a hard thing to tag though

I know it’s silly but it’s irritating when there’s so much fanart for characters from a book or audio thing that doesn’t match the way you see them in your head

Like you appreciate the hard work and other interpretations but you’re just like no!! Even though they’re perfectly valid interpretations lol

Also when one fanartist dominates the tag and their vision becomes the fan ‘canon’ but it’s so.. Wrong (like draco-looking, well-dressed Cecil Palmer?? So wrong sorry)

Anyway that Richard Ayoade-inspired Aziraphale is perfect to me


everybody lives AU | AKATSUKI
• setting — the Last

Akatsuki becomes a mercenary group for hire, as they did in Road to Ninja. 
This is more appropriately named the “everybody comes back to life and somehow things work out AU”… but as promised, 10 Akatsuki members in the timeline of The Last! Designing is fun (esp the village flak jackets) (・∀・)

See more extensive character/AU details below the cut!:

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Steve finds himself scrolling through Tony’s social media every once in a while and he ignores the eye roll that Sam gives him every time he sees. He goes through the pictures that have been added and smiles at the sight of a grinning Tony doing the peace sign next to a laughing Peter. He takes in the photo of a smartly dressed Tony on stage at a charity event and the warmth of a sleeping Tony curled up on the workshop couch, being covered with a blanket by DUM-e.

Part of him knows that one of the reasons why he checks is to see if Tony has been seeing anyone else. Steve understands if he is because he no longer fills that position anymore after they had both gone their separate ways. But a small piece of him hopes that Tony would be willing to make their relationship work again in the future. It’s such a long shot and he’s incredibly doubtful but he can’t seem to tamper down the slight hope that’s there. 

But Tony seems happy and he’s living life, having the support of Pepper and Rhodey as well as Peter. It seems like he’s moving on. 

Steve sighs before placing his phone in his pocket and standing up to go see Sam and Clint who are laughing in the kitchen. 

Sometimes though, and Steve might think he’s imagining things, he swears he can see a little bit of the chain which holds his dog tags around Tony’s neck. 

And maybe that’s why the hope is so hard to extinguish.  

