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Who likes to go outside and who is the hermit?

All I can imagine here is Steve dragging Tony outside by his feet, Tony uselessly trying to hold on to anything he can.

“Tony, come on.”

“Nooo - i have - work to do, Rogers - dammit, let me go!”

“You’ve done too much work, and now we are going for a nice walk outside-”

“Nope, nopedy nope-”

“-And we’re going to talk about our feelings- ”


“And we going to hold hands as we have a stroll in the park…” Steve jibed, still holding onto Tony’s feet.

“Ughhh,” Tony groaned in annoyance as he gave up struggling and lay face down on the floor.


A muffled groan.

“Well, then guess I’m just gonna have to -” Steve leant down and swooped Tony up into his arms, hearing him gasp, as he realised he was being carried bridal style. “- Carry you outside like this,” Steve finished, and smiled hugely at Tony’s shocked face.

Tony shook his head.


“Yes.” Steve started walking towards the door, holding onto Tony tightly.

“No - Friday - BRUCE! Help me!”

“Nah, Steve’s right, you need to go outside.”

“I’m afraid I cannot help you, boss.”

“No! I’m being kidnapped - Friday…you’re my last hope!” Tony said dramatically, clinging onto the door frame as he was carried outside. Bruce laughed at Tony’s comical face, shaking his head at them.

Steve took Tony out into the open and carried on walking with him in his arms. He didn’t weigh that much; so it wasn’t a problem, in fact he probably could walk around with Tony like this all day.

“There, wasn’t so hard, was it?”

Tony pouted at him.

“I hate you,” Tony said, as he leant his head on Steve’s shoulder in defeat, already feeling the freshness of the air on his face and the warm sunlight beating down on them.

“I know,” Steve smiled, holding him close. “I love you too.”

Binchie (left) and Kankri (right) are the two most active crabs in our tank and probably the easiest to identify. Definitely the trouble makers. 

Okay, okay, hear me out:

Little Ben being mothered by his badass grandma Padme, who takes him to political meetings.

Padme being super caring when they’re alone.

Padme and Ben waiting for Anakin and Luke to return from a ‘Jedi thing’ (Han’s words).

Leia asking Padme some advice about raising kids.


Love Yourself: Build Confidence

So you might have seen earlier, but for those of you who missed it here’s an Ask I got earlier that I wanted to address in a bit more detail:

I could’ve just given a brief answer, but quite frankly, and I don’t think I can state this enough, confidence is such an important thing for crossdressers and Trans* people alike.

Story Time

When I started out this blog, and for a good year afterwards, I was extremely shy. Just think of me as some kind of hermit crab, happy to do anything within my shell but far to retiring to be seen outside of it.

I didn’t really want to draw attention to myself and I certainly didn’t like the idea of people just stumbling across my blog and recognising me. Which is why I covered my face for a lot of my first posts (give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve been around long enough to remember this).

Yeah, just like that.

So what happened? How did I go from a cheap crossdressing imitation of The Laughing Man to the Jessica Blaise we all know and (hopefully) love today?

Well… I’d be lying if I said alcohol wasn’t involved, but the real key was to put myself out there. If you’re constantly hiding away then you’ll never be in a position to be yourself.

For me, it was about taking small steps. When this picture was taken I had a few friends who knew about Jess (she didn’t even have a name back then) but it was a very close-knit circle of people I knew well and trusted. I didn’t truly build confidence until I let other people in.

My neighbours (while I was at uni) came over one day and I, without thinking, had left a picture of Jess on my PC for the world to see. After a few minutes of general conversation, one of them eventually asked “Who’s the girl?”

Now I won’t lie here; my heart jumped out of my chest. My metaphorical hermit crab had been caught outside of its shell wearing heels and bright red lipstick. I froze for a few seconds, but rather than trying to lie I thought about how I could use this to my advantage.

“You don’t recognise her?” He took a closer look but just shook his head. He didn’t have a damn clue that he was looking at the same person he was talking to just wearing a different gender.

I told him it was me, but he straight up didn’t believe me. I even had to call a housemate in to confirm that the girl on the screen was me.

Moral Of The Story

So, as heartwarming and Oscar-worthy of a tale that was, what difference does it actually make?

