a government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have

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The other day I saw my uncle wearing a shirt that said "'A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.' - Thomas Jefferson". My super conservative family says it almost like a mantra, and I was just wondering what you thought about that quote?

I think it’s a genuine concern and something to take very seriously. I also think the way the average voter from the modern Republican Party would interpret it is a lot different than the way I would.

I think today’s conservatives would probably largely focus on the 2nd amendment or tax policy when talking about that specific quote, which is fine, but in my opinion that’s not what Jefferson meant and it’s much deeper than that. We’re already way past what Jefferson would be comfortable with. (Thanks Alexander Hamilton)…

Thomas Jefferson believed America would be best suited as a nation of self sufficient farmers spread coast to coast. He believed development of the type Alexander Hamilton wanted, namely a big central bank, foreign trade, and basic monetary policy, could very easily endanger that coast to coast farmer lifestyle (Hamilton was the OG big government technocrat tbh). I mean, Jefferson was so anti big government he didn’t believe in a standing army because he felt like it would create unnecessary institutional pressures that could lead to war or a coup. I think he was probably right about that one and if you think the war on terror is taking away our rights your family might have a point there.

A government that can read your text messages and make you take your shoes off at airports is a government big enough to take everything you have.

Personally I’ve always kind of had a soft spot for Jeffersonian democracy, but we’ve kind of passed the point that a populace not using the government seems a little farfetched to me. Even whats left of Jefferson’s rural ideals doesn’t seem to me like it could stand alone without heavy subsidization, that is basically just moving resources from cities that depend on “big government” and global trade to more rural areas who don’t have the same infrastructure.

The fact is that quote raises very real concerns and I kind of take it as a warning that big government can become incompatible with freedom when it becomes difficult for people to influence it directly. A bigger government can also do a lot of shit that it might not need to do that endangers the citizenry. The TSA or NSA being my chosen examples here, but your family probably has their own.

The world was very different when Jefferson was quoted, but I think it’s still useful. I think it was a genuinely conservative quote and to the extent modern conservatives are genuinely conservative it’s a good guide for them. To the extent that modern day conservatives are also fans of big government that does what they want (which is most republicans). I think Jefferson would be horrified.

In Jefferson’s time even the biggest corporations were basically state run enterprises. As was the church and basically anything else with any power. It was all “big government.” I think his quote was more a critique of any institution becoming too big and unaccountable to the people, not just the “government” the way we think of it today. And in my view and from that definition I think it’s something we should all keep in mind because we definitely have some institutions that do not represent the best interests of the citizenry.

I’m looking at the military industrial complex and our financial institutions but you could make the case for others as well.

Like a boss (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Could you write a oneshot where reader stops the Civil War and sets EVERYONE straight like literally pimps slaps Tony and Steve and after that she sets the UN straight and she addresses to them that the real problem was always hydra and that choosing sides and bringing a war will cost more money and more casualties and her and Bucky are attracted to each other… And maybe smut? Lol reader is short and a badass and Hispanic (whoop whoop!) and she’s more powerful than all the avengers but humble and shouldn’t be made mad and sassy when upset 

  • Words:  1.695
  • Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
  • Warnings: Lots of swearing in English and Spanish! 
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name. Italized stuff without the quoting is a flashback.  “Porque todo se fue a la mierda, gracias a ustedes” means “Because all went to shit because of you” The scythe that I had in mind was a small one, that’s why you can freely swing it around your hand and that.

