a great jazz story of love

here’s the thing: I liked la la land. It was a cute movie. the dancing was fun. cinematography wise? breathtaking

but you know what really, really bothered me while I was watching it?

all of the diversity in the background

they’re in LA. there’s men and women of every color dancing and singing in the opening number. it really reflects how diverse and wonderful LA really is!

and then the story begins and we zoom in on… two white people falling in love

one of whom is obsessed with preserving Jazz as a musical genre

look me in the eyes and TELL ME WHY a white actor had to play that role

Jazz has DISTINCTLY black roots

we could have had an interracial couple

HELL, we could have had a struggling black musician and a struggling black actress trying to get her big break

and it sucks because while I DO love Gosling and Stone and they did a great job

all I can do is look at the movie and feel the POTENTIAL that it had, had they casted their leads differently

so yeah it bothers me when they act like la la land was “such a feat” and they were “worried it wouldn’t have an audience” when like… come on. two well known white leads falling in love. gimme a break.

-The Most Interesting Stories Aren’t Always Action-

Here​ ​is​ ​a​ ​list​ ​of​ ​a​ ​few​ ​of​ ​my​ ​favorite​ ​engaging​ ​stories​ ​with​ ​a​ ​little​ ​less​ ​action.

Shouwa​ ​Genroku​ ​Rakugo​ ​Shinju​​ ​​-Drama- Shouwa​ ​Genroku​ ​Rakugo​ ​Shinju​ ​keeps​ ​me​ ​so​ ​invested​ ​in​ ​the​ ​story​ ​at​ ​all​ ​time,​ ​with​ ​loveable characters,​ ​just​ ​enough​ ​drama,​ ​great​ ​music,​ ​and​ ​well​ ​directed​ ​scenes,​ ​it​ ​proves​ ​it​ ​doesn’t​ ​take an​ ​action​ ​packed​ ​fight​ ​to​ ​make​ ​your​ ​heart​ ​race.

Sakamichi No Apollon -Drama-
Maybe my opinion is slightly biased because of my love for jazz, but the way sakamichi no apollon explores romance, music, and the everyday drama and lives of these characters, had me hooked from episode one.

Beast Player Erin -Fantasy-
Now technically there is a bit of action in this series. BUT I would argue that the majority of the series is a coming of age/political story, with love both familial and romantic, and a touching story about the relationship between a girl and a magical beast, i’d say it’s worth a watch.

Mushi-shi -Fantasy-
Mushi-shi is a great story for those who enjoy the feeling of exploring in a world of fantasy. As it follows a man wandering the world following rumors of possible mushi, and helping others, you’ll find yourself sucked deep into a well built fantasy world with background music that you only WISH you had IRL.

Ristorante Paradiso -Romance-
This one is a little different from most others on this list, the story revolves around a woman off to find her mother and the man she left to marry. She finds herself uprooting into a new life working in the strange restaurant her mother and secret stepfather run, making friends, and falling in love, all the while no one knows she’s even her daughter.

House Of Five Leaves -historical drama-
This show has great characters and unique art and atmosphere that set it apart from other shows instantly. And if you’ve ever wondered “what would a show about samurai be like without all the actiony fights all the time?” this show answers that question.

Sora No Woto -Military-
Though it’s a military show, it rarely ever has all that much action. The show IMO focuses a lot on themes of hope in times of war, showing how it affects the people involved. It also focuses a lot on characters overcoming their problems and building relationships with one another in a kind of bittersweet way.

Hozuki no reitetsu -Comedy-
It felt to me like a good idea to throw in a nice comedy at the end of a list with so many bittersweet titles. Hoozuki focuses on “life” and Business in hell, with a dark and sometimes dry adult sense of humor, in a strange slice of life setting i found this show to be an enjoyable and a relaxing watch.

This is Beverly Carole
Back story: She lost her creator/mother when she was 17. Her mother was murdered by a rival artist and left her homeless. Taking the deed to her mother’s art and lives on the streets.
Has strawberry blonde fur with green eyes.
She loved to draw and loved seeing the world. Has a locket under her clothes that also has a cross on it since she has faith. The locket has a picture of her mother then a picture of her with her mom.
She’s just trying to find her purpose in life and sells sketches to make some cash. She longs for a place to call home and even have a family, but hey not all dreams come true.
Personality: she’s pretty chill, cautious around those she doesn’t know but is friendly when she gets to know then. She adores children and is often helping kids on the street when she travels. The only exception to her being cautious is of someone is actually hurt. She despises killers and murderers due to her mother being killed. Also hated greedy people as well as cold people (she might not like Donald of she met him)
She is now 21, tries not to smoke around kids and loved cooking when she can. She had a sailor’s mouth when in raged. But if you gain her trust, she’s a loyal bunny. Has 2 beauty makes by her right eye and is curvy with a C-D cup chest.
Loves jazz. And sometimes sings a lullaby to kids.
(in my other story she likes oswald but it’s up to ya. Might color her later and have more about her.)

art by furrehfrenzeh

  • response:

lol “hates donald”; that’s a new XD

she’s great thanks

also it’s ok if she has a thing for ozzy, I just said that the main cast most likely wont fall for the ocs, the other way around is fine

she better run from the bends tho, he’s all about that bass B-)

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hey! I love pining too.. but more so from Draco's side, I love Draco head over heels not being able to contain himself just seeing Harry. Also I need a happy-ending. Any good fics in mind?

