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Sagittarius Ascendant

Ruler: Jupiter
Descendant: Gemini
Midheaven: Virgo
1st Decan: Sagittarius (Jupiter)
2nd Decan: Aries (Mars)
3rd Decan: Leo (Sun)

Sagittarius Ascendant

Sagittarius risings are upbeat and vibrant people. They can be competitive and they are definitely larger than life. They are friendly and approachable people, but sometimes they can seem out of touch with reality, like as if they’re in their own world. They are quick witted and fun people to be around with. Sagittarius risings can be rather blunt and sometimes they can step out of line with this. They can be great coaches and motivational speakers. Sagittarius risings can also be quite tall and their features may be larger than average. Because Gemini is on the descendant, Sagittarius risings tend to be attracted to Gemini’s or Gemini-like qualities. The most common Midheaven for a Sagittarius rising is Virgo.

1st Decan Sagittarius Ascendant
(00.00 - 9.59.59)

Sagittarius risings born between the degrees of 00.00 - 9.59.59 are the Sagittarius/Jupiter decan; the most common. By far the luckiest and most humorous of Sagittarius risings. Sagittarius-Sagittarius risings value their freedom and can seem rather distant. They can be the types to LOVE traveling and have a desire to visit many far away places. Because they’re a Mutable rising sign, they are able to quickly adapt to their surroundings. They are also excellent learners and can enjoy learning about different cultures/religions. Possibly to also find themselves in the process. A noticeable physical trait of Sagittarius-Sagittarius risings is that they can be taller than most Sagittarius risings and have larger/wider assets.

2nd Decan Sagittarius Ascendant
(10.00 - 19.59.59)

Sagittarius risings born between the degrees of 10.00 - 19.59.59 are the Aries/Mars decan. Because of Mars sub-influence, this can add an intensity to the already present Sagittarius rising qualities, amplifying them. Sagittarius-Aries risings are definitely the most competitive of the Sagittarius risings and might not respond well to losses. They should be aware of the things they say because they are brutally honest to the point that their words come out impulsive, rude and harsh. They do have leadership quality and can be a force to be reckoned with if they know how to properly tame themselves, their words and their actions. A noticeable physical trait of Sagittarius-Aries risings is that they are much slimmer than most Sagittarius risings and can have slightly darker, intense features.

3rd Decan Sagittarius Ascendant
(20.00 - 29.59.59)

Sagittarius risings born between the degrees of 20.00 - 29.59.59 are the Leo/Sun decan. By far the friendliest of the Sagittarius risings. The people they meet usually are friends with them for a while. They are gregarious, bold and have a great first impression on anyone. They can be creative and should put their creativity to good use. They can make great motivational speakers and are so nice to the point that they can over-compliment someone. Sagittarius-Leo risings make lifelong friends and are very approachable people; they literally shine bright. A noticeable physical trait of Sagittarius-Leo risings is that they can have great hair, a great body and can be average or slightly taller than average height.

Stray Cat Crossing - Part 3

Part 1 / Part 2

Summary: Y / N is now more close with Peter, and everything seems to be back in order. Until he announces to her she needs to go to school. Afraid and alone, can the little kitten with the dark and violent past survive school without incident? And what about that girl she wants so much to be friend with? Who’s she?

Words: 2978

Idea originally requested by: @fandomnationwhore

Part 3 asked by @rory-is-in-ravenclaw and an anon

Pairing: Reader x Peter

A/N: Sorry it was soooo long, I started writing it a while ago but I wasn’t satisfied so I just rewrited it all. Hope you like it! None of the gifs are miiine

 For some time, everything was going too well. Peter was still leaving but often canceled whatever he was doing to stay with you.

At the beginning, you had the permission and the chance to be able to sleep with him in his bed. Peter looked very disturbed after you tried to run away, something you had difficulty understanding. You thought Peter was a strong man who never loses control, however, as soon as he brought you back, he insisted. So you had slept in his comforting arms, under the calm and steady sound of his breathing. It was so comfortable and you felt protection you hadn’t felt for a very long time. Then he had begun to stop showing up even at bedtime. So you spent the nights in his big empty bed, in a ball, telling yourself that he would come back. That he couldn’t make the same mistake.

And it was thus that the days became long, until one morning after you decided to return to your room. Peter came back during the night to find his bed empty and understood that his kitten had returned to his environment. He waited in the morning to come and talk to you.

“Kitten,” he murmured as he passed his hand gently over your forehead. You didn’t know, but Peter was only giving that kindness to you. He showed his human side, the one he considered weak, only to you. You had become, without knowing it, his humanity anchor, the last rope that connected him to his human side.

You opened your eyes, yawning and saw him near you. Immediately you knew that your day was beginning well. Well, that’s what you thought until he told you the worst thing.

“You’re starting school today.”

The surprise left you silent for a moment, then the information made its way to your brain. School. Peter was sending you to hell.

“I don’t want!” You cried and he raised his hands in defense.

“You’re old enough to go, I know you didn’t before because of the money. And I don’t want you to spend your days alone waiting,” He told you and you could only stared at his sincere blue eyes. You swallowed, turning away your head, very discontented.

“ I don’t want.” You repeated. You didn’t want to leave him, you knew it was childish and selfish, but you didn’t want to leave the loft and Peter.

