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Is their a new ATLA movie?? what that screenshot everyone talks about?

Lol no

There’s a new movie coming out in theaters called “The Great Wall”

And there’s an actress/character many say could pass as Azula. And I too believe so. The girl who wears a blue armour.

Yeah, for a second I thought it was a new decent ATLA movie too, Anon. But nuh.. it was just a dream xD.

I’m pissed off about The Great Wall and I haven’t even seen it, and I’ll tell you why.

1) Hollywood does not need to do anything more to feed the myth of a white savior. Let’s make a movie about Chinese people and Chinese culture in a coproduction with China and one of the best Chinese directors there are. But let’s do it with a white guy. THAT’S so great (he said sarcastically).

2) But now that it has flopped here in the states, what do you think Hollywood will attribute to its lack of success?

  • Poor reviews.
  • White savior myth.
  • Chinese culture.

If you guess C then congratulations, you won! What did you win? A few more years where American movies feature almost exclusively white male leads.

Do you really think the Hollywood system will blame the casting of Matt Damon in this film for its lack of success? NO! That dude has carried one of the most successful action series of the 21st century on his star power.

Do you think Hollywood will blame the poor reviews on its lack of success? NO! Not when you have the Transformers films continuously getting torn to shreds by critics and still making money.

Hollywood clings to its outdated and unsupported beliefs that “non-white” films do not succeed. Films like Rogue One, Suicide Squad and The Jungle Book do very little to convince them otherwise, while The Great Wall flopping will just support its belief that American audiences don’t care enough about representation. Because Hollywood is stupid!

The Great Wall’s premise was based in an outdated and honestly racist idea that only white dudes can be heroes. And because of Hollywood’s backwards mentality, its lack of success will enforce that stereotype.

I just needed to get that off my chest.

I showed my roommates the Lego Batman Movie online (cuz that’s how they roll) 

 And they did their art homework the whole time 

 And they didn’t laugh once


 I swear everyone I befriend in my actual life hates this stuff

 Why can’t I meet people like I do on Tumblr

 I feel lonely, ya know

Things that were incredible* about Rogue One

* “incredible” doesn’t mean it wasn’t devastating 

  • the cast, obviously — I mean, where even to begin, they were incredible, their performances were superb, the characters were so engaging
  • the relationship between Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus, which was so immensely loving
  • Galen’s choices
  • Galen mentoring Bodhi
  • Bodhi diving into the rebellion because it’s never too late to do the right thing
  • the old star wars aesthetic and costume design (nostalgia AND originality)
  • every death (every life) mattered, on both sides
  • a 2016 pop culture statement about fighting fascism — about fighting fascism
  • Cassian’s been fighting since he was six — this work takes a LONG time
  • the arrival of the rebel fleet
  • fighting on the beaches calling back to D-Day (i.e. fighting nazism)
  • Cassian telling Jyn (the only white team-member) that she doesn’t get to choose when she has to care and when she has to fight (thanks to @bisexualstevenrogers for articulating this)
  • Mon Mothma’s little smile when she realizes what Cassian, Jyn, and the others have done
  • Bail Organa going back to Alderaan
  • was that Biggs Darklighter!? (don’t answer that, I’m just going to assume that it was)
  • women pilots
  • Krennick watching his own side cut their losses on him
  • Cassian and Jyn on the beach 
  • the rebels passing the computer disk from hand to hand down the hallway (!!!)

△ “You can control it, Credence.” 


I went to see the Nutcracker like every year and so i got the idea to make another au.

I based it mostly in “Barbie in the Nutcracker” tho (yes i love the movie)