a hatters ramblings

My mom works at a drug rehab unit and I have to chill there sometimes. People judge these people so harshly for needing help and ignore how strong they actually are for being able to admit their wrongs and ask for help in order to move on from them. They deserve your respect, not your judgement

Time for some real talk. I don’t recall exactly how I fell down the rabbit hole 2 years ago, but Im fairly certain it had something to do with briannacherrygarcia and her lovely art. I do know that at the time I had pretty much given up on art. However, after watching a few T clips and seeing other peoples awesome fan art I couldn’t help but doodle a certain hare. A few doodles became a lot and next thing I know Im saving up to see these goobers in person. This show continues to be very inspirational to me and without it I wouldn’t be the artist I am now. It seemed only right that I paint something to properly send T off. All I know is I will continue to draw Mad T Party and hope that it makes its return when I come visit in May.