a happy accident!

immortalisation (c. one)

fandom: Supergirl

pairings: Kara Danvers x Cat Grant, Alex Danvers x Lucy Lane

tags: Identity Reveal Secret Identity Fail Secret Identity Pride supertrashco supercat catco worldwide media Art YouTube Bisexual Character Bisexual Female Character Lesbian Character Pansexual Character Lola the Pen will be involved Lola the Pen also painting takes a long time and sometimes you scrap your paintings because you think they Are Fucking awful Luckily kara has a fund specifically for art supplies


“Alex, do you want to do something with me? For Pride?”


Cat Grant, like most, was assumed to be as straight as you could get. Cat Grant, like most, had her own opinion. She believed that sexuality was non-existent – she only believed in being attracted to people, and or loving people, with no care for gender. She had Adam with her husband, her male partner. Adam was a happy accident. She had Carter with a heterosexual one night stand. Carter was a happy accident. The only difference between their conceptions was the fact that she loved Adam’s father, and that she was simply attracted to Carter’s.

But just because her heterosexual relations impacted her life the most blatantly, didn’t mean she was straight. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Cat Grant actually had a tendency towards more female-aligned conquests. Therefore, she preferred the morning-after pill to regular birth control.

So when a Pride Parade was scheduled in National City during Pride Month, of course she decided to do an exemplary piece on why Pride was important.

What she didn’t expect though, was for a Pride video on YouTube to go viral – a Pride video with Supergirl blatantly coming out as pansexual, citing that it was the closest word she could get in English to the Kryptonian equivalent.

Cat watched the video.


And then she realised exactly why it was so popular.

Not because Supergirl came out.

Though that was a factor.


It was because she made the mistake of posting it on Kara Danvers’ channel, right alongside chirpy millennial help guides in foreign languages in how to integrate into American culture, and raving reviews on National City’s cafés and donut trucks and local restaurants and all things food.

Cat had never been more worried and annoyed in her entire life.

Annoying, because Kara had managed to get a shapeshifter – of all things – involved (most likely that green-skinned shapeshifter that beat her down when she was affected by that ‘red kryptonite’ and had her little fit of pique).

Worried, because Cat was already getting calls from security about people at the door wanting to see Kara Danvers. Lots of people.

The CEO looked over roughly to where Kara’s new office was stationed – which Cat knew was soundproof, even to Kryptonians. Superman had holed up in there once when Lex Luthor had augmented his hearing beyond his ability to handle. Lois had bugged her for hours about what contractor had been able to do it.

So, most likely, Kara couldn’t hear the relatively large mob at their front door.


Kara had been working dutifully all morning on the canvas in front of her. The opportunity Ms Grant had given her – to work in any department of her choosing, to work under another Head, to be a Head if she chose…it was everything and nothing she’d ever dreamed was possible. The canvas in front of her was something Kara was working on to give to Ms Grant as a thank-you. Supergirl was CatCo’s saving grace, and a painting – especially with the palate she thought about using – would be a nice touch to CatCo’s walls, but it felt a little…egotistical. James was a good photographer, too, and she didn’t want to take away anything from his pictures.

So Kara was painting Ms Grant.

Hearing a pling from her laptop, Kara hummed before putting down her brush and pallet, wiping her hands on her apron. Approaching her desk, she took a wet-wipe and started getting the rest of the paint off while leaning over to read the message that had appeared.

Do not under any circumstances leave your office or even open your door for the foreseeable future. Kara blinked, looking to the send. Ms Grant? Frowning, she finished cleaning up one hand and put it out to type a reply.


Ms Grant’s reply was to send her a link to a YouTube video, and then another message saying: Look at the comments.

Kara followed the link…to her Pride video. What’s going on? Pausing the video as it autoplayed, showing her throwing rainbow confetti in the ai, she scrolled down to the comments, only to scroll back up as she saw how many views it had gotten since her original posting last night, after Alex left. Eyes wide, Kara squealed, before grabbing her phone from her pocket, speed-dialling Alex. It picked up on the first ring.

“Alex! Have you seen how many views the video’s gotten? It’s amazing! There have been million views-”

Kara, why the hell would you post it on your channel?!” Alex interrupted her with a shout that had her flinching, euphoria dying down as she became confused.


Kara, you posted the video on your channel! Your channel! As in, the channel of Kara Danvers! Supergirl’s video, on Kara Danvers’ channel!

