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So, you’re new to Yuri!!! On Ice, and you’re looking for people to follow? Well, here’s my blog roll! I’m completely floored at how many followers this blog keeps getting, but totally hope this helps you find some new people to follow! The beauty of this fandom is how welcoming everyone is! Thanks to all of these amazing people for making Wednesdays during the fall so fun, and for continuing to create content and be a wonderful, active fandom!

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Please note: These are just who I’ve been following, this is absolutely not a complete guide, and this fandom has a gazillion amazing people in it, so there’s for sure so many more people out there! (and hey, if you’d like to be added, feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll add you to the post!)

RIP Carrie Fisher, most known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars Franchise

Harry Potter Fandom, raise you wands.

Star Wars Fandom, raise you light sabers.

Hunger Games Fandom, raise you salute.

Outsiders Fandom, raise you drinks.

Sandlot Fandom, raise your baseball mits and bats.

Orange Is The New Black Fandom, raise your makeshift shanks,

Avatar The Last Airbender Fandom, raise your cabbages.

American Horror Story Fandom, raise your latex kink suit.

And every other fandom I missed, raise your most memorable element in the complete honour of yet another fallen hero. I am someone who has never seen the Star Wars films but still feel this loss pretty heavily. May her spirit guide all of our fandoms in the direction of caring hospitality towards one another.

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{December 27th, 2016}

ship name guide (FFXV edition)

here are the most commonly used ship names for the combos of the main four since there’s usually questions there.

  • ignis/noctis = ignoct
  • ignis/gladio = gladnis
  • noctis/prompto = promptis
  • gladio/noctis = gladnoct
  • ignis/prompto = promnis
  • gladio/prompto = promptio
A quick guide to Les Mis fandom terms

If you’re new to the Les Mis fandom, here is a helpful key to some of the abbreviations we use!!

Les Mis = Les Misérables

The Brick = The actual, physical book, Les Misérables

JVJ = Jean Valjean

E/R = Enjolras and Russia (a popular ship)

JBM = An acronym for “Just bisexual mischief” 

Bahorel = a slang term meaning “to be randomly absent from something”. An example sentence from a fic or something would be…. “Hey, Enjolras why didn’t Jean Valjean show up to that meeting?” “I have no idea, he was totally Bahorel.”

OGWIED? = another acronym for “OH GOD WHY IS EVERYONE DEAD?”


Submitted by a-shygur. (Sorry if your favourite isn’t here but I’m limited to the amount of images I am allowed.)

In order of appearance: Phantom of the Opera, Waitress, Hamilton, Les Miserables, Aladdin, Fun Home, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, Newsies and Cinderella.

A Spotter’s Guide to the LazyTown Fandom
  • “Sportacus is such a nice guy, he cares about you and wants you to take care of yourself, and he’d be so proud of what you managed even if it didn’t seem like much.”
  • “Robbie Rotten is so relatable like he just wants everyone to leave him alone and let him sleep and sometimes he wants to play with the kids and join in their fun and he likes to eat way too much junkfood, he’s not the best role model but I still relate to him.”
  • “I want Glanni Glæpur to step on my throat.”

*tour guide voice*

To your left, you’ll see the Sherlock fandom. Half of them are having a raging party, while the other half are sitting quietly, but they’re all sobbing uncontrollably (for various reasons).

To your right, you’ll see the Doctor Who fandom throwing a tantrum about how unfair it is that Sherlock and SPN have everything and they have nothing.

And up ahead, you’ll see the Supernatural fandom rioting; some out of happiness, some out of anger. But good luck telling which is which.