a grave to blame

Important Things to Remember about Van Hohenheim:

  • He was born as a slave and manipulated into being involved in the genocide of his own race, then forced to live with the burden of having an immortal body filled with the crying souls of the thousands of people who had died.
  • He devoted at least a couple of centuries conversing with over 500,000 souls, getting to know each and every one of them, befriending them, and cooperating with them.
  • Hohenheim did not leave his children alone. He left them in the (more than capable) hands of Trisha, where he knew they would be raised well. He trusted that Trisha would be able to explain his absence to Ed & Al without revealing the truth about his body. He couldn’t have anticipated her death, and as he was travelling the entire country he had no way of keeping in contact with Trisha to check that she and their sons were doing ok (this is assuming the Elrics didn’t have a telephone).
  • Hohenheim had difficulty interacting with people, even his own family. He would probably have a very hard time writing letters back home, or talking to Trisha on the phone. He more than likely thought it best to keep his distance 100% until he could return home for fear of ruining any of his relationships with his family.
  • Hohenheim was immortal and had already lived for hundreds of years. A year or two probably wouldn’t have seemed like a long time to somebody with such a huge lifespan. Hohenheim likely still pictured his sons as young children, even after 10 years of not seeing them.
  • When Hohenheim returned to Resembool he expected to be greeted by the love of his life and his two young boys standing at the doorway to his family home. Instead he found a pile of burnt rubble, Trisha’s grave, Edward’s automail, and Alphonse’s empty body.
  • He completely blamed himself for Ed and Al’s attempt at human transmutation and subsequent injuries. He understood that they were lonely, grieving children and in his eyes the fault was all down to him and - taboo or not - the brothers had not done anything wrong.
  • Despite being the most powerful character in the FMA universe, Hohenheim was a pacifist and did not fight or injure a single person in the whole series.
  • He always put everyone else before himself.
  • The things which made him happiest in the whole world were all to do with his children. Alphonse trusting him, Ed and Al helping him on the promised day, Ed calling him Dad for the first time, getting to shake Al’s hand after recovering his body… his whole life revolved around his sons as soon as he met up with them again. He was willing to sacrifice himself for Ed and Al’s sake.
  • He died happy because he was so proud of Ed and Al and he knew that they had made incredible friends who would look after them for the rest of their lives.
  • Without him everyone would be dead.
  • All he wanted was a normal life.
  • Van Hohenheim was not a bad person.
  • Van Hohenheim was not a bad father.


  • He is romantically cheesy as hell
  • He wears glasses just so he looks slightly different to Father
  • He used to fly into an Ed-like rage whenever anyone called him unintelligent
  • The first thing he said to Alphonse after reuniting with him was, “My vintage armor!!”
  • One of the first things he said to Edward after reuniting with him was, “we have the same hairstyle”.
The First Time With Jeon Jungkook

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Genre: romance/fluff
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 12203 words
Summary: This a series based on all of your first times with Jungkook from your childhood till when you both reach adult hood.



“You tell me Y/N, do you want this?” he brushes his thumb over your cheek “Do you want to kiss me?”

Before you could ever give your response to him, reality hits the shameless boy like a train. What was he thinking when he asked you such a question? His sudden tendency to take your feelings for granted by working his moves on you, wasn’t how he ever wanted it to be. He was curious and quite greedy about having the chance to win your first kiss. Was it still like a competition for him? Was he toying with you or was he being serious?

Jungkook was your best friend and his intentions were never ill to begin with. You knew from day one, when he held your hand and decided to be your friend back then in kindergarten, that he was anything but harmful. You were well aware of the fact that he could be trusted, and all these years of friendship proved that he was a keeper. Maybe you could trust him? But what would it change? Only jungkook had the answers and decisions to take in this very moment, yet he suddenly stepped away from you

What am I doing, right now? Jungkook would suddenly ask himself as he eyed your lips up-close for the first time in his life

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Always echoing the director’s determined steps are the soft paws of the creature padding alongside him, watchful and vigilant.

Posted a wip for this a while back in response to a prompt by @thegaypumpingthroughyourveins and finally managed to finish it up yessss
(Also thank you so much everyone for the response and ideas to that omg ❤︎)
Now, please don’t consider people blaming any odd behavior on Graves’ part on the sudden disappearance of his canine companion :)
Art blog: questionartbox
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percival graves headcanons
  • percival graves who stubbornly goes back to his post as the director of the magical security in MACUSA – despite the limping in his walk and the slight tremors in his left hand.
  • percival graves who still wears his long coat and immaculate sharp suits – even when the coat drapes over his shoulders, not quite fitting his body anymore since he lost a lot of weight.
  • percival graves who looks at his Aurors and sees guilt in their eyes, watching their lines of their shoulders go tensed as if they are waiting to be reprimanded by him for not being able to recognize that he has been replaced by an impostor.
  • percival graves who forgives them – puts the entire blame on his wary shoulders to carry because he should have been more careful, he should have been a better duelist, he should have fought until he die.
  • percival graves who barks orders at them without raising his voice because his vocal-chord is damaged from the hexes and dark spell, from screaming in silence when he was being tortured.
  • percival graves who still keeps everyone at arm’s length because while he forgives them, the lingering bitterness is still there inside his chest, how betrayed he had felt when days turned to weeks and then it was months and yet he was still imprisoned.
  • percival graves who works ten times harder just to prove to his Aurors, to Picquery, to himself that he’s still a very valuable asset to MACUSA – even when his Healer tells him to take it easy, he still pushes himself to the limit.
  • percival graves who needs all the soft love from anyone but is too proud to ask for it, too stoic to even admit that he’s lonely, that his nightmares keep him awake, that he hasn’t had any decent sleep in weeks and he lives on coffee and spite.
  • percival graves who eventually falls asleep on the hard sofa in his office, bone-tired to the world that he doesn’t even stir when there are magical beasts trespassing his domain because they can sense a wounded soul needing comfort even from miles ahead.
  • percival graves who wakes up startled because there are fingers in his hair, combing the strands gently; the eyes blinking slowly as percival looks at its translucent white long fur. there’s a winged snake winding loosely around his neck, cheeping at him and nuzzling his jaw as if its reassuring percival that everything is fine.
  • percival graves who turns his head towards the door when there’s a soft murmured hello greeting him and feels that his breath being knocked out from his lungs because the man standing before him is beautiful in swirled of blue and coppery red.
  • percival graves who murmurs a soft hello back, who tries to get up but the winged snake presses him back into the sofa and he cannot do anything but accept his fate and when he tries to talk, he yawns instead and slowly, eventually, with the man’s smile as the last thing he sees, percival graves falls back to sleep.
Newt Gets Graves A Kitten

