a gun that shoots knifes

Me: Wow that’s a sharp knife. Why does it have holes?

Family friend: Oh, so they bleed out faster! :D

Never Alone

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Words: 1584

Genre: angst

Summary: youre pissed at Shane for opening the barn and disrespecting Hershels rules, and the events take a toll on you. you want to leave, but Daryl comes to you at the right time. takes place mid season 2. based off of this request.

Notes: thank you SO MUCH anon for being patient, here it is. i hope you like it, please let me know! <3

credit to the owner of the gif above

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crap our discord says: the rp meme (all taken from our pinned messages across all the channels)

  • “everyone has better hair than lex luthor purely by having any.”
  • “captain cracking open a cold one.”
  • “ever since i saw funko fear my life has not known peace.”
  • “zombie apocalypse but instead it’s the aesthetic apocalypse.”
  • “i think my main emotion would be ‘Can I Get A Uhhhhhhhh’.”
  • “i swear i just saw the mosquito who landed on my screen dance the macarena.”
  • “i forgot eddie murphy existed for a second.”
  • “hiss hiss fall in love!”
  • “no rest only gay.”
  • “he’s a sweet sugar coated candyman now.”
  • “no amount of metal arms can beat the law.”
  • “drop the beet.”
  • “get in beach we’re going to the bitch.”
  • “singular smack dude.”
  • “mobster in the front, party in the back.”
  • “did he die again?”
  • “do we need the gun that shoots a knife that shoots a gun or no?”
  • “pal, if you have to brag about how good you are at writing…”
  • “don’t disrespect wonka like this.”
  • “man as it turns out anybody can put any words they want together in any order.”
  • “aw, come on. courage the cowardly dog isn’t THAT bad.“
Messages from my boss

>No more playing Russian Marching songs over the speakers
>Stop hiding the mannequin 
>Stop giving customers discounts for besting you in a game of riddles
>No more playing GERMAN marching songs over the speakers.
>None of the guns were designed to shoot down police helicopters
>There will not be throwing knife competitions at the Christmas party
>No more marching songs of any kind. Regardless of country of origin
>Employees will be reprimanded for kicking open doors and acting like they’re in Afghanistan.
>The Chechens are not coming
>None of the pre-owned guns were acquired from drug lords
>We did NOT sponsor any civil conflicts in Africa.
>Our employees do not moonlight as soldiers of fortune.
>30 seconds in the microwave will not remove built up carbon.
>Stop telling customers the pitting on surplus rifles is from Nazi blood.
>Glitter glue is not lewd
>Stop selling rifles based on the distance at which they could engage political officials.
>Stop referring to the Youth Shooting Program as Child Soldier Indoctrination.
>We do not “rumble” with other gun shops in clandestine street fights for dominance.

The Immortal Fake AH Crew comes from all walks of life, in all different ages, years and genorations. The B-Team is no different from the Main Crew.

Jeremy and Matt were builders of the some of the greatest wonders in the world. The two of them were born in Egypt. And the two of them help to build the pyramids, and the Spinx. The two of them have been together from the start of their lives, best friends from childhood, who grew up to become great builders together just like they dreamed when they were children, and when they both realized that they couldn’t die the two of them stuck together. They were glue the two of them. There was no Matt with out Jeremy, and no Jeremy with out Matt. Later in there lives they would help to build things like the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, and the Statue of Liberty, the White House, and the Empire State Building. The two of them left their marks on History, slowing making their way threw time building famous building after famous building.

 Along the way they made money with petty crimes, builders and architects made nickels and dimes back in the day compared to what they make now a days, and at some point they stopped building, stopping looking for the next big building that would last genorations and turned completly to crime, and Los Santos and the Fakes gave them a new home and almost a fresh start to do that. 

Mica was born in the 1950s, a generation of racism, hate, and fighting for equal rights, and she was among the more violent of those freedom fighters. She in her teenage year were among the equal right protestors who fought with punchs, not words. She would die for the first time early in her life. Barley nineteen, forever stuck at that weird age of an adult, but not yet able to drink. For Mica being immortal meant that she could keep fighting. Keep helping those who needed it. She went to protest after protest. Rally after Rally to help. She, in time, got to she a time when hate was hidden, and segration was no more. She never did stop her crimes and violence though. At some point, punches turned brutal with brass knuckles, and brass knuckles turned to knife fights in back allies that she always won, and knife fights turned to gun shootings and robbing banks. 