It all started when you got out of the car when the government caught Steve Rogers and James Buchanan Barnes. The former Winter Soldier was enraged and apparently he knew you as he ran to you like a beast. You rose a wall of stone in front of you and locked him in a cell. The SWAT team looked at you in awe as they had never seen you using your powers. They knew you had them and they knew about your training as an assassin but the sight of you, using your abilities, was almost like a legend.
“Don’t hurt him!” Steve yelled as Bucky kept shouting to be set free.
“You are now under arrest. The two of you, Captain” You folded your arms over your chest “Come willingly and no one will get hurt, ok?” You showed him your scythe that you always brought to difficult situations “Captain Rogers” You repeated “I won’t say this again. Come willingly and nobody gets hurt”
That day was the worst for wearing a pencil skirt and a nice blouse. Well, it began partially well because you were at the office, making some video calls with important suckers that wanted the fugitive vigilante either arrested or dead. Until you got the call.
Your heels clacked on the road as you swung your weapon in your wrist, the team that had gone with you to protect you had their guns up in case something happened. You stood in front of Steve and outstretched your hand to him.
“The shield, Rogers”
“Why are you doing this, (Y/N)?” He asked, not willing to give you the shield just yet.
Porque todo se fue a la mierda, gracias a ustedes” You replied, raising your hand to slap the pale cheek of the soldier, but stopping a few centimeters from it “The shield Steve. If not, I’m gonna take it by force and none of us want that, right?” You asked calmly.
“Please, release him” Steve begged, pointing at the rock cell in which his friend screamed to be set free “He has done nothing…”
“You know I don’t repeat stuff, don’t you?” You asked, ignoring his plead. You outstretched your hand again and he reluctantly handed you the surprisingly light shield he held on to so dearly “I’m gonna take care of it” You assured him “And of him too”
Placing the scythe back on its hold, you accepted the shield and clacked your way again to the wall you had done. The man inside stopped screaming when he heard your footsteps and you felt how he tried to control himself by taking deep breaths.
“James, it’s (Y/N)” You called, hoping he still remembered you.
You two had an encounter a few months ago, when you were on the hunt for him. Working for the government didn’t allow you to have a secret identity, but it did give you diplomatic immunity whenever things went wrong (casualties were inevitable, but you were responsible enough to take fights to empty places).
“Everyone wants you dead, James” You said, holding tightly your scythes in your hands; he didn’t need any kind of weapon as he was one himself “Please, don’t do this”
“Trained by HYDRA and working for the US government, you sure you’re on the right side?” He asked with a smirk.
“HYDRA was tore down and I’m not allowed to have a cover, I’ve been working for the government way before and they know what I’ve been up to” You shrugged, not loosening the grip in any moment.
You were caught by the government before HYDRA collapsed and you decided to redeem yourself and use your powers for something good. Fortunately, you had someone on your side. Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross was the man that most trusted you and you trusted him with your life. He helped you get a new identity and get the council to trust you and eventually, you were listed as one of the most trust worthy people in the US, and that was a lot to say.
“Buck” You sighed “Please, don’t do this…” You pleaded. You wanted him to be fine and safe, and if it wasn’t much to ask, with you “You wanna get killed?”
“What if I do? Will it change anything?” He asked. You started to search something in your catsuit and you handed the found item to him. It was a small piece of paper “What is this?” He inquired again.
“You tell me” You placed one scythe on your back “You gave it to me” You took two daring steps towards him “You should know what it is”
“(Y/N) don’t do this… I won’t go with you”
“At least give me some assurance that you’ll be fine” You begged “If it’s not me who finds you, it’ll be the real deal and you won’t like that” You warned “I told you, you are wanted, but dead”
“You were sent here to kill me?” He walked to you too.
“I came alone” You pointed out “If they see you it’ll be in my terms”
“You really made your way up, didn’t you?” He asked, curling his lips into what it felt like a genuine smile “You’re better than all of them put together” He cupped your face with his flesh hand and caressed your cheek with his thumb “But I can’t go with you because there are some things I need to settle down”
“Promise me you’ll take care, ok?”
“Always” He leaned forward to quickly kiss your lips and then he said goodbye.
You would always remember that day and so would he. Both men got into the van that would take them to the Pentagon, in which some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes patiently waited for you to arrive. You sent a text to Thunderbolt Ross just to tell him to get a meeting room ready for you all.
Found them. Get us a room big enough for these asshole’s egos and some snacks for me, please” You tapped and pressed ‘Send’.
The arrested soldiers didn’t have their hands cuffed as you conducted them to the meeting room in where Thaddeus waited for you. You saw Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Sam Wilson and Natasha Romanoff; she was slightly happy to see you.
Thunderbolt Ross invited them to sit down and he started a speech on how in danger the world was now that they divided. It was actually boring, and you started to play with your mobile while you ate what he had got for you. You loudly yawned, interrupting is great lecture on why they were wrong and he asked you if he was boring you.
“Ross, I can take care of this” You left your stuff on the table and placed your hand on the man’s chest and calmly walked around the office swinging the scythe you didn’t leave in the ban in your hand “So, you’re basically saying that you went on separate ways because you were tricked? Let me break it down to you. Brock Rumlow was never dead and he was the one trying to make you fall apart” You asked out loud, feeling how the Avengers blushed “You thought you were each other’s enemy and that’s why you tried to kill one another. Sounds like a perfect plan, doesn’t it?”
“He’s dangerous” Stark pointed at the former Winter Soldier.
“I’m not finished” You grabbed your weapon tightly in your hand and threatened with the razorblade at Tony’s throat “Do you know what the breaking for the Avengers means to the world?” You didn’t wait for an answer “It means that the governments will have free choice to attack everything they think as a threat. Do you realize what would happen to Middle East countries?” You asked again “No, Thunderbolt” You interrupted him before he could speak “We need to face the truth, and that is that they are in danger because of countries like the US, and unfortunately the UN won’t listen to me because I’m sure there must be HYDRA people in there” You sighed and rolled your eyes.
“What are you suggesting, then?” Captain America asked.
“Now that you mention it… Can you and Tony stand up, please?” You asked “Please, take care of her” You handed your scythe to Thaddeus Ross and stood in front of Iron Man and Captain America; they were ridiculously big next to you.
You took a deep breath and slapped the blond man across the face. With the back of your hand. A pimp slap. It sounded perfect and your hand stung, meaning it had worked. You head Wanda Maximoff gasping out loud and Tony chuckled under his breath; with a smile you gave him another pimp slap.
Eso es por joderlo todo, pedazos de mierda” You scoffed; they looked at you completely clueless as you had suddenly switched to Spanish. Natasha giggled quietly because she understood every single word “That’s for fucking everything up, you shit hats” You translated “I thought you were different from everyone else. I thought you were smarter, not like those assholes from the UN and the Senate. You know HYDRA; you know how they operate” You sighed “If you guys don’t learn from this awful experience don’t you dare calling yourselves Avengers ever again, because right now, you’re nothing but some douche bags in colorful suits and with some great abilities” You threatened “I want you of my sight”
Both teams got out of the door; Tony and Steve touched their stinging cheeks and you overheard Iron Man muttering that you became way smarter than him. You giggled at him while Thaddeus left your scythe on the table patted your shoulder and smiled, very proudly.
“That was way over the top” He laughed “But I think it was the push they needed, and good Spanish. I forgot you spoke it… By the way” He took his hand to his chin “Did you get to talk to the UN? Those assholes might want an answer”
“I know, all my messages are either ‘lost’” You quoted with your hands “Or plainly unread. I think I might go to see them tomorrow” You shrugged.