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Vanitas D-Linking Technique

so I’ve seen a lot of KH players express utter confusion re: Ven’s final boss fight in BBS (the D-Link portion). with the latest influx of people trying to catch up on the series in time for KH3, I’m seeing this confusion a lot more lately, and on reddit especially.

so, for anyone who might be new to the game or who just got lucky in the past and still doesn’t know how it works, THIS IS HOW IT WORKS:

  • You need to charge your command gauge all the way to unlock Vanitas’ finisher. this is done by clashing with him using either of the two new moves in your deck (Dark Spiral, Dark Splicer) or your Shotlock. which you use is up to you; I personally prefer the Shotlock, but if my focus gauge runs empty then I use Dark Spiral, since I can only take two to three hits before dying and Splicer has trickier timing (although it does look cooler).
  • Clash with him, overpower him using the on-screen prompt, gain energy in your command gauge.
  • Because Vanitas is a brat, sometimes he’ll stall for time by not attacking and your command gauge will start to lose that precious energy you just fought for. If you’re confident in your movement abilities, dash forward, smack him a few times, and then get the heck out of there. Those few hits will reset the invisible timer on your command gauge. 
  • Once your gauge is full, you get the prompt for the finisher Last Word. Take your time with this, because your gauge is now fixed and will not deplete if you don’t use it right away.
  • Again, take your time with this. Do not use it randomly, you will most likely fail. This is where all the complaints I see come from, because players just spam it and miss and get frustrated. To use it, you have to clash it with one of his moves just like you did previously – specifically, either his Shotlock or Dark Spiral.
  • DO NOT use it if he’s just standing there, and DO NOT use it if he starts teleporting around. You want to face him when you start the finisher, and if he’s teleporting behind you then obviously it can’t work.
  • When you see him start up his Shotlock or Dark Spiral, trigger the finisher. (I personally recommend Spiral as the safer bet, because if you’re timing’s off it’s possible to run face-first into his Shotlock and either die or take damage. Either way, you lose your Finisher and have to start over.) After a cool action sequence, he should die. 

There might be alternative ways to do it (in which case do feel free to add on), but this is how I’ve always done it - and except for the couple times where I was impatient and got smacked by his Shotlock, it always works for me.


I’m very late with this, but here’s a couple quickies for my favorite game series ever, hooray for Kingdom Hearts 2.8~! ❤︎

It’s very satisfying to draw Donald as an actual duck
Let your heart be your guiding key!!


Easy Level Grinding in KH2FM by KH13’s The Transcendent Key

Org XIII Event ~ Zexion Guide

The bad news: this is the worst event since Xemnas.  It’s ridiculously hard and is geared almost exclusively to real-money players.  The only reason I was able to beat it is because I buy VIPs when they do the Tier 5 giveaways.  Honestly, I don’t know if any F2P player can beat this one.

The good news: Zexion B is exciting, compelling content!  +1 Str for one turn??  Random target?!  I’ve been waiting a year for a RAX medal that wasn’t so OP, and finally I have it!!  The real good news?  Zexion B isn’t worth the trouble.

In the spirit of the event, you see a lot of the “Barrier Master”, a Heartless sporting the same book weapon Zexion uses.  You also see enemies you can walk right through without fighting, referencing Zexion’s clones.  All enemies are magic type, since Zexion uses magic as his method of fighting.

Mission List:

Mission 1: Kill Barrier Master ~ HDL
Lv. 25 Barrier Master* & Bunch O’ Balloons** & Shadow Witch x2
The Gigas Shadows without bars above their heads do not trigger combat.

Mission 2: One Turn ~ Magic Mirror
Lv. 50 Blue Rhapsody x5
Lv. 50 Emerald Sonata*** & Wizard x2
Lv. 50 Barrier Master* & Shadow Witch x4

Mission 3: 60 Seconds ~ Zexion
Lv. 75 Barrier Master* & Bunch O’ Balloons** & Shadow Witch x4
The Large Bodies without bars above their heads do not trigger combat.

Mission 4: Two Turns ~ HDL
Lv. 100 Barrier Master* & Wizard & Ring-A-Ding**** x2

Mission 5: Kill Barrier Master x3 ~ Zexion
Lv. 125 Barrier Master*
Lv. 125 Barrier Master*
Lv. 125 Barrier Master*
They are invisible.  One is to the right when you start, at the tip of the crossroads.  Then take the bottom right portal.  The second one is in the bottom corner beneath the portal you come out of.  Go back through the portal, to the room with the four portals where you started.  This time take the upper left.  In the middle of this room, at the top, is the Target.  Again, Neoshadows without bars above their heads do not trigger combat.