One direction tag thing including Zayn


okay but think about Even and Isak and social media if Even ever got on board

  • imagine the snaps
    • Even loves sending Isak ridiculous snaps with the face filters and witty one liners. they usually make Isak roll his eyes but some of them are actually kinda funny and Even’s cute no matter what filter he uses so there’s that
    • Isak isn’t much of a selfie guy because he’s a self conscious lil bean but on the nights they aren’t together he sends Even snaps of his spread of homework with captions like why am I like this or will you ever fuck me as hard as this biology paper is
    • sometimes when they’re together Even takes sly photos of Isak because his boy is just so effortlessly beautiful and it blows Even’s mind and he wants to capture those moments for when he isn’t feeling so great so he can remind himself that while the world may seem bleak and hopeless there will always be Isak’s light
    • if Even’s feeling good Isak usually gets random snaps through the day, just little things that capture Even’s attention. sometimes it’s bright flowers or a black and white shot of buildings or clouds or literally just a snap of what’s right in front of Even as he walks. these are Isak’s favourite sort of snaps because it’s like seeing the world through his boyfriend’s eyes
    • when one of them is getting crushed under the horrifying weight of being a student or just being alive the other will send a cute little video saying something like you got this I love you you can kick this is the ass and it’s almost always followed by a blank snap that just says you need me to come over? because like hell would they let the other struggle alone
    • Even has been known to send Isak a snap of the front door to the kollectivet captioned are you going to let me in or what? after Isak’s sent him a particularly stressed out snap
  • facebook
    • Even doesn’t really use his facebook, he mostly got it because there were some groups in his classes where students swapped ideas back and forth and it was pretty helpful
    • Even and Isak are totally that couple that tag each other in stupid memes and just say ‘you’ ‘me’ or ‘us’ and everyone thinks it’s adorable
    • Even’s favourite thing to do is to find kitten photos and tag Isak in them with comments like ‘looks like you’ and when the boys see that they lose their collective shit because yes Isak you are just a tiny kitten definitely and Isak is so embarrassed and he’s going to kill Even
    • it’s hard to argue with it though seeing as the second Even runs his fingers through Isak’s hair the boy practically melts Even is convinced that if humans could purr Isak would
    • Isak gets revenge by tagging Even in hundreds of posts that try to say Terminator or some shit is the best movie ever made
    • sometimes they’re actually cute though and they’ll tag each other in those posts that are like ‘tag someone who changed your life for the better’ or ‘tag the love of your life’ and whenever the girls (especially Eva, who knew Isak way back when) see it they can’t help but swoon and sigh a lil because #goals
    • Even’s facebook has almost no posts because he doesn’t really see the point in documenting everything he does, but the few posts that are there are usually check ins where he’ll have ‘finally got Isak to watch *insert movie here*’ 
    • any photos of Even are where he’s been tagged in someone else’s photos. Eva is the worst for taking photos on a night out but hell if Even could say no to her when she’s so happy so yes okay he’ll bend down and take a photo with her 
    • Even’s favourite photo is one with Eva and Isak. he has his arm snug around Isak’s waist and he bent down a bit to accommodate Eva’s wish for a selfie and she surprised him with a kiss on the cheek and the photo got snapped just as Isak’s jaw dropped and he yelped out a hey!!!
    • Eva just captioned it with told you I’d steal him ;) and it became an iconic photo in their friendhship group
  • Instagram, the Skam fave
    • Even totally has notifications on for Isak’s insta because he’s extra af
    • Even’s instagram is probably what he uses most because he quite likes photography, he likes capturing the little moments in life that grabbed his attention
    • it’s very aesthetically pleasing and he actually got a lot of followers who’d have guessed?????
    • but every so often he’ll post a photo with Isak and it’ll literally be the cutest sappiest shit because that boy is so in love and it’s so obvious and his phone gets blown up with notifications to the point where he turns them off because he knows he’s dating the most gorgeous boy in the world he doesn’t need to see a thousand comments telling him what he already knows
    • Isak doesn’t use his instagram much, but Even always leaves cute little comments sometimes just a lil heart emoji. he especially leaves cute comments on the photo Isak posts of Even, things along the lines of wow what a good looking boyfriend you have you must be happy ;)
    • Even definitely looked at all the older things Isak was tagged in, and he even buys Eva a muffin at school as thanks for posting all those things with Isak in because they are a fucking gift
    • Even literally can’t get over how much of a baby Isak looked just a year ago??????????? sometimes he looks at Isak for ages until Isak can’t take it any more and asks what Even wants and Even just shows Isak one of those photos from Eva’s instagram and he’s just like how was this a year ago what the fuck Isak you look 12 I don’t understand this is keeping me up at night


you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so excited i just watched an irish sapphic film!!! it’s called “a date for mad mary” and it’s got a happy ending!! also very strong accents so if you are not irish you may need subtitles. Seriously though what better day to watch an Irish movie than the 17th of march. Here’s to a Very Gay St Patrick’s Day!!

i finally got hearing aids today after years of waiting and realized i can kind of hear voices now! i’ve never really heard yuri!!! on ice before and i am so beyond excited!!!!! so here are my thoughts after hearing the subbed yoi episode 1 for the first time (written as I watched)

the opening sound of victor’s skates with the piano is the literally the most beautiful thing i’ve ever heard

THE THEME SONG. THE THEME SONG!!!!! I had never heard the marimba/xylophone (hard to distinguish) in the beginning before, also the words are so pure? Like??? YES I AM BORN TO MAKE HISTORY how motivating it sounds like a good running song.

yuri’s voice sounds EXACTLY like he looks. like, he sounds like this gif:

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yuuri katsuki sounds like an angel and i want to protect him a thousand percent more after hearing his sweet voice what a babe

victor is a big, sweet dork, and i always imagined his voice to be deeper but like…he sounds so warm and fuzzy and it is so cute i love him (although based on what i’m hearing i think i’m pronouncing his name wrong in my head)

STAMMI VICINO IS SO BEAUTIFUL. I can’t make out the words at all but the melody is so gorgeous-I’d never been able to make it out before (tbh I actually thought it was sung by a soprano oops)

oh my god hearing the skates is so…amazing? i can’t even describe it, but i had forgotten that sound because I haven’t skated since I was a kid, so hearing it again is really strange and incredible and is giving me so many emotions.


