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The Top 20 YoonMin Stories with the most Kudos

I got an ask from an anon.  Asking for the most kudoed YoonMin stories, so here a list.

There’s not an official list, but here are the top twenty most kudos YoonMin fics on AO3

1. The Songbird and the Sea by MissterMaia

In a world where dominance of the sea is an endless battle between pirates and mariners, Park Jimin is content living in his little village on a small, uninteresting island by the eastern mainland. He wants nothing to do with the bloodshed of good and evil, the heartless killing of both innocents and condemned, the constant establishment and disruption of order. What he wants is peace, to live his life in the same town he was born in, to spend his days in the beautiful forest, and to use the powers of his Blessed Rune to nurture the home he loves so dearly.

But when his island is attacked by pirates, Jimin will have no other choice than to do as they command and leave all thoughts of peace behind in favor of boarding the Agust, a pirate ship captained by the infamous Min Yoongi, Black Fox of the East. (Rated: M,This fic deservs to be at the top.  It is so good.)

2.  trying to behave (but you know that we never learned how) by christmasyoongi

It’s been years since Yoongi’s last seen him and the younger boy is a shell of his former self in a way that makes his heart twist in his chest. And yet, after all this time and countless days of convincing himself to let him go, he’s still unconditionally, head over heels in love with Park Jimin.

(Jimin and Yoongi grow up together.) (Rated:M, Still haven’t read this one.)

3.  when you’re in love all the lines get blurred by jflawless

Jimin isn’t sure what possessed him to lie to his mother and tell her that he had a boyfriend, but now that he’s opened the position, he has no choice but to fill it. Yoongi is, apparently, his only option.  *A Classic.)

4. A tale of selcas by Sharleena

sunshinemin: YALL
sunshinemin: I’VE BEEN EXPOSED

TaeTaeflower: tell me u did not like an old pic of Yoongi-hyung

sunshinemin: …

In which Jimin is head over heels for underground rapper Min Yoongi, Instagram is the enemy and Jungkook thinks he’s straight. *Funny, funny, funny)

5.  Conflicting Arrangement by PrettyBoyKiller

“Absolutely not,” Yoongi deadpanned. “Namjoon-ah. I value you as a friend, and I think I’d even go as far as to say that you’re my best friend, but absolutely fucking not.”

“You owe me,” Namjoon pleaded. “Come on, Yoongi, it’s not a big deal.”

“Your boyfriend’s best friend’s best friend needs a fake boyfriend to come out to his family this Chuseok, all the way in fucking Busan.” Yoongi repeated drily without pause, making Namjoon wince. He flipped a page of his textbook, picking up his highlighter. “Not a big deal, Namjoon. Amazing.” (So Good)

6.  The 100-Day Love Challenge by jeosheo

For a variety show challenge, Jimin must tell Yoongi every day for 100 days that he loves him.

Let’s get this shit started. (So cute)

7.  Nyctophile by yururin

“Like I said, monsters aren’t real, Taehyung.”

Jimin quickly pulled the closet doors open.

At the bottom of the closet, sitting on the floor and leaning heavily against the walls, was a man with dark pink hair clad in dark clothes, bleeding and injured and looking positively close to death.

Jimin didn’t know what to do. (Rated: M, Monster and Romance)

8.  Side Dishes by Elemir

Yoongi is Korea’s most famous actor. He’s kissed so many pretty girls that he doesn’t know what love is supposed to feel like anymore.

And then he meets rookie actor Park Jimin. (Rated:M, Classic)

9.  Neko Atsume by snailieshell

Jimin accidentally on purpose collects a cat hybrid named Suga. (Rated:M, reading this right now.)

10.The Adventures of BTS (Barely Trained Superheroes) by blurrylines

Super Heroes Academy AU. Seven different boys each possess a unique Power, to be trained and controlled within the classrooms of the Academy. In a surprising turn of events, the unlikely group of boys must work together to overcome the greatest threat to their Academy and all they believe in. (Rated: M, I enjoyed reading this.)

11. Love at First Sigh by Elemir

Yoongi and Jimin fall in love with sounds.

AU where Yoongi and Jimin have apartments next to each other, and their showers share a wall. (Rated: M, Classic)

12. Black Cat by suddenly_yoongi

“Jimin, they’re your soulmate. They’ll love you regardless. They’re not going to care about your Min Yoongi obsession. I promise.”

(AU in which the last of you turns eighteen and you switch bodies with your soulmate until you find them again) (Rated: M, Soulmate AU)

13. Crazy Is Most Definitely Genetic by CaliCocoa

family!au where Jimin’s just trying to survive high school, Taehyung keeps weirding everyone out, Namjoon is an embarrassing dad, Jin is supermom, and Jungkookie’s just along for the ride.

(now translated into spanish) (Cute and Funny)

14. Out of My System by xxdevilishxx

Yoongi likes one night stands and he understands how they work. What he doesn’t understand, however, is how he ended up in bed with a probably-not-legal kid crying in his arms about his broken heart, because he’s pretty sure (and correct him if he’s wrong) that a babysitting job was not what he was looking for when he went to the opening of his friend’s new club.  (Rated: M, LOVE, CLASSIC)

15. A pack’s price by EmpatheticShipper

Kim Seokjin is an omega that was casted out of his pack after bringing home the scent of alpha’s belonging to another pack. Wounded and alone, he meets two omegas who eagerly take him back to their den. He quickly realizes the rest of the pack members are all alphas and they take him in generously. But his old pack will not forget his betrayal so easily. With him being a target of both his old pack and a rival pack seeking new omegas, will Namjoon and the rest of the alphas be able to protect them?  (Rated:m, ABO Au)

16. where the heart is by 10cm

She hadn’t been ready to be a mother and Yoongi hadn’t been ready to be a father, but where she had turned tail and run, Yoongi had vowed never to do the same.  *Rated: M, Classic, LOVE, Single Parent AU)

17. tear the moon from the stars tonight by euphoriae

“Remember what I told you. You are mine now and I take care of my things.”

Joseon Era AU: Jimin, a low born, catches the attention of nobleboy Min Yoongi. (Rated: M)

18. The Pink Envelope by zoeeemin

to a prompt I received on tumblr
“Oh shit, sorry I got the wrong locker” When Jimin is sending love letters to his crush via locker but fails because it is Yoongi’s locker.

au where 6 of them are highschool students (Jin has already graduated)… and Jungkook is also in highschool with the rest of them (please don’t ask me why I just want him to be there hahahaha) (Classic, FAVE)

19. in your eyes (it’s where i wanna be) by bonnia

Jimin pauses with his marker inches away from the cup, because — is he really going to do this? Isn’t it a bit old-fashioned to write something flirty on a coffee cup? But no matter what his churning gut says about danger and what the hell are you doing do you want to die, this guy is — with no better way to put it — totally Jimin’s Type with a capital T.

(Or: Jimin accidentally starts a nickname war with the cute blonde who likes his coffee way too bitter.) (Cute coffee shop au)

20. Look My Way by sunkissedyoongi

It all started when Yoongi read his own name and the word ‘cute’ written in the same sentence on the wall of the boys’ bathroom.

But he kind of liked the way his name looked in the stranger’s handwriting. (So CUTE!)

So here are the top 20 YoonMin fics with the most kudos.  Enjoy reading.


There was a lot going on Friday the 13th… Most of us probably missed something. So what I’m trying to do here is gather tweets and Tumblr posts of the lucky ones who got to have that experience. Basically these are just some of the impressions and important information people were able to share with us. If I missed something important, please feel free to point it out and I will update… Also, and I think I speak for everyone, huge thanks to all of you who answered all of our questions and shared anecdotes from this event. We really do appreciate it.

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A guide to the fandom of French politics/lolitics

I found something similar going around in the Spanish lolitics fandom (I think?) and thought it was kind of funny, and what with French politics going world-wide since the elections in May and Macron making himself heard around the globe (and before you come at me, he’s also got his flaws too, I’ll fully agree with you there), I thought it would be cool to open up the wonderful fandom of French politics (and our ships!) to our international friends. So sit tight, this is probably going to be long!

First off, who are the big names you’re likely to find the most often?

Emmanuel Macron

° Not surprising since he’s our new president.

° He’s actually pretty smol. Especially when standing next to other taller world leaders.

° He’s a lot younger than the other members of the French politics fandom. (He’s 39).

° Can’t take selfies.


° (It’s even a song).

° He looks like a pretty cool guy but does have some shitty policies he wants to put into effect (*cough* doesn’t necessarily plan to stop nuclear energy jobs even though they are polluting *cough*).

° Literally seems to think that he’s some kind of king/God.

° Loves Europe & the European Union (like, Emmanuel Macron x the EU is as canon as Emmanuel x Brigitte).

° Likes cordons bleus (and I get him, cordons bleus are amazing), chocolates and eating off the kid’s menu and is essentially a child in an adult’s body.

° Apparently even the official cook at the Elysée palace makes him little cordons bleus. (And he loves them).

° Is probably going to be annoying in the upcoming five years but we currently kind of like him. Or at the very least, he hasn’t fucked up too bad yet. (But please don’t cozy up to Trump too much).

° Is far better at speaking English than most French politicians (and possibly even the current US president) and uses expressions that are probably twice his age and that nobody uses anymore.

Manuel Valls

° He’s from Spain Catalonia but he’s French.

° Our former Prime Minister. Apparently he tried to join Macron’s party after the elections?

° The scapegoat who gets blamed for everything, even stuff he isn’t fully responsible for.

° Had flour thrown on him that one time.

