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Cherry I just wanted to say thank you so much. You go out of your way to paint all the signs in a beautiful and positive light, and that's something I am often hard pressed to find as a Sun/Scorpio.

thanks so much, your compliment means a lot to me, all the signs have good and bad qualities, but nice writing feels better for me, but i have dark feelings too, and it shows too, but the signs are spiritual essences, gods and goddesses, how can we write about them with contempt? they lose their glow

i haven’t accomplished anything all day, i have so many things i need to do and i have reached the ‘frozen in fear’ stage of how many things i need to do

8th Edition WH40K

I’m actually excited about a new edition of 40k for a change. In the past it’s always seemed more like a money making exercise more than a genuine desire to improve the game. But this time GW have emphasised that they’ve been listening to our feedback and I believe they’re genuinely working towards a game for the players. Sure it will never please everyone, but it’s a very good sign of things to come. And while the new edition with render ALL current codexes redundant, GW are apparently going to release new rules for all current factions and models for ‘cheap’ whatever that means (not absurdly over priced I presume). Also the core rules are going to be available for free, which I think is a very smart move. It takes a little sting off all those expensive books suddenly being useless.

I really hope that we’ll see a starter box with Sisters and Death Guard. But it’ll probably be Space Marines and Orks, or something similarly generic. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Astra Militarum starter set for a change. Basically any but Space Marines lol. It would certainly be a great way to bring back SoB particularly if it was against new or revamped Chaos. Given the current story arcs it would be very odd if we were still stuck with the dated vanilla C:SMs for much longer. A Chaos reboot is LONG over due, just not nearly as over due as SoB.

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How can a Californian best help Scottish independence?

If we’re keeping this without mentioning the obvious financial help then here’s a good guide.

1. Sign the pledge. It’ll put you on the supporters map and we’ll see we’ve got support from California. https://www.ref.scot

2. Get clued up. Learn the points up for debate and read loads of material.

3. Talk to people about it in California. It might not be a conversation starter but the more people who are aware the more people will know about it.

4. Engage with people on line. You’ll receive a huge welcome on twitter by engaging in the discussion there. It’s a good place to engage with other indy supporters too.

5. (Finance my life so I can run this blog full time)…nah I kid. Invite other people to read this blog, direct folk who have questions towards this AyeforScotland and I’ll work my arse off to answer all their questions.

So there you go! 5 steps to backing independence from anywhere in the world!


Dunkirk trailer with Sign Of The Times as the soundtrack

What the Signs are Good At

Aries: Working hard and salting anyone who gets in their way

Taurus: They’ll show you work they’re good at (; 

Gemini: Convincing you to open up and spill all your feelings

Cancer: Being happy for other people and their accomplishments 

Leo: Having big dreams and accomplishing them

Virgo: Bitching about other people about absolutely anything

Libra: Bringing you up when you feel down

Scorpio: Giving you any type of advice. Relationship, financial, how to kill a man…

Sagittarius: How to teach you to not give a fuck. Do whatever you want! Everyone is selfish

Capricorn: Knowing when to speak up and knowing when to stay silent

Aquarius: Calling you out on your bullshit and roasting your ass

Pisces: Telling people stories that take you to another world

So I was just sitting outside and all of a sudden a huge swarm of black birds (I don’t know what kind they are) just came down and landed in the trees and on the ground. They just kept coming!
If this isn’t a sign/omen of something idk what is…
Anyone think this is a sign? Or just birds flying north? Lol

This is some @sixpenceee shit