Well, for one, it made me realise that all these faults and similarities I can see between myself and Jess aren’t as obvious to everyone else. I like to think I know my body and face quite well (we’ve been together for 24 years now, it’s quite the inseparable relationship), and that means that I will always see features of my guy self in Jess. Others will not see them, or at least nowhere near as much as you do.

Secondly, and this one I think is a bit more important, it taught me how to make less of a big deal out of crossdressing. We didn’t have a long heart-felt conversation about it, I didn’t have to speak with him in privacy and tell him everything in confidence. He simply found out and that was that; he would’ve reacted no differently if I had told him I enjoyed archery.

Obviously I didn’t go from shy little hermit crab to Crossdressing Superstar overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was my confidence, but once I had broken my shell and realised I didn’t need it as much it became a lot easier to tell others. Every single compliment from a friend or stranger helped to boost that confidence, and I found that insults/hate dissolved quickly and that my friends would always be there to defend me, verbally or otherwise.

I’m gonna leave it there for tonight. I could go on forever about confidence building techniques, but those are the most important ones you’ll need. If you want more 1-to-1 advice please feel free to message me with your situation!

And, as always, here’s a picture for your time. It’s an old one but I think it’s quite apt for this topic.

Remember to like and reblog! The notes I get on these posts really help to tell me whether you ladies are finding them useful or not, and if you have any ideas on what else I could write about then send it over in an ask!

- Jessica Blaise x x


This little girl is my best model and I adore her. She’s so photogenic and she doesn’t seem to mind my presence & phone nearly as much as her tankmates. I’m fairly certain she’s Luthien, but hard to tell for sure until the other small ones come back up.

it's the side effects that save us - Chapter 12 - renaissance - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

final chapter! thank you to all my readers for your support xx


“You should come to the community centre with me,” Yuuri says, leaning over the kitchen counter. He’s making katsudon, to celebrate finding a supermarket with a whole aisle devoted to food imported from all over Asia. “There’s a Japanese class starting soon.”

“I’m enrolled in first year Japanese already,” Viktor says. “Why the rush? Do you just want my company, darling?”

Yuuri looks away; it’s how Viktor can tell he’s blushing. “Well, you speak Saga-ben, and your accent is atrociously foreign. You should get a head start on standard pronunciation and grammar.”

“I’ll see,” Viktor says, which is code for, Anything for you.

Which, of course, turns into a definite yes. Viktor leaves the flat for the first time in days to go to the shops, and he buys a notebook and five ballpoint pens for his Japanese lessons. He even finds a cute pencil case, with a cartoon dog on it. It’s not “too soon” anymore.

according to this tony’s primal zodiac sign is the deer and steve is the hermit crab and it’s not totally accurate but aW: 

“Deers tend to take a long time to fall in love but once they do they are loyal and faithful companions. They don’t take rejection well, so they can be hesitant to open themselves up after being hurt.  Once they find the love of their lives they will stick with them through thick and thin, but they have to be careful not to take their partner for granted.”

“Hermit crabs will give up everything for true love and once they fall, they fall for good. At the same time, when relationships don’t work out it can be very ugly, and Hermit Crabs are likely to take the breakup very hard, even if they initiated it. Ultimately as long as this sign is willing to let its guard down, they will certainly find love and eventually a stable and happy family life.“

anonymous asked:

What about an "everything run-down and suddenly a guy falls through the ceiling; now there's a hole in the ceiling of my bedroom"-AU thing? c:

The first time it’s a leg through the kitchen ceiling. 

Derek finishes chewing his mouthful of cereal, stares up at the twitching foot. 

“Uh, little help?”

He stands, pushes the table directly underneath the flailing leg and pushes it back up. A face appears through the hole in the plaster, and it’s a nice face, albeit a little sweaty and shocked looking. 

“Uh, thanks, dude.”

“Derek,” Derek supplies, waves a hand dumbly from where he’s standing on the table. 

“Right, thanks,” the guy grins, and it lights up his face. Derek feels his knees sway a little. “Sorry for interrupting your breakfast.”

“It’s… fine.”

