a half remembered season


                           His crown lit up the way as we moved slowly
                 Past the wondering eyes of the ones that were left behind

Guys guys guys

What if instead of Prince Lotor being (sexually) obsessed with Lance why not just have him obsessed with lance in general and using him as a pawn for taking down voltron?

It’s already confirmed lance is insecure about his place on team voltron and feels like a 7th wheel right? Well what if lotor figures that out after interacting with voltron for an episode? And uses Lance to his advantage?

Let’s say after months of Lance just being home sick and thinking about his place in voltron because Lotar keeps breaking into his private com and making him feel shitty lance decides to leave one night without telling anyone and he doesn’t take Blue, he takes one of the pods and it’s hours before anyone realizes it, but lance is just gone and they can’t trace him because he doesn’t have his paladin armor on and he disconnected the communications on the pod to the ship and somehow got blue offline

Lance then gets captured because lotor was waiting for this, he also knows that you can’t break a connection easily with the lions (see his dad and shiro’s fight for Black) and has the druids force Lance into reconnecting with Blue and that sends voltron into action to save him but when they arrive at lances location to save him nothing goes right and lance breaks free from confinement and sees everyone struggling and sacrifices himself to save them because he felt guilty for getting them into this mess
Let’s say he blows something up and hurts himself in the process and everyone thinks he died but really he’s just in critical condition with memory loss and Lotor makes haggar save him and (I’m totally stealing this from Tokyo Ghoul) turn him into a half galra and he has no memory of who or where he is and lotar being the evil genius he is makes him train with other galra and tells him about the voltron paladins, their names and personalities so when they [inevitably] run into voltron again and it’s almost like the ultimate betrayal


I’m done with this god damn hate spreading through the fandom about how they handled the Malec sex scene. YES THEY COULDVE HANDLED IT BETTER AND YES THEY COULDVE WRITTEN IT DIFFERENTLY BUT THEYRE NOW GETTING INTO THE HEART OF THE STORY. They can’t fit everything in 40 minutes guys please understand that. This fandom is literally stooping to the level of the book!fandom and it’s starting to not only piss me off but really start to upset me. There’s literally nothing we can do to change the first half of season 2 but guess what? THEYRE SHOOTING 2B RIGHT NOW AND THAT MEANS THEY CAN STILL CHANGE SHIT. Voice your concerns to them now and make sure they do it better and not fuck up. For the love of God please just…..STOP SPREADING HATE. I REFUSE to see something as pure as this fandom be infected and poisoned like the damn book fandom is. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Voice your concerns but STOP THE DAMN HATE. Not only are we making fellow fans uncomfortable but we’re making the writers and directors feel like shit but have you stopped to think about how Matt and Harry are feeling about this? They work so damn hard to give Malec the representation they deserve and they work long and hard to not turn this fandom into the book!fandom. We all need to learn to respect that and voice our concerns civilly and not harshly. Let them know to change that in 2B. We can’t change 2A. Accept it. Now for the Izzy being addicted to Yin Fin thing? Just because she’s played by a Latina actress doesn’t mean it’s racist. If she was played by a white actress or a black actress or an Arabian or Asian one, the story still would’ve been the same thing. She would still be addicted to Yin Fin. This season is all about character development (THAT MEANS BOTH GOOD AND BAD) and that’s what they’ve been doing. Developing the characters. Clary and Jace are learning to love each other as siblings and move on. Clary is making split second decisions that usually fuck things up. Jace is being a douche because he’s been forced out of the institute and the field. Alec killed Clary’s mom and obviously is not handling it well considering he almost killed himself because of it. Izzy is going down a dark path BECAUSE OF ALDERTREE TRYING TO TEAR THE NY INSTITUTE APART FROM THE INSIDE. Simon grew a back bone and confessed to Clary while at the same time trying to move on and being called out for it by Maia. Magnus is obviously growing to care about the Shadowhunter group and his relationship with Alec is growing beautifully in the midst of this chaos and we’re getting bits and pieces of his back story which is amazing. He’s growing to trust the main cast which isn’t something easy for him to do so he’s opening himself up, and it’s wonderful. Luke is still mourning Jocelyn and that’s perfectly fine she was the love of his life, but he’s not gonna let Clary of anyone push him aside and walk over him like a doormat. Guys this is literally a season about changing the characters whether those changes are good or bad. That’s how character development works. That’s how it’s always worked. It can’t all be sunshine and rainbows and happiness. And Alec punching Raphael? We all know Alec is an impulsive person that’s been proven more times in both seasons especially season one. Isabelle and Magnus probably weren’t able to explain the whole situation before Alec immediately went after Raphael. I’m not saying Alec punching him was OK and I’m not trying to defend him but we all know that Alec is an impulsive person, so before you start to go bitch and complain about how he’s handling it just think for a second on how you would handle hearing your baby sister is addicted to drugs and went to a local source someone that’s in the same room with you to help with it. I would be pissed too and I would probably punch him as well. Because Raphael willingly bit Isabelle that first time in the alleyway. That second time? That wasn’t OK because Isabelle literally forced Raphael to bite her because she didn’t have access to Yin Fin and she was desperate so she went to desperate measures. It wasn’t right and she should feel bad and I hope she does because that wasn’t OK that was the drugs clouding her moral compass. I know we aren’t happy about some of the writing and editing mistakes this season but you have to remember that it’s only the first half of season two it’s already been written and it’s already been approved and aired and we can’t change it. We need to stop thinking we can, they are writing and shooting the second half of the season right now and things can still be changed so go let them know to not fuck up this time. So how about we all stop bitching and complaining about how the editing team could’ve done better or how the writers need to get their shit together and how 2A would be better if they did this thing one way and that thing the other and tell them to do better in 2B. Re-blog and spread this around the fandom please. Because even if I have to hold this whole damn fandom up by myself at the foundations so it doesn’t crumble I will gladly do it. I will not let this fandom crumble and become as toxic as the book fandom is. I will not give that satisfaction to Cassandra Claire. And if you really care about this fandom as much as I do you will re-blog and spread this around. I know this is a long post but this needed to be said. This will not be a toxic fandom I refuse to let it become such.