° Often angry, but he does smile sometimes. (They’re actually rays of sunshine)

° Really did try to save the Parti Socialiste but didn’t manage and ended up quitting it. Is more of a center-left candidate??

° Dealt with a wide variety of shit ranging from terrorist attacks to being slapped across the face.


° Always looks good and sometimes wears see-through shirts.

° Was kind of friends with Macron (he was the one who convinced Hollande to hire him before they started to work together).

° People are beginning to realize that their hatred towards him was misdirected, which is nice. Hell, some are even beginning to appreciate him, which is even better.

° Gave that one really amazing speech at the Assemblée Nationale on January 13 2015 and got a standing ovation for it.

° Probably chilling off somewhere now? Or is he still trying to join En Marche?

° Has a cute Cairn Terrier called Homère. He even used to bring him to his meetings at the Elysée palace.

Benoît Hamon

° Former member of the Socialist party. He tried hard to save it, he really did.

° Is basically a Hobbit.

° Has lots of cute pairs of glasses.

° Good with kids.


° His real name is Baenoît Hamon.

° Even shared a picture of his kebab once and it was way more popular than President Macron’s official portrait.

° Deserved so much better.

° Is an actual cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.

Arnaud Montebourg

° Toll ™.

° Often seen hanging out with Hamon.

° A rebel, he resigned from his post as economy minister from Hollande’s government.

° Is a drama queen.

° Loves everything with the label “Made in France”.

° Has fluffy looking hair.

Phillipe Poutou

° Far-left anticapitalist.

° He literally has no chill and will destroy you if you give him the opportunity.

° Popular among the young voters (I think???).

° Can also be really cute and adorable when he doesn’t vent about the evils of capitalism.

° Too cool to wear an actual suit.

Jean-François Copé

° Sometimes wonder whether he’s an actual politician or not.

° Is sometimes problematic ™

° Says chocolatine instead of pain au chocolat (which is downright wrong >:(( ) (Question à part: ça se dit où “chocolatine” exactement?? Ca va bientôt faire quinze ans que j'habite en France et je suis jamais tombée dessus?? Ca a toujours été “pain au chocolat” chez moi???)

° Never really scores any higher than 0.5%.

° Always enthusiastic and up for a good laugh.

° Memes.

° One of the rare right-wing politicians to actually be part of the fandom since everybody else ranges from the center (Macron & maybe even Valls) to the far-left (Poutou & Mélenchon).

Jean Lassalle

° He’s not really a big name, kind of a centrist?

° Has a heavy accent and loves his region very much.

° Lives a down-to-earth-appreciate-everything kind of life.

° Is probably one of the only politicians to actually be a really adorable person in real life.

° Appreciated by both his fellow politician colleagues and the general public. (Which is a real feat here).

Christiane Taubira

° The Queen ™

° She’s from French Guyana.

° Everybody loves her.

° She’s amazing, that’s all you need to know.

° She won’t let you mess with her: she might be smoll but she’s always ready to brawl (and clash you in the Assemblée Nationale).

° Has the law legalizing gay marriage named after her, like how cool is that???

Jean-Luc Mélenchon

° He’s on the far-left.

° He’s the hologram guy, loves modern technology.

° Has developed a legit game called “Fiscal Kombat”, where the Mélenchon character fights other French politicians to make them give back money, counter frauds and earn as much cash as possible to implement his program.

° He’s actually from Morocco.

° Is either angry or will take a great satisfaction in publicly clashing you.

° He has no chill and will call you out to your face.

° Always up for a fight and lives off drama.

° Is a sore looser tho.

Our international players:

Justin Trudeau

° The French speaking cousin ™ (with a slight accent)

° He’s not French but he’s basically considered as part of the fandom.

° Like Macron would say, he’s “part of the club” (yes, he really did use that expression).

° He got on well enough with the previous government,and currently has a thriving bromance with Macron.

° They probably diss Trump together in French.

° We’re all looking forward to anything more they can give us.

° Can also be spotted on photos with François Hollande and Manuel Valls.

Theresa May

°  The annoying friend from across the Channel.

° Brexit with Benefits ™

° Likes football.

° Speaks English only.

° Probably a source of conflict over Europe and the EU.

° Still the English member of our Franco-British (or soon to be English-only?) bromance.

° Hopefully introduced Manu to the wonders that are Fish & Chips.

Barack Obama

° He may no longer be president but we still love him.

° Had a soft spot for Hollande’s poor English.

Angela Merkel

° Proud member of the pro-EU squad.

° Holds the flag for the Franco-German bromance.

° Was bros with Sarkozy and seems to like Macron a lot.

° Also an avid football supporter.

As for our ships, well here’s what we’ve got to offer :))

The French only ships

Vallande: François Hollande and Manuel Valls

° I don’t know, it’s the first of the political ships I really heard of.

° Apparently it was a thing??

° Basically the president and his Prime Minister.

° There is legit real fanart out there if you look hard.

° They seemed to be happy when they were together sometimes, so I guess there’s that??

° Unfortunately they then broke up when Valls left Hollande’s government to run for the left wing primaries. I guess not every pairing can have a happy ending :(

° **Edit: I just happen to have found an entire blog dedicated to the ship (Vallande is real les amis), and it’s the most unlikely thing ever but also fucking hilarious! (Je ne sais pas qui est derrière ce Tumblr, mais… Merci, pour le coup, ça m'a bien fait rire ^^).

° **Edit 2: Guys, just… Check the “Vallande“ tag, I promise it’s worth it. ^^

M&M’s/Vacron: Manuel Valls and Emmanuel Macron

° Probably the most popular/biggest ship in the fandom for now.

° They have a complicated ™ relationship.

° They used to be kind of friends??? But Macron essentially stabbed Valls in the back by using Valls’ declining popularity and problems to push himself forward.

° I’m not even sure where they stand at now. Probably former colleagues?

° Although Valls did immediately back Macron after losing the socialist primary final to Hamon (whether that is to be taken as a sense of affection/friendship/something else towards Macron, I’ll let you decide for yourself).

° We still ship them though.

° All the more so because there are lots of pics (and non-photoshopped ones I might add) that are out there.

° (Perhaps they even ship themselves, who knows?)

°  Oh and Vall’s official nickname for Macron when they were in the same government was “Microbe”, which basically means germ (if you translate it literally) or squirt.

° We also have AO3 fics and fanart. (Seriously, the M&M’s fandom is amazing :)).

(Add Myriam El Khomri and you get an OT3).

(But Valls and El Khomri look more like embarrassed parents and Macron their overly-enthusiastic five year-old).

(Or you can add Najat Vallaud-Bellkacem if you’d prefer). 

Cinnhamonbourge: Benoît Hamon and Arnaud Montebourg

° The Cuties ™.

° Also quite popular in the fics and fanart territory.

° Fluff, fluff and more fluff. (And possibly the occasional angst, but it’s mostly fluff).

° Team “Looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll”.

° Well Hamon is, Montebourg can get a little more angry at times.

° But they like each other, that’s the most important part.

° Both are now former members of the PS, Montebourg quit in 2014 and Hamon only a month ago.

° Used to hang out together a lot.

° Probably diss Hollande (and Macron’s) government together.

° Organize cool-looking parties.

° Like flowers.

° Probably drowning their sorrows and crying over the state of French politics together. (With a bottle of fine champagne).

(You can even add Valls if you want an OT3, not sure they’d get along tho).

(Is Macrontebourg also a thing? Just askin’) (Although we all know Arnaud and Benoît belong together).

Along with Montebourg, apparently Hamon and Taubira were also good friends :)

Marine Le Pen x Florian Philippot

° I think this is also a thing?

° They’re basically the Evil Power Couple of French politics.

° Probably want to dominate France and are secretly building a “Grand Villain Manifesto” for the 2022 elections.

° They can stay together as long as they don’t bother us.

° Apparently people also ship Le Pen and Mélenchon???

° Is it a hate-ship??

° (Je n'en sais rien vraiment, mais je suis tombée dessus une ou deux fois… Je ne sais toujours pas trop quoi en penser ^^).

Team Destroy Capitalism: Nathalie Arthaud and Philippe Poutou

° Like the ship name suggests, they hate capitalism.

° The far-left bros.

° They’re full of bitterness and full of salt.

° Arthaud is Angry ™, elle est là pour NIQUER SES MERES.

° Often angry. Just a reminder.

° Poutou has no chill and will fight you even though he’s only a factory worker for Ford, who works REALLY HARD.

° (But he’s cool). (He can also be really nice and really cute).

° Arthaud will also fight you, especially on capitalism. Arthaud x Capitalism is probably her biggest NOTP.

° Team Tiny Candidates.

The international ships

Merkozy: Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy (aka President Bling Bling ™).

° I wasn’t really following politics all that much back in 2007.

° Apparently they were like BFF’s, and are one of the early bro-ships in French politics??

° The Oldie but Goldie, I guess that’s what we could roll with?

° The Smol bros.

° I don’t know whether they are still in touch or not but let’s hope so, because Merkel’s huge smiles are literal rays of sunshine.

Don’t ask me, but there was also something with Hollande.

And Valls.

And she seems to be climbing up the new BFF scale with Macron too.

Hobama: François Hollande and Barack Obama

° Obama seemed to get along well with Macron’s clumsy predecessor, maybe his poor English even grew on him after a while.

° “Ah na wol spriking in French because ay oblairge ay oblaïge to do that.”

° President Classy ™ and President Awkward ™.

° They both exited the world stage at the same time at the end of 2016, right before shit got real.

° Might be keeping in touch and maybe even mounting a scheme to take out the Crazy Orange Cheeto (okay probably not, but let’s just imagine for a second that they are really doing this?)

