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How are the signs doing in school right now?

Aries: scrapping by with thoses B’s

Taurus: struggling to get as much extra credit as possible to up their grade even though it is futile

Gemini: somehow didn’t even study at all and has straight A’s

Cancer: *gross sobbing*

Leo: “everything is fine” *narrator: in fact, nothing was fine*

Virgo: C’s get degrees….

Libra: almost done. just. Gotta. FINISH THIS.

Scorpio: wtf the first day of school was like a month ago…. right?

Sagittarius: the days have slowly morphed into one, days pass and they hardly notice. theres no longer a sense of time, but a sense of waiting for an end, the end, an endgame, the final day of school

Capricorn: mix of A’s and B’s so pretty good


Pisces: selling their soul for a 4.0 GPA


 Newt Scamander x Reader

 727 Words

 Request from anon:  Could you do one where the reader(no maj) is Newts partner now for three years and their anniversary is today and she is wishing that Newt didn’t forget it because he would spend more time with his creatures now. It seemed as if she was the second option these pasts months. He spent less time with her. So, when they woke up and Newt got up from the bed and said “gotta work today. Dont wait for me at breakfast my love”. She had enough, she said those words “we need to break up”.

 You loved your boyfriend, there was no doubt in your mind about that. In fact, you were completely sure Newt was the man you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Lately, however, he had been busy. 

 You wanted to go out to eat? Busy. You fancied a stroll? Busy. Any time you wanted to do anything the answer was the same. “I’m busy, dear.” 

 ‘Busy where?’ one might ask. Busy in that damned suitcase, that’s where. That’s the only place Newt had spent his time in the last three months. You understood that his creatures required a lot of attention, but it was beginning to be too much.

 And that brings you to today. It was your ten month anniversary, and you were praying to anyone that was listening for Newt to remember.

 You sat up, rubbing your eyes after having just woken up. You chuckled at Newt’s sleeping figure. Even when he was asleep he looked adorable. “Wake up, dear.” you said, shaking him slightly.

 He opened his eyes and blinked owlishly, then sat up. “G’morning.” you smiled, pressing a kiss to his cheek. 

 “It’s a special day today, isn’t it?” you inquire, resting your head on his chest.

 He glanced at the window then said, “Yes, I suppose it’s rather nice outside today.” 

 You tried not to look completely heartbroken. Maybe he was just joking with you. Instead, you ask, “What do want for breakfast?”

 “Ah, about that, I’ve got work today. Don’t wait for me at breakfast, love.” Newt said nonchalantly as he stuffed something into his pocket. He got up and walked towards the suitcase.

 “Are you serious?” You jumped up, grabbing his arm. “Really, tell me you’re just kidding with me.” He gave you a quizzical look.

 “Please, tell me you haven’t forgot what today is.” you pleaded. When he didn’t answer, your heart broke into a million pieces.

 “It’s our anniversary!” you yelled and let go of his arm. You were tired of him never having time for you. You were tired of hardly ever seeing him. Most importantly, you were tired of coming second to his creatures.

 “It is? Already?” he questioned, scratching the back of his head. Newt hadn’t been keeping track of the days. He felt awful for making you so upset. If you only knew what he had been working on, you would understand better.

 “I’m done,” you whispered as tears began to roll down your face. “I’m done being second priority, Newt.”

 He looked up, only to see you by the dresser, packing your things. “No, (y/n), wait!” He rushed over, placing his hand on your arm. You drew your arm back quickly.

 “I understand you love your creatures, I do,” You shoved clothes into your suitcase. “But enough is enough.” You turned to him, a sobbing mess.

 “We need to break up.” It was the most painful thing you had ever said. Newt’s face fell. He took your arm and led you to the suitcase.

 “Newt, I haven’t got ti-”

 “Please, just come with me.” You followed him into his workspace. “Close your eyes.” he ordered. With a huff, you obeyed and closed your eyes as he guided you.

