a hair and shoulders way to go

you looked over across the room at her. and there she was. her head tossed back, long hair flipped over one shoulder to frame the right side of her face. she is laughing, showing off all of her teeth, her nose scrunched up in the way you used to love. her eyes meet yours for a split second, and then it hits you. it’s her, it’s been her the day she walked into your English class two years ago. but then she’s looking away, the same smile still on her face, and you know that she’s never going to be yours again.
—  wish we could turn back time
100 Things I Love About Jikook

1. The way they look at each other so softly, smiles so bright.

2. The way they go back to Busan together on holidays.

3. The way Jimin strokes Jungkook’s hair with such a fond smile.

4. The way Jimin lets Jungkook tease him without any more than playful protest. 

5. The way Jungkook goes to Jimin for comfort and cites him as the one he goes to most often when he’s feeling sad. 

6. The way Jimin holds Jungkook by the waist or throws and arm around his shoulder. 

7. The way Jungkook bends down a bit so Jimin can feel a little taller. 

8. The way Jimin laughs at everything Jungkook does. 

9. The way they whisper to each other like they’re in their own little world. 

10. The way Jimin protects and guides Jungkook any time he can.

11. The way Jungkook does dorky things to make Jimin laugh. 

12. The way Jimin praises Jungkook and lists out all the good things about him. 

13. The way Jimin still calls Jungkook cute and “his baby.”

14. The way Jungkook uses Jimin’s mangaetteok nickname. 

15. The way Jungkook sits in Jimin’s lap without complaint. 

16. The way Jimin wraps his arms so firmly around Jungkook’s waist when he’s sitting in his lap. 

17. The way they tease each other when they’re allowed to sit together at fan signs. 

18. The way Jimin leans on Jungkook.

19. The way Jungkook clings to Jimin.

20. The way Jimin always finds the chance to include Jungkook in his twitter videos. 

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Another quick character concept of Chiara. I am thinking of changing her name spelling to “Chyara” mainly because I want her name to be pronounced as CHI-YA-RAH not the Italian pronunciation. So I am going to discuss that with Lopi . Aside from that she is getting pretty close to her final form after months of working on her. I was always sure about this outfit but never 100% on her face and hair. I think we will go with a cool skin tone and hair colour. Since we have so many options with our races being from another planet we have so much more creative liberty. She’s still not completely finished as the Dren race will actually have more hair (like a mane) around their shoulders and necks. So I might add some of that in later. Either way I’m glad we are finally making some progress!


Imagine Dean realizing all the little things he loves about you

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: fluff, implied smut

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: I love the song Out of My League by Stephen Speaks. It is just wonderful. It inspired this fic. I’m going to tease the HELL out of you with SMUT but not give it to you. I KNOW I’m going to here about it from a couple of you, but *shrugs* you’ll get over it. 

Dean Bean Lovers Tags Below, Bitches

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Kisses Aren’t Free, Are They? [Peter Maximoff Drabbles].

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Title: Kisses Aren’t Free, Are They? 
Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader.
Words: 1793. ( 5 drabbles )
Rating: T(Some sexual content)

French Kiss.

“I’m telling you the truth,” You laughed quietly, gazing at your silver haired boyfriend with adoration running wild in your eyes. Holding your hands out to express with them, you didn’t get the chance for Peter was fast to grasp them, tangling his fingers between yours. The way he was moving was indolent compared to how quickly he would go more often than not,  “I’m not ticklish.” Emphasizing your words by raising your shoulders, Peter gave you a look of skepticism. Pouting his lips out, as if to say, ‘liar’, he squeezed his hands against yours and the sudden, sharp sound of his chuckle caught your attention.

“What’s so funny?”

“Just, you’re so full of shit,” Peter cackled, throwing his head back and slowly letting his hand leave yours. The warmth of his fingertips was surely missed as you rested yours back into your lap as Peter readjusted himself in front of you, “Everyone is at least a little bit ticklish. Didn’t you know that it’s a defense mechanism?”

He inched his way towards your face, leaning forward on his knees, forehead pushing against yours. His breath was even on your face, and you could smell the sweetness of the last thing he had eat; a twinkie. “So,” Peter puffed, “I have reason to believe that you’re lying to me, why?” His voice came out childish, and whether it was intentional, or not, you weren’t sure. It matched his expression though, for it was as if mutant sitting in front of you was looking at the best sort of treat in the world.

“Maybe ‘cause I have a boyfriend who would use it against me?” you offered up in a small voice, afraid of what he was going to do now that you had admitted that. His expression changed, but only slightly. Peter’s dark eyes narrowed playfully, and before you could even take a breath of air into your lungs, he was pushing you onto your back. Conforming to his mattress, and the pillow that was docked under your hips, you caught a glimpse of his face and prepared for what you knew was coming. Snuggling himself between your legs, he kept his eyes on you.