Hey! Yes I do! Pining!Draco is another of my faves. (Here’s the Pining!Harry companion list in case anyone has missed out on that one.) @jaloesie

Drarry + pining!Draco fic recs

And Back Again (Where You Belong) by eidheann (15k)
He thought back on their previous handshakes, and smiled faintly at the fact they always seemed to mean so much more to him than they did to Potter.
(This is so wonderfully angsty, the pining is just lovely, it really hurt me. Poor Draco gets his heart broken, and mine breaks along with his. So good.)

The Light More Beautiful by firethesound (81k)
Thirteen years after Draco accepts Potter’s help escaping the horror of his sixth year, he returns to England where he makes the unfortunate discovery that Potter is still as obnoxious as ever. And worse, more than a decade overseas hasn’t been enough to dim Draco’s obsession with him.
(Oh wow, the pining in this one! Draco’s been in love with Harry for SO many years and he just can’t stop. It hurts so good. Amazing, amazing fic.)

On A Clear Day by Sara’s Girl (41k)
Draco Malfoy is waiting for his real life to begin, and it appears that he’s not the only one. Coffee, charity, and the wisdom of the elderly.
(This is suuch a lovely fic! Draco starts to visit hermit!Harry and falls hopelessly in love with him, the pining is exquisite, and the writing is just excellent.)

Whoo Knew? by oceaxe (18k)
Despite having had a crush on his Auror partner for years, Draco’s been biding his time and waiting for the perfect opportunity to make his case. But when Harry subscribes to a new wizarding personals service, Draco gets a wake-up call. With new each message that arrives for Harry from a hopeful suitor, it becomes more and more clear that the time to act has arrived.
(AAGH this is such great pining, Draco is hurtinggg and Harry has no idea. At the same time, this fic is also has a bunch of really funny moments. Love it!)

Stories in E Minor by huldrejenta (8.7k)
Draco has found his place in the Muggle world. He’s got his music, he’s got his neighbours and he is content. Until a certain someone from the past enters his life again.
(Beautiful writing! I love jazz musician!Draco and he’s pining so hard over Harry, it hurts. He never expects to get more than one night with him..)

All Life is Yours to Miss by Sara’s Girl (114k)
Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.
(I love this fic, Draco’s journey and development in it is the kind of thing I live for. He falls so hard for Harry, but is convinced Harry will hate him.)

Chaos Theory by Brief_and_Dreamy (43k)
When an ancient spell book is discovered in an abandoned vault, Harry–a Curse-Breaker–and Draco–an Unspeakable–are called in to examine it. Draco does everything in his power to resist Potter’s advances, despite his growing crush. Potter just wants sex, he assumes, and Draco doesn’t want to be used. He discovers, however, that some things aren’t within our power to control.
(I feel so protective over Draco in this fic, “soft vines of longing curled around his heart”, first pain, then pining pining pining, and then SWEETNESS.)

Weeds or Wildflowers by lumosed_quill (17k)
A perfect match, a romance for the ages, with a one hundred percent success rate! Magic Match claims they can give Draco all of this. So why do they keep sending him on dates with Harry Potter?
(This fic is absolutely hilarious. I love the writing, Draco is so outraged while he’s secretly pining so hard. Exactly the kind of fic I love to read.)

Examples of Dead Fandoms, Part Two

Go here to read part one.

Let me reiterate something I said before: I actually don’t want to be right about any of these fandoms being dead. It always makes me sad when people lose passion for something, and something worthwhile goes unread or unseen.

The Pulp Heroes (the Shadow, Doc Savage, etc.)

The Shadow was the first and most famous of the larger than life magazine heroes, mostly published by Street & Smith, who came out during the Great Depression. They weren’t superheroes, exactly…but they were too uncanny, too bigger than life, their adventures too bizarre and fantastical, to be typical adventurers or detective heroes in the usual sense…they were in the same ballpark as Tarzan or Zorro, a kind of “transitional fossil” between grounded detective and adventure characters, and the later far out superheroes. 

I realized the reach these novels had in their own time when I heard this amazing story about none other than jazz great Thelonious Monk: he was obsessed with Doc Savage magazine. When he performed, the jazz man sometimes had a Doc Savage magazine rolled up in his coat. I have a hard time imagining that!

The reason the pulp heroes went away and stopped having pop cultural cache is simple: the audience for it went away. You have to remember that pulp hero stories were always a composite genre, meant to appeal to two audiences simultaneously: kids, who loved action and fantasy and heroism, and working class men, who also love action, but who also loved lurid mystery and gore. To appeal to working class men, there were always way more hints of blood, gunplay, dread/terror, and sex, but because kids also read these, it was all very subdued. If you realize that pulp heroes were meant to appeal to these two very different audiences with conflicting desires, the question isn’t why the pulp heroes went away, but rather, why they lasted as long as they did. 

What took the kid audience away from the hero pulps could be summarized in two words: superhero comics. Sales on pulps fell every year when they had to compete with comics, and the history of the pulp heroes in the 1940s is defined by their reaction to the challenge of comics, a little like the history of movies when they had to compete with television. 

There were three big reactions to comics in the 1940s from the pulp magazines: 

  1. They dissed comics. This reminds me of the 50s movies that called television “the idiot’s lantern.” The best example of this I can find is the Doc Savage mystery, The Whisker of Hercules. By all accounts, Doc Savage author Lester Dent hated, hated, hated comic superheroes, particularly Superman, who exaggerated the traits of his own heroes beyond what he felt an audience would believe. Whisker of Hercules is a novel where Doc finds criminals who who take a potion that turns them into Superman, gives them superstrength, the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and the ability to move at superspeed, but in the end, they are ultimately bested by Doc Savage, who outsmarts them and reveals the Whisker of Hercules ages them to death. Lester Dent, you see, felt superhero comics were a passing fad without staying power.
  2. They created characters that were both in pulp magazines and in comics as well. An example of this would be Ka-Zar and Sheena, who was in both comics and pulp magazines simultaneously. Today, we’d call them “multimedia properties.”
  3. They created far-out pulp heroes that were aimed at a kid audience to lure kids back to magazines. The best example of this is Edmond Hamilton’s Captain Future, which was a pulp hero who was extremely kid-friendly, with robot sidekicks and a cute mouse pet, and a base on the Moon. 