Kara looked to Cat’s message.

Do not under any circumstances leave your office or even open your door for the foreseeable future.

“Oh no…Alex, I think Ms Grant knows.”

If she doesn’t, she’s an idiot – half the globe knows by now, Kara. In the twelve hours since you posted that video, it’s gone viral. There’s over a thousand people trying to get into CatCo to see you right now. Your friend-request feature on Facebook has blown up, your personal Instagram and your food Instagram has gained over two million followers, and your Noonan’s across the street from you has had to close because of all the people trying to order your favourite pumpkin spiced latte.

“Oh no!” Kara cringed, pressing her free hand to her head. “I’ve been holed up in my office all morning. It’s soundproof, somehow – even to me. Usually I keep the door open, but…”

I’m going to sort this shit out. If it wasn’t for the fact that you’re now a LGBT icon, and that the videos been shared on so many servers, I’d ask you to delete it. Tonight, go to the DEO – we’ll make a video with Hank, and I can introduce you as Kara Danvers, with Supergirl right beside you. You can explain that you let Supergirl use your channel, and we won’t edit the video so the critics can’t say it’s just some form of bluescreen, like on Orphan Black. You just stay in your office.

Kara swallowed, before nodding, her messaging system plinging again. “Yeah su- Alex, we have a big problem.”

The military are here. They want you. Do not leave your office under ANY circumstances. I’ll have them held up as long as possible.

What, Kara?

Her laptop plinged again.

Do you know the bucket of military incompetence and prejudicial idiocy that is Samuel Lane?


“And why would you want one of my employees, General?” Cat looked him up and down, leaning back in her chair, chin held high. The General sneered at her. He probably wasn’t happy about being held up over two and half hours. Cat had always been the creative sort. It hadn’t been easy, but at the same time, the mob outside had held up her staff, so things were more than a little hectic around CatCo today, even without the Supergirl matter.

Cat and General Lane had met before, unfortunately. It hadn’t been a pleasant meeting, seeing as at the time, Cat had been in a relationship with his daughter, Lois. He was the catalyst for their breakup, when Lois decided to be the heteronormative, straight cisgender white girl he wanted her to be. Ironically, the two were still at odds, even after all the emotional trauma Cat and Lois went through.

“Your employee is an illegal alien. She faked identification records and the Canadian government denies that they have records declaring she had citizenship before her adoption into the Danvers family. Even without the fact that she’s an alien with no grounds to be on human soil or in our airspace, she still shouldn’t be in the USA-”

“And I asked you why would you wanted one of my employees, General? It is to my understanding that Supergirl has friends in the government.” Lane sneered, and Cat knew that there was something else – some kind of bad relationship between her superheroine and the man who tried to dictate his daughters’ lives.

“Where is she?”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

Lane clenched his fists, “I don’t need to answer your questions. I am here on official business-”

“And that would be a lie,” someone interrupted. Cat looked away from Lane, hiding a smirk as she saw Kara’s sister – Alex, if I remember correctly – walk into her office, pushing past Lane’s military henchman with…Lucy Lane. Alex came to a stop beside the General, face blank as she stared at him, anger deep-set in her bones. “I just got off the phone with your superiors. And the President. Director.” She turned her head, looking to Lucy as the General finally caught sight of her.

“Lucy, what-”

“That’ll be Director Lane, General,” Lucy interrupted, voice cold. Cat stopped herself from grinning at the full-on lawyer-mode as Lucy opened a briefcase on Cat’s desk, being careful not to bump anything.

Cat hated her desk being messed with.

She took out a file from her briefcase, handing it over to her father. “Supergirl is officially a citizen of both Earth and the United States, as is her cousin. Dozens of countries around the globe are also using their newly developed credentials to push through for paperwork to document them both as either citizens and or as some form of person of importance with diplomatic immunity when in countries not their own. That file is only the beginning,” she motioned to the file her father was now reading. “The European Union as a whole has scheduled a conference dedicated specifically to whether Supergirl should be offered a European passport.”

The General grit his teeth, “Lucy-”

“That’s Director, General.” Lucy’s voice was a whip. “I’ll ask you not to make the mistake of speaking to me in such a manner again. And now I want you out of here, before I start advising Ms Grant on how to correctly sue both you and your companions for trespassing, and give another call to your superiors about faking orders to bring in a young woman without both due process and adequate reason.”

If Cat hadn’t known that Lucy Lane was dating Alex Danvers herself, she would have kissed her for that absolutely brilliant performance.

Standing, Cat cleared her voice politely, “I find myself in agreement with Director Lane, General. Please leave the premises…and don’t ever think of returning here for Kara, if you value your reputation, General.” Her eyes staring daggers at the General, watching as he pulled himself together and ordered his men to leave, sparing one last half-angry, half-beseeching look to Lucy before exiting the floor.

Cat looked to her laptop, upon which Kara breathed a sigh of relief and leant back, the substandard webcam of her laptop causing the action to decolourise her abysmally designed dress, the saturation changing just enough for Cat to gain a new appreciation for Kara’s chest.

I thought he was going to order you hand me over anyway,” her voice sounded relieved. Cat sat back down.

“We would not have let that happen, Kara.”

Alex and Lucy came around the desk to see her, the rest of their crew staying in position near the doors. “A little trust, Kara,” Lucy grimaced, “My father’s easy to handle if you know how.”

I did trust you, Luce,” Kara rolled her eyes before sitting back up, leaning forward closer to the webcam. “It’s your dad I don’t trust. What if he tries to kidnap me anyway?

“That’s why I brought a detail, Kara,” Alex replied, “They’ll be hanging about in the stairwell and with Ms Grant’s security, incognito. Ms Grant was kind enough to give some of her own employees paid leave while our guys fill in.”

Kara didn’t look happy about the security. “Keira,” Cat caught her attention, “Your safety in this is important. I have been informed that General Lane has some…unsavoury chemicals which can affect you. Your guards have been trained to recognise anyone who might try to get to you inside CatCo. If both you and your sister hadn’t insisted this job was important to you, I would have told you to take a long vacation while this mess is sorted out-” she stopped, head tilting. “What is that on your ear?”

Kara blinked, “My ear?” She brought hands to them both, pausing as she felt whatever dark colour was on it. “Uh…pen! It’s just pen. Silly me.”

Cat narrowed her eyes.

“I know when you’re lying, Keira. What is it?”

“Paint,” Alex replied for her, smirking. Cat looked to her, eyebrow raised. “You do know she’s a Fine Arts major? What’s your new project, Kara Zor-El?” Kara blushed, before quickly shutting her laptop, cutting off the connection.

Cat pursed her lips.

“Well, now I want to know what she’s painting.”

London, 2012: Love of competition. #50Days50Moments
“I was under the water, trying to capture the high divers as they were rising to the surface. I hoped it would form a decent shape, but I never expected it to form a perfect #heart, so it was a happy accident.” - Al Bello @albello55
Christina Loukas of #TeamUSA competes in the Women’s 3m springboard #diving semifinal during the 2012 Summer #Olympics in London | #GettySport #Rio2016 #RoadToRio #CountdownToRio #🇺🇸 #🏅#❤️
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Based off my space explorer/space botanist AU. Suggest me names for Phil’s plant!

“Why does your suit say my name on it?”
“Doesn’t that say Phil? My name’s Phil.”
“Huh? Oh! That’s my Explorer ID you spork! DHL. For D. Howell.”


Oregon State University chemist Mas Subramanian was looking for materials with novel magnetic properties to use in advanced computer hard drives. He would mix up likely chemicals and bake them in a furnace at 2,000 degrees Farenheit. But when he added manganese oxide to the recipe, he got a colorful surprise — a pile of bright blue powder.

The discovery is a pretty big deal because blue is a historically difficult color to manufacture. You can read all about it here!

This spring, Subramanian was a finalist in the Golden Mole Awards, a Skunk Bear prize that celebrates moments of accidental brilliance. Read about all dozen finalists here. There are so many happy accidents!

Why did we name it the Golden Mole Award? This video explains:

DAILY ROTHKO BONUS: Pet Peeve: Mystery Shots

I’ve seen this floating around along with other shots like it. I researched it best I could as to where it came from and found no original source.  I can see two points of view when looking at it:

One would be that the casual art enthusiast sees this dark and mood piece as lovely and representative of abstract art and it kind of fits with an idea of Rothko they might have in their mind as dark and mysterious so they love it and up it goes on their blog.

My point of view differs from that but maybe aligns with some other Rothko fans and it goes like this: What Rothko is this? Is it cropped? Was the picture taken in the dark or was it photoshopped? Why the artistic choice of making the whole lighting scheme faded up from black when no Rothko in the world looks like that in proper lighting?

I understand it might have been a happy accident, maybe something taken in low light. But, if you’re concerned about authenticity at all, it’s troubling to not see the full painting, know its name or where it might be from. If you take a picture of Four Darks in Red that’s a detail or artistic shot, that’s great because we know what that painting really looks like. But it’s also good to say “Detail” when you don’t have a full shot. This could be a photoshop, a copy, or a crop and it could be any of Rothko’s red or orange paintings. I’ve already seen this troublingly cropped into a thinner, more vertical shape. Sure, all of us art fans go with the best scan we can find, but this one strikes me as this way on purpose, to seem more dark and looming.

Moody, yes, but i’d like to know the truth. Any followers have thoughts on this painting or the subject in general? Weigh in!

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"you’re my emergency contact and i’ve been in an accident so you drop everything to come to the hospital" - Stiles/Jackson

@inell I hope you like it! <3


“Stupid goddamn jackass with his stupid freaking Porsche -.”

Stiles slammed on his brakes just as the light hit red and gripped his steering wheel white-knuckled tight, teeth gritted together.  

He knew, logically, that Jackson wouldn’t deliberately get in a car crash and considering how big of a stick he had up his ass when it came to his car, he doubted the accident was Jax’s fault, either. But it was easier to be mad at him than to face the other feelings: the fear and worry and guilt and, the hardest to face, love.  

The light switched to green and Stiles took off, trying not to push the speed limit.  He’d been taken off guard when he first got the call, surprised that he was even still listed as Jackson’s emergency contact.  That had given way to fear when he realized why he was being called and he’d just managed to take in the few details they’d given him before he was taking the afternoon off work and running out to his jeep.

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Hey Wil...I was one of the folks who chimed in and said they really grokked the Wes Crusher Memoirs posts. I know that you really can only write what you feel like writing, but I felt moved to say once more that I really enjoyed those, and I hope you circle back around to composing more sometime. At any rate, thanks for sharing those with us; they were a great insight into your post-TNG take on Wes and his Traveller abilities.

Aw, thanks! They were *really* fun to write. I don’t think I’ll do more, though, because they were very much in the moment, and happened as I was discovering those images. It was sort of a happy accident.

A Happy Accident

Description: Sherlock and John accidently spend a heat together and Sherlock ends up pregnant. Thing is, he doesn’t want it. So he and John come to a deal…

Review: Slightly angsty mpreg. Happy ending. Need an ao3 account to read.

Rating: Teen


Combat Boots

Request: Peter Parker (Spider-Man)(Tom Holland) and reader? I really honestly have no idea where you could go with it, but maybe like the reader is involved in supery stuff but she’s super clumsy and he’s super overprotective and she always gets mad about it. But at some point or another she does something really stupid and then he has to save her? Idk tho, I’m not as creative as I used to think, so it’s honestly up to you. You don’t even have to do it, I just thought it might be cool.

A/N- so heads up I’ve never watched spider man outside of civil war so I have no idea if this is ooc or not. Y/H/C - your hair colour

The first time it happened Peter thought it was just a happy accident. The small jewellers on the outside of the city was being held up at gunpoint, he had just arrived when a girl dressed in a long black trench coat tackled the gunman to the ground. The gunman dropped his gun and Peter was able to shoot his spider web at the man’s hand before he could reach back for it and stuck it to the ground.

The girl looked up at him and stared for a minute but Peter couldn’t see her face beneath the hood of her coat. All he could see was her Y/H/C hair peaking out past the hood and worn black combat boots with yellow laces.  Peter didn’t even have time to find out who she was because the next moment she was gone and the sounds of police sirens could be heard.

The second time it happened Peter thought it was just a coincidence. It was a man mugging a frightened young woman in an alley, he was perched up on a fire escape waiting for the man to move just a little so he wouldn’t accidently hit the woman when he was aiming his web.

Then, who should walk down the alley, but the girl in the black trench coat from the jewellery. Suddenly the man was thrown back a few meters onto the hard floor, Peter was shocked still but he could see that the floor had become covered in ice leading from the girl to the man and she was holding out an arm.

Peter watched as she turned to the woman, he couldn’t hear what they were saying but the woman seemed to relax a little then scurried away. Once the woman was out of sight the girl turned back to the man and aimed her hand at him, Peter watched fascinated as the man’s legs became engulfed in an ice block and he struggled to get free. When he looked up again the girl was gone again before he was able to stop and talk to her.