“Why would I use it against you?” Peter pressed a kiss to your lips, holding himself up on his forearms so he wasn’t crushing you. “I’m not saying you’re wrong, but why would I? Maybe…” He gasped suddenly, “I should because you lied about it.”

“You know I can’t stop you,” Biting down on your bottom lip, Peter sat up on his knees and ran his hands down your sides, scooting up your shirt without a word, or faltering. With heated cheeks, your felt his fingertips barely graze against the skin of your stomach. Not enough to cause you to laugh, but enough to let you know that he was teasing you. “Peterrrrr.” You drawled.

“I’m going to take my time with this knowledge.” He informed you, craning his down and kissing your mouth, “It’s good knowledge.” Dragging his mouth down, he kissed your jawline gently. “So good…” With a rough grip, Peter grasped at your sides and inched his lips back to yours where he was eager to commit. With an open mouth, he set his tongue against your perky mouth, waiting for you to open for him. There was the chance to tease, but that was something you weren’t willing to do, and within moments, your tongue was diving against his. It was meager contact, not too much, but still enough to make you crave more as Peter pulled away a few seconds later, flicking some of his silver hair out of his eyes.

“Mind telling me where you’re ticklish?” He inquired, peppering kisses against your jawline, down your neck, “Or, do I have to find out?”

“Shove it, Maximoff.”

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Why this kiss is ICONIC

The way Robert pulls Aaron in by his belt

The little smile on Robert face as he leans in

Roberts hand coming up to meet Aaron’s neck

Aaron instantly kissing back

Robert walking Aaron backwards so he’s up against the wall

Aaron’s hand coming up to Roberts shoulder

Roberts hand going down to Aaron’s waist

The passion

The love

The rush

The lust

Aaron’s hand coming up to cup the back of Roberts neck

Relaxed boyfriends snogging the faces off each other and not giving a shit


The fact that Robert was kissing him because he was sure he wanted to propose to him and be engaged to him and make him his husband because he wants to spend the rest of his life with him

The fact that from Aaron’s point of view there was no reason for that kiss, as far as he knew his boyfriend just decided to drag him to one side and kiss him and didn’t care is anyone saw and that’s so important

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Love In The Air(port) // C.H

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credit to the original owner of the gif

Requested: yes

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Description: In which Calum accidently runs into a girl in the airport and regrets it as soon as he finds out that his seat is next to hers.

The perfume was everything you wanted, but it was way too expensive. The lady kept pressuring you to buy it but lastly, you just shook your head and gave the pink bottle back to her. You should probably just go to your plane already - you didn’t want to be late. As soon as you turned around with your suitcase in your hand, a brown-haired guy pushed you out of his way, making you stumble on your feet. The boy was running with a bag around his shoulder as he looked back at you who was standing with an open mouth.

“Watch where you’re going!” You yelled as the boy just ignored you completely, but you remembered every inch of him. His brown hair sticking to his forehead, his big eyes watching you as you yelled and his shirt sitting loosely around his huge biceps. There was no way you were going to forget him.

Your body was shaking as you tried to find comfort in the plane seat. The flight attendant was standing in the front, guiding people to their seat. You found your phone, not that you could do much with it since it was already on airplane mode. But you just sat with it in your hand, ready to put your headphones when you took off. You leant your head against the window, watching the workers do their job with bags and purses. A sigh escaped your lips as looked at your clock on your phone, waiting patiently for the plane to fly away from it all.

“I’m supposed to sit next to you,” you heard from your left side a deep voice with an accent you couldn’t place. You looked up and saw the exact same guy that had run into you without apologising.

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you recognized Bella, because her hair but mostly because of the way Paul was reacting. you could tell the situation was going to go down hill really fast. 

you were there in an instant. you lightly touched Paul’s arm, “Paul.” you said. he looked at you for a second, chest still heaving, “Paul, we should get coffee.” you stated.

now everyone looked at you. Paul turned to face you, “yes.” he said. you could see the tension drain from his shoulders. Sam looked between you two but you ignored it, simply grabbing Paul’s hand and pulling him towards the house, “let’s get you a shirt.” you stated.

he grinned, “you dont like me like this?” 

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This was a prompt from my wife :)

Lena discovers her Superhero girlfriend has a fear…

Lena woke at 6am, despite not setting an alarm. She rolled over and was greeted to the sight of a gently snoring mass of blonde curls. She placed a gentle kiss on the curls and her heart swelled as she watched her girlfriend sleep; she never knew she could feel like this, so happy, so loved, so content. 