While the kids who read pulp heroes were lured away by comics, the working class men were pulled away by a new invention: the “men’s adventure” paperback novel, which could have explicit sex and violence. James Bond (Casino Royale was first published in 1954) was more typical of the paperback heroes, as was gun-toting Mack Bolan the Executioner, a special forces guy who came back from Vietnam to find his family killed by the mafia, and who declares war on the mob with his special forces training and arsenal of firearms (he also directly inspired a certain Marvel Comics character you might be familiar with). 

Just like almost all pop music is either Beatles or Stones inspired, nearly all men’s adventure heroes are some variation of either James Bond or Mack Bolan. This leads us to today, where men’s adventure novels are either porn, or gun porn. If you’ve read this blog long enough, you can probably guess which one I like better.

Here’s another thing to consider when wondering why the pulp heroes went away. The Shadow, Doc Savage, the Spider, are really only a few years older than the superheroes. They were not separated by a geologic age, the way many histories lead you to believe: they came out in the same decade as each other. Doc Savage came out in 1933, and Superman came out in 1938, which is not really that much time difference at all. The difference may be that there is a publishing company (DC Comics) that views Superman and Batman as essential to their identity and that keeps them alive for that reason, whereas no company does that for the pulp characters. In fact, there was even some dispute early this century as to whether the Street & Smith characters fell into the public domain. 

Original Battlestar Galactica

I used to post old cosplay pics, and my gosh, were there ever a lot of OBSG images. The actor who played Boomer was a regular at early science fiction conventions (there was a time when it was considered unusual for celebrities to visit conventions), and when a new BSG show was announced in 2003 (believe it or not, there was once a time that a hard reboot of an old scifi property was rare), it led to one of the all-time biggest nerdrages in nerd history.

I hesitate to say this, but part of the reason that Star Trek and the Next Generation are discovered decades later by new fans is because they really are good shows, and OBSG is…well, it’s a challenge for a new person, with fresh eyes, to see just what got everyone so excited in 1978. The reason why BSG was a big deal is clear: most people who are fans of it are fans because they watched the show when they were children, so it’s imprinted in their minds (rather like 90s kids and “Saved by the Bell” or “Power Rangers”). OSBG fandom isn’t growing for the same reason that “Saved by the Bell” fans aren’t growing: it’s a product of hormones and nostalgia, you “had to be there” to get it. 

To me, this explains perfectly why people went ballistic when a BSG reboot was announced back in the stone age, 2002. For one, the concept of a reboot was so new that I remember I heard people wonder if this means their favorite characters from the original were dead now. More importantly, though, this is a fandom with a few core people who remember BSG from when they were kids, and therefore have strong feelings about why it works and doesn’t work. 

Prince Valiant

Here’s a test to determine if a fandom is dead: if a movie adaptation royally screws everything about it up, would people get angry and yelly and passionate? Remember how people got death threats over the M. Knight Shyamalan Last Airbender? Well, in the case of Prince Valiant, I don’t think anybody would actually care. This is surprising, because for years, when people thought of comics, they thought of Prince Valiant: he was emblematic of an entire medium. Years before the prestige of Maus, Persepolis, and the “graphic novel,” it was the one comic that was classy, that adults were alright reading. 

Why is it no longer popular? Well, copy and paste everything I said on Dick Tracy about newspaper comics here. But also, if you ever run into someone who really loved Prince Valiant back in the day, ask them why they liked it. The answer should be incredibly telling. Most likely, they’ll tell you they loved the beautiful art, that they loved the great style of Hal Foster’s godlike pen. They loved the sweep of the story and the epic feel. 

Here’s what they won’t say if you ask them: they probably won’t say they liked the characters. (I can’t think of one adjective to describe Prince Valiant’s personality - he totally fails the RedLetterMedia test). They won’t remember any moment that made them cry or made them feel a rush of triumph.

I swear, it is not my intention to be a hater and drink some haterade. That’s really not in my nature, because I am a positive person. The whole point of this blog is for me to share cool old stuff I love - negativity has no place here. But there’s a dishonesty, a willful obtuseness, in trying to understand why Prince Valiant stopped being a phenomenon, and not realizing that Prince Valiant is beautiful looking, but it doesn’t give us the things about stories that “stick to our ribs” and make it stand the test of time: great characters and memorable, earned moments. Praising a comic for having beautiful art is like praising a movie for the great special effects. You don’t want the one thing people to remember about your hero to be a haircut. 

John Carter of Mars

The fandom for John Carter of Mars is a little like Barsoom itself without the Atmosphere Factory and water pumped from the depths of Omean: dead.

To the modern eye, one of the weirdest parts of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series is the 3 minute digression in the episode on Mars where Sagan starts talking about how he was the hugest John Carter of Mars fanboy ever, and how he dreamed of rescuing beautiful women in gallant swordfights on thoatback, with his fanboy narration intercut with shots of Frazetta and Michael Whelan cover art. This really happened. And this was typical of the kind of passion that John Carter of Mars inspired that you don’t see much of today. It’s so easy to blame the tanking of the movie adaptation, but the movie failing was a symptom, not a cause, of the fact there was no hungry audience to receive it.