 “Open.” You opened your eyes, shocked by what you saw. In front of you was a large willow tree with actual fairies lighting it up. Under the willow tree there was a table set up for a romantic dinner.

 “Oh, my goodness,” you gasped, pulling Newt into a tight hug. “I’m sorry I yelled. I’m sorry I accused you of putting me second. I’m so, so sorry.”

 He rubbed your back, assuring you it was okay. “I should have made time for you. I just wanted it to be perfect.” He pulled away from the hug and dug into his pocket, pulling out a velvet box. 

 Newt then proceeded to get on one knee and hold out the ring. “(y/n) (m/n) (l/n), will you marry me?” He quickly added, “Please?”

 “Yes, you bumbling idiot, yes!” You grabbed the ring and slipped it on your finger, then slammed your lips onto Newt’s. He moved his hands to your waists, and you moved yours to the collar of his shirt so you could pull him closer.

 “I love you,” he said in between kisses.

 “I love you, too.” you replied, thankful that you hadn’t left.


gotta follow kasper to work for that extra $$$

LIBERTY: Dr. Goon, is it true? am i pregnant?!

KASPER: hmm… did you have a big breakfast this morning?

LIBERTY: yes! i can’t stop eating recently! i’ve really been craving sweets…

KASPER: ah-ha! that’s what it is! i’m sure the bloating will go away within a few hours… if it doesn’t though, i’d wait about… 3 more months?



Haven’t written anything in a super long while…was like, creatively constipated, which has been awful for my book.  Anyway, that kiss tonight got me thinking:

That kiss felt more like…it was making up for last night.  This is where my mind went, and no one has to agree with me, but…this is what I came up with.  First thing I’ve written in probably over a month.  Holla at me.

“You’re really going tomorrow?”

Her back was to him, and his was to hers, the soft sound of her voice filtering the darkened room.  Rick paused, hesitant, then turned around, lifting up the blanket as he did so, the carpeted floor felt beneath the blanket underneath.  With caution, he draped his arm over her, then froze.


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Okay kids here we go. You really gotta stop sexualizing underage idols. I saw a post about Dino from Seventeen talk in about kinks he would have and what he would be like in bed. Um… he is 17? I know he is turning 18 I’m literally a month but it doesn’t matter. He is underage and shouldn’t be sexualized. Don’t defend these things by saying that you are underage too. It doesn’t matter. Underage idols shouldn’t be sexualized, no matter what age the person sexualizing them is. This goes for all people though. There are adults saying “I can’t wait until Mark (nct) turns 18” and “I’m a pedo noona” it is unexeptable and disgusting. Please stop sexualizing idols who are minors.


I just gotta show off my new rat because she’s so lovely. I finally got my hands on her after watching her be thrown from home to home over the last month or so. I don’t know why, she’s so beautiful and sweet! I located her breeder and found her lineage. Now I’m comfortable enough to breed her, which I’ll be doing so with my favorite male. I can’t wait! They’re gonna produce some awesome colors. So meet one of my newest and loveliest girls, Henna! ♥♥♥

Not Netflix and Chill - Suho

Junmyeon x reader
word count: 731
genre: fluff
warning: none
author: sammy

Summary: Junmyeon want to spend some time with you after a while, but you want to watch netflix.

A/N: This scenario was inspired by Maari’s question “what netflix and chill means” thank you bro 

“Sorry, gotta practice. Can we do this another time?”

It’s the third time Junmyeon cancel your date because he “gotta practice”. You’ve been so long without seeing him that you don’t even know what’s his hair color anymore. The last time was pink? Ugh.

So you learned to enjoy your alone time. After work you take a shower and goes directly to your couch to watch some Netflix. It’s been like this for what? A month? Your currently favorite show is Black Mirror. Now you couldn’t wait to go home and watch some episodes before going to bed. But something got your attention when you entered home. An extra pair of shoes at your door.

“Babe? Is that you?” you heard from the kitchen. Oh right, you had a boyfriend.