@qed221b @ladyoftheshrimp @fantastic-beasts-smut - I blame ya’ll.

And you especically, QED, for this adorableness right here.

Newt gets Graves a kitten, because he knows how helpful animals are in the healing process and while it’s been a year since Grindelwald, some scars just don’t want to fade away. Those tricky scars of the heart. 

So he gets Graves a kitten. A small, fluffy kitten with blond wisps of hair and eyes too big for its head. Feeble in its youth. Its cries are more chirping than cat-like. He puts a big, floppy bow around its neck - the red ribbon practically bigger than its whole body and giving it the illusion of wings - before quietly slipping into the bedroom they share. 

“This is him,” Newt whispers into the little kitten’s too large ears, lifting him up and out to show him the slender back of the man laying in bed before them - dead asleep. “Now off you go, just like we discussed.”

And then he sets the little beast down and lets it loose. He watches as it determinedly wobbles to the bed, obviously set on a goal. Smiles as it sets its tiny claws into the soft silk of their sheets and climbs the tall rise of their bed. Walks closer to watch as the little fur ball then makes an unsteady beeline for the man in the bed – as though completely aware of what Newt had said to him when walking home with him this morning from the shelter.

He can’t stop himself from laughing when the little beast finally makes it to Graves’ face. It reaches out with a tiny paw and taps his face kindly, as though asking for attention, before finally flat out sitting on the man’s face.

Graves jerks up, eyes wide and hair sticking out in every which way, and blinks first at the now upended little fur ball on his pillow, then at Newt – bewildered and confused from waking. Newt only laughs harder as he watches Graves slowly try to connect the dots, everything moving slowly from sleep. His hands seem impossibly large as he gathers the struggling little kitten up to better study it.

Bright green eyes, blonde fluffy coat, tiny little paws and a soft little chin that it rests atop his knuckles, staring up at him. Newt sees it the moment something melts in Graves – too tired and too early to hide the emotion before Newt can see.

“Do you like him?” Newt asks, bemused as his partner’s eyes rise from over top the little cat to stare at him, baffled and sleepy.

“I don’t understand,” Graves says, and Newt feels another piece of his heart melt for the man currently naked and in his bed, holding a kitten and blinking sleepily at him.

“He’s yours.”

“He’s mine?” Graves repeats.

“Yes,” Newt chuckles.

“You got me a cat?” Graves asks, eyes falling back down on the little kitten.

Newt pauses, suddenly worried that this had been a rash decision. He shouldn’t have surprised his partner with something so big, that required such a commitment, without talking to him first. His thoughts begin to tail spin. His hands tremble as he wrings them.

“I, uh – yes. That is… if you want him?”

Graves just squints at him for a long moment before suddenly collapsing back into the bed again, taking the kitten with him.

“That’s great,” Graves mumbles into his pillow, the kitten tucked happily beneath his chin and purring merrily away. “Kitten Newt won’t leave me alone in my bed at hideously early hours every morning.”

Newt squawked, indignant; a huge and spreading smile on his face despite his affronted tone.

“You’re replacing me?!”

“Technically you replaced yourself.”

“Move over, I’m coming in there.”

“Nope, I have kitten Newt now. There’s no more need for you in my bed,” Graves says, one eye cracking open to catch Newt’s gaze as he smiles, unable to hide his mirth.

“Oh you’re going to get it,” Newt growls as he stalks the bed.

“Not in front of kitten Newt!” Graves gasps, dramatic and scandalized.

Newt crawls onto the bed where he’d normally sleep and gently covers the little kitten’s eyes with one finger, ignoring its plaintive little meow as he leans forward to capture Graves’ lips in a soft, sleepy kiss.

“Thank you,” Graves whispers into his lips after their kiss.

Newt just kisses him again.

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percival graves is the reason of my never ending suffering (i love him)

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Couch Tom

So, I made the grave mistake of googling “Tom Hiddleston couch” (I blame @starrynight35 for this, she’ll know why)…and I realized just how many devastating pics of Tom on a couch there are. Sharing is caring, so…

There are more, but I died from ‘Tom on a couch’ overload.


(Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. Took all the pics from Google, some have credit on them.)