(Obama was also friends with Sarkozy, if you were wondering).

Macdeau: Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron

(C'est bien Macdeau le “nom officiel”? Parce que j'ai vu des choses du style Macreau, Trudon et Trudō également)

° Highly anticipated bromance that came about shortly after Macron won the election.

° Basically became canon in Taormina when they met for the G7 Summit, and we got the pics of them strolling along in the flowery gardens. (Looking extremely similar to that one scene in Game of Thrones between Margaery and Sansa)

° Trudeau is Toll ™ and Macron is Smoll ™.

° Always smiling.

° New pics and Twitter posts are always welcomed and widely shared.

° They’re always happy together and as long as their bromance is thriving, so are we. 

(( But if you’d rather ship him with Valls, then there’s also canon photos you can use too :) ))

Then we’ve also got this but:

Does it

Really warrant

An explanation?

(There aren’t any pictures, but just in case you were wondering, our friend Mister Donald the Crazy Orange Cheeto also rooted for her during the elections).

Maycron: Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron

° Also a G7 baby.

° Speak English together.

° Trying to mend bridges between the UK and France. (Because from what I’ve gathered, neither Sarkozy or Hollande were apparently great friends with David Cameron).

° Give affectionate hugs.

° Probably butt heads over topics like Europe and Brexit since May wants out of the EU and Macron is arguably one of the EU leader who loves the EU the most (like I said, Macron x EU is as canon as Emmanuel x Brigitte).

° Share a passion and enthusiasm for football. May can even be a little bit too enthusiastic sometimes ;)

° Probably also vent about the Orange Cheeto to one another.

And as a Franco-Irish member of the French lolitics fandom, I’m also really happy to be able to say that

French politicians

Seem to have an ongoing bromance

With their Irish counterparts

That doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon :)

And if you really want to go deep down, here are the over-the-top-not-really-serious-recurring-pairings you can also find:

Benoît Hamon x Kebabs (It’s pure, it’s lovely, and believe it or not, it’s way more popular than you’d think more popular than Macron at any rate).

François Fillon & “Rends l'argent” (we basically want him to give back the public money he stole).

Eva Joly x The Green Glasses

° Kind of an older pairing, since it goes back to the 2012 elections (she didn’t run this year).

° Joly usually wore red glasses, but to represent her Green Party (EELV), she campaigned with a pair of green ones.

° Basically what she was remembered for.

° Maybe she still wears them?

Emmanuel Macron x Cordons bleus (the truest OTP of this 2017 presidential campaign and we understand him, those things taste like heaven).

François Hollande x Being Akward (pretty much what you can resume his five-year presidency as).

Benoît Hamon x His glasses (they even have their own Twitter account apparently at LunettesBenoit).

Apparently he loves them so much he went and bought a bunch of them right before the presidential race began.

Marine Le Pen & Being a scary arsehole (basically she hates anything non 100% French, was high on drugs or something during her debate with Macron and couldn’t make coherent arguments. Blames immigrants, non French citizens and Muslims for everything wrong in the country).

She’s basically our equivalent of the horrors known as Donald Trump, Geert Wilders, Frauke Petry and Nigel Farage.

(Unsurprisingly, she’s also friends with all of them).

French politicians in general x Being assaulted with food ingredients: whether it’s flour, eggs or the hand that whisks them up in the form of a slap, Valls, Macron, Le Pen, Sarkozy, Fillon and Hollande have all had it thrown at them. ^^

Après, si j'en ai oublié d'autres, n'hésitez pas à les rajouter, histoire de faire répandre nos ships et la fandom politique française à l'international! C'est ma toute première contribution, donc je n'ai probablement pas donné une liste exhaustive :))

Nakahara Chuuya/ Cyuya/Chuoya/Hat Rack/Mr. Fancy Hat/Slug/Chibi Mafia/Beauty/Perfection

Tumblr and Twitter are full of Chuuya’s photos today! My heart is more than happy ^_^

As I have said before, my daily wish is for Chuuya to get all the happiness he deserves, be it in canon or in fanfictions, and may it involve Dazai or not. As much as I love Soukoku, I believe it is also good to look at Chuuya in a way that there is more to him than just his relationship with Dazai. He is an amazing and lovable character by himself. I’m looking forward to his own back story in the movie! And OMG, I do hope he gets valuable screen time in Kunikida’s upcoming OVA.

Chuuya absolutely looks good all the time, but these are my favorites:

My Favorite Anime Screenshot

My Favorite Drawing from the Manga

My Favorite Official Art Drawing

Hottest Photo

Cutest Pic/GIF

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Batfamily using social media

Bruce would most definitely use Facebook. He hates it of course but it’s an important thing to use when talking to those annoying presumpscious rich people who spend their money on jewels and not helping Gotham. As you can tell Bruce has his opinions but that’s for Batman to sort out. Bruce fakes a perfect life as always and has to be that dad™ who, of course, makes it his job to embrass his kids on there.

Tim obviously uses tumblr. Whenever he has free time you’ll find him absently scrolling through memes. He’s shitpost extrodinaire. He specialises in batfam memes though and laughs at the inaccuracy of them all (he makes up the most unbelievable things and cracks up as people go nuts at it and accept it as canon). He also loves hacking into terfs, homophobes and all the like and deleting their accounts/taking them over. He’s become a tumblr cryptid and everyone’s trying to find who it is behind all the account take overs (there are even blogs made about him calling him the hero the world needs but doesn’t deserve).

Jason’s on Twitter. Why? Well to fight everyone of course. Twitter is the best place for him to fight about the discourse and sometimes if the people he argues with are so horrible he’ll track down where they live and beat them up (but that’s not his go to if they’re kids. While they still shouldn’t be excused he knows they can learn so he makes it his job to visit those kids sometimes and straighten them out). There’s a kid that lives in Gotham he visits more often because he lives so close and it may have taken him many months but finally the kid stops abusing his dog and learns to love it. (Damian was really proud of Jason for that one though he’ll never admit it). He was also active on twitter during that charlottesville attack trying to out all the people who participated.

Damian doesn’t have any social media’s because it’s a “waste of time”. He sounds like alfred a little bit more every time he says it. But secretly when he’s not on patrol and no ones around he’ll scroll through Pinterest. He’ll kill anyone that finds out. It’s a good place for him to look at pictures of animals and swords. (Although if he sees stolen art and all that he’ll make it his job to fix that because he knows how much work is put into it, being an assasian can be art too). There are heaps of swords he’s seen that he’s wanted to get, but to his dismay, everytime he’s asked Bruce the answer would be no.

Cassandra uses Snapchat and she absolutely loves it. Her favourite things are the filters and sends the whole batfam them religiously. Her favourite filters will always be the ones with cat ears. She sends them mostly to Steph and Bruce though. Steph screenshots every single one of them because that’s her beautiful girlfriend, what do you expect her to do?? Bruce does the same because that’s his cherished daughter who’s trying her best. When she can Cass trys to add captions and the others will help her with it, it’s really helped with her spelling and writing. She’s very proud and Bruce is as well (it makes Damian jealous)

Dick’s on instagram. He has a lot of followers because he’s ‘famous’ (although he doesn’t like that term). It’s mostly an aesthetic account but he’ll post selfies frequently too. At the start of his account the batfam would always comment on these selfies saying “nice dick pic” which is not surprising so Dick could live with that. And then his followers latched onto the joke and now whenever a selfie is posted almost every comment is something along the lines of “nice dick pic”. He also wants to send in videos of him doing backflips and acrobatic stunts but Bruce is firmly against it. “To keep your identity safe” Bruce says and whenever that happens Dick will roll his eyes but he’s learned not to fight against it.

Steph’s just on discord. She has internet friends she talks to about the numerous fandoms she’s in. She has a lot of friends on there because of her bright, bubbly personality and she loves everyone of them. Her favourite thing to do is gush about her wonderful girlfriend and type in all caps. As much as Bruce pretends he doesn’t care he really does and every person she talks to on there he does a secret background check to make sure she’s safe ( He says ‘secret’ but he knows that Steph’s too smart for that and he knows she knows). He’s overprotective and no matter how much Steph complains about it she secretly loves it.

Hey guys! I’ve gotten a lot of new followers lately, so I thought I’d do a little summary of what’s been going on my blog so far this year to update you all.

I’ve been unusually prolific, so I’ve got a lot of new Sterek fics up, including some old WIPs I updated this year.

So, without further ado, here’s the masterpost, as of early May 2017. Happy reading!! And let me know if you think a post like this for my older fics would be helpful as well.