Sagan was a huge John Carter fan: his car had a “BARSOOM” vanity license plate, and he wasn’t alone: without hesitation, I would say that Edgar Rice Burroughs was the most important and influential scifi writer of the first few decades of the 20th Century, so important that everyone defined themselves as either Burroughs-like (Leigh Brackett, for instance) or rejected the tropes ERB created (see: Stanley G. Weinbaum). John Carter of Mars didn’t inspire Star Wars. Instead, he inspired the things that inspired Star Wars (e.g. Flash Gordon). Edgar Rice Burroughs, not Faulkner, not Hemmingway, was the best selling novelist of the 1920s. 

Remember the last time I did this, and I was sincerely baffled why the Tripods novels have not had a revival? Well, when I got to John Carter of Mars, the answer came to me: the reason is that this work was so influential, so ubiquitous, that it has been strip-mined of creative power by imitators to the point that very little about it seems original anymore. Tripods, if it came out now, would just look like a Hunger Games rip-off despite the fact that if anything, it’s the other way around. The problem with John Carter of Mars is exactly the same: remember how the response to the trailer to the film adaptation was that this was Avatar Goes to Attack of the Clones? When, actually, Avatar and others got a lot from the Barsoom books. In other words, because John Carter was influential enough to create cliches, paradoxically, it is now seen as cliche.


The Ghostbusters reboot had a big, big problem: it’s a remake of a movie that’s an untouchable classic, like Back to the Future. Any remake would inevitably be compared to the original and suffer in the comparison. Well, here’s one movie you could probably remake with a gender swap hero: Highlander. It’s not Back to the Future, Jaws, or Terminator; this isn’t a movie people can quote every line from. People know of Highlander, sure…people know things like the Queen song, “there can be only one,” electric swordfighting, etc, but people don’t actually care that much. People won’t go ballistic. Highlander is a remaker’s dream: it has enough name recognition to get sold and made, but it doesn’t have a legion of nitpicking nerd fans to second guess everything and treat the original like gospel.

Highlander used to be kind of a big deal: it had not one but two tv shows, and it had three movie sequels. Just like “Wild Wild West” was steampunk a couple decades before that term existed, Highlander was “urban fantasy” before that term existed. Because of the themes of urban fantasy and tragic romance, it always had a strong female fandom, and there’s no understanding Highlander without understanding that it was kind of the Supernatural of its day: theoretically, with its swordfighting and cool powers, it was trying to appeal to boys…but ended up building up a way bigger female audience instead. 

Posterity is really never kind to any fantasy property who’s audience is primarily women. Who, today, talks a lot about Gargoyles or Beauty and the Beast, for example, to pick two properties that used to have a strong fandom? The last one (B&B) is pretty amazing because it was created by two people immensely relevant to the zeitgeist of today: Ron Perlman (the Beast himself), and the show’s head writer and producer, a fellow by the name of George R.R. Martin. It could be just plain chauvinism over a “girl thing.” I don’t deny that plays a role, more likely, it could just be that scifi fans are immensely nerdy in a way fantasy fans aren’t, so they keep alive their favorite scifi artifacts. That, I think, is why we’re still talking about Terminator and not Highlander: Tolkien fans who write in Dwarf runes are a freakish exception. In general, fantasy fans are way less hardcore than scifi fans.

Magnus, Robot Fighter

Ever talk to any old gay nerds? They will usually tell you they realized they were hella gay because of three men: Robert Conrad in “Wild Wild West,” Ultra Boy from Legion of Super-Heroes, and Magnus, Robot Fighter.

Russ Manning’s Magnus, Robot Fighter may be one of the great subterranean sources of pop culture. Matt Groening admits that the aesthetics of this comic inspired a lot of Futurama. Magnus, Robot Fighter was such a nostalgia totem in the minds of the Baby Boom generation, on the level of the Mars Attacks! cards, that George Lucas, who was always very hands-off with supplementary material, personally requested Russ Manning come out of retirement to do the Star Wars daily comics.

Magnus, Robot Fighter is an interesting example of how comics only have cache and longevity long-term if they can successfully convert into other media formats. Comics are important, but comics are ephemeral. Superman is the king of comic characters, sure, but most people know about him because he made the leap from comics to radio, screen, and television. 

Magnus is all the more heartbreaking because he almost made the jump to a medium with durability - video games. Under circumstances too complex to relate here, Acclaim bought out all the Gold Key comic characters, and Magnus was generally considered to be the crown jewel of the lot. Because Magnus was too important an IP to screw up, and the development team was so inexperienced, Acclaim instead decided to make their first Gold Key game adaptation one of the minor guys, so if they blew it, no biggie: Turok, Dinosaur Hunter. The rest is history: Acclaim was so busy making sequels to the surprise hit Turok, Dinosaur Hunter they never got around to giving Magnus, Robot Fighter a game.

Part three is coming, so stay tuned. Believe it or not, I actually have a fandom from the past ten years on here! Can you think of any dead fandoms?

I just finished “call me beep me” and it’s honestly really great?? Like 80% of the story is in a texting format, yet the use of grammar & punctuation is a lot better than other fics I’ve read. mind the times thy’d buttdial/text in an incoherent matter lmao  And the vocab is spot-on??? And the depiction of characters and scenarios and all that jazz?? I’m definitely in love. 10/10 fic

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I'm curious, what's your top10 anime?