Originally posted by shiruba-tsuki

The way yuuri says “vicchan” is the cutest thing i’ve ever heard in my life


tl;dr: Yuri!!! On Ice sounds just as amazing as it looks and even though I can’t perfectly hear everything, I can pick up so much more with these hearing aids and I just…I am so in love?? I am crying, it’s like watching my dreams come to life on screen

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hi! what are your favourite drarry fics??

hi lovely! i apologise in advance that this list is going to be mostly sara’s girl but she’s just honestly that good. i love all her stuff and i tried hard to include my personal faves only but somehow there’s four of them. oh well. also sorry this list is so long but it wouldn’t be a bad thing to me so lmao
warnings: pretty much all of these are rated m and up. also all of them are nice and long and probably fandom classics bc i don’t spend that much time just digging through the drarry tag on ao3 so sorry for that; great for a beginner though!

1. foundations!  verse by sara’s girl - this is what’s canon in my head. this just struck a particular chord with me and idk why. my favourite draco out of all i’ve ever read. nice balance of life challenges and happy sappy fluff for those of you not that fond of the latter.

2. helix by sara’s girl - this is one of my absolute faves for a very personal reason. idk why but i’ve imagined scenarios with them stuck in a tent together for a school related task for literally years without telling anybody and lo and behold, my mom and goddess sara’s girl writes something in this setting. this touches my heart in the most special way.

3. all must draw near by, you guessed it, sara’s girl - really really sweet (everything she writes is but just a warning, may be too much for some people) and i’m loving that. christmas fluff featuring my favourite oc of hers (again, she’s amazing at writing ocs and worldbuilding but this one may just be my fav).

4. at your service by faith wood - one of my all time favs outside of sara’s girl. this one left me in absolute awe. the plot is to die for, like i’d love this fic to death even if it was gen with no pairings whatsoever and that speaks volumes; the dynamic between harry and draco is, imo, extremely realistic and the ending is satisfying. there’s also something amazing about the writing style. i’m not exaggerating when i say this very well could’ve been another harry potter book describing the events of 8th year if it wasn’t for the rating. 

 5. a private reason for this by femmequixotic - this is probably the most different out of all my favs bc it’s rather dark, it’s a crime fiction work first and foremost and it’s got some of the tropes i dislike but i enjoyed it immensely and reread it 3 times or so. the worldbuilding is absolutely exquisite. the plot is always fresh and exciting as well. 

6. a thousand beautiful things by geoviki - another example of a fic containing tropes i don’t quite like yet impacting me greatly nonetheless. this may get a little intense at times and i’m not that much of a fan of the characters engaging closely with muggles but i still reread this twice so that says something.

7. protection by agentmoppet - should probably be higher on the list, i just remembered it along the way. a very soft fic with interesting plot that can get a little jumbled at some points but it’s still extremely nice to read. i’ve returned to this more than twice too. 

hope something on this list catches your interest and thanks for trusting my taste! ♥ have a great time of day! 

hey, our lil tumblr squad seems to be growing & i find myself followed n following some new people

hello! i’m juli. i found myself in the beer/restaurant industry & stayed though i have some big ideas & who knows where those will take me but i also find immense satisfaction in my work & working hard though i try not to let it define me, i am happiest when i am gardening or riding my bike or singing or dancing or throwing a party big or small, i try to make the world a little brighter but i also strive to take no shit & can get from zero to scrappy real quick, i love when people try to be good to each other, & especially love when people are aware of multiple depths & nuances of things going on around them & how they affect their surroundings or just fit into the bigger picture, i try to tag things that you might need a warning for but sometimes i might mess up or have to fix an answered question that doesn’t allow for it until after the fact, i strive to fight for equality & justice & i want to keep learning & challenging myself to be better, every once in a while i will spam you with answers to beer questions, every blue moon you might see something a lil’ racy, but mostly CATS & sometimes DOGS, & your standard hatred for the current administration & fascism & did i mention cats

