a heck of a lot of snow


Hi, I’m new to Mystic Messenger!

Sooo, I found a let’s play sort of thing and I’ve just watched the first chatroom and thought I’d share my first impressions on the characters with you.

If you’re a Mystic Messenger fan, you’ll probably find it kinda funny since I’ll probably get a lot wrong.

So read on…


‌• Kinda has this facial expression that’s like your grandparents when you try to explain to them how to use their smartphones but they aren’t getting it.

‌• Dresses classy as heck

‌• Looks like he stepped out of an old black and white film.

‌• He’s clearly rich.

‌• Crazy cat lady alert

‌• Probably had tea with the queen of England once


‌• Kinda scary with those red eyes

‌• I wouldn’t want to leave him alone with anything important, I don’t trust him.

‌• Smug little smile there

‌• Ponytail

‌• If he went outside while it was snowing, you’d never see him again, he’d just camouflage and you’d lose him.


‌• If a hipster and a gamer drank a crapton of carrot juice and then had a kid, it would look like 707.

‌• Abuses the term ‘lol’. I’m not even joking, he uses it like 50xs in 3 sentences, there needs to be an intervention.

‌• Internet troll/hacker

‌• Laughs at his own jokes even when no one else does

‌• Probably lives in like one room with the blinds closed.

‌• Coolest looking out of them all tho

‌• Secretly wants to steal Jumin’s cat

‌• I bet he likes memes


‌• Does he ever take those sunglasses off? Has anyone ever seen his eyes? Does he even have eyes?

‌• Dan Howell pastel edit.

‌• Too cool for school

‌• Still got teen angst

‌• So dang skinny


‌• 100% sure Juuzou from Tokyo Ghoul is his evil twin.

‌• He’s definitely the happy optimist

‌• Precious cinnamon roll

‌• I bet he has a tragic past he doesn’t deserve

‌• I didn’t know guys even wore barrettes


‌• I thought she was a guy at first?

‌• How do you pronounce her name? Jay-hee? Jah-hee? Yay-hee? Yah-hee? Yahoo search?

‌• The smart one that wears glasses

‌• No messing around or beating around the bush kind of lady

‌• Bet you 50 bucks she has a briefcase

‌• I bet you another 50 bucks she’s smacked Zen over the head with said briefcase

Aaaaand those are the only characters I’ve met so far. Will update if you guys think my interpretations are funny and want more of this. XD

Okay, bye Jon! love, Sansa ❤️

I never write about Jon and Sansa (apart from fanfiction obviously, but that really, really doesn’t count), and I have my reasons for that, but I feel like I sort of have to right now, because one scene that I hated at first, though now absolutely love, is being, once again, ripped apart and taken totally out of context for no other reason but the same old, same old that people just seem to not be able to not assume that Sansa is power-hungry, greedy, jealous and simply doesn’t give a flying crappy shit about her big bro Jon. 

Just to make this clear, She really, really cares a hell of a lot about Jon Snow. I just want to say that, because it can never be said enough. Heck, we know Bran and Arya are coming, but Sansa doesn’t, Jon is literally the only person she has left. He has proven to her that he will do anything to keep her save, not because of his own selfish wants and dreams, but because he’s, you know, a freakishly rare and wonderfully attractive flippin good guy, the only one she’s come across to ever since she saw her father’s head roll. Sansa complains to him that he has to stop protecting her, for crying out loud. Yeah, I’d totally say Sansa hates Jon guts, if that would be the only option when answering a multiple choice question going a bit like ‘What do Sansa haters want most?’ 

Sansa hands down receives more hate than Jon does, though Jon has not been treated kindly by all either, since season 7 started. He’s been called a sexist. Now, truly, I think of all the men in Thrones, Jon is about as feminist as it gets, but oh well, meta for another time. 

The whole point of Jon and Sansa arguing like old grumpy married couple in front of everyone to see, is because the way they solve it, the way this plot ends, is to show us that, both are wrong/right, it’s not about that, it’s about how they solve it. 

Same goes for episode 2. 

Originally posted by zawanahahaha

Sansa doesn’t want Jon to go, she has a good point, but Jon wants to go and makes some great points too. Both are right/wrong. The decision made at the end is the best possible outcome. Not because I want Jon to go, not because I want them separated, but because the grounds on which he leaves her are just utter glory for any Sansa fan. If there was ever fanservice for Sansa stans, this was it.

