a halo

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Louis has waited pretty damn patiently, he thinks.

He’s twenty-two years old and he still sees the world in black and white.


All of his friends have found their soulmates by now and he’s happy for them, he truly is, but he’s having more and more trouble convincing himself that seeing the world in color isn’t a big deal. You can’t miss what you never had and, well, that’s just a crock of shit, isn’t it? Because people, whether they mean to or not, are always rubbing in your face how wonderful it is. They try to describe it but you can’t describe color to someone who’s never seen it. So, Louis is left with both the loneliness of having no soulmate to share his life with and this insane curiosity, this need to know what he’s missing out on.

Louis has been pretty lucky on most fronts, life handing him what he wants. So, he’s really only got one reaction to things that don’t want to go his way. He rebels against them.

He tells himself that he doesn’t need a soulmate and throws himself into finding Mr. Right Now instead. He goes to clubs, he drinks, he dances, and he tries to get the need for more than this fucked out of him. It doesn’t work but he lets himself pretend that it will eventually. It’s only after he loses a dance partner to the wonders of soulmatedom (his soulmate brushing against him as they danced) that Louis admits to himself that he’s losing hope. And from there, the next logical step is to give up entirely.

So he does.

He wakes up in the morning, goes to work, comes home, orders take away for one (endures the delivery boy’s pitying looks with a well-practiced glare), and goes to bed alone.

>_< H >_<

The tube is hard for Harry. There are so many people, bodies crushed together and rushing from point A to point B. He has to have a friend with him at all times or he simply can’t do it. And he kind of hates asking that of Liam because he knows that Liam will never tell him ‘no’ simply because he’s such a good person. It’s a difficult situation for a blind guy.

Harry has to get to work though, so he lets himself be forever indebted to Liam and endures the tight fit and overwhelming scents. He bumps into people often despite constantly having a grip on Liam’s arm but it doesn’t really seem like it would be avoidable even if he could see, so Harry apologizes politely (even though he’s sure that they’ve wandered off again already) and moves on.

Harry doesn’t notice that this time is different. This time, when he bumps into someone, the man stops moving, looking around him in wonder at all the amazing colors that Harry will never see.

And by the time the man turns around, looking for the source of his sudden change of perspective, Harry is already gone.


halo 4 | mantle’s approach

“Take us up!” the Lifeshaper orders Audacity, her face stiff with fear. We rise above the Halo’s atmosphere, to see everything more clearly. Mantle’s Approach sweeps low over the Halo compound. The ship’s silhouette has changed. Something protrudes from its front.

The Composer.

A great star forms above the compound - the Composer’s targeting beams. I can do nothing to stop it!

At the Lifeshaper’s command, Audacity shoots forward. She hopes to insert herself into the path of the Composer, to stop her husband from harming her specimens. But the Mantle’s Approach makes the slightest, deftest of manoeuvres, throws out a torsion field, and Audacity is brushed aside like a gnat. [Halo: Silentium]


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