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I just read the news about Manchester. People are terrified, unable to contact their loved ones, unable to get home safely. Here I am, lying in my air-conditioned room in this sunny country called Singapore. Although I am grateful, sometimes I feel guilty for living such a sheltered life.

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Are you worried that being open about mental illness will mean less career options for you in the future? That's a fear I constantly deal with and I couldn't imagine being as brave as you are about it

In all honesty, that was a HUGE fear of mine and still is. BUT, I can definitely say in coming out about it, I’ve gotten nothing but positive support and encouragement from those around me!! Which I am so relieved and grateful for.
I feel extremely fortunate because I think art careers are way more forgiving than other environments, such as retail for example, where I would never open up about my mental health if I was still there. I’m surrounded by very kind people now and the difference is night and day!! 

A lot of people aren’t this lucky and aren’t in places where they can talk about this stuff, and it’s very hard to live with. I couldn’t be open about anything and suffered in silence for so long, but since I am in this place now, I want to be more open about these sorts of things. I want to help fight stigma so others can also start to feel safer to be open about themselves as awareness and acceptance becomes more of a thing.
Plus, it’s a very integral part of my work as an artist and the types of stories/content I want to create, so being open was very important to me in my career anyways. 

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Saionji,maybe you should be glad to Tsumiki?If isn't for her killing you,too.you would have to suffer from starvation and claustrophobia in Funfouse and later watch Nanami die.

Sorry but I must have misunderstood what you just said…

There is no way you would ever say to someone that was brutally murdered that they should feel grateful towards their murderer, right? No one would be such an asshole, right?


So many of you are messaging me that “oh @jonerstrokes seems so great” and “oh @jonerstrokes is so precious”. WELL THERE’S REALLY SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THEM:

They are literally just as great and adorable as they seem and I love that they are in my life. You guys, I am blessed, and I love that I get to have them in my vlogs and that you enjoy the wonderful person that they are. <3

SWC in Toronto 19/3/2017 Fanaccount
  • Taemin and Jonghyun’s microphones completely stopped working around Replay. During Replay, Minho and Taemin swapped microphones around, and Jongyu also swapped microphones in between parts. 
  • Key mentioned going to Niagara Falls with Onew. Onew said that the beauty of the falls made him lost for words. Key later also mentioned going to the CN tower with Minho, but they didn’t go to the top because there were too many people.
  • Onew: “In my head, I always thought of Canada as a very cold place. But it’s very hot in here.” <3
  • The music stopped abruptly during Prism. The members were very professional, and tried to encourage Shawols to sing along without music.
  • Onjongtae apologized for the technical issues during a costume change. Taemin looked especially sad about the mic/sound difficulties and kept apologizing :(
  • Jonghyun and Onew tried to get Taemin to talk about his solo, giving him thumbs ups. Instead, Taemin shyly changed the topic to “there are many performances left tonight.”
  • Minho didn’t expect the amount of support/cheering tonight. He was very touched.
  • Key talked about the ‘instagram life’ and that he can’t control what time he has ‘live broadcasts’ on the platform. He wishes to be on there more to interact with fans but that is also dependent on the company. He also mentioned being sleepy due to the jet lag, and apologized for his English (fans were very touched at his attempts!)
  • Key also talked about really liking Youtube reaction videos, often searching ‘1 of 1 reaction video’ and others. He says he couldn’t stop watching them. 
  • Minho talked in English for a while, and then Key talked again, until he said in Korean that he forgot they had an interpreter.
  • A lot of Shawols were surprised at Minho’s English, he improved a lot. Jonghyun would occasionally chime in ‘yes’, ‘let’s go’, but Onjongtae mostly spoke in Korean.
  • Everyone got super hyped during Lucifer and Key said “I see you guys really like Lucifer, huh?”
  • During ‘Ready or Not’, Jonghyun kept trying to step across sound speakers to move closer to the fans. He also stole a towel from a dancer and swung it around. 
  • Minho’s closing remarks (in English!) :
    • Thank you for waiting, thank you for coming, thank you for screaming, I LOVE YOU. 
  • Minho also stayed back/was the last to leave the stage, giving lots of thumbs up and waving to fans.
Why I Read Tarot
  • It’s a tool for guidance. Tarot can help frame a question in a new way, or come at it from a different perspective than you may have thought. It can help you think outside the box on issues or make you face aspects of the problem you’ve been ignoring. It can provide enough insight for you to make a tough decision on your own.
  • It’s fun! Tarot can answer tough questions, or it can fill up an evening at a slumber party. Let’s each draw a card for our deepest, darkest secret. Let’s learn about our love lives and laugh together. Let’s play games and learn about each other. Let’s practice readings over meaningless things.
  • It’s a tool for mindfulness. Draw a card to reflect on each day. Make a spread for the coming week, to see what you should be mindful of. Be reassured of your strengths and admitting of your weaknesses. Assign affirmations to each card. Use the cards as a tool to strengthen yourself and grow as a person.
  • You meet a lot of people. Each of these people, dozens, hundreds, has their own unique life story, and they share a tiny piece of it with you over the cards. You get people from all walks of life, all different personalities and hopes and fears. Yet, almost everyone seems to have the same handful of burning questions. This is comforting, in a way, knowing that on some level we are all wondering the same things.
  • You become a little wiser. I don’t know how many epiphanies I’ve had while reading other people’s cards. I feel like I learn something new with every reading I do. There have been times where the cards have led me to stumble upon nuggets of wisdom beyond my years, things I may have never found otherwise. I have grown as a person through the lessons the cards have taught me.
  • You can help people. Sometimes, people just need to vent their question and worries to someone. Sometimes, people need just a little push to articulate a truth to themselves. Sometimes, they already know the answer to their question, and just need that little extra bit of strength to commit to it. Sometimes they will come in search of nothing but kind words and reassurance. Sometimes, on rare occasions, you can help people dig up long-held issues, things they’ve been too afraid to face, and set them on the path of healing.