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baekhyun stans:

  • heavy breathing
  • pre-order the moment it’s announced
  • screaming internally externally 25/7 until release date
  • when they listen to the title track they’re gonna flood your tumblr dash with high quality pics from photoshoots and not give a shit about your notifs 
  • giving him well-deserved praise on every social media account they have
  • probably still talking about it years after it’s released
  • wheeze
  • “his vocals will be the death of me”

chanyeol stans:

  • take the opportunity to make more memes out of lyrics
  • they’re probably happier than the happy virus ngl
  • spamming pcy’s instagram photos with positive comments
  • if not spamming they’re probably talking about it nonstop
  • forcing the other stans to fangirl with them even if they don’t give a shit about the album colors
  • dreaming about purchasing concert tickets
  • “i think i just wet my pants”

jongdae stans:

  • thirsty af
  • taking advantage of the attention to troll people with fake news because they just need a creative way to express their excitement
  • talking non stop about how good his vocals are gonna be
  • they’re basically their normal crazy selves but on drugs
  • so like 
  • wild af
  • they’re also really proud bc he finally got the attention he deserves
  • “jongdae’s vocals in exo are good but these aRE GONNA BE GREAT”

kyungsoo stans:

  • they’re already used to it
  • like kyungsoo is an actor this is nothing
  • but they’re still hyperventilating on the inside
  • like normally they’re really reserved but
  • when this is announced we might see the rare, hyper side of them
  • but then again there’s gonna be that minority of chill ass kyungsoo fans that are like “yeah that’s right peasants praise him”
  • supportive af
  • “see kyungsoo’s career is only gonna get better and better so appreciate him you fucking snakes”

jongin stans:

  • actually choking
  • probably more excited for the choreo than the music ngl
  • but they’re still really excited for the music because their favourite favourite dancing sex beast oppa is here to get everyone pregnant thROUGH THEIR EARS
  • they’re even thirstier than jongdae stans
  • daydreaming about jongin singing a cute song to change up the style
  • but also daydreaming about jongin singing a fucking sensual song where the choreo includes him humping the floor
  • they just want jongin to pursue what he loves
  • “jongin will finally have a prime opportunity to express his emotions through all of that dancing and singing and ability to kill a million fangirls with a hip thrust”

kris stans:

  • wondering if it will be in english
  • also wondering if its in english if they’ll be able to understand it or not
  • probably also wondering if it’s gonna include another type of drink other than juice because we all know kris loves drinking drink drinks
  • they’re gonna be real excited for it
  • but then they’re also gonna be chill about it because kris
  • but then again they’re also gonna be anticipating it
  • so basically they’re like kyungsoo stans but too lazy to update people
  • “is he gonna rap about getting an elephant pregnant”

yixing stans:

  • so firstly they’re gonna be like “he’s overworking himself again”
  • but then they’re gonna give their endless support because they know yixing loves what he does
  • they’re gonna scan all his social media accounts for clues as to what his album is gonna sound like
  • and once they find a clip they’re gonna try putting pieces together into a song
  • basically they just really love his shit
  • but then they’re also like “we don’t deserve this angel”
  • “yixing’s career is a beautiful piece of art”

luhan stans:

  • they get used to it because it happens every 3 weeks
  • and that’s hardly an exaggeration
  • they’re blessed by the consistency of luhan music
  • but they’re confused as to whether or not this new album will have more than two songs
  • and they’re also confused as to whether or not this new album is gonna have another song that literally has sex and orgasm written all over it
  • they’re gonna support him all the way 100% but
  • they secretly deep down inside just wish he could make a sequel to “blow it like a flute”
  • “the sexual deerman needs to make a return”

junmyeon stans:

  • so they’re basically gonna be like “is this happening”
  • half of them will be like “oh god”
  • and the other half of them will be like “oH GOd”
  • they’d be all happy and supportive and literal angels 
  • but then they’d also be constantly saving up their money because the mother of exo said so
  • they’d also be praying to see the sexy side of junmyeon
  • like if they went to a concert they’d be like “i’d better see some abs tonight or else i’m gonna flip”
  • “junmyeon’s talent will finally be recognized and he will finally be known as something else other than exo’s mother and sehun’s babysitter”

sehun stans:

  • and “OGM HE’S GONNA BE SINGING????>>>>/?. S-I-N-G-I-N-G”
  • and probably “i’m choking so much and it isn’t even on a dick this time”
  • but then they’re also like “i bet it’s gonna have a diss track about junmyeon’s motherly love”
  • but then they’re also gonna be like “dying dying dying dying can you see me can you see me i’m d y in g”
  • and when it comes out they’ll be talking about how we should all kiss his toes or something because he’s an angel sent from God
  • “he’s finally gonna be able to sing and rap for more than 7.12 seconds”

tao stans:

  • supporting tao on weibo
  • trying to send him a gucci bag as thanks for his hard work
  • also probably having dreams about his title track being called “the shower — a story about my ge ge”
  • but then also screeching to other tao stans about how he should be more popular in china
  • but then also rewatching every happy camp episode he’s ever been on and watching him star in “that one movie with jackie chan”
  • appreciating how he’s trying out “different styles” and collabing with chill artists 
  • but also just wanting him to find success
  • “just rap about showers and gucci”

minseok stans:

  • proudly announcing to the world that their xiudaddy is making them thirsty af and they can’t do anything about it because his abs are their religion
  • also proudly announcing to antis that minseok is gonna kill fangirls with his unpredictable handsomeness and creating damage to some unrepairable extent
  • making “minseok high note compilations” to hYPe everyone up for the release of the album
  • even though they’re normally chill they’re gonna be a bit extra today
  • supporting him to the ends of the earth
  • debating among themselves which minseok is coming out to play
  • like is it sexy beast “i will kill your ovaries with my eyes” minseok or is it aegyo baozi prince “just give me your ovaries because you don’t stand a chance against this flower boy” minseok
  • “give me holy water because his abs are my religion”
So I Made A Thing

- Viktor Nikfororv, literally the gay pride parade as a person and loving father of all his children (bc he is the Ultimate Dad™ ngl). Will burn down your kitchen and still manage to make you love him. Probably owns a secret tumblr under the name XxDicksauceMcFuckBagxX from which he shitposts memes. #ThirstForKatsuki2k17 #ExtraAsShit

- Yuuri “Momma” Katsuki, the simultaneously sweet cinnamon roll and sassy boi everyone needed. Literal chubby Jesus, King of Bean and protected by the Yuuri Katsuki Protection Program. Will not hesitate to slap a bitch when duty calls. Tries to keep the situation under control, but usually gives in bc he is a Soft Roll

- Yuri/Yurio Plisetsky, emo angst son of cats and Hot Topic who will not hesitate to step on you with his Knife Shoes™. Looks like a sinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamonroll. Official Quote: “May the bow of a violin enter your anus”

- Phichit Chulanont, the official Camera Boi™ and wingman of Yuuri Katsuki. Actually pure sunshine, and will spend one minute fighting everyone for the title of Yuuri Katsuki fanclub president and the next showing everyone pics of his hamsters. Social Media King™ who also must be protected. Would look good in whatever you dress him in, bc he will figure out how to own it. Shall We Slay™ aesthetic

- Guang-Hong Ji, yet another bean. Smol and sweet on the outside, probably a lot of sin on the inside (see reference: Guang-Dong Jizz). Will slay all of China with his gayness. Probably watches the Office and shamelessly makes many references and quotes the show often. The Official Loveable Dork™

- Leo de la Iglesia, American sunshine boi that must never grow up. Kills you with his ponytail and brings you back with his innocence. Deserved more screen time ngl he is Precious™ . Is probably oblivious to how much Guang wants to be choked by him (did I mention Guang is most likely kinky af well now you know)

- Mila Babicheva, actual hot babe. Owns the ice with her crop tops and Aesthetic™  sisterly love for angst boy aka Yurio. Gay on a whole new level (it’s called Yuri!!! [On Ice] for a reason) and converts nearly 100,000 annually to Milaism

- Georgi Popovich, probably crying as you read this. Can’t get over black hair red lipstick bitch Anya that literally has 6 seconds of screen time (poor boyo). Dressed up like Elsa once. Blue lipstick and 1 inch span of eyeshadow are only the beginning. Come back to Season 2 for more Keeping Up With the Russian Squad: The Problem With Being One of the Only Straight Ones™ besides That Canadian Dude

- JJ L., stands for Jean Jacket Lion. Was hated but after some major Character Development™ gained about 198460 fans. Most likely receives anonymous hate on a daily basis, but blocks everyone out with his gucci shades. Probably whispers the words to O’Canada to keep himself sane. Maple leaf bacon bacon eh Queen of England hockey puck ehhh

- Otabek Altin, will ignore the living shit out of you if he isn’t satisfied with you mortals. Slut for Classic Literature and will defeat communism with his knowledge of Shakespeare. DJ’s bc Otabek don’t need none of your fuckin gender roles. Actually Senpai Material™™™

- Chris(t) Giacometti, the actual MVP and wingman of Mr. Spontaneous aka Viktor. “Love comes at a price, and that would be society’s social constructs”. Manages to make eating cereal look intimate. Would give a fuck, but is too busy being literal Sex on Skates™ . Coming (?) for your heart, preferably on the ice. Can’t have Gay Class without Gay Ass

- Michele/Mickey Crispino, the Salty Shit™ no one knew they needed in their lives. Actually manages to keep his gay on the downlow. Virgin Extremist™ and Italian Spaghetti Son™.  Probably cries at the thought that one day his sister will be married to some fleshsack. Is Not Okay™

- Sala/Sara Crispino, Kiss Kiss Fall In Love. Has stick straight hair but don’t let that fool you bc tbh she probably gay as well. *cries bc I would never get to see her irl and I’m a gay nerd on the internet that needs help forming actual relationships with living people*. Heart made of golden memes

- Emil Nekola, actually Pewdiepie (you all knew it was coming so I got it over with). Robotics Nerd™ and Beard Boi Extraordinaire™. Only a year older than Chicken Nugget boy but ready for his big boy memes on YT. Can magically change his eye color with the power of gay

- Seung Gil Lee, Club Leader of the Eyebrow Boys Club. So thicc he rivals the Amazon River (according to Google that’s the widest river in the world so there ya go). Despises women and vegetables (men take the opportunity now he is single, though probably not ready to mingle considering how he roasted Sunshine Girl aka Sala at the Rostelecom Comp.)

