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Okay, so I’m most likely completely wrong here, BUT

The entire time while watching Howl’s Moving Castle there was this tiny detail which kept bothering me. It was just a feeling, a hunch and nothing that was ever adressed in the movie, BUT

Look at Howl’s eyes

They seemed awfully familiar, like I’ve seen eyes like that somewhere… Not sure where… Then, halfway through, I remembered:



Even here

These characters’ eyes remind me a lot of Howl’s throughout the movie because they’re designed in a similar way with similar colours. The purpose of this is to indicate that these characters are, you guessed it, blind

And that was my hunch. I’ve been getting the feeling taht Howl was blind. So I decided to try and see what was it that was giving me this feeling. And it was the way Howl looks/sees

Okay, that makes no sense, let me try to explain: I’m writing a blind character, so I’ve done and I’m doing research on blindness and amongst other things, the way blind people’s eyes “behave”, so to speak

What I mean is: since a blind person can’t see, their eyes move a lot less. Most of the time their eyes are kept on one spot, making them look like they’re gazing off into distance. Also, even if they are close to you and have their eyes on you, they still seem like they’re looking into the distance and not you. And throughout the movie that’s exactly what Howl does. It’s even seen in the screenshots above. Howl is close to Sophie but he doesn’t seem to be looking at her, he seems to be looking at… nothing

Is it just me who sees it this way??

Now, this definitely can’t count as a theory because this is all based off of a feeling I had and the fact that Howl’s eyes kinda sorta look like what drawn blind eyes look like

I have nothing to support my claim except a hunch and vague similarity

And, well, this:

Calcifer asks for something of Sophie’s, which is basically how you form a contract with a demon, if I got it all right, and he suggests her eyes


Before discarding my silly idea alltogether, I looked into it some more, encouraged by this line by Calcifer

And I found that all characters from this movie have differently coloured eyes. Even the blue eyed characters have more colour in their eyes than Howls, whose are kinda blue-ish

Except for the Witch of the Waste

So, maybe this is just a witch/wizard thing to have eyes like that, BUT Madame Suliman, a witch, doesn’t have eyes like that

And, if I got it all right, Howl and the Witch of the Waste are the only ones mentioned to have made a contract with a demon which is something the plot is all about, you know, giving something to the demon

Now, it is also said that Howl gave his heart to Calcifer but later we see that Howl’s heart sorta created Calcifer, so…. Did he really give it to him?

And that’s my thought. Not a theory, not something I expect to be true because there’s a lot of “if”s, but I just wanted to point this out because it’s been on my mind for a while

List of Things I want in Ninjago Season 8 in no particular order.


Ronin with his hat on 

Ronin actually talking to Nya, preferably making sarcastic comments at each other. 


Wusako Dead, Buried, and Sent to Hell. 

Lloyd to get a non-Ninja non-Main character friend who he can actually talk to. 

Nya and Jay to talk about their issues because please 


Elemental Masters besides Skylor appearing and speaking. 

Ronin and Nya epic team up fight because it’s been three seasons since the last one and I can only write so many. 

#GiveRoninHisHatBack2k17 and/or 2k18 

More Ronin and Misako moments because those are fun too 


And it’s not just filled with doodles of Nya aged 30 come back from the future to save them all. 

I’m a liar it kinda is. 

Wu to not come back 

Like can we get ideas to who actually runs the city or what. Like who’s the Mayor I need to know these things. 

More Nya in general. 

And more Ronin in general. 


Like a female villain who isn’t in an outfit with her tits out? Or a giant ball who doesn’t speak??

More female characters in general, or a canon Genderqueer character. 

A Queer character in general. 

And I think that’s it. 

Time for some real talk. I don’t recall exactly how I fell down the rabbit hole 2 years ago, but Im fairly certain it had something to do with briannacherrygarcia and her lovely art. I do know that at the time I had pretty much given up on art. However, after watching a few T clips and seeing other peoples awesome fan art I couldn’t help but doodle a certain hare. A few doodles became a lot and next thing I know Im saving up to see these goobers in person. This show continues to be very inspirational to me and without it I wouldn’t be the artist I am now. It seemed only right that I paint something to properly send T off. All I know is I will continue to draw Mad T Party and hope that it makes its return when I come visit in May.