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Damian ‘cockblock’ Wayne - Jason Todd x Reader

Anon - Can you do a Jason Todd x reader where Damian keeps cockblocking Jason and the reader (he sees the reader as an older sister/mother type of figure)


Summary - Sexually frustrated Jaybird seems to not be able to catch a break.

Warnings - swearing, make outs, reference to sex.

“God I want to kill Grayson…” Jason grumbled as he climbed through your apartment window, normally he would visit you during the day and take you out, but most recently he had been appearing in your apartment at ungodly hours of the night after patrol; he came over either just needing to feel you next to him as he slept, or just needing to feel you writhing beneath him, moaning his name as he showed you how much he loved you – he had been away for a couple weeks, patrol had practically taken over his life and all he was thinking about through those gruelling weeks was you, and how much he missed you and needed you.

“Baby? You better be ready to stay awake all night long…” He smirked to himself as he made his way to your bedroom, kicking off his shoes and throwing his leather jacket away in a random direction before swinging your bedroom door open. “Jay?” You whispered, eyes widening as you sat up and stared at him as he started pulling off his armour. “You have no idea how much I need you right now, if you thought you were sore the day after my birthday, god babe you’re not gonna be able to walk tomorrow.” He bit his lip, taking off the rest of the remaining clothing on his body, leaving him all bare before you. “Jay shut up!” you squeal, you did love his spontaneity but this was definitely NOT the time. “You won’t be saying that in a couple minutes…” He smirked, striding towards you and ripping the duvet from your body and revealing you and a certain someone else.

“What the-?! Why the fuck is demon spawn here?” He backed away, grabbing his boxers and pulling them on like the flash as he stared at little Damian, snuggling his face into Jason’s own pillow as he slept soundly. “Dami has been keeping me company since you’ve been gone!” You whisper-shouted, getting out of bed and pushing Jason out of the bedroom and closing the door behind you.

“I thought you weren’t back till morning?” you spoke “I couldn’t wait…” He spoke low, eyes darker than night as he grabbed your thighs and wrapped them around his waist and turning you so you were now against the wall; he crashed his lips onto yours impatiently, not wanting to answer any more of your questions. “Jay-mhpf” You tried to speak, but Jason clearly wasn’t having it as he pushed his tongue into your mouth, your tongues now fighting for dominance as he slid his hands into your shorts as he began groping your arse, taking you to the lounge area and throwing you against the couch.

You laid there breathless as Jason went back to his original position between your legs, kissing your neck and sucking onto your sweet spot beneath your ear as he grinded into you, Jason Jr clearly happy to see you; if Damian wasn’t asleep in your bed right now you would gladly go all the way to welcome Jaybird back home, but, he was.

“Jay- Damian might wake-“ “I don’t care let me show you how much I love you..” Jason purred, tugging at your shorts as he kissed your hips. “Y/N?” A voice echoed in the hallway “Damian!” You gasped, pushing Jason off of you and turning to look at Damian. “Fucking cockblock…” Jason groaned as he continued to lay on the ground where he landed, earning a side glare from you. “You’re insufferable.” Damian rolled his eyes at Jason and then turned back to you “I thought you had been kidnapped, last time I saw you, you were in bed with me so I was concerned. Anywho, continue whatever you were doing I’m going to get some water.” Damian spoke, nodding towards Jason before returning into the shadows and back to your bedroom.

“Now where were we…” “No Jay!” you giggled, pecking his lips before getting up on your feet. “What? He said continue!” He whined, pouting his lips out at you; god you wish you got that as a picture, because if you told anyone the mighty Red Hood pouted his lips out at you to get what he wanted, well, he would indefinitely deny and no one would believe you anyway. You shook your head, smiling to yourself “Oral?” he pleaded, watching your magnificent behind walk away from him as you rolled your eyes “five minutes in the shower?” He raised his voice “good night Jay!” you chuckled “Jerk me off?!” he shouted out, he really needed you right now, soon after he heard your bedroom door slam shut. “God I hate you demon spawn…” He groaned, collapsing onto the couch.

He glanced down to his crotch, sighing, he was literally throbbing; “what am I going to do with you now?”

The smell of pancakes and bacon filled the air, Jason nose twitched, waking up on the couch in the same position that he fell asleep, a mug of hot chocolate sat beside him. “Y/N?” He called out, stretching out his body and sitting up, rubbing his eyes and running his fingers through his dark hair before glancing to the kitchen, expecting to see you in one of his shirts… and ONLY one of his shirts… bending over the island in the centre in order to get something, your ass practically inviting him to come in.

Although, much to his dismay, he looked over only to see Damian sat the island eating, and you, fully clothed.

He sighed, standing up, earning a few cracking sounds from his back before groggily making his way towards you.  “Todd.” “Cock block.” They nod to each other, as Jason made his way towards you, wrapping his arms around your waist he smiles “good morning” you giggle, leaning back into his warmth as he hugged you from behind, he began to kiss the spot beneath your ear making you bite your lip.

“AHEM” Damian spoke up, making Jason groan against your skin, burying his face into the crook of your neck. “Why is he still here?” He whines “Because he wanted to spend some time with me! You’re lucky he didn’t wake up when you were all lusty last night.” You chuckled “It’s not my fault that I wanted my girlfriend after weeks and weeks apart. I have no idea how people can wait till marriage.” he smirks, resting his hands on your waist and turning you around to face him, he tucks a stray hair behind your ear as he looks down at you lovingly, leaning his head down towards your lips. Just as he was only mere centimetres away from those lips he has wanted to taste for weeks,  Damian’s head pops up next to the two of you and his hair brushed against your cheek.

“I know you two are a couple but I care more for my hunger rather than that so Y/N may I have 2 more slices of toast?” He asks “Help yourself.” You smile, ruffling his hair before turning back to face your beloved boyfriend “GO HOME DEMON SPAWN.” He growls, earning a glare from you as you slapped your hand on his very broad chest “Jason!” you gasp “oh come on! my balls are almost as blue as Dick’s nightwing suit” he complained, hands gripping a bit tighter onto your waist.

“Todd could you refer to your genitalia more subtly, I’m trying to eat my breakfast” Damian sneers, biting into a piece of toast. “BEAT IT DEMON” “Maybe that’s what you should be doing” “DAMIAN!” you gasped, surely something like that shouldn’t come out of the mouth of someone his age. “What? It would make him less of a challenge to be around” “Dami! Go get ready I’ll take you out for ice cream!” you couldn’t help but let out a laugh, you did not expect Damian to say anything of that sort out loud, let alone think of it. “Tt” he rolled his eyes, retreating back to your room to most likely get a shower.

Once the coast was clear, your attention was now all on Jason.

“Couch. You have until you hear the shower stop to do what you want, I don’t care whether if you’ve came or not, when the shower stops, we stop.” You smirk “Ooo I love it when you take control sometimes” Jason winks, slapping your behind before dragging you to the couch.

“Y/N your shower seems to need fixing so I took it upon myself to call a – TODD WHAT IN GODS NAME ARE YOU DOING TO Y/N”

Not my best of works I must admit but I hope you enjoyed and if you would like to request just message me! 


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Note: This is so out of order, but this was supposed to be a scene from a super long modern day royalty AU I had planned. Basically, you’re the new crown princess of a country because your sibling abdicates from the throne over INSTAGRAM and… arranged marriage…etc. Anyway, this is just a short thing I wrote. I had to post. Thanks @nottodayjeon and @hayjeon for proofing and feedback. 

Summary: You’re too busy these days to have a decent meal with your husband let alone spend quality time with him, but Yoongi is determined to make things work. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Modern Royalty AU
Warnings: sexual content
Word Count: 2723




“My approval ratings are down,” you huff, scrolling through the media summary your secretary had prepared for you as you walk into the kitchen. You know Yoongi will be here in the mornings, hovering over the pot of coffee he prefers to brew himself.

“Well good morning to you too,” Yoongi sniffs, frowning at the way you’re immersed in the news without even the smallest glance in his direction. He hands you a cup of coffee made just the way you like it (splash of milk, no sugar).

You take the cup with an absentminded “thanks” said in a soft tone, too distracted by the polling data showing a dip in approval after the news of your impending ascension to the throne was released. It hurt a little that a percentage of the people liked you well enough as a princess, but wouldn’t support the idea of you as an active, ruling queen.

“Put the tablet down. No reading the news until after you give me a morning kiss.” You nearly jump out of your skin when Yoongi sidles up behind you to kiss your neck softly. “Tablet. Down. Now.” And who are you to deny your husband when he orders so nicely?

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Matt Murdock Boyfriend Headcanons: Matt meets the Avengers.

A/N: Pietro is alive, just like in the movies, however instead of being on a very long vacation after all the shit that went down with Ultron he decided to join the team. Also you work at a bakery because reasons. Word Count: 1393

  • The first Avenger he ends up meeting is Clint. 
    • The two are you are in your apartment making out on your couch after coming back from a wonderful date when Matt suddenly pulls away and tells you he can smell blood.
    • 5 minutes later, after you both have double checked all your injuries to make sure that it isn’t coming from either of you Clint barges in; clutching his left side tightly and muttering an apology.
      •  “Sorry about this Y/N but your place was closer then the tower.” 
    • You quickly rush over to Clint’s side to help him make his way to the couch, giving the pair a quick introduction before telling Matt to grab your first aid kit. 
      • “Matt this is Clint Barton aka Hawkeye. Clint this is Matt Murdock my boyfriend.” 
      • “Nice to meet you.” “
      • “You too, wish we’d meet when I wasn’t bleeding out though. Like at a bar or something.”

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Happy Birthday Jihyun



Okay my darlings! This is just a HC about how V spends this birthday- it’s AU and steams right after V’s To Promise #7 as I can’t seem to get over Daddy V anytime soon. Whilst it’s not super important to have read it (there may be some places where you may go- huh?- but I understand skipping the previous story as it is over 18K long.) 

So here is V, Dae Hyun and MC- celebrating V’s birthday. 

Excuse me while I continue crying over not being able to make V happy. 