Written on phone, kinda short, hope it’s ok though


“Got it!” You yelled, leaping high into the air. Mid leap, far too late you registered that you were moving too fast at a bad angle and you were going to land hard.
You caught Cap’s shield, carelessly thrown to the side by the enemy and managed to fling it back still in the air. The mission mattered most, you reminded yourself as you fell, trying to right your angle - failing miserably.
Your yelp of pain strangled out as you gasped in shock, slumping to the ground and clutching your leg. From the opposite end of the city block, you were vaguely aware of the rest of the team taking down the threat, but mostly your world was focused around the excruciating pain radiating from your leg.
Nausea welled in your stomach, rising to your throat as you grasped at your leg, struggling with your breath.
“Excellent save there, darling.” Loki murmured as he strolled over to you. His eyes widened as he noticed your skin had paled considerably, body shaking as you stared at your leg in shock.
“Darling?” Loki asked, terror soaking his voice as he knelt down to look at you.
“I’m, I’m ok.” You gasped through grit teeth. “I’m sure it’s nothing.” You fell silent, trying to stop yourself from heaving all over.
“What’s wrong, what can I do to help?” Loki had his arms stretched out, looking for any place to touch you but terrified to exacerbate the obvious pain. His hand touched your leg gently and you groaned, arching back as your nails dug into the palms of your hand.
“I take it that hurts.” Loki muttered, quickly pulling his hand away.
“No kidding!” You gasped, moaning softly as tears pricked at your eyes.
Taking one of your hands in his, Loki moved your leg, slowly trying to stretch it out as you cried out again.
“Shit Loki! Stop!”
“I fear it’s broken.”
“Oh that’s just what I need.”
Steve walked over, hearing your cries, “everything alright?”
Loki glanced back at him, “I fear my beloved has broken her leg.”
Despite the pain, you felt yourself blush at the sweet name.
Steve looked around, “this is practically a war zone, we need to get her out of here.”
Loki nodded, “I fear the pain moving her but it’s the only way to get her medical treatment,” he swallowed glancing back at you. “My healing powers aren’t the best at mending bones.”
You cried out softly as Loki shifted his hands under you, lifting you easily into the air and holding you to his chest. Your vision wavered, the pain of moving your broken leg sending a fresh wave of nausea through you. Each step Loki took, though gentle and mindful of your injury, still sent a pang up your leg with each jolt. You wrapped your arms around his neck, burying your face and tried to focus on his heady scent mixed with the leather armour.
“We’ll have you mended in no time.” Loki murmured softly.
You tried to nod but thought better of it and simply hummed.
“While you heal, I’ll make sure to take care of you, I always care for my love.”
You smiled, “I love you too Loki, thanks.”
“Of course.”


I was tagged twenty years ago by @sims3hasstoppedworking to do the Playlist Meme (again) Thank you my bushy baby! ;=) Rules: Using the list, create a fanmix for your sim-self / character, then tag as many blogs as you’d like to do the same.
It nearly took me 20 years to complete too, lmaoo. I tend to hideously overthink these things. This time around I chose Roy. Roy’s favourite genre would probably be garage rock, but he also loves to crank up the volume on those bass-heavy dance tracks when he’s tearing around the streets in his Ferrari. Anyway, enough burbling. And feel free to do this yourself if you haven’t already been tagged. It’s quite hard but very rewarding!

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Rolo Riddles

Don’t know if we have a name for prince and logic but I saw Rolo and I liked it *shrugs* not that this is really a shippy fic

Everyone knows that Logic is great at riddles but who else might be?

@obviouslyelementary @the-prince-and-the-emo cuz you know I’m just gonna tag you in everything sorry

Thomas was bored… meaning his sides were bored. The four of them were sat together in the commons. Logic stared blankly at his book and Anx was scrolling through tumblr without pausing long enough to actually read anything. Prince was taking selfie after selfie as Morality threw out suggestion after suggestion that got shut down.

“How about some riddles?” He finally asked, Logan perked up at that. He loved riddles. He loved having to think hard, examine multiple meanings and figure things out. And though he’d never admit it, he loved winning. So of course he immediately agreed.

“Do you really want to try and beat this guy at riddles?” Anxiety ask Mo, jerking a thumb at Logan. Prince seemed to take that as a challenge.

“That sounds like an excellent source of entertainment.” He said putting his phone away.

“Yay! Okay let me look some up.” Anx rolled his eyes as Morality excitedly used his phone to look up riddles.

“Alright, first one, name four days of the week that start with the letter T.”

Logan grinned the gears already spinning in his head. Then Prince opened his mouth.

“Tuesday, Thursday, Today and Tomorrow.” He said with a certain amount of sass. Anx looked startled, Morality was beaming proudly and Logic looked shaken.

“Another!” Logan said, needing to redeem himself.

“Okay. Ah here’s a good one. You will always find me in the past. I can be created in the present, but the future can never taint me. What am I?”

“Regret.” Anx mumbled at the same time  Prince said, “History.”

“Uh ya, Princey’s right on that one buddy.” Morality said, giving Anx a concerned look. “Okay, how about, what begins with T, ends with T and has T in it?”

“A Teapot!” Logan shouted in triumph, causing Anxiety, who was sitting nearest to him, to flinch.

“Very good Logan, Okay what is a seven letter word that contains thousands of letters?”

