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hi omg I love your blog! could you guys maybe do some daichi headcanons? i need soft daichi in my life!!

Soft Daichi is my jam, Anon… He’s a perfect husband and I love him. I did some Childhood and Fatherhood headcanons; hope that’s ok!! Sora is Admn Ellie’s brainchild, though, and she helped me with the childhood ones a lot.
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  • I’ve mentioned before that Daichi was the wee-est of wee babies, but just because he was small didn’t mean he wasn’t healthy… and he was definitely a bit of a trouble maker. He was an inquisitive little bean, exploring everything–the instant he was mobile, he was into everything. No one really minded because he wasn’t overly destructive, but his older brother certainly minded when Daichi got into his Weekly Jump collection.
  • Daichi has two brothers–one a few years older, one a few years younger. Kaiyo is his older brother–taller, stoic, muscular and went into police work; Sora is his younger brother–also taller, obscenely popular in school, kind of a pretty boy, good at sports… Daichi has always low key felt inferior to both of them, even as a kid.
  • When Daichi was about five, he fell out of bed. It sounded like a sack of bricks hitting the floor, and his parents nearly had a panic attack. Child was still sound asleep, curled up with his blankets and pillows and his stuffed Pikachu, and didn’t even stir when his mom tucked him back in. He was fine (kid’s built like a brick house even then) but his mom installed safety barriers on the bed the next day. They didn’t come off until Daichi was almost in high school (and only then because he begged her)
  • Daichi was never a kid to cry a lot. He tried really hard not to when he hurt himself or he felt disappointed with something. It got to the point that, even when he fell out of a tree when he was eight and broke his arm in three places, he only whimpered. His mom only figured it out before he went inside because Sora started screaming.
  • Daichi has always had problems with really vivid night terrors. He experienced sleep paralysis for a brief period when he was young, and to this day he still needs a small light in the bedroom with absolutely zero mirrors. Before Sora was born, he would climb in bed with his parents, but once he was a big brother, he tried to deal with it on his own.
  • He was an artistic child. He was that kid who always had piles of crayons and colored pencils; the fridge was always covered in his drawings and paintings, and he was really serious about it. He even had a little sketchbook most of his life. He continued this habit well into his adulthood–he’s always needed that creative outlet. It’s how he’s so steady, even at a young age.
  • Daichi wanted to be a firefighter when he grew up. He was always really interested in helping people, and he always really admired them. Even after he started to play volleyball really seriously, he was looking at it for like, a real job and everything. As he got older, he started reconsidering because his parents really wanted him to go to college, but it’s still a low key dream that he has.
  • Daichi had a stuffed Pikachu growing up; he was always a big gamer as a kid, and Pokemon was his favorite. It was his fifth birthday present, and he literally carried it everywhere for about two years. It was always the one toy he took on school trips, it stayed in bed with him always, and when it had to be washed, he either had to be at school or he parked in front of the dryer until it came out.