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Who Shattered Pink Diamond? My updated theories based on the events and revelations of “Wanted.”

Spoilers under the cut

This was supposed to post ages ago lmao

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Gradence fluff, maybe holiday themed where Graves gives Credence his scarf because Credence looks cold? (Pre-Grindewald, that is).


‘Here kid’ Credence started and flinches away from him - Graves literally ready to give him his coat as well
’M…my mother wouldn’t be ha-happy’ but Graves is already wrapping it around him and the scarf is warm from where its been around Graves neck
Imagine Graves pressing his warm hands to Credence’s cheeks (you know that part in the movie with the face touch and Credence’s stressy eyebrows and face….ugh)
And Graves would just be watching his face because really whats he going to do he cant steal a child off the street, he’s going to have to walk away but BOY he does not want to.
He’s thinking 'I could charm Credence’s jack but uhhm…look at what he’s handing out - that would go down really well’ and he’s set this all up for Grindelgross

Credence would see orig. graves coming and his heart would beat a little faster
'Good day, Credence, how are you?’ he has countless fliers stuffed in his pockets that he’s taken as an excuse to come and check up on him bringing him food
'Where’s your scarf Credence?’
'I’m so sorry, m…mother took it. I can…I can get you another’
Until Credence’s mother spots them - this creepy older man seducing him and Credence allowing it
Maybe she blames Credence for drawing Graves to him
She jelly
The next time Graves come Credence wont look at him and tries to tell him that he cant talk to him anymore, clutching his leaflets in shaking burning hands with the stripes across his palms from the belt.
'What on earth?’

Langst p2

You’ll find part one pretty fast but If not, this au has the tag #calm!Lance

There is this small thing, i am pro polydins, shaladin and shit like that because I myself am poly, but that is beside the point. What I want to say is please, please tell me what pairing i should do (i can try writing almost anything.) Because I am curious and undecided!!!

Anyway, here goes nothing:

Lance knew that he shouldn’t have said that, but the look in Pidge’s eyes stopped him from lying.

He sighted and got out of the shower to dry himself. The discussion they were going to have was going to be a lang and straining one. Thankfully, he knew how to handle it, looks like scolding his siblings paid out after all. True, his siblings made up on their own, but they weren’t stuck living with six other (somewhat) strangers on a castle ship in fucking space in the middle of a war.

He put on some strange pjs made of Altean Silk. He liked how they felt on his skin and that they had long sleeves. He knew that If he wanted to get his point across he needed to wear something serious and the Altean pjs were perfect for being slightly intimidating.

Lance made his way to the common room and stopped in front of the door. He didn’t want to this but no one else seemed to be able. He took a deep breath.

“Let’s get this over with.”

The door opened.


It seemed like the temperature drppend a few degrees as Lance entered the room. Everyone was in there, all nice and clean. He walked slowly to middle of the room.

He cleared his throat and looked pointedly at Keith. The boy looked at the ground embarassed, but got up to walk in front of Lance.

“Pidge?” The small girl got up and stood next to Keith. Lance sighted mentally, he knew he made a mistake by dismissing Pidge’s mistake so quickly and he couldn’t let that go to her head. “I know I said nobody blames you but you still made a grave mistake. I want you to know that and think before doing something so careless again, okay?” Hm, good enough.

“Yes, Lance” She said and turned to face the others. “I appologise for not consulting with the team and charging recklessly in the enemy base.” Huh, would you look at that … Lance was surprised in a good way, he didn’t expect her to appologise. That little girl was making him prouder and prouder everyday.

Pidge turned back to him. Lance was smiling. Pidge loves that smile, it wasn’t a grin or a smirk or forced… No, it was a real smile, Lance looked wonderful like that. And if she could ne the reason he smiled like that then damn she’d do anything.

“I am very proud of you right now, Pidge. I understand it is hard to appologise (i am sure i write this word wrong pls correct me).” Lance turned to Keith.

Pidge felt bad for him, she knew he had good reasons to yell at her. And she understood that the stress of the missions​and being stuck in space was taking a toll on all af them.

Keith turned to her and looked right into her eyes. He seemed sad and regretful, but the main emotion in his eyes was concern.

“I am sorry for yelling at you. It was really hypocritic of me to yell, since probably I would’ve done the same thing. I was just really worried about you and the others.” Keith scratched the back of his neck. Then he turned back to Lance and took a deep breath. “But i am more sorry for yelling at you Lance, and saying those hurtful words…” Lance opened his mouth to stop him, but Keith didn’t let him. “ And i hope you can forgive me. And even if you don’t… Please tell me the truth. Promise?” He held his pinky out and Lance flinched at the sudden movement. But he smiled sadly (he does that a lot, Pidge wished he didn’t).

“I’m not mad at you, Keith, but sure,” he linked his pinky with Keith’s. “Promise.”

“When you repeated what I said, that you’re useless, do you really believe that?“

Everyone tensed. They talked about this before. Well, Pidge asked him and he said he will talk to them about that later, but this was Keith who was asking, and Keith is the one who started this mess.

Lance sighted, he didn’t really want to talk about this. “Yes, Keith, I think I’m useless…” Keith intrerrupted him nu grabbing his shoulders and screaming in his face.

“YOU’RE NOT USELESS! I WAS ANGRY AND FRUSTRATED AND I WANTED TO HURT YOU! I DON’T MEAN IT. I-” Lance stopped him by taking his hands and walking him to couch.

