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my dad, an ex h-addict who smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day and had a strange b.e.d, is, at the moment, healthier than me. oh wow! he eats veg and good and does a lot of sport. i’m ashamed of myself 

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So I'm on spring break, and I gained a lot of weight while at university. However, I've been dieting, and have lost 7 pounds while being home. I'm down to 157 and I couldn't be more proud of my progress. Do you have any tips or ideas on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle?

Oh look at you! 157 sounds like a pretty healthy range, love! I’m by no means any authority on this topic, but I generally feel like staying mobile and active keeps me balanced in a lot of ways. I dont focus on numbers so much as, did I walk today? Or take a bike ride? Did I push myself a little and feel good about it? And getting the energy out helps me focus mentally on something other than thr usual stress.

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immortalizing my amazing hair cut hair day one last time. it’ll never look like this again because I don’t blow dry my hair.
here’s hoping my usual overnight air dry looks okay in the morning. ✌️