"Kitten …” Peter continued, but you stood up and walked past him without answering him. “Kitten!”

You stopped by hearing him raise the tone after you. It was very rare that it happened and the few times you were almost afraid so you stopped to listen. If he did so, he had a good reason. Then you turned to Peter with tears in your eyes that you couldn’t stop running down your cheeks. Immediately, Peter stood up apologetically to take you in his arms.

“I’m sorry I raised my tone. But education is important and I want you to be able to go. ”

You sobbed a bit and felt his hand caressing your hair.

“If … If you want to, I’ll go …” You end up telling him.

And that’s how you found yourself in Derek’s car, with Peter driving, in front of Beacon Hills High School. It was all new to you, you had never been to school since elementary and you knew nothing and nobody. And especially, Peter wasn’t going to be there.

“Everything’s gonna be okay kitten. I’ll come back for you tonight,” he added, kissing your forehead and you got out of the car, feeling nervous. The headmaster came to meet you, told you about the regulations, but you were only half listening. Peter had just left and you felt very lonely and helpless.

Then the director took you to your class and introduced you to all the students. There were so many people with eyes fixed on you that you felt your heart pounding.

“Here’s Y / N Hale,” the manager began by naming the last name Peter had written on your registration form. “Be kind to her.”

As soon as the headmaster was gone, the professor gave you a place you took without looking at anyone. You heard whispers about your family name, “A Hale?” “I thought all the Hale died in the fire.”

You ignored them as best as you could during the whole morning, but it was a real torture. Nobody spoke to you and you didn’t speak either. People looked at you weird, as if everyone knew who you were. As if their eyes pierced your soul and saw the thief and runaway you were before, the life of violence that you had decided to leave behind. You only wanted one thing, for the day to be over so you could leave and snuggle against Peter’s chest. You were only a ghost among the normalities of other teenagers. Besides, you didn’t understand the classes you attended, not having been in school for years.

However, it was during dinner that everything turned for the worse. It wasn’t high school for nothing after all. All you wanted was to eat the dinner Peter had prepared specially for you. But teenagers aren’t known to be nice and as you were heading quietly at a free table, you stumble over something and crumble painfully on the floor, escaping your dinner at the same time that slipped from your hands. Fortunately, the sandwich was wrapped in cellophane so it was still edible. You glanced at what had made you fall to notice a leg in the way, someone made you fall intentionally and now he and his entire table laughed. You groaned as you got up and when you went to take your sandwich, a foot entered your field of vision and sank down on your meal, flattening it and making it inedible.

It was too much. The fall, you can let it pass. You had been mistreated during your childhood so it was nothing and you shouldn’t lose your calm, especially not the first day. But that he destroyed the dinner Peter had taken the trouble to prepare you, that was too much. And although you promised not to do anything stupid, you already felt the rage bubbling inside you as you stood up to face the person who had just crushed your lunch.

“Oops!” The latter smiled and you just wanted to demolish his face. "I hope you won’t cry!” He added as he advanced toward you with a finger pointing at you and it was when his finger touched your nose that you exploded.

You caught his finger nimbly and tilted it into an impossible angle, which made him scream. Then you turned him on himself to turn his crooked arm in his back and climb it up, dropping him to his knees, still groaning in pain.

“Oops, I hope you won’t cry if I accidently break your arm!” You groaned as you raised his arm in his back higher until you heard a crack and it was only there that you let him go. He twisted with pain on the ground and you didn’t hear his buddies get up and turned in time to see one rushing to give you a punch in the face. By reflex, you grabbed his fist as he went to tear down your face. You held his fist in your hand for a few seconds where he didn’t understand and you took your other hand that you put in fist t hit as hard as possible on the top of his hand, certainly breaking some bones according to the cry of pain he made. And so you found yourself on the ground with another guy on you who held you by the collar to beat your face while two others held you in place. And it was only when a girl interfered to separate you and the professors intervened that the fight ceased. The girl had short hair and wore short shorts and you swore you heard her grunting after your assailant while the teachers were taking them to the headmaster office. She helped you get up and asked you if you were okay.

“Yeah, top shape …” You mumbled, wiping your bloody nose with your shirt.

“Bastards,” the girl said and you agreed with her, glancing at what used to be your sandwich on the floor.

“Assholes,” you laughed as the supervisors also came to fetch you to see the headmaster. As you were going to leave, you turned one last time towards her.

“My name is Y / N,” you said, feeling that she was the only ally you could have at the moment.

“Malia,” she replied.

In the end you weren’t suspended. One of your assailants had a broken arm, the other it was the hand, and finally the last one you had been able to hit had a nose in the same state as your dinner.

And your tutor was called to school.  Peter looked seriously angry at you.

After using his good speaker talents, Peter could get you away with a simple warning, but next time, fighting could lead to suspension or even expulsion. Ah and you were detained after school.

After the meeting Peter didn’t speak to you. He didn’t bawl you, nor tell you it was wrong. Well, while he was escorting you to the infirmary where you had to be examined, he finally told you something surprising.

“You broke their bones, kitten? I would have broken their necks.”


“You can’t do that kitten, especially not at school but …” He continued as he ran his hand through your hair. “It was awesome.”

Then Peter left you in the hands of the nurse, leaving you very confused.