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One Night - Warren x Reader SMUT SMUT SMUT

A/N: this just popped up into my head at the moment and I am not entirely sure if I should write more to this or not. Its unedited! This is super smutty and I don’t know if this is good since its like my first actual smut. It’s got like 1.6k words and is totally shit. Ummm let me know what you think!
Word count: 1.6k
Warning: cursing, smut obviously, unprotected sex.
Another night of partying was spent on you practically taking a few shots of cheap vodka that burnt all the way down and tasted like rubbing alcohol. Yet,somehow you’d find yourself sitting in the club and scoping out people you found attractive, male or female, because let’s face it everyone finds at least someone of the same gender attractive. Straight or not, you couldn’t deny that at one point every female pretended to be a lesbian for Ruby Rose. Simpler times.
You found yourself looking back at the bartender, giving her a small smile as she filled another shot glass for you and spoke up, “on the house”. She definitely wanted in your pants and if you got drunk enough,maybe you would. You smiled, lifting the small shot to your lips and let the fiery liquid make its way down your throat and it burning your nostrils. She smiled, her black hair pulled up in a right braid behind her and she was almost a “ plain Jane” to you. Kinda like Bella from twilight, maybe you’d find a… Your thoughts were almost halted by a half drunk blonde male wearing a black leather jacket, complete with the studs. That wasn’t what caught you off guard however. It was his huge magnificent white wings that were tucked by his sides as he drunken made his way near the bar. And god, you kinda got flustered as you averted yourself while he sat down in the empty stool next to you.
Being a non-mutant, you didn’t want to bombard him or make him feel like a freak but you did however catch when he ordered you one of those expensive fancy fruit drinks that somewhat sounded like “unicorn cloud” but you didn’t really know. The bartender snorted slightly but made the drink and slid it to you, it was kinda an awkward tension. She had been flirting shamelessly the whole night and now there was a giant man bird, who was very fucking attractive by the way, flirting with you or actually, bought you a drink. Not like you’d expect them to compete but you found yourself being drown in the more fancier drinks bombarded by the two. You couldn’t hold that much alcohol! “As much as I appreciate it, I’m more into having sex with males, don’t be offended, I just want to try new things” your voice finally sounded out, but it was a little slurred. Of course, offended, the bartender switched shifts to another woman. You hadn’t meant to hurt her.
After what seemed a long while, the blonde male beside you looked at you, licking across his plump lips with his tongue. “So, you wanna get out of here?” His accent filled the room, British, deep, husky. He was straight forward, but of course, Warren was, you just didn’t know that yet. Your cheeks got hot and you coughed before mustering a nod and a ‘yes’.
It wasn’t long until you found yourself being hoisted out of the club carefully, a short flight was taken and you were giving him directions to your place, and after a while, landed at the doorstep. “I’m Warren by the way” he mumbled, slurred as well. You barely heard him so you didn’t speak, just opened the door and was scooped up as he looked around and closed the door behind him by kicking his door back. He smirked down at you and pressed a hard, vodka tasting kiss to your lips. His green eyes were gleaming as you pointed to your bedroom. He walked - stumbled slightly - with you to the room before tossing you onto your bed.

The cold collision of the blankets to her back was enough to completely finish you off but you wouldn’t have it, that low cut dress in the back was a perfect little mistake and you didn’t want to seem weak just yet. Just by looks you thought he had great stamina. Your eyes glinted down at the boys mouth working between your legs as he shoved that skimpy little skirt up your hips and grazed his tongue over those pastel pink laced underwear, earning a groan to fall past your pink lips. Instantly, your hands tangled into the blonde mess of curls and you felt herself unravel so freaking easily, Warren’s wings were tucked around him, grazing your legs as he pushed those panties to the side. He didn’t even know your name and he was about to fuck you up.
He was obviously hard through his tight leather pants as you, a non mutant writhed and hissed at the contact of the cold air on your dripping wet core. He practically gasped at the sight, god it was so amazing! Warren dipped his head down again before pressing his tongue against her slit. She tasted great and soon enough, he was delving his tongue in and our of her, working his thumb on this beautiful strangers clit.
Meanwhile, you were looking down at him, a whimpering mess as you tugged softly on his full head of messy curls. Small begs and whines were calling out but Warren wouldn’t have it, you had to cum at least once before he got inside of that beautiful cunt. You watched as he pushed two digits inside to stretch you, scissoring and curling them simultaneously. It was enough to cause you to throw your head back and cry out, “god dammit, Warren!” Ironic much. That white hot coil between your legs was literally about to burst and warren just delved his face right back in, his nose brushing your clit in the process. You came undone at the sensation, your back arching and your hips raising from the bed as you shamelessly ground your hips into his face as you grunted and groaned, juices dripping down your thighs. Warren was quick to lick your mess up and popped his head up from your dripping core, your juices shining on his face as he smirked at your panting state.
He was very fast to situate his wings as he hovered over you, his jacket discarded and his chest showing, lined with scars as you wondered how they had gotten there, but that wasn’t your business was it? He chuckled, “like what you see,princess?” He hummed out slipping his leather pants off as he rid himself of his boxers. You tried to get a good look st why he had down in those pants but he was pressed against you now, talons hooked in your bed post to steady himself as he rubbed the head of his cock around you entrance before pressing his hips forward to mold his body against yours completely in one thrust. He was huge, stretching you further than any other one night stands had, and it burnt a little but to be honest about it all. He groaned loudly, tossing his head back as his Adams apple bobbed, a long strand of curse words falling from your lips next. You had gasped at his entrance of course, and was now clinging to his neck for dear life as he started a rough and steady rhythm of fucking in and out of you.
Warren watched your chest bounce with each collision of his hips to yours,and when he positioned himself and pistoned his hips deeper into you, you tightened your best against him, making him groan out loudly, the sound of your skin and both of your careless moans filling the room as he got as much pleasure as he could out of it. This boy could go for a while, and your legs were shaking, covered in a thin layer of sweat as both of your chest slid against each others easily. That’s when it happened, no warning, nothing. He came in hot spurts inside of you, and little to say, it would have a huge affect later on. Warren rode out his high, not really caring about yours, should he? No. You were just a one night stand would possibly force him to leave after you would call him a fucking freak the next morning. He pulled out and huffed, flopping down beside you as you made a “what the actual fuck” face.
Morning came and you were buried with his face in your chest, his blonde curls sprawling all over you and you blinked, sunlight in your face. Hungover,of course, but you did remember parts of what the blonde and you had done. He was half awake, you only knew this because he nipped at your breast before peeking up at you, grumbling a quick “morning” as he mentally prepared himself to be kicked out, but he wasn’t. Why would someone kick out someone as beautiful and magnificent as him, and after all, he didn’t spend a good amount of Money on you in the process to woo you! But, any male or female horny and needy enough would, right? You smiled, still a little agitated that you weren’t able to get off last night and you were possibly fertilized, you didn’t say anything other than “morning, my name’s (y/n) by the way” softly as you ran your fingers through his hair as you debated if you should go get an over the counter Plan B or not to be sure but damn, those little pills were expensive. Just one coated nearly $60 as you last recalled, but, yet again, you weren’t a baby killer, so you left it to fate, yet didn’t tell Warren you weren’t on birth control. Maybe, just maybe there wasn’t a tiny human growing inside of you…

Say You Won’t Let Go

Anonymous Asked: I loved Fast Car!! Can you do one where Bucky proposes to the reader in a place that’s special to her???? It can be whereever you choose! Thanks!

A/N: Thanks so much! I hope this is okay, thank you so much for the submission :) xx

Warnings: just… so much fluff.

Originally posted by stuckybarnesrogers

You weren’t exactly sure how you had gotten into this situation, but you can’t say that you were complaining.

A red dress, your hair curled to perfection, and your cheeks a rosy pink.

Bucky swore to you that he was going to make it a night that you would never forget. You didn’t know what he meant by that and you were sightly scared but also very excited.

“So, why red?” Wanda asked, looking at your reflection from behind you. You smiled, “Bucky said the red dress is his favorite. He also said it fits the occasion so I’m expecting a fancy dinner or something.”

Wanda shrugged, a small smile playing on her face that scared you to bits. She knew something, and she wasn’t telling you. “What do you know?”

She put her hands up, walking out of the room.

You shook your head, giving yourself a once over in the mirror and blowing out a breath of air. Your legs carried you out of the room and towards the front door where you were told to meet Bucky.

Bucky and you have been dating for over a year, the two of you meeting in Bucharest. He had told you everything about himself (everything that he could remember), but only after about a month of friendly interrogation on your part.

It was odd to find another American there, so obviously you had to get answers.

You knew he was on the run, and you were right there with him. When he’d let you be, of course. It was all worth it in the end, because now you were in a happy relationship and it couldn’t be any better.

He knew everything about you as well, like your back round in the performing arts and your love for everything that is theater. You had gone to Romania to work on a production and that’s how you and Bucky met. He went to see the show, and you two instantly clicked.

After a moment of waiting, you saw Bucky walk up to you with his face freshly shaved, and well-fitted tux on his body.

You’d never seen him like this. It almost left you breathless because everything about him drove you crazy and this new aspect was something you certainly weren’t complaining about.

“Hello darlin’.” Bucky took your hand in his, kissing it gently and meeting eyes with you.

“Such a gentleman today.” You grinned, feeling butterflies flutter in your stomach even so long into the relationship.

Bucky laced his hand in yours and opened the door to lead you out. “I’m always a gentleman.”

“Of course you are.”

Bucky opened the car door for you and you entered it carefully, being sure to smile as a thank you to him and soon enough, the two of you were off.

“You gonna tell me where we’re going yet?” You questioned, playing with the hem of your dress. Bucky only smirked, allowing you to study his newly shaved face and slicked back hair.

After a moment of driving, Bucky put his hand on your thigh and squeezed softly, “I’m sure that you’re going to enjoy it. Now,” he stopped at a red light and met eyes with you, “shut up and enjoy the ride.”

A giggle left your throat and you put your hands up in defense, sitting the rest of the ride in a comfortable silence, his hand never leaving your thigh.

Eventually Bucky stopped, right outside of a very expensive looking building that nearly left you speechless. It looked familiar, but you couldn’t quite pinpoint why you had been here before. “What are y- this looks so expensive Bucky.”

“Tony owns the building, wouldja calm down and enjoy it?” Bucky rushed to your side of the car and opened the door, taking your hand in his as you stepped out.

As much as a cliche this date felt like, you were certainly enjoying it. You didn’t know why he was doing this, it wasn’t an anniversary or anything. Oh god, did you forget your anniversary?

Bucky took a deep breath, opening the door and leading you into the lobby area. Nobody was around, causing you to raise an eyebrow.


“Shush, (Y/N), just follow me.”

You shut your mouth, following Bucky through another door and and onto what looked like a stage.

Across the wooden floor was was scattered rose petals of all different colors, causing your jaw to drop to the floor. Your shoes clanked as you walked to the center of the stage, looking out at the empty seats in front of you.

“Can I ask?”

“This is the same stage that you performed on when you were 10 years old in a production of Annie. You practiced singing that sun song over and over until you felt like you got it just right.” Bucky explained, making you swallow back emotions as you felt yourself in that position again, remembering every detail of that night.

“Why did you bring me here?” You asked after a moment of relishing in old memories.

“This place is special to you, and tonight is a special night.”

Your head whipped around to Bucky. Shit, you did forget an anniversary!

“It’s not our anniversary,” Bucky said, chuckling and taking a step towards you, “It’s just a very special night.”

“How so?”

“Enough with the questions,” he whispered, reaching for your arms and wrapping them on his shoulders, “just dance with me.”

His hands resting in the curves of your waist and you heard music click on. “Put your head on my shoulder…”

Your face grew into a large grin as you swayed back and forth, listening to the old song with your head rested in the crook of Bucky’s neck. As you danced to the soft music, the stage lights had centered directly onto you two. 

You knew everyone else was somehow involved in this, Wanda sort of giving it away earlier tonight. You just didn’t think it was this… extravagant. 

Bucky smiled, kissing the top of your head as the song ended and the volume lowered. Another song began to play but he pulled away from looked into your eyes. His lips pressed softly against yours. 