Now, let me finally drag myself to the point I actually wanted to talk about… People jumped at the chance of saying Sansa was totally and perfectly fine with Jon leaving the moment he gives her Winterfell. It’s so stupid to me, because if Sansa wanted Jon’s power, him going away, leaving her in charge or not, would always be a perfect opportunity for her. She should’ve been overjoyed at the mere mention. She really, really isn’t. Prove can be found in the gif above. 

As a bookreader, I want to kindly remember everyone that ‘Winterfell belongs to my sister, Sansa’. This just brought it all in full circle to me, basically a dream come true

Sansa is not suddenly perfectly fine with Jon leaving, and though I understand where the jokes all come from (’Don’t bother rushing! we’ll be fine! Take as long as you need! bye Jon!), I think they also missed a deep point here that only people who don’t blindly dislike Sansa see. 

Unfortunately, loads of people blindly dislike Sansa, because Oh My God, character development! it’s so hard to grasp for the simplest among us on earth (yes, Sansa haters are stupid dumb humans, I said that).

Loads have completely and totally misinterpreted Sansa simply being okay with Jon going because he gives her command, and that is all she ever wanted, they think she has what she wanted now, and they’re right, but they’re also wrong. Sansa has what she always wanted, it’s just not what they think it is. 
It wasn’t power that Sansa was after, as a bookreader I hope the show stays true to this. She’s not power-hungry, she’s nothing like Cersei, Daenerys, Stannis… she’s not addicted to the thrill of it. What Sansa has been after, especially when it comes to her relationship with Jon, is respect and recognition. For people to finally see that the little girl with her charming prince dreams, the one who was actually in love (gag) with Joffrey, is gone

Jon leaving her in charge of Winterfell doesn’t give her the power she’s always craved, it gives her the recognition she’s been looking for. Jon trusts her and her knowledge, her instincts enough to give her Winterfell, and with that comes great responsibility. 

In episode 10 of season six, Jon tells Sansa they must trust each other. As beautiful as I thought that scene was, I also never denied that it sounds more like him saying ‘trust me’, and Sansa heard that too. Jon diagnosed her trouble with trust, and he correctly recognized this as a problem. He failed to see, back then, that her lack of trust could be easily solved with trusting her, respecting her. And here the issues of 7.1 really find their root.

I know Sansa did not suddenly accept Jon leaving because she gets to rule over Winterfell now, because she has the North… The only one who ever believed that is what Sansa wanted was Littlefinger, and his attempts at giving her the North always translated in him having even more opportunity to go full ‘Look at what I did? Look at all I’ve done for you? It’s all for you. You need me.’

Sansa doesn’t want Jon to go, she doesn’t want him to leave Winterfell, abandon his home, abandon her, but she accepts him leaving because she realizes he trusts her. All Sansa has wanted is for Jon to trust her. He trusts her now. How beautiful is that, when you think about it? They trust each other. They’re, in a way, total equals in this perfect little partnership of theirs with loads of conflicting, unresolved and confusing feelings.  

I think that Sansa realizes that if he trusts her, well, she can trust him too, trust him to do what is right, to do what he must do, trust him to come back to her. So, she allows him to leave her.

dating kim mingyu would include: 

a/n: hullo ok so maybe this heart my heart slightly because mingyu is my ult bias + i love him a whole hecking lot??? enjoy! (also thank you for 700+ followers!) 

- shy! mingyu

- definitely would be hesitant to admit his feelings for you

- the type to be oblivious as heck 

- we can tick off the “best friends to lovers” trope 

- kisses

- neck kisses

- forehead kisses

- he just really likes kissing okay? 

- mingyu cooking your favorite dishes especially

- sending you little updates of his day over snow 

- he loves how the filters make you smile 

- sightseeing 

-  s̶i̶g̶h̶t̶s̶e̶e̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶t̶u̶r̶n̶s̶ ̶i̶n̶t̶o̶ ̶h̶u̶n̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶d̶o̶w̶n̶ ̶a̶ ̶b̶u̶r̶g̶e̶r̶ ̶b̶a̶r̶ ̶

- mingyu wanting to introduce you to his friends straight away

- he’d be so proud of you

- the type to take “ugly” polaroids of himself to slide under your door when you’re sad or feeling particularly out of it 

- using your lap as a pillow 

- running your hands through his hair 

- ^ it would feel cathartic for both of you, trust me 

- teasing each other mercilessly 

“i love you this much” 

   *arms spread wide*

- confiding in each other 

- i think mingyu would hold no judgment, he’d love you always 

- on that topic, he’d make a fuss about confessing his love, probably roping in the members to organize something special 

- but would end up a cute blushing mess when you arrived

- of course, you loved him too and that revelation would ultimately floor him (!) 