Lena stretched, her shoulders cracking, before rolling out of bed in search of a pair of sweatpants to go with the t-shirt she had slept in; today was a casual day. She swiped a hair tie off the dressing table and padded out of the bedroom, tying her hair up. 

She took a last look at the sleeping Kryptonian and smiled; Kara was not a morning person, despite the perky demeanour suggesting otherwise. There was no way Kara was emerging any time soon, so Lena left her sprawled across the bed. 

Lena’s morning routine had been the same for many years, she was a creature of habit, finding comfort in the repetitive nature starting each day in the same manner provided. 

She headed to the kitchen first, the coffee machine the first stop of the day. Once her cup was filled, the smell of the coffee hitting her nostrils, she wandered through to the mini office she had set up in her living room . Her laptop blinked to life and Lena started her daily routine of replying to everything in her inbox. 

By 8am she had cleared her inbox, so started her presentation for the Science Outreach Programme at the local High School, she was hoping to encourage more bright young girls into the STEM fields. 

The next time she looked at the clock it was 10am. She could hear the shower running and smiled as she realised Kara had finally dragged herself from under the duvet. Lena saved her presentation and headed back to the kitchen with plans to make a start on breakfast, musing to herself it was more like a brunch at this time. 

Pancake batter ready to go, Lena pulled the bacon from the fridge but abruptly dropped the packet on the floor when she heard a scream from the bedroom. 

Lena ran towards the bedroom, a million thoughts running though her mind. Her girlfriend was Supergirl for goodness sake, she doesn’t scream for no reason. 

Upon reaching the bedroom Lena found Kara sitting in the middle of the bed, a towel wrapped around her body, her hair still wet from the shower. 

Lena looked round the room, expecting to find some kind of assailant, but instead found it empty aside from Kara frozen to her spot on the bed, with a combined look of fear and disgust on her face. 

‘What happened?!’ Lena exclaimed, climbing onto the bed, starting to check Kara over for injuries, before realising it was a slightly ridiculous task considering Kara was pretty much indestructible. 

Kara just pointed to a spot in the corner of the room. 

Lena turned to look and saw nothing. 

'Mhhmhm’ Kara mumbled. 

Lena was starting to get concerned about her girlfriend, had she been infected by a kryptonite weapon..?

'Spider..!’ Kara muttered more coherently. 

Lena squinted and sure enough there was a small spider slowly climbing the far wall. 

Lena couldn’t help herself; she giggled. Her Superhero girlfriend, who could bench press a car and fly, was apparently terrified of spiders. 

Kara pouted when she saw Lena giggle and Lena felt her heart melt. She bit her lip to stop herself before placing a quick kiss on Kara’s forehead. 

Lena got off the bed and picked up the empty glass from her bedside table along with the paper she had been reading the previous night before falling asleep. 

She resisted the urge to look at Kara, knowing it would only make her giggle again, and crept over to the spider, placing the glass over it and sliding the paper underneath. 

Having safely contained the spider, Lena walked out of the bedroom to her balcony, and released it. 

Upon returning to the bedroom, Lena saw that the pout was still in place on Kara’s face. She sat on the edge of the bed and took Kara’s hand in hers. 

'You giggled…’ Kara pouted. 

'I’m sorry darling, it was a bit unexpected. You are a Superhero…’ Lena explained, rubbing her thumb over Kara’s knuckle. 

'Spiders, eh?’ Lena continued and raised an eyebrow. 

'I had a bad experience with a giant one back on Krypton when I was younger…’ Kara explained and shuddered at the memory. 

'It’s gone now’ Lena leaned in to give Kara a quick kiss. 

Kara hummed in response. 

'Can you rescue me from all future spiders?’ Kara questioned seriously.

'Of course my love’ Lena smiled, 'consider me your own personal spider removal service.’

'My hero!’ Kara giggled. 

'Some heroes wear capes…’ Lena responded dramatically, ’…some wear… Superhero themed underwear!’

She pulled down the top of her sweatpants to reveal the boy shorts she was wearing underneath, adorned with Kara’s family crest. 

Kara burst out laughing and pulled Lena down onto the bed, kissing her, the spider (and brunch) forgotten. 

Harry takes a deep breath, swipes accept

It takes a few seconds for the call to connect. Harry waits patiently, watching as the screen goes from dark, to bright, figures going from blurry to something much clearer. In the center of it is Louis, hair still messy, blue eyes still a bit bleary, and still in Harry’s bed. Shirtless.

“Hi,” he says.

Harry does his best to keep cool. “Hi,” he manages evenly. Leans back against the headboard, quirks an eyebrow up coolly. “What are you doing?”