“A Mailbox!” Logan made a frustrated noise as Prince once again beat him to the punch.

“How?” Anxiety asked, but Morality threw out the next question before the royal could answer.

“In the Strange Family, each daughter has the same number of brothers as she  has sisters. Each son has twice as many sisters as he has brothers. How many sons and daughters are in the family?” Morality continued obviously enjoying the heated air of competition.

This time Logic spoke first, “There are four daughters-”

“And Three sons!” Prince finished before Logan could. By this point Morality and Anxiety were truly astonished, Prince looked smug and Logic looked, well like we was going to rip someone’s head off.

“Okay, What is a four digit number in which the first digit is one-third  the second, the third is the sum of the first and second and the last is three times the second. “

“1349!” Logan shouted,

“That’s right kiddo, just remember good sportsmanship…”

“Screw that, read the next one!” Logic looked a little crazed, Anx snorted in amusement.

Morality was a little more hesitant this time, “ What is a five letter word in the english language, whose pronunciation isn’t changed by removing four of its letters?”

“Queue ! Queue! Queue!” Logan said even dancing a little. “Me and thomas were just talking about this the other day.” He said to Anx as an aside.

“Sweet now you guys are tied, well that sure was fun.” Morality said obviously wanting to be done with this game.

“No no no, we are not ending on a tie. Do one more.”

“Yes, I agree. “Prince said, straightening his sash.

“Fine. What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?”

“Ah ,The Sphinx’s Riddle!” Logic said excitedly even as Roman said “Man”.

“Technically Prince answered before you.” Anxiety smirked at Logic.

“What no, how! How did YOU beat ME?”

“Come now Logan, you are very smart, but riddles are an essential part of questing. I myself have beaten the Sphinx many times. You also have to be good at riddles to get past bridge trolls and open magic doorways, or sometimes to figure out bits of prophecy. “ Prince said, listing them all on his fingers.

“Very impressive Princey, and Logan we all know that you are the Puzzle Master.” Morality cooed, Logic was not appeased.

“This is not over.” Logan said dramatically, retreating from the room.

Code Red part 3

Hey guys- here’s part 3 of ‘Code Red’. Enjoy or something! ;)

 Thanks Fran @francescabuccino and Sandra @omeliashipper for helping to proofread this chapter! You girls are the best <3

The previous chapters can be found here:




 Amelia’s heart skipped a beat as she watched Owen’s body go limp once the excavator removed the last piece of rubble from his body.

‘Oh no…no….no…..please no…. universe, please don’t take away another man that I love. I cannot afford to lose another loved one.’ she pleaded silently.

‘ Someone go get one of our ambulances!’ she heard April order, as she rushed over to Owen’s side and felt for a pulse. He still had a pulse, but it was weak and thready. He was in shock and needed to be resuscitated immediately.

‘ Owen!’ she pleaded, tears rolling down her cheeks… ‘ Owen, please don’t leave me and our baby….please….stay awake for our sake…’

‘ Owen’ a primal groan of anguish escaped from her throat when Owen’s body remained limp.

‘ We have to transfer him to Seattle Presybetarian as soon as possible.’ April, stepping up to take charge of the situation, instructed the group of residents and interns gathered around her.

‘ Amelia- he’ll be fine ok?’ she gave her downcast looking colleague a big hug.

Amelia could only nod in reply, she really wished she could believe the statement.

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For my 300 follower special I’ve been working hard on this rough anime…ish opening thing for my comic, Two more days! Its not the best, but its my first time making anything like this using sony vegas and I had a lot to learn– but it was fun! I hope everyone likes it!!

Read the comic here: http://dontasksalamence.tumblr.com/tagged/twomoredayscomic

If you can’t view it here, its also here!https://youtu.be/ZmsCNb5vt3s

Sassy Stark Pt.2

Pairing: Dad!Tony x Daughter!Reader, a bit of Cap, Nat, Vision and Sam on the side

Warnings: Some angst, mention of a character death

Word count: 1,100

A/N: This is part 2 of this series - beta’d by the beautiful @fandommaniacx. I love writing dad!Tony and this might seem a bit like filler (which it sorta is I guess) but it gives a whole lot more inside into the relationship of the two main characters. 

Part 1 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

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The little bookshop on the corner had been your safe space ever since you moved to New York. You came in practically every day and yet fell in love with it over and over again each time you visited.