- seeing who could find the most outdated memes 

- cuddles !!

- his favorite pass time being holding you in his arms 

- asking for your opinion of new songs or lyrics because really your opinion is the only one he cares about at the end of the day 

- mingyu loves one (1) person and that’s you 

- *finger hearts activated* 

- switch! mingyu 

- sex would be mostly lighthearted but occasionally passionate 

- being extra soppy + cute in public 

- PDA?? yes 

- coordinating outfits 

- “mingyu honey…” 

- (a/n: me every day) ^ ^

- giving each other adorable contact names 

- inside jokes(!) 

- despite the fact he’s a 6ft1 grown ass man, watch him hang off of you like a baby koala 

- bongbongie being your actual child 

- oh but he’d have his heart set on a future with you 

- what? no, of course, he isn’t looking up apartments for sale in this area! how absurd….

- the rest of seventeen adore you, naturally 

- hand holding 25:8 

- pouty! mingyu 

- awkward flirting

- i feel like mingyu would try so hard to seductive but would just end up giving up and planting a soft kiss on your cheek before running away 

- falling head over heels in love with each other so quickly 

“i just love you a whole lot okay?” 

 “right back atcha ‘gyu, i love you” 


RedInstead Challenge Day 6: Autistic Characters

My favorite canonically autistic characters are Spencer Reid, Zack Addy, Narset, Julia and Symmetra. As for headcanons (which is why I don’t list Narset with the  Planeswalkers I headcanon as autistic and likewise with Symmetra with the Overwatch heroes, since they’re canon representation), here’s a bit of a giant list

  • Everyone in the Pokemon universe (and I truly mean everyone, I just consider Cyrus a bit of an embarrassment to autistic-kind)
  • All SBURB/SGRUB etc. players from Homestuck (I love someone’s headcanon I read somewhere that the game does that on purpose)
  • Every Warehouse Caretaker, past, present and future, from Warehouse 13 (from good ones like Claudia and Mrs. Frederic to evil ones like Paracelsus) and, as with SBURB, I headcanon the Warehouse does that on purpose, selecting for at least the most autistic traits (because they’re best suited to the responsibility) even if no one (like was the case for most of history) has a diagnosis

Broadway characters

  • Carrie White from Carrie
  • Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray
  • Alexander Hamilton from Hamilton
  • Nina Rosario and Usnavi from In The Heights
  • Matilda Wormwood from Matilda
  • Mark Cohen from Rent
  • Eleanor Fairchild from Starmites
  • Leaf Coneybear, Logainne Schwarzandgrubinierre, Marcy Park and Olive Ostrovsky from The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
  • Elder Arnold Cunningham from The Book Of Mormon
  • Ariel from The Little Mermaid
  • Elphaba from Wicked
  • Zanna from Zanna, Don’t

Cartoon characters

  • Buster Baxter, D.W. Read, Fern Walters and Prunella Deegan from Arthur
  • Jackie, Inez and Matt from Cyberchase
  • Dipper and Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls
  • The Question from Justice League Unlimited
  • Arnold, Dorothy Ann and Tim as well as Ms, Frizzle from The Magic School Bus
  • the whole Botsford family as well as Captain Tangent, Dr. Two-Brains, Lady Redundant Woman, Miss Question and Mr. Big from WordGirl

Live-Action TV characters

  • Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds
  • Douglas Fargo, Henry Deacon, Holly Marten and Jim Taggart from Eureka
  • Emily, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, Sookie St. James, Lane Kim, Luke Danes and Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls
  • Audrey Parker and Nathan Wuornos from Haven
  • Henry Mills from Once Upon A Time
  • Kara Danvers from Supergirl
  • Gilda Flip, Marcus Barnes and Manny Spamboni from The Electric Company
  • Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, Eobard Thawne, Harrison Wells (in all seen incarnations), Hartley Rathaway and Leonard Snart from The Flash
  • Cassandra Cillian, Dulaque, Ezekiel Jones, Flynn Carsen, Jacob Stone, Jenkins and Lucy Lyon from The Librarians 
  • Sue Heck from The Middle
  • the Bird-Kersee family from The Neighbors (granted, they are aliens, but they do display a lot of traits between them that could be thought of as autistic if they were human, and no, not all are from classic alien “stranger-in-a-strange-land-ness”)
  • Pete Lattimer from Warehouse 13 (Claudia’s mentioned with the other Caretakers above)

Characters from other forms of media (books, movies, etc.)