The rest of the day was calmer. You saw Malia after classes because she too had a restraint. You had to put books back on the bookshelves in the library but took the time to speak and get to know each other. That’s how you made your first friend. You had a lot in common, especially your learning difficulties in school. And the next day went well too. Even if you weren’t in the same class as her because of your age difference, you still tried to see each other often. Even Peter found that you looked better, despite the bruises and scars of your fight a few days ago.

Everything was going too well. You had a friend, your first friend. You were just starting to get used to school. And obviously everything switched.

A week later, while you were heading to Malia’s class to make a surprise for her because your class had finished earlier, it was to see a familiar face that was already waiting for her near the door. That face you’d seen once, the day Peter brought you home. It was the red-eyed man whose name you had forgotten. So you hid at the end of the corridor, close enough to hear them.

Malia got out of the classroom and both began to talk.

“So?” The boy asked.

"So what?” Malia replied evasively.

"How’s it going? ”

“I don’t know why you asked me to watch her, Scott. She’s great and we get along wonderfully,” Malia replied to Scott, crossing her arms and frowning.

“She showed signs of violence when …”

“No Scott. No. Let go a little. ”

“Still, she’s been living with Peter for months, it’s not safe and we have to watch her. She can become dangerous and …”

"And what? Peter is my father and I’m fine! ”

The world began to turn as you slowly assimilated Malia’s words that echoed in your head. It was her. Peter’s daughter.

“Wait …” Scott raised his head and sniffed the air. “Someone is listening.”

“Y / N?” Malia mumbled as she walked in the direction you were hiding and you took that as your cue and left quickly, without even turning over when Malia called you.

Your only friend was Peter’s daughter. The only person in the world whom you couldn’t bring yourself to accept. By jealousy? No. By fear Peter would leave you for her. Though he showed you that he was truly caring for you, the wound was still fresh and sensitive.

The following days were dark. You almost didn’t speak to Peter, feeling that he would soon leave you for Malia. Your behavior became strange and you often locked yourself in your room, even if you were dying to spend time with Peter. Your heart was hurting, you felt betrayed.

"Kitten?” Peter tried one morning as you were preparing to go to school to spend another day alone avoiding Malia.

“What?” You asked him absent-mindedly.

"I worry about you kitten. ”

“There’s no reason …” You replied sadly.

“Then why is your heart beat faster?” He asked you as he approached and put a finger under your chin to make you raise your head and look at him.

"For nothing,” you replied, quickly leaving the loft before he noticed tears running down your cheeks. You were taking the school bus, avoiding questions Peter could ask you in the car.

It was raining that day. Very strong. The school bus arrived late at school, so all the students present rushed out of the yellow vehicle, running not get caught by the rain. But you loved the rain because it had the power to chase your tears for the space of a moment. You were so well under the cold water that was falling on you that you didn’t notice that you were now alone in the parking lot. Only in the rain and the darkness. Then the thunder made you jump and you received a powerful blow behind your head and sank to the ground with a cry of pain, returning in time to see the assholes you’d been fighting with some days ago. They didn’t seem happy and ready to beat the fuck out of you, which was going to hurt quite a lot.

And you were alone, lying down in the water, against 5 guys. You had no chance.

So you let yourself be beaten until the water turned red and the pain was no more than a mist.

“Hey! Leave her alone !! ”

A voice, an animal grunt, sounds of struggles and then flight. Someone takes you in its arms, you get into a vehicle and then after a while, come out.

“Peter!” The person did but you have difficulty recognizing its voice. A heavy door slides and you could see in the fog of your consciousness Peter’s horribly anxious look, his blue eyes wide-eyed. He took you in his arms and rushed to your room where he placed you on your bed and put a hand on your cheek.

"What happened …” He grunted and you were almost afraid of the tone of his voice, dark and angry. Your soaked clothes end up leaving you and you found yourself in your underwear, the cold chattering your teeth and your whole body in pain. Then a blanket enveloped you and the heat returned. You felt your pain disappear and when you glance at him it was to see his hand on yours, black veins appearing while he took your pain.

“The teenagers she fought with the other day. They decided it was fair to come back and beat her at five against one. ”

Your eyes were getting heavy and just before they closed, you could see Peter’s eyes shining in a dangerous blue as he asked the person who helped you to watch over you and that he would return quickly. He left a kiss on your forehead before leaving. And it’s only there that you recognize the person.


The next day you suffered as if a tow truck had rolled over your body. You felt that your lip was split, one of your eyes couldn’t open and you dared not move your body by fear of reviving the pain. But your still valid eye recognized the person near your bed. And you couldn’t run away.

“Malia.” You mumbled and she raised her head to you.

"You have a solid head, Y / N.” She said, frowning.

"Not as much as you, you traitor.”

You wanted to be sarcastic, but your words hurt her.

“Y / N. Our friendship has nothing to do with what Scott asked me. I really like you. And that I’m the daughter of Peter doesn’t change anything. ”


“Because he has never been so much … thoughtful with me like he is with you. And I already have a father. ”

You wanted to smile but your lips hurt you so you groaned in pain instead.

“I believe you,” you told her, suddenly feeling lighter. And it was then that Peter reappeared at the edge of the door. His anxious gaze softened when he saw you woke up and was in a good mood so he came near you to put his hand on your forehead.