- Minami “The Chicken Nugget” Kenjirou, probably the only one that is actually innocent. Would be scarred by a simple dick joke. Must also be Protected™ in order to preserve as much innocence as possible. Theme Song is Paparazzi by Lady Gaga. Adorable and Delicious™


- Yakov, done with the teenager bullshit. 70 years of rage and overwhelming need to punch something. Needs A Hug™. Probably gave Viktor that pink convertible from the official art ngl. Is a slut for peace and quiet bc goddammit he doesn’t get enough of it. “*elongated sigh* No, you cannot skate to My Immortal for your free skate, Yuri”

- Makkachin, Bestest Boy™. Would easily win the GPF if given the chance. Ring bearer at the Viktuuri wedding. Woof woof (translation: I’m gonna eat those fuckin buns and give your family a heart attack fUCKIN WATCH ME DO IT YOU RUSSIAN HO)

Signs as people I know (pt 1)

♈️Aries: my friend. super funny and nice but will definitely punch you in the face if necessary 

♉️Taurus: my acquaintance. she’s a friend of my best friend she’s super pretty and nice but i kinda feel like shes to cool for me to talk to lol

♊️Gemini: my boyfriend. suuuuuper funny and lovable gives great hugs and very supportive sometimes confusing 

♋️Cancer: my friendish. we talk like once a month super pretty and great at makeup and is super sweet 

♌️Leo: hoe. this guy that always sent me dick pics and got mad once i stopped talking to him cause i was over his drama and bullshit 

♍️Virgo: ex best friend. never really gave a shit about me and only used me sooo 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 basically just super fake and only was around me when she wanted something out of me 

♎️Libra: me. literally smokes 25/8. is very extra and nice as long as you’re nice to me and super funny also kinda basic but cute i like to think i have good style lol 

♏️Scorpio: my best fucking friend. meme queen and great at makeup and art i’ve been friends with her since we were like 5 she has a super big heart and is always hard on herself definitely deserves better

♐️Sagittarius: my sister. big heart and lets people get to her easily super smart and great at art needs to stop being so hard on herself but also sometimes doesn’t take other peoples feelings into consideration 

♑️Capricorn: my friend. a walking meme that deserves better 

♒️Aquarius: my mom. relatable supportive and fun works a lot but is great is a meme mom

♓️Pisces: my online best friend. really wanna meet her omg super pretty and a  super great person very bright and loves music a lot also deserves better super cute

Day6; call me, beep me (if you wanna reach me) Ch. II

Read Ch. I here on tumblr or here on ao3 (for better formatting) or you probably won’t understand anything.

sweg squad


bbyxD: hyung

daddykang: yeah?

bbyxD: other hyung

jaethebae: wats up

bbyxD: other other hyung

daddykang: dowoonie please
daddykang: you gotta be more specific next time

jaethebae: yeah like
jaethebae: how can u call wonpil hyung of all things

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- “Jaehyun, which colour suits me best?” *insert pics of two same dresses but different colours*
- You understand why >> It’s because of his work work work work work
- him ignoring you most of the time started when they debuted
- but that doesn’t mean he loves you less now before they debuted
- it’s just that he’s so busy and their phones always get confiscated by the staff
-he wants to secure his future w/ you so he works very hard
- he always turns his phone off before going to the SM Ent. Building so the staff wouldn’t see your cheesy messages to each other
- all the members know about your relationship and they support it very well
- the other members admire you for holding on to the relationship even though it’s vvvvvv hard
- “i like you noona you’re so cool now I can see why Jaehyun hyung loves you so much” - Mark… it could be Jisung as well
- “oh god jaehyun hyung wouldn’t stop sucking his picture of you on his phone! It’s so gross!” - Haechan
- “you guys are so adorable” - Yuta
- “eyy don’t forget to use protection during your sexy time ;) ” - Ten
- lol wtf Ten
- but good on ya Ten for reminding these kids about that
- “you’re not going to leave jaehyun, right?” - doyoung… or taeyong
- “Nope.”
- Rumours about Jaehyun dating you got out and the company was hell pissed
- both of you got hate although you got more hate than jaehyun
- most of his fans were anti to your relationship
- only a few fans were supportive
- well I couldn’t blame them though
- they were his source of happiness and they feel like you’re taking him away from them
- some were just delusional and wants him to end up with them
- or with another artist… say Rose from Blackpink (I’m not a shipper btw; I just saw some posts here on Tumblr that some fans were shipping them)
- you cry every night about this
- coz he has lots to think about and you don’t want to put all your burden in this relationship on his shoulders
- But he knows the fact that you get jealous everytime they bring up the JaeRose ship
- like Rose is everything and you’re just a potato
- so he reassures you that he loves you by kissing you, hugging you or cooking you your fave dish created by him when he gets a day off which is really rare these days because of the nature of his work
- but despite all that, you still can’t help but to get insecure
- like who wouldn’t get insecure?
- it’s like you and him against the world lololol jk
- you felt very suffocated
- you don’t even know yourself anymore
- you don’t even see your self-worth anymore
- jaehyun loves you to bits and you know that
- but it’s really hard especially he’s a celebrity now and you’re just one of the normal people out there
- “Jaehyun, let’s break up”
- jaehyun would just stare at you and blink twice
- his adam’s apple would bob up and down
- “why?”
- “jaehyun, I can’t do this anymore”
- “you always have little time for me”
- “people… your fans don’t want us to be together”
- “i feel like i’m taking you away from them”
- “but you’re not taking me away from them”
- “i love you (y/n)”
- “please don’t do this to me baby”
- his eyes would be instantly filled w/ tears
- he would hold both of your hands while kissing your knuckles, shaking his head while blinking in tears
- “your fans love you very much jae”
- “but I only love you baby”
- YES IT’S VERY HARD TO BREAK UP WITH JUNG JAEHYUN coz why tf would you leave him
- “look, your career and popularity is affected because of me… because of our relationship”
- And Jaehyun would say: “ I don’t care! I can throw all those away just for you! I love you and I wouldn’t want to lose you just because of all these things!”
- “Don’t do that, mister. You’ve worked hard for this. Don’t throw it all away just for me.”
- Then you smile bitterly and kiss him for the last time and leave
- you didn’t know this but jaehyun was a sobbing mess right after you left
- he would wonder where did he lack as a boyfriend what did he even do wrong why did you break up with him just because of the fact that his fans hate you
- i mean, every couple in the showbiz always (or most of the time) get hated by the public esp. the fans
- like, it’s only normal
- but still you guys don’t deserve all the hate
- you guys just fell in love with each other
- why would people hate you
- it’s not like you guys murdered a person or the whole nct
- the members found out about this coz when jaehyun got back to the dorms he just broke down by the doorway
- they were very shocked because you once told them before that you’re not gonna leave jaehyun no matter what happens
- At first Ten thought that Jaehyun got you pregnant because he was crying by the doorway
-but he finds out that you broke up with Jaehyun
- “Well, at least someone didn’t end up getting someone preggo” - Ten
- cue in everyone giving Ten a death glare so he would just cover his mouth
- yeah Ten shut up
- “Man, that sucks!” - Mark
- i know right Mark
- “I swear she loved you more than herself. Her eyes say that everytime she looks at you.” - Johnny
- for a month jaehyun was a total mess
- like he became more quiet he doesn’t talk that much on variety shows
- his laughs were so fake
- his smiles even changed like they’re not the same genuine smiles that they used to be
- and it broke you guys even more as well as the other members
- they couldn’t stand their bby jaehyun being like this so they set up a get together
- and yeah you’re invited ofc
- the get together was just at their dorm lol
- they invited you and had dinner with them
- you guys were still not talking with each other but would glance at each other every now and then and the members would see this and couldn’t freakin’ stand it
- “oh my god just get back together” - jeno
- “what happened to my mom and dad… like seriously? You guys are better than this” - jisung
- “this is the only time i’d let you guys suck each other’s face c'mon fix this shit” - haechan
- lol Haechan
- Ten doesn’t say anything but leaves a suspicious box on the table
- the other members leave so you guys could talk about things in the living room but really they’re just in the kitchen, litstening to your conversation
- “how are you?”
- he replies with: “i’m fine”
- there was an awkward silence after that
- then both of you just say sorry at the same time like how cute is that
- he says sorry for being such an incompetent boyfriend for not realizing how his career was affecting you for not doing the best that he can to make it work
- you apologize as well for leaving him just because of your insecurity you let it take over you you let it ruin everything between you
- “can we start over again?”
- “Like, I mean, can we be… a couple again?”
- “Is it okay if I kiss you?”
- then you just nod and you guys kiss
- after the kiss you guys open the box that Ten left on the table
- it was a box full of condoms
- oml Ten why lol
- “Are we okay now?”
- “Better than before” :“) And the other members come in, cheering for both of you


By the way, I’m taking requests. Let me know if you want me to do another one. 😊❤


Unknown Number

Summary: Dan decides to have a little fun when he starts receiving dirty texts from an unknown number. It’s all fun and games, but he’ll never guess who he is actually texting.

Word Count: 1630

Warnings: Glorious sexting smut

A/N: This is the first smut phanfic I’ve ever written so I hope it wasn’t too cringey. Excuse me while I go hide in the corner and pray my mother never finds my Tumblr.

The night was winding to a close in the Dan and Phil flat. Phil had retired to his room and Dan remained on the sofa in his infamous browsing position. All was normal in the household, but not for long. It was half past three when Dan received the text. He was contemplating going to bed until he read what the unknown number had written:

Hey sexy. You still awake?

Dan had no idea who the text could be from. He would ask his best mate Phil if he knew the number, but he was certain that Phil was probably somewhere off in unicorn lion dreamland by now. Dan quickly typed a reply:

Who is this? How did you get this number?