  • Elsa from Frozen
  • Pip from Great Expectations
  • Luna and Xenophilius Lovegood from Harry Potter
  • Chandra Nalaar, Elspeth Tirel, Jace Beleren, Nissa Revane, Ral Zarek, Saheeli Rai and Tezzeret from Magic: The Gathering (yes, even villains can be autistic without being stereotypical and I have a couple more MtG headcanons but this is just the Planeswalkers)
  • D.va, Efi, Hanzo, Lucio, Orisa and Sombra from Overwatch
  • Annabeth Chase, Leo Valdez and Percy Jackson from the Riordanverse

anonymous asked:

Hi, could you please do a headcanon for what the creepypasta family would do with their s/o on a snow day?

Jeff the Killer

Let me make this clear sweetheart, Jeff absolutely despises the cold. He can’t step outside in the snow without complaining the entire time. “It’s too cold for us to be out here.” “My feet are wet!” “Snowflakes are getting in my hair.” “The cold is hurting my beautiful smile!” Just whining and complaining the entire time. It’d take a bunch of convincing from S/O to get him to help you with building a snowman, but with enough persistence he’ll agree to. Of course he’ll add his own personalization to the snowman (probably uses his own blood to extend the smile ‘cause he’s a weirdo like that.) Secretly he’s having the time of his life but he’s too much of a giant piss baby to admit it.


There’s no way you’re getting him outside in the snow. Unless of course you take his cartridge outside with you, but trust me, he will not enjoy it. He’s kind of like Jeff in a sense. He loathes the cold, and there is no way his S/O will be getting him outside in the cold. He’d rather spend the day inside with his S/O anyway. A nice warm blanket around the two, cups of cocoa in they laps, and a good old game of Super Smash Brawl is much more his style.


I’ve got five words for ‘ya. Slender absolutely loves the outdoors. Especially during the cooler months. Most people tend to avoid his forest during that time and all the animals have gone into hibernation or migrated, making the forest dead silent. Silence is bliss to this man and he couldn’t get enough of it. However, he is not opposed to snowball fights with his S/O. Just a fair warning before hand, he can and will use his teleportation to his advantage. 


Rule one with Toby; never challenge him to a snowball fight. Actually no, rule number one would be never give him too many sweets, but you understand the point I’m trying to get across. Imagine having a snowball fight with a rabid wolf and instead of actual snowballs, you use grenades. That’s kind of what it’d be like to have a snowball fight with him. Besides, snowball fights are sooo overrated, he’d rather make a snow angel anyway. 


I’ve got two words for you this time. Ice skating. This boy loves to take his S/O ice skating because he’s just a cheesy dork like that! Although, to be quite honest, he sucks at ice skating. He can’t even go two seconds without face planting into the ice. Expect to have to take care of his bloodied nose once the two of you are done. 


Hoodie usually likes to spend his snow days in bed. Sure, it’s fun and all to play outside in the snow, but these are the few days where he can spend the day lounging around the place. So don’t be surprised if he doesn’t bother to wake up at first. It’d still take a lot of convincing to get him out of bed, but even then you both wind up curled up on the couch together while a cheesy rom-com played. Hoodie slept through the entire thing.

Jane the Killer

Contrary to Jeff, Jane loves snow days. She always has since she was a little girl more like since she’s had a vendetta against Jeff. Jane’s up to do anything and everything with her S/O. Want to build a snowman? Sure. Want to have a snowball fight? Okay! Want to make snow angels? Heck yeah!! Want to go ice skating? It’s like you’ve read her mind! But, then again, she’d always enjoy spending the day inside with her S/O too. Really, she’s down for anything.

Eyeless Jack

This fucker woke up five hours before his S/O did and spent all that precious valuable time outside, building an igloo. It’s not even a tiny igloo though, this thing is massive. It’s almost as big as a house, a tiny house granted, but that shit take a lot of time and effort. The boyo didn’t even wear the proper clothing to go outside in the snow. Now he has a cold, but hey, at least you both can cuddle and watch videos on your cell phone inside of your new tiny home. 

Giving Some Love to Pokemon Part 1: Mons Based On Inanimate Objects

they need some love

Ok it evolves once 3 of them are connected (magnezone is cool tho) but it’s based on magnets which is cool for a nerd like me and it’s helpful when you’re hunting steel type shinies

This little ghost wants to steal children and do evil stuff to them,balloons are attractive to children.It may be evil but I find it adorable

Alright this is an unique way to make a creature based on mummies but maybe it doesn’t want to come out from its coffin so it makes yaoi ghost hands.Also look at this.IT WALKS WITH ITS HANDS I’M DEAD.Oh and a good wall.