When she met the Fakes, she realized not that they were the same as her not exactly. Yes, the couldn’t die just like her, but where as she did things quitly and out of a need to get rid of hate, they did it for the fun of it. And Mica, in all her 60 some odd years of being alive realized that it was never for fun what she was doing. It was always for the fact of helping someone else, of making the world a better place. And for the first time ever. She went ‘fuck it’ and joined the Fakes for the fun of it all.

Steffie was born in the twenties, and into the life of crime. Her father a was a Chicago gangster who ruled over the city in a rain of bullets and terror. Steffie grew up loving the life her father gave to her because her father was on top of the city, it was a romanticized, and a over the top life that ended with blood shed. Steffie, the girl who romanticized crime and the bloodshed of it all died for the first in a hail storm of bullets that left her and her criminal family dead. Only she didn’t stay dead. Steffie, the 20 year old girl who thought of crime like a love story got to watch the people who killed her family burn to the ground, and she took everything with her. She left Chicago ready to be something more. Something better then her criminal family ever was. 

Steffie, the 20 year old girl who romanticized the crimes she commited with roses, and spray paints, and pastel colored masks joined the Fakes because they could give her something she hasn’t had since her Father died in the 30′s. Power, Control, and the tools to Run Los Santos, to do more than that. To own Los Santos. 

Kdin was born in America, Salem to be exact, in the 1680′s. Right before the start of the Salem Witch Trials. Kdin, the poor soul she is, happen to die for the first time at 16, right at the height of the Trails. Only to come back to life, and be found guity of Witchcraft. She wasn’t a witch. She didn’t have a clue how she was still alive, how she came back from dead, but she ended up dying 13 times before the escaping the town. Kdin after leaving Massachusetts, sailed over sea’s to France and spend the next 100 years or so jumping from town to town, city to city and learning the native language. 

In the 1790′s durning the start of the Revolution in France, Kdin knew she wanted out of the country. Revolutionary France was a country of Betrayal, Beheadings, and Backstabbing, she started to leave the country slowly, on her way out she met Jack, like her someone born into the wrong body, with the wrong gender, and someone who couldn’t die, just like her. For Kdin, Jack became like a mom, a replacement mom for the one who turned her back on her over a 100 years ago in Salem. So Jack, the person he is, took her to Geoff. An old friend Jack had said, and the two of them joined up with Geoff’s crew. Geoff’s group of Misfits, Geoff’s group of Fakes. 

(Not alot of people know Kdin is one of the original seven or so that founded the Fakes, who started their Reign of Terror almost 300 years ago)

Caleb, was born in a small town in Greece. He was a doctor, or well a doctor in training the first time he died. He over the years has kept up his training, he likes to think he can stitch up most cuts with his eyes closed. Caleb, the doctor who over the years has learned for the best of the best, met Geoff early in his life. They were in England in 1589. Caleb was studying a new form of medicine, with a doctor who was world renowned at the time, but Caleb has long forgotten the man’s name. The doctor had put Geoff under his care, who had come in with a stab wound, and when Geoff died (bleed out while Caleb tried his damnedest to stop the bleeding) and ten mintues later came back almost magicly. Caleb was stocked.

He’d never met anyone like him before. Over the years Caleb jumped from place to place, country to country, city to city, and from time to time Geoff would end up in his care. So when Geoff in the late 1790′s walked into his office in London, and offered him a job as the medic for the criminal orgization, the group of Fakes as he worded it way back when. Caleb said yes. Because in all of the years of being alive he’s been doing good. Helping people, finding out how to make people better, maybe for the first time in his life its time to have fun. Time to do something wrong.

