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Table Cloth notes on Materia Transmutation

It seems that with Stormblood, Grade V Materia went to “valuable” to “throw-away candy”, the prices dropping to 1-2k each. And for the longest time I’ve been wanting to do a little experiment.

What’s the chance of you getting Grade VI Materia from Mutamix by providing him different kinds of Grade V Materia? 

I went ahead and began hoarding Materia V, purchasing it from the boards and from strangers. After several days I had a large enough sample to get an idea of what the success rate is.

The photo above is the starting point:

  • 6978 Grade V ( not counting Gathering and Crafting Materia )
  • 7 Grade VI

The photo above is the ending point:

  • 138 Grade VI ( without counting starting point Grade VI )

How was the testing done?

I used five different Grade V Materias per transaction, always. Never two of the same. 

So what’s the rate?

Around 8% 

What’s the Math used to reach this conclusion?

Assume no transmutations will result in Grade VIs, and add up the number of transmutations you could perform on your starting set of Grade V Materia (6975/5 = 1395) Then count how many transmutations you could perform on that number of Grade V Materia (1395/5 = 279) add the three leftover Materia from 6978 - 6975 and you get 282. Perform transmutations on this set of Materia, and you get 56 transmutations, and have 58 Grade V Materia, you could then perform 11 transmutations on that, with 13 grade V Materia after that round, which then means 2 more transmutations and 3 leftover grade V Materia (convenient, as we will see later). Adding up all our transmutations gives us 1395 + 279 + 56 + 11 + 2 = 1743 Transmutations. HOWEVER, each successful Grade VI upgrade resulted in 1 less Grade V for transmutation. our end Grade VIs were 138. Conveniently we had 3 leftover grade Vs at the end of the initial calculations, so those would cancel out and give us 135 Grade VIs, every 5 Grade VIs would be 1 less transmutation, so we end up with 27 fewer transmutations for a grand total of 1716 Transmutations performed, resulting in 138 grade VI Materia. 138/1716 = .0804, or basically 8%. 

( By RangoFett - Thank you! )

How long did this process take?

Around 20 hours, maybe more. I truly think that SE needs to revisit the User Interface for Mutamix, the whole process takes a long time, too much dialog, and when you successfully get a Grade VI Materia, you’re forced into a cutscene, which you can’t disable via the Character Setting.

How much Gil did you invest?

Around 24,000,000 Gil

Did you recover your investment?

Not sure! I was doing this for science!

Above, scientific Table Cloth. See you on the next experiment!

Update 1: The math was incorrect (it was per materia, not per transaction). Success rate is actually 10.11%.

Update 2: The math was incorrect once more, updated to 8% with the Math that was used to reach that number.

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Inappropriate Fan Behavior

I don’t know how many of you are on twitter or follow fansites and fan pages but please please please do not follow or support @ BTSbyMIA. She has taken pictures of BTS during security check points when it’s not allowed and has taken the same flights as them even when they are going on unofficial schedules. She’s basically following them around even when it’s not a concert. So please don’t support her. I’m pretty sure that notice had to do with her. She’s selling the photos she takes and some of them are of BTS at the airport just trying to get through security checkpoint. BTS staff even talked to her at the airport but she doesn’t listen. Please just don’t support her

Edit: Also I’ve read her statement about not knowing any better and my first response is… So what. It should be common sense to not take professional grade photos of the boys while they’re just trying to go through security. That’s not rocket science. Thinking it’s okay is selfish behavior because you’re not thinking for one second if it’s appropriate or not. All you care about is getting a picture of the members. And then to go and sell those photos for profit is even worse. And second I don’t believe she didn’t know any better because I politely replied to her picture of hobi saying she should delete it because it’s not allowed and she just blocked me. Please don’t blindly trust or follow anyone. I agree to give people the benefit of the doubt but when evidence says otherwise and it comes to invading the boys space erring on the side of caution is better.