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[Sugiyama Noriaki - Cute Seiyuu who Thinks Himself As Not-Cute]


[How he ended up being called ‘Nontan’]

Because Takeuchi Junko ate a sweet tasty oyster several days before the Oh! Naruto Nippon recording, she decided to give Sugiyama Noriaki  rhetorical question about how to read the kanji for 'Sea Urchin (雲丹 Uni)’. She said, 

“(雲丹 Uni) can be read as ’Un-tan’. It makes your (紀 Nori), can be read as ’Nontan. Lets decide your nickname as 'Nontan’ then!" 

Sugiyama Noriaki was quite uncomfortable with 'Nontan’ nickname at first, saying that he is not the cute type, so that nick name is wasted on him. But after several events and Takeuchi Junko effort of asking the fans to call him 'Nontan’, Sugiyama san was finally give up ^^


Sugiyama Noriaki was called 'Non-kun’ during his childhood. It was one of Takeuchi Junko’s references before deciding on 'Nontan’ nickname. Nontan also affectionately refer as 'Sugi chan’, 'Sugiyama chan’,  or 'Sugi sama’ by his fans. All of those nicknames still feel awkward enough, to make Nontan drifted his gaze or touched his nose lightly (his habit when he is embarrassed)

[Avoiding Microphone]

He used to have a habit of 'avoiding’ mic while talking ^_^” (are you really a voice actor, Sugiyama san?). All of seiyuu who are close to him, used to take turn and remind him whenever they see him drifting away further and further. It was either, “Sugiyama san, please get closer to the mic.” or “Sugiyama san, please hold the mic a bit closer to you.”  

When Miki Shinichirou was questioned in BLEACH SOUL SONIC 2005 about 'three things he hate the most about himself’, MiShi answered panicky, “I can’t stand those… tiny tiny things that doesn’t feel right…. Like, 'Sugiyama san, please hold your mic closer to you .” Audience and the seiyuu cast was laughing, Nontan laughed nervously and said, “You don’t have to highlight that one…”


[Number One Serious Seiyuu]

Nontan is a serious person. He also not good at making ad lib and will continue reading the script seriously, despite the scene that he was in, had turned into NG (No Good) scene by another voice actor ^_^; Although he admitted that during Hetalia preview recording, especially, it was getting harder and harder not to laugh when Onosaka Masaya (France) purposely 'misread’ his lines.


During the BLEACH event, when other seiyuu cast told Morita Masakazu to make the conversation to be more serious, Morita replied, “Seriously? Then, Sugiyama san, please prepare to talk~ Calling for Sugiyama Noriaki san, please prepare for a talk~”

[More than just a Voice Actor]

Sugiyama Noriaki was praised in Anime Magazine featuring Hetalia: Axis Power, as the seiyuu who casted perfectly for the character they portray. Sugiyama san and his character, England - Arthur Kirkland, were said to have same gentleness, softness, both of them are shy, as also a work devoted person. Their bond as seiyuu and the character are deeply strong.


It was said that 'No seiyuu understand NARUTO anime, better than Sugiyama Noriaki’. Sugiyama san would be the first person who realize if there was differences between the anime and the original manga, and gave suggestion to improve both script and animation. It was no strange view to see Sugiyama san dragged by the staff for some discussion; and whenever the staff faced trouble with the NARUTO animation direction, Sugiyama Noriaki would bring his own NARUTO manga to the studio and showed them for reference. 

The reason behind the degradation of NARUTO animation after Uchiha Sasuke left Konoha episode, was said related to the absent, of a certain character and the voice actor behind him.

[Nontan’s not-so-serious Moment]

To familiarize himself with Uchiha Sasuke, Sugiyama Noriaki started to read NARUTO manga and he got hooked up really fast ^_^“ He once told Takeuchi Junko that one day before going to bed, he read NARUTO and promised himself, "Just one volume…”, but when he realized, he already read FIVE volume and had no intention of stopping.


Sugiyama Noriaki hates the time when he has to get up after laying down (sleeping), because that time he usually still half awake and much prefer to go back to sleep. He also said that Inoue Kazuhiko has same problem as him.