Trevor is born in Los Santos, born in the criminal life style, born into the mess that calls itself a city in 1921. The city isn’t as bad as it will one day be. It isn’t a city ruled by the Fakes, but it’s still the City of Crime. Only he unlike most people in the city, most people who call Los Santos home gets out the first chance he gets. Because in 1939 he’s 18 and it’s the start of World War Two. They don’t call it World War Two went it starts in 1939, but he realizes that when, if America gets involded in the war he can join. So in 1941 when Pearl Harbor is bombed and America offically joins the war. Trevor is shipped overseas. At 20 years old Trevor is overseas fighting in London in the Blitz. Trevor dies a hero six months into his tour. 

Only Trevor doesn’t die, but for him it doesn’t feel right to go back to Los Santos. He wanted out, that’s why he joined the war. So he stays in London, gets some expertly made papers saying he was a duel citizen of both the England and the United States, and explored. Trevor while he’s living in London breifly meets a main named Michael at a bar that’s down the street from where he now lives in the outskirts of the city, Michael asks him how he died the first time. Trevor doesn’t know how to answer that question. Michael who was just like him. An undying man told him that if he ever needed a job, the Fakes were always looking for new members. 

Trevor knew who the Fakes were, knew what they did. He wasn’t dumb, he knew that Liberty City was just as bad as Los Santos. But he took the card anyway. And almost 80 years later, he finally went to the address on the back of the card, and Joined the Fakes. 

Andy was the youngest of anyone in the Fakes, between the main crew and the so called B-Team. Andy was born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1992. Andy, who died for the first time in a car crash on his ninetenth birthday. Joined the Fakes almost by mistake. Andy, was in Los Santos because he was just passing threw. After dying for the first time he went on an adventure threw the states in America. When the Fakes shot him in a bank robbing for interfering with their heist, and when ten mintues late Andy stood back up and starting talking again, all of the Fakes were shocked. 

But it was also how Andy got a Job. 

Headcanons: Wilford Warfstache (SFW)

- Won’t wear anything but his yellow shirt and pink bow tie/suspenders - Likes to bake (especially cupcakes) - Would gladly take the spotlight off you if you feel uncomfortable (would probably take the spotlight anyways) - You can’t say ‘kill me’ around him, he’ll either get really upset or straight up shoot you - Has either a gun or knife on him 24/7 - Nobody knows how security hasn’t sent him to jail yet - Every time he goes on for Warfstache Tonight! all of the cast warily look at each other - You, behind the scenes, hide behind a camera - Daily, people are killed - He’s an excellent manipulator so expect him getting what he wants - Would either be really happy or super bored if you gave him a gift - It all depends on what you get him (candy/weapons, he’ll get all sappy) - Hates being interrupted (especially when in conversation with you) - The fame of being on TV normally gets to his head, though he can be relatively not as cocky sometimes - Probably lives in a mansion (either by himself or with the other egos)

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mrsnarc1911  Itching to get some more rounds down range!
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Comp: @shadowvalleyweapons
Light mount: @impactweaponscomponents
Rail: Larue
Basepads: @magpod

Glock 43:
Barrel: @s3fsolutions
Trigger: @agencyarms
Sights: @108performance
Grips: @talongrips
Holster: @gcodeholsters
@oneshotindustries ear pro cover
@gargoyleseyewear eye pro
@skdtactical gloves
@spartanblades1 CQB blade
@optactical Mandalorian patch
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Joker!Fam X Fem!Reader

“Dad! Y/N’s gonna be here in a half hour, you can’t be sitting around in blood stained clothes!”

“Shut up, Jared! Like she even likes you!” Heath complains as he walks down the stairs of the warehouse. “That’s not what she was saying when I fucked her in your bed last week!”

“You did what?!” Heath said as he pulled a knife from his pocket. Their father,Jack, watched in amusement as his two sons bickered with each other.

Jack tilted his head back and crackled at the two teenage boys. All attention was turned to door being pounded on, Jared was biting his nails nervously.

“Oh my fucking god! She’s here, and she’s gonna see this loser!” He pointed to his somewhat older brother who snarled.

“Oh, fuck off! I’ll shoot you!”

“Oh yeah, like you know how to shoot a gun, Mr. I only use knifes!”

The door was pounded on harder this time. Jared walked up to the door and opened it expecting to see his dear sweet vixen, Y/N. Only to see his grandfather, Cesar.

