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Ok so i just read every single sprace fanfiction youve written and theyre all SO GOOD so i was wondering if you could do a different soulmates au the one where any mark on your soulmates skin shows up on yours and race keeps writing in italian and spot is both confused and mad because he thinks race lives in italy possibly maybe ok bye love your writing !!

This took forever but I hope you like it ^.^

Shared soulmate marks could be a blessing or a curse. For Davey, they had meant paint streaks up and down his arms that he couldn’t wash off. For Jack, they’d meant equations and formulae inked neatly across the back of his hand, and reminders about endless clubs and societies. They never asked each other to change, even after they’d met.

For Spot, it meant lines and lines of Italian that he was terrified to translate. For Spot’s soulmate, whoever they were, it meant a tattoo at the base of their neck that Spot had gotten as an act of protest against the whole soulmate thing. Nothing on his skin would ever be just his and he hated it so, despite the stigma around getting tattoos without your soulmate’s consent, he had the Brooklyn Bridge, all wires and harsh lines, on the back of one of his shoulders. At least it would make it easy to identify his soulmate, if that moment ever happened.

Italy was a long way away. The thought occurred to Spot every time he looked down and saw new writing on his arm. It was always in Italian and pretty frequent and all him could think when he saw it was what if I never meet them. He had an uneasy relationship with the idea of soulmates, but he’d seen how happy Jack was when he’d met Davey. Yeah, it was a little creepy and invasive that someone else shared every mark on his skin, but what if that person was really who he was meant to be with. Only they didn’t speak English, apparently.

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what if hux is actually tatted the fuck up and he keeps it all below his collar so no one knows. and kylo either finds out cuz something happened and his uniform is torn or he has to take it off OR it's when they start fucking. either way i just like the idea of hux having a lot of tattoos. i hope you have a great day !!

I LOVE the idea of tattooed hux too!

like, he’s got a heart with a blaster going through it with ‘mother’ written on it on his bicep, the First Order symbol on his hip, ancient Arkanian words about intelligence & wit written on his back, a compass mural as a sleeve on his arm, a skeleton on one calve and a dragon-like beast on his other leg, intricate patterns of flowers and a famous starship on his thighs, 2 mirrored laurel leaves across his collarbones, ‘find what you love and let it kill you’ on his ribs & he’ll eventually get 'Ren’ & Kylo’s helmet over his heart 💕

Tattoo Artist!Jungkook

And now it is time for tattoo artist!Jungkook, I have done a piercer!kook before but I’m going to change a few things and of course piercing and tattooing are two different jobs (but I love both)

  • Now this is a concept I love
  • Jungkook has expressed interest in tattoos and he’s a great artist so I feel like this just goes so well with him
  • He would have a sleeve on his left arm tbh
  • Each and every lil tattoo would have meaning to him, he never got one just to have it
  • Okay but can we take a minute to appreciate the thought of Jungkook’s arms with some tats
  • He’d have plenty of other tattoos scattered around his body, a few on his other arm and a few that were typically hidden unless his shirt was too baggy and slipped down a bit
  • He’d also have a few piercings, as I mentioned in the piercing AU
  • To sum it up, he’d have a lip piercing (spider bites bc y e s) a lil eyebrow piercing, a septum piercing and of course his ears would have a few
  • Okay but remember when he had that dark blonde hair for like 1.3 seconds yeah that’d be his hair (it’s one of my favorite looks on kook tbh)
  • Its f or e v er messy like he doesn’t even bother fixing it or styling it in the morning anymore bc he always ends up running his fingers through it when he’s sketching something
  • His shop would be so nice though
  • He’d only have a few other artists there, his closest friends from college that had been in all of his classes
  • When he had told them he was opening a tattoo shop, they were kinda just like ight we’ll work with you before he could even ask
  • The music would always be chill like Zion. T or Crush
  • While kook was sketching a tattoo for a client, you could often hear him humming along to the music or sometimes mumbling the lyrics
  • You were a regular since one of his artists was a close friend of yours
  • You’d been going there for tattoos since the shop had opened but it wasn’t until your last visit that you’d gotten to have a tattoo done by Jungkook
  • He had lowkey always had a crush on you but you two never had too much interaction despite the polite hellos or the friendly hugs when you saw each other
  • Your mutual friend would always talk about you with kook (he’d also talk about kook with you bc he was trying to get you together)
  • You had technically scheduled the tattoo with your friend but an “accident” in scheduling had lined you up with kook
  • You couldn’t say you were mad bc I mean have you ever seen Jungkook he is n i c e
  • You had seen his work before and you had to admit it was just as nice as he was so you kinda just went along with it
  • He had been just as polite as he always was and he’d kept it professional until you two started talking about the tattoo you wanted
  • That’s when the lowkey flirting started up
  • “Has anyone ever told you have soft hands? I could hold them all day”
  • “I think this tat will look great on you, it’ll enhance your beauty”
  • “We should really talk more, I want to get to know you better”
  • By the time the tattoo was finished, he had a date scheduled for Sunday
  • You two started dating shortly after the tattoo appointment and within a month, you two were officially together
  • You would stop by the shop after school everyday to visit him and your friend
  • He was still shy with PDA but he made sure to always greet you with at least a kiss on the cheek
  • Your friend would just be so smug and :) whenever he saw you two together bc yep that was all his work
  • You would often join him when he was working on some designs of his own and give him your honest opinion
  • You two became known amongst the regulars bc you were adorable together and your friend was forever bragging about how he’d gotten you two together
  • He was still getting used to being called your boyfriend but he did highkey love it when people called him that
  • Basically tattoo artist!kook is just a total cutie with a tattooed exterior who’s kinda head over heels for you