He instantly started to panic. The thought of his actual cell phone number getting out for the whole world to see was all too much for Dan. The anonymous number soon replied:

Doesn’t matter. All that really matters is how good I could make you feel.

This was creepy. Too creepy. Dan didn’t like where this was going. Dan typed his reply:

Idk who you are but I’m blocking you. Goodbye.

He should have blocked the number right then and there. He knew he should have, but he didn’t. For reasons unbeknownst to him, he decided to wait.

It’s okay, Dan. I’m not a phangirl. Just a guy who wants to show you a good time.

Dan read the text again and again. He would be lying if he said part of him wasn’t a little curious. Dan replied://

Not interested.

After several minutes with no reply he decided that he had successfully gotten rid of the person. He continued scrolling Tumblr. He was just about to reblog a Kanye GIF when his phone buzzed again:

Are you sure? Because I think I could change your mind ;)

Dan’s face was painted with a cocky grin as he sent his reply:

Oh really?

After sending it he realized that it sounded a little less like sarcasm and a little more like a challenge. Either way he was kind of excited to see their response. His phone buzzed and he couldn’t believe what was on his screen. Dan’s face was plastered with shock as he had unmistakably received a dick pic from the unknown number. He wanted to block the number and delete the texts all together, but he couldn’t look away. He felt himself getting hard as he scanned his eyes over the stranger’s cock. Usually Dan would have had better judgment, but the growing member in his pants argued that there was no harm in playing along with the stranger’s games, at least for another message or two to hear what they had to say. Dan typed his response:

Is that really you?

The stranger replied:

Why, do you like what you see?

Dan typed:

Depends on if you’re a stalker or a crazy fangirl

Their reply:

Trust me, love, it’s a safe bet that I’m not

Dan smiled at the response. The stranger seemed so genuine and real, but he had to be sure. He just couldn’t risk it otherwise. Dan responded with a request:

Need a pic with your face in it then

The stranger quickly replied:

Not going to happen just yet

Dan knew it couldn’t be that easy. He wracked his brain for an idea. He remembered seeing posts about online dating and to have the person send a pic holding up a piece of paper with your name to avoid getting catfished. He supposed this was really no different.

Write my name on your hand and wrap it around your cock for me

He couldn’t believe that he had just typed that sentence to a random stranger. He knew if it really was a fan, it would be all over Tumblr by morning. He pushed his nerves aside and took a glance at the new photo he received of the mysterious stranger. Sure enough, it was Dan’s name written on a ghostly pale hand, wrapped around the same cock he had seen in the picture before.

The stranger typed:

Sorry it’s written upside down. Couldn’t quite get the angle right.

Dan replied:

You have a really nice cock, by the way

The stranger replied:

I do and you’d be sucking it if you were here.

Dan said:

Oh would I be?

The stranger:

Yep. Right before I put it in that tight little ass of yours

This conversation was getting out of control but Dan didn’t care. His cock was getting painfully hard and was in dire need of attention. He didn’t even bother to go back to his bedroom. It was late, he knew Phil was probably not going to be getting up anytime soon. He unzipped his pants and took his throbbing length in his hand. He was so caught up in pleasing himself that he forgot to send a reply. His phone soon buzzed with a message from his new friend.

The stranger:

What’s the matter, Danny? Too busy touching yourself

Dan’s left hand was occupied at the moment, so he used his non-dominant hand and struggled to type a reply:

zre u?

The stranger:

I’ll take that as a yes. Care to send me a pic?

Now, Dan knew that it was probably not the greatest idea to send a random stranger a picture of his dick, but in that moment he really didn’t care. He wasn’t ready for the conversation to end yet. He touched himself with his right hand and used his left to find the perfect angle to show his length off to his mysterious new texting buddy. He hit send and waiting for a reply.

The stranger:

Fuck, you are so hot.

Dan replied:

What would you do to me?

The stranger:

I’d start by sucking that hard cock of yours.

Dan replied:

And then?

The stranger:

Maybe if you were a good little boy I’d rim you before I fucked you

Dan felt himself getting closer and closer. He put his phone down so he could give his cock the full attention that it deserved. He saw the words flash across his screen.

The stranger:

So close…

Dan reached for his phone and typed a quick reply:

Me too

The stranger:

Cum for me, Daniel

Dan reached for the phone with his available hand. Reading the text sent him over the edge. He came hard into his hand, writhing beneath his own touch. He took a moment to catch his breath before snapping a pic of his cum soaked shirt as evidence for his new little friend. Moments later Dan received a picture in reply. It was a bare stomach with milky white skin, covered in an equally white substance.

The stranger:

See what you do to me?

Dan laid back on the sofa and slowly started to come back to his senses. He sent one final text to the stranger.


How did you get this number anyway?

Dan waited a few minutes and then gave up. He figured that he would probably never know who the stranger with the nice cock was, and decided to write it off as a fun little one-time experience. He deleted the messages, but chose not to block the number, just in case the stranger was ever up for a good time again. Dan returned to his room and stripped himself down to his boxers. He heard no noise or signs that Phil was still awake through the paper thin walls, which was a relief. He would have died from embarrassment if Phil would have heard the noises he was making earlier in the lounge. Dan fell asleep quickly, feeling satisfied from the night’s encounter.

Dan woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. He could hear the shower running. Phil was already awake and starting the day, as usual. He put on a fresh pair of boxers and pulled on a clean black t-shirt. He didn’t bother to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans, and decided his mario boxers would suffice for this morning, as it was just him and Phil today. He walked into the kitchen and retrieved a bowl for his cereal. Dan searched for his favorite box of cereal everywhere, but he couldn’t seem to find it. Soon after Dan began his search, Phil entered the room with a towel around his shoulders covering his Pokemon t-shirt and a pair of blue plaid boxers on his lower half.

“Phil, have you seen my cereal?” Dan asked as he turned to face Phil. When Dan’s cereal went missing, Phil was usually always the one to blame.

“Yeah, Dan. It’s right here.” Phil answered. He reached across the counter and retrieved the box from a tesco bag. Dan’s eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets. He couldn’t believe that he saw. In faded sharpie and familiar big bold letters the word DAN was smudged on Phil’s right hand. Dan froze in panic. He was unable to move and his tongue was unable to speak. Phil handed Dan the box of cereal and he couldn’t take his eyes off the name scribbled on Phil’s hand.

“Thanks” Dan mumbled. It was all he could manage to stutter out. His panic seemed to go unnoticed by Phil, who was preoccupied by pouring himself a bowl of his own cereal.

“You slept late today. What were you up to last night?” Phil asked with a smirk. Dan tried to pretend he didn’t notice the evidence on Phil’s hand.

“You know, just the usual.” Dan said with a nervous laugh. He wanted to ignore the situation, but he had to ask, “What about you?”

“Oh, I went to bed early. I was really worn out.”

Read the sequel here

movie night with doyoung

• hey i just started this tumblr a while ago and finally decided to be brave and post something
• but i’m such a grandma i can’t even change my profile pic on the tumblr app
• and i don’t even have a theme on my tumblr
• and maybe there’s an ugly ass random theme installed here but i got excited to start my first tumblr ever so WHY NOT
• later i’ll make some changes
• and since this is my first post here pls take it easy on me i’m not used to write scenarios ok? ok let’s go

• you were best friends with doyoung for some time and you find him so precious u just loved him
• just as friends tho
• he’d protect you from everything and you loved that
• but you know,,, ppl say when there’s two close friends it’s not possible that one of them never had a crush on the other one,,…
• and little did you know doyoung had a crush on you (!!!!)
• winwin already told u he was into you but you didn’t believe it
• you thought he deserved much better than you
• while he thought you were perfect
• anyways
• you and your friends decided to watch a movie together at johnny’s to celebrate the end of exams week
• it was a thing you used to do frequently bc
• why not
• ten decided y'all should watch suicide squad bc it’s too good
• but you’d already seen it twice
• so did doyoung
• not twice, but four times bc you both were marvel and dc trash
• and you loved to fangirl about it with him
• but you guys went there anyway
• when the movie started everyone was already covered up in popcorn
• specially haechan, that decided to throw some at mark’s hair
• he failed several times
• but also made some stick in his hair
• “ugh~ it’s good tho but i don’t want to watch it again” doyoung said sitting beside u
• “ikr i’m here just for the popcorn”
• doyoung giggles at you and you just DIE bc u just noticed how cute his lil giggle was
• after the movie starts, you slowly get bored while all the other guys were screaming at the tv
• and then slowly you feel doyoung’s head on your shoulder
• you got shOOK bc he smelled sO GOOD
• then you start getting lost in his scent and you didn’t notice you started kinda shaking your leg
• it was a thing you were used to do to get rid of getting nervous
• but you didn’t notice you were doing that
• it was like breathing: you do that all the time but you don’t notice
• he got back and said “i’m so sorry i was kinda tired then i thought i was disturbing you and-”
• “it’s….. okay…. it’s ok” you say trying not to freak out bc he was leANING AGAIN omG
• after a while eating popcorn your hands touched
• very cliché I KNOW
• for some reason you couldn’t move yours
• not even a bit
• so he started drawing patterns on the top of your right hand like circles
• and sometimes some hearts
• you were blushing sO HARD you couldn’t move at all
• and you didn’t understand how but suddenly he started playing with your fingers
• “your hand is so soft”
• you were like WTH SHUT UP
• “can i keep holding it?”
• you nodded so shyly he almost didn’t see it
• you wanted to hug him SO BAD
• or punch him bc what the heck that was so cute you couldn’t handle tHE feELS
• after some time playing around like this the movie was over
• taeyong noticed you fell asleep holding each other’s hand and decided to let you just sleep there
• then he covered you both with a blanket to keep you warm
• and you slept feeling his scent
• feeling his nice warm skin
• feeling his touch
• and maybe you just became the other side that falls in love with their best friend