“Junmyeon?” you walked into the kitchen which smelled marvelous. Junmyeon has there, putting some plates on the table. “Red then…” you said to yourself when you set your eyes on his hair color.

“You liked it?” he asked approaching you and kissing your cheek.

“Pink was better. You cooked for us?” you ask trying to guess what food that smell belonged to.

“Actually I bought on the way here” he smiled “Do you want to take a shower before dinner?”

“Yes! I’ll be right back” you kissed him one more time before ahead to the bathroom.

After a month without seeing each other you knew exactly what Junmyeon’s plans for tonight were. And you were not in the mood for that.

“Hey, can we eat on the couch? There’s this show that I really want to watch” you said after leaving the bedroom on your pajamas.

“Sure. What show is this?” he said picking up the plates full of Mexican food.

“Black Mirror. Each episode tells a different story so you can watch with me and not getting lost, you’ll like it”  you said excited.

“Hm, okay. Netflix and chill it is”

‘Not Netflix and Chill’ you thought to yourself.

Halfway through the episode both of you had already eat, and now you rested your head at Junmyeon’s shoulder. You had almost though that he wouldn’t try anything.


A playful hand rested on your thigh began to move up and down. His thumb caressed your inner thigh. “You know,” he whispered “I missed you. Sorry about not having too much time”.

You mumbled an “it’s fine”.

“Haven’t you missed me?” he asked with a pout.

“Of course I did” you said without taking your eyes off the tv.

“Then, why don’t we make it up for the lost time?” he whispered, this time closer to your ear. If the episode weren’t that interesting  you would probably shivered. But it’s Black Mirror we are talking about.

You grabbed the control and paused it.

“Junmyeon. Hand,” you placed his right hand at his chest “Hand. Junmyeon. Have fun” and you tapped his shoulder before pressing play on the episode.

“Y/n~” he whined.

“You waited a month. You can wait a little bit more” you said, from the corner of your eye you saw him shocked, and then he got up and you actually thought he was going to have fun alone, but he headed to the kitchen.

After some minutes he came back and laid his head on your lap.

“You’re mad at me” he said, not asking. You didn’t answered. “I’m sorry for not giving you attention. I’ll watch all the episodes you want until you’re no longer mad at me. I’m yours the hole night” you smiled to yourself knowing that you had your boyfriend in your hands. He picked your hand and placed it at this hair, he loved how you touched his hair. And you love touching his hair. At the begging of the second episode you knew he had fallen asleep. You curved and placed a kiss at his temple, caressing his forehead. After some time, you had fallen asleep as well, because you didn’t want to awake Junmyeon. He awoke a feel minutes later, turned off the tv and picked you up going to your bedroom, when he placed you at the bed you unconsciously took the fluff pillow you had used to hug at the nights when Junmyeon wasn’t there.

“No need to this, babe. I’m here” he removed the pillow from your arms replacing it for himself and kissing your forehead.

anonymous asked:

Okayyyy I read your rfa reaction to witch MC and omg YES IT WAS FUCKING EVERYTHING PERFECT 10/10 would you be able to do one focusing on crystal healing specifically please? (Btw the sevens part in the bath oh my gods yes just yes)

For starters: I am so so sorry because I’m pretty sure you sent this after my first HC which was the Witchy MC on which must have been like 2 months ago and and and basically I’m so sorry for the wait

When I first read this prompt I was like “Oh man gotta research my crystal stuff” Cause I just know all the go-tos like the Quartz family, and Hematite and such and I wanted to look into and find more unique ones but I haven’t and ahhhhhh

Anyways, I was out with a few witches tonight and we made cute little gem charms for love and I was like “It’s a sign. Time to write the fic, Jackass” So here we are

Anon, if you see this please let me know because I’m gonna feel really bad if you never got to see it (TᨓT)