Ohhh it’s gonna be hard to make a ranking >0< *checking MAL*
I won’t count movies and oavs

Natsume Yuujinchou (all seasons, I’m just in love with this anime)

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (the 1st anime was great but this one is just so much better imo)

Sakamichi no Apollon (Watanabe + Yoko kanno for an anime about jazz? WELL EXCUSE ME I’M IN)

Haikyuu!! (just the best sport anime, it feels almost as intense than watching real sport xD)

Boku dake ga Inai machi (my crush anime of 2016, I’ve been drawn in by the gripping story and the style, and the genuine feelings from it)

Mushishi (like Natsume, an anime of atmosphere)

Yuri on ice (it made history *and I just love ice skating so much*)

Shingeki no Kyojin (the animation, the music, the characs, the story…and the pain xD)

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (…I needed a week to recover) 

Cowboy Bebop (well, it’s not culte for nothing)

ID #75904

Name: Hazel
Age: 20
Country: Canada

Hello there! My name is Hazel and I currently live in Alberta, Canada. I’ve always loved writing letters and sharing stories with those I meet.

I would prefer snail-mail since I have a great interest in stickers and art. I’ve also developed an interest in film photography. I would love to send you little gifts like pictures, friendship bracelets, tea, and anything else I can fit into an envelope.

I’m going into my 3rd year of music university and my major is voice performance. I love all kinds of music such as: jazz, r&b, kpop, jpop, rock, and classical music (anything really!). I hope that we can share our different interests with one another!

Preferences: I would love to meet people who are close or around my age (17-24). I’ve always wanted to make friends overseas, but I would love to meet people from Canada and USA. I’m hoping to find long term pen-pals who are also understanding and patient when times get busy. I will make sure to give you the same treatment.

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hey hey! I just found your Voltron Jazz AU. It is so beautiful and heartwarming. You did a great job and I love it so much. I just wondering if you are gonna continue it.. Thanx and have a nice day!

less likely that i will do another comic for the au considering how exhausting it is to create it. i’ll probably just plan some drawings/doodles that can still give off some kind of story to the au xd. 

hope you’ll have a nice day/night and thanks for droppin by  (☞ ᐛ )☞

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hey Andi I'm curious to know if you know anything about the new CN short, Villainous? and if you do, do you have any thoughts about it? oh, but if you don't know anything about it, it's got a super cute smiley boy with BIG SHARP TEETH, and he's got a fun, showcase kind of personality. i'm not one for analyzing plots and stuff so i don't kno what to tell u how it is story-wise, but the show has great characters like the one mentioned above. i hope u have a good one!!

Let me be honest: I am SUPER FREAKIN HEARTWARMED by the fact that you thought of telling me about this cartoon because that means you know my tastes 100000% and I am beyond touched by that!

And, to summarize my feelings on it: I like it! Makes me feel 14 again. Just reminds me about how much I LOOOOVE concepts centered around villains, morally-bankrupt main protagonists, mean humor, crazy teeth, I love all that jazz!

Though I will be honest, it is almost laughable how incredibly Tumblr DeviantArt Bait™ it is and yeah, it’s obvious this thing is gonna blow up and already has a la Undertale, but like I’m cool with it so long as people aren’t disrespectful nor overly-defensive of it (which lots of people already are, can you believe it????)

Basically: I really like it! Even when it’s stupid and try-hard (and I HAAAAAAAATE that Funimation Scene Girl and Bootleg Boskov), I like it!
BUT, for the love of SWEET PANCREAS, know that not everybody has to like it and don’t take criticisms / jokes / negative reviews at heart. 

Also: just the same, as overdone and edgy and baity and scene this show is… come on, guys. Some young kids really like this stuff. And it can inspire them to keep drawing and making more wild jazz that can develop their skills into something pretty epic. 


Request: “Hello!! I just saw your post so… may I request a possessive!newt x reader in the club (because queenie thought it was a good idea to loosen up at the bar on the weekend) when other men try to hit on you even though that time they weren’t a couple yet? And he denies that he loves you more than a friend should and he’s accidentally confesses after feeling bold from the alcohol? ((And that is the story of how reader became newt’s gf!))”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1455

Warnings: None

Originally posted by eddie-redfame

Newt placed an unsteady hand on the small of your back as he let you walk into the lively bar first. The dress you wore was low cut, and left much of the skin on your back exposed. It glittered in the bright moonlight, the sequin encrusted garment seeming as if it were alive and dancing on your skin. You smiled at Newt as he nervously glanced elsewhere, a soft pink hue coming to the top of his freckled cheeks.

For a normal weekend, the club was about three times as full as it would usually be, warranting a heightened temperature in the room from the mass body heat, and the strong stench of alcohol. You sighed, hoping that by the time you had consumed a couple of drinks you wouldn’t mind as much. You turned back to Newt, grasping his hand as you followed Queenie, Tina, and Jacob. He knew that it was only an innocent act, one that you had initiated in the hopes of not losing him in the large crowd, but he still felt as if his nerves were dancing under your delicate touch. After convincing some patrons, with great difficulty, Queenie acquired a free booth for all of you to sit down at.

Keep reading

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I freaking love your ship for me. Can I be greedy and get some headcannons for the losers club being in my short films? (Thank you so much you're such an engaging writer!!)

thank you so much!! omg. and hell yeah ofc!!

- they find it freakin’ awesome that you do short films and offer to help out with all of them straight away!

- they think you’re so talented and amazing

- stan not being the “on camera” type of person, he’ll help out with everything else though. costume, lighting, props, all that jazz

- mike being so freakin’ awesome at playing the hero of the story

- richie always wanting to be on camera

- richie wanting to put little things in the film that literally have nothing to do with the plot 

- “listen, Y/N, i think it will be great if we put the dog inside the-”, “richie, no”

- bev being a badass in all of your films, thats the good shit

- eddie will either be an extra, or maybe even the princess if there is one in one of your films

- ben being your camera guy, loves working behind the camera. great ideas for which camera angles/shots to use for each scene. he’s a natural

- bill just does whatever he can. he doesn’t mind being on camera. he’ll help around in any way he can

- when a film is done, (like editing, last minute touch ups, everything finishes) y’all go to your place to watch the whole thing

- all of you being so proud of yourselves 

- most of all, all the losers being proud of you

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do u have any voltage writer recs? I notices a few of the links on ur old rec list weren't working so idk if they moved accs or smth?

