a guide to getting awesome with women

Dear Leslie Jones,

The internet is full of terrible turd monsters, but it also allows regular people to go huddle around their phones together and feel connected to wonderful entertainers, such as yourself. I just wanted to let you know, that we know, that you know what’s up. We know you’re not full of hate; it’s just a bunch of idiot garbage brains trying to infect other people. So here are some dumb pictures of the fun variety just to say, we know you get it. Please continue not only representing black women through thoughtful, multi-dimensional roles, but also tall women, women in service industries (I mean seriously, when was the last time you saw a public transit worker portrayed as someone that’s actually smart? You did it in Ghostbusters!), doctors, tour guides, make up artists, seriously… just take all the roles they give you. We want to see more. Ghostbusters was awesome. 

So many things happened at San Diego Comic Con today! There were interviews, pictures, emoji videos, a panel, a trailer release, and a yacht party. If you think you missed anything, don’t worry because we’ve collected all of today’s highlights and we’re presenting them right here in a very convenient masterpost for your enjoyment.

  • Peter, Jenna, and Michelle sat down for an interview with Digital Spy where they discussed spaceships, vikings, and who’s more popular: Jenna or K-9
  • And then the Panel happened! We liveblogged the whole thing and you can relive it all right here
  • Also, we released the first Series 9 trailer which you can see by clicking this link or just watching right here

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ladystuck iv: the great unpausening

Yes, it is once again time for Ladystuck.

What’s Ladystuck, you ask? Ladystuck, short for the Homestuck Ladyfest Exchange, is an annual (slightly late, ahem) New Year’s fic and art exchange celebrating the girls and women of Homestuck. It’s for all those of us who feel that ladies and their relationships with one another are too often neglected—mostly by fandom, but sometimes by canon too. It’s a chance to uncover stories that don’t often get to be told—and to get together, make cool stuff, and celebrate some awesome characters. :>

You can find out more about the challenge here:

We hope that you’ll join us this year! Signups are open now through November 10, and you can–


–after you’ve read the above links, which you will certainly do, I’m sure ;) If you have any questions or concerns, please, please drop us a line at ladystuck at gmail! Let’s celebrate the new updates in style, oh, yeah.

Olicity - A Vaguely In Depth Look At The State Of Affairs Of Our Fave Couple With A Surprising Amount Of Hedgehog References

Okay, so seeing as we have that 3 week hiatus thing going on with Arrow, I thought it was a good time to ruminate on what happened in the last episode and what it all means. I know there have been many most excellent posts made on the subject already (see jbuffyangel and Jenn from Just About Write - soo sorry I don’t know your tumblr handle, Jenn, not that you’re going to read this, but I feel like I should apologise nonetheless), so this is most likely redundant, but that’s never really stopped me before, so I don’t see why it would now. 

I realise that many Olicity fans are still a little 

about what happened with Felicity and Ray in that episode. 

With that in mind, and with me being the ever sensitive soul that I am, we won’t use gifs directly about Olicity due to some potentially fragile states, but rather, much like employing the ‘where did the bad man touch you’ doll, I’m going to use a stand in to work through my thoughts about what is going on. 

To that end, I’m going to use Annie and Jeff from 'Community’ to help me out. If you don’t know about Jeff and Annie and the tangled web they weave… well, this isn’t the posting to bring you up to speed. Suffice to say, they were never meant to be, but the chemistry between the two actors was so explosive that these polar opposites started to have a slow burn tease being written about them. Sound familiar? ;) 

So, Olicity… how did we get from here from there and why does here suck so much? I know what you’re going to say, Felicity boinking Ray, that’s what sucks. Maybe, on first glance, but here’s what really sucks for me. In the beginning, it was Felicity Oliver listened to. She shaped him, told him there was another way, and he listened. Pig headed, stubborn as a mule Oliver listened and not only listened, but took on board what she was saying and actually made changes in his life for the better. She was his partner, she was different to every other woman in his life. And they both knew it and that knowing it just continued to build and build…

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an introductory guide to misogyny, feminism, and misandry (and why you shouldn't get the first and the last confused with feminism):


  • women are lesser than men
  • women should be housewives 
  • women have to shave and be pleasing to us
  • men are better than women
  • men should rule the world


  • equality with men
  • same pay for the same job
  • if you wanna shave then be our guest if you don’t want to shave be our guest
  • wanna cut off all your hair? cool! wanna grow out your hair long and curl and style it every morning? go for it!
  • dresses? awesome! guys clothing? you’re lookin fab! wear anything you want!
  • makeup is cool but no makeup is the same level of cool as well
  • women would like to be respected in public and not be catcalled out on the street because it’s very rude and uncomfortable
  • also it would be nice not to afraid that if the unfortunate situation arises where a woman is raped that the victim is to blame because “her clothes were too revealing” 
  • women can do all the same jobs that men can and either be better or worse or the same at it, it’s all trial and error
  • boys being boys isn’t an excuse for anything
  • we would like a woman president that’d be cool
  • women like the idea of controlling their own bodies and would like to ask politicians to please stop making these decisions for us, it’s not very nice
  • better representation of women in film and media would also be awesome!
  • feminism is for everyone! not just women! wow!
  • pretty cool


  • women hate men!
  • men suck!
  • men can go die
  • women should rule the world
  • down with men down with men
  • (commonly confused with feminism)

imperatorsapphiosa  asked:

Re: femininity without coming out Tight jeans, leather jackets, combat boots, cargo pants. Pea coats and women's cut sweaters aren't obvious but feel feminine. A lot of "punk" styles are really androgynous, so they can feel feminine and still be downplayed to family. Also I've found they're easier to pull off for male-assigned peeps. Depending on how you feel about lying/truth-bending, you could always say that female friends did nails and the like. Cute and easily covered.

Ren says:

Hope it’s okay if I offer my own two cents here?

A thing that has helped many trans lady friends of mine is clear nail polish. It’s still shiny and pretty and the act of taking care of your nails/toenails is feminine and validating in itself? But at the same time, people aren’t likely to notice or call you on it!

Also, lip gloss that’s close to your natural shade or even chapstick. (Even something as simple as foundation can be really nice.) And things that smell nice! Doesn’t have to be perfume!

Alllllllso, wearing stuff under your clothes is kind of awesome. Like, if you can get your hands on lingerie, lace and polka dots can be surprisingly validating, and I’ve heard pretty good things about lingerie-store employees and trans women, especially at Victoria’s Secret!