“ Look, I said I think I’m useless. Not that I am. I know that even if I am not a leader like Shiro, a great mechanic and cook like Hunk, a hacker like Pidge or an amazing fighter-slash-pilot like you, I can still be something. Maybe I don’t know what I do yet, but I will find out.”

Pidge tugged on Lance’s robe. “ But what makes you think you’re less than any of us?” Her eyes were staring holes in the ground.

Lance looked around at the others and sighted for what seemed to be the thirteenth time that day. “Sit down everyone, this is going to be a long story.”

The Paladins and the two Alteans sat down around him, on couch, or on the ground in front of him, even in his lap, in Pidge’s case.

“It all started…”

the proposal | alfie solomons

anon requested stumbling alfie trying to propose and i did it in what i think would be typical alfie fashion: go big or go dig a grave. or both.



Alfie didn’t say anything else and you looked up to him, breathing heavy and sniffling. You raised a hand to move your hair out of your face but then realised how dirty your hands were.

“Can you- “you waved your fingers to motion and he knelt to push your hair back behind your ears.

“Thanks, love”


“I am”

“Yeah but, listen”


“Marry me”


“I-marry me. Please”

You flicked your eyes back and forth to either side of him, not much to focus on in the dark. Your mouth was wide open and you were squinting, entirely confused.

“Did you just say please after a proposal?”

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SoulMarks!AU Gramander

This is just a short one-shot. I will post it on Archive and fanfic under the same name eventually. Hope ya’ll enjoy!
To Clarify:
-Soul Mates have matching SoulMarks and are called each other’s Destined
-When one of the pair dies the Mark disappears
-Marks have a unique shape and color
-Whether someone can be born w/o a SoulMark or whether they can get one after their Soul Mate is born is not relevant for this story
I Know (By the Timing and the Color of His Eyes)

They found him locked in a trunk in his own apartment. Inside the innocent looking trunk was a huge dungeon-like cell. There were various torture devices around the space that the MACUSA Aurors could barely look at without feeling crippling waves of rage and guilt.
Percival Graves was hanging limply in the center of the room covered in blood and dirt and other questionable substances. Many who were part of the retrieval squad wanted to turn away stomachs queasy from the sight and smell, but they stood firm. It was the least they could do for their Director who they all knew they had failed horribly.
He was stripped bare, and Tina noticed she could count each of his ribs as she cautiously approached him. He had not even twitched at their arrival and she was afraid they had made it too late.
“Mr. Graves,” she quietly called trying not to startle him.
Finally he moved- his head slowly lifting and the Aurors felt relief rush through them.
“Mr. Graves! It’s me, Tina-” She cut off with a gasp echoed around the room by her comrades.
Because there on the junction between the neck and left shoulder where there should have been a unique SoulMark that in all the world would only have one match (where they all knew there should have been a mark thanks to workplace gossip) was a horrible scar. The skin looked red and inflamed like a fresh burn.
It was only the darkest magic that could interfere or damage a SoulMark.
Had Grindelwald really sunk so low?
Looking into Mr. Graves eyes and seeing the broken despair there Tina knew they would not be able to magically fix this.
Mr. Graves was back to work six months after his rescue. Even President Picquery couldn’t convince him to take more time off. He acted much the same, but there were a few key differences to before.
Whispers followed him down the halls of MACUSA usually followed by pitying or distrustful looks. Words like “SoulMark” and “Grindelwald” not said quietly enough. Those of the Auror department were always quick to glare the gossipers into silence when they were near.
Mr. Graves was more strict than before. Every report needed to be perfect. Every case from his time in captivity was reviewed, twice. He stayed late at the department and was always the first to arrive. He no longer stopped to chat with his senior Aurors and didn’t join them for drinks on Friday nights like he used to.
The shadows under his eyes never disappeared, but none of them could voice their concern. There was an emptiness in his gaze that made all their hearts ache. They were very careful to never show pity and everyone worked twice as hard. They could never forgive themselves for not noticing that their boss was being impersonated; that he had been locked away for months in his own home due to their inadequacy.
Grindelwald slowly approached the man hanging in the center of the room. He steps echoed off the walls and he enjoyed the slight shivers that shook his prisoner’s frame whether from the fear or the cold he didn’t really care.
He reached out and grasped the greasy black and grey locks and yanked pulling until he could see the eyes of his victim- even after all this time still burning with defiance.
“Percival, Percival, Percival,” he slowly tsked, “Have I not told you before how rude it is not to greet your host?”
The Director of Magical Security simply glared having learned early on that it was better not to respond. Grindelwald had killed one of his Aurors as retaliation last time.
The Dark Lord merely laughed, “Oh, do not be like that Percival. Our time together is almost over.”
Mr. Graves practically snarled- the first sound he’d uttered since other’s entrance.
“Shhhh,Shhh,” Grindelwald said a gentle smile ghosting on his lips and unnerving his captive, “I will keep my word, and once I have what I want you will be released.”
The Dark Lord’s smile turned truly malicious, “However, what kind of host would I be if I did not leave you with a parting gift?”
His other hand came up and slowly caressed the Mark on Graves’s skin.
The man in question flinched back and for the first time since his capture pleaded with the mad man in front of him.
“N-no,” he croaked, voice hoarse from previous screams.
Grindelwald’s grin widened showing all his teeth with a maniac gleam.
“Oh, but, Percival, I have been researching the perfect curse for my goodbye present. I had to dig through hundreds of ancient tomes. What I wanted was quite obscure. You would not want to have wasted all my efforts? Would you,” he said grip bruising.
“Please,” Mr. Graves begged desperation clouding his voice.
Grindelwald laughed, “I knew I would one day have you begging before me, and you do not even know the full extent of it. Shall I explain?”
Mr. Graves shook his head as much as he could with the German man’s grip on his hair, “Don’t-”
The Dark Lord continued on gleefully, as if presenting a lecture, “In common terms it is called Soul Erasure or the Rasura curse. It was developed by the Egyptians for use against the invading Roman soldiers to strike at the moral of the army, and is rumored to be how Cleopatra managed to seduce Mark Antony. Rather simply it will erase your Mark from you and your Destined.”
Graves let out a tormented denial for which Grindelwald harshly backhanded him and then resumed his explanation the sadistic smile never faltering.
“But this curse will do so much more than that. It will not just erase the Mark from your skin, but from your mind as well. You will not be able to recall its shape or color. You could look at a picture of it and know it as yours, but as soon as you look away you will forget.”
Graves was shaking in horror. If it weren’t for the suppressing bands tight around his wrists he would have killed the man before him- as it was his magic was whirling chaotically inside him urgently trying to break free to stop this.
“And the best part,” Grindelwald said reveling in the effects of his words, “your soulmate will assume you have died. They will mourn and eventually move on. You will never know them. They will be lost to you. It could be anyone you pass in the street and you would not know. They could die at any time and you would not know. Until the day you die you will never know!”
The Dark Lord watched as the man before him panicked. Perhaps this would be the thing to finally break the Director.
He watched Graves’s struggles a bit more before slowly raising his wand so that the captured man could see it, “Well now, this is going to hurt, just a little.”
————————-(end flashback)————————–
Tina was worried. It had been almost two years since the Grindelwald fiasco, and there was still something in Mr. Graves that was broken- no- lost.
She blamed herself more harshly than the others. She had been Mr. Graves’s trainee. He was her mentor and she should have been able to recognize an impostor had taken his place, but she didn’t. It took a stranger to notice! (Even if Newt was now a close friend- it should have been her.)
Mr. Graves seemed recovered. His case success rate was at an all time high, his work efficiency was never better, but he was empty. He bantered with the senior Aurors again, but sometimes it fell flat. Once when Queenie had visited her with some of Jacob’s pastries (thank heavens they were Destined and not even MACUSA law would interfere with that) Mr. Graves had passed by and her sister had gasped and given the man such a mournful look. She had refused to elaborate, and Mr. Graves now avoided Queenie.
Tina herself had seen the Director staring intently at his pocket-watch as if memorizing something only for him look away and suddenly his expression would fall into despair and grief so profound she could no longer look at him.
It couldn’t go on she knew, watching her boss prowl down the aisle between the auror’s desks and into his office, something had to give.
That was the day Newt Scamander returned to New York carrying a familiar case and a copy of his new book.
