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For everyone worrying about the Touken baby...

Obviously, Touka’s method won’t work. What kills a human/half-ghoul fetus in a ghoul’s womb isn’t a lack of nutrients but the ghoul’s body recognizing the fetus as food. No amount of hamburgers will change that.


Let’s not forget about the Great Wheel act. An organization already affiliated and/or in contact with Goat, comprised of many individuals with medical backgrounds. I think they will be the catalyst for what allows Kaneki and Touka’s baby to survive. Not to mention the fact that the Act was founded with the intent of “curing” ghouls. I seriously doubt that Touka will be “cured” of being a ghoul, but research with that aim could very likely produce some kind of method of reducing a Ghoul’s necessity for human meat. It could serve as a plot point which produces the catalyst for eventual Ghoul/Human coexistence, as Ghouls would no longer need to murder Humans or prey upon their dead to survive and Humans could be less afraid of them. 

Hell, even if there is no deus ex machina medical discovery that changes Touka’s biology, it could be as simple as her taking alot of RC suppressants. However if that’s the route Ishida goes down it could lead to some chilling events regarding HOW they get those RC suppressants. The only way I could think of off the top of my head would be through another raid of the CCG (which is unlikely) OR through some kind of dealing with Mutsuki (who I feel is legitimately conflicted between trapping Kaneki and wanting to fight for him and be by his side, though the nature of the potential request being to help Tooru’s “rival” would definitely complicate things given Mutsuki’s fragile psyche) after that, the only alternative I can think of is *shivers* Kanou…

Regardless, I see plenty of ways the baby can and likely will survive later down the road. The only problem is that the path for that to happen will undoubtedly be a challenging one with at least some degree of tragedy along the way. 

EDIT: Who knows we may even learn something from the 24tg ward’s OEG if he’s still alive, perhaps he could’ve had a ghoul mother

When I started it was like yeah OK I wanna get a leaner, more muscles body.  I can do that, do some cardio and use some machines, eat a little better, more protein, maybe a shake or two.  It’ll just be somethin to do in addition to all the other shit I do, reading and writing and drinking with friends and watching movies and TV…

Somewhere along the line that changed, I dunno exactly where or when.  Don’t really even remember how many months I been doin it for anymore, I just go, day after day.  I look at my closet and I do a doubletake cuz I dont remember gettin so much gear.  How did that happen?  Seems like every clothes I got has a Nike or a UA on em.  Dont even remember the last time I wore boxers or even boxer briefs.  Its been compression shorts every day for my whole life.  Was there ever a day I went to work I didnt have my gym bag with me too? 

Sometimes I think about the future and what could happen.  I keep pushin myself at the gym and it’s not enough.  Need more.  Ive been searching the internet for more things about muscles and sometimes I read so much about muscles that I kinda blank out and then come to and I’m in the gym again, and I’m counting one and I’m counting two …

Like just now haha I just looked up and saw football on the TV.  When did I put football on the TV?  I was watching some Netflix thing, wasn’t I?  I remember watching the game last night maybe I fell asleep with the NFL Network on.  I do that sometimes.  I got a pretty strong fantasy league this year.  But that’s not enough.  Need more.  Gotta play football too, I think.  Makes sense, with all this gear I got.  And this like, grittin my teeth shit all the time, like I’m gettin ready all the time for someone to just ram into me cuz I got the football.  And I have this weird feeling that the minute I hit “post” on this I’m gonna look up and I’m gonna be at the gym again, counting one and counting two and counting three and just really muscling through my reps and I’m gonna be sorer than fuckin hell but it’s all fuckin worth it, cuz muscles gear football is all that matters now.

Other shit just kinda fadin away.  I come a long way so far.  When I think about where I come from, it’s kinda fuzzy.  I still get alot of “smart” comments from people and sometimes it’s still a reflex but it’s harder to remember some things now.  Harder to remember the smart times.  The gym is so clear, muscles burning is so sharp, wearing gear feels so natural.  It isnt even gear anymore, its just my cloths.

Is this what I wanted?  Does it matter?  Cuz its happenin and I’m counting one and I’m counting two and I’m counting three and I’m counting four and I’m counting five…

Sinners Never Sleep

Summary: Its simple. You train, you plan, you attack, you disarm, and you get out alive… So, if you knew what you were doing, then why was it so hard to get your assassin boyfriend Jungkook to meet your mafia parents- the head of the mafia?
Oh right, Rule 1: Never fall in love…especially with another gang member…

Preface/Preview Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Part 4

You instantly lunge up from the bed when you hear the shot, not even bothering to put on clothes as you grab your gun from the bedside table and sprint to the door. Your body was running on auto pilot, but in your mind you were screaming frantically as you pray not to find Jungkook hurt, or …worse…

You really should stop doubting him.

When you thought back to what happened later that evening, you realised you probably looked like some kind of porn star as you sprinted into the living room in your birthday suit, your chest heaving with adrenaline and your gun poised ready to shoot. But you dont pause for a second to get embarrassed…not when Jungkook shows you just how much the show had affected him, the next time the two of you were alone.

‘Who are you?’

You stare at the scene before you, taking a second to comprehend what was happening, and still coming up empty handed. Jungkook had his foot on a young guy’s throat, pinning him wheezing and red-faced to the floor as he stared him down with a look that on its own could kill, his gun in hand pointed at the boy, and from where you were stood, you could see a divot in the floor beside his head which accounted for the gun shot you had heard seconds ago.

'What happened?' 

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Day one of my 6 week Personal Training course! And of course to the gym tonight to train chest and back which by the way was insane. I’m tired, I need to write up some bits and I need my bed - I’m sorry to anyone who has sent me a message that I haven’t replied yet, I will when I can and thank you all for your lovely and kind words, it means alot.

The girls at this course are great like honestly, we’re all on the back row in the classroom like a troublesome lot.

I arrived this morning over an hour early, anxious as hell till I met a girl called Becca who’s super lovely, then I met a few more and a few more and everyone is cool man I don’t know why I was stressing.

We were introduced to the course, I hadn’t made my mind up about the tutor (natural when meeting new people) until he saved it with ‘the key to life? Squat, deadlift, lots of fat and fish oil’ and 'What do you think we did when we caught animals? We peeled off the fat and just at the muscle?’ Oh and 'And why do people eat low fat produce? Because they’re scared of fat, something we’ve eaten for millennia’ 😉🙌💪

So yeah we had to draw a self portrait with our left hand and then get up and talk shit about ourselves, past and an interesting fact.

We had lunch (above) and then we did a spin session (HAHAHAHAHAH) … why can my legs squat over 80kg but keel over after 5 minutes on a bike, I thought I was gonna throw up 😂😂😂. Then we did tabata as a class which I love and we got to go home!

I came back, got changed, ate something and then headed back out to the gym. Trained chest and back (post coming next) and really really grinded. Did two dropsets on bench and incline bench and it hurt like a bitch.

Pictured tomorrow’s lunch which is steak salad 😍😍. Wish me luck, we start Anatomy and Physiology tomorrow, then we’re doing cardiovascular machines 😩😩😩😩.

Thank you again to all. I’m sure I’ll be posting more xx!