Mission 6: One Turn ~ Magic Mirror
Lv. 150 Darkball x2 & Green Requiem# x3
Lv. 150 Shadow Witch x3
Lv. 150 Ring-A-Ding****
Lv. 150 Barrier Master* & Shamanwild x2

Mission 7: 50 seconds ~ Magic Mirror
Lv. 175 Barrier Master* & Bunch O’ Balloons** & Shadow Witch x4
Again, avoid enemies with bars above their heads.  When in doubt - especially with the Darksides - hug the bottom of the screen.

Mission 8: Two Turns ~ Zexion
Lv. 200 Barrier Master* & Emerald Sonata*** & Shadow Witch & Sleep Archer##

Mission 9: Kill Barrier Master x4 ~ Hairstyles!!
Lv. 225 Barrier Master*
Lv. 225 Barrier Master*
Lv. 225 Barrier Master*
Lv. 225 Barrier Master*
At least these ones aren’t invisible.  When you start, go straight to the right.  That’s one.  Then go down and to the right a little more.  That’s two.  Head back to the center and go straight to the left.  The Behemoths won’t trigger.  Go up, that’s three.  Go down, that’s four.

Mission 10: One Turn ~ Zexion
Lv. 250 Sleep Archer## & Ice Plant x2
Lv. 250 Candy Apple x2
Lv. 250 Shadow Magician & Shadow Witch x3
Lv. 250 Barrier Master* & Wizard x2 & High Wizard

Mission 11: 75 Seconds ~ Zexion
Lv. 300 Barrier Master* & Bunch O’ Balloons** & Shadow Witch x4
Navigate rooms one and two, then hug the top of the room for rooms three and four, and finally hug the bottom for room five.

Mission 12: Two Turns ~ Zexion
Lv. 325 Possessor & Barrier Master* x2 & Shadow Magician x2
Your first medal should be a buff, like +3 Str.  Your second medal has to be an AOE cleanse.  This isn’t optional.  iB&B with Extra Attack is the absolute best thing to have for slot 1.  After that, stack your +Str and general defense down.  Then hit it with your best AOE medals and Nova.  And pray.

Mission 13: Two Turns ~ Zexion & Title: No. VI
Lv. 350 Wretched Witch### & Barrier Master* x2 & Sleep Archer## & Emerald Sonata*** & Lv. 500 Chill Blade####
Well, fuck this mission.  There’s just no realistic way to describe this.  Between the Sonata’s healing, the Barrier Master’s buffs, and the Archer’s Sleep… and +50 health bar enemies?  Just.  Ugh.

So what do you do?  Sleeping Lion is a must for this mission.  All enemies are Magic and the multipliers on SL are too good to pass up.  You need an AOE cleanse.  You need +6 Str.  You need either Extra Attack on GDD or some -60% Ground Def.  You need a crap ton of luck with traits or guilted premiums or SOMETHING because damnit this mission is hard.  I really can’t give any advice here.  This game has gotten incredibly complicated and versatile and advice just won’t cut it.  Anything I recommend is going to alienate 90% of players no matter what I say.  So I’ll just tell you what I did:

~iB&B with Extra Attack
~Tieri with DB3
~Mickey&Minnie with SC
~150% KDG with Extra Attack & AB3 Max
~150% iHT Sora with -60% Ground Def & AB4
Share: 150% iHT Sora with -60% Ground Def & AB4

I got all my AB4 procs.  I was put to sleep on the second iB&B and couldn’t use Tieri or M&M on Turn 1.  I didn’t need SC, but I did need DB3.  Though I have a lot of +2000 Def on my medals by coincidence.

A party member who didn’t have Extra Attack on iB&B did this:
~Tieri with DB3
~iKairi with SC
The rest was basically the same.

I know a lot of this probably didn’t help, I’m so sorry. >_<  I can say with sincerity, with utmost honesty, that this is the absolute worst guide I have ever written.  So many new Heartless I had to look up.  So many stupid counters and special abilities.  I am so burnt out.  Please, SENA, do NOT give me another event for like.  Two weeks.

Good luck everyone!