  • When Daichi finds out you’re pregnant, he’s elated. He sweeps you into this gentle hug and there are tears in the corners of his eyes. He can’t believe how happy he is, and how lucky he is. He is super protective, though, almost to a fault. He will literally do everything for you without being asked. It’s great in the early months when you’re sick and tired, but by the end, you’re probably ready for some of your independence back.
  • Everyone sort of expects him to step into his role as a husband, caregiver, and father no problem, but he has a lot of anxieties and doubts. Researching gives him panic attacks, but not researching keeps him awake at night. He’s caught somewhere between wanting to be supportive and wanting to be supported. He feels guilty about it, though, because he’s always been your stern and stable Daichi, and you’re the one growing a baby, not him. Reassure him, though. Once you remind him that you’re nervous too, and that you’re a team, he’ll feel better.
  • The day his children are born are literally the happiest days of his lives. He worries the whole time you’re in labor, but the first time he holds his baby in his arms, he’s gone. He’s in love, and he’s so fucking proud. No victory, no goal reached, no obstacle overcome compares to the feeling of his healthy, tiny baby in his arms. He cries–like, real honest-to-God gut-wrenching sobs–when his first grabs a hold of his finger with those tiny, tiny hands. He thanks you profusely, and refuses to leave your side for a while.
  • He is literally your rock in the early months. He pulls more than his weight around the house because he knows you’re up every hour on the hour for feedings. He tries to get up too, especially for the things he can do like changing the baby or rocking it back to sleep when it just needs to be soothed. As a result, you and him both bond pretty thoroughly with your children, and neither of you is too exhausted because the other is always picking up slack and taking turns.
  • He loves blowing raspberries on their cheeks and tummies because he lives for their laughter. He does it to them until they’re about four or five, and when that doesn’t work, he tickles. He just wants his kids to be happy and feel loved at whatever cost, and if a few tickles from Dad is what it takes, he’s more than willing to deliver.
  • Daichi encourages wide varieties and arrays of interests. He wants his kids to try intellectual, artistic and creative, and athletic pursuits to their abilities and desires. He encourages trying new things, even if they aren’t very good at it at first, because he wasn’t born an amazing volleyball player. He’s also that Dad who will absolutely look into stuff his kids are into, but he’s not into or doesn’t know anything about. If his kids obsess over a game, he’ll try and understand what’s happening and ask them questions if they’re ok with it. If they get into playing a musical instrument, he’ll always ask them to put on little concerts for him, even if they’re awful at it. He always encourages and praises them, though.
  • He is literally the most supportive dad. If his kids ever came out to him, he would be so loving and supportive, no matter what. He also goes out of his way to make his house a safe space for all of his kid’s friends, unless they are legitimately bad people. Daichi has always been a good judge of character, though, and his kids trust his good word.
  • He literally takes to fatherhood like a fish to water. Everyone jokes about how it’s because of all the practice he had in high school, but he also knows that he would literally do anything for his kids. He’s just the best dad–stern, but fair; supportive, but always pushing for them to do better. He cries at every milestone, and makes them smile when they’re down. He’s just literally the best father any kid could ask for.
Common Sagittarius Descriptors

please note: this list includes words that you will commonly come across when you study astrology; many have similar meanings and this includes both positive and negative traits. it is nowhere near an extensive list and some words will only make sense in certain contexts, as well as every word on this list not applying to everyone of this sign (there’s a whole chart to analyse/unhealthy vs. healthy expression etc.), but my hope is that this list will help you to make connections and see patterns more easily. i’m sorry if I accidentally included the same word twice.

curious, energetic, productive, moral, judgemental, high minded, high handed, searching, truth seeking, sanguine, optimistic, honest, blunt, motivated, open-minded, ambitious, bighearted, insecure, self-doubting, fussy, aspiring, big picture oriented, competitive, over-competitive, temperamental, hard working, dramatic, ardent, affable, humorous, philosophical, light-hearted, self-righteous, arrogant, proud, smug, hopeful, expansive, determined, bossy, zealous, genial, friendly, amiable, gregarious, cordial, candid, frank, forthright, upright, principled, interested, inquisitive, longing, eager, positive adventurous, volcanic, careless, heedless, preachy, inspiring, tactless, impatient, superficial, inconsistent, over-confident, rigid, authoritative, accomplished, dynamic, hypocritical, big-headed, freedom-loving, indecisive, independent, casual, cheerful, visionary, irritating, direct, passionate, exciting, unemotional, courageous, spontaneous, bright, nosy, prying, forceful, aggressive, flighty, restless, reckless, impulsive, easily bored, outgoing, persistent, resilient, funny, happy, generous, loud, dominating, constant, inconsistent, intellectual, idealistic, quixotic, unrealistic, perfectionistic, starry-eyed, intrusive, all-knowing, virtuous, scrupulous, eclectic, sanctimonious, pious, superior, self-satisfied, undiplomatic, pushy, thoughtful, uncaring, excessive, powerful, controlling, pragmatic, efficient, ethical, imaginative, animal-lover, nature-lover, fun, jovial