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I had a few questions that I wanted to ask after you beat the game to avoid spoilers: what do you think Shin's relationship to the Guardians are like now that they have been humbled by the experience of losing their Light? How was he affected by the loss of Light? What is his relationship with the non-City humans like both before and after the campaign?

Mate, we are clearly on the same line of musings here [highfive]. And for the record, if you have thoughts of your own on this subject, pluh-huh-hease share, I am keen.

As far as I know Destiny 2 didn’t add anything to Shin’s story besides an acknowledgement he exists? That could be a hidden primer to summarise it for new players in preparation for material further down the line, or it could just be random puff piecing; either way, there’s nothing that says where Shin is or what he’s doing during the game, which is a little unfortunate because that would really useful for sussing out his character. A Shin who has been helping a non-Farm group of survivors on the other side of the occupied City would be demonstrating a different set of priorities than a Shin who hesitates, looking back at the flames, and then continues dogging the trail of the Shadows of Yor.

So, you know, fair warning that without that canon specification the responses below are even more guesswork than usual.

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When you still haven’t reached V’s good ending and decide to check Tumblr… shouldn’t have gotten any hearts from Ray dammit 

Trying to avoid spoilers like:  

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Also… this dude… sounds similar to Luciel when he’s speaking. I’m not the only one who thinks this right? I’ve checked other videos of him and to me, he doesn’t sound like him anymore in any of those videos… only in this one. You guys be the judge. 

i think the finale arc of the adventure zone is literally the most fucking powerful piece of media ever created and here’s why

you know that opening narration in Watchmen where rorshach is all “they’ll look up and scream save us, and i’ll look down and whisper no” and it’s all very gritty and dramatic and uhuhu sheeple

it’s literally the total fucking opposite of that

the apocalypse is bearing down, a hundred billion voices screaming in cacophonous and deafening unison GIVE UP AND DIE, and the entire world shares a glance, and takes a breath, and looks up and says:


And I don’t believe I have ever seen something with such a powerful faith in humanity. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something that describes such an unshakeable connectedness, such an unbreakable will to exist. The apocalypse is happening and people are still fighting.

And I think that especially now, especially in times of such upheaval and uncertainty, and now with the threat of nuclear war looming from the darker corners of our political houses, we need more than ever stories that say what this one does–and I have never seen it more clearly and more beautifully communicated.

It’s not over until you stop fighting.