HOT TAKE: 407 is one of the best Kabby episodes ever

Y’all I just finished watching 407 and I’m here to tell you I would like us to keep Ron Milbauer and Terri Burton, the new writers who penned this episode, FOREVER AND EVER because they understand Marcus Kane and Abby Griffin down the deepest marrow of their bones and I am here for it.

First of all, let’s start with the mother/daughter feels because GOOD GOD.  Remember “you may be the Chancellor, but I’m in charge”?  Remember that half-assed Polis hug last season?  Okay, now contrast that with the Clarke we got tonight, who ditched Roan at the Rover to do all the barrel-unloading so she could get to the lab and hug her mom sooner.  Let’s talk about how Clarke verbally, explicitly, canonically, needs her mother.  Let’s talk about Clarke worrying whether Abby is sleeping enough, being concerned that she’s not as fine as she appears to be, reluctant to leave her even long enough to take a shower and get something to eat because she just wants to be with Abby.  Let’s talk about Clarke understanding why her mother is so tormented by the decision to take a life and standing right by her side, full of unquestioning support and faith in her mother’s skills, even removing from Abby the burden of having to choose which of them is expendable.  Let’s talk about how few episodes in four seasons have shown us a Clarke who values and appreciates and respects Abby. 

Also let’s talk about the Kellamy of it all????  Like oh my God???  Let’s talk about how hard Kane has worked to put behind him the person he used to be on the Ark, and how long it’s been since he really, truly had to confront the reality that just wanting to be a better man doesn’t erase the things he did back before he was that man. Let’s talk about how two contradictory things can be true at the same time, about how Bellamy can simultaneously feel respect and affection and trust for the Kane he knows now and also never be able to erase the memory of what Kane did to his mother.  Let’s talk about the “I’m sorry” outside the Rover in the rain and just how many different things are contained inside that, how many things Kane is trying to apologize for.  Let’s talk about how Bellamy’s desperation to save those two stranded men because he’s afraid he can’t save Octavia is a direct mirror for the way Kane begs Bellamy not to go out after them, not to risk his life, not to get out of the Rover, trying to protect Bellamy as a way to atone for all the people he hasn’t been able to save.  Let’s talk about how this whole season has been chock full of delicious Season 1 throwbacks and this stark reminder of Ark!Kane is one of them.  Let’s talk about how Kane, who hitherto has had some beautiful material but not much of an arc, is now squarely in a position where he has to face the two different versions of himself: the man he used to be, who did awful things he still torments himself for, but was an effective leader … or the man he wants to be, who is kind and decent and loving and wants peace and believes in the goodness of people, but who has watched every single thing he tried to build get destroyed, from the Grounder truce to Arkadia itself.