“How’s my kitten doing this morning? This is what happens when a kitten fights with gutter cats.”

“The kitten wasn’t alone,” you answered, looking at Malia. “Her friend the coyote bravely defended her.” Then you painfully raised an arm to catch Peter’s hand that seemed strange to pull it off your forehead and look at it. Indeed, his hand was red, covered in dry blood.

"What did you do… ”

“The wolf has made it for his little kitten to be safe. The mean gutter cats won’t bother her anymore. Even if she has a coyote as a friend and protector,” he finished standing up, a smile on the corner of his lips before he left you and Malia alone. You both exchanged a look.

“Don’t tell anyone.”

The Breath Aspect and its God Tiers/Classpect Roles

Keywords: Disconnected, Apathetic, Indifference, Detachment, Options, Liberties, Freedoms, Independence, Movement, Separated, Flexibility, Airy, Immaterial, Intangible

Symbols: Pnuema, Wind, Wings/Flight, Bubbles

Breath is one of the 12 Aspects of Homestuck. Its Opposite is the Aspect Blood. When I think of Breath, I think of the pure Disconnects between yourself and everything around you. It is the choice to be Apathetic and Indifferent with maintaining the Bonds that you have. It is any and all Detachments from anything that you willingly have. It is the Options and Liberties that you willingly make or have for yourself. It is your Freedom from the matters and concerns of anyone other than you. It is your Independence from people and their Independence of you. Breath is what Moves and Separates you. Those Flexible things that you pick up and put down on whims. It is the Airy world of the Immaterial and the Spirit of the Pnuema, those things that exist Intangibly that you can’t touch or hold. Breath fills your Spirit with the Air and Lifts you Up on Wings, Separating you from everything. It is this Flexibility of Movement that lets you go wherever and whenever you please, nothing able to hold you down in one place.

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As a Korean I have some tips for people who are studying Korean: I'd recommend studying with Korean textbooks. There are these workbooks you can use depending on your level. If you are a beginner who just started go for grade 1 level or something. Even if you are a really good speaker, use higher level workbooks such as a 고3, which is a 12th grader level to keep you going and to not forget the language. Also, as a challenge, try changing your computer, cell phone language to Korean for a day.

^ for ppl wanting to learn korean ! !


Tom Hardy in this week’s edition of Io Donna, the Saturday supplement/women’s magazine of the Corriere della Sera. If anybody is able to translate, it would be much appreciated! I think the headline says something like “I have four women (tattooed). But on the chest I have only the Madonna." 

photos by Philippe Quaisse www.philippequaisse.com

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This is a weird question but I know some things can get lost in translation with acting, so to speak, so do you think the actors are as good as us non-Norwegian speakers do?

Definitely! Absolutely! 100%! A journalist in one of the biggest newspapers in Norway called Tarjei one of the greatest actors of our time. I think most people who have seen Skam would agree. 

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We should be friends bc I'm scanning your blog and I just agree with EVERYTHING (I'm an American/Native English speaker who's learning Russian via free internet resources) (((also, using "HelloTalk" is super helpful when it comes to using the language you're learning with actual native speakers. It's free and you can download it from the app store))) have a nice day :)

yes?? I agree?? be my friend and omg and I use hellotalk almost everyday hahhaha its good for talking with Portuguese/French speakers!! 

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Are there any dorm necessities you wish you thought of before you moved in? Or for that matter any college necessities? Thanks. Hope you're having a great summer!

Hmmm…dorm necessities…

Well, I don’t think there was anything I was upset at not having, because I moved all the way from Colorado, so we preferred to buy some stuff out in Boston instead of ship it or bring it anyway. It’s just a lot cheaper that way–shipping stuff is so expensive. And then, at the end of the year, I just put stuff in storage. 

It’s hard to remember because I think whenever I felt I needed something at the beginning of the year, I just went and bought it. I didn’t bring a ton of things from home. 

I can tell you the top ten most unexpectedly useful things I had, though! (in no particular order)

1. Hot Water Heater

I bought this like the second week at school, and man, I’m pretty glad I did. I drink tons of tea, and if you’re a ramen-type it’s probably good for that too. I used this so much this year. My roommate and I made tea all the time. A lot of students had one, some of them had Kreugers and fancier things like that, but hot water heaters are very versatile and pretty cheap. Mine was around $20, but I actually think next year I’ll get a nicer one since I use it so much (the one I had this year was plastic). 

2. Lysol Wipes

These are really nice to have. They’re kind of a catch-all for basically any mess you could ever make, and I’m kind of a neat-freak (others are neater, others are not) so I clean my room/bathroom at least once a week if I’m not busy. (We have our own bathrooms in Simmons Dormitory. You typically share it with your roommate and one other person, so only 1-3 people per bathroom.) I like these a lot because it helps to just wipe stuff down on a daily basis. 

3. Leather Protector

My roommate introduced me to this stuff–fantastic. Actually, what I really admired about my roommate from the beginning was how well she took care of her things. Truly, she is a shining beacon in our use-and-throw capitalist American consumer culture. 