In that moment, you felt pure bless. Your body arched into Bucky’s as he passionately kissed you. You’d always hated those romance movies where the girl slowly lifted her foot and leaned into the man, but you couldn’t help yourself but to do exactly that. 

As he pulled away, you smiled and flattened your dress before reaching down and picking up a handful of rose petals. 

You sprinkled them over his head and with a small smile playing on your lips. 

It was then you noticed Bucky’s shaky hand at his side. His bottom lip trembled slightly and you immediately became concerned. “Bucky, honey what’s going?” You rested your hand on the side of his face as you felt his jaw tense underneath your palm. 

“I’m terrified right now.” 

Your eyebrows furrowed, “Why?” 

Bucky never got nervous. He faced so many different obstacles that you didn’t think it was in his blood. He willingly risked his life everyday to help save people and something about tonight was getting him down. 

He let out a breath, “I love you, you know that right?” 

“Of course, and I love you too.” The worst started to run through your mind, now causing you to almost panic. 

“No, (Y/N), I love you a lot. More than I’ve ever loved anyone or anything else.” 

A smile crept on your face, “What’s going on Buck?” 

You had almost forgotten that you were on a stage, despite the audience being empty. You attention was fully on Bucky, pure love and adoration pouring from your heart. 

Bucky reached into his pocket, pulling out a single ring. 

It wasn’t in a box or anything, it was just resting in his pocket the entire night and you hadn’t a clue. Bucky’s fingers gripped onto it tightly, his other hand scratching the back of his neck. 

“Oh shit I’m supposed to-” he stopped himself, giving you a nervous smile and getting down onto one knee. 

Your heart raced, the single spotlight now lighting up the entire stage. The music had grown even softer, and you weren’t sure if it was because you were so focused on Bucky or if someone in the sound booth turned it down. Either way, you were extremely excited for what was about to come. 

“I love you, and I- I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to wake up every morning next to you, and go to sleep every evening with you in my arms.” Bucky whispered, his voice shaking, all confidence he had earlier leaving his body. 

“Bucky, I-” 

“I want to ensure your happiness and make you believe that the world is good. I had this whole speech in my head that’s been running through my mind most of the night but I can’t seem to remember it. All that I know is that I want you to be my wife, forever and always.” Bucky stated, holding out the ring and staring up expectantly to you. 

You were speechless, almost to the point of holding back tears and you collapsed on the ground in front of him. Your dress spread over the floor and your hands covered your mouth. 

“Will you marry me?” 

You leaned forward and tackled him to the ground, straddling his waist and pressing kisses all over his face, finally landing one on his lips. 

“Can I take that as a yes?” Bucky asked, just loud enough for you to hear. 

You took the ring from his grip and slipped it onto your left hand, admiring the small diamond in the center. “Of course it’s a yes.” 

Suddenly cheers were heard from the back of the auditorium, causing both of you to whip your heads to the back. There was the silhouettes of the rest of the Avengers, cheering in happiness. 

“How much did they have to do with this?” 

Bucky smiled, “I just showed up with a ring.” 

You giggled, locking your lips with his in the most passionate and loved kiss you two have ever shared. 

You were excited to spend the rest of your life with the man you loved. 

  • Yurio: Dude if you like someone just fucking tell them.
  • Otabek: What if that person doesn’t feel the same way?
  • Yurio: Holy shitballs that person will. Try and practice with me.
  • Otabek: I-I’m in love with you and you changed my life. You are my muse, my inspiration and I’d like nothing more than to spend the rest of my life by your side. I would work hard for the rest of my life to make sure you wake up smiling every morning.
  • Yurio: Sappy as balls but good job. Go tell that person now. Woot.
  • Otabek: I just did.
What dating Peter Pan would include:

·         Sharing a cozy treehouse with him.

·         Waking up every morning with his warm arms locked tightly around your            body.

·         Peter constantly putting all of your needs in front of everything else.

·         Daily trips to Mermaid Lagoon since Pan knows it’s one of your favorite             spots in Neverland.

·         Peter protecting you from the mermaids.

·         Being a loving and caring mother to all the Lost Boys.

·         Reading bedtime stories to the younger boys while Peter happily listens             in, adding an extra comment when he found necessary.

·         “And they lived happily ever after!” A small boy smiled with delight then              chirped,

          “Like you and Pan, right mother?” Peter emerged from the other side of             the well-lit fire where he had been listening to you intently with a proud               smirk on his face.

          “Yes… exactly like Y/n and I.”

·         Pan giving you special one-on-one lessons with the bow and arrow.

·         Having heated makeout sessions in the middle of the forest.

·         Peter teaching you how to properly hunt with him and the Lost Boys.

·         “I’m impressed, y/n. You seem to be a natural at hunting. Well done,                  love.”

·         Pan having to constantly be touching you in some way whether it be                 holding your hand sweetly or resting his on the small of your back.

·         Peter opening up to you about his past and letting you in completely.

·         Becoming close friends with Felix and going to him for almost every bit             of advice.

·         Pan’s eyes absorbing your every move as you twirl around the burning             fire while the enchanting tunes from the pipe pressed loosely against his           lips dance in the air.

·         Becoming Peter Pan’s only weakness.

·         Going on midnight strolls through the dark forest with Peter by your side           to keep you out of harm’s way.

·         Peter growing extremely protective and slightly possessive over you.

·         “I just don’t fancy the idea of you out and about running wild with the                  boys. You’re my bird, not theirs!”

·         Convincing Pan, after much persuasion, to allow yourself to teach him                how to braid hair.

·         “Darling, I don’t see how this will ever come in hand. How is this a useful            life skill? This could never aid me in a fight. What am I gonna do… braid            their hair to death?”

          “Peter! Don’t be so vulgar! Maybe sometimes I’m sick of always having              to do it myself and I would like a helping hand once in a while, I mean-“             A pair of soft lips cut you short as Pan held your face lovingly between                his hands, kissing you sweetly.

          “I’m sorry, love. I didn’t mean to upset you. It would be my honor to learn            how to braid hair by you!”

·         Peter actually becoming very skilled in doing your hair and jumping at               the idea of braiding small flowers in between each strand of hair pulled             back tightly into a single french braid. Although not ever in front of the               Lost Boys that is.

·         Playing light jokes on each other.

·         Peter adding an entire personal library for you after discovering just how           much you enjoy reading.

·         Cuddling up together in your shared bed after a long and tiring day.

·         Sharing stories from the past to one another and promising not to speak           a single word about them to any other soul.

·         Picking berries and other various fruits together as you two chat and                 joke the day away.

·         Random acts of affection in the most unexpected situations.

·         Bathing together in the rich pure streams of Neverland which eventually           leads into a water war, splashing each other mercilessly as both of your             laughter echoes through the forest.  

·         “Wow, love. Didn’t know I make you that wet! You’re dripping for me!”

          “Peter Pan! Do not speak such a way!”

          “I’m sorry, beautiful… I just couldn’t resist.”

·         Reading the original fairytale of Peter Pan to Peter and answering all the           many, and confusing, questions he has.

·         Waking up to his plump lips locked softly against your forehead as he               mumbles a tired “good morning”.

·         Peter trusting you with keeping the real Pandora’s Box safe when the               Storybrooke gang arrives.

·         Pan loving you unconditionally, unlike he has ever felt for anyone in the             world.

·         “I don’t know how you manage to do this to me. I love you more than                 this very island, my bird. I couldn’t ever imagine spending a single day               on this island without you, y/n. I honestly don’t believe I could make it                 through the day if that were the case. You’re the prettiest most rarest                 flower I have ever laid my eyes on and I promise you with everything                 inside of me, I will protect you at all cost. I truly do love you, y/n.”

-Daizy xx

Welcome to the Family (Avengers x young!reader)

Happy morning everyone! I hope your Monday is wonderful and that good things come your way. Now, that I’ve finished Battered and Bruised, I’m going to spend my time doing one-shots till I can collect my thoughts and ideas and throw it into one heck of an awesome series. I think I’ll stay away from the angst and pain with the next one and give it more of a cute and fluffy vibe. You’re all amazing and I love you guys. Feel free to message me, I’m always here if anybody needs someone to talk to. xoxo :)

This one was requested by anon. If you’re out there, I hope you enjoy this, love. 

Request: Avengers x young!reader?

Description: During the Battle of Sokovia, you come out of hiding to help the Avengers fight Ultron.

Warnings: Cursing


“Hey, Clint! I need a little help over here!” Natasha yelled through the comm system as she electrocuted one Ultron’s soldiers. There were about twenty more coming and she was all by herself. She wasn’t going to be able to do this alone. 

“Uh, I’m a little busy right now!” Clint was firing arrow after arrow at the spaces in between the metal plates of the robots, trying to hit their inner wiring. Wanda was with him, but she could only do so much. She was tearing them apart and throwing them at other soldiers, crashing them into walls. But, even with the two of them, they were beginning to be outnumbered. 

“Come on, anybody?” Natasha was out of breath and the sound of her huffing could be heard through everyone’s ear piece. 

“Nat, I’ll try to be there soon. I need to finish these guys off at the bridge.” Steve could be heard grunting, his words seething through his clenched teeth. 

“I don’t know if you’ll get here soon enough.” She realized that this could be the end of her, that she wouldn’t make it off of this floating rock. “But hey, I wouldn’t mind dying when this is the view I get to see.” More of Ultron’s robots were hurtling towards her and she was beginning to exert the last of her energy. She took one down, just to have another one topple her to the ground. She was trying to throw it off of her, but it was too heavy. All she could do was push against his weight and dodge his punches. “Sorry, guys.” She grunted out as her arms were about to give out. 

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Ride Or Die (M)

               The world saw him as the leader of the biggest mob empire in the entire country. But I just saw him as Min Yoongi, the love of my life. I met him a year ago when he came into the restaurant that I was working at and I was his waitress. We talked a bit and got to know each other and a few months later, we started dating. When he told me what he did for a living, it honestly scared me a bit. I didn’t want anything bad to happen to me or him. He convinced me that nothing bad was going to happen to him or me and he would make sure of it. There were plenty of weapons and strong men to make sure that I was safe. He wanted to take care of me and not having to worry about money so he told me to quit my job. Now my days are spent going to nice events with Yoongi, going shopping, or spending time with our husky Sapphire in the luxurious penthouse that we all lived in.

               Yoongi pretty much ran his life on a schedule. He would get up at 7am and had breakfast with me then he would leave at 8 and I wouldn’t see him until 9 or 10 at night. When things went well he would come home in a good mood. When things would go wrong, he would come home in the most awful moods I have ever seen, and there was only one way that he could calm down. I would be waiting for him on the bed and then he would take his anger out on me. He would leave marks and bruises on me but I didn’t care because the sex was great. I was waken up one morning when Yoongi pulled the covers off of him and get out of the bed.

“Morning babe.” I yawned.

“Morning baby girl. Did you sleep well?” He asked.

“Yeah I slept great. What’s the plan for today? I asked, stretching.

“I have meetings to go to today among other things I have to take care of so I will be home around 9 tonight. You should go shopping today and spend time with the other girls. Get out of the penthouse for a little bit.” He answered.

“Good idea babe. I’ll see if Nichole wants to go to lunch or something today.” I said, hopping out of bed.