“Oh goddammit.” Jack sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

“The hell took so long? I was beginning to think you all forgot about you poor sweet grandfather.”

“Gross.” Heath exclaimed as he walked into the kitchen that was connected to the living room. “Well fuck you too you little shit.”

“Anyway, I brought more ammo.” Cesar said as he dumped a bag of guns and ammo onto the purple coffee table.

“Oh my god. Y/N will be here in-” Jared said, but cut himself off mid sentence by checking his gold watch. “5 fucking minutes!”

The older pair watched as the teenage psychopath ran around the house trying to get things in order.

Everyone heard a soft knock at the front door and turned their attention to the boy who was standing in a running position, having stopped due to hearing the door.

Jared took a deep breath, dusted off his open shirt, and walked towards the door.

Heath ran out the kitchen and pushed Jared out of the way before answering the door himself to see who the girl was who made his brother so flustered.

He opened the door to see a girl much shorter than him, wearing a (preferred fancy outfit). She had on (preferred makeup) and a clutch purse in hand.

“Oh, hi! Is Jared here?” You waved slightly, flashing a smile that could cause a car accident. “Yeah! He’s right here!”

You looked behind the man, who you assumed was his brother, and saw your J with a big smile on his face. The man with the tangly dull green hair opened the door and let you inside.

“Hi J!” You squealed as you ran up to your puddin with open arms. He returned the gesture and opened his arms wide to catch you.

“Hi doll! You’re here early?” He questioned and you giggled insanely. “Yeah, momma kicked me out! Said I was takin’ too long!” You touched your head and tapped on it.

“Wow, hot and crazy! You really scored here didn’t you Jared boy.” The older boy snickered as he walked away from the door.

“This is why mom didn’t fucking love you!” J semi-whispered as he buried his face into your neck, taking in your scent.

“Shall we go, darlin’?” J asked as he took your arm and led you to the front door.

As the two of you walked out, he looked back at Heath and mouthed, I’m getting laid.

The two of you then departed into the cold Gotham night, ready to wreak havoc on the town for date night.


Sorry if it sucked, this is my first story. I had a lot of fun writing it though. Requests are open!

anonymous asked:

Willford could you show us your knife and gun collection? ~Please~

(Hi, hello. It’s me, the writer, here. I have to stop you right there, cutie. Because to Wilford the word “show” when paired with gun or knife is synonymous with “shoot” or “stab,” and as I would not like for any of you to get into a tickle fight with ole Wilfy, I’ll have to say no to this one.)
Wilford stalks off pouting and mumbling about never getting to have any fun around here.

anonymous asked:

Mc and the RFA+V and Saeran are on a date and there walking home and and there jumped by a robber mc has a knife or gun in her purse that she keeps with her because of reasons and the man charges them with the knife or raises the gun to shoot and out of panic mc either shoots or stabs them killing them (Sorry I know it sucks so much I really hope you understand and I know it's a horrible ask I'm not good at this type of stuff ): )

I’m assuming these are by the same person, or somehow the universe aligned to help me clear my inbox. 

Don’t worry anon, this isn’t a sucky ask at all (it’s awesome) and your English is great (PS it isn’t my first language either ^.^)!

So, this one is a female MC who shoots a mugger with her gun, severely wounding him, and the RFA + V reactions~

WARNING: ANGST. Shooting people and the aftermath tend to be angsty.


  • after the shot rings out, he stands there in shock, mouth agape
  • then he bursts into action, taking whatever he can out of his bag to try and help the mugger
  • “It was an accident, but we have to help him if we can!”
  • he gets you to call the authorities and an ambulance from your phone and tell them what happened
  • after the mugger is taken away by the paramedics, he’s kind of scared of you
  • he doesn’t know why you would carry a gun if he could easily protect you he’s so naive somebody save this precious cinnamon roll
  • but then he finds out you used to live in a bad neighbourhood and he feels so bad for misjudging you
  • “It was an accident, and he was trying to hurt you. You did the right thing, MC, so please don’t worry about it.”