I had one good pair of boots, and even in Snowpocalypse Boston 2015, that’s all you really need, if you can take care of them. Whenever my boots were looking a little under the weather, I’d gently clean them and apply leather protector. They’d look practically new, and they never leaked or anything since I periodically did that. My roommate also used it on some moccasins she got from the thrift store, they also looked practically new after she just cleaned and applied some leather protector. She shared her small container of it with me. 

4. Super Glue

I expect this one is pretty obvious–super glue fixes everything you’re too busy to actually fix, including my $3 flip flops I was able to get a full year of use out of thanks to a tube of Gorilla Glue. 

5. One good________. (Especially Coat, Shoes, Backpack)

When it comes to clothing, I’m a firm believer in the “One Good ____” philosophy, particularly if you’re relocating to a cold(er) place. One good coat of medium heavy-ness, over layers of other clothing, can be pretty versatile, and last you through cold-ish to hell-is-freezing-over weather. But beware–I don’t get cold easily, so for some of you the heavy-ness of that coat will be a little different. One good pair of waterproof boots/shoes (leather is fine if you use protector) will last you rain, snow or shine. And, last but definitely not least, one good backpack. 

These are items I do not skimp out on. Especially in the wintertime, I wore my single heavy coat, pair of boots, and my backpack basically every day. You’ll definitely use your backpack all the time–I personally have an Osprey pack I got after my other backpack broke, it’s got a lifetime guarantee. But Jansports will serve you pretty well too, if you’d rather not spend so much. 

I apply the “One Good ___” philosophy to other things too, such as pencils, actually. I have just two mechanical pencils (all right, fine, that’s two not one but you get what I mean) that I’ve used for two years now. I only got another pair when one of them started to break. In general, and especially where clothing is concerned, I’d rather have a few good items than a lot of junk. My roommate also inspired me to take better care of my things. And speaking of which…..

6. Sewing Kit

I used this a surprising number of times, actually, although maybe not so often that I’d call it essential. But, if you’re one of those people that also likes to take good care of their clothes, it’s nice to have. I fixed a couple tears here and there with it. You won’t need it often, but in my case I felt that when I did need it, I was glad I had it. 

7. Command Hooks

God bless ‘em. Command hooks are pretty great–you can stick them up anywhere, and they’re really nice for hanging up your one good coat and jackets and such. Check your dorm room to see if it already has hooks and other such things in it first, but if you feel you need some, I really like these. 

8. Floor Rug

This is another thing you should first check out your dorm room for, but if the carpet is gross or the floor is tile/linoleum/etc., rugs are nice to have. My roommate and I just got an old blanket at the thrift store, washed it, and put it on the floor. You don’t have to get a nice one, but you can–I really liked my friend Kayla’s rug, which was all soft and perfect for sitting/not really doing homework/playing Cards Against Humanity. This was particularly nice to have in my dorm, where we had linoleum floors, and bare feet on that in cold mornings wasn’t pleasant. 

9. Entertainment/Decor 

This varies from person to person, but I personally was glad to have a good speaker and good earbuds. I use my speaker a lot and my earbuds almost every day. And you know, all you really need to start a party is friends and music :) We’d have late night informal study breaks where we’d all pool our snacks in the main kitchen of Simmons, play music, and take our minds off our homework piles for a moment. 

Poster tack–I am a fan. I also didn’t bring anything from home to decorate, I just painted/drew and put stuff on my wall, or cut out cool things I saw or received. I do wish I had brought or printed out some pictures of my family. Poster tack is great for putting stuff on a wall without leaving stickiness behind, and it’s reusable, too! 

Next year, I think I’m going to get some fairy lights. I really like those. 

10. DIY Organization

What I didn’t buy were shelves or storage boxes or anything like that. I actually made my own shelf using a nice-looking white cardboard box and SuGru, which is kind of like poster tack but way stronger. SuGru is also nice for fixing basically anything ever. 

I used a lot of food packaging or other packaging to organize my shelves–you can read all about that in this post, if you want.

Mandarin: What's in a Name?

After that one post some anons and @neuromantis​ asked for more dirt on the various names for Mandarin, so I thought I’d try a conciseish list thing. While language ideology is my thing, having not been raised in this one I only know so much, but gotta start somewhere

Common terms:

  • 中文 zhōngwén : “china + writing.” very basic and widely understood, use anywhere
  • 國語 (国语) guóyǔ : “national language.” older texts in China might have this, but presently it’s used only in Taiwan
  • 普通話 (普通话) pǔtōnghuà : “the common language.” popularized by the CCP, use in China (not sure about HK)
  • 漢語 (汉语) hànyǔ : “the Han language.” another widely understood term, but feels a little more…academic to me? Like you wouldn’t be like “wow 你的汉语很棒” but the big dictionary is the 汉语大词典. (also duh 漢字) Careful because Korean is only one tone different, 韩语 hányǔ.