*+2 Gen & PSM Def, after one hit casts +5 Gen & PSM Def on all enemies
**When health is depleted, it explodes, damaging all enemies
***After hit with three medals, heals all enemies
****+2 PM Def, +1 S Def
#After hit with two medals, heals all enemies
##After hit with two medals, attacks and puts you to sleep.  Unlike other counters in this event, this one resets after it is used.
###+1 S Def
####+2 Def

Edit: Here’s a link to the guide on Reddit.  They’re usually really helpful so you should look at some of the comments if you’re having trouble!

Guide to Traits

The Union x update to KHUX brought with it a new system called Traits.  Basically this is another level of randomness, because guilt rolls and 3000 jewel pulls wasn’t enough. >_<  Any time you add a medal to another medal with the same ID, it will roll a trait (as well as put a guilt dot into it, as described here).  

A down arrow (the up arrow in the picture above) has been added to the bottom of the medal screen.  This shows the medal’s traits.  Guilt Tier 1, 2, and 3 get one trait, while Guilt Tier 4 and 5 get two traits.  If you roll another trait and you don’t have room for it on the medal, you can replace one of the current traits with the new one or choose to keep the ones currently on the medal.

So how many traits are there and which ones do you want?

Five traits affect the keyblade as a whole:

  • Max Gauges +2: Increases maximum gauges by two
  • HP +800: Increases maximum HP by 800
  • Poison Resist 20%: 20% less likely to be poisoned by an enemy
  • Sleep Resist 20%: 20% less likely to be put to sleep by an enemy
  • Paralysis Resist 20%: 20% less likely to be paralyzed by an enemy

Six traits affect only the medal in question:

  • Strength +1000: Increases Strength by 1000
  • Defense +2000: Increases Defense by 2000
  • Ground Enemy DEF -60%: Decreases defense of ground enemies by 60%
  • Aerial Enemy DEF -60%: Decreases defense of flying enemies by 60%
  • Damage in Raids +40%: Deals 40% more damage against raid bosses
  • Extra Attack: 40% Power: Allows the medal to be used twice, though the second one is at only 40% power

The absolute best ones you can get are Extra Attack and Str+1000.  For buff medals (let’s say Illustrated Kairi), having Extra Attack means doubling the effectiveness: +3 Str turns into +6 Str.  The downside is that it doubles the Special cost as well: 3 gauges turns into 6 gauges.  But with KH2 iKairi (Tieri) and Key Art #1, Special cost isn’t super important anymore.  

With damage medals, Extra Attack is a little less useful.  Damage is depreciated to 40% of its original damage, where buffs are not.  Here’s some math.  Eraqus at lv. 100 is 7245 Str x 4.58 multiplier x 2 (100% guilt) = 66,364.  x1.4 for Extra Attack is 92,910.  Str+1000 is 8245 x 4.58 x 2 = 75,524.  So your choice here would be 100% damage for 10 gauges, or 81.3% damage for 5 gauges.  Either 10% damage per gauge or 16.3% damage per gauge effectiveness.  Also the higher Strength does more damage against high level defense enemies.

But what about SP1?  Now you’re doing 92,910 for 2 Special!  Or you could use AB4 and Str+1000 and get 135,942 for 5.

The point here is that the more SP a medal cost, the less efficient Extra Attack is.  Of course, if you’re not doing any damage (Illustrated Belle & Beast is 5 cost, but its a buff medal), then SP1 and Extra Attack is the way to go!

I wish I could calculate the +800 Health vs. the +2000 Def, but I honestly think it’s too situational.  Defense is great up until a point, but it’s also worthless beyond that point.  Health is just a flat increase, which sounds better, unless you happen to be fighting one of those enemies with an attack that falls in the range of where +2000 Def would help you… if you had to choose between them, I’d probably take the +800 Health.

So some general rules on Traits:

  1. For Buff medals, always Extra Attack.  Def+2000, HP+800, and +2 Gauges are good secondaries.
  2. For damage medals that cost 3 or less gauges, always Extra Attack
  3. For damage medals that cost 4 or more gauges, Str+1000 is probably more realistic.
  4. For damage medals, -60% Def (Ground or Aerial) are great secondaries and are probably going to be necessary for high ranking Coliseum.
  5. For medals you never use, +2 Max Gauges can be helpful for Proud quest rules.
  6. For medals you never use, the Resists are worth having one of each.
  7. For your raiding medals, +40% raid damage is amazing AND it stacks so get two!!

On a final and very important note:
Fantasia Mickey B (Mickey & Brooms) DOES NOT give you a trait!

<3 KCM

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