a gr8 scene

do you ever think about how gay you are and then get this really bubbly happy feeling in your chest where it’s kind of hard to breathe because you’re just so happy that you get to like girls??

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Oh My God! You love Dear Evan Hansen! Yesssss. Since I'm seeing a lot of trans love in your blog (#fuckyeahtrans), you should draw some trans!Evan, Connor, Jared (gayming son), or Zoe!! I love you and your art sm!

hanging out with your tf (tree friend)


fangirl challenge [4/10 television shows]: Boy Meets World

“You’re gonna mistakes, you’re gonna make good friends and Mr. Feeny will probably teach you every grade you’re ever in. And maybe you’ll meet a woman as wonderful as Topanga, how’d you like that? And maybe you’ll make a friend like Shawn. But when you’re not a little boy anymore, when the world taught you how to be this man, you know, you’re still gonna make mistakes. But your family and your friends that you made along the way are gonna help you. Even thought it’ll seem like the world’s going out of it’s way to teach you these hard lessons, you’re gonna realize that it’s the same world that’s giving you your family and your friends, you know? And you’re gonna come to believe to believe that the world’s gonna protect you too. Boy Meets World. Now I get it.“

This entire screenshot is a masterpiece.

Her priceless imitation of Sekizan with her fkin hair curls curled into a heart??Ume-chan’s noodle body??? Ume-chan’s expression?? Ume-chan in general??

Honestly I love the rugby in All Out!! but if it was just an anime with all of them fooling around like this I’d watch the shit out of that