a graphic cosmogony


A Graphic Cosmogony is the first anthology from publishers Nobrow Press. This is a Nobrow equivalent of McSweeney’s albeit with a very deliberate theme. The twenty-four artists in A Graphic Cosmogony tackle creation in a fitting seven pages each—each one becoming that shamanic presence, creating their own wild, imaginative versions to answer that perennial question: ‘how did we get here?’ … A damn fine read!"—Forbidden Planet International


A Graphic Cosmogony by Various (insanely brilliant) Artists

When it comes to the birth of comics, like the birth of the cosmos, it’s still open to speculation. The Book of Genesis might open with ‘In the beginning was the word’, but it seems more than likely that ‘In the beginning was the picture’. Or at least a picture which served as a word, a visual vehicle for representation and meaning. Mankind surely drew before we could write, but why make a distinction anyway? After all, the Chinese use the same word to mean both writing and drawing. And we know that many letter or word forms began as codified shorthand drawings of what they represented. We can only guess what the very first drawings looked like on the rocky walls of our very first art galleries, cinemas, decorated temples or stained-glass-windowed cathedrals, namely our earliest ancestors’ cosy, craggy caves. Most probably they included a life-size hand, daubed, smacked and printed straight onto the rock, and perhaps a simplified version of man himself, reduced to a symbolic, talismanic stick figure, the proto-cartoon or ur-comic.


Pull up a rock and gather round the flickering fire -  the universe is about to be born again…

without a doubt, one of the prettiest books i own.

here’s the thing, you don’t actually READ ‘a graphic cosmogony’. yes, there are some pages that contain text but this anthology celebrates artists’ diversity and individualism, not only in illustrating/creating comics but also the way they think and their own philosophies. i found it to be a visually stunning anthology + i get to look up the artists i reallyreally liked.

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