a hand ))


Thank you very much ….. but I only have two hands … <:o

Also, because it’s important : 

This gif really inspired me but saddly Loris Lemurs suffers from wildlife trades to be sold and all, I used this gif because it was the only one that could inspire me, I do love those animals a lot and I’m aware,I hope all of those stupid people would let animals live their lives

I could see many in my life, they often look like this, they are extremely afraid sometimes but after you show them affection and no harm  they ease.

Wanted to use other gifs with less terrified one  but didn’t find saddly :o

So yes, I’m totally aware of their situation, the gif just inspired me  with the hands full :) 

Glad I could see many happy in my life because they deserve to be happy.

Drew a happy ending also :) needed one !


so this has been in the works ever since I read @kkiro’s klance masterpost and it mentioned something about Shiro being part of Lance’s sexuality arc and I loved it. So I tried I guess?? (also in case you didn’t realise, lance is the black paladin in this comic. Shiro still goes on missions with them and just hitches a ride with someone, and he’s getting to relax and unwind a bit now that he’s not in charge)

Ladybug and Kitty <3 My adorable little muses. 
I saw this really great video awhile back and there was this quick shot of a couple sleeping while holding hands and I thought it was pretty cute so I did something inspired off of it. 

I tried to keep the Ladybug wings still ladybug-ish. 


This has been in my head for like a week. I like to think that Stan is ridiculously susceptible to genuine compliments, especially ones from his brother.