Plus I don’t think I’ve ever actually posted a picture of my outfit. WOOO

Boa Hancock + Snake face tattoo

“Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgiastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that's no matter― tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther.... And one fine morning― So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

Now seemed like as a good a time as any. Actually, I have had this for 15 days and it feels like it has always been.

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what lyrics; from ALL their songs ( bsides, rarity..) , you think would make a great tattoo? (I know tattoos are usually personal, but I would really like to see your choices

Mmh so I guess it has to be very short. :3 I don’t know if it would make a great tattoo but these are my choices:

- “My song is love”, “You don’t have to be on your own” (A Message)

- “You came along and you cut me loose” (Amsterdam)

- “Carry your world” (Atlas)

- “We’ll run wild, we’ll be glowing in the dark” (Charlie Brown)

- “Am I a part of the cure or am I a part of the disease” (Clocks)

- “Nothing matters except life and the love you make” (Crests of Waves)

- “So come over, just be patient and don’t worry”, “I don’t want to follow death and all his friends” (DAAHF)

- “We live in a beautiful world” (Don’t Panic)

- “I’d rather be a comma than a full stop” (ETIAW)

- “Lights will guide you home” “If you never try, you’ll never know” (Fix You)

- “Gravity release me” (Life in Technicolor ii)

- “Just because I’m losing doesn’t mean i’m lost” (Lost!)

- “Leave a light, a light on” (Midnight)

- “Fly on”, “Maybe one day, I’ll fly next to you” (O)

- “Got to find yourself alone in this world” (Oceans)

- “Life goes on, it gets so heavy” (Paradise)

- “Give me love over this”, “Open up your eyes” (Politik)

- “It’s such a perfect day” (Strawberry Swing)

- “Are you lost or incomplete?” (Talk)

- “We lie awake and we dream of making our escape” (The Escapist)

- “Nobody said it was easy”, “I’m going back to the start” (The Scientist)

- “Good things are coming our way” (Up With the Birds)

- “Through chaos as it swirls, it’s us against the world”, “So whatever you do, don’t let go” (Us Against The World)

- “When the truth is, I miss you” (Warning Sign)

- “We never change, do we?” (We Never Change)

- “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, “For you I’d bleed myself dry” “Your skin and bones turn into something beautiful” (Yellow)

Then there are also the song titles like: 42, A Rush of Blood to the Head, Bigger Stronger, Death Will Never Conquer, Don’t Let It Break Your Heart, Don’t Panic, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, Everything’s Not Lost, Green eyes, Life is for Living, O (like Chris), See You Soon, Swallowed in the Sea, Paradise, Up in Flames, Up with the Birds, Us Against the World, Viva la Vida, We Never Change, What If, X&Y…


Bonus: “Got a tattoo and the pain’s alriiiiiight” (Ink)

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would u ever write the soulmate tattoo thing? Just wondered because that would be rad. have a great day!