As soon as Director Graves saw the figure standing next to Tina’s desk wearing a blue coat with a case in one hand and a book in the other he recognized him. Newt Scamander, he surmised having read all the reports on Grindelwald’s capture in which Mr. Scamander was featured.
This was the man who recognized that he was not himself. The man he hadn’t had a chance to meet or thank. Steeling himself, Graves walked over to do just that. Tina noticed him first and stood at attention just as he reached a polite distance away. Mr. Scamander, noticing his friend’s distraction hunched in on himself and slowly turned around eyes never quite settling.
An awkward silence stretched before them as the Magizoologist resolutely kept his gaze anywhere but on the Director. His hand was tight around his case and somehow his shoulders managed to scrunch down even further.
Finally, Graves could take the silence no more and extended his hand, “You must be Mr. Scamander. Percival Graves, Director of Magical Security. Pleasure to finally meet you.”
Mr. Scamander jumped at the sound of his voice and a blush spread from his ears down his neck.
“Ah- yes- right,” the man before him shifted and for a moment Graves thought he was going to actually run away when he simply tucked the book he was holding under his blue clad arm and grasped Graves’s hand in a surprisingly firm handshake.
“Please, just call me Newt, Director Graves,” he spoke in a polite British accent, “Mr. Scamander makes people think of my brother. And it is nice to finally meet the real you- uh- I mean…”
“Right, uh, Newt,” Graves responded after the other had trailed off. He was feeling oddly flustered, “Then I insist you call me Percival, and must offer you my sincerest thanks for your actions a couple of years ago.”
He still hadn’t released Newt’s hand and found himself unwilling to do so. Tina stood in the background watching their interaction with veiled shock.
“Percival- um- I think I was just in the right place at the right time,” Newt responded. He still hadn’t looked at the Director. Graves suddenly wanted to see his eyes even if he knew them from the picture attached to the Grindelwald report. He couldn’t explain it- he needed to look into those eyes and map their color to see if a photo could do them any justice.
He shook the strange feeling away and finally released Newt’s hand who snatched it back as if it burned. Graves cleared his throat to try and ease the tension, “Well, it was nice to meet you but I must be going.”
He gave a quick nod to Tina before turning around to make a swift escape. He got all the way to the door of his office before he gave into the urge to glance behind him. Newt was still standing near Tina’s desk looking a little lost in thought.
Without even thinking he called out, “Newt,” gaining the man’s attention (as well as that of all the Aurors in the department).
For a lightning quick moment those green eyes met his before settling on a spot over his shoulder. Graves felt like he had been struck by lightning and his magic was going wild. It gave him the strength to spit out his next words.
“How about dinner tonight? To celebrate your return to New York,” when he saw that Newt was about to protest he plowed on, “And as a personal thank you. I’ll collect you at seven o'clock sharp.” He turned around and entered his office, shutting the door without waiting for a response.
For a moment he just stood there shocked. What had gotten into him? In his mind he could remember that instant where Newt’s gaze met his and that familiar green he swore he’s never seen before.
Maybe, he thought moving to sit behind his desk, this could be the start of a friendship.
It was the start of a crush. Newt was smart and kind and passionate about his creatures. Grave couldn’t help but smile when he saw the Magizoologist. He found himself doing things just to get a smile from the man- to have Newt looking at him. He gave the man a permit for all his creatures. When the Niffler stole his pocket-watch he let the creature keep it. He convinced Picquery to offer Newt a job as MACUSA’s consultant for magical beasts- citing that he would provide valuable insight.
Newt accepted, and most importantly he stayed. Graves found himself smiling more easily. Nightmares that had plagued him were replaced with Newt’s smile or laugh. HIs favorite had been the one with the other man just staring at him. His green eyes never looking away from Graves’s. It was his favorite color now.
It all came crashing down when he saw Newt rubbing at the place his SoulMark would be. How could he have forgotten. Newt was probably waiting for his Destined, and Graves was just a friend. He was too broken to be anything else. He almost gave a bitter laugh. His Destined had probably moved on already, or, he thought with an ache, they were already dead. Graves didn’t know. Graves would never know.
He shook his head, and with an iron will pushed those echoes of Grindelwald away. Either way, he remembered now that Newt wasn’t his. He couldn’t keep Newt from finding his Destined. Of anyone Graves knew the Magizoologist deserved to find his soulmate most, and so he took a step back. He denied all of Newt’s offers for lunch or dinner or to help out. He stopped the chats, and only interacted with the man for a case. He ignored the hurt looks because this was for the best. He had to keep his distance. Graves put a wall around his feelings and soldiered on, for Newt.
Then some hot-shot, poaching ring decided to kidnap MACUSA’s resident Magizoologist.
Graves mobilized every available auror. They tracked down the poachers to their hideout in record time. The Director of Magical Security tore down the wards and apparated into the warehouse with three squadrons of MACUSA’s best and brightest just in time to see Newt tied to a post, shirtless, with one of the low-lives standing behind him a whip in his hand, raised and ready to strike.
Graves didn’t even think. His magic lashed out and wandlessly knocked the man away, into a wall. His Aurors took care of the rest while he rushed to Newt’s side and quickly released him- catching the man when he fell unable to hold himself up.
He cradled Newt protectively equal parts relieved and furious. Surprisingly, the Magizoologist didn’t push away, and Graves allowed himself to indulge for the moment confident that his men and women could handle the riffraff.
Suddenly, he heard a mumble of, “my case” before Newt was sitting up straight and frantically looking around the warehouse (yet for some reason he still didn’t leave the other’s embrace- not that the man was complaining). But Graves couldn’t concentrate on Newt’s words for his gaze was captured on that place between neck and shoulder. It was clear.
Newt finally spotted his case being handled by a protective Tina and turned his attention back to the man who had suddenly gone rigid around him. He realized what Graves was staring at and quickly covered the spot, but he knew it was too late. The Director would know that they were not a match. Maybe, a small part of Newt thought, maybe he already knew and that was why he has been putting distance between them.
“My-” Newt spoke to break the heavy silence between them, “my Mark… It disappeared shortly before I came to New York… the first time. They- whoever… Whoever they were- died before I could meet them.”
Graves’s mind had gone blank. Newt’s SoulMark was gone- had disappeared around the same time that Grindelwald had cursed his. And suddenly he knew. Knew that his Destined was alive. Knew that he was holding him at this moment. And so he did the first thing that came to his mind. He kissed him. One hand going tight around Newt’s waist, the other tangling gently into coppery hair.
Newt froze for a moment before eagerly returning his affections, and when they finally broke apart Graves rested his forehead on the other’s while they both caught their breath.
Finally, Newt pulled back looking flustered and confused, but there in his green eyes was a spark of hope.
“I… I don’t-”
Graves cut him off with a gentle smile, “I know.”