The third time he saw her Peter wasn’t sure if it was her. It was at his school this time in the halls with everyone crowding around trying to get to lessons. He had saw her crouched down tying those purple laces on her combat shoes. Kids pushed him out of the way and when he looked back she were gone, he looked frantically around the halls but couldn’t see her.

Peter saw her next exactly where he thought he never would. At the airport on the other team standing right next to Captain America and Bucky Barnes. “I guess you aren’t the only one employing teenagers,” he heard Rhodes say to Tony.

At this he looked closer, across the airport he couldn’t really make out any specific facial features but for once your hood was down and he could tell that you were in fact a teenager around about his age. He gulped, Tony had told him how Bucky - the winter soldier- was a cold blooded killer and everyone on team Cap were in the wrong. But he knew that you weren’t evil, he had seen you doing good with his own eyes, surely you wouldn’t support somebody like the winter soldier? Peter suddenly felt a little uneasy about the dynamics of this fight.

You had been recruited to Team Cap by Sam Wilson. He had approached you after school, which he realised in hindsight that maybe it wasn’t the most well thought out plan, when he had come up to you your first impression was that he was going to attack you. So you had blasted him with ice and pinned him to a wall.

Hardly the best of first impressions. You had only met the team in full just before you were about to go and fight, you didn’t have much in the way of a costume. All you had was a pretty hardy trench coat which was fine when dealing with minor crimes but you were fighting against Iron Man, maybe you should have invested in a better costume.

Everyone was getting changed whilst you hung back around the side of one of the vans waiting for everyone to get ready. Bucky was the first person ready which didn’t surprise you, he was pretty quiet compared to the others but you hadn’t really talked to you. He looked you over for a moment, “How old are you?”

“17,” you told him.

He looked a little taken aback, “Then why are you here? What do you do?”

You smirked and suddenly the floor and the side of the van became covered in a thin layer of ice. Bucky looked a bit uncomfortable and you realised it was probably because of his past with being forced into cryo-freeze, you let the ice melt away quickly leaving a puddle on the ground.

“How long have you been able to do that?”

“Since birth,” you shrugged.

The rest of team came out in their costumes and you felt a little underdressed, Cap looked concerned with your lack of protection but there wasn’t anything he could do to help you now except keep an eye on you.

Across the airport you scanned over the other team, you assumed you would have the element of surprise seeing as they wouldn’t expect a teenager and they wouldn’t know you could freeze things at will. You looked over at Iron Man’s suit and worked out a plan to freeze the joints and mechanisms of his suits so it wouldn’t function properly. There was someone else with a similar suit and then your eyes were drawn to a red blob.

Looking closer you saw that it was that kid who always seemed to be around when you were stopping crimes, you had seen him from the jewellery store. You knew who he was, he went to your school and was pretty bad at keeping his secret identity secret.

Both teams were lined up sizing each other up, nobody seemed to be making a move to fight the other team. You looked around at everyone to see if you were missing something but nope, everyone was just staring. “Are we just gonna stare at them all day or..?” you asked awkwardly.

Finally everyone began running at each other, you had a feeling that you would probably trip and make everyone else trip so you hung back. Plus it helped that everyone was flying or faster than you so they overtook you quickly. You focussed your energy and projected an ice blast at the ground in front of the team making the ones who could fly slip on the sudden icy ground.

Team Iron Man was way out of your league of fighting, two guys in iron suits, an actual almighty robot, black widow herself and then ‘Spider Man’ for some reason you didn’t quite understand. The fighting was a bit of a blur of sending ice blasts and exclaiming “Oh god please don’t hit me,” when someone threw a punch at you. Which did confuse and startle them enough for you to gain an upper hand and briefly freeze them to the ground.

You were inside the airport now and you saw Bucky up ahead fighting Peter, you assumed he would be able to fight him just fine but it shocked you when Peter caught his metal arm. You were too far away to hear what was happening but you gathered Peter was talking, again, you wondered why Bucky wasn’t using his free arm to punch the kid.

Then you realised it was because it was a kid. You, however, had no problem with that. Running along the hall you charged at Peter and tackled him to the ground and froze his hands to the ground so he couldn’t spider web you.

“Hey!” he protested and struggled to get free.

“Sorry,” you shrugged, not sounding sorry at all.