               I made my way to the kitchen to get started on breakfast. As I was whisking some eggs for scrambled eggs, I heard Sapphire walking towards me from her dog bed that was a few feet away in the living room.

“Good morning Sapphire. Come to keep me company while I cook breakfast?” I asked, smiling.

She sat on the floor next to me and watched me make breakfast while Yoongi was getting ready for his busy day. He came out a few minutes later fully dressed and sat down at the table. Once breakfast was done, I brought it to the table and sat down and started to eat.

“Thanks for cooking breakfast babe. It’s really good.” Yoongi smiled.

“You’re very welcome love. I’m glad you’re enjoying it.” I said.

Yoongi finished his breakfast quickly and got up from the table. He kissed me goodbye and was soon out the door. I spent the rest of the morning tidying up the penthouse and taking care of Sapphire. I was about to take a quick shower when my phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey it’s me. I was wondering if you wanted to go out to lunch then go shopping today.” Nichole replied.

“Yeah that sounds fun! I was actually about to hop in the shower so I will be ready in a few minutes.” I said.

“Awesome. I’ll be there in thirty minutes. See you soon!” Nichole said, before hanging up.

               I hopped in the shower and washed my body quickly before hopping out and drying myself off. I quickly got dressed and walked to the living room when the doorbell rang. I answered the door and let Nichole inside. She was Hoseok’s girlfriend who was Yoongi’s right hand man. We met a few months after Yoongi and I started dating and we have been close ever since.

“Hey girl ready to go?” Nichole asked.

“Yeah let’s go.” I replied, hopping off the couch.

We spent the rest of the day shopping after lunch and just catching up with each other on stuff that’s been going on in our lives. I walked back to the penthouse and put away the new items that I picked up. I took a nap then got up and cooked dinner for Yoongi and I and waited for him to come home. I heard the door open then slammed shut. I knew what that meant so I turned off dinner and walked in the living room to meet Yoongi.

“Another hard day babe?” I asked.

“You don’t know the half of it. Deals didn’t go through and people fucked up so I need to relax.” He replied.

               I knew what that meant so I wrapped my arms around him and pressed my lips on his. He pushed me against the kitchen counter then picked me up and placed me on it.

“Take off your robe. Now.” He growled.

I took off my robe revealing the black lace bra and panties I wore. He licked his lips as he pulled out one of his favorite toys, a knife from his pocket. He opened it up and walked towards me with lust in his eyes. He took the knife and traced my hipbone with the blade before slipping it under the side of my panties and cutting them off. He then took the blade and traced my collarbone with it and slipped two fingers inside my wet pussy.

“Fuck Yoongi please fuck me.” I moaned.

He took the knife and cut my bra off and ran the blade over my tits. He took his fingers out of my pussy and licked them clean.

               He put his knife away and undid his pants. He didn’t take off the dress shirt that he was wearing because he knew that it was a turn on of mine. He took off both his pants and his boxers and stroked himself as he walked towards me.

“You look so beautiful kitten. I’m gonna love taking all of my frustrations out on you.” He smirked.

He got in between my legs and lifted one of them up and placed it around his waist. He rammed his cock inside me and fucked me as fast and as hard as he could.

“Y-Y-Yoongi choke me please.” I stuttered.

He smirked and placed one of his hands around my throat. He squeezed it a bit as he thrusted into me deeper and faster. I could feel myself start to squirt when Yoongi kept hitting my gspot and that turned him on even more.

“That’s it. Squirt all over my cock.” He hissed.

He let go of my throat and I let out a loud moan as I squirted all over his cock and the kitchen counter. Yoongi let out a growl as he came and we stayed there for a few seconds to calm down.

“Thank you baby. I needed this.” He said kissing my forehead.

               He pulled out of me and helped me off the countertop and we got dressed. After cleaning up we showered and put on pjs and had dinner. Even though we live a life where one of us could be hurt or killed at any time, I was happy to have Yoongi and I felt truly blessed.

Camp Mockingjay - Ch 3

We asked, you voted, and now Katniss and Gale are teaching archery together at Camp Mockingjay! So, here it is, the next installment of our story, brought to you by @peetabreadgirl. You have 48 hours to vote on the direction of the next chapter of the story (until noon EDT on Wednesday, July 5th). Remember: vote in the comments, not in the tags! And don’t forget to spread the word by reblogging. The more fans playing this game, the more fun it will be.

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The next morning, the female counsellors are eating our oatmeal together in the mess hall and I notice a few of the teen girls whispering and pointing at some of the male counsellors. When Peeta says good morning to me as he passes by, I think I see hearts in their boy-crazy eyes. I spot Gale at the guys’ table, watching me. I wave but he looks away. Weird. Maybe he wasn’t looking at me? I shrug a shoulder and try to follow the conversation going on around me. Bad idea. For the rest of breakfast I dodge questions about whether or not Gale and I have a thing going on, and if not, then do I want there to be. I thought we looked more like brother and sister than a couple, but Johanna is certain the way he looks at me means he wants more than friendship. The whole idea gives me a queer feeling in my stomach, so I shovel my oatmeal in a little faster in an effort to finish up and get outside.

For the rest of breakfast, I have to listen to Johanna detailing the best spots in camp for hook-ups, in case we need to know. Ugh. I’m not here for boys. The only useful information she gives us is a reminder about the big bonfire tonight for the counsellors, and an invite to an all-girls swim at the lake tomorrow morning. I’m not much better with girl talk than with boys, but a swim with no kids sounds nice, and I really should try to make friends. Otherwise, it’ll be a long summer.

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“Good morning, sunshine.”

Do you think Dean sees the sun and every time he remembers Cas? And maybe he passes by Cas’s bedroom in the bunker and spends a few seconds staring at the space? Do you think he sits at the table drinking his coffee in the morning and lifts his head expectantly, waiting for Cas to come in?

He misses the sound of his name spoken by Cas’s lips. He misses the way Cas invaded his personal space, because now the air surrounding him feels empty. He misses being startled by Cas’s sudden arrival. He misses his cluelessness and dorkynes and bluntness and sassiness.

He misses the bickering. Those blue eyes that saw the real him. Those hands that could kill but also heal and make him feel safe and calm.

“Hello, Dean.”

Yes, he misses those words more than he thought he would.

Deserved Benefits

Originally posted by megu-chan1127

Rated: M for Smut, Angst.

Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader xYuta

Summary: The story of secrets, deciet and greed. Three characters with unlikely alliances and one common goal; power. Jaehyun is stuck between his own thirst for power and his need for the one thing that could take away everything. Yuta has ambition growing from an unlikely alliance and convinces himself to do anything to protect it. Between both of them is her, ambitious but with one weakness, she does all it takes for Jaehyun, even if it’s putting herself aside. But how long can she hold up her own fragile games?

(A/N): I tried posting this twice from the mobile app but it didn’t work so I’m tired and I am annoyed but I am here with a mega update. I hope you enjoy reading this. It’s 1 am and I have University tomorrow so I will proof read this tomorrow.

Mini Masterlist

After (Y/N) left the restaurant, she decided to make her way to the office. While it was still too early for anyone to be there, she needed to get some things.

When she arrived at the office, there were a few people around as there always was, caught off guard by her presence. She wished them all politely before making her way to her secretary.

“Anything important on my schedule today?” Her secretary stood up, taken aback.

“Ma’am what brings you here this early?” She asked and she dismissed her concern.

“Mr. Jung just has a hospital visit and a press briefing.” She read of the computer screen.

“Does the press in charge have my notes?” She asked and the secretary nodded with affirmation.

“Okay, there’s nothing else this week right?” She nodded again.

“Except the Rally at the end of the week.” (Y/N) bit her lips at the words, but smiled at at her politely.

“Good, then give him my letter for a week of absence. I need to get better.” She went to her office to pick up whatever work she could do from home and went on her way before Jaehyun showed up at the office.

She spend the entire morning buried in finishing all the work she could. Leaving her phone on mute was a bold move but it felt liberating. Physical urges soon took over and she had to get up to figure out what she would eat. After a brief deliberation, she decided to check her phone. Overlooking the missed calls from Jaehyun’s and ignoring his messages, her interest was piqued by one missed phone call from a familiar number, he picked up in three rings.

“I have a small feeling I’m being ignored.” His voice was playful and she heard his smirk.

“I must be a real idiot to call someone I’m ignoring then.” His laugh made her lips curl in the corners a little too.

“I’m going to assume you were busy with work, you weren’t even at your candidates press briefing, or are you nursing a hangover?” She gave him a groan of agreement that turned into a laugh.

“He was off his game today.” Yuta spoke a little more serious.

“What did he do?” She sat up straight, her smile beginning to fade.

“Nothing too incriminating, he just looked distracted. If I were you, I’d be more worried about your press guy. There were at least four ways he could have handled the situation, and he did none of those.” She listened to him intendly.

“And how would you have handled it?” If her voice wasn’t so professional he would think she was being sarcastic.

“He’s running an election campaign. He has more on his mind than any reporter or voter can imagine, maybe he was tired or distracted thinking of how to help the people of his state.” She smiled.

“You’re good.” She admitted.

“Does it turn you on?” She heard his grin.

“Not that good.” He laughed.

“Are you home?” He asked without hesitation.

“Yes?” She hesitated.

“Good. I’m going to take you out for lunch, I’m free after I report the press briefing.” He hung up before she could even reply.

She sat with her laptop open on the table and her phone in her hand, pretending to be not as nervous as she was. When she heard two soft knocks on the door she got up, swallowing nervously as she walked out to the door.

“I didn’t know where we were going so I didn’t get dressed.” She spoke authoritatively, clearing her throat to hide her nervous composure.

“And here I thought you were going to ask to stay in.” He pouted a little and her eyes blew wide making him laugh.

She led him into the house as she walked to the dining table to clean up her things. She picked up her cup on the side and took a sip as she looked at a new e-mail.

“Is that alcohol?” Yuta asked mischievously. She looked up with confused eyes.

“It’s coffee.” She informed him and he laughed, “It’s twelve in the afternoon Yuta.” She told him seriously.”

“Maybe it’s just one of those days.” He smirked and this time she laughed.

“You seem to know a lot about those.” She smirked and he only shrugged.

They arrived at a fancier restaurant than she expected. Yuta gave a name that wasn’t his but one she seemed to find vaguely familiar for the reservation and they were promptly seated.

“Order whatever you like.” Yuta said absentmindedly as he gazed over the menu, after which he looked up with a grin, that seemed to falter when he saw her furrowed brows. She looked away with a quick nod, looking down at the menu. There was a long silence in which she noticed Yuta looking at her with nervous confusion, but she kept her eyes glued on the menu. The waiter finally came by after what felt like a long moment.

“I’ll have the fillet mignon.” She told the waiter

“I’ll have the pasta.” Yuta did the same and then turned to her.

“Is something wrong? You seem displeased.” He asked, clearly voicing his concern.

“I’ll have a bottle red too please.” She continued and the waiter nodded and walked away. Yuta was moved to a confused silence, looking up at her periodically.

“What did you ask me here for Yuta?” She asked after a moment longer.

“Did I do something wrong?” He asked with a confused frown.

