a heck of a lot of orange

……… actually now that i think about it, papyrus being associated with orange is afaik still just fanon? because the actual magic he uses in combat is blue (i.e. integrity, soul-wise)

which doesn’t change a heck of a lot wrt that post (papyrus cleaves to his principles to even the… bitterest end :’’) ) but yeah


HG Build Burning Gundam - Flame Display Base

The painting is done. It looks way better than I thought it was going to and it was a heck of a lot easier than I’d imagined.

The glue took the clear orange and red extremely well. I also put a little flat red dry brushing on the flames and thinned some of it to put in the cracks and pits.

The the ground portion I ended up intentionally cracking and and rounding off the edges with a stiff brush. For it I did a base coat of dark grey, then a dry brush layer of neutral grey, medium grey and then the dark grey again.

The tub at the bottom just got a quick coat of black spray paint, I didn’t particularly care how that bit turned out.

I really can’t think of anything else to say, this just turned out way better than I thought. Just compare it to what it looked like before I painted it.

So yeah, go me! Still need to get a brighter led lamp to put in the bottom, I might never do it. Now all that’s left is to find a spot to put in…

Mad Love. Or. "Mad Ben joins the Plumbers!"

It was a year, after the fall of Warlord Tennyson. His world had changed, thanks to Mad Rook. The wasteland had actually improved greatly since Rook was made leader. Within that year, it went from scorched earth, to half green/half fertile brown. A lot of the cities and buildings around the globe were covered in leaves, moss and grass. The sky was only orange when the sun was setting, instead of all the time. Heck! even the water in the lakes, streams, oceans, and rivers started returning at about 87%, which resulted in the remainder of the animals, along the clones of them that were made, living and repopulating, once more. There was even a large medical center.

The scientists that Mad Ben once kept in his dungeon had really worked their butts off, and even Mad Ben had to admit, it was great.

Suddenly in the dead of night, a figure snuck into the dungeon that Mad Ben was held in, and approached his cell.

This figure was wearing a long hooded cloak and a full headed biker helmet, so it’s face couldn’t be seen.

“Warlord Tennyson.” The figure whispered in a deep voice.