Sugiyama Noriaki spends his day off SLEEPING


Before the JumpFesta 2009 Event, Sugiyama Noriaki was aimlessly doodling inside the office while chatting with staff and other seiyuu. The 'thing’ that he draw, was accidentally had something similar with 'hair part’ and 'mouth part’, made it look a bit like an anime character. When Takeuchi Junko saw it, she said, “This is not a regular doodle! This is Sugiyama Noriaki’s Masterpiece!” Others joked about it as 'Ghost Picture’, but NARUTO mangaka, Kishimoto Masashi, joined Sugiyama san’s doodle line together, colored it, and made the publisher published it ^^ That drawing is really Sugiyama Noriaki feat Kishimoto Masashi’s Masterpiece.

[Nontan’s Cats and Dogs Stories]

Nontan loves cats and dogs. He also thinks Morikawa William AXL-ONE (Morikawa Toshiyuki’s dog) is really cute. One day he met Morikawa Toshiyuki in one recording studio, and Morikawa asked him and otherseiyuu, “Do you want to see the pictures of my dog?” Everyone happily agreed, saying “So cute~” at AXL-ONE pictures. 

The next day Nontan met Morikawa again at another studio, and Morikawa Toshiyuki asked him again, “Do you want to see my dog’s picture?” Nontan smiled and answered, “I saw them yesterday…” But Morikawa replied, “I have NEW pictures~”   On OH! Naruto Nippon, Nontan told Takeuchi Junko that he totally lost against Morikawa san’s doting parent attitude…


Sugiyama Noriaki lost count of how many times he was walking and cats started to gather around him to get petted. Sometimes those cats will start to fight each other, to decide by themselves, which cat will get petted first ^^ That’s how Nontan ended up with 'Neko Sennin - Cat Hermit’ title.


Happy Birthday Sugiyama san :) You are one talented, funny-and-cute-in-your -own-way seiyuu san. May God bless you and your fans. All the best for you :D NONTAN~

hayounga​, ziqahmahfaryhumancat8991 , byulbelmont ,nontanlove​, nachi-bbakpaocoklat, and all Sugiyama Noriaki fans, Happy Nontan’ Day ^^/ sorry that the post is too long -___-“


I want to put a lot of GIF but a lot of them are not loading :( I wonder why…  Gif because real life NONTAN is MUCH CUTER than photograph Nontan ~^^~

Happy SnK No-hate awareness week

Here are some stellar writers that I really look up to/really enjoy reading from (this is all roleplay, fic, meta writers, etc.): 

@nonsense-shit | @the-bark-is-worse | @miraculousrivetra | @nakamatoo | @blufics | @lunarfanfics or @lunarcrystals | @vadonne

Somewhat of a short list because I don’t spend as much time dabbling in the SnK fandom as I would like but ‘tis such a pleasure reading all of your guys’ work ^-^

Ed, Roy, and the Military

I’ve come across some analyses suggesting Roy can be seen as a “grown-up version of Ed”, and referencing their shared disregard for authority and tendency towards immature reactions (at least when it’s useful for comic relief).  I’m not sure I agree, though.  I actually think Ed and Roy are very different personalities at their core, and I’m going to try to explain this in part using their attitudes towards their identities as State Alchemists.  Because it’s very interesting to contrast Ed and Roy’s relationships with the military.  Yes, they both use the military for their own ends, but that’s about where the similarity ends.

The Military, guest-starring Roy’s Coat:

A Couple of Sad Shots of Ed

Ed doesn’t actually want anything to do with the military, and he’s only in it for the benefits. It’s also clear he knows and feels the burden of being employed by the State (and subject to their whims / control), with all the times he has been referred to or has referred to himself as a dog of the military - something which he realizes much earlier than Roy or Maes or even Riza, who arguably had this awakening only in the Ishvallan war.  Those three chose to enlist, and believed themselves part of something noble.  Ed, on the other hand, never had any such illusions, partly due to his village background, maybe, and growing up as a part of the more grassroot people with their disillusions about the military.  It probably didn’t help that he’d grown up knowing Winry’s parents had died in the military’s service, albeit by their free will.