  • he was ready to protect you and heroically take a bullet to keep you safe, but then you surprised him by pulling out a gun and shooting the mugger
  • he’s shocked, but it doesn’t take him very long to snap out of it
  • the first thing he does is turn to you and ask if you’re okay, and he’s telling you not to look at the mugger because there’s so much blood
  • “MC, it wasn’t your fault. He was trying to hurt you, and you acted in self defence. It wasn’t your fault.”
  • he’s mostly concerned about whether you’re all right, and whether you were hurt somehow
  • he calls an ambulance for the guy and keeps you close, constantly reassuring you that it’s all right
  • he’s really sympathetic when he finds out you used to live in a bad neighbourhood, because he’s lived in some rough places too
  • “It’ll be all right, MC. No matter what, I need you to know that it wasn’t your fault, okay?”


  • she was all ready to use her judo skills on that mugger but then you shot him
  • she’s surprised but she springs into action quickly, pulling out her cell phone and calling emergency services
  • she makes sure you unload and put away your gun before they get here so the police know you’re not a threat
  • “This will likely go to trial, MC, and I will testify on your behalf. You were acting defensively, nothing more.”
  • she makes sure you talk to the police and try to help them in figuring out what happened
  • you’re so cooperative that they dismiss you without a trial, the mugger was a wanted criminal anyway
  • jaehee makes sure you’re all right, she’s a little wary that you have a gun but since you know how to use it she can live with it
  • “It is so unfortunate that good people like you feel so unsafe that they must carry weapons. I do hope you’re all right, MC. It’s safe to say today did not go as planned.”


  • he had insisted that security walk a few paces behind you after your date, but regretted it when he saw the mugger pointing his gun at you
  • quick as a flash, you pulled out your weapon and shot him in the stomach
  • then the security guards are there, calling the police and taking care of everything
  • “That was an impressive shot, MC. I think you may have just saved both our lives, and for that you have my eternal gratitude.”
  • he’s really impressed by your skills, but from then on he vows to always bring security guards everywhere
  • he gets really protective of you and insists you go home right away, if there are any legal problems his lawyers will take care of it
  • he doesn’t let you out of his sight for the next while because he’s worried someone else might attack you
  • “I don’t want you to get hurt, MC. If only I hadn’t been so selfish, my security would have been there and we could have avoided this unpleasantness. This is my fault entirely.”


  • he was cursing himself for not bringing any weapons when you pulled out your gun and shot the mugger
  • seven doesn’t say anything, he just grabs your hand and pulls you along with him, making sure you put your gun on safety as you run
  • he takes you back home in the most roundabout route imaginable, and he’s on high alert, checking to make sure you weren’t followed
  • “I think you can put your gun away now, MC. I don’t think we’re in danger anymore.”
  • you get back home and seven starts hacking into the local police database, making sure they don’t have any leads
  • he doesn’t think you did anything wrong, but he doesn’t have much faith in the ‘just’ part of ‘justice system’
  • he’s really proud of you for being so resourceful, but he’s kind of sad that you felt so unsafe you had to carry a gun with you
  • “I hope your life hasn’t been as difficult as mine, but I’m so glad you saved us from that mugger today. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”


  • he heard the mugger approaching and was trying to dial the police on his phone when he heard the shot ring out
  • he’s so worried that you were hurt and that the mugger managed to shoot you when he was standing there, helpless
  • “MC! MC, are you all right? Did that bullet hit you? What happened? What’s going on?”
  • you tell him you’re all right and you shot the mugger because he had a gun and was threatening you
  • he’s so glad you’re all right but he lets you decide what to do next, he doesn’t want you getting arrested for protecting yourself
  • no matter what you decide to do, v calls an ambulance for the mugger because he might have a chance of making it
  • when you tell v you used to live in a bad neighbourhood, he’s understanding and he doesn’t blame you for anything
  • “I’m so glad you’re all right. There are some misguided individuals in this world, and I don’t want you to get hurt as a result of their poor choices.”