RFA + Crystals


  • You made him a charm, he could decide to put it on his phone or bag, or anything really
  • Actually you could have even made him a hair clip oops
  • Anyways, you had put a bunch of Tiger’s Eye stones on a wire and bent it into the shape of a star before adding a little strap to it
  • His eyes lit up when you gave it to him
  • “Whaaaa? For me?” He clenched it tight in his hand and pulled you into a hug. “Mc you’re too nice to me!?!?”
  • You chuckled as he pulled away, his eyes looked wet like he was about to cry
  • “It’s Tiger’s Eye!” You began to explain as he tied the strap to his phone case “It’s for motivation and success! So I figured it’d help you with school and with LOLOL.”
  • His eyes shot back to you again, even wetter. 
  • “Y-Yoosung you don’t have to cr-”
  • It was too late
  • He pulled you into another tight hug “I’M DATING THE MOST THOUGHTFUL PERSON EVER” He wailed as he squeezed the living daylights out of you.
  • “Yoo…sung…pls” You swear you saw your soul leave your body
  • The blonde boy just smiled as he pulled back, only to dart in for a quick but deep kiss on your lips.


  • “Jaehee! Hold your hand out I have a surprise for you!” 
  • She just stared at you for a minute before closing your eyes and putting her hand out, open and waiting to receive. 
  • You ignore the open hand though and slide a Bracelet made of Rose Quartz beads on to her wrist
  • Her eyes open and she looks at the light pink minerals
  • “Mc? This is so pretty…It must have cost a fortune I can’t accept this!”
  • “Jaehee not at all, I made it myself!” A proud smile grows on your face as she stares at the bracelet in awe 
  • “Well then…what did I do to deserve such a wonderful gift??”
  • Your eyes and smile soften as they meet your girlfriend’s. “Well, Rose Quartz is supposed to be really soothing, you know, reduce your anxiety and stuff. I know you worry a lot..about our future in with the cafe and about plenty of stuff I’m sure you try to not tell me about..”
  • She looks towards the ground, a bit guilty
  • “Don’t worry!” You reassure her. “I know you just don’t want to make me worried to. But in those times when you don’t want to ‘worry me’ I want to make sure you can relax a little more and worry less…So when you wear that bracelet I’ll feel better knowing I’m helping in at least some way”
  • Jaehee just stared at you for a moment, mouth slightly agape. After a moment of silence:
  • “Mc….I know this bracelet will help, because from now on whenever I look at it I’ll remember that we’ll always have each other. That no matter what worries are troubling me…I’ll have you by my side. And if we have each other…well then there’s nothing that can worry me that badly.” 
  • You were ready to cry
  • Gdi Jaehee this was supposed to be a gift for you not a motivational speech for MC pls 
  • You two just stared into each others’ eyes for a moment before leaning in for a soft, reassuring kiss.


  • You made him a necklace. It was simple, just a black cord with one stone hanging off of it. 
  • “What is this?” He mused as he rolled the wire wrapped stone in his fingers.
  • “Blue Lace Agate.” You said with a smile
  • Honestly Zen was pretty well rounded and healthy aside from his smoking habit
  • You had a hard time thinking of a stone he could use
  • But you remember Blue Lace Agate
  • It’s said to aid in easing stress on the shoulders, neck, and most importantly, throat. 
  • Zen spent hours in rehearsal singing and monologuing, and sure he always drank his hot honey water and did warm ups, but some extra metaphysical cushioning couldn’t hurt ^^
  • A sweet smile plays on his lips as he turns the stone over and over before turning to you
  • “Mc…would you do me the honor?” He held the necklace out for you and bent his head downwards
  • You smiled as you clasped it behind his neck
  • When he tilted his head up your faces were inches away from each other
  • He leaned in and placed a soft kiss on your lips while your hands were still on his neck