OK GUYS i hope that was a 5 out of 10 at least i don’t even know how to write,,, but pls give me some support if you think that made you at least a lil soft for doyoung bc HE DESERVES SOME LOVE.

and i’m taking requests.

lub you bYE

Title: aesthetically pleasing
Kind: aesthetic blogger donghyuck and his cute af bf mark au, fluff af, too sweet
Original link of the fic in aff: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1253571/aesthetically-pleasing-donghyuck-markhyuck-marklee-markchan-haechan-leedonghyuck pls check my other markhyuck fics i need more opinions on them ^-^ (you can check my friend’s fics too, we share the same account ^-^)
Note: it’s my first time posting a fic in tumblr so im nervous af and it might be a failed fluff but here we go:

Donghyuck was trying to choose the perfect filter for the aesthetically pleasing photo he just took a few minutes ago when a notification signal popped up from his tumblr app. He was so used to getting notifications all the time from tumblr, twitter and instagram. He was very popular in social media thanks to other aesthetic lovers like him. His followers were going crazy over the photos he takes or the aesthetics he makes. Even though his blog’s name wasn’t anything close to the name of a normal aesthetic blog he still got over 2000 followers. He was also posting some memes or some shady posts on his blog sometimes which was making his followers get feed on the drama but also have fun.

He opened the app and his eyes went to his url automatically. “Jerrys-tom”. He laughed when he remembered how he forced mark to have matching urls so they chose “jerry’s tom” and “tom’s jerry” and wrote “in love @….” to their profiles and tagged each other. Well donghyuck was an overprotective bf and he knew so many people were after mark and oh no lee donghyuck would never let anyone steal his bf from him. And maybe, JUST MAYBE!, he thought the matching urls, icons and profiles with mark would be cute and romantic af and would make his heart flutter everytime he sees it.

The notification was from his inbox. He rolled his eyes and sighed. If it was one of those “hey check my game pls i need some opinions” kind of spam or those “how you and your jerry’s sex life ? Need some third player in your game baby girl ??” Kind of perverts again he was gonna be very, very pissed off. And not just because everyone who checks his blog just once thinks he is a girl, not that it is something bad but he just simply,clearly is not a girl, but also because it was becoming so annoying after like 283383 times dealing with spammers and pervs.

But thank god it was just a normal, actually way too normal, ask. “Write 5 things that makes you happy then send it to 5 people to do the same 💙”

If donghyuck was a normal aesthetic blogger he would simply aswer with “my bf, my family, my friends, music and aesthetic” but of course he being the lee donghyuck he is answered like this:

1. Mark lee 😙
2. Lee minhyung 😙
3. Mork 😙
4. The ramen hair boi 😙
5. My jerry 😙

And tagged mark’s blog at the end of his answer. Mark’s blog was so different than donghyuck’s. While donghyuck’s was a mix of mostly aesthetic pics, memes and shady posts, mark’s blog was full of memes, short scary stories, heart warming stories, fantaken pics of his fave idols, conspiracy theories, the “5 amazing tricks to do with …..” kind of posts, and yeah memes again. Donghyuck smirked after posted his answer. He knew mark will be blushing like heck when he saw what donghyuck tagged him. Taking his teasing one more step further donghyuck send the same ask to mark’s blog but added the “😙” emoji at the end.

He went back to choosing a filter for his freshly taken photo till he heard his phone ringing “My baby loves me,My baby loves me, My baby ,My baby, My baby loves me”. He used that ringtone for only one person ever so he answered the phone without even looking at screen to see who was calling. “Whats up baby ?”

He couldn’t see mark’s face but he knew he was red like a tomato “h-hey donghyuck w-why you tagged me into that post ?”

Donghyuck almost squealed at how adorable mark sounded. Almost. “Well, they asked me 5 things makes me happy and i answered with full honestly”

“B-but you just wrote me for all 5 times”

“You know you make happy the most mork”

Donghyuck’s heart got in pain, trying so hard not to ran to mark’s house and hug him so tight when he heard mark’s cute little giggle

“Do i really ?”

“You do really. You are my happiness mark lee”

Mark giggled more “since when lee donghyuck is a cheesy romantic ?”

“Since when mark lee giggles like a high school girl ?”

Donghyuck could see mark rolling his eyes even without seeing his face.

“So do i have to answer it too since you sent it to me too ?”

“Hmm hmm” said donghyuck, holding the phone with one hand while checking his tumblr to see if anyone liked his answer yet. Cause most of the times the first person who likes the anon ask’s answer is the person who asked it. But of course he didn’t got surprised when he saw mark liked it first. Probably cause he was tagged to the post so he saw it first.

“Okay then”

“What you will write as the answer ?” Asked donghyuck in a teasing tone, smirking like mark could see him through the phone

“You’ll see” mark said then added “now go do your homework. I wont let you copy mine this time”

“But baaaabe!” Donghyuck whined cutely which would make mark shutter in any other time but now he just sighed, trying hard not to die over his boyfriend’s cuteness.

“No buts lee donghyuck you’ll do your homework or no more cuddles for you”

“Okay okay damn i’ll do it” said donghyuck and heard mark giggle again “good boy”

“Will you give me a sweet kiss if i do it well ?”

“S-shut up and go do your homework idiot” mark said and ended the class

Donghyuck laughed at mark’s cuteness but did his homework anyway cause god knows the cutest boy in this world ever mark lee was turning into a boy who gives scary and cold af looks to everyone when he was angry.

The homework took just 20 minutes so it was okay for donghyuck to do it but teasing mark was always more fun than actually doing the homework. When he finally finished it he thought about checking his tumblr again to see if mark answered his ask. He knew mark wasn’t into social media that much, he would prefer reading a book over scrolling down in tumblr but he still checked it anyway. His eyes widened when he saw he got tagged into an aswer.

“Holy shit he really answered already” said quietly to himself and clicked to the notification.

The question was same of course “write 5 things that makes you happy then send it to 5 people to do the same 😙”

1. Donghyuck 💙
2. Lee donghyuck 💙
3. The sun-kissed prince 💙
4. Most beautiful piece of art 💙
5. My tom 💙

Donghyuck felt his heart melting sweetly. Damn why mark was so sweet ? What have he done to deserve such a sweet angel as his bf ? Really donghyuck was blessed af with mark’s existence

He kept reading mark’s answer with that stupid lovesick smile on his face and his smile widened when he readed the words mark wrote after tagging him “@jerrys-tom i love you darling 💙”

Donghyuck was gonna reblog it with a gif full of hearts and kisses but then he saw mark dm'ed him.

“Have u done your homework lee donghyuck ??”

“I did darling”

“If you make fun of it ever i swear to god hyuck.”

“You know i won’t”

“I know you will.”

Donghyuck laughed and wrote the next words with the fealing of his shaking heart on his chest

“I love you so much”

He knew what mark will send as the answer but he still felt his heart shaken more when he red the “i love you so much too idiot”

Damn he was so in love with mark he couldn’t even stop his heart beating that fast whenever he thinks about him.


“Yes baby ?”

“Why you love aesthetics so much ?”

“They remind me you. They are so beautiful, soft, makes me smile but tbh you are a lot lot lot better than all aesthetics i had ever seen. You are the defination of beautiful mark”


“You love me”

“Damn right i do”

Donghyuck forgot about the photo he was gonna post and all other things he was gonna do. He didn’t care much about them that moment tbh. He closed his laptop and walked out the house and the next thing he knew he was cuddling with mark in his kinda small but warm bed.

Yeah donghyuck loved aeshetic so much. But he loved mark lee the most

Ok, I hate to even be typing this but I need a break from the McAvoy fandom. I do not know where certain accounts ((if your inclined look them up yourself)) all came from or how you were raised but the lack of respect for James privacy has reached a point that frankly, I don’t wanna be associated with y’all for a while. Some of these accounts have ruined being a fan of him by your actions and lack of respect. Here’s some prime examples from the last month or so.

First of all, back about a month or so ago, James on his GIRLFRIENDS post ((whom isn’t famous and the fact a lot of you follow her, creepy? but I digress)) wrote “I love you”, which YAY THATS SO CUTE. but NO, a lot of these “fans” took it upon themselves to fight on her post, call her horrendous names, and honestly? bringing up his ex on his girlfriends post? like, what the fuck??? These accounts do not respect him if they do not respect his choices. He’s moved on, and honestly they should too if they can’t handle it. I bet, this is the reason she hasn’t updated since that post. These accounts have ruined a non famous persons social media experience, so congrats.

Second, there’s a difference between a fan photo, a creepshot and an event photo. This photo today a few accounts have circulated of him and lisa ((Creepshot cause they are eating and he looks visibly annoyed)) is crossing a HUGE LINE. i don’t know where this lack of respect comes from, but I’ve had it. And to really put the icing on the fucking cake, quite a few accounts had to go and REPOST SAID CREEPSHOT AND TAG JAMES AND LISA IN IT!! Leave them the FUCK ALONE! I don’t care if accounts or “fans” post it to twitter, tumblr whatever, JUST DO NOT POST IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA THEY BOTH USE AND CHECK ON. He is A HUMAN BEING WITH FUCKING FEELINGS AND DESERVES RESPECT.

