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Jack is the kid in high school who got picked on all the time because he was rlly scrawny and wore glasses but then ten years later he comes to high school reunion and he's a beefcake with multiple military medals and a beautiful trophy husband and suddenly everyone wants to be his friend

and its the reverse at gabriel’s too. except he was a grumpy emo rebel kid and now he’s a hot as shit, highly decorated military commander with equally attractive husband with as many medals to his name. they both think it’s hilarious, how nerdy they were in high school, and tease each other about it. 


Throwback Tuesday - Gundam vs Gouf pt. 2

After a short hiatus, UC Photography is back again with the thrilling conclusion to the battle between my Master Grade kits! Starting it off with a punch straight to the face, this struggle ends with a Mortal Kombat style fatality!

I remember this photo set being both fun and frustrating to pull off, with quite a few takes to get the poses just right. In the end, it was a great set and I even managed to compile it into a gifset at the time!

Please ignore the terrible quality, I made this years ago

I do apologize for lack of updates, as a lot suddenly happened over the course of the past few weeks. Fret not, as I will be back at again with regular updates soon!

Till next time everyone!

(Edit - Was missing a picture in the photo set. Added it in now!)

“Theresa actually took this picture of me when I was 16, which is so cute. We were at high school, in Eugene, Oregon, and we had photography class together, and this was one of her graded photos. I don’t remember what grade she got for it, but the print made it into this glass case that was outside the class, so that’s something – it was mounted in the hallway”. -Emily

one time, i editted taylor swift in the back of my grade 9 farewell photos and accused her of lurking me and photobombing me and on that day taylor swift proved me right and wrong.

right that shes a lurker:

and wrong that no one hates me: