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Two Can Play - M

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a/n - k so… it’s the first smut i have posted so like idk if it’s gonna be steamy~ or even any good. but i tried

Characters: Jaehyun, Reader

Pairing: Jaehyun/Reader

Genre: Smut/M

Word Count: 5.1K

“I’m going to make you eat fucking dirt, Jaehyun,” you growled, setting your feet apart and bending slightly, ready for the set that you were sure would come your way.

He stood just opposite to you, only a couple of feet away and blocked by the hatch-marked lines of the decrepit volleyball net. His smirk was a concoction of tantalizing and infuriating, one dimple caving in his cheek with a description only definable as ‘cute’. It pissed you off. He raised his eyebrows at you, cracking his fingers in theatrical preparation.

“Please, sweetheart, we both know you’re at a disadvantage,” he chuckled, reaching across and upwards to twist a fraying string with his two fingers, the white straggler wrapping around the pale, lithe digits.

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dipluxian-overlord  asked:

Hello! I wanted to say I love Buttons' design so much, not only because he looks like Tim Roth, who I love, but also because of that glorious nose of his. I have a character who sports a spectacular schnozz as well, but I was wondering--how in the world do you go about drawing a beak like that from the front? For the life of me I can't figure it out, and it haunts and vexes me.

Thank you, I’m so happy that people appreciate The Nose! Your profile pic adds a lot to this ask too :D
I used to struggle a lot with human nose stylization in general and it took me a good 3 years of continuous changes in my style to arrive to a point where I feel more or less comfortable with how I draw them. The top 2 here are what I usually draw for Butts at a head-on angle:

His nose is not as hooked as Tim Roth’s. I draw it either straight or with a slight curve. This is what it looks in-game (good refs!):

As a general rule I like to define it using as few lines as possible. I’d like to think that everyone goes through the “over-detailed nose phase” at one point or another. Either that or the no-nose anime nonsense where you only put down shadows or maybe a comma-size line :D Just gotta find that sweet spot in the middle and you’re set 👌

Once in chemistry class my teacher poured a chemical powder she just heated up for an experiment straight into the bin. The bin set on fire, so she put it under the tap. idk what the chemical was, but it made the fire worse. Eventually it was a legit fire alarm where everyone was lined up outside, but thankfully it never reached further than the sink.

Ironically, the only thing I learned in chemistry class that year was that not all fires can be put out by water. A good life lesson, but it didn’t come up in any exams!

Idk, I sometimes feel like I’m the only person in the fandom who doesn’t have problem with that infamous “mages are not people like you an me” line, simply because I don’t interpret it as “Cullen doesn’t believe mages are human beings”. 

Yes, they are indeed not like Cullen and non-mage Hawke in a sense that mages are people with the ability to use magic, both for good and bad (ability which Cullen doesn’t possess). And yes, that same ability sets them apart from others, and makes them more dangerous than an average non-mage person. I can also understand why he was extremely wary of them at that point, and used that line as a warning to Hawke. Cullen was tortured and almost killed by blood mages, and later left to deal with subsequent PTSD  on his own. He was transferred to a Circle where his fears and suspicions were additionally fueled and encouraged. 
Honestly what was he supposed to do? Pretend that mages who use their magic to hurt others don’t exist? Run around hugging mages and trust them unreservedly after everything he went through?

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Oh, sorry I didn't include this in my other message, but I was wondering- if you don't mind- how do you do your art style? It has a very sketchy type look to it, and I love it so much!

Thanks anon! :)

First of all, english is not my mother tongue so sorry for the typos!! -_-U

I think the sketchy look of my art is because i am really untidy he he ( or is it sloppy the word ? idk ). I work on photoshop and my favorite brushes are the crayon ones, i recently bougth some from Kyle Webster ,but you can find good brushes for free too !! ;)

I made a little tutorial, hope it helps!!

1- I start with an impossible to undestand set of lines, this skecth here is so clean that looks like a finished lineart compared to my usual sketches xD 

2- Then i lower the opacity of the sketch an draw the lineart, i think the crayon brushes help a lot with the skecthy look!

3- And then i just add color with the same crayon brush. I like to paint fast , and i dont look for perfection. Another thing that i do is to not turn off the skecth layer, i just leave it there with the opacity low. Add some shadows and u are done! :D

Anon, practice a lot! the key is practice. I love trying new styles and i copy the ones i like from others, i know copying (? sounds bad, but with time it will help u develop ur own style! and to improve yourself !! woohoo

Happy drawing <3

My Minuteman base on Far Harbor.

I was kinda bummed that the Minutemen didn’t even get a mention in the DLC. Being the General I wanted to expand and help as many people as possible! So i took it upon myself to build a base. It’s not the best but… It’s home.

The gate isn’t much but it has a guard post and a statue! (There’s also a statue on the roof in the fog. You just about make it out)

The main house is pretty large! It has about 3 guard platforms on it in total! It looks like a shining beacon from far away.

(Another shot on a foggy morning)

These two screenshots here show the uh… interior of the main building thing? Its pretty spacious though. 

This is where I decided to build a small medical clinic for the soldiers. It’s not much but it has 3 small rooms with beds for people to get some down time and recover. Also the Ghoul Doctor is smol. Also has a waiting area that you can see in the last picture.

The Armory isn’t massive but it sure does the job. A lot of weapons and armor store in footlockers and whatnot. Also a suit of Military X-01 for emergencies. I’m gonna bring in some Minuteman T-45 later. Also Chem, Armor and Weapon crafting benches.  Display cases have some T-60 pieces in them, and the other has an upgraded Institute rifle. 

Just some of the things I’ve stuffed in the display cases. I’ll maybe change a few around later? Happy with it for now though. (Forgot to mention the classical 1700s type paintings I put around the place to give it that “Minuteman” feel)

The “Employees” only area houses the General’s Quarters and the Radio Room.  The General’s room is pretty small but comfortable, in my opinion anyway. The Radio Room lets me know what’s going on back home through Radio Freedom and Diamond City Radio. (For RP purposes it lets us communicate with small settlements and the Castle back home)

Not much to say here, just the defence platforms we have! There’s one more downstairs too :) 

Steps leading down and the Mess Hall itself. Both the front and rear view :) I decided to make the interior a separate photoset thing like i did with the main building. 

Mess Hall isn’t that special inside but its a nice place for everyone to hang out when the sun goes down!

The entire base is powered by this generator! It’s pretty nifty. (Feat. Nick’s Photobomb)

This building serves as the barracks and relaxation area??? recreation room?? Idk. I used the new Far Harbor Barn pieces to top the roof off with those thingies, they add to it quite nicely I think.

Its not overly cluttered with furniture but its pretty nice in there. I think its a good place to unwind and chat if they need to! Everyone gets their own personal footlocker too :) 

Figured I’d just add a few more things to this before I post it! The first picture shows a few of the Minutemen patrolling the place. The second one is the farm we have set up with the water purifiers off to the side, and the last one is a screenshot I took from the roof to show just how far the wall goes around the compound (all the way!) 

Lastly I set up supply lines to get the Island back on its feet again!
It’s not super amazing but its something. A nice home base with turrets all around the walls and a secure foundation that I use to feed the Island with. Feels good to have a Minuteman presence on the island! 


12 Days of Sabriel – Day 9

Title: 12 Days of Sabriel – Day 9
‘Showing up late to class with a Starbucks’ is not Sam’s style at all. Not showing up to class at all because the guy working at Starbucks is confusingly handsome is totally Sam’s style.
Underage Drinking (< 21 years)

Sabriel || Fluff || Height Difference || Coffee Shop AU || College AU || Sam is a Starbucks virgin || OC: Bagel || Advent Calendar Fic

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8

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Sheith - The Notebook AU

- Shiro as Allie, Keith as Noah. 

-Shiro is a rich boy, adopted son of Zarkon, head of some fancy Galra company.

-Keith is a wrong side of the tracks boy.

-Keith hanging off the ferris wheel to get Shiro to say yes to a date with him

-Shiro being all prim and proper because he was Raised Right™ (and all bashful because it’s not Proper™ to be gay in the -40′s?- idk what year it is when they meet lol. This plot line can be ditched if you don’t want the Gay Angst™) 

-Sheith laying and dancing in the street


-(Nervous Virgin Shiro) 

-Zarkon forbids them from seeing each other and they get split up without a proper goodbye. 


-Shiro goes to war and gets injured. (Keith also fights in the war.)

-Shiro is engaged to Allura, their parents set it up because it’s good for their businesses. 


-Shiro sees the house and runs to see if it’s actually Keith. (It is, y’all) 

-”It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over.” RAIN KISS OF MAAAGIIIICCCC 

-Also, fuck the ending because it’s sad. 

when i’m done with my current AU I’ll probably write this tbh


I just read Chasing Thunderstorms, a modern HTTYD AU by tysonrunningfox a couple weeks ago, and honestly it was one of the best FanFics I’ve ever read, hands down! Great story line, well-written scenes and dialogues, good character development (and bonus! The contextual setting is literally right where I live! Idk how that benefits you guys, but for me at least it was a huge treat haha) I highly recommend it!!!

Honestly, I’m a little nervous about posting these.. I’m so sorry about the poor quality of both the scans and the actual sketches… It’s been a looong while since I’ve actually drawn (T_T’) and I’ve never attempted either Hiccup or Astrid before, so I really haven’t figured them out yet. I want to try to do more scenes from this if I can manage my time well enough! I would absolutely adore any feedback, please be kind and patient with me, I need to get beck into an art groove! :}

Littlelegofics (so far)

I’ve edited past posts so that each chapter links to all future and past chapters. HOORAY FOR EASIER NAVIGATION! In reverse chronological order, we have:

egorubberbang thing’ - I’m amazed I figured out a way to make this ship work in my head. yay me

short & dirty egoflapbang drabble’ - exactly what it says on the tin.

higher versus common dimensions’ - ninja ship party. arin and brian planning to seduce dan.

gen barry & dan drabble’ - the thing about getting a pet.

mid-thigh’ - arin/dan. short prompt.

b (very) positive’ - the one with the vampires. yeah, I know. arin/suzy/dan. not finished yet.

not that there’s anything’ - barry’s dating brian and dan can’t quite work it out.

m-theory, coffee, and tousled hair’ - a one-off fic about arin discovering something about dan. specifically, brian.

the egobang drabble’ - yeah I never named this one it’s super tiny

deep breaths’ - dan’s dating arin and suzy. pegging comes up. y'know, like it does. not finished yet.

delicately’ - arin/suzy/dan first timey goodness.

egotron drabble’ - also too tiny to ever get a proper name. more or less set after power line.

power line’ - quintessential game grumps gay panic UST makeouts. arin/jon.

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tbh if you think about it really objectively, bangtan is a pretty weird group? the vocalists are pretty average, the difference in dance capabilities between members are so glaringly obvious (ily namjoon bae tried really hard), other than tae and jin the general public finds them pretty average looking, and their group name + stage names are pretty lol? idk i just think that the bangtan today is a miracle combination of crazy amount of hardwork + luck + good songs + talent(?) lol

i………………….m gonna be honest with you i’ve seen some pretty wild stage names so i’m not going to comment , but uh ur right about vocal line and the dancing is also true (although namjoon isn’t bad at all) 

what sets them apart is that bighit recruited them to test for chemistry and longevity, and that’s what stood out to me first as an observer when i was combing thru 3rd gen groups. additionally, their charisma onstage is off the fucking charts. they started outperforming themselves a while ago (when unit and solo stages became a thing for them), and that’s what draws audiences back

Charles Xavier Request- You Weren’t Supposed To Read My Mind

Request: Could you possibly do a Charles Xavier imagine where he accidentally reads your mind and finds out about your self harming, and then he goes to talk to you about it and helps you? I completely understand if you don’t want to write it, but if you can, then thank you so so much.

Hello mon lovely/lovelies! I would just like to put a trigger warning at the start of this, as it discusses self-harming. I would also like to urge anybody who maybe struggles with this to PLEASE seek support/help. I just have gotten so attached to you all, even without having talked to many of you at all, the fact your names pop up on our activity lists and you like our stuff, or even the idea that you read it, I love you all and if we lost any of you that would be intensely heartbreaking. Please know that I am firmly of the belief that the world is made such a good place by the presence of the individuals that characterise it. You may not think you’re very much, but I think you’re very much and I think people that know you probable think the same. There are support networks out there and phone lines where you can just have a chat to someone. I’d definitely recommend something like that. Never underestimate the importance of a good chat. Anyway, again I’ll state TRIGGER TRIGGER TRIGGER just because I don’t want to be you know, setting off anyone’s triggers with the following fic. Happy Reading (or maybe a little more sombre reading… idk….)


You were sat cross-legged on the floor of the bedroom. You didn’t want to do it again, but a part of you told you you needed to. You tried to ignore that part of your brain, half of you battling the idea and half of you accepting it completely. You gripped your head.
“Shut up, shut up, shut up!” You whispered at it, just trying to keep everything in check. You almost growled at yourself. It was so infuriating. You didn’t want to do it again but a part of you wanted to. Want to, don’t want to. Want to, don’t want to. Want to, don’t want to. Need to.
Did you need to?
A part of your brain was telling you you did.
You went to reach under the bed for the shoebox that contained the tools for what you needed. It was at that moment Charles came crashing in the room. He was panicked.
You quickly withdrew your hand and put it in your lap.
“Hey Charles.” You started casually, an immediate facade replacing your before-distressed demeanour.
“Y/N….” He started. You were worried now. What the heck was he so worried about.
“Charles? What’s up, tell me what’s going on please.” You asked so firmly it wasn’t a question any more.
“I didn’t mean to read your mind, y/n.” Charles started.
“Sh*t.” You stated. “You weren’t supposed to read my mind.” You told him, slowly closing your eyes. Your arms wrapped around yourself as you held yourself. You felt sick.
“You weren’t supposed to read my mind, Charles. You said you wouldn’t.” You mumbled. You didn’t have the effort right now to speak. You felt too sick to your stomach.
“I know… i know… I was just passing the door and your mind was so loud, Y/n… it was so loud. I didn’t even realise what i was doing at first until I had my fingers to my temple and then I heard you, and I heard what you were thinking.. I…. y/n…. We… we need to talk. I just… as crazy and simple as this sentence is going to sound, y/n…. this isn’t good for you. Look, we need to sit down and just talk.” You started opening your eyes. Charles sat across from you, also cross-legged.
“First off, it’s important for you to understand that i’m not going to judge you ok? I don’t care what you say or what you’ve done or whatever, ok? I don’t care. I’m not going to judge you. That’s a very important thing to understand first off.” You nodded, slowly feeling less sick.
“Ok.” You told him, slowly releasing your arms from around your torso.
“Ok.” He stated, swallowing hard. “But it’s also important to understand that this…. it could go wrong and I could end up losing you, but more importantly, you could end up losing your life… Also…. you’re routinely loosing a lot of blood from this, that’s gonna have major health implications… and just psychologically… look, we can deal with this and get through it. I’m not going to say ‘fix’ this because it’s not a problem. If it was a problem, it would imply there was a dilemma and then possible solutions. That’s not what this is, and you’re a person. You don’t require ‘fixing’. What I think needs to happen is… I think we need to go and talk to a psychologist or a counsellor. They’re going to know more than what I do, ok. And I’ll be with you. I’ll wait in the waiting room if you want me to, I’ll come in the first few times if you want, heck I’ll leave you alone with it all if that’s what you want as long as you’re going! What’s important right now, what’s SUPER important right now… you’ve got support. A super ton load of support. Ok? I just… you’re incredibly precious, y/n. Losing you… I couldn’t do it.”
Charles swallowed and shut his eyes. There was silence for a minute. A minute dragged into two as you thought.
“… I want you to come in the first few times… But please don’t judge what I say to them.” You looked at Charles as he looked back at you. He enveloped you into a hug and then let go, returning to where he was sat.
“Thank you, y/n. Thank you. I want you to be honest with me about all of this, ok?… Also, have you heard of the ice trick? The ice trick is where you…” Charles continued, the both of you began talking about your self-harming and he told you about the ice trick and how at least by doing that instead of harming yourself there were at least less major health implications then the serious ones harming could lead to. He talked to you about the support network you had, outlining what everyone could do for you, how he himself would be helping you. He talked about going to see a psychologist and how you two could take the train every sunday and make it a weekly thing, maybe go and get ice creams afterwards. Charles talked to you without judging and most importantly, he wanted to help. He didn’t want to change, or fix you, he just wanted you to be ok.
And hey, maybe one day you would be. It would just take a few steps to get there, but you could do it, with your support network.

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hey! ive been following your art for a while and ive always wondered what settings your lineart brush is on? i have so much trouble trying to figure it out and would love to be able to draw with the same brush settings! it's really thin and smooth, and it seems like it has some snap to it so that it's smoother? idk but i would really love to know, thank you so muh! i love you and your art never give up!! <3

tbh, that part being “thin n smooth line artis not alwayas about the brush settings, it all depends on wether you’re good at using your pen tablet or not, which of course takes a lot of practice. but sure. :)

So I don’t know why I haven’t heard of this before, but as someone who sometimes really needs to get out of really uncomfortable or potentially harmful situations, its always a welcome distraction to get a phone call. Which is why I went searching for an app, and found one. 

Now I have a Samsung phone, so I’m using the Google Play version of the app, but I’ll post the link I found for the iPhone too (hopefully it works).

Basically, you create a fake contact within the app; it can be a real contact you have or just a relative you never talk to (which is what I did). You can set a picture for the contact and pick a ringtone for them, and there are a ton of selections for what the call screen should look like based on what type of phone you have. Mine isn’t EXACTLY the same, but it’s close enough that no one would notice unless they had the exact same phone. 

Then, if you’re in an uncomfy situation, you just open the app and select that contact and when you want the phone to ring (ten seconds, thirty seconds, a minute, etc). Personally I would set it at one minute, so it doesn’t look super suspicious, but that’s all you have to do. 

You answer it like a real phone call and then pretend to talk on the other line. I think there are also options to set up a script so if you aren’t good at talking to air, you can follow a script (I’m not positive on this, though there are several different apps you could play around with). This is based on the Samsung one, but the iPhone is probably similar. 

Google Play     Apple

(if anyone can find or has a better link for the apple one, feel free to add)

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idk if that mean anatomy ask ever replied, imo idk if you can really comment of the anatomy of ur art so harshly because it is stylised, but if you do wanna improve on anatomy you should try doing some life drawing. it pretty much helps you to be able to draw anatomy quicker and more accurately and it's always a good foundation for stylising too. there were no classes near where i live so i usually just use an online one i think it's called 'line of action' or smth - it has a sfw setting too

this ask is REALLY old im rlly sorry for not getting back sooner

this is really helpful thank u!!!! I’ve heard of doing that, never really did tho, but I’ll try doing that esp I I get art block

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Ok srry if this is a stupid question or whatever but how t h e hEcK do you get your traditional art to look so bright and clear? like?? it looks like it's a digital sketch do you just edit the pic's saturation or- idk plz help this kind soul (maybe u just have a really good camera + lighting)

Huh, so I don’t do anything particularly special. I scan my traditional art with an Epson Perfection V370 scanner and then make adjustments in Photoshop when necessary.

To get rid of some of the smudginess/texture of the paper I played around with image > adjustments > brightness and contrast, and then duplicated the layer, set it to multiply and repeated the adjustment step until I was happy with the darkness and clarity of the lines. As a final little colour tweak I used image > adjustments > variations on the multiply layer to give it a red tint.

Resizing the image for the purpose of posting probably sharpened the look of the lines as well.

Nothing more than that :D I hope my answer was clear enough!