It’s instantaneous, the way Louis’ expression changes; he breaks out into a grin, and stretches, his iPhone angled in such a way that it shows the way Harry’s comforter slips down his bare shoulders, exposing the musculature of his chest, the dips of his clavicle. Suddenly Harry’s mouth feels a bit too dry.

“I’m proving that I’m not naked in your bed,” Louis replies, and then he’s reaching out to tap something. Harry realizes what he’s doing just in time, and he manages to shut his eyes, just as Louis flips his camera.

There’s a few seconds of rustling. Harry keeps his eyes shut.

“Harry, why are your eyes closed?”

Harry shrugs. “I don’t want to see your dick.”

Louis makes an affronted noise. “I’m not naked,” he says. “And I’ll have you know that my dick is incredibly pretty.”

“I’m sure it is,” Harry replies easily, and barely resists the urge to say just like the rest of you. “That’s not my problem with it.” In fact, Harry’s pretty sure he won’t have any problems with Louis’ dick.

Which, in itself is the problem.      

There’s a silence. Harry keeps his eyes shut.

“Harry.” Louis sounds amused.


“Open your eyes.”


Louis makes an exasperated noise. “I’m not naked,” he says. “If you’d open your eyes, you’d see that.”

Harry opens his eyes. Louis isn’t naked.

He’s wearing a pair of boxers, sitting low on his hipbones. From the angle Louis’ got his phone, Harry can see the expanse of his stomach, toned and golden; can see a trail of darker hair leading to underneath the fabric of his boxers. Can see the base of…something. Harry doesn’t want to finish that sentence afraid it might give him an aneurysm.

He’s not naked, but, he might as well be, judging by the way Harry’s cock is reacting.

“Oh,” Harry breathes. His mouth feels like the Sahara.

“Yeah,” Louis replies, then he’s flipping the camera back to his grinning face. “See?”

Harry…Harry sees. Harry definitely sees. Harry’s cock is steadily thickening up from how much seeing he’s doing.

“Why are you in my bed?” He asks, in a vain effort to change the topic.

Louis shrugs. “Your bed’s so much comfier than mine,” he says innocently. “Much bigger too.”

Is he…is he flirting? Harry’s brain says no, but Harry’s cock is screaming yes at all decibel levels. It’s fully hard already, straining against the fabric of his trousers, and Harry bites his lip, curls his free hand into a fist so he doesn’t palm at it.

There’s no way Louis can’t tell what’s happening right now. Absolutely no way.

As if reading Harry’s mind, Louis’ grin widens. Harry feels his face flush in a mixture of embarrassment and arousal.

“I,” Harry begins smartly. “I have to go,” he blurts out, ending the call and hiding his phone under the pillow.

He takes a few deep breaths, trying to will his cock to go down. From under the pillow, he can hear his phone buzzing, Louis probably sending a dozen texts to get Harry’s attention, but he ignores it, focuses on trying to will is hard-on away.

It takes a while, but eventually, he gets it to go down to about half-mast. Harry decides to take a cold shower after that.

Road Trip AU

No but can you imagine 

  • Matthias drives the van (yes, they all go in one van because there’s no way in hell Kaz allows anyone to drive his car)
  • he’s the one who’s in charge of checking their luggage and belongings because he doesn’t trust anyone else to be responsible enough
  • Nina recommends all the diners and when they drive past a pancake/waffle house the rest of them have to restrain her from jumping out the window
  • also she’s the person who sings horribly along with the radio and bangs on the dashboard
  • Inej joins her occasionally and she’s always constantly on the lookout for interesting sites and unique places
  • she’s also the person that takes photographs of the crew because why not
  • some of them include: Nina with her head dangling out the window, her hair blowing back in the wind, Wylan holding back a smirk as Jesper lays his chin on Wylan’s shoulder, Kaz looking indignant when Matthias suggests they see how well he might survive diner work  
  • Wylan holds all the maps and tells Matthias which ways to go
  • ‘tells’
  • “You just missed the exit! I said LEFT!”
  • “This way’s faster.”
  • “Ghezen-”
  • Jesper sidles up next to Wylan and whispers horrible jokes into his ear that make him break out into giggles even though he tries to swat Jesper away with his maps 
  • and sometimes Wylan’s too tired so he dozes off and rests his head against Jesper’s shoulder 
  • Jesper’s not red, nope, stop smiling Inej
  • Kuwei just reads with his headphones in to block out the chatter
  • sketching the other five
  • Inej gives him a reference photo of all of them and he makes a fantastic caricature of all of them squished into a tiny van 
  • (Kaz has it framed)
  • plus when Jesper flirts with everyone in the van along with Nina, he’s one of the only people that responds with equal fire
  • “Drawing me again, Kuwei? Good to know your tastes are high quality.”
  • “You offering a commission to model? I’d gladly have you in my apartment.”
  • Wylan throws a bag of chips in Kuwei’s face in revenge
  • Kaz is forbidden to ride shotgun because there’s always the possibility of Matthias punching him in the face 
  • honestly with all the snarky commentary Kaz makes on the trip he’s lucky to even be squashed in the passenger seats at all 
  • and this boy just takes up three seats by stretching out on his back
  • Inej solves this by sitting on his legs and he just falls to the car floor facefirst 
  • ok someone better write this or I’m just going to make this into a full fledged fic

Prompt #4: Playing truth or dare with your friends at a Christmas party and you end up confessing your love for Draco Malfoy.

