a haiku about getting out of bed

Ravus Nox Fleuret’s Daily Routine Headcanon

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  • 5 Minutes before First Alarm: 4:55 AM

“Why am I awake before my alarm, again? Can I close my eyes for five minutes and sleep just for that? - Yes.”

5:00 alarm is blaring in his ear out like light does not hear it until it goes off after fifteen minutes of horrid alarms buzzing.

Dreams of Ardyn being pecked at by angry white chocobos.

  • 6:00 the Legit Wake Up Alarm

Fuck, so much for actually doing something this morning.”

If he wakes up by 5 AM he practices writing haiku they are amateur in his mind but if Lunafreya gets a hold of them she is posting them everywhere she has even sent them with Umbra to Noctis. (Though Noctis often thinks they are something she wrote despite she mentions it does belong to Ravus, she’s just proud of her brother’s talent.) The haiku are generally about dreams from the night before or if the birds outside his window he writes about them.

They chirp so loudly now

waking me from my deep sleep

It is pleasant though

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small poems about being unable to write and going to bed

when you haven’t got something to say
but you’ve got to find words anyway
just forget about class
pull those words out your ass
and get on with the rest of your day

how to write haiku
I don’t know what I’m doing
there aren’t enough words

how to write haiku
don’t know what to do?
words are stuck inside your head?
write a limerick instead
it’ll come to you

I feel the words inside my head
but fuzz is what comes out instead
as hard as I try
the rhythm is dry
I think I should just go to bed

I dream of stars and stardust
the stars don’t sleep but I must
and so I sleep
dark drifting deep
the best rhyme here is ‘pie crust’

none of the words will come to mind
even my fingers cannot find
anything to say
I’ll leave it this way
and leave the waking world behind

blocked and blinded, mind is blank
nothing’s coming, I’ll be frank
words interlink
if I could think
but there’s no fish inside this tank

I’m sure there’s a much better poem I could make
if I didn’t have to promptly stop being awake
so have a shitty verse instead
because I need to go to bed
I keep staying up too late even though I know it’s a mistake

my eyes are tired, my tongue is dry
the light has gone out of the sky
I ought to go to bed
and get out of my head
sleep sounds real nice, I think I’ll try