  • he was getting ready to pull out his own gun when you shot the mugger in the gut
  • he’s a little impressed, but he didn’t expect anything less of his amazing, badass girlfriend
  • “Nice shot, MC. Come on, we should go before the police get here. I’ll call an ambulance from a payphone down the road.”
  • he doesn’t seem disturbed by what happened, but he feels bad for the mugger because he’s probably just misguided like saeran used to be
  • he makes sure you go out to a public road and people see you so you have a somewhat decent alibi for the night
  • when he finds out you used to live in a bad neighbourhood, he’s angry that someone like you had go through that
  • he takes you home as soon as he can, but he’s worried the mugger might have been hired by someone so he wants to stay the night but only so he can protect you, of course
  • “This might have been a random incident, but what if he was hired by a larger organization? I can’t stand the thought of you in danger, MC. I’m glad you carry that gun with you.”
Bonnie & Clyde: Million Dollar Man (10)

Bucky x reader modern day AU

Notes: fluff, swearing, VIOLENCE, murder, ASSAULT, angst

(Bonnie & Clyde inspired AU)

Lana del Rey - Milion Dollar Man

Summary: Your husband, James Buchanan Barnes, is trouble. Beautiful, dangerous trouble. After a prison sentence of 34 months, he is finally released and seems to have taken his time to think about what is truly the most important thing in his life. He makes you the very centre of his life, sharing everything he possibly can with you; whether its lust, love or business.


(One more part left after this one)

TAGS: @jjlevin @starstar1012 @stephvera @styleswift1989 @amf71010@heismyhunter @a-small-independent-princess @bxckytrxsh @incadinkadoo@buckyismybbz@seabastian-barnes@number1fantrash@verycoolveryunique@snowwhiteslays@tesseractbucky @popsxerox@the-one-and-only-vampcake@akiiiiiiiiiii@fallingpanickedkilljoys@moonraeblack @hip5t3r-m3rmaaidd-biitchhh @ikathy98 @themanwiththemetalarm @vickybhutcherson@lostinspace33 @pale-alien26@httpstainme @bellejeunefillesansmerci @italwaysendsinafightcap @tesseractbucky @lilacs-lavender @down-the-rabbit-hole-114 @nikkisprojectoflife@bloo-moon-freak

five years later

After years of hard work, hard decisions and some even harder situations; you and Bucky had taken over the business. Every single high profile job went through your channels, and every job that didnt; you heard about anyway. You were always thinking of what would be in your favour and what could make the power you had grow. Selfish and maybe even self centred, but it worked. Your business had expanded so Bucky was ruling the criminal circuit with you on his side. No one dared to touch the dangerous powercouple that was you and Bucky; and no one dared to even come close without permission.

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TITLE: The Only Thing That Makes Me Crazier Than You Are The People That Hurt You

Imagine: The only person that the Joker cares about and protects you no matter what.

The Joker looked at the five men in front of him. He casually threw his knife from one hand to the other. “Fancy meeting you here.” He interrupted whatever they were doing, and obviously it seemed like that they didn’t like that at all. “Sorry to interrupt.”

“It’s that Joker guy.” One of the men began to raise their gun.

The Joker casually took a gun from his pocket and shot the guy. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

The men backed off and looked at the crazy psychopath. “What do you want?”

The Joker looked at them and began to stalk. He looked at them individually and hummed for a couple of seconds. “You hurt a person that I care about.”


He pulled a picture from his pocket and threw it at the so-called leader. The man picked it up and looked at the picture. He knew this girl. As he was getting back up The Joker stabbed him in the neck. “Two down, three to go.” He said cheerily. He twirled and before anyone could shoot their gun at him, he threw his knife at one of them and shot the other one.

“Now…what to do with you.” The Joker walked to the man and picked up his knife along the way.

Bruce looked at the mutilated man in front of him. He’s seen a lot of disturbing things, but this, this was something different. He bent down when he saw a white card in the man’s pocket. Bruce brought it out and saw that it was The Joker’s calling card. He knew that he was a psychopath but this was a new level. He turned over the card and saw a picture stapled to the back. There were words scrawled in red, probably with the man’s blood.


Suddenly, Bruce knew why he did this and who he did it for. As much as he wanted to kill the Joker, he knew that going for the Joker’s girl was suicidal.No one ever touched her for a reason. This was his message to the world. Touch the girl and you don’t get to die a simple death. With a simple sigh Bruce turned around and faded into the black knight, knowing he couldn’t do anything.