I think a few of them changed accounts/usernames. Here’s another list of some of my favorite writers:

Her headcanons are awesome! They always have a lot thought and detail put into them and can we talk about how quickly she writes them?! lol. Her writing is always fantastic! You could go to her masterpost and have a binge-reading session, haha :) I may or may not have done this several times lol.

The fanfics she writes are beautiful. They always tug at my heartstrings. Not too mention they’re long, it’s like reading an entire story in just a single post. Her vocabulary is great, too.

Definitely one of my favorite authors ever. She has the ability to put the little details into a fic without making it seem like every single little action is being put down. Reading one of her fics is never tedious. And her headcanons are all so diverse. Each character’s section in the headcanon has a different plot than the others. If that makes any sense, lol.

If you have not read her fics, you’re missing out. She is insanely creative, her diction is great, and when she creates a character, she creates a character, hehe. She puts such a personality to them that it feels like you’re listening to a real person tell a story about an experience they had. I envy her talent. :)

Her writing is great at stirring emotions. Her fluffy headcanons are adorable, the angsty ones actually make me reach for the nearest box of tissues, and overall they’re just a nice read. I love the language she uses. Very fluid and poetic. :)

She is one fantastic writer. Her stories keep you reading until the very end. She knows how to get your attention with her writing. I also love her NSFW fics. She has a lot of them, but they’re all different. I’m guilty of writing repetitive smut, but Jazz definitely doesn’t have that problem.

There you go! Some of my favorite authors! I hope you check them out! Thanks for the ask! <3

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there are definitely places in the U.S. for faeformers to exist outside of blending in as humans. my home for example sits on 100s of acres of forest and less than an hour away from 2 of the great lakes (which have their own legends too!). there's a joke that my home (not the town but the whole landmass) is often left off maps or labelled incorrectly bc it fades in and out of existance and so when it's here it's on maps and when it's not maps are made without it.

That’s seriously trippy!  :D :D :D

And you’re right.  There are plenty of places for faeformers to exist outside the hustle and bustle of the cities.  (The Great Lakes are where I picture a lot of my merformer headcanons tbh)  For every faeformer blending into normal society, there are probably about ten or so that prefer to slip through the cracks.

They make their homes in quiet, lonely places, far away from prying eyes.  There are faerie rings scattered through out the redwood forests of the northwest.  (Mischievous elves and stray sods will sometimes create strange symbols out in the corn fields of Indiana in lieu of a ring or toadstools.  It really messes with the local farmers.)   

Trolls and goblins who live in caves at the bottom of hot, dry canyons out in the desert and wait for the sun to go down before climbing out to stalk their prey.  Selkies who live off the California coast and protect their sea lion friends from hungry sharkformers.  Fossegrim who inhabit the Mississippi river and have picked up jazz from the river boat bands. Fierce and hungry wendigos that prey upon small Alaskan villages during the long, sunless months.  Kelpies that look like ordinary wild prairie horses, before carrying hapless mortals to drown.  Strange and unearthly swamp creatures that live in the Florida swamps and bayous that will help out lost travelers in exchange for a story… 


Heart Like Yours, original characters: The New York clique, part I.

Milo Harrington: Jackie’s boyfriend, she met him thanks to Donna and Eric in Madison, 1980. He’s an editor and journalist, works as the head editor of Rolling Stone Magazine and used to have properties from his grandfather’s chain of music stores, Lawrence Sound. He sold them all to Angie and Hyde. 

Born from a rich family, most his childhood was spend looking at the ground once his father died. His grandfather, ‘Old Lawrence’, emotionally and phisically abused him until he was old enough to leave the house. 

Althought good hearted and kind, Milo has a temper and resents his grandfather a lot. He tries his best to control that part of him, but when it comes to Lawrence, he finds it difficult to act against it; this makes Jackie believe he wanted Lawrence to die when the old man had a heart attack.

Like Hyde, Milo believes they could had been good friends if they had meet in different moments of their lives and not in love with the same woman. Their theory may be proven right or wrong in another story.

Jackie ultimately breaks up their engagement, but their affection for each other will remind. He went to the hospital to see Jackie once he was told about the accident, not telling anyone about his broken engagement that he is having problems to accept.

A part of him still wants to fix things with Jackie, but the most realistic part of him knows they are better away from the other in this way. Maybe one day they could be friends.

Even with this, Jackie will always have a soft spot and infinite tenderness for Milo, and vice versa. 


Isabella ‘Izzy’ Barnett: Hyde’s grandmother, who quickly accepted him as part of her family, is also a friend of Jackie’s once her grandson introduced both women during the november night when Jackie saw Hyde.

She invites Jackie to her birthday party to know her some more, since Izzy has felt curisoity about this girl thanks to all the times Hyde has talked about her. Izzy knows her grandson is in love with this girl and wishes he would let it go since she is marrying someone else.

Izzy is a strong person, with a sweet voice and great humor. She’s brilliant and was a showgirl while younger. She married WB’s father, whose name was also Steven, at a very young age and re-married almost fifteen years after his death. She still ownes Steven Barnett’s jazz club in New York.

Her love for music also made her bond deeper with Hyde, and every time someone believes his name comes from her late husband, none does anything to correct it, even when it was just a coincidence. Hyde feels like taking this new story as true, makes him likes his name a little better now that Jackie is not calling him that.