Originally posted by scyther-no-scything

Poor dude getting a lot of hate.People don’t realize there are a lot of garbage based creatures in video games and there’s even a toy series dedicated to garbage based monsters.I’m not joking.It’s called the Trash Pack

Another dude getting a lot of hate.It’s not an actual ice cream.It’s made of snow and icicles.It became ice cream shaped when it got closer to humans.

Most ppl hate inanimate object mons of gen 5 so here’s another one.Ghosts posessing your house object (or looking like one) so they can kill you.Also ppl forget that its also based on hitodama/will-o-wisps and that concept is my fav thing ever.Also its a nice wall-breaker.

Ghosts posessing stuff again.Ppl say “what the heck its a sword” but swords are fucking dope.Also it does the shield thingy which is neat.It’s very scary in battles too.

This one is based on fairies blamed by stealing important objects.Including keys.It can be a nice prankster mon and an adorable bean.

Originally posted by pelipper

and the last but not least

This creautre is literally a ball with eyes.Because ITS A TRAP.No really,a literall trap.People grab random empty pokeballs and this thing hates humans so it thought it would be a nice trap.It succeded

bloodandblackrose  asked:

Just got a call from my school saying that it's closed due to snow. Made me think, what would the chocobro's reaction to being snowed-in be? (can be the four of them somewhere, or with S/O, or however you want it. S'long as it's cold as heck) I totally love your writing and spent like 6 days on my laptop reading all the way back to the first post on this blog! I've loved, like, every single thing you've written! <3 <3

I just want to apologize that sometimes I take forever to get to things. Good news is this is still a very relevant issue in a lot of places because things won’t stop cooling down and it’s snowy again! (also thank you, that’s so sweet of you to say omg <3)

  • Snowed in you say? Well that’s actually really good news to our darling prince Noctis. Not because he enjoys the cold, because he really doesn’t, but because this is a chance/excuse to stay inside and not really do anything.
    Noctis just stays in, bundled up heavily under some blankets and takes turns between napping, watching the television, or playing games. It’s like a vacation to the Prince. (Add you in as an s/o and suddenly you get a sleepy Prince whining that he’s bored and tries to get you play games with him. Either that tries to pull you down with him to join him in napping.)

  • Ignis doesn’t mind the winter, even it has a beauty that he can appreciate and it brings a certain calmness with it. But what he does mind is being closed in by the snow. He himself had actually ventured into the Citadel all back when it was just some very slow flurries.Unfortunately those flurries started to come down harder and quicker and before anyone knew it nothing could keep up with the downfall as it became quite literally a blizzard.
    With no way to get back, or at least not safely at any rate. He tries his best to occupy himself. The Citadel does have it’s fair share of books and it’s fair share of history, and he wasn’t the only one caught up in here either so he still had others to talk to. (And if you’re there too then you’ll find him dropping by frequently to talk and make sure you’re warm enough. Once he’s able to, he’s going to treat you to the best cup of hot chocolate you’ll ever taste.)

  • A little bit of snow is okay by Gladio’s book, it helps toughen him up. Hell he’ll even camp in it! But… this is too much. He had so much he was wanting to go out and do and now he’s found himself closed in. It’s not too bad though, he’s stuck in the house with his family. So even though he’s cooped up he won’t feel like he’s losing his mind entirely.
    He spends most of his time around his family; Playing board games to pass the time, or switching on a console to play something co-op with Iris, talking about random happenings or quietly reading his book when i near proximity to them. He helps around the house with chores. And when all that fails to entertain him then he goes back to exercising. (And if you managed to get stuck too then I guess that is a whole lot of quality time with his family too. But it also means times where you can snuggle and and read a book with him, he’ll always wait for you to be done with the page before he flips, and also you spotting him when he works out/him spotting you. imagine doing situps and him smooching you when you get to the top )
  • For someone who’s not too big of a fan of the cold, Prompto sure does seem to make the most out of it (So he both loves and hates the news). There’s just a certain chilling kind of beauty that comes with snowy times, and the fact that the cold and clear off the streets and make things seem like a empty towns makes for even more hauntingly pretty scenes and he gladly takes advantage of that by snapping a few quick shots. Which is perfect, while blocked in by the snow he can easily just hover by or lean out of the window with his camera.
    Likely he gets stuck at home or in someone else’s place. At his own house he’ll keep himself occupied; he’s got some other hobbies that he wanted to get back into (like painting) and if he gets too bored then he’ll try to call someone up. But with someone else then he’ll kind of go a tad bit on the clingy side and wants to always be doing something. Being blocked in is making him stir crazy and looking outside is making him lonely feeling. (And his as his partner, you’d have to constantly keep reminding him to bundle up. He gets cold easily and he doesn’t dress warmly inside of the house much, so be prepared to constantly be wrapping a blanket around his shoulders. Which the snowing settles down, he’ll try to bring you outside with him just to start a snowball fight)

anonymous asked:

