a good win i think


Fun fact: The debt he’s referring to here happened between chapters 310-311. It took him over 200 chapters to repay his debt and he never once forgot about it this whole time.

Brits 2017

Well, I did some thinking and have come to the conclusion that yesterday was a strategic battle between Simon and the boys. And the boys won at least for the public eye and that is what counts.

Simon presenting was kind of obvious. He had three acts in for the win, so chances of some shameless self-adulation were good. I think that is why he was so smug in the beginning.

If I were salty, I would say 1D winning became a done deal during the day, so the boys decided to make it their own, even if they couldn’t be there.

I am not convinced that they didn’t want to be there. Niall went to the after party, so he could have easily attended. Louis was in London during the day. As much as I love him spending time with his siblings it could have easily been done on another day and I guess there are enough people around to babysit, so Lottie, Tommy and Dan could have gone with Louis.

So they got this show on the road. It started off with Louis asking the fans to vote, showing that the band still cares. All the other tweets from friends and family created an all around positive vibe showing that those close to the boys still believed in them and supported them. Especially Anne tweeting showing that Harry still cares. She would not have done this if Harry didn’t feel ok with it.

They chose Liam to go, because he is the diplomat. They got him in unnoticed and in the worst case (losing) would have gotten him out unnoticed. Him getting up there and stealing Simon’s thunder was the first blow, him not thanking Simon and Syco/Sony was the next.

The final blow was all the boys tweeting afterwards. They played it perfectly.

The only question is does OT have any leverage for retaliation or are we seeing the coffin finally sealed for good.

Personally I think the boys are not there yet but they made a very important point by standing up and calling their fans to gather behind them. It worked.

Love them, love us.

be nice to the habs!!!!!! let them live and get better!!!!! so what- they lost their first game with julien. this is a team that’s lost 90% of the confidence they had at the beginning of the season. any coaching change- even a great one- isn’t going to kick in immediately. they’re getting used to new lines, to a new coach, to a likely completely different team dynamic. PLUS, they’re coming off a bye week! the boys are rusty. the only thing that matters right now is that they’re happy and enjoying the game. they’ll get better with time.

It’s Edd appreciation month, sure, but I decided; why not draw an adorable piece of buttered toast displaying his most adorable trait; floppy sweater arms?

Ed is a pure good boy who deserves love and affection and a pat on the head and maybe a pet chicken if someone’s there to supervise him with it. Ed is a good boy.

I’ll always go back to obsessing over Eddeddy, but don’t forget their biggest shipper is always Ed.

every time someone tells me to not play mccree/switch because im bad I laugh

it’s like i don’t know or something

oh shit

hello friends and family (haha just kidding, i would never let my brothers/sister/mom ever find this blog of mine), today, i do a requested furry which is Zabivaka, the fursona of mother Russia.

overall design: very cute. and very sporty. he’s the perfect blend of exercise, winning, and having a good time. when i look at zabivaka, i think of lighthearted sportsmanship, and serious professional cardio aerobics. 2/2

creativity/originality: wolves tend to happen a lot in furry. granted, he doesn’t look like the only other russian wolf i know, the lovely fellow from Nu Pogodi. and, i have to admit, i’m pretty fond of his facial markings and fur patterns. he’s very good, but sadly, i find myself having a diufficult time distinguishing his design from most of the things i see on fa. ½

color scheme: the russian flag colors! of course!!! i didn’t realize at first, but now see. im glad they made most of his shirt white though, to match the highlights of his fur. it ties all the color together nicely!! 2/2

animal accuracy: he’s obviously a very stylized wolf, and while i do have two little tiny issues (the facial mask isn’t natural, and his ears aren’t shaped like a real wolf), i can ignore some of these grievences because he’s really cute. not bad, not bad. all his features suit eachother well. ½

clothing: gosh, i freaking LOVE his goggles. for safety reasons, of course. he is like the dog in the posters in my science class in middleschool, who wears the goggles to demonstrate proper lab safety (only zabivaka is a jock athlete, not a geeky science nerd, obviously) and also his athletic clothes look comfortable and cute. very very good. 2/2

Final score: 8/10 (edit: i forgot to mention this but despite putin’s desperate attempt to keep us at bay, he foolishly gave furry artists this zabivaka, and, they’re using to DESTROY NUCLEAR FAMILIES. and thats nice)

i honestly want hidden figures to win best picture but because no one has really talked about it as a serious contender i’m rooting for moonlight and after i just saw emma stone and casey affleck win with my own two eyes it better win

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In relation to your notes on your fan fic - I totally think Blip will be the first one to catch wind of Gin and Mike, maybe Al, but I feel like Blips got a good chance of winning that one. I think there will be a hell of a lot of angst between Mike and Blip too regarding it! I don't know, what's your theory??? How do you think Blip will take it??

I will be honest and say that outside of fic, I’m terrible at speculating about what is going to happen in canon because I’m terrible at making up my mind about things. But, I’ll do my best :)

This also got really long because I apparently have a lot of thoughts on this, so here’s some meta under the cut.

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Go on, do your duty.   - Stannis Baratheon

watching good movies is very inspiring but also frustrating because you are literally seeing the end product

it’s the best cut of every scene that was filmed from the best draft of every scene with editing done at every stage of the process 

and at the same time you want to write and you want to write something that damn good and think maybe you can

but you’re not even halfway through the second act of the first draft and you have so much DETAIL and so many IDEAS but they’re all stuck in your head and even if you can get them out in the right way maybe they won’t be as good as what you just saw but goddammit you have to try and why the fuck did you pick this poison for yourself but you love it anyways


She is messy, but she’s kind,
She is lonely most of the time,
She is all of this mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie,
She is gone, but she used to be mine.

asdfghjkl i was watching chopped and there was guy and girl left and the guy goes my wife and i watch chop and we’re pretty good at telling who win and i think it’s gonna be me and the woman then said see men like to talk, woman get it done and she won lmfao