For: Anon

A/N: The anon wanted a Draco x Gyffindor!reader imagine, so I’ll do the best I can. ALSO I know I didn’t post anything last night but I have a good reason, so I’m sorry!

You throw your hair over your shoulder and laugh as you, Hermione, and Ginny make your way out of the Gryffindor common room, on your way to meet Luna. It was Christmas, and quite few people stayed at Hogwarts year. George and Fred had decided to throw one of their infamous parties, and all they remaining Hogwarts students were going.

You were in a black crop top with a red skirt, and a bit of simple jewelry and makeup. Once you found Luna, the four of you made your way to the seventh floor, thinking about a party room. Within a matter of seconds the door to the Room of Requirements appeared.

“Welcome ladies,” Fred and George singsonged together as you walked in.

“Hey boys,” You looked around and saw all the beautiful decorations, “This looks amazing!”

After a few dances, and more than enough shots of firewhiskey, you all gather in a circle to play a few rounds of truth or dare.

“Harry, truth or dare?” Lee Jordan calls out after his turn.

“Dare,” Harry says confidently.

“Give Ginny a kiss,” Harry’s confidence instantly faltered, and you playfully elbowed a blushing Ginny. After a bit of pressuring, Harry gives Ginny a peck on the cheek, blushing furiously.

The game goes on and Fred picks on Draco Malfoy. The Slytherin boy you’ve been crushing on for years. Draco may have been an asshole at times, but you knew better, after being paired up for him for a few projects you knew he could actually be kind, helpful, funny, and absolutely brilliant. Draco responds with “Truth.”

“Oh come on, Malfoy, I thought you were braver than that,” Draco scoffs, and rolls his eyes at Fred, “Alright, who do you think the prettiest girl in this room is?”

You notice Pansy step a little closer to Draco, fixing her hair a bit. Draco shrugs, “Y/L/N.”

You choke on your firewhiskey, he must be too drunk, though the look on Pansy’s face is priceless. Blaise, Crabbe, and Goyle chuckle at Draco’s bluntness and your reaction. Eventually, after a few more rounds of embarrassment, it’s your turn. George is the one picking you and you don’t trust him to give you a dare, so you choose truth.

“Alrighty Y/N, who do you like?” You blush.

“A lot of people, Georgie, I like you and Fred, and Hermione, Ginny, Luna-”

George cuts you off, “Y/N, you know what I mean, who are you crushing on? And don’t say no one, because we know there’s someone.”

You feel your face burn up, you look down and mutter, “Draco.”

“Who? We can’t hear you, did you say Derek?” A tall, lanky Ravenclaw boy, whom you’ve never spoken to looks up, confused. You assume that his name is Derek.

“No, I like Dr-” You pause, finishing you glass of firewhiskey, filling you with a new found sense of courage, “Draco. Draco Malfoy.”

This time, it’s Draco’s turn to sputter on his drink.  The shock is apparent on everyone’s face, George looks like he regrets asking the question in the first place, while Fred looks amused.

At the end of the night once everyone leaves, Draco asks you to stay back, “I don’t want to talk about it, no need to be an asshole.”

“Well, I did say that I think you’re pretty if that means anything?” You blush furiously, “You blush a lot you know?”

“You were blushing pretty hard too when I admitted that I liked you,” You smirk.

“Well,” He pauses, “I can make you blush harder.”

You raise your eyebrows, and he suddenly pulls you in for a kiss. After about a minute, he pulls away, “I was right, you’re definitely blushing harder.”

“Shut up,” you whisper, before leaning in for another kiss.

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Hi my name is Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch and I have ebony black hair (pitch black, just like my name) that reaches my shoulders and grey eyes that look like wet pavement and a lot of people tell me I look like Troye Sivan (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m a vampire but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a wizard, and I go to a magic school called Watford in England where I’m in my eight year (I’m eighteen). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black.

anonymous asked:

hey mom, I'm not in a very good place rn. I'd describe myself as soft butch, and I actually like the way I look rn, no make-up, short hair and all, but everytime I go out I get anxiety because I feel like people are judging me. It stresses me and makes me hate my sexuality sometimes, I know you're busy and your prompts are full but could I please have a small sanvers fic with maybe a teen soft butch in it? I feel like I really need good rep rn... if u dont want just delete this, its okay

She’s in the field and she’s got her game face on – shoulders set, stance relaxed but ready, eyes sharp – and when J Cole’s Hold It Down blasts out of her back pocket, her work partner cocks a grin at you.