The fight didn’t actually turn out as well as you hoped, your plan to freeze the Iron Suits didn’t work as well as you had hoped because Tony had installed a heating system or some kind which made the ice melt after only a few moments.

When Iron Man and the Other Man started aiming and firing repulsor rays you began to get a little more concerned at your distinct lack of protective clothing. If you go hit by one of them you would die for sure, so safe to say you stayed away from them.

Everything seemed to end when Iron Man #2 got shot out of the sky, Steve and Bucky got away and nobody had much fight left in them. Most of them were fighting friends, you were fairly sure it was only you, Peter and some ant guy who weren’t part of the group of friends.

It had been a long month or so, ever since the fight people had been on the look out for you. You had managed to escape from the authorities by freezing them until you were far enough away and they had been after you ever since. The rest of team cap had been captured but you heard that they had escaped and a fair few of them weren’t even in America anymore.

You had left home so as not to bring any danger to your family and had been living on the streets since. That was until Natasha had found you, no surprise, and had offered you a job working for their side. You had disagreed vehemently, you weren’t going to swap sides now after everything.

So she compromised, you would work for SHIELD and you would be able to stay in the Stark tower. Reluctantly you agreed, you were sick of sleeping in alleyways. You settled in rather quickly, the tower was usually quiet and lacking in life but that didn’t bother you seeing as you were always on missions or in your room.

Peter had become your partner of sorts, you jokingly referred to him as your backup even though the public knew more about ‘spider man’ than they did you. You liked it that way. During the time spent there the team had come to realise that you weren’t as coordinated and cool as you seemed on the battlefield.

In fact you had been trying to put a mug away after washing up and accidently broke the entire shelf, you once managed to drop a toaster, you had even once been bothering Tony in his lab and knocked off the helmet to his suit to the floor and broke it. You had never run away faster.

The team didn’t understand how you seemed to lose all coordination when you made it home, Peter theorised it was that your trench coat gave you powers. Truth was, out there you couldn’t afford to be clumsy, if you were then someone would most likely die because of it. You couldn’t fix that.

Lately though you noticed that peter was hanging around you when on missions than he usually had been. You had been infiltrating a rogue hydra base and ready to shoot down three guards in front of you when Peter appeared out of nowhere and distracted you.

“You almost got shot,” Peter scolded behind you as you stormed into the tower.

“Yeah, because you distracted me,” you yelled, turning to face him so he had to stop walking so he wouldn’t fall into you.

“You shouldn’t get distracted. I was there to look after you!”

“I got distracted because you ‘came to my rescue’ I was doing fine without you but because you had ‘look after me’ I almost got shot.”

“It’s my job to protect you.”

“Protect me!” you screamed, outraged, “I don’t need protecting! The only one needing protecting is you, Parker. Because I swear if you do that again you will wake up missing parts of your body that you love very dearly,” you threatened through gritted teeth then stormed off.

Peter didn’t listen and kept on trying to save you when you didn’t need saving, or scaring off guys you brought back with you. This often ended up in very loud arguments between the two of you, they would have taken you off the same team had you not worked so well together when you weren’t fighting.

You hadn’t had an argument in about a month now and the two of you were on a mission alone. It seemed that the lead had been a dead end, the address they gave you was an old burnt down mansion. Everything had been burnt to a crisp long ago and the coverage of dust let you know that nobody had been there in a long time.

The two of you worked from the bottom to the top, the top of the mansion had  a grand swirling staircase that led up to a small attack. You climbed the stairs listening to the old wood creak and groan beneath your feet.

Even the attic didn’t have anything salvageable for information. Peter was rummaging through some old cardboard boxes and had taken off his mask leaving his hair messy and ruffled. You didn’t bother, you knew you wouldn’t find anything. “So why red?” you asked, looking down the side of the banister, “Spiders aren’t red, it’s not camouflaged, spandex is hardly bullet proof,” you listed.

Peter glanced over at you, “Careful, you’ll fall,” he warned.

You dangled half over the banister, ignoring him and looking down at the several story drop to the entrance of the mansion. The banister spiraled all the way down which cast a really cool shadow across the walls and floor at the bottom. “Hey, Parker, check this out,” you called to him. You put too much weight on the old broken banister when it snapped under you, you started falling before you could grab onto something to steady yourself. You let out a scream as you felt your body fall rapidly down, you hated the feeling of falling and you always thought it would be the worst way to die. Figures.

