a good sign

signs as things said at my (public) school

second edition!! bc the first was pretty popular

aries: “damn, i strive to be that extra”

taurus: “i’m christ reborn

gemini: “get blocked and reported and deported and aborted”

cancer: “take it from this straight white cis male…you can’t do this”

leo: “being awake is suffering”

virgo: “what’s the point in fire drills? isn’t the point of living…dying?”

libra: “fuck you and pouring milk before the cereal”

scorpio: “i just snorted on my cocaine”

sagittarius: “yeah, i voted for memes as the yearbook theme”

capricorn: “they’re so cute together but the ship name is shit so it’s not going to work out i guess”

aquarius: “jesus loves everybody except you

pisces: “one day, my rebel lifestyle is going to get me kicked out of college”

The Zodiac Signs as Good Things™

Self-love/care: Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Pisces

Understanding: Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Success: Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Capricorn

Ok last endverse!Cas wasn’t so great and I still have Down to Agincourt feels, so here’s another.

What the Signs are Good At

Aries: Working hard and salting anyone who gets in their way

Taurus: They’ll show you work they’re good at (; 

Gemini: Convincing you to open up and spill all your feelings

Cancer: Being happy for other people and their accomplishments 

Leo: Having big dreams and accomplishing them

Virgo: Bitching about other people about absolutely anything

Libra: Bringing you up when you feel down

Scorpio: Giving you any type of advice. Relationship, financial, how to kill a man…

Sagittarius: How to teach you to not give a fuck. Do whatever you want! Everyone is selfish

Capricorn: Knowing when to speak up and knowing when to stay silent

Aquarius: Calling you out on your bullshit and roasting your ass

Pisces: Telling people stories that take you to another world