the most beautiful person Lukas has ever seen. Just the sight of him makes Lukas’ stomach tighten, makes his chest ache, makes his breath catch.

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arrenemris  asked:

Klaroline + wings, Nessian and gentleness

Since it’s AU Week, I’m gonna take the first one, ok?

(and if you want me to write the nessian one, please send me a separate ask, that way I won’t forget, lol <3)

klaroline + wings

(aka acotar au in which Caroline is High Lady of the Night Court and Klaus is her human - at least at first - mate)

  • Caroline, an order-loving soul that she is, always keeps her wings in pristine condition (grooming is important part of self-care, ok??!)
  • her wings, it’s not something that Caroline just shows to everyone; the first time Klaus sees them is during a heated argument when they just spring free from under the glamour
  • they’re both shocked by this - Caroline has been so guarded for so long and it’s…unsettling to realize that she and her magic felt safe enough in that infuriating human’s Klaus’ presence to be free
  • Klaus is more shocked as well, but more so - mesmerized; he has never seen anything as beautiful as Caroline’s wings, black and illuminating like a starry night sky, woven with shadow and darkness
  • from this moment, he makes it his mission to provoke Caroline into showing her wings again - which leads to more heated arguments xD
  • as Caroline is so very protective of her wings, she never lets anyone touch them
  • and that’s how her Inner Circle knows that Klaus is her mate - he’s the only one she allows to touch the wings
  • although the first time he touches them is more driven by circumstance than anything else; after the attack at the Night Court, Klaus finds Caroline tending to her wings all by herself, twisting and stretching to extract all the arrows that got stuck in the delicate membranes - he calls her foolish for trying to do that by herself and finally appeals to her reason, arguing that she loves flying too much to risk her wings
  • Caroline finally agrees and Klaus proceeds to remove the arrows, working his nimble artist fingers to minimize the pain; but when he touches the membranes, it’s not pain that Caroline feels 😏
  • in the days that follow, Caroline allows Klaus to help her some more by applying a healing salve to her wings - she tries to convince herself it’s a practical choice and nothing else, but the truth is no one’s touch ever felt so good in her immortal life
  • of course, Klaus quickly catches on, the smug bastard that he is, and his touch turns less practical and more sensual with each day
  • at such a close distance, the wings look even more beautiful; Klaus knows that he will not rest until he depicts them on canvas
  • the idea of flying with Caroline both amazes and frightens him - it requires to put far more trust in another person than Klaus is accustomed to
  • when such a necessity occurs, Caroline interprets his hesitation as embarrassment and simply tells him to get over it
  • which he is glad that he does as the experience is mind-blowing; the view of the world, the feel of Caroline’s body against his, seeing her wings flexing from up close
  • it’s almost as mind-blowing as the touch of her lips and the first kiss they share in the air