I'm in love with your headcanons, could you please do jeanmarco if you don't mind?

Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you enjoy the headcanons; it’s been quite a marathon this weekend! And of course I can do Jeanmarco! (Wow, this got long, so I’m cutting it with a read more!)

  1. Jean and Marco are the definition of the “friends to lovers” trope. Like, the they invented the term; if you look in the trope dictionary, they are in it. They were best friends first, and then slowly, they came to realize that what they felt wasn’t friendship, but something more than that. (And this could fit whatever timeline you want. Did they meet as kids? As teens in the cadet corps? In college? On the street as adults? Really it’s up to you. Just know that they were best friends, then they went through an awkward ‘do I like him?’ stage, and now they’re together.)
  2. Marco sings a lot, just as a natural habit when he’s cleaning or doing some simple task. Jean loves it when Marco sings because his boyfriend has the voice of an angel. Jean will sometimes pause by the bathroom door if he catches Marco singing in the shower, and he’ll stand there and listen for a while. 
  3. They are both huge coffee drinkers, and take a lot of adventures to try new coffee places together. And of course, they take pictures every time they find a new place, and it’s become obligatory that they send snapchats to the squad, mostly to irritate them. 
  4. Jean is naturally cold, and gets cold super easily in the late fall/winter seasons, and Marco’s always quick to offer up his jacket on windy autumn nights or share a scarf when it’s snowing. Jean always tries to protest, says he’s fine, but Marco knows he likes it.

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The Raven and the Reindeer by T. Kingfisher

When Gerta’s friend Kay is stolen away by the mysterious Snow Queen, it’s up to Gerta to find him. Her journey will take her through a dangerous land of snow and witchcraft, accompanied only by a bandit and a talking raven. Can she win her friend’s release, or will following her heart take her to unexpected places?

Story: The Raven and the Reindeer is, as you might expect, a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen. It has all the typical components and a few new ones. After loving the heck out of Bryony and Roses, I was excited to check out another of Kingfisher’s retellings. I wasn’t disappointed in the least. 

Characters: I will admit that Gerta herself frustrated me a little bit. She felt a tad bit…ah, naive. Not to mention her (pretty blind) devotion to a guy who pretty clearly didn’t care about her. However, she was also determined, and brave, and she did a lot of growing as the story pressed forward. Kay was pretty terrible, but that was definitely the point. (Spoiler alert: this is not a love story for Gerta and Kay.) My favorite characters were Janna, Kingfisher’s version of the little robber girl, and Mousebones, a raven who I have decided is one of my best friends. Not to mention the completely silly and stupid otters. 

Setting: For much of the book, I didn’t find the setting particularly notable. One thing that was super cool though, was the reindeer road, which is basically a mystical shortcut that can only be run by reindeer…usually. 

The Snow Queen: So, The Snow Queen is one of my absolute favorite fairy tales. I’ve adored it for ages, especially for the little robber girl. Kingfisher has provided a great new version of the tale. The updates I appreciate the most are regarding the reindeer road, which was a really interesting piece of magic…and the romance. Instead of sticking to Gerta/Kay endgame, Kingfisher made this a queer retelling, and I am 100% here for w|w versions of my favorite fairy tales.

Conclusion: While I didn’t love The Raven and the Reindeer as much as I loved Bryony and Roses (that’s a high bar anyway), it’s definitely going to be near and dear to my heart. If you’re in the market for queer fairy tale retellings, you should absolutely pick this up.

👊 Riddle’s Snowkura Cosplay Commission! 👊

It’s been a long time! Sorry for disappearing for a little while there everyone. This is one of the last commissions I did before I went missing - and was done for the amazing cosplayer Riki “Riddle” Lecoy whom I met at a convention earlier this year! It features her own Sakura/Snow White mashup, kickin princess butt~~

(You can find her amazing stuff here: https://www.instagram.com/ridd1e)

Now! Where have I been and what’s been going on?!
Just when I thought I had a handle on the freelance work I had just started getting into full-time, it came at me full force and left me too busy to do personal stuff for a spell.