  • You marveled at the chain once you finished
  • It was an average silver chain at first, but you managed to tightly wedge and place small Hematite stones in between the coils
  • The black and silver combo was perfect for Jumin, as well of the anti-stress properties of Hematite.
  • It’s supposed to absorb negative energies and turn them into positive ones, and even promote healthy blood flow to prevent headaches
  • You waited on the couch, chain held in your tight little fists, eager for Jumin to walk through the door
  • As soon as the lock of the door undid itself you jumped up
  • “Honey!” You exclaimed as you took his hand, giving him a bit of a shock
  • “Kitten? You’re exci-”
  • “I made something for you!” You didn’t even wait before putting the chain in his palm “I thought it’d be a nice new chain for your pocket watch, I remembered you saying you weren’t a fan of the gold one..”
  • “Kitten…it’s beautiful” He said staring at it. “Where did you buy this?”
  • “Well I got the chain from the jewelry store down the street, but I put the Hematite in myself.”
  • “Hematite?”
  • You read off your mental notebook of Hematite’s purposes and explained that you thought the black and silver was also a nice color combo
  • “You’re so thoughtful” His half lidded eyes fell on the chain as he ran his finger across it. Eventually he pulled out his pocket watch and swapped the chains.
  • He continued to muse with it for a second before looking to you, a grin on his face. 
  • He put the watch away and cupped the sides of your face in his hands
  • “Thank you, Kitten” And you two shared a passionate kiss


  • If you could you’d dress Seven in all the gems
  • He needs all the healies for his feelies
  • But you figured you’d try to pick one stone
  • And you know one stone that is basically the grandaddy of dealing with grief, pain, and overall internal healing
  • Amethyst
  • You went to the local Health and Wellness store and browsed, looking for just the right piece of Amethyst.
  • You ended up seeing an already made ring
  • It was a gold ring with a messily cut piece of amethyst. Rough around the edges, varying shades of purple, a little cloudy but when you held it up to the light you could see it was a little translucent in some parts.
  • It was perfect.
  • You had the clerk wrap it and you practically skipped all the way home.
  • “Saaaeyooounng~~” You called
  • He poked his head from around the corner “You rang?”
  • You all but ran over to him, excitement pulling the corners of your lips up. “Close your eyes and put your hand out”
  • “Oooooo a gift?” He sang as he closed his eyes. “Gee I hope it’s not a kiss or anything~”
  • “Why would I have you put your hand out for a kiss??”
  • “I don’t know, so you can hold my hand while you do it?” His smirk turned into a joking pout. You rolled your eyes and ended up giving him a peck on the lips while you placed the little wrapped box in his hand
  • “oooOoOoOOOo” He started unwrapping it, his fingers working fast, but delicate enough to manage to not rip the paper anywhere aside from the tape.
  • Once he undid the box he marveled at the gift
  • “MC….are you proposing to me?” He giggled as he held the ring up to the light
  • “Not quite yet” You rolled your eyes for the second time in the last minute, but returned to his gaze with a smile. 
  • He put the jokes aside
  • “Mc…it’s really beautiful..But why?”
  • “Amethyst is supposed to help with, like, everything. It cleanses your aura, allegedly improves memory and clear thinking, helps sleeping, and balances your energy to be more calm or energized depending on what you need….But most of all it helps with inner healing”
  • You see a small glint behind Saeyoung’s eyes, a spark, a memory of something painful.
  • His smile shrinks a bit, but you decide to press on.
  • “It’s supposed to relieve feelings of guilt, of sadness…of pain.” You took a small step towards Saeyoung and slowly wrapped your arms around him. “I just want you to be happy, Saeyoung.”
  • The world was quiet for a moment and Seven didn’t move.
  • You were worried you might have overstepped his comfort zone by bringing up the past
  • But
  • Slowly he wrapped his arms around you as well and pulled you in tight, his lips by your ear
  • “Thank you, Mc”
  • You stood like that for a moment, just holding each other.
  • Eventually one of you pulled back a bit, but only for you both to meet somewhere in the middle where your lips pressed together in a loving kiss. 
VIXX reaction - you touching youself(..) (+18)

Ok THIS ONE waited for like a month xD 

N: Watches you with this burning eyes. “..you are driving me crazy”

Leo: Looks at you and you can see his eyes getting darker.