Third, on the topic of respect, fan accounts: DO NOT NEED TO TAG HIM IN YOUR SEXUAL FANTASTIES ON INSTAGRAM OR SHIPPING PICS. He checks his photos he’s tagged in, how do I know? Cause he liked my selfie once, BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN HE DOESNT SEE ALL FANS FUCKING GROSS ASS SHIPPING SHIT, which if you remember the last Graham Norton interview, you could see he’s starting to get visibly uncomfortable with the “fan art” PLEASE JUST need to keep that shit to on the downlow , or post it elsewhere, not on instagram where he can see. He’s a human being and honestly? Everyone needs to remember that, cause I think you forget.

Fourth ((feel free to add if anyone else feels this way)) but, i’ve seen fans do this and if a fan feels the need to write “choke me daddy” or “i wanna bang you” or whatever, fine, we can all agree we find him attractive, go spew that word bile on twitter, to friends , tumblr, I DONT CARE JUST NOT ON HIS POSTS. I am sure he reads comments while looking for his friends comments and DOESNT NEED TO SEE THAT FUCKING SHIT ((frankly neither do i so stop it)). I bet it’s one of the reasons he’s also stopped updating as frequently because plenty of users have grossed him out.

Basically, I’m taking a hiatus from being apart of the fandom because I’m tired of the way quite a few of these accounts have become, I do not know when or how this came to be but the lack of respect for him and his personal boundaries is appalling and no, this doesn’t mean i’m no longer a fan, i’m still a huge fan of his, I’m just fucking done with the way a fair amount of people disrespect him. Until these accounts realize or clean up their act, I’m not gonna really be able in good conscience be okay with interacting about james with most of these accounts . I have had it. I really truly have.

End Rant.

i’m listening to promise rn & feeling all emo so why not make a follow forever since this is long overdue?? i’m in a really good place right now, i can’t stop laughing these days & i’m just hyper - it’s a really good feeling to have. & i was gonna stick taehyung on my banner bc of my url but i had to stick chanyeol instead bc he’s inspired me so much these days & i honestly am moving forward bc of how much he’s inspired me. i’m surrounded by people i love, people who care about me and who i care about. i think it’s gonna all go good from here. also, i don’t really follow many blogs (rip) i should change that & if like u ever wanna talk to me just message me whenever!!

rip chanyeol is rapping rn & i’m dying

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Falcon Vision

Words: 1107
Pairing: Dean x Reader (friendship or romance? read to find out!)
Warnings: None, I guess
A/N: for Lau’s Funny Quote Writing Challenge :D
Tags: @growningupgeek and @dancingalone21

Originally posted by soluscheese

“Oh, come on Dean! Jesus Christ, since when are you such a prude?” You whine, sitting on your bed. “I’ve been talking about this convention since forever, you know damn well I wanna go.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any blog recs?

 ok so i see loads of these around but no one actually says why you should follow them? so imma be extra and give you a quick run down of the following blogs 

if i forget you, message me n ill add you you can also spray me with cold water 

lets do this 

a month without uploa- oh wait wrong post

blogs !! in no particular order: 

@opaquehowell: i love emer a lot shes one of my best mutuals!! She does lovely moodboards and we have a lot of conspiracy theories ask her about dnp being lizards and or furries . Emer also sends me pics of dogs all the time maybe if you ask her nicely shell send u a doggo

@thephansplosionfan: Mac is my girlfriend so obvs gunna reck her. shes always in my asks with some stupid but adorable shit. She has such a pretty aesthetic which consists of slytherine and nature (basically dark green). Also has an obsession with Kate McKinnon and ruby rose. Love her a lot and she deserves the world

@softdnp: noah is my son i will protect him forever. If you want some quality gifs and good dnp posts in general follow this prince. Also another good blog for moodboards 

@princessdan: mo is a gooden, such a gooden.Very positive posts and is in a really cute relationship with @astronautdan 

speaking of, @astronautdan: soph is the bomb who makes really cute edits (esp URL edits) and has a really cute theme im lob 

@molliaphan: literally everyone on there is a gem (special shoutout to @deadnotsleepdeprived and @philledwithpuns), Seriously every blog on there is just goals 

@dantea: ryanne is a bean who needs to not eat ice cream on her bed (tut tut) but really shes has really cool posts and a cute aesthetic 

@dnjhwll: adelyn, oh adelyn, An actual angel with a blog too good for this world. Dnp posts with a hint of dodie, all you need in life really 

@satansglabellas: i follow zoe on instagram bc her videos are funny as hell, her tumblr posts are aesthetic as and on the whole is a gooden of a blog

@calmlester: i always see cat popping up in my feed and her art is so beautiful, esp the one of phil holding a cactus i wept

@phanniephil: sophia is an angel and is really lovely to chat to, and her theme is so calming and aesthetic

@succlester:  a dodie yellow theme will always win my heart, Lee is a soft flower who needs to be appreciated more. 10/10 posting as always 

@dantlers: a bean with a great theme, gray reblogs the best and cutest gifs ever. gray also makes gifs which is noice go check em out 

@phtl: monique is a blessing to us all, giffing the best and cutest moments of dnp. Another person with a theme im jealous of 

@prettydan: kelsey is the bestest can we please appreciate that her theme turns her asks into little poems?? (or at least i read them as little poems) 

@heckdan: sarah has THE CUTEST theme ever space is the best, she also gives us dem sweet n spicy dnp memes 

@philtrashblr: van is so sweet im lov her a lot, also her theme gives you a tiny cursor and that brings me so much joy her blog is a gooden

@omega-dan: Olly is the strongest lil boi i know, his writing is SO good and he deserves a lot of love and respect

@plantpot-phil: sarah is heckin rad with such a cool theme, she also does really cute doodles and she animates yo!! 

@energeticwarrior: nikki is my daughter i will protect her forever. Jer content is great like her :))))

thats all my heckie recs, again im very sorry if i left you out please PLEASE message me if we are mutuals and i forgot you im so so sorry if i did

also drop me an ask is you followed one of these blogs cuz of me it would be rad if ya did

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Probably super late to this whole promptis week thing but! What if noct & prom from your celeb au find out that somewhere out there, their fandom has created a promptis fan week for them, and how would they react to it? Maybe they'd secretly anonymously participate in it too? ;)

Oh, hell, I’ll bite, anon.

“Noct,” Prompto says, when Noctis rolls over and blearily blinks his eyes open.

It’s mid-morning, and Prompto’s gotten up, eaten breakfast and gone for his run, and now he’s crawled back into bed after his shower. He’s lying on his stomach, and the glare from his phone makes Noctis squint and bury his face back into the pillow.

“Noctis,” Prompto says, a little more urgently, and Noctis grumbles and lifts his head up again.

“It’s early, Prom.”

Prompto rolls his eyes. “I know that. Noct, I’m on Twitter…”

“That’s your first mistake,” Noctis sighs, and he scoots closer, curling an arm around Prompto’s waist in an attempt to drag him over. “C’mon, Prom, put your phone away, forget that shit, let’s take a nap.”

Prompto laughs, but he shuffles closer, rolling onto his side and pressing his back into Noct’s stomach. They settle nice and warm and curled together under the blankets, though Prompto’s still scrolling through his phone.

“So, I’m on Twitter, right?” Prompto says, after a moment of silence, and Noctis sighs.

“Prom, I don’t care about Twitter. I want to sleep.”

“Indulge me,” Prompto tips his head, neck craning, and he presses a kiss to Noct’s cheek. “Just for a minute. I guess they like… do these fan weeks, where people write stories and draw pictures and stuff. It’s a Tumblr thing.”

Noctis groans, and he reaches blindly for Prompto’s phone, in an attempt to steal it from him. There’s a bit of scrambling, Prompto rolling away and laughing and holding his phone just out of reach, before Noctis gets lazy and gives up and collapses under the blankets again.

“Prompto, stay the fuck away from Tumblr. You know how weird our Twitter fans are? The Tumblr ones are way worse.”

“Oh, I know,” Prompto shudders, and it’s only half-feigned. “Dude, I looked at the tags. That place is terrifying.”

Noctis reaches for Prompto again, and, with a safe grip on his phone, Prompto allows himself to be tugged close again. Noct’s arm curls around his waist, and his face buries at the nape of his neck, and the heat of Noct’s breath against his skin is warm and a little bit comforting.

“Don’t tell me we have a fan week,” Noctis sighs, lazily, and Prompto can tell he’s drifting off again.

“We sure do!” Prompto’s voice is sugary-sweet and absolutely dripping with sarcasm. “That’s really weird, Noct. Like… really weird.”

“Then forget it exists,” Noctis mumbles, stifling a yawn, grip around Prompto’s waist tightening as he nuzzles in closer.

“I was kinda thinking, though,” Prompto adds, as he scoots closer, “it’d be funny if we like. Took a bunch of cute pictures ‘n submitted a photoset anonymously… everyone would lose their shit trying to figure out where the pics came from.”

Noctis makes a derisive sound against Prompto’s skin, “sounds like a good way to get stalked, Prom.”

Prompto laughs quietly. He’s not even tired, but Noctis is a terrible, awful, no-good influence, and being warm and cozy like this makes his eyes heavy, and he’s tempted to go back to sleep for a nice little late-morning nap. “… duh, Noct. Those Tumblr weirdos don’t deserve us. Totally gonna ignore their fan week. Just thinkin’ about how funny it’d be to mess with them.”

“Don’t feed the fangirls,” Noctis says, dreamily, and that’s all he says, before he falls asleep again. And, despite Prompto’s reluctance, he drifts off too, nice and warm, and very happy to forget that they have a really weird internet following.

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do you have tumblr friends? can you tell me a little about some of them !

im overly friendly and consider everyone a friend tbh jkshF but here are my fav ppl on here!!! ill write about them