Let’s talk about the possibilities Jaha brings into this - Jaha who made Ark!Kane who he was, in some ways that were genuinely terrible, but also has shown this season that he’s a demonstrably more crafty and intuitive politician, and maybe we’re about to see what happens when they recognize how much they need each other.

And let’s talk about Dad Kane and Harper, another kid who needs him, another person he’s trying to save.  Let’s talk about Kane the Chancellor, who never stops working for his people, who just wants everyone to be okay, who is trying so hard to hold this fractured group of broken terrified people together. Let’s talk about “who we want to be doesn’t always win,” about how he gets punched in the heart by his grieving son, saying something he’s been needing to say and that Kane has been needing to hear for a long, long time, which has forced Kane to look head-on at the man he used to be - a man he doesn’t like very much, a man who made terrible choices - and recognize that wanting to erase that past doesn’t actually erase it, but it’s still important that you try.  Harper did everything right and a man still died, and there is nothing he can say to make that right, nothing he can do except tell her, “This feels brutally unfair because it is brutally unfair.”  And yet he also needs her to know what he tried so hard to tell Bellamy, that sometimes there are people you want to save and can’t and it will feel like it is your fault but it is not actually your fault.

And let’s talk about Kabby!  Yes, we want them back together, yes, this separation is making all of us crazy, but that scene over the radios was absolute gold.  It was the most Kabby that has ever Kabby’d.  Let’s talk about how the plot requiring these two be apart is annoying, but necessary (Kane is the Chancellor and Abby is the science goddess and their stories are geographically separated for reasons that are clearly legit), and how a lesser show that gave less of a shit about their adults would just be like “welp guess they’re apart for half a dozen episodes, who cares,” but instead the writers have chosen over and over to treat that separation as a plot point.  To show us both of them dealing with that separation.  To see how the separation affects their relationship.  

Let’s talk about these two being married as hell, two fucked-up but emotionally mature adults in steady and grounded love with each other, who know each other on so deep and profound a level that it is heart-shattering.  Let’s talk about Kane telling Abby her greatest strength is her humanity.  Let’s talk about Abby knowing that Kane is the only person she trusts to advise her on a question this huge and terrifying.  Let’s talk about how her hands stop shaking when she hears his voice. Let’s talk about how the line in the trailer we hear her say to Raven is another one of those classic Kane-and-Abby-use-each-other’s-words-in-times-of-crisis … like “there has to be another way,” like “they need someone to show them the way out of the dark.” 

Let’s talk about how Kane goes straight from being confronted by Bellamy (“you floated my mother”) into a sober and honest conversation with Abby about how careful you have to be when you make the choice to take a life.  Let’s talk about how in that moment he is the most fully Marcus Kane he has ever been, he’s the warm kind man who loves her and he’s the adopted father trying to protect his children and he’s the Chancellor leading his people but he is also the man who floated Aurora Blake on the Ark and ordered the Culling, and she knows that, which is why she asked him.  

Let’s talk about how every single thing that makes Abby Griffin who she is (her humanity, her empathy, her brilliance as a doctor, her scientific mind, her love for Clarke, her abhorrence for violence, her desire to save everyone, her relentlessness, her deep intuitive understanding of Marcus) and every single thing that makes Marcus Kane who he is (the way his past never stops haunting him, his desire to save Bellamy from making the mistakes he made himself, his empathy, his protectiveness of the kids, his leadership abilities as Chancellor, his stubbornness, his implicit faith that Abby will always do the right thing) were on display in tonight’s episode, no matter how painful it was to watch.  

Zach Werenski #3.2


Anonymous said: I love you. I love your writing. I’m also definitely going to need a second part to your most recent Zach Werenski imagine. Thanks!

Anonymous said: Omg, you should do a part 2 to the zach werenski #3 imagine!

A/N: thank you so so much!!! hope u enjoyed part two of this!! and to expand my writing, i won’t be taking requests for another part either sorry. but feel free to leave a request, any player any imagine :)

Word Count: 1,871

It was hard sitting still in your seat. Columbus and Toronto were going into overtime and your friend had to rip your hand from your mouth to keep you from biting off all your nails. It was hard enough to sit in Nationwide Arena and chose what team to cheer for - regardless that you had on a Blue Jackets jersey with Werenski on the back. With each hit, missed shots, and goals, you were conflicted on wether you should cheer or not. 