Izzy has a great love for Hyde and Angie, she would do anything for her grandchildren, and is waiting for one of them to give her great grandchildren.

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Hotgomery for the ship thing? (If you still want to do it!)

Yes, I do… Srsly, I could do a ton of these if I could :}


Who was the one to propose?

~Billie. It was so bittersweet because of course Nora wanted to marry her more than anything but the fact that she was dead and the other was alive posed as an obstacle. Billie just cupped her face in her hands and tilted her chin so their eyes met, and whispered, “As long as the love between us beats strong, nothing can ever keep us apart,” or something along those lines because Billie’s poetic af. 

Who stressed more over wedding planning?

~Nora. She’s a stickler for perfection. In regards to the vows, there was talk over the whole “‘til death do us part” thing and how in their case, that was not true aT ALL. (As long as Billie died in Murder House territory) But there was also the matter of where they would hold the ceremony because the house could only provide so much space and the other ghosts who lived there weren’t always in the cooperative mood. Nora kept roaming the hallways, occasionally muttering complaints like, “This is all wrong…oh dear,Tate! It’s a wedding, not a funeral. Keep the black roses to a minimum please. And what a tragedy, the wood of this coffee table does not match with the chestnut. Goodness gracious, these table cloths for the reception will not do.” Billie always helps calm her down though. She’ll hug her from behind and nuzzle her neck, saying, “Sweetheart, if the house’s interior decorating is that hideous to you, we can wait until Halloween to tie the knot in a real setting.” Nora sighs in relief, “Oh thank goodness. I mean, a wedding? Here? What an awful idea.”

Who decorated the house?

~Nora, no doubt. But because of the horrible taste of new residents, unnecessary renovations ordered by Marcy, and fucking Chad and Patrick, Nora’s desire to punch a Tiffany-stained glass fixture has doubled significantly.

Who does the cooking?

~BILLIE. Nora shudders at the simplest thought of the microwave and that repulsive pasta arm. Billie tried teaching her how to use some of the modern devices once but the poor thing shrieked bloody murder when Violet’s hot pocket beeped ready. (Hey, she happened to wander in the kitchen at night and right when she thought she was alone and minding her own business, that little fucker beeps) 
“Baby, it’s a microwave oven,” Billie laughs.
“It’s an abomination, I tell you.”

Who is more organized?

~Nora. Not that Billie isn’t but Nora likes things around her house to stay neat.

Who initiates bedroom fun?

~Billie. Whether it’s peppering kisses on the ghost’s neck or running gentle hands over Nora’s skin, she loves making her feel loved as much as possible.  

Who suggested kids first?

~I’m sure this is a given ;)

Though Nora will never be over her little boy, Thaddeus, Billie is always there to comfort her and wipe the tears away.

Who’s more dominant?

~They’re both very strong-willed women so it’s all a matter of taking turns, in and out of the bedroom.

Who’s the cuddler?

~Nora. She enjoys cuddling and being cuddled back; Billie’s warmth makes her heart swell in a way it never has. Plus, she barely experienced this kind of affection with Charles, who was too busy feeding his Frankenstein complex down in the basement.

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon?

~This relationship is all about giving and receiving so they take turns on who spoons the other as well. But Nora really loves having Billie’s arms around her so she’s the little spoon very often.

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity?

~Talking. Oh my goodness, being from different time periods, they enjoy sitting or cuddling in front of a fireplace or the couch and telling each other stories. Nora shyly admits that she went through a flapper phase sometime during her teens and how she collected records from all the great jazz musicians from the 20′s in her youth which all happened before she got married to Charles and moved to California. Billie would tell her about her first paranormal experience with the Mexican ghost appearing to her and all. She’d also tell her about that bitch she wanted to unseat as president of her book club but was extremely grateful to discover her fate as a medium instead. All of this while Nora’s favorite music plays paired with two cups of hot chocolate (Billie took charge of those)

Who cooks?

~Billie! She hopes Nora will get over her apprehension from the pasta arm soon.

Who comes home drunk at 3am?

~More like who comes back with drinks at 3am. It would be Billie since Nora can’t exactly leave the house. But they have all the fun they need right there at home.

Who kills the spiders?

~Billie. If she’s not afraid of ghosts, she can stomach spiders. Nora would just go around blaming the bugs on past and present residents.

Who falls asleep first?

~Billie. Nora’s guilty of staying up a bit to admire her lover’s sleeping form.

A head canon:

~There is a rarely used ballroom part of the house that Nora likes to take Billie to. There, they hold each other close while slow dancing to some soft jazz. It’s their most common form of a date night until Halloween comes around. Then it’s Billie’s turn to take Nora out and give her the time of her afterlife before the clock strikes November.

Their relationship summed up in a gif:

Do they have any rituals?

~Every Halloween date there’s to be: no worries and no stress. Just live in the present and enjoy every second. 

Who is louder?

~Nora. (Remember ‘Chaaaaaaaaaaarles!’?) ;D Violet will usually turn up the volume of her music extra high around that time, with Tate begging for her to share her earbuds; Ben and Vivien will shake their heads, smirking knowingly; and Hayden will wish for Nora to go back to sobbing instead.  

Who is more experimental?

~Billie is more prone to experiment with stuff. Nora is still new to this world and needs constant encouragement to try new things and devices popular in modern society. Imagine the child-like innocence when they’re fooling around in the bedroom though…

Who takes more risks?

Nora but it’s been a slow process to even get her to consider taking more risks. She’ll only do it if Billie is around to protect her.

Do they fuck or make love?