“This is a professional lunch. Is it not? I’m just acting accordingly.” She said and nodded at the waiter who came up to the table with the bottle of wine. When he didn’t answer she just waited for the waiter to leave.

“The name you gave at the entrance? That’s a producer at a news channel is it not? You got a new job. So tell me Yuta what do you want?” She said as she placed her elbows on the table.

“They want to interview you.” He coughed, his back stiffening. She looked like she was opening her mouth to speak, but stopped as the waiter approached. She smiled and thanked him as he placed the food.

“I’ll have to ask my candidate about that first.” She said and he nodded.

She was at the office the day of the rally. As she guided some people on the stage setting, the door of the room flung open, making everyone turn to the source. Jaehyun stood at the door with an expressionless set of eyes.

“All of you. Out.” He informed them and the people fumbled out uncomfortably. As the last person walked out of the door, he walked towards with determination.

“Jaehyun we’re at the office.” He didn’t care, as he crashed his lips onto hers. She squirmed in his hold as his arms went around her waist, trying to push his chest. When she finally managed to push him away, it was only because he let her. As they both panted deeply he stared at her.

“The next time you do something like that. I will fire you.” He said as he straightened himself up. She rolled her head back.

“No you won’t.” She strangled a scoff between her heavy exhales.

“Try me (Y/N). If you aren’t getting me elected and you aren’t sharing my bed, then I simply have no purpose for you.” He spoke as he went around to sit in her chair.

“I’ll keep that in mind. Which do you need at the moment? Your campaign manager or your mistress? I’m sorry but with all the people using me for their benefit I would prefer to have a list.” She said coldly.

“I need my speech for today.” He said with professional authority.

“It’s on your computer, I e-mailed it last night.” She spoke back as she distracted herself with more work.

“I don’t want to give that speech, I want a different speech.” He demanded. She looked up at him with disbelief, before moving back to monotony to not allow him the satisfaction.

“Whatever you ask for I will gladly provide Mr. Congressman.” She said as she procedded to open her laptop.

She stood by the side of the stage as Jaehyun gave his speech, changing his message from jobs to family. She didn’t understand his motivation but her talents were not hollow and the speech was impactful. Once again she found herself in awe of the way Jaehyun spoke, the way he held the devotion of every person in the room with just his words. She looked down at the crowd to find people in variations of affected, listening to him intently. She even found herself swayed, chuckling when she realised that the words were her own. As her eyes searched through the crowd, it landed on a known face. Yuta looked much more important than she had ever seen him, he wore a suit that was this time definitely luxurious, his hair was neatly pulled back and there was definitely traces of makeup on him. He was here to report. He gave her a knowing smirk when he spotted her eyes on him and she offered a brief nod in turn.

“I would finally like to thank my campaign manager and my dear friend, she is also like family to me.” Jaehyun’s voice made her turn in shock, caught off guard by his sudden gratitude. The crowd cheered as she came up on stage and he placed an easy arm on her back.

“What are you doing?” She asked from behind a forced smile.

“Showing you how my benefits from you are mutually shared. The next time you want to punish me like that, I’ll stand in front of a crowd like this and promise to marry you at the cost of my career.” He said with a smooth voice as he waved at the crowd.

“You won’t do that.” She resisted the urge to roll her eyes. His hand slipped tighter on her waist till she had to force herself back away from him.

“Try me baby.” He turned and looked into her eyes briefly before turning back.

She walked amongst the crowd and spoke to people, shaking their hands and smiling. As she kept the charade on, she thought about the days before Jaehyun. She would never be able to talk to people like she was now, and she definitely was not good at hiding what she was truly feeling. Sometimes she wondered if Jaehyun changed her for the better or worse.

She stopped with a soft smile in front of a baby who extended its arms towards her with big curious eyes. She turned to the person holding the baby for permission before scooping him up in her arms.

“Hello. Are you a fan of the candidate?” She laughed as she spoke to the baby with a intentionally playful voice.

“You don’t even know why you’re here do you now?” She laughed with delight when the baby smiled brightly at her like he agreed.

“Have I finally found my youngest fan?” Her back straightened up when she heard his voice behind her, standing close enough for her to feel the heat radiate off him as he made bright animated faces at the baby who laughed with unadulterated joy.

She turned around to face him to spare both the baby and him the awkward angle. He extended his arm towards her and she gently tried to place the baby in his arm but he clung to her making Jaehyun laugh.

“I guess he’s your fan then.” Jaehyun said with a soft smile as he placed his arm on her waist and continued to entertain the baby.

After a while, he finally slipped into Jaehyun’s arms and he looked very happy.

“Let’s get two of these too.” He gently squeezed her waist before letting go and she looked up at him once before looking away to avoid his gaze.

Jaehyun walked up to the mother and handed her child back and listened to her qualms attentively while she went back towards the stage.

After the rally finished with balloons and music. He slipped out of the hall and walked towards his car.

“(Y/N).” He turned back once and called her casually as his security detail made way for her to pass through.

“What?” She asked through a forced smile and he didn’t answer.

“You made many promises about your campaign, starting with the manager. Now it seems like you’ve made this decision emotionally and your manager is rather inexperienced.” A reporter fired at Jaehyun rapidly, eager to get his attention for a sound bite.

“Everyone has to start somewhere. I’d rather learn hand in hand with my manager than have someone else do the job for me.” He gave the reporter a polite smile.

“Some might say you have different motivations regarding your appointment.” A second reporter fired making both of them turn to the source.

“It is a rather prejudiced thing to assume that a women can never be appointed for just her talents. Don’t you agree (Y/N)?” He turned to her with a friendly but guarded posture. She nodded at him, her deep frowning showing distaste.

“Every news outlet is calling asking for a comment on the allegation.” She groaned in a shaky way that made him turn to her with concern.

“I can’t believe they are actually picking up on this. How difficult is this to swallow? You are an old friend and my father is your mentor, there is nothing wrong with that. It will die down.” He coaxed her gently as she stared out the tinted windows at the city passing by.

Her nerves wouldn’t be present had the allegations been false, but they were not and she felt like all her sins were finally catching up to her.

“What are you doing? Drop me home now.” She spoke with urgency when she saw the car drive up to a familiar apartment building.

“You shouldn’t be alone right now.” He said with conviction.

“I have just been slut shamed by the entire country, alone is exactly what I need to be! If someone takes even a single photograph of me entering your apartment both our careers will end in hellfire.” She tried to drill sense into him but knew it was of no use, you could tell from the look on his face when he had already made a decision.

“The service elevator gets blocked for my use. No one will see you, just come home with me.” He didn’t look at her as he spoke but she heard silent desperation in his voice.

They sat quietly at the dinner table as they ate a small meal and the security detail went about their routine inspections before they could leave the apartment hallowed and isolated. He glanced at her a few times with confused nerves as she focused all her attention on cutting her meat and sipping her wine. A agent walked up to her with a paper they usually bought to her apartment every night and she signed it as she always did.

Once the door bolted shut and echoed it’s sound through the empty walls Jaehyun finally sighed.

“This will not affect you like it will me. I will leave if I have to, I’ll help you find a replacement. Someone who will be better than me, and less volatile.” She spoke out the words she had rehearsed to make her defeat easier.

“No one is leaving.” Jaehyun said with a gentle voice.

“Don’t be daft. We have no other way.” She informed him simply.

“I will not have you leave. None of this matters without you. I don’t care what the cost is, I don’t care what it takes. I cannot and will not win this without you by my side.” He said without and signs of doubt.

“There is no possibility of that.” She pleaded but he clicked his tongue.

“If you and I cannot even find that, we do not deserve to have even half of the narcissism we store in our minds.” He scoffed and she offered a crooked grin.

She turned in bed slowly, groaning at the ache that spread down her hips and her legs. The blaring sound of her familiar ringtone disrupted the fragile peace that they held up all night. He groaned against her ear and pulled her into his arms, as was his half asleep habit. She squirmed in his embrace, giving up when his breath huffed against her neck and she just extended her arm to the extend and slipped her phone into her hand.

“Hello.” She croaked into the phone, her voice shocking herself, but an expected product of muffled shouts and constricted air from her memories of the night before.

“Have you seen the headlines?” Yuta said with a sort of nervous concern that only came from actual care for another person.

“I will deal with it.” She sighed into the phone, squirming once again in the warm arm on her exposed back as his fingers traced patterns on the side.

“You need to make a public appearance. People take silence as a form of guilt.” Even with the sound of genuine selfless concern in his voice, the implications made her chuckle.

“I already agreed to do an interview with you. Well I agreed now, just call my assistant. Or have your assistant do it since you’re in that position now. I will email you a list of approved questions and you can get your exclusive. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to enjoy a bit of this Sunday in peace before I’m burned at the stake.” She finished and killed the line promptly.

“An interview is a good idea.” Jaehyun spoke in her ear, making her shiver unprompted.

“It’s a terrible idea, but your adamancy has left us no choice.” She hit his bicep once like it amplified her point.

“You have only just started to see my true potential.” He kissed her ear with a loud smack.

“Well it is true that ambition makes us either slaves or a monster.” She turned in his grasp finally, facing him to get a good look.

“I don’t think I’m one for slavery.” He said with a slowly blooming smirk as his hands travelled lower.

“This is not good.” She threw a newspaper across the table where Jaehyun sat with his coffee. He picked up the paper, looking down at a large picture on the front.

His eyes stared at himself and her, cooing at the baby in her arms with gentle smiles. Despite the dangerous implications of the picture, his lips turned to a smile on their own accord. A small seed of victory budding in his mind.

“People just need a scandal, once they see that there is nothing to hide they will move on.” He spoke with deliberate words.

“But-” She started but he interrupted her with a soft click of his tongue.

“But, we can deal with this later. Right now I want to enjoy this morning with you. So sit down.” He pulled her down into his lap and she hit him on the arm and got off immediately, making him laugh joyfully.

She sat in a green room, drinking from a bottle of water as she stared at herself in the mirror with a fixated gaze. She theorised, quite foolishly, that maybe if she searched her eyes for something the path to retribution could be achieved, even if the confession was avoided.

A small knock finally distracted her from her fruitless venture and she turned to find Yuta peek his head in.

“Hi, we’re almost ready.” He said, still clearly nervous. She gave him a soft smile that gave him the nerves to step inside the room and close the door behind him.

“The network assigned a more known face to interview you.” He spoke softly and she turned to him to asses the disappointment on his face.

“They played you.” Her voice held no surprise or question.

“I’m still in charge of the whole thing, I pull the reigns so if you are uncomfortable at any point, I will step in. They just think I’m not experienced enough for this scrutiny.” His voice turned to an embarrassed mumble.

“And your personal feelings might be detrimental to this public sentencing.” She spoke matter of factly.

“I will not let anyone mar your reputation based on speculation. I promise you that the truth will clarify everything and I will make sure of it.” Yuta said with the idealistic look in his eyes that she had seen before.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” She mumbled to more herself than him.

“I’m glad you could join us the today.” The women who sat down to interview her spoke with an almost rehearsed pleasantness.

“I am glad that we are amongst friendly people.” Jaehyun spoke from beside her making her look up.

“Mr. Congressman.” The interviewer got up with eager respect.