“Are you feeling better?” The Joker slipped into their bed and embraced his beloved.

“I could be worse. Did you take care of everything?” (Y/N) turned around and kissed him. He nodded. “Thank you.”

“No one hurts you and gets away with it.” He kissed her once more and looked into her eyes. “You complete me.”


Requested by anonymous and limel-ght

You quickened your pace, bringing your bag closer to your body and holding your umbrella like a weapon when the steps behind you didn’t falter at the street corner.

Maybe they’re not actually following me, you thought desperately.

When you made a sharp turn to stay on a street with lights and the sounds of footsteps continued to follow you you cursed softly.

You hated walking at night and this was the exact reason why. Men were intimidating in the daylight, but at night when you’re alone and vulnerable they’re even more intimidating.

The street lights fell into darkness at the end of this block and you had nowhere to go after this unless you turned around, but the man was still behind you so you would just be walking straight into him.

The decision was taken away from you when you felt a knife being pressed into your back.

“Don’t struggle and give me your things,” the man hissed.

You froze unsure if you should try to run or just give him your things. You thought you could out run him and the grip he had on your arm wasn’t very tight.

“Now,” he growled, pressing the knife point into your back and ripping your clothing. It nicked you and you gasped.

You nodded shakily, pulling your bag off your shoulder to give it to him. Maybe he wouldn’t look through it and find your wallet, keys, and phone missing, which you had shoved into your jacket pockets when you first heard the footsteps behind you.

“Now I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to treat a lady,” someone from behind you commented.

You stiffened again when the mugger grabbed you and spun you around pressing the knife to your throat.

“Not a step closer,” the man holding you ordered the other man, who you noticed was casually holding a gun pointed directly at the mugger.

“This is quite the predicament we’ve gotten ourselves into.”

You wanted to roll your eyes at the other man’s flippantness, but you had your life on the line so you stayed stock still watching the man you assumed to be saving you.

“Wade Wilson, if anyone was wondering. What’s your name?” he said, not lowering the gun for a moment, but still managing to act as if he was having a casual conversation with someone.

“I wasn’t wondering. Now leave,” the man holding you said.

Wade sighed and lowered the gun shooting the man in the arm that wasn’t holding the knife. The man dropped the knife and you shot out of his grip, going over to Wade.

The man was on the sidewalk holding his arm and spitting curses to the both of you.

“Thank you so much,” you said to Wade, trying to calm your racing heart.

The man cursed some more and you jumped, not wanting to be around him anymore. Wade grimaced and grabbed your hand to lead you away.

“I’ll follow you home, just in case,” Wade assured you.

You cocked an eyebrow at him, “What if your plan is to lull me into a sense of false security and rob me blind?”

Wade laughed and you broke into a small smile.

Wade walked you home, chatting with you, most likely to keep you from having a panic attack in the middle of the street.

“Honestly Wade I can’t thank you enough,” you said when you reached the steps leading up to your door.

Wade smirked and you rolled your eyes.

“Don’t be crass,” you admonished.

“Fine, fine,” he said, his smirk fading into a smile.

You smiled back and suddenly Wade was leaning in. You didn’t move and he brushed his lips against yours, a chaste kiss from someone you had learned was not at all shy about things like this.

Wade leaned back with a brilliant smile on his face.

“Goodnight (Y/N),” he said, stepping back and watching up walk up to your door.

You unlocked your door, glancing back to see Wade still standing there smiling.

His boyfriend just loves to kiss his soldiers war scars.

Here’s the scars I gave David: one across his nose is from nearly being shoot in the head by a sniper, instead grazed across the face. Determinant rope burn from nearly hanging to death. A cut across the neck from nearly having his throat slit. Obvious new frontier brand. Various gun shoot and knife wounds. Long one that goes from his chest to naval is from surgery. The one from hip to hip was for a stomach pump. The time he tried to OD on his medication after his depression, PTSD, and death of his wife became to much. Then the small one across the two bigger ones, was getting stabbed protecting Ava and Lingard from bandits.