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who do you love in the night?
time falls out slowly
your mouth kind, hands tender
eyes like twin torches

the cold creeps in without sorrow
far easier to forget
but regret lingers
the pale white face of the moon
softly, a half-remembered lover

where is the season of forest fires?
where is the rushing sky
quick tinder, castles of smoke?

“I like how despite substantially improving both the quality of his skating and his programs, Yuzuru is being written off and people are starting to anoint Shoma as the 2018 Olympic champion. We need to remember that it’s only the first half of the pre-olympic season and figure skating is as unpredictable as it gets. Keep your pants on and wait for next season before you start crowning anyone” 


Matt Bomer and husband Simon Halls at LAX (March 8, 2012)

Stages of Rick and Morty Fandom

Stage 1: Your roommate tells you that you HAVE TO WATCH THIS NEW SHOW. It’s like Doctor Who, but if the Doctor was human, an alcoholic, and kind of a dick. You shrug and say you’ll think about it.

Stage 2: A few days later, you come home and your roommate is watching Mortynight Run. He asks if you want to start the series from the beginning. You shrug and say sure.

Stage 3: You watch the first three episodes with little conviction, but by the time you hit M. Night Shaym-Aliens, you’re hooked.

Stage 4: You skip work and watch the rest of season one and all of season two in a single sitting. You send your roommate snaps to convince him that you should go to the next con as Rick and Morty.

Stage 5: You start following Rick and Morty blogs on tumblr. You can’t bring yourself to feel bad about your nearly-instant addiction. You stay up until five in the morning reading fanfic.

Stage 6: You develop an unhealthy obsession with Flesh Curtains era Rick, headcanon him as dark-skin Latino, and can’t get enough of the fan art that includes Rick speaking Spanish. You call him Ricardo Javier Sanchez Moreno, because he needs to have a full Latino name.

Stage 7: You remember that it may be a year and a half until season three, and you die on the inside…
Page Turner/Naysaya... Boy, we were WAY OFF weren’t we?

What the hell Nefcy? Just what the actual hell?

Not only do you give us a lore heavy episode one week that not only reveals the main antagonist past and his conflict with the Butterfly family, but you also squander past theories and ignite new ones… Only to turn around and squash the new theories while still teasing about the old ones and leave all other new theories surrounding last week’s episode in the dust.


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But despite my previous theory now being debunked, I will try my best to talk about the new episode in order of what I consider importance.

#2 Naysaya

Long story short, Tom cursed Marco back at the Blood Moon Ball and Marco finally asks out Jackie.

While we learn a lot about Marco’s secrets, which we kinda already knew tbh, we also get some sweet Jarco (Jackie x Marco) and it is heartwarming moments throughout the episode that keep me going. Don’t get me wrong, I’m Starco to the end but come on: 


And my absolute favorite:

I ship Starco, yes, but this episode was adorable. Not only did Marco finally ask out Jackie Lynn Thomas (with Star and Janna’s support) but it also confirmed that Tom and Marco hang out now. Awesome!

And #1 Page Turner

I’ve always wanted a  Glossaryck centered episode since he first appeared. He is one of my favorite characters and this was absolutely brilliant. The lore:

The reveal of Elicpsa: 

The character development: 

But my absolute favorite is this:

We learn that something (Probably Ludo) is  siphoning off magic from the universe and to prepare themselves for whatever is causing it, the Moon tells Glossaryck to accelerate Star’s training. 

Guys, something is going to happen soon and it’s gonna be huge. All this first half of the season was just stepping stones and foundation for something bigger. Remember season 2 of Gravity Falls. First half we were all guessing what was going to happen and then the second half was a basic shit-show of horror and lore.

That’s gonna happen with Star vs the Forces of Evil!

We already got a tease of Bon-Bon the Birthday Clown:

And that’s the Mid-Season Finale so…

I’m going to come off my high horse and say that the whole “Toffee being the son of Eclipsa” is not a debunked theory right now. He is after all “The Immortal Monster” and Eclipsa is Moon’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother. This would make Toffee 1000+ years old by now.

And I will admit, I bet Bon-Bon the Birthday Clown will be the episode that destroys us all.

Well, that’s if for now, tune in next week for my thoughts on the mid-season finale.

Before I go however I’d like to point something out: 




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