a graveyard smash

svt on halloween
  • s.coups: the s in s.coups stands for spooky scary skeletons
  • jeonghan: i don't care how much candy i eat on halloween, i'll still fall asleep
  • joshua: maybe i'm a ghost since variety shows seem to always forget i'm also from vocal team
  • jun: "where is your costume, jun" it's called my birthday suit
  • wonwoo: *carves 13 jack-o-lanterns with the faces of each member* *carries his own pumpkin face around proudly*
  • woozi: for the entire year i go by woozi, but on halloween i go by BOO!zi
  • dk: you think we should go as the powerpuff girls this year? hoshi? seungkwan? anyone?
  • mingyu: wonwoo, give me all those pumpkin seeds i'll make us snacks
  • the8: wonwoo, if mingyu's making pumpkin seeds, can i have the pumpkin guts to make pumpkin pie?
  • seungkwan: what do you mean 2nd place in the costume contest? i aM THE BEs T Q UAL ITY
  • vernon: if there's no chocolate, i'm not going out to trick or treat
  • dino: nothing will scare me on halloween, i already deal with horror everyday. have you /seen/ their dorm rooms?
Inktober Themes

I’m going to try and do Inktober this year. This time with a list of themes for each day. Feel free to reblog and use them yourself!

1. Fall Leaves

2. Jack-O-Lanterns

3. Creepy Crawlies

4. Spooky Scary Skeleton

5. Monster Girl

6. Monster Boy

7. Gothic Chic

8. Witch’s Brew

9.  Spirited Night

10. Haunted Mask

11. Zombies Walk at Midnight

12. Gore-o-Rama

13. Slasher Spree

14. Bad Luck

15. Graveyard Smash

16. Goosebumps!

17. Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

18. Hocus Pocus!

19. Demon Spawn

20. Into the Woods

21. Watching your Shadow

22. Abduction!

23. Dolls and Dummies

24. Phobia Pandemonium

25. Who do Voodoo?

26. Villain’s Night Out

27. Crazy Carnival

28. Horror Movie

29. ((Free Space))

30. Mischief Night

31. All Dressed Up/Candy Coma  

Graveyard Theory (Pumpkin Hill)
SEGA, Zone Runners
Graveyard Theory (Pumpkin Hill)

We aren’t done with Halloween just yet! Those who played Sonic Adventure 2 will probably remember the Halloween-themed Pumpkin Hill level, with its sweet (if camp) rap music. Well, the Zone Runners from OCRemix are celebrating the season with an awesome cover! Enjoy!

Watch on dogvines.tumblr.com

[Monster Mash playing - “they did the monster mash, it was a graveyard smash”]