“Your kid?”

She grins at the term and answers quickly.

“Adrian, I’m on the job, what up?”

“Can I bring a kid to our dinner tonight? Remember that girl Val I was telling you about? She’s trippin cause she had a rough time in school today – “

“Yeah, course you can, kid.”

“You gotta go.”

Maggie grins at his sensitivity, his perceptiveness. “You could be a detective yourself, Ade. See you both tonight.”

She chews the inside of her cheek – a habit she’s been picking up from her girlfriend – and shoots a quick text off to Alex, telling her to expect one more tonight before pocketing her phone and sighing, squatting to analyze the tire marks leftover by the latest Cadmus lackey getaway car.

She pushes tonight’s dinner – a biweekly thing, dinner with her girlfriend and her college boy (she never tires of reminding him how proud she is that he’s in college) – to the back of her mind until she walks through the door of her apartment several hours later to find in her kitchen Alex, Adrian, and a short kid – must the the Val girl Adrian was talking about – with a dapper, short haircut, make-up free face, collared shirt and khakis, skin darker than hers but lighter than Adrian’s, smile just as bright.

Alex has the look of panicked glee of a pale five year old being caught with her hand in the cookie jar; Adrian’s holding the handle of a smoking frying pan with one hand and pointing at Alex with the other; and the new kid is frozen mid-laugh, eyes wide and nervous at finally meeting the detective she’s heard so much about from Adrian.

Maggie appraises the situation with a single glance and grins.

“Alex tried to cook.”

“I – “

“All good, Danvers, we’ll order in, but I gotta say, I’m still surprised your skills in the lab don’t transfer to the kitchen – “

“Hehe, your skills – “

“That’s enough out of you, young man.”

“Yes, Agent Danvers.”

Maggie laughs and shakes her head at their banter as she drops her gun and jacket on a chair and strides over with her hand out to greet the new kid.

“Maggie Sawyer,” she says, leaving the usual NCPD part out because the girl is looking more nervous by the second.


“But you prefer Val?” Maggie asks, and Adrian nods behind Val’s back in case she isn’t brave enough to say yes. She is, and she nods, and Maggie smiles warmly at her.

“Okay, Val, so. What’re you hungry for, aside from whatever my woman charred on the stove?”

“Hey – “

“Is it not true, Danvers?”

Alex scowls playfully and Maggie leans in for a kiss. Adrian squeals and leans into Val. “Told you they were the cutest couple ever. My real life OTP!”

Val smiles, but there’s sadness behind it.

“Bad day, kid?” Alex asks, and gestures her to the couch.

“She likes this girl,” Adrian knocks his shoulder into Val gently, and she shoves him with an embarrassed laugh on her face. Alex ooohs and Maggie squeals, and Val almost cries, because she’s never met grown-ups who were this excited to hear about her crushes on girls before.

“She’s really pretty,” Val confesses in a single breath, collapsing onto the couch with her knees spread wide and heat spreading across her shyly smiling face.

“Okay, tell. Everything. But first, tell me what you want for food.”

“Whatever’s fine. Pizza, maybe.”

Maggie chuckles as she takes out her phone to order. “Always with the pizza in this family.”

Alex kisses her and Adrian squeezes her knee when they catch her family comment, and Val flushes to be so easily included in such a term.

“Nothing, I just… she’s really good at math – “

“A definite turn on – “

“Oh, is that why you like coming to my lowly easy-bake oven lab, Danvers?”

“Ladies! There are children present!”

“I’m not a children, I’m sixteen!”

Children,” Adrian, Alex, and Maggie all chorus, and Val rolls her eyes and continues.

“There’s the math thing, and she’s just really sweet, she always sticks up for the kids who get picked on, and she’s got these gorgeous curls and she’s – “

“Super duper femmey, and totally into soft little butches like yourself,” Adrian says and pokes her in the belly gently. She swats at his hand and shrugs defeatedly.

“I dunno. I mean, I’m not just into femmes… but she is super femmey… but maybe she wants someone harder than me? Or like, femmier than me? Like, less gay, maybe, or more gay, or – ”

“So, basically, you’re creating a girl who’s anything but you in your mind, right?” Maggie grins with a tilted head, and Val sighs.

“I guess.”

Maggie squints at her and exhales sharply and wets her lips and speaks.