“Please call me Jaehyun.” He smiled at her charmingly and took her extended hand in his. After they spoke for a long minute he looked down at her with a silent signal and she got up wordlessly.

“I believe in you.” Those simple words suddenly made her more nervous than she was all day.

“There have been many speculations regarding your competency,” The interviewer spoke to her but her voice was clearly directed at the cameras facing them with unforgiving scrutiny. “And though it may be that some of stems from the mystery your fresh face makes. We are here once and for all to ask the source herself. So Miss (Y/L/N), do you believe you deserve the job you have taken up or are you biting off more than you can chew?” The interview placed her chin against her fingers and waiting for her response.

“I would not have taken the job if I didn’t believe I was right for it.” She laughed a small laugh that the lady echoed.

“But you must have your own motivations, surely a smart and successful women like you didn’t just drop everything for nothing in return.” She said with a tone that sounded like she already knew.

“I’m grateful you mentioned that, because a lot of people think I’m either an idiot or a shrewd ladder climber. I think no one understands why because I never explained my state of mind when The Congressman, when my friend Jaehyun asked me to take this incredible responsibility. I have never shied away from saying that I am where I am today because of Mr. Jung. He believed in me in a time when I had lost all hope and he saw me the spark I nurture today before I even knew of it’s existence. It was not just that he helped me land on my own feet, but he made me aware of the fact that if someone who was essentially a stranger then can believe in me, than there is definitely something that deserves my own belief too.” She let her words flow periodically and with specific impact.

“But even beyond that, I may believe in myself but I believe in Jaehyun more. I have many flaws but I know when someone has what it takes. The Congressman has made me believe in him and therefore I will do all it takes to put him in a place I know he deserves. If people see the strong and incredible leader he is, they should not second guess my motivations. I am loyal to his cause because in my opinion his cause is worth my fight.” Her eyes travelled to Jaehyun’s on it’s own accord, as he looked at her with a mixture of shock on his face and pride in his eyes.

“Is it true that your father was a con man? Isn’t it in fact a well known idea that he tricked the Congressman Jung’s father out of millions?” The interviewer looked up at her with hungry satisfaction in her eyes. Her back tensed significantly as the words hit her with a wave of helplessness. The accusations ringing in her mind as if they were her own.

“Yes that is true.” Her voice was hollow as she focused her gaze on the interviewer to supress the urge to glance at Jaehyun.

“As the daughter of a criminal, do you think it is unexpected of people to find you unfit for the job, especially if a presidency is in question some day?” The interviewer’s lip twitched subtly as she saw (Y/N) purse her lips and suck in a quiet breathe. After a second of what seemed like consideration, she offered the interviewer a smile.

“I do not deny any of my father’s accusations,” The lady smiled with perverse victory. “But, I cannot bring myself to apologise for the misdeeds of my father.” The interviewer seemed unsatisfied and opened her mouth again but she spoke before her, “Especially when I have known him less than Mr. Jung and his impeccable guidance.”

“But is it not true that the apple does not fall from the tree?” The interviewer leaned in like they were sharing a secret. (Y/N) in turn sat back with her head held high.

“It is also true that one must not judge a person by the sins of their father.” She smiled at her.

“Break!” A voice screamed angrily. She turned away to spot both Jaehyun and Yuta walk towards her with concerned urgency. She got up and met Yuta halfway.

“I’m sorry that wasn’t on the script. I don’t know why she would do that, I will handle the interview myself.” She continued looking at his creased forehead as he spoke. She glanced back briefly at Jaehyun who had stopped in his path. He stared at her with deep sorrow as his eyes slowly turned to impassivity. If it were true that the apple hadn’t fallen far, it was assured to say that much like her own shunned father, she too had the burden of a grave sin on her back and maybe she too was standing at the precipice of a fall from grace.

She looked back at Yuta’s eyes which searched hers for a sign on life, but she had sold her soul to a cause a long time ago. With an urge of comfort she embraced him gently, burying her face into his chest and looking past the smell of his unfamiliar cologne. She could tell he was taken aback by the way his words left him, his arms coming up mere moments later to give her the surety she craved. As he gently stroked her hair, her eyes couldn’t help but drift to the figure behind him, who looked back with a broken gaze that resembled an ice statue shattering from the inside with slow precision. She offered him a weak smile which she didn’t expect him to return, but her heart craved even more when he did. She held Yuta tighter and he coaxed her a little more. As she pulled back she felt both relief and increased longing.

“I’m fine, I just needed that.” She said to him easily and he nodded.

“We’re back in five!” A voice shouted from somewhere behind the bright lights that reflected off her shiny sheild brightly enough to blind everyone away from the reality.

“If you still want to continue we can do it together.” Yuta said with a surge of confidence that came with sharing a mutual deed. His hand fluttered down her arm and hesitated at his hand, slowly holding it.

“Let’s go.” She said with a practiced smile.

Dear Y/N

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I know travelling on seperate brands is difficult. Ya know I’m on Smackdown and your on Raw (we’re totally kicking your asses on the ratings at the moment) and it’s not the easiest thing in the world. But we do okay, in-fact we do more than okay because when I get to see ya we get to do all sorts of things together.

I’m going to let you in on a small surprise that I have been planning for a really long time. The next time we get some quality time together, me and you are going a little vacation. I’m not going to tell you where. I just know your going to love it. Well why wouldn’t you, you and me some quality relaxation time and coupley time.

The little surprise was not the reason I wrote this letter. I actually wanted to tell you about all the amazing and beautiful things that I miss about you. For example, I love the scent of your shampoo. It’s always so fruity, sometimes you remind me of those fruit flavoured cocktails always taste amazing (not that intend to eat your hair or anything. That would be plain weird.) I also love how you always keep organised (because we both know I’m not one of those people) It’s so hard not to forget something when you’re not with me. I’d probably lose my head if it was not firmly in place. I also love how whenever we’re home you always keep scented candles so we take baths together and it’s all warm and romantic looking with the warm scents of the candles (I also love how you always buy different scents so we’re not stuck with the same scent) variety is the spice of life.

We’ve covered the domestic/trivial things that I miss about you. (There’s more but this letter would be 50 pages of long and I don’t have enough paper for that) So now we move onto the sentimental part of this letter.

I miss the way you always wake me up with a good morning kiss (your lips are remarkably talented) When I don’t wake up you begin kissing me all over face. It’s one of the best things ever to wake up too (amongst other things but I’m keeping this letter PG) I also miss the way you sit on my lap when I’m reading the morning paper as you enjoy your coffee. We’re both not morning people so its great to spend time with you first thing. Getting the opportunity to wrap my arms around you whenever your cooking. Who am I trying to kid? I want to wrap my arms around you any opportunity I get (because you fit in my arms perfectly)

Darlin’, I really miss you and I can’t wait to be able to kiss ya and hold ya, so you better get prepared because I’m not going to let ya out of my arms when we see each other again.

I love you so freaking much

Dean x

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Telling tom you’re pregnant Part 1

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Hey everyone, this is my first try and I would like some feedback on it. The complete truth please ^^ Hope you guys enjoy it and please tell me if you are interested in a second part :) And please forgive my englisch it’s gotten a bit rusty from not using it in a long time.

Part 2 Part 3

It’s been a rollercoaster ride of feelings since you started dating Tom. But you have been best friends even longer so it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when you two announced your relationship.However you still had a part-time long distance relationship and your marriage didn’t change that. After all you had nine to five job to attend and being high on the career ladder yourself didn’t allow you to come along that often.But still you missed him dearly and were somehow a little mad at him for not being home when you were off. But at least you had a fantastic dinner last night before he went to the airport this morning.
Or so you thought, but apparently the steak you had last night wasn’t as good to you as you hoped. Or you shouldn’t have eaten it, knowing that your stomach has been weird the last couple of weeks.
Anyway you were home alone nothing to do and had time to get better without any interruptions. The only thing you did (besides Binge watching your favorite show) was talking to Tom in the evening. He would call every night at 9 and would ask you how your day was.
And you would always answer:
“The same as yesterday but with less nausea”

“Still my darling ? I wish I could be there and take care of you”

“That’s nice of you my love. But I took care of myself before you were there and I’m sure I’m still as grown up for it” you teased him with the biggest grin on your face.

“Oh I bet but you know what ?”

“What?” you said.

“I bet that when I get home that attitude of yours is all gone and you will beg me to get you everything you want”

“Oh really?” You said, your voice full of fake shock.

“Yes really.”

“I don’t think so, sweetheart.”

“But I do.”

“Yeah we will see. Anyway how was your day?”

“Busy and it’s going to stay that way. Which brings me to something we need to talk about…”

Now you were nervous but you knew what was coming. You let out a sigh and started chewing on your lips. A habit of yours before hearing something you don’t want to hear. Tom always noticed it and smiled that loving smile and would kiss you instead, to stop you from chewing too much. But he couldn’t this time.

“You’re trying to tell me, that you’re not coming back next week.” You said with a sad tone in your voice.

“I’m afraid so (Y/N/N)” he sighed on the other end of the phone and you knew it was harder on him than on you.

“Well I already bought everything to bake your favorite cake. I’ll still bake it and eat it myself then.”

You said trying to make the situation a little less depressing. He chuckled at that and you could actually hear the smile through the phone.

“I knew that you would say that.”

“Still reading me like a book aren’t you Mr. Hiddleston?”

“You don’t make it hard Mrs. Hiddleston”

Butterflies erupted in your stomach as he mentioned that and you rubbed the wedding ring on your left ring finger. But you had to get serious again.

“So what does that mean? How long ?”

“Another 2-3 weeks my love.”

This made you both sigh at the same time and then chuckle always amazed at how similar you are to one another.

“Okay so we will make the best of it. Which means business for you and I will meet your mom and my family and then business for me again next week. And then we will already be back together and I can start annoying you to make up for the weeks prior.”

“You know, how much I adore it, that you always see the bright side of everything ?” he laughs.

“I know and I adore that one can make you laugh so easily.”

“Just you my love, just you.”

You talked for another half hour and then hung up and you got ready for bed.But the night wasn’t the way you would’ve liked it to be. You were restless and felt nauseous the whole night which meant you were super tired in the morning.

And after spending the whole day not being able to move and throwing up everything you tried to eat, you decided that it would be a good idea to go to the doctor the next day.In the evening you told Tom about it and you knew he was worried and asked you to keep you updated on everything.

“Anyway, I’m officially coming back the 10th. Just for you information so you have enough time to buy everything for my cake.”

At the word of food a wave of nausea hit you and you were barely able to keep it down.

“Please don’t talk about food Tom. Not now, but that’s great to hear.”

“I’m sorry love. I have to hang up, go get some rest and I can’t wait to see you on the 10th.”

“See you on the 10th darling”

You hung up and went to bed. But in the middle of the night you shot up in bed, not helping your nausea but you just remembered something. The 10th was in 2 weeks and usually you should have had to be on your period by now cause you always have it in the first two weeks of the month. You scrambled out of bed and into the living room where you have your purse. You fished out your calendar and started counting. And to your surprise you were almost 3 weeks over.You slowly walk back to your bed and lay down and start thinking about it and a smile is creeping up on your face.The next day the doctor just confirms what you were thinking and you couldn’t be happier. But you had two weeks to think about how to tell Tom. You would definitely not tell him over the phone but how should you do it?