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headcanon percy accidentally drinks some kind of truth syrum or someone from the apollo cabin made him say everything he was truly thinking for a week. From random thoughts to the more intimate ones ;)

what is it with me today that all headcanons turn into little monsters o.o?

  • So, not sure if you are aware, but Apollo is also the god of truth. hmm. 
  • let’s just imagine Percy has done something to piss him off, and because Apollo is a little shit, he curses Percy like this
  • Percy has no filter under normal circumstances, this is just much worse
  • The first person he goes to is Will, because he’s one of the persons Percy trusts the most and he isn’t afraid of accidentally spilling his secrets to Will
  • that changes when Will checks if Percy is, part from the curse, alright, and he is just tilting up Percy’s head when Percy mumbled “I used to think a lot about kissing you.” (and wow, the infirmary has never gotten so silent so fast)
  • Will is amused though, thank the gods, and he asks Percy what stopped him from trying and Percy doesn’t have an answer, he just stares
  • In the end, Will has no way to reverse the curse, but at least Percy is physically fine, so Will advises him to avoid people until it’s worn off
  • (but Percy is an idiot, so he doesn’t)
  • Within a day everyone in camp knows that Percy is not, in fact, straight, which is not much of a surprise to many people
  • he admits to a lot of things that are amusing: how he used to imagine that blue food would give him his powers, like potions in video games, and how he knows every line to an endless number of disney songs, and that he really likes Nico’s hair (which he tells him by standing next to Nico and twirling a strand between his fingers) ad that he would totally do Jason if he asked
  • and then suddenly things become much less funny
  • Percy whispers quietly about how he is still shaking with nightmares more nights than not, how he never tells anyone because he doesn’t want to be a burden and how he feels a deep, dark rage within himself sometimes that scares him shitless. how he is extremely afraid about losing people and always considers pushing them away and keeping them even closer at the same time, how guilty he feels about never having noticed Nico’s feelings and that he still blames himself for Bianca’s death.
  • By the third day, Percy stops leaving his cabin altogether. Last evening, he admitted that he knows Annabeth is still scared because of the darkness she’d seen inside him and that he knows that it’s the real reason they broke up and that he’s having a hard time even understanding what the difference between his feelings for her and his feelings for his friends are because it’s all one big mess (at this point, Percy had started crying silently, turning his back so no one would see)
  • In the afternoon, Nico comes by with some food for Percy, and Jason is there soon after
  • Percy can’t stop himself from telling them that he likes being close to them, in a physical ‘please hug me’ kind of way, but at the same time, he also admits that he just wants them to go before he can spill all that is left of the secrets he keeps.
  • they are having none of it, and promise they won’t say a word, so Percy doesn’t get provoked into talking too, and then they just cuddle up with him to calm him down.
  • Will brings food in the evening, after he get out of the infrmary, and he’s not even surprised to see Nico and Jasonn there too.
  • over the next few days Percy admits to a lot of small things, but the worst ones are already out, so he manages to relax a little again.
  • Percy tells Will, who is the only one to have actually known Luke out of the three, about the feelings he’s had for him, and the hurt he’s still feeling because Luke’s gone and somehow, the curse is starting to be less of a burden because getting things like this one off his chest feels good.
  • Nico is the first to start offering secrets in return, to everyone’s surprise, but he can tell how much it weighs Percy down to be the only one vulnerable and in the end, it’s only fair.
  • the four of them have one of the most heartfelt conversations Percy has had and will have in his life, so many secrets out in the open, and even though there are many things hard to admit to, by the end of it all, they are so much closer than before.
  • (it’s only when they wake up all curled up together the next morning that Percy realises his curse had already worn off and the fact that at least some secrets he shared willingly makes him feel a lot better )

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hello!! i love your art and i recently became a patreon!! i wanted to see if you had posted tutorials but i'm not seeing it? ((i am new to it though so i might not be doing it right...)) will you be posting some soon? sorry and thank you so much!!! you've really inspired me to get back into drawing

Thank you thank you for becoming a patron!!! ;A;
It means so much to me that you like my art <3<3<3
And, ah, I don’t have many tutorials so they might be hard to find ^^;;
I plan on posting a few though throughout the next few weeks :D
As long as you are a 5 dollar or more patron you should be able to see them! :3

If you go to the “posts” section and then scroll WAY DOWN through all my dumb tags XD
You should be able to filter posts by reward tier :3
Click on the 5 dollar tier and you’ll see things offered to 5 dollar patrons! :D
hope that helped~