“You know before I met Danvers over here, it was… I dated. A lot.”

“Don’t worry Alex. You won,” Adrian whispers, and Alex slaps him five softly without taking her eyes off Maggie.

“I dated, but it was… it was women who didn’t get me, you know? They saw leather jackets and a cop badge and a bike and darker skin than theirs – god, too many white girls, sorry babe, but that’s a story for another day – so they expected me to be a certain type of way, expected me to be… well, more butch, you know? Like, all the time. They were interested in the role I could play – and I can play it, I can be it, and I like it, I love doting on women – “

Val smiles and nods and Alex blushes and Adrian snickers.

“But that’s not all I am, you know?” She shrugs. “Sometimes I like a little lace under the leather. And we’ve got different styles, you and me.” She gestures to Val’s hair cut, her looser clothes, with a grin. “And I love it. Your style. It’s absolutely fantastic. And you look really at home in it. And that’s the thing. You? How you feel, how you are? That’s the only thing that matters. So if she likes you, she’s gotta like your soft butchliness. And who wouldn’t, I mean look at you, you’re perfect.”

Val scoffs and Alex beams at Maggie and Adrian squeezes Val’s knee.

The doorbell rings and Adrian squeals. “Pizza!”

Maggie glances at Alex, and Alex nods with a grin before getting up to get the door.

“Your girl like pizza?” Maggie asks, and Val nods.

“I saved her the last slice last week at the school paper’s party when she was late from class. She was really happy.”

Maggie slaps her own thigh in excitement. “Damn girl, see, you got game! Wanna invite her over? We can watch crappy Netflix movies, and the three of us will check out if she checks you out and it’ll be awesome.”

Val smiles at the thought and pulls her phone out of her back pocket.

“Do you guys do this for all of us? Open up your home like this?”

Alex beams over the small stack of pizza boxes when Maggie looks up at her, and Adrian grins widely, proudly, gratefully, at them both as he cracks open a box and digs in immediately.

“Only to the cool kids,” Maggie teases, and Val nods, and types out a text to her crush, because she’s nervous but she’s perfect just like she is, and what’s there not to like, right, Maggie said so, and also, pizza.

Pizza with new family.

Even if her crush declines to come over, she’s pretty sure it’s going to be a good night.

Things I Love About Sirius Orion Black:

- His unwavering loyalty to his friends

- He is compassionate to a fault

- The way he always sticks up for the underdog because he knows what it’s like to be picked on mercilessly

- His outright pride at being a Gryffindor

- That hair flick

- His unfailing sense of humor that always gets him into trouble

- The way he gets overly excited about every. little. thing

- How he makes himself snort after letting out that adorable bark-like laugh

- How half of him wants to be a complete rebel with no cares but the other half is busy doing good deeds that go unnoticed

- The way his leather coat fits his broad shoulders perfectly

- The smell of motor oil and stale cigarettes he leaves behind

- How he is always giving himself tattoos in disappearing ink

- Remus Lupin

My Valentine Ex

Sasusaku university/college au :) Happy ending. This is my short fic for day one of sasusakufest :D Please like or reblog to show your support for my entries. This fic is sfw but has adult themes within that.

Day 1, username: merinxd

The steps were cold against her thighs even through her dark leggings. She didn’t know why they were here, it was warm inside the cafeteria, and their friends were waiting.

Sasuke pulled her to the side on their way to dinner, which she wasn’t expecting. She remembered watching Naruto and Hinata go on without them. Her dark haired girlfriend looked over her shoulder, giving her the thumbs up.
It was as if they knew to leave her.

It was Valentine’s Day, which wasn’t her day with Sasuke, and her levels of suspicion were rising. They had never been very good friends on February Fourteenth. But they’d been very good friends for a long time.

Sakura’s shoulders became burdened with Sasuke’s thick jacket and she felt warmth envelope her. Then he sunk down beside her. His jeans were warm against her leg and she huddled into his side.

Sasuke was one of her closest friends and her ex long term boyfriend. This year they were both single, but something romantic wasn’t in Sasuke’s nature.

“Sasuke, why are we out here? Can’t we go inside?” She asked him and he rolled his eyes. She knew what he was thinking. “I’m not being dramatic, I’m cold.”

Sasuke sighed. “We can go inside in a minute. Just let me think…I’ve been thinking about this for awhile but the words are hard.”

His hand cradled beside him, between them snugly.

She pressed, “No one is at my dorm right now.”


She was instantly quiet and her heart began to race. It had been a long time since he’d acted in this way. But they had been inching closer together since first year ended. They weren’t high school idiots anymore.

“Do you remember when we first broke up?” Sasuke said abruptly after a moment. He sounded almost conversational and it was unusual, they had never spoken of that time.