“Oh no, you cannot tease me like that.”

Ken: “What about me? Tss ok come here I’m sure we can do something about this “big” problem.”

Ravi: *watches you* “Maybe you need some help?”

Hongbin: “So…you called me…big?” He is flustered but he joins you.. ;)

Hyuk: “You need a hand there baby? Cause I have some, even two of them.”

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Wait but where are the other paladins in your sharkon au??? Do they rescue him?? Are they distraught about the state he is in??? Tell me oh great angst master pls

Well you’re assuming they’re alive, aren’t you?


So, Shiro probably got kidnapped at the same time as the Black Lion, ‘cause we’re officially in ‘Zarkon can’t do shit with it, there’s no connection, gotta use what we can’.

At first, there’s months where they try and fail to get him back.  If they HAD Shiro it wouldn’t be such a damn problem, but four lions and no Voltron vs a very pulled back/defensive Zarkon that knows they’re coming isn’t great odds.  Especially when Zarkon has Haggar jump ship with Shiro to play tag for a while and totally fuck up Allura’s lion tracking.  He knows how those powers/how that tech works, so it’s not a perfect solution but it keeps them chasing and running in circles.

Meanwhile, everyone is frantic.  Because it’s not that Shiro’s gone, time to move on, it’s that he’s living his worst nightmare and they all know it.  1000 percent goal is to get Shiro and the lion back, and they’re only doing other missions when they’re at a dead end (which is happening more and more often).  Not to mention morale is just destroyed.  But they survive and keep it together and keep trying because there’s no way they’re going to stop until they have Shiro back or they know for certain he’s dead.

Until rumors start to fly.  Rumors of the Black Lion being used - with wings - and of the return of the Champion.  Of the destructive force of Voltron in the hands of Zarkon.

The first question is: How did Zarkon unlock that?

The second question is: What does he have over Shiro to force him to do that?

The third question is: What did they do to Shiro?

But with the Black Lion back in Shiro’s hands, and his pattern of attacks to follow, it’s much easier to track him down, to figure out where he’ll be, to break in and to finally speak with him.

Only to find Shiro dressed in finery, comfortably curled in Zarkon’s chambers, eyeing them like who recognized him but that he doesn’t know, that awkward half-smile ‘oh, right, of course, hello’ posture.

Because technically he knows them.  Technically, they’re Shiro’s team, his loved ones.  He remembers loving them, but it’s a distant sort of thing.

Those emotions aren’t for them, anymore.

Their reaction to Shiro’s polite blankness is pained, to say the least.

With Shiro alone against all four of them, it’s a struggle, but they managed to overcome him and get him back, hoping the Black Lion will follow, and she does.

There’s two endings to this story.

The first is that they get Shiro home, that they fight his struggles and keep him prisoner until they can prove they love him, they can prove this isn’t what he wants.  They use the memory technology of the castle to put him back at least close to the right order, and they help him through the fall-out.

The second is that Shiro goes along, and they never see the smile in the curve of his lips through the pain of his reaction.  As they leave, Zarkon’s ship prepares a strike, crackling with Druidic magic.

It’s Shiro, breathless with mental pain, that tells them they need to form Voltron.

They do.

And that’s when Haggar’s trap is activated.  The mental bond of Voltron connects them all to Shiro, to the lions, to the programming Haggar left in just for this purpose.

The strike never comes from Zarkon’s ship.  Instead, Voltron goes back willingly.


Has anyone watched The Last Kingdom? It’s up on Netflix and it’s a pretty good if you are into history and a some gore plus the male lead is yummm . Anyways, Season 1 aired on BBC from October - November 2015 & Netflix started streaming in 2016.

Season 2 is reportedly airing this Spring. Not sure if it will be a few more months before it pops up on Netflix but since Netflix is co-producer that might change.

Imagine waiting close to two years before seeing season 3 of Outlander. Sometimes we gotta count your blessings.