But! It’s gotten better once again (and I hope I can keep it this way), and I have since been working on a bunch of original characters, and put lots of thought into a universe for said characters that I now can’t wait to explore and draw the heck out of.

So, maybe as soon as in a couple days time - I’ll be making some changes to this tumblr, and expanding it so I don’t just do these fan art pin-ups, but also do a lot of original art too.

Stay tuned! And I just want to say as well, to everyone who’s stuck around (seems like, the numbers have grown in fact!), thank you so so much and I will bring more artwork to the table once again!! <3

First @snkminibang drawing for @quartetship‘s Jeanmarco fake dating fic. It’s cute as HECK and will make you fuzzy inside and you don’t want to miss out at all.

I drew them being soft and loving in the snow because that was my personal favorite and oh my god they’re so in love. PLEASE. I’VE LOVED DOING THIS.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

With his penultimate year of college on the horizon, Marco Bodt has a lot on his mind. Between finding a place to live and work long term, and finding a way to come out to his family once and for all, the end of summer has never been more stressful. In a moment of frustration, his life will get just a bit more complicated when Marco blurts out, “I have a boyfriend”, in response to his mother’s constant inquiries about his love life.

The problem? He doesn’t. Marco hasn’t dated anyone in almost two years. But that doesn’t stop him from giving his mother a name when she pushes him further - the name of his longtime best friend, Jean Kirschtein.

Now Marco has a single semester to convince his closest friend to join him and his relatives for the holidays, to pose as his boyfriend, and to keep his secret all the while. Shouldn’t be too difficult, right? They just have to keep all of their little white lies straight and sorted while keeping up a charade that will put their friendship to the test - and maybe teach both of them a few things about themselves, in the process.

catcomixzstudios  asked:

Do you think there could be a winter aesthetic to Solarpunk in some way? Like, any fashion, architecture, and/or flora that would exist in a cold environment?

I wrote this post a long time ago on my other blog.  So long ago that I didn’t have a separate blog for solarpunk.  In it I discussed ideas for winter solarpunk but I only really touched on aesthetics.  I tried to reply to this earlier but my computer died and restarted and everything got deleted so it might be less words and more this time.  All the pictures here are just from my pinterest because i’m lazy.

For fashion,  as I mentioned in the other post, I think bright colours and patterns would still be important for lively-ing up the dark cold winters.  However there would need to be uses of heavier materials (especially wools) to keep warmer. That and just wearing tonnes of layers until you look like a snowman, always important!  Also I hope there’s cloaks just because their cool.

For architecture, I usually tend to imagine along the lines of traditional russian and nordic architecture, because its both cool looking and adapted to the cold and snow.  There would have to be a lot of domed or steeply pitched roofs to deal with the weight for one thing. Another possibility is going underground, where there is more natural insulation and heat, or using turf roofs and walls.  Heck I like the idea of everyone living in huge underground buildings/structures, and then just having the natural environment (whatever that may be) on top of it.  Thats not really much of architecture though I suppose.

Another thing like you mentioned is having an aesthetic based on whats growing around you.  And though it might not seem like it, there is huge variety environments where people would need to deal with the cold. From temperate places where you can have beautiful summer paired with brutal winters all the way to the antarctic tundra if people decided to settle there with advanced technology in the future.  Depending on where you are it greatly influences the flora and fauna!

And heres just some screen shots of cold parts of the planet from google earth. All of these are like kilometers across its really cool!


A Gaster and Toriel fusion B) AKA: Gastoriel I TOLD YA’LL I’D DO IT

So I like goopy Gaster. I also like the headcanon that he may be made of tar. Tar is quite flammable. And who is our resident pyro queen? Toriel or Tariel in this case amiright //SHOT

But yes; they’d leave a trail of tar-goop wherever they go, which can instantly combust into hot flames if they so desire. Tbh, I kind of prefer their purple fire because both Tori and Gaster are affiliated with that colour (Tori because of her clothing/royalty status, and gaster because I’ve seen people headcanon his magic colour as purple which is super cool). Also I see them chucking flaming tar balls, which is like throwing snowballs, but instead of snow it’s hot magma tar and would probably hurt a heck of a lot more

Prompt submitted to me by JustMeAndMyKeyboard: How about one where Emma overhears the trio talking about trying something new and completely gets the wrong end of the stick over what they’re talking about?

Takes place some time in season 2.

Also on AO3/FF

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onliafaze  asked:

The GoM, Takao, and Mayuzumi helping their s/o when she gets burried under a lot of snow that fell from the tree above them

I’ll tell you this, I was so disappointed when people told me it doesn’t snow much where I am in the UK. Thanks for the request, and be careful when it snows! Unless you do want someone to save you. Then go ahead. -Admin Red

Kuroko Tetsuya:

“You should be more careful, ________-san,” Kuroko comments, watching you struggle under the heap of snow. You give him a pointed look, as if to say, “You wanna help?” You swear you can see the hint of a smile on your boyfriend’s face when he reaches to help you out. “Stop laughing at me!” “I’m not.” “You are!

Kise Ryouta:

Of course the first thing he does is to whip out his phone and take a picture of your helpless state. “Oh come on, Ryouta, help me out here!” “Ahh but ________cchi looks so adorable!” he squeals, and you flick snow at his face. Despite his squealing, you have to admit - he looks angelic with the snowy flakes in his golden hair.

Midorima Shintarou:

“Wh-? A-are you alright?” Midorima stammers, almost dropping his lucky item (a potted plant) as he kneels to dig you out. “You need to be more careful,” he chides, pulling you out. “Here, hold on to this,” He rummages in his bag and hands you a calendar. “Midorima, what the heck is this?” “Your lucky item.” “Well, obviously it didn’t work!” “Just take it!”

Aomine Daiki:

Aomine bursts into uncontrolled laughter when you disappear under the pile of snow, courtesy of him kicking the tree trunk next to you “for fun”. You stick your head out of the snow, gritting your teeth, and reach out, grabbing your boyfriend’s pant leg and dragging him into the cold with you. Needless to say, both of you ended up with a lot of snow in your clothes.

Murasakibara Atsushi:

“Ehh? ________-chin, are you okay?” Murasakibara barely bats an eye at the mini-avalanche next to him, located just where you were standing 5 seconds ago. He’s answered by a muffle, and almost lazily, Murasakibara tugs at your outstretched arm, freeing you from the snow. “________-chin looks like she’s covered in frosting,” he grins, and you roll your eyes.

Akashi Seijuurou:

A smile clings to Akashi’s lips as he reaches in and scoops you out of the snow pile you were buried in, patting snow from your clothes. “We should be careful,” he notes mildly, producing an umbrella out of nowhere and hoisting it above you. You take one look and practically roll your eyes. “Should’ve taken that out sooner,” you grumble. Akashi smiles. “I didn’t think this would happen.” “I-it was an accident!”

Takao Kazunari:

bless the hawk eye

“Look out!” is the last thing you hear Takao say before you’re suddenly swamped by a pile of snow. You frantically claw your way out, shivering and out of breath, only to see your boyfriend laughing his head off on the ground. “Kazunari!” You kick snow over his chest and he roars with laughter at the sight of your disheveled appearence.

Mayuzumi Chihiro:

Mayuzumi heaves a long sigh when you squeak and crumple under a heap of snow. He removes his gloves and reaches to help you out, looking almost displeased. “Be careful, okay?” You nod apologetically, avoiding his gaze, and he blinks, before readjusting the scarf around your neck. “You’re not cold, are you?” “O-oh,no, I’m fine.”

Fighting under a full moon - rp between Grifterpines and Somepointsomewhere


Stanley took a deep breath as he stared at the snow-covered shack that apparently housed his estranged brother. It had been 10 years since he had last seen his brother, and truth be told, he was scared. He wasn’t exactly the successful citizen he had been hoping to be on the day he reunited with his brother. Heck, he wasn’t even human anymore, although that, at least, was easily hidden outside of a full moon.   

Still, he couldn’t stand there in the snow forever. He made his way up onto the porch, and took another deep breath before lifting his hand to knock on the door. Being a werewolf meant that, even in human form, he was a lot stronger than a normal person, so he had to moderate his forcefulness, to avoid giving Ford’s door a new fist-sized peephole.

Hopefully Ford was home. Stanley hadn’t bothered to reply to the postcard before coming over here, so it wasn’t as if his brother would know when he would arrive.        

Christmas without snow.

…well, it’s +6 C in Russia, strong winds and some rains. But it’s Christmas anyway for those who celebrate it today. Our Orthodox church does that on 7th January. I guess a lot of my readers here are all covered in trees, lights and eggnog, so have a great X-mas, share love with those you care about and even with those you usually don’t because what the heck, amirite.