I don’t know, Nonny. I feel like the soulmate tattoo thing is kind of done, you know? There are a ton of really, really great ones out there (sarahyyy’s vocal ink comes to mind, and I’ve been reading StrawberryBubbles’ Words Never Spoken, where Grantaire is deaf and Enjolras doesn’t have a tattoo [hmm, I wonder why…]).

So if I did write something, I’d have to find a new story to tell, one that hasn’t been done, and honestly probably not one that involves E/R since between the headcanons and the fics and all the other wonderful things produced, I don’t think I can find something new.

There are other potential stories to tell…

Cosette, for instance, who wonders if the nuns she grew up with have soulmate tattoos. She finds out they do when she sees “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen” circling Sister Margaret’s wrist. When she asks the sister, Sister Margaret tells her that she realized God was more important than a soulmate, and that she finds the same completeness in God. Cosette lies awake that night wondering if the “I finally found you” scrawled across her hip will bring that kind of completeness.

Or Valjean, tattooed with no words but five numbers, who freezes when he hears those numbers uttered in that gravely baritone, because why here? How, in this place, could he find his soulmate, and how could his soulmate possibly be that man? (For in prison, he’s not yet learned that love can still exist in the darkest places.)

Joly, whose tattoo appears on his tongue, of all places — “Now it makes sense.” Now what makes sense? He tries to forget about it, which is fairly easy, since it’s on his tongue, but then he asks a stranger on the bus one day when he’s not feeling well if his tongue looks odd, and hears those words repeated with a laugh, because Bossuet always figured it was just his luck he wound up with, “Excuse me, sir, do you mind looking at my tongue?” tattooed across his ass.

Jehan, kicked out of his parent’s very Catholic household because “FUCK” appears in big, block letters along his collarbone. It ends up being for the best anyway, since if not for that, they would’ve kicked him out because the fuck is uttered by a guy, a big, muscley dude who wears his “Actually, I think your flower crown is very handsome” tattoo proudly, and who follows up his exclaimed fuck with, “I’m Bahorel, by the way.”

Feuilly, whose tattoo is in Polish (“miło mi”), who spends every waking moment not at one of his three jobs trying to learn the language. His new neighbor moves in and yes, turns out she’s from Poland, and when he enthusiastically answers, “Uczę się polskiego dla kiedy cię poznałem”, she laughs and says she’s grateful to learn that the grammatically incorrect (or at least bizarrely-worded) statement tattooed on her was supposed to be like that.

Combeferre, who only makes it through his awkward puberty years, through his braces and thick glasses and acne, because of the words “You must be Enjolras’s hot doctor friend” tattooed against his ribs and the hope that they give that maybe it does get better. Courfeyrac, who dreams of what kind of person will utter the words “Yes to the friend part, though the hotness is subjective” wrapped around his calf (but he could never imagine the wry way that Combeferre pushes his glasses up his nose to look at Courfeyrac with a smirk when he utters that phrase).

And Enjolras, with “Holy fucking shit” in a rough cursive on his wrist, who chalks his soulmate up to some shallow person like the rich boys and girls his parents throw at him as he’s growing up (some who have uttered those self-same words upon seeing him), someone who only cares about his looks, who is unsurprised when they’re the first words Grantaire says to him, but is surprised when they’re followed by “You might be the most delusional man I’ve ever met.” Enjolras spends so much time eviscerating that statement that he doesn’t even realize what was said (Grantaire does, though, the words “I hardly think I’m delusional for wanting to change the world” seeming to sear against his skin when Enjolras says them in that cold tone), and it takes three dates — er, well, meetings to discuss Grantaire’s views — before Enjolras realizes — and by that point, Grantaire’s basically assumed that Enjolras may be his soulmate, but he must not be Enjolras’s. Naturally three more weeks of sexual tension and angst ensues until after a Les Amis meeting, Courfeyrac lets out a noise like a wounded hippo at the way the two are avoiding each other and locks them in the broom closet until they work something out.