In the evening he was calling again and asked what the doctor said.
“A stomach bug, so just rest for me and I will probably call in sick next week at work if it’s not better by then.”
“Oh darling, let’s hope you get better by the time I’m home.”
“I think I will be by then. Don’t worry about it love.”
You said and hoped that he wouldn’t catch the lie. You kept talking about his day and the rest of yours and how much you miss each other.
“Darling I thought about it and how about we have Dinner at our favorite restaurant, when I get home? Only if you’re better by then.”
“Sounds like a plan.” You said as an idea came up in your mind.

fix-it headcanons thing

i don’t think i have talked about this concept i am stuck with, and i just realized it, so here goes.

- so. FIRST AND FOREMOST. team taka go back to oto. they ALL become the otokage together and make sound into an honest shinobi village. they handle orochimaru as well as kabuto. i do not trust konoha with them.

- my headcanon is, that they use their knowledge to reform their village for better, but boy, is orochimaru unwilling. but it’s okay, in the end. nothing that a little intimidation cannot fix. plus, karin is scary when she’s pissed, and she might as well be the one thing orochimaru fears. what a role model.

- suigetsu handles external issues with other villages. juugo is his impulse and damage control if needed. throw in karin into the mix and you will realize just why is it that juugo is always wearing his resting bitchface.

- sasuke originally goes to live in sound with team taka, but keeps visiting team 7. however his visits keep extending each time he’s in konoha until he’s practically living on and off 2 weeks in oto and 2 weeks in konoha.

- nar and sas doing the thing when they’re dating long before they admit it to themselves. those two are so ridiculous OH MY GOD.

- a lot of cuddles, hugs, and pecks on cheeks happening. and oh god the bLUSHING. i am a sap.

- sakura is like. already married to ino by the time those two get around their first Official date, and it’s her Time Of Life. SO. MUCH. TEASING. HAPPENS. 

- at some point, naruto starts visiting oto, too. naruto and karin bonding happens. it doesn’t take sasuke long to realize that having two uzumaki at the same place guarantees the world domination, or the world destruction. possibly both.

- the day he becomes the hokage is possibly the worst day of his life lmao. “what do u mean i can’t go to oto, i’m the hokage!” - “it’s because of that that you cannot leave.” but naruto keeps using ~diplomatic relations~ as an excuse to go anyways. the same thing happens whenever he wants to see gaara, too. what a guy!

- he doesn’t keep the uchiha massacre swept under the rug and comes clean. the two elders that i can’t be bothered to remember their names will face the consequences. 

- konoha follows otogakure in their model of triumvirate. sakura and shikamaru become co-hokages with him. naruto tried to offer the position to sasuke, but he didn’t want anything to do with konoha, with the exception of his friends. but nar still listens to him and seeks his advice, plus an opinion of an outsider - that sasuke is at this point. so he essentially gets the job and the opportunity to actually change things but without all the public hassle involved. that’s like a win-win for his introverted soul.

- having sakura and shikamaru as co-hokages provides naruto another excuse to run off to sound every time he misses sasuke too much.

- kakashi gets to publish his unofficial icha icha continuation after he retires. bless him.

- yamato probably sleeps through another apocalypse again.

- kakashi makes him proofread his writing. what has he ever done to anyone to deserve THIS??? poor guy.

- i’m not exactly sure how it would work out, but i have this mental image stuck in my head: sai as an academy instructor?? wait let me explain. sai being That One Weird Teacher. the first day of the school, sai manages to impress the kids with his jutsu who immediately think he’s cool. but then the guy opens his mouth and the kids quickly figure out he’s kind of lame “but that’s okay, cos we’re gonna help sensei!” and just. sai with children. so helpless. but the kids adore him. that thought is too pure to throw it away without mentioning it at least once.

- we!! learn!! more!! about!! tenten!!

- concept: kurama waking up naruto with his singing in the middle of the night as a revenge for all those times naruto had a song stuck in his head. it soon escalates into a challenge. ah, children.

- i want gaara to adopt every orphan in suna. imagine 15 kids in the academy using the “but i’m the kazekage’s kid” as an excuse when they ‘forget’ to bring their homework. teaching sure is difficult in suna these days.

- hinata gets some development - neji’s death makes her determined to make her part of job during the cursed seal business and help naruto out, who gets to honor neji’s promise. no main/branch bullshit anymore.

- the thought of hiashi and naruto having this. weird cross-generational friendship makes me happy to wake up in the morning tbh.

i probably have some more that i forgot about, but yeah. that’s what i am thinking about at night instead of sleeping. what a good way to spend my time.

Sharing a Bed With The SDR2 Boys After a Nightmare

These were both very similar, so I combined them, I hope that’s okay!

Hajime Hinata

  • He was a bit skeptical when you asked him to sleepover, he wasn’t gonna lie. He didn’t want to give off a bad impression, but it was your idea and he trusted you, of course.
  • You explained that you’d had nightmares and you didn’t want to sleep alone. He loved you, and you two had been dating for a while now, so he definitely didn’t want you to have bad dreams, and he didn’t want to abandon you in a time of need.
  • Immediately after hearing this, he accepted and joined you by your side. 
  • It was comforting, and he began to wonder why he was ever skeptical in the first place. Feeling your warmth beside him and being able to pull you into him was the best feeling he’s ever felt, and he loved the thought of having you by his side. 
  • He sleeps very calmly and still, and hardly moves, so it was a very easy night for both of you. The two of you fell asleep very fast, and neither of you once woke up in the middle of the night. 
  • He loved to sleep while holding you in his arms with your head on his chest and your arms pressed against his body, with your legs tangled with each other.
  • The next morning, you both admitted that that night was the best you’d ever slept in a very long time, and he knew he could trust you. Hajime would never be nervous around you again, and the night only brought you two closer.

Nagito Komaeda

  • You’d been sleeping a bit restlessly recently, and it was an uncomfortable thought. Bad dreams and nightmares riddled your sleep and woke you up in the middle of the night, and you’d have to call your boyfriend each time just so he could calm you down.
  • He told you, next time it happened, to call him and he’d be right over. So, you did.
  • You’d been a little wary to fall back asleep, but it was comforting having Nagito by your side. He was willing to stay up all night with you if that meant you’d be calm and feel better.
  • Eventually, though, neither of you could take it and you both fell asleep.
  • He loved sleeping with you being the small spoon and him embracing you with his entire body. His legs would cover you from the waist down and his arms rested underneath yours, as one arm held your chest and the other was raised so he could play with your hair as you two slept.
  • The sound of his breathing beside you also lulled you to sleep and feeling your heartbeat was surprisingly comforting for him.
  • Randomly, he’d kiss the back of your head and neck in sleepy, half awake thoughts, and any time you twitched or made a sound, he hugged you tighter instinctively and held you until you relaxed once again.

Gundham Tanaka

  • It troubled him that you couldn’t sleep. The demons rampaging within your dreams needed to find another mind to occupy, he would not stand for it!
  • Once, the next morning after a bad night, you called him and he asked if you’d like for him to stay over. You smiled and pleaded for him to do so, which didn’t need to be said twice. Gundham was over at your place within the hour.
  • Not only did you spend the day together, but when you were both too exhausted to continue and prepared for bed, you crawled in at his side and he lovingly pulled you close.
  • He kissed you goodnight, and proclaimed that he would be in your dreams tonight, fighting off any of the monsters that faced you. He promised to do his best to protect you and repeatedly called you his light, and that you shouldn’t have to face those demons alone.
  • His antics made you giggle, and you fell asleep in quite a good mood. Gundham took longer to fall asleep, and he watched over you for a bit. He found solace in watching his beloved sleep beside him. When he did eventually call it a night, he spooned you and nuzzled his face into your hair and the back of your neck, and his warm breaths sent chills down your spine.
  • He also brought the Devas with him, of course, and allowed them to sleep on the pillow above your face. He whispered to them and told them to watch over and protect you no matter the cost.
  • Not only did he protect you in the outside world, but he kept his word and you also saw Gundham in your dreams. He seemed to make all the nightmares go away, and you seemed to always dream of him whenever things started getting bad, and he made everything better.

Kazuichi Souda

  • He was in disbelief when you told him you couldn’t sleep well. You never brought it up to him before! All he wanted was for things to be okay with you.
  • He planned a sleepover to lift your spirits, and you knew Souda was a restless sleeper. You’d shared a bed together before so you knew how he kicked and turned a lot. You loved the boy with all your heart but he really couldn’t sleep still. 
  • Despite this, he promised you that he’d be there whenever you needed him and told him to just wake him up if you did, or if you couldn’t sleep.
  • He was the first to go to bed, but you fell quickly after him. Of course, you fell asleep in each other’s arms but he tossed and turned, kicking the covers off of himself and nearly kicking you. It didn’t wake you, though, and you learned to live with it.
  • He also talks in his sleep… a lot. He’d mumble random “I love you’s” or compliments into your ear, and they seemed to echo in your dreams.
  • Even though he couldn’t sleep still, you managed to return in each other’s arms, even in your sleep, and woke up beside him again the next morning. You also woke up to soft, quick kisses all over your face and him asking how you slept.
  • Sometimes, though, when you’d spend the night, he’d kick himself out of bed and wake up in the floor.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

  • This boy was a grumpy sleeper, which is why you didn’t sleepover very often.
  • Though, you didn’t want to be alone when your nightmares started coming back, and he kindly offered you a spot in his bed.
  • When night time rolled around, he began getting short with you and a little bit agitated. This, in turn, annoyed you, and could lead to an argument. He stopped himself when he remembered that you were having issues with sleeping, and apologized with a bright pink face, angry at himself for acting like that.
  • He kissed your forehead, and you two fell asleep around the same time, wrapped up in each other’s arms. You slept silently throughout the night and you had no issues whatsoever.
  • You woke up first; you always woke up first. When he joined you, he sat up and kissed you good morning and, once again, apologized for acting the way he did.
  • “If I want to spend the rest of my life falling asleep beside you every night, I can’t act like an ass, can I?”
  • You gently laughed and shook your head, promising you’d work on it together. He liked the sound of that.

Nekomaru Nidai

  • He was gonna kick your nightmare’s ass.
  • Or at least, that’s what he said. You knew that he was actually a big softie, but you took the offer up to fall asleep with him that night. He only means the best for you and you understood that clear as day.
  • The whole afternoon, he’d been giving you a pep talk and trying to keep your mind occupied from the idea of having a bad dream.
  • When it finally came time to sleep, you were a little anxious. He also falls asleep much faster and earlier than you do, so you feared he’d leave you hanging. That wasn’t the case at all, though.
  • He made sure to hold you close and wait until you were sound asleep before the thought even crossed his mind. He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and lays on his back, pulling you onto his chest and using one hand to run his fingers through you hair, and the other to grip the small of your back.
  • He’d also leave random forehead kisses.
  • The sound of his heartbeat and the feeling of being embraced and close to his big chest was extremely comforting and took away any fear. You knew you’d be safe as long as you were with him, and you loved him for it.