Two floor from the bottom you were jolted as you slowed suddenly. You looked down at yourself to see that almost all of your body was covered in spiders web. Your eyes followed the strings up to see peter over the side of the attic at the top looking over at you, his eyes wide with panic and panting, you realised you hadn’t stopped falling but Peter was letting you down the rest of the way to the ground at a slower rate.

Your body hit the floor softly, a few moments later peter was swinging down and crouching next to you. “Are you okay,” he asked panicked, ripping at the web and freeing you.

“Yeah, yeah,” you breathed shakily, sitting up.

“I told you so,” peter huffed though he was still concerned about you.

You scoffed and shoved him on the shoulder, “Shut up, Parker.”

“Make me,” he came back at you, “I warned you but you didn’t listen. You go out and do all this stupid stuff without thinking, if I hadn’t been here you would have died Y/N! You’re so selfish, what would I do if you died, I can’t–” you cut him off by placing your hand on his cheek and kissing him hard.

“Thanks for catching me,” you winked and stood up brushing off the rest of the web, Peter was still on the ground opening and closing his mouth.

You began to walk out, “Let’s get out of here, I’m hungry,” you said. You turned back to him, “Coming?” you smirked and Peter shot up and jogged to catch you up. Turning to your right you looked him up and down, “You might wanna lose the suit, spider boy. Most diners don’t serve people dressed in only spandex.”


A/N- I hope that was good for you, sorry if it wasn’t what you had in mind. Requests are open xx

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Could you write the prompt, where they leave messages on a table and then meet? With Alex summers 😍 ?

Alex Summers + this prompt list

A/N: College AU (again) (shh they’re great I love writing them leave me alone)

Honestly, this whole situation was something of an inexplicable, happy accident. You picked up the geology class for the semester as a weird extra. Something to fill an empty space in your otherwise literature based degree. If someone had told you that in a few weeks, you would be jogging to get there early and secure a spot, you would have laughed in their face and asked them who their dealer was, because they were clearly getting some of the good drugs, yet here you were. Almost ten minutes early to a class you weren’t all that fond of to begin with because you were exchanging notes with your desk partner and you were dying to read the note they had left you this time.

You quietly push open the door to the lecture hall, entering when you find it almost empty. There’s one person still leaning over a desk, finishing some notes, you assume, but as you get closer, you realise two things. One, he’s sitting at your desk, and two, he’s not writing in a notebook, he’s writing on the desk its self. He looks up at you as he hears you approach, and you quickly realise that three, he’s really hot. Like, criminally so.

“Is that-are you-” You gesture at the desk. “Are you the one leaving notes on my desk?” You say and he looks apologetic, so you rush to reassure him. “No, it’s fine. Great, actually. You’re really funny. It’s just kind of weird to actually meet you, I guess.” You know you’re blushing, but he looks almost as flustered as you feel as he extends his hand to you.

“I’m Alex. I’m in the geophys lecture just before this one,” He introduces himself, smiling sheepishly. “I was just-” He motions to the desk “But I guess you figured it out. You’re really smart, by the way. I like writing to you.” He says, flushing a little, and there’s something about the juxtaposition between his staggering good looks and his dorky, endearing personality that makes you a little weak at the knees, so you take his hand and smile back at him.

“I’m (Y/N). I have class now, obviously, but,” You pull one of your notebooks out and scrawl your number on the corner of a page, tearing it off and handing to him, “maybe we could actually like, hang out sometime, or something? I mean, if you’d like.” You suggest hopefully and he takes the scrap of paper from you, his sheepish smile broadening out into a heart stopping lopsided grin.

“Yeah. I’d like to.”

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anonymous asked:

Before your work got tumblr-famous and well-known, how did you know if you were any good? I'm terrified that everything I'm doing is sub-par. Like I sometimes see things that other people made that I don't think are "good," but they thought it was good when they made it and shared it. How the hell can you ever know?

I didn’t, and I still can’t tell when something’s good. I can only tell when something’s really bad haha. I don’t share my work because I think it’s good, I just enjoy having a place online to dump all my work, I’ve been doing it for years. It’s just a very happy accident that all of a sudden lots of people stumbled upon it. I think that if you would like to have a small place on the web to share your work you should just go for it.. don’t think about whether it’s good or bad it’s all about enjoying what you do. And it’s subjective you know? Maybe you think something’s shit but the artist just enjoys sharing their work or wants to show the world how hard they are working to get to a certain point. There’s more than just “good” or “bad”.