“You mean in high school? Yes, I remember.” She paused, thinking back to that day…those years together.

“It was Valentine’s day,” He murmured. 

Sakura breathed out in understanding, “And we were sitting on the library steps.”

She gazed up at Sasuke then, who was looking down at her.

His dark eyes were expressive and serious, wavering with the intensity of the moment. She felt herself give way, and the emotional strength she usually carried began to crumble.

She whispered, “You broke my heart.”

Sasuke sighed deeply, fingering through his long fringe, pushing it back.

He looked up to the sky.

“You broke my heart too…Sakura. My parents wanted me to go in a direction I didn’t end up taking…and it all got fucked up. Look. I didn’t want to lose you from my life even after we broke up, so I told my parents to shove it and applied here with you and Naruto.”

Sakura frowned, “You’re saying you think we made a mistake.”

Sasuke nodded slowly and she watched his profile for any changes in expression.

“We’ve missed moments because of my stupid decisions,” he sighed.

She was instantly curious, “Like what?”

He shrugged, “I dunno. I’m sure there’s some.”

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the highway signs say we’re close

because im super angsty after last nights episode and we all know that Lukas isnt good at showing how he feels. idk what this is. fluff. some angst. 

so, here you go. Lukas taking care of a drunk and sad Philip. 

Lukas pushes through the front door, letting his backpack fall off his shoulders and onto the wood floor, not even stopping before turning on his heels and heading out to the barn. He runs a hand through his shaggy hair, letting out a long breath.
He makes his way towards the worktable when he gets in, and finds it already occupied.
Philip leans against it, one arm holding himself up, the other clutching a large and nearly empty bottle of vodka. He lifts it to his lips and takes a large swig, before setting it beside him with a grimace.
“What the hell are you doing here?” Lukas asks, brows furrowing. Philip is still wearing the clothes from the night prior, and from the looks of it, he didn’t go home.
“Do you feel it?” Philip asks, lifting his head and meeting Lukas’ eyes.
“What?” Lukas asks, grabbing the vodka bottle from beside Philip, and frowning. Philip reaches for it, and Lukas turns it upside down, letting the remaining liquid fall into the hay. Philip pouts, and makes another grab for the bottle, though it’s now empty.
“An ache. Here. This one.” Philip says, bringing his hand up to his chest, pressing his fingers against his shirt.
“You’re drunk, Philip.”
“Do you feel it? When you’re with me?”
“It’s like a good pain. In your chest. Heart. Whatever. Do you?” Philip asks, hand dropping back to his side. His lips part, and he watches Lukas, waiting for an answer. 

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Frozen Love (Jack Frost x Reader) Part IX

Immediately throwing her arms around her long time lover, (Y/N) felt tears quickly flood her vision as she clung on the frost spirit. Jack feeling relieved she accepted him, wrapped his arms around her figure, a bright smile on his face.

After all those years spent apart and not knowing, the feeling of her being in his arms was perfect. He didn’t want to let go anytime soon. Judging by the way she was hugging him, she felt the same.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Jack whispered soothingly into her ear, stroking her hair. “I’m here now. I’m not letting you disappear on me like that ever again, okay?”

“Okay…” was the muffled replied that came from his shoulder.

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sasuhinasno1fan  asked:

Do the guys let lance do spa days with them? I just keep imagining lance running his hands through their hair to pin it back and just seeing how happy he is doing this

You bet your butt they do spa days, all at Lance’s insistence. His boys need to learn to treat themselves. If he doesn’t pamper them every now and then they’ll just go on with unmoisturized skin and knotted up shoulder muscles and unconditioned hair. He gives them the full treatment and teaches them as he goes cause no way is he gonna give them a spa day without getting a massage or his nails done too.

Keith and Shiro used to not care much either way, so they went with it to make Lance happy cause it reminds him of home. But then they started genuinely enjoying and looking forward to it (listen Lance gives The Best massages okay). Plus, even though it’s not exactly their normal routine, it still feels normal, y’know. Like something they’d do if they were just chilling back on Earth. It’s very grounding and relaxing and good for all of them in general. Occasionally one or two of the others on the ship will join in, but Lance usually gives the others spa days separately so that he, Keith, and Shiro can have some time to themselves.

“Christmas Morning” ( Wonho Fluff)

Originally posted by mybabyoppa

Title: Christmas Morning

Featuring: Wonho (Monsta X) x Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: PG

Summary: Wonho has a surprise for Christmas morning.

Requested by anon! If you’d like a winter/Christmas scenario, go here!


You felt something poking your arm, and your eyes peeled open slowly. Wonho looked over you, a soft smile with some hair falling into his eyes.

“It’s Christmas!”

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