Less Common:

  • 華語 (华语) huáyǔ : I don’t think I’ve run into this much, the internet explains that’s because it’s used mostly in Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Which makes sense since 华 is another abbreviation for China (華僑 huáqiáo is the word for “overseas Chinese”) 
  • 北方話 (北方话) běifāng huà : “Northern Language.” So here’s where a lil history gets in; the theory is that since travel/trade was easier in the north those languages had more contact and a koiné developed for government, and this is the beginnings of the Mandarin we have today. However this term isn’t used much anymore, instead slightly more common is…
  • 官話 (官话) guānhuà : "officials language.“ When Jesuit missionaries bumbled over and encountered that language officials used as a common language it was this, and they called it Mandarin because mandarim is Portuguese for "counsellor or minister.” But again, old stuff or linguists might use the term, but it’s not going to come up in everyday life and is not something Mandarin speakers would use to describe themselves.  
  • Cantonese note: Just like ~standard textbook Mandarin~ is sort of the favored child of norther/Mandarin languages, Cantonese is the favored child of the Yue languages. 
  • as far as longer-but-not-too-long language family breakdowns go, the wikipedia page is acceptable. just know that there’s like whole books on things it’s a big world isn’t is exciting to know how much you don’t know. and a language is just a dialect with an army and a navy. 

In general, people will likely specify their Mandarin with geographic location if need be, especially because whatever the local non-Mandarin language is will probably have effected the vocabulary. 儿话 erhuà is what you call it when places (aka Beijing) add a lot of rrrrrrr (门儿 mér, 味儿 wèr) There’s some weird categorization stuff going on depending who you ask, like Wikipedia says Sichuanese is a type of Mandarin, which ok you can play that game if you wanna, but it has different tones, different phonology, and even some different grammar, so who is that helping y'know? So if you’re in China trying to find someone who can speak more like your textbook, ask for 普通話. You might not get it but good luck. 

If you’re in the US, well first-gen speakers could be from a variety of places, but will probably understand any of the “common” terms and hopefully be forgiving.  (I usually choose 中文 because it doesn’t enter the Taiwan/China debate but ydy) In general, you can always ask! What a good conversation topic mhm. 

Chapter 8

I was standing on a cliffside overlooking a beach. It’s too cold to go swimming in the ocean, but I could feel mist from the water gently hitting me while wind rushed behind me blowing my hair off my face. Dan walked right past me to stand on the very edge looking at the water and the rocks below. He smiled slightly and closed his eyes, leaning forwards allowing his body to fall carelessly onto the rocks. I screamed when I heard bones crack and ran over to the edge to see Dan laying on top of grey and black rocks in an odd position. Suddenly, Dan pushed himself off the rocks and started popping his joints back into place and shook it off like nothing at all happened. He began to pace, kicking the sand up with his feet.

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How do my fellow INTPs feel about public speaking?

I for one, used to be terrified of going up in front of the class to do a presentation. When I become interested in science, I started watching public lectures/debates/discussions of people like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Lawrence Krauss and Neil DeGrasse Tyson, I thought, I want to do this when I’m older. I want to spread knowledge and curiosity this way.

So I joined the school’s debating team last year. I got more confident pretty quickly; after the first 2 round of debating, I did an 8-minute speech with no cue cards (about freedom of speech if you wanted to know, and yes we were allowed to choose our topics). So after some experience, the anxiety levels go down.  The thing is, you’ll only fuck up if you think you’re gonna fuck up.

I’m not the best speaker in the world. My friend - who is most likely an ENTP - is a very good speaker. He uses more enthusiasm than I do, and therefore gets the audience more interested. I don’t know what I look like speaking - I’ve never seen a video of myself doing so - but I think I tend to smile a lot and chuckle to myself a bit (I probably seem goofy). When I try to express anger, for example, it either doesn’t work very well or seems put on. Acting is a big part of good public speaking, I think. So I’m working on that.

Anyway I have another public speaking competition in 2 days. We are allowed to choose our topic, so I’m going to talk about time. I don’t know how much my audience is going to appreciate it, but I’m sure my INTP homies will! I’ll post my speech when I’ve finished writing it.

anonymous asked:

Looking for some advice, I guess. I'm a high school junior (US) and am in my 3rd year of studying Japanese at my school. We have a good program with a fluent speaker teaching us, and I've definitely benefitted a lot from the past 2 years of class (I'd tried to learn Japanese on my own prior to taking the class, and I learned much more in a formal class setting). Now, however, I feel like I'm not learning enough. I understand grammar very well, but my vocabulary is minimal. [1]

With a limited vocabulary (consisting of pretty basic nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, and maybe 100 kanji), I find communication to be really difficult (I have quite a few native Japanese friends who don’t speak English well enough to converse with me in it). We have a 4th year class, and I was planning in taking it when I started learning Japanese, but now I’m not sure if that would be the best course of action to take (the few 4th year students are lumped in with my class, btw). [2]:I’m trying to decide wether or not it would be best for me to continue learning in a class setting, or revert back to self-studying (I have been to Japan, and having native Japanese friends, I know a good chunk of what the 4th years are learning). Are there any ways of study (books, online sources) you could recommend for a serious learner looking to gain a larger vocabulary/study with more conversational language? [3]

Hi, thanks for this ask! I’m sorry that I haven’t replied sooner, I was away for a few days, but was thinking about it off and on.

I think the best course of action depends on what your future goals are, or might be, as well as how much you enjoy Japanese or find it rewarding. You sound quite motivated, so I’m going to assume that you find it a rewarding subject to study and that it enriches your life somehow.

If you have any plans to study Japanese at university (either major or minor) I think it’s a good idea to continue (however, I’m not from the US, so the expertise I have about university entrance is more relevant to UK students, I advise you to discuss any decision thoroughly with your parents, guidance counsellor and with your Japanese teacher too).