Teruteru Hanamura

  • You brought up the idea of having him come and spend the night, which got him a little bit more than excited.
  • N o s e b l e e d.
  • Of course, you told him your reasoning realizing that he’d take it the wrong way, and he felt a little bad for thinking anything sexual. Gracefully, he wiped his nose with his sleeve and used his other hand to take your own.
  • He also promised to be there whenever you needed someone by your side.
  • When you two slept, you didn’t really fall asleep in each other’s arms. More like, you fell asleep in different positions and on opposite ends of the bed. This wasn’t for any purpose other than you both slept completely different and couldn’t get comfortable, and it took you two a long time to actually fall asleep.
  • When you did though, you felt happy. Sure, maybe you weren’t sleeping in his arms or holding each other, but it was still nice having someone you loved beside you. The night went by quickly and smoothly, of course, and you had nothing to worry about.

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter)

  • The thought of you not being able to sleep and being tormented by nightmares absoluely killed him inside.
  • All he wanted was to be able to give you the best life possible, and he felt like he couldn’t do that as long as you were having these problems.
  • He’s the one who offered to have you sleep with him that night, and the thought of sharing a bed never crossed your mind. But, you didn’t see an issue and happily obliged. You loved him and the fact that he was always coming up with great ideas.
  • You sleep facing each other, not exactly pressed together but close enough to where you can fell the other’s body heat. It’s calming.
  • In the middle of the night, in his sleep, he’ll pull you closer and hold you tightly, not budging for the world. He often did this, engulfing you in his dreams and cuddling closer, even when you two just nap together, so it was to be expected.
  • Your favorite part about sleeping beside him was the warmth and comfort that you always felt with him, no matter the situation.

- Mod Rantaro

My Nirvana

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh
Pairing: Dylan O'brien x Reader
Words: 2299

A/N: This is sad. I am sad. Everything is sad.
Keep in mind that English isn’t my first language! Thanks a lot to my lifesaver @cynicallystiles💙 for proofreading, editing and for not letting me delete this, even though I thought it was shitty ✨ your support means a lot!

Please let me know what you think 💖


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Who would have thought that ‘forever’ sometimes means ‘until someone better comes along’.

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Imagine skipping class with Chris. (Part B)

A/N: Part 3B! Oh God, I was going to wait till tomorrow but I’m just too excited! I’m really happy with how this one turned out. You can read the previous parts here: (Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A) Enjoooooy! X

Burbank; that was where Chris took you after breakfast in the cute little corner bistro you loved so much. He took you all the way there to give you a tour of Marvel Studios as well as introduce you to some of the people from the industry you were dying to be apart of. He even managed to get you a quick meeting with the very busy Kevin Fiege, who- thanks to Chris- promised he’d give you a meeting when you graduated from UCLA; an offer to which you squealed at the second you thought Kevin was out of earshot. He wasn’t, and it explained why Chris Evans would go through so much trouble for a girl people said was, “just a fan he met an airport.” You were sweet and humble and passionate, and Kevin wouldn’t be surprised if months later he’d heard Chris ended up dating you. The two of you clearly had a lot of chemistry, and he wasn’t blind to the way Chris looked at you; it may have been subtle, but it was definitely a look of love.


A strange concept; love. It could either be the simplest of things, or the most complicated. Unfortunately for the two of you, it was the latter. Neither of you wanted to admit anything, due to fear of getting hurt. That was the thing about love, despite how wonderful it could make a person feel- there was also the chance of ruining an entire being. A wrong move, a poorly chosen word, bad timing- all of these were factors capable of tearing a soul in pieces.

Chris couldn’t do that to you, he couldn’t take away that light you carried despite how dark you thought you were. You were the kind of girl who still believed she could meet the love of her life in a coffee shop; who believed in love at first sight; who wanted to marry as soon as possible; who didn’t want to date casually; who was a hopeless romantic; who thought love was just like the movies. You had an incredibly innocent heart that he both wanted to force his way into, but also protect. He wanted you to have a lifetime of happiness, and he wasn’t yet sure if he could provide that for you. But God, he was starting to realize you were a girl he wasn’t going to get over easily. If he found out tomorrow you were going on a date with another man, he’d both be ecstatic and heartbroken.

Chris took his eyes off the road for a brief second to throw a glance your way. It’d been fifteen minutes since you got into the car, but you were still smiling at the pass hanging around your neck. He’d made it himself, and it had both your name and the phrase “VIP - Chris Evans’ Very Important Person” on it. You looked over at him as he turned back to the road, smiling when you saw him smile. You still couldn’t believe your luck; it’d been exactly forty-three days since you met Chris and you still couldn’t believe your luck. You woke with a smile on your face each morning- not just because of the ‘good morning’ texts he’d sent you, but because you woke knowing you had him in your life. It was a pretty freaking amazing feeling, one you hoped you’d never have to give up.

“Thank you for today, Chris.” You told him, smiling; he glanced at you and smiled back, nodding. “You’re right about it being worth my time, I couldn’t imagine spending today any other way. This has just been an absolute dream come true, honestly-” you cut yourself off, chuckling, “you’re the best, the absolute best.”

“It’s not over yet,” he threw another smile your way. “We’ve still got one more stop before we call it a day, and um-” he pulled his car to a stop; you looked out and saw the Dolby Theatre. “You might want to do a quick costume change.” He told you then got out of the car before you could question him further. “C'mon,” he called as he knocked on the back windshield.

You got out of the car and chuckled when you saw him hold up two dress bags. One held a navy blue tux, and the other held your old prom dress. “Where the hell did you get that from?” You laughed, taking the bag from him. “You didn’t break into my room while I was sleeping, did you?”

“God, no,” he laughed. “Ava did.” He told you and you chuckled. Of course Ava did, your best friend would do anything Chris asked her to because she too was a huge fan of his. You’d met her on Tumblr a few years ago, connecting through your love for Chris Evans and writing, and only recently met her in real life. She was yet another wonderful thing you needed to thank Chris for, because without him to write about- you would’ve never met Ava. “I told her about today and she offered her services.”

“Isn’t she a doll,” you bit sarcastically, then laughed when he did. “Are you serious about changing?” You quizzed and he nodded, walking towards the entrance as he draped the dress bag over his shoulder. “Oh come on,” you ran after him, “I don’t want to put on a gown!”

“You’re going to be very under dressed.” He pushed the door open and beckoned you in with his head. You stared at him, not saying anything or walking into anywhere. You huffed when he chuckled, “it’ll be fun, Y/N. Trust me,” he said with a smile that you’d never- in your forty-three days of knowing him- been able to say no to.

“Fine,” you sighed and stomped into the building. “Is there a bath-” You cut yourself off when he pointed you in the direction of the bathroom. “Just so you know, I might not even fit that dress.” You told him as you stomped towards the female bathroom like a pouty child; he followed behind you, chuckling softly. “I’m not as slim now as I was at my prom.”

“You still look great to me,” he told you and you felt heat rise to your cheeks. You bit back your smile as you glanced back at him. “Get dressed,” he instructed and you nodded, “then meet me at the stage.”

• • • • • • • •

Chris waited on the stage patiently for you, fiddling with his cuffs and sleeves. “I look ridiculous,” he heard your voice and looked up as you walked down the aisle towards the stage. His lips parted in awe, then formed into a smile as he appreciated how breathtaking you looked in your simple, but beautifully elegant, chiffon gown. “I mean-” you lifted your gown to display the sneakers you were wearing. “You could’ve at least got Ava to steal me some heels too,” you joked.

“You look beautiful.” He complimented as he walked down the steps to meet you; his heart beating as fast against his chest at the sight of you, as your heart was against your chest at the sight of him. “Now come on,” he held out his arm for you to take, “I want to show you something.”

“Like what?” You asked, letting him lead you on stage. “We’re already inside this amazing theatre, I mean- this is where they host the Oscars every year.” You pulled away from him to stroll the stage. “This place has held the talents of Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington and Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino and-” You stopped when you realized Chris was smiling at you. “Of course,” you walked back over to him and poked his chest, “Chris Evans. A man who should have won Oscars upon Oscars by now.”

“As biased as you are, my number one fan,” he teased and you giggled, “I appreciate it. And yes,” he agreed as he looked around the place, smiling. “The theatre is amazing and I did bring you here to show you the interior. But-” he said and you turned to him, “I also brought you here to prepare you for your future.”

“And how are you preparing me for my future?”

“Come here,” he used his head to beckon you towards him. You walked over hesitantly then tensed when he moved behind you, gently grabbing your arms. “This is where you’re going to be one day,” he whispered into your ear, smiling. He was having trouble remembering what he’d planned to say to you because your perfume was incredibly intoxicating and all he could think of was kissing your neck. “You’re going to be standing up here, looking down at everyone you’d thought you’d only see on your screen, thanking them and your loved ones for taking a chance on you and supporting you to your first Oscar win.”

You smiled as you imagined what Chris was saying. It was almost like you could feel the Golden Statue in your hand; the weight and the sturdiness of it. You closed your eyes and looked up; it was like the heat of a thousand lights were kissing your skin. Your ears could hear the thundering applause and the cheers as the entire audience rose to their feet to give you the standing ovation you deserved. You’d look out into the crowd and smile; smile at the people you’d worked with, those who’d helped you get you the award. That was the dream, it’d always been the dream. Just like Chris was part of it, he was part of everything. Even as you closed your eyes to picture a scene where you just won an award of the highest honor, you saw him. You saw him in the crowd and you smiled because knowing him, having him believe in you the way he did, having him in your life- that all meant so much more to you than winning an award.

“I can’t wait to see you up here,” he told you as he released you from his grip. His hand forgot you were just a friend and not his girlfriend, and took it upon itself to brush your cascading hair over your shoulder. “You are going to go to amazing places, Y/N. I promise you that,” he said with so much sincerity that you felt your eyes well with tears.

“Oh God,” your voice quivered as you sniffled, trying your best not to start crying. Chris’ eyes narrowed as he gently wrapped his arm around your elbow to turn you towards him. “These are happy tears,” you quickly told him when you saw concern in his eyes. “I’m um-” you reached up to brush your tears away, but he beat you to it. “I’m just really touched that you believe in me.”

“Of course I do,” he smiled and lowered his hand to take your in his; he squeezed it gently. “You are incredibly talented, Y/N. I am so glad you decided to pursue screen writing because- God, it’d be a waste if you didn’t. You have a way with words that not many do, and I have no doubt that it’s going to take you up here one day.”

“Because of you,” you said and he shook his head.

“No,” he said. “Because of you. With or without me, you were going to find your way here and I’m…” He trailed off, smiling at how beautiful you looked despite your teary eyes and runny nose. “I’m going to be standing in that audience applauding your incredible talent, and wishing that I’d one day be lucky enough to be able to direct or even act in one of your flawless pieces.”

“You’re going to make me cry,” you chuckled because it was your only way to stop yourself from crying. He smiled and brushed the tears that had escaped off your cheeks. “Thank you, Chris,” you told him as you forced your way into his arms, hugging him tightly; he’d hugged you back without hesitation. “You have no idea how much all of this means to me.”

“You’re welcome.”

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Part 4A