I think those moments are what make me the most proud and grateful I have learned this art.


“I was with an amazing group of people making this album. It’s hard going into a room with people you don’t know and being honest. I think it’s hard to do that. I feel very grateful that the people I was with allowed me to do that, and made an environment where I felt like I could say what I wanted to say, and I wouldn’t have made it without them. This is my chance to be like ‘yes it was all me.’ But it was amazing. Jamaica was great for me.” 


Ways Witchcraft Has Affected My Life

🗝My pleasure reading is now academic reading. After starting to lose the skill I once had, my reading comprehension has gone way up.

🗝 I get more done and finished more projects because the first step of something can be a spell. Spells are fun to do so I’m less likely to put it off. Once I’ve taken the first step, I have the motivation and momentum to see the rest of it through, something I used to struggle with.

🗝 I feel as if I have much more agency in my life. I can protect myself from toxic people and actively pull myself out of toxic mindsets much more easily than before.

🗝 Articulating what I want in spells has helped me better understand what I want out of life or what I should be truly focusing on.

🗝I’m much, MUCH better at cooking. I can feed myself on more than just ramen and toast, which makes me healthier and happier.

🗝I have more motivation to give back to the community, through charity or service work, or just being more mindful about the environment and supporting local businesses.

🗝I have a much deeper understanding of history and cultures outside of my own.

🗝 I used to be a slob, but now I regularly clean my room and keep my space tidy because I recognize that a messy room affects me negatively and hurts my magic. Also, my room always smells excellent.

🗝 Whenever I work with deities I practice ritual self hygiene. So the little things I used to ignore before bed don’t get ignored as much.

🗝I have a much deeper appreciation for the little things in life, happy coincidences, tiny blessings. I notice them much more and am thankful.

🗝 I have met so many amazing people and have formed wonderful friendships around the craft.

In the end, when people debate if magic is real or not, who cares? It’s undeniably producing real results.

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We've had a ton of fake stories over the years, why have we made this such a big deal? I mean it's awful and disgusting but...ok?! We've talked about this way more than we should have.

i mean…..how many fake stories have pushed gross ideas such as harry hooking up with someone who was underage, harry including someone’s rare name in a song without bothering to warn them so the 1d fanbase can track her down within hours, the girl’s dad hearing a song about her on the today show unexpectedly when most people interpret the line “she feels so good” sexually, and so on and so forth. like ????? people bitched for ages about the harry and caroline flack thing (we STILL bitch about it) because while it was fake, it was uniquely nasty, so of course people are also gonna bitch about the ridiculous story behind carolina because 1) it started off being gross and 2) it’s changed like five times. sorry, but i’m not gonna normalize the underage bullshit that this story started with or any of the other gross stuff associated with it by being like ‘ohhhh whatever, they lie, let’s all move on.” nope. sorry, not happening.

Attitudes and Mindsets that can Change your Life

1. Knowing deep inside that you are good enough.

2. Believing you can do it, and believing you can make it.

3. Choosing to be grateful when you feel like complaining.

4. Choosing to hang in there when you feel you’ve had enough.

5. Knowing each new day is a true gift and fresh beginning.

6. Valuing others, and treating others well.

7. Investing in people instead of chasing things.


»A wise man once told me family don’t end in blood… «

This video is about the basic of this show: it’s about the SPN family, about Team Free Will, about all these wonderful characters who keep the show going and make it special ♥  

i can’t wait until vilde starts figuring out her sexuality and goes to isak for help and he introduces her to even’s 2 moms to show her that she can have exactly the life she wants being exactly who she is!!