You say you know ‘a good chunk’ of what the fourth years are learning, this means there is some unknown knowledge to be gained from taking the course. You could (either independently or, better, collaboratively with your teacher) set additional learning goals whilst you cover familiar ground in the class, allowing you to move ahead of your peers. Here are some things you could do:

  • Use the time during easy topics to perfect your previously learned vocabulary, kanji and grammar. I’ve heard a lot of people at intermediate level say they really got a lot out of going back to basics and thoroughly reviewing everything from day one, as they filled in a lot of gaps and corrected knowledge they’d missed out on first time, giving them a much higher level of accuracy in the Japanese they were producing.
  • If your teacher is amenable, you could use the time to read in Japanese, thus furthering your vocabulary and allowing you to develop during class time, while your peers cover stuff you already know.
  • Set yourself additional kanji and vocabulary goals on top of the class materials, so that your knowledge is growing, while you use the class time to review the grammar points. Use the new kanji in any answers you write independently. If you talk to your teacher, depending on their workload, they may assign you extra work and tests, or if they’re too busy, maybe you can study a vocab list and then test yourself and just ask the teacher to quickly grade your test. They might still be too busy to do that, if they are then I pity them. If that’s the case you’d have to do it yourself, but even that would be additional practise, so wouldn’t be time wasted.
  • You can take on other small projects, either assessed or un-assessed, such as writing a diary in a notebook or on lang8 , translating or learning a simple song, writing to a penpal or learning about an aspect of Japanese culture.

To boost your vocabulary you can go several routes:

  • using Spaced Repetition Software (SRS) like Anki or Memrise will definitely help to quickly and effectively boost your vocabulary. There are tons of free flashcard decks. The advantage is that this method is probably the fastest way to learn, the disadvantage is that it is repetitive and requires a computer, or very systematic use of paper flashcards (I use paper cards as I try to avoid using the computer too much because of a spinal problem, so it can be done). Or you can buy store made flashcards:
  • Reading will help you to learn vocabulary in a way that is more holistic, as native speakers learn their native language this way. The Japanese Graded Readers series has some great books, perhaps your teacher knows of them, your school may even have copies (if I was teaching Japanese I’d definitely try to get a set for my classroom). 
  • If you need free resources then The Great Library is a good resource, you can print stuff out and take it to class, if you read everything search my ‘reading’ tag to find more free resources. The advantages to reading are that grammar is reinforced and you see words in a natural context, it builds and important exam skill (reading speed) and is fairly enjoyable, the disadvantages are that you may end up learning words that are not the most necessary for you to pick up and it takes more time.
  • Vocabulary drill books: you can get books like this,


or this

which are specifically designed to help boost your vocabulary, they have practise exercises and the answers are included in a special booklet, so you can grade yourself. The school may have some already even. You could use these in class (not practical with SRS), so they may be a good option for you. You can also study using vocabulary lists from websites such as Tanos. If you want to buy a book, have a look at the vocabulary lists on Tanos to decide what JLPT level you’re approximately at and buy a book accordingly.

  • You could consider studying for the JLPT at N5 or N4 level to supplement what you’re doing in class- this would give you a goal to focus on and a deadline to work towards too, although you’d need to be careful not to sacrifice your GPA to the JLPT, as your GPA will be vital for going to college or whatever you’d like to d after high school.

I think you’re correct in your assessment that your vocabulary is what is holding back your ability to communicate, as soon as you get to high beginner or intermediate level vocabulary becomes one of the major factors in the progress of your learning.

You may decide that self study is the better route to go- perhaps there’s a subject you could take instead of Japanese which is more relevant to your college/future goals and if so, then it’s worth giving serious consideration to. What you enjoy and find fulfilling to study is also important to consider, as you’re more likely to work hard and do well in a subject you are engaged in than in a subject you don7t care for, or find irrelevant to your goals.

Ultimately I think an honest conversation about your feelings with your Japanese teacher and listening to their ideas and suggestions would be beneficial. Teachers want their students to be motivated and to be improving, most will be responsive if they see a student is taking charge of their own learning and shows initiative.

The Three Principles of Language Learning

This is something I usually tell my ESL students, but I thought I’d share it with all of you as well, because it’s something that’s essential to understand if you want to be fluent in any language, especially one as difficult as Korean.

So without further ado, the three principles of language learning:

  1. Language is a skyscraper.
    Language learning is like creating a building: you must have the foundation solid before you can safely build higher.  Although it is possible to stack one block on top of the other and go higher and higher, the slightest wind (or situation change, emotional stress, etc.) can topple it over.  It is fundamentally important that your foundation is as physically solid as possible before you go higher.  Don’t fall into the trap of trying to do too much too soon; it’s a recipe for frustration and failure.
  2. Repetition builds fluency.
    You MUST drill the basics over and over and over until you feel comfortable, and then over and over and over AGAIN until you are bored out of your mind.  Only then can you move on to the next level, which you must repeat in the same fashion.  And before moving on to level three, review the basics once more!
  3. Insecurity is our friend.
    Accept that there are things you don’t know how to do, things you can’t understand yet, and the fact that you will make mistakes - many many mistakes, embarrassing mistakes, silly mistakes, mistakes when you should have known better.  Put yourself in stressful and embarrassing situations as much as possible.  Don’t overestimate your ability, and don’t attempt to map your native language onto your second language in an effort to create grammar you haven’t studied yet.  Take it slow, and let the enormity of the unknown wash over you.  In time, you WILL understand.