~MAKE LOVE. Billie will be punished for using such profanity. (Yes, punished as in the good way) That isn’t to say they don’t fuck once in a while. With numerous ghosts in the house and Billie shooting her shows and documentaries, they need some fun to themselves too. Just don’t call it ‘fucking’ around Nora. Chad and Hayden already tease her enough with that.

Lights on or off? 

~Moira advises that they keep them off if they do it in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Some of the ghosts are notorious for being vile and completely ignoring the definition of the word ‘privacy’.

Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?

~Hmm, I guess Nora? It’s not like she has a lot to do with her spare time when Billie goes to work. But personal privacy is difficult to achieve when you’re sharing a house with 300+ ghosts who can materialize anytime in any room.

Who is more likely to suggest a threesome?

~NEITHER. They are very happy and more than satisfied with their sex life and each other. (Though that doesn’t stop others from suggesting, like Travis and Hugo Langdon, who ended up being slapped by Nora as a result)

Who comes first?

~NORA. Please, with Billie’s press-on nailed fingers, this is a given.

Who is better at oral and who prefers it?

~Billie is better at oral and Nora prefers it. It makes her feel like she’s committing a scandal by allowing Billie to perform such acts on her.

Who is more submissive?

~Nora. There was a time when she took charge once, driven by the heat and the passion. Billie didn’t mind one bit. Not one single bit.

Who usually initiates things?

~Neither are afraid to initiate things, whether the action be sexually or non-sexually. From surprising the other with jewelry bought from a shop she adored in the early 1900′s to something completely random like a stolen kiss between empty hallways, Billie and Nora are all about it.

Who is more sensitive?

~Nora. To this day, she’s still trying to get Hayden to stop cursing while Billie insists there’s no use.  

Who has the most patience?

~Billie. Nora will walk through hallways, look into every room, and basically shout Billie’s name if she’s not where she should be in at least 5 minutes.  
“Okay, okay, I’m coming,” Billie would call out.
“Oh, you will be,” Nora would say. And then you’d hear someone spitting out their drink from somewhere in the house, followed by loud laughter.

What kinks do they share?

~Nora has recently taken a liking to biting. Then there’s also the occasional hair pull, fingering, bondage, establishing dominance, teasing, once in a blue moon getting fucked using a strap-on (you can imagine the look of surprise on Nora’s face when she first discovered the vibrating ones), oral sex, and ass/breast grabbing. Billie has yet to show her more. It’s a good thing they have more time than they know what to do with :)    

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First off, I love your stuff. Then I have some questions because I like obsessing over people I admire's interests... So I see you like the bat family. What are your favorite comics and heroes? Marvel fan too? Favorite movie? And finally what's a great jazz song?

Thanks anon! And thanks for asking..

  • Favorite comics: Batman HUSH. Great story and amazing art!(also, a sneak peak on Jason Todds return)
  • Favorite heroes: Batman (there can only be one.. ;u;) plus, you have to love his rogues gallery.
  • Marvel fan? Hell yes.. Hail Hydra!
  • Fave movie: V for Vendetta (Star Wars doesn’t count)
  • Jazz: Georgia on my mind, Ray Charles (Bublés version is a must)

.. looking at my first and last answers gave me this mental image tho..

How Masters of All Time could have been better

Ok dudes, so remember the Season 2 episode Masters of All Time which was labeled (in my DP circles anyway along with other S2-3 episodes) ‘The episode that could have been great and fell short’? So the main point of MoAT (aside from the fact that Danny can be a huge idiot sometimes, yes the dear is just a dumb teen but don’t mess with the timelines) was that any which way, Vlad would always be the bad guy, powers or not.

So imagine this.

Everything in the episode is the same, Dan goes back and stops Vlad from getting his powers and Jack gets them instead. What if… in this AU where Jack is half-ghost, he and Maddie still fall in love and get married? She loves him enough that she accepts his powers and they build a ghost catching (not hunting because not all ghosts are evil to them) business. Jack becomes the town hero and Vlad, still peeved over the loss of his love (blaming it on Jack’s freakish powers) leaves and doesn’t contact them.

Keep reading

La La Land (2017)

A woman kicked up her feet, left a car, started to dance, and I was charmed. La La Land is a story about a romance between an aspiring actress and a devoted jazz bro. Oh, and it’s a musical built on the legacy of mid-century French and Hollywood movie musicals. It’s reference-laden, beautiful, at times subversive and smart, but at others hollow, and I am utterly charmed. 

Through some convenient circumstances, Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) keep running into each other and start dating around LA after a “this is romantic, but not for us because I totally definitely certainly don’t like you” song. 

The cinematography is beautiful, LA looks amazing and timeless. Technology is present and a reminder that we’re in the 21st Century.  The music is also beautiful and slightly failed by the lyrics and the fact that Ryan Gosling is not a singer. (Emma Stone’s singing disappoints me at times as well, but she redeems herself enough to get me past asking why it wasn’t Anna Kendrick.) 

However, my vocal complaints are more than made-up for by the fact that Gosling and Stone are wonderful, hilarious and multi-faceted actors. Gosling gives Sebastian great idiosyncracies and their relationship feels utterly real. The costumes are perfect, the choreography is great, but what makes this movie most special is the ending. It’s not the end you think is coming, nor is it necessarily the ending American movies do, but it’s so special. 

Damien Chazelle writes love letters to jazz starring white people, and that’s problematic, and it should be mentioned in the hopes he stops doing that.  It’s Oscar season and there are many great movies in theaters, and many more original stories of people often underserved by the Hollywood movie finance machine, but Ryan Gosling tap dances and leans against a lamp-post.

Seeing it is not a waste of a lovely night.