Al, Winry, and Ed, probably on hearing the bad news:

One of my all time favourite FMA quotes is this (from the 03 anime), where Ed is talking to Al after Nina died and Al saves Ed from Barry the Chopper: 

When I thought he was going to kill me, I didn’t have any hope left. Then you showed up, Al. And I realized if we don’t look out for each other, no one will. So I’ll do anything in my power to get our bodies back, even if it means becoming the military’s lapdog.  

“We couldn’t even save a little girl.”

And that is the essence of what drives Ed, and by extension why he is in the military: for love of his brother, for guilt of his mistakes, and for the chance to put those mistakes to rights.

Plus, Ed is a ferociously independent person - in thought and action and character, and it fits that he would hate any kind of hierarchy in his life.  It’s not that he doesn’t respect anyone (he does, when he thinks they’re worth his respect - see Izumi, or Riza, or even Hughes), but he would be the type to hate having to respect someone just because they outrank him (see Roy lol).

An Unimpressed Roy

Roy, on the other hand, chose the military.  

Roy Mustang, Private, and His Coat:

He has a much more idealistic view of the military and even of alchemy than Ed does, believing that alchemists worked for the good of the people, and that joining the military would allow him to serve his country.  It’s not until Ishval that some of those ideals are torn (blasted) to pieces, and even then, he chooses to stay.  His ambition is not quenched but fueled by this disillusionment, and it’s worth noting that while he is using the military to further his own ambition, that ambition ultimately ends with him still IN the military.  He sees the flaw in the system, but he still believes in the system; he just wants to end up at the top so he can change it.  

Contrast Ed, who doesn’t care about the system and doesn’t want anything to do with it.  Ed’a not against the system necessarily, he just doesn’t give a crap.  I’m aware of the prevailing view of Ed as a rather anti-authority character, but I would argue he’s not so much anti-authority as simply doesn’t-give-a-crap (yes, there’s a difference).  He’ll blast the system inside out if it’s in his way, but otherwise, he couldn’t care less.  He certainly isn’t going to organize a revolution - ain’t nobody got time for that, homeboy’s got a body (and a couple limbs) to find.  

(I don’t know if I understand these terms well enough to use them correctly, but perhaps I could say that Ed is "neutral good”, compared to Roy’s “lawful good”?)

Roy is also much more subtle than Ed - craftier, if you will.  He plays the long game, recruiting allies, going underground, and preserving his image as a playboy and obedient soldier, because he knows he needs to first gain power within the military before he can change it.  

Roy the Playboy:

(Arguably, Roy’s image is part of why Ed clashes with Roy so much in the beginning - Ed bought into the image too, and couldn’t respect someone who cared more about his own reputation than other people.  Roy seemed shallow to Ed, and it wasn’t until the Maria Ross plot line that Ed started to see that there was more to the Colonel than met the eye.  It’s easy for us as readers to forget how effectively Roy plays his Colonel Bastard persona to anyone outside his own squad because we always see him with them or others he trusts.)

A Small Conclusion

Don’t get me wrong - Roy and Ed ARE similar in many ways, not the least of which being that they both hold strong beliefs or goals, and would fight to the death to uphold them.  It’s just that those beliefs and goals themselves are very different, and reflect the inate differences of their characters.

Ed is, at heart, an academic.  He’s a brilliant alchemist, a prodigy of unbelievable talent, but he would have been perfectly happy living a hermit life out in the country with his family, conducting alchemical research for the rest of his life.  Heck, his entire story arc is driven by his desire to return to that life.

Roy, on the other hand, is a leader.  He came into the military, he saw its flaws, and he decided the solution was to conquer it (slowly).  Roy has vision.  And he will become Fuhrer, or die trying, and frankly all these homunculi are just speed bumps on his road to success.  (He’s also well-suited to his ambition - he’s a caring, charismatic leader, he’s one of the most powerful alchemists in the nation, and he certainly has the intelligence to play the game.)  

And I love this about FMA.  I love the diversity of its characters, and the respect given to each individual’s life choices.  We have the ambitious young general who wants to change the world.  And we have the disillusioned prodigy who just wants to go home and live a normal life, for God’s sake.  

And those are both goals well worth pursuing.

Photos taken from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga and anime series.
All credit to Hiromu Arakawa.