These principles run counter to what a lot of language teachers would propose, which is why my method works, lol.  I don’t believe in free writing and free speaking, especially not at a beginning level.

Use GOOD texts, produced by native speakers, and repeat, repeat, repeat.  Only when you can produce all of those words and phrases flawlessly, without effort, should you move on to the next thing.

It may feel horrendously slow and boring at first, but with time you will discover how much you have mastered, and I can tell you from experience how absolutely exhilarating that is.

(Also note that you should expose yourself to as much input from the second language as possible - TV shows, talking to friends, radio programs, etc.  It’s important that you don’t overextend your production beyond what you’ve studied; input should be limitless though.)

how to take care of your new 207 unit by mallory reddin

-she HATES water. That’s kind of my fault, sorry. Unless you’re prying open her vents and shoving a hose in her mouth water can’t actually hurt her, but she still gets agitated when she’s around it. Don’t worry too much about it 

-if you hear her whirring, don’t worry about that either. That’s her cooling system. If she’s doing it without physical activity involved it’s because she’s stressed out (or embarrassed. Think of it like robot blushing). If she’s doing it for a long time then call us, she probably needs to be cleaned out 

-DO NOT try to clean her out yourself 

-do not feed her she is not hungry 

-robots don’t eat

-not even metal 

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this was the first thing i thought of when i saw this post. and yes, they’re doing the flour baby experiment.

it’s the first time it’s just been me, my sis, and my pops, for a couple years now. i forgot the rhythms we fall into. none of us are very good at existing. difficult speakers; too much into our own thoughts to make much sense of what’s around us. but one thing i can count on — you hear one person in the makeshift kitchen and suddenly we’re all around the living room table eating something over rice in our pajamas at midnight, eating quietly, complaining about drinking each other’s seltzer. i take an egg out of the fridge, sit with it for a while before i work my way over to the corner table and fry it on the portable stove. put a lil’ salt and pepper. the other half of my avocado. my sister microwaving the natto for 30 seconds. appa frying an egg right after me. we’ve found the last frying pan before we absolutely have to do the dishes. the three of us sit quietly for a while and then laugh about it. “don’t eat all the chips.” “i’m not gonna eat all the chips.” “i’m so sad i can’t go to sleep.” “same.” “same.” a laugh; the crinkle of lays classics. re-reading old journals in the past few days, the things that startle me the most are the minuscule details, the everyday-ness of it all that makes up living, that makes up a person’s life. i write so often of the big moments, but how rarely i forget those. the older i get, the more precious the small things before. the tender moments of sleeplessness, of eating ice cream out of a carton with the wrong end of chopsticks. appa trying to sneak a bag of chips into his room. my sister asking, “did you really eat all the ice cream? we had so many ice cream." 

the other day was difficult. we are people of heavy hearts, and the moments of lightness are what give me breath. it’s easy to talk about the heavy things, but to exist with one another, to just simply be and let be, nagging one another about the small things that don’t really matter but make each other human, are what make up the good days, the good life, in the end. no one in this household can sleep. the blue sky so fresh on the snow; all sparkle and snap underneath my feet. a breath so cold you can feel your face tighten, the tips of your body blush. i love this weather. winters are difficult. the creative people in my life get very hurt by overcast days, but i know myself well enough now, i think, to not let it hurt me so much. to smile, to love the small extension of myself in the exhale. small cloud of me. (hello). for hours, my sister and i sat at a table at our favorite coffee shop the town over. talking in that clunky mix of korean and english. sleepless and content. her, illustrating on this smooth bark-tone paper, an edgar allen poe poem. line-by-line. forty-six drawings. and me, writing a poem about sisterhood that i had started hours ago, while the sun rose. about the tenderness of that love, of wanting the other to be loved by the earth. we sat there huddled, speaking in korean as we gossiped about the people around us, the kind girl behind the counter, the sad-eyed romanticizing dude in the corner, of the women at the table next to us fanning her perfume towards us. a sweet smell. like home, like spices in a cedarwood drawer. and we laughed, and outside it was cold but bright. and it was the first full day i had seen in a while, and we laughed. as i sent in applications for writers residencies. as i tried not to kick the leg of the table so as not to mess up her lines. and we laughed, and it felt good. and it was not particularly a memorable day, but it was a day that meant a lot. it was a day that felt good, like coming home. a good day. like bursting. like spark. 

anonymous asked:

tbh when I watch a movie in my target language it makes absolutely no sense, I feel like i'm not learning anything really. Even though i just started learning it a month ago, is this like part of the process? If i keep watching movies (without subs) will it start to make sense?

i watch with english subtitles first! and it’s just to get used to how natives speak, and you can learn slang along the way. for spanish class, we watched the tv show “el internado” and i ended up watching all 7 seasons at home because it was SO good, and it helped me get used to how speakers in spain said things, and how it sounded like. and then eventually, you can do the subtitles in the target language instead of english! then you can see if you can read it and understand and things like that. i think it’s best to do it gradually to no subtitles!