For those who anti-/rivamika...

Hi. (Because, I like procrastinating.) 

I. My shipping history!
When I was in college, I never would have dreamed shipping or even myself liking a guy 5 years older or younger than me. Yuck. Gross I thought it. Which is why the first time I encountered the ship (Community, Jeff x Annie), I cringed at myself because I thought it was weird for shipping a pair at least 10 years apart in age. 

When I was 14, I shipped Sakura and Sasuke because they were perfect together. Cool guy. Sweet (albeit annoying) girl. Plus, they were in the same age group! And they’re so damn cute together. And Sasuke’s so hawt. 

When I was 12, I shipped Sakuno and Ryoma because Sakuno was so sweet and docile. She is so perfect for the cool Ryoma. 

Looking back, my biases really affected my choice of ships. I thought the cool guy should end up with the cute girl who is so obviously in love with him. Pretty telling of how I saw my gender, isn’t it? (Always protected by the strong guy. Always so in love and sacrificial. No own motivations, no own battles.) But damn, I was a starry-eyed girl. Sue me. 

Then, as does everyone, we grow up. Saw the world. Met loads of people. (Both online and in person.) No one can really tell what makes a relationship. So, regardless of what you ship, it all boils down to personal preference. There is no need to beat the other down. I ship RivaMika because of the potential. (Like all my other ships and my non-existent love life… TMI!!!) hahaha! 

II. How I started.
a. EreMika
Like mostly everyone else, I sailed the EreMika ship. (See my bias towards straight pairings!) It was the cutest thing seeing these kiddies together in the first episodes. Also, I shipped them because I wanted the girl to get what she wanted - the affection of Eren. 

But gradually, as the story progressed - you have to ask, is that really what’s beneath Mikasa’s overprotective attitude over Eren? You know, amid Mikasa’s great strength, she’s still a kid. Immature and rash. It’s not obvious because as a soldier; she follows direct commands. So, these faults of her character are not that obvious. (It became blatantly evident when she had to act on her own in retrieving Eren from the Female Titan.) 

b. Female Titan - Rivamika Entry. HOOKED.
I only came to ship Levi and Mikasa following the events of the Female Titan encounter. Of all the rescue operations I’ve watched, this was the most incredible and badass. I instantly had to ship them because of how awesome they were together. (That was my initial thought. After re-watching/re-reading, I realize that Levi did most of the work…) 

III. My misunderstandings.
a. Levi and Mikasa’s characters.

i. How Levi really is.
Levi is not an abusive maniac. He does not like beating up children. (He does have a hard hand - but that’s a crutch he got for living most of his life in the depths of the underground hell which threatened to kill every ounce of humanity in him.) 

This character has an incredible backstory. (Just like everyone in this remarkably created universe.) But, his is sadder. He never had a moment of happiness. And that instant, that second he did, it was snatched away from him so easily, so quickly. All his life he’s been surrounded by people who couldn’t care any less about those around them. So, don’t you think it’s remarkable that this man who exudes the overused stereotype of “I don’t give a rat’s ass.”, keeps the patches of his fallen comrades? Helped Mikasa save Eren. (Other than helping Mikasa, he did it so willingly because Eren was a part of his squad. He wouldn’t hold back to rescue whatever tinge was left of them.)

It’s incredible that, with what little this man has, with all that he’s lost (and I’m crying just thinking about how a man who never had anything could lose so much), he continues to fight for humanity. 

So, that’s how Levi really is. He’s a tough guy, no doubt. But those that matter - the traits that count, they’re in him a hundredfold. And this is why I admire his character so much. All the humanity that Erwin and the other’s have lost. Levi gained. It’s a remarkable contrast, isn’t it? I will cry an ocean’s fill the day they kill off Levi. (I say when because I believe they really will.) 

ii. How Mikasa really is.
Regardless of how much we admire this child, she is what she is - a kid. “Gaki.” as Levi so lovingly puts it. 

She is strong, filled with incomprehensible potential. But, she is immature and rash. She lets her emotions get in the way of her duties. (But as you continue into the plot, you see how she’s developed. She’s more toned down. She is able to distance herself from Eren.) 

But, if you were to rate Mikasa to Levi. Mikasa does not even compare. Mikasa is heartless when it comes to those who are not Eren and Armin. Especially in the first season/first arc of the manga. Remember - she had the gall to blame Levi for Eren’s taking during their chase for the Female Titan. 

“If you did your job, Eren would be safe.” She says something like this with so much spite and loathing - to a man who just fucking lost his entire squad in the most horrendous of ways. This is a man who immediately locked up his own remorse, his own feelings of guilt, to get on with the next goal: Save Eren. 

SO. IDK WHAT THE FUCK YOU SHITS ARE SAYING. I’ve tried locking up feelings before. And trust me, that is not a good practice. SO. Who the hell could fucking understand what’s going through Levi’s head? He doesn’t seem to have a confidant. Nor does he seem to be looking for one. 

Mikasa has Eren and Armin. The 104th. She practically had and has a family. She’s been surrounded by love her entire life. So, to blame Levi. To injure him. 

I gravely think we fans aren’t giving Mikasa the shitloads worth of how horrible she’s been to Levi. From promising to beat him up after what he’s done to Eren during the latter’s trial. To blaming the bereaved man for losing Eren. Those may be two incidents. But, both were crucial to Eren’s well-being. Plus, taking into account that in the first parts of the anime/manga - Levi and Mikasa had little to no interactions to begin with. 

I love Mikasa’s development in the manga. But, considering the fact that Levi saved her ass from getting killed by the Female Titan. That he saved her fricking boyfriend/brother loads of times. That he continues to respect her and mentor her. LEVI is obviously the better character. So, no, in the Rivamika ship, you are not allowed to say Levi is the lucky one. Mikasa is the fortunate one; that Levi understands where her anger/rage came from and is able to move past it. 

b. Rivamika.
When you have a wrong understanding of the characters, you tend to have a wrong understanding of the ship as well. Initially, I thought Levi was uncaring. I thought Mikasa was cool and just incredible. I thought Levi would beat Mikasa up - hence my previous fanfics. But damn was I mistaken. 

In the anime, there seems to be zero Rivamika. That’s because it’ll happen in the later arcs. But its there more or less. 

Also. The damn art in the anime (first season) is incomparable to the manga. In the 1st season anime, Levi has a baby-bod. Which is… effin not his dang body. In the manga (as seen above), he’s basically a muscular man. They fixed this in season 2. (Yes!) And in the manga, Mikasa looks younger, less mature than her anime version. — So if there needs to be a Rivamika image that pops into mind, keep in mind the one on top of this post. 

IV. Rivamika (see: appreciation post)

V. Conclusion: Why I Rivamika.
a. Potential
i. Caring Levi and a maturing Mikasa
I just adore Levi. And I love Mikasa. 

Since I adore Levi - I want him to be happy. I want him to lead a life that has been contrary to what he’s been through his entire life. I want him to gain rather than lose. I want him to live for someone, to fight for someone special to him. I want him to stop seeing himself as an instrument for humanity’s survival. After all, if you’re not fighting for something concrete - then why the hell are you fighting? (Right, Jean? LOL.) I have a penchant for sad characters, for the ‘bad’ characters. I believe they are misunderstood; that they aren’t given the development they need. 

But Levi has everything good in him. So, why shouldn’t he be happy? (This is why I ship him with everyone. LOL.) 

Mikasa, I love. She is just incredible. And, most compatible to Levi. She’s uber powerful. She is most likely to understand Levi. (Remember - Levi has no confidant. I doubt Levi/Erwin/Hange talk about their feelings…. They’re people who get the job done after all. So, no need for the mushy stuff.) But as she is, I think the best bet for her to shed off her feelings for Eren and have her affections swayed by someone else is - maturity and distance. 

In the manga, we already see her development. She’s become Levi’s right hand. She back-ups the man. And she understands him. 

I don’t like thinking my ship as “here’s a Levi.” and “here’s a Mikasa.” now fall in love sort. The way I think Levi will fall in love with Mikasa is companionship and understanding. Tea time talks maybe. Being there when he needs a helping hand. Levi as he is, is and has never been in search of romance. Levi is a simple man with zero input on the topic. He only has this vague idea of love and family in the corner of his mind. Something he doesn’t think about because for him, it isn’t necessary. It isn’t what’s in front of him. That being said, I think he’s one that could grow affection quietly and be satisfied with this alone. He yearns for nothing, he wants for nothing after all. Heck, the man isn’t in search of a friend even. He’ll grow the affection for certain. But, Rivamika sailing will all be in Mikasa’s wheelhouse. 

And, I think Mikasa will fall for Levi once she freaking matures. I say mature because we can hold it as a fact that she already understands Levi in the manga. So, she needs to mature to shed her old feelings. We slowly see this in Eren and Jean’s brawl, where she just lets them fight. (Good times, good times.) Mikasa will fall for Levi only when she realizes how much he’s done for her, for everyone. She’ll fall in love with him after she realizes how much there is to admire in him, after she reassesses what it means to fall in love with another. 

I don’t understand how this will work in canon. But just imagine the possibilities. One headcanon is - they embark to unknown territory. The protagonists are in separate teams. I see Armin in HQ, dealing with military strategy. I see Mikasa training her own squad. I see Levi and Eren joining the frontlines. (This is where the distance I mentioned could develop. - Mikasa can grow, reassess her feelings.) (But crap, I think she’ll only end up missing Eren… :( ) 

(Speaking about Eren. I don’t think he’ll fall in love with Mikasa. From his character - he obviously isn’t looking for one. And second, he never seemed to be attracted to Mikasa at any point of their relationship. He always saw her as a friend, an unwanted nuisance at times. Annie, I’m pretty sure he fancied at one point or the other. - This works with Rivamika because it gives me room to believe that Mikasa will have to move on.)  (But then again, you can never be certain. He could come out one day saying, “Of course I love you. I always have.” I think his relationship with Mikasa opens this door to a frank and casual confession. :O )

ii. The Indefeasible Ackermans
The Ackerman line will certainly continue. It’s impossible to think those genes will be lost to humanity forever. One of the two (assuming there are no others) will procreate with someone. So, why not just put them together? 

(Kidding aside.)

I say potential because of the inherent capabilities of these characters. The trajectory of their stories will reach heights unknown. They’ll be doing remarkable feats, journeys, battles. They will save humanity. The thought of their finding love through all it is so damn romantic, I can’t even begin to describe it. It will just be so incredible and heart-wrenching. (To find love in a hopeless place. HA……… ha. Sorry.)

b. Biases
i. How I appreciate my gender.
It’s easy to pinpoint flaws in depictions of your gender. So in my ships, I quickly take note of this. I love how in obvious ships (EreAnnie, RivaMika), the women are equally or even stronger. 

I love how confident the men are in their own abilities. That Levi doesn’t give a rat’s ass about his height. That the men’s frustration with getting stronger doesn’t stem from jealousy towards their female counterparts, but the struggle to win a life-long battle. 

When I was younger, it’s so obvious that I liked the girls in my ships to be the under in more ways than one. Although I wanted them to develop, they were never allowed to grow more than their male counterpart. In Rivamika, Mikasa could so easily surpass Levi any day now. I also like the fact that Levi is shorter than Mikasa. That’s how you know a man is confident - that he doesn’t mind living up to such an incredible partner. 

(Oh yea, look! For the first time, it’s the man who sacrifices his time and effort for the woman’s sake.) Love RivaMika so gosh darn much.

ii. What I look for in a relationship.
EQUALITY AND RESPECT. (including attraction, love, admiration, trust… all that jazz of course.) You get this in Rivamika if appreciated properly. 

All points taken, Rivamika is awesome. If you don’t think so, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure to ship and let ship. If a ship doesn’t suit your taste, look the other way. Don’t be immature and show us how much time you can afford to waste by ranting about a pairing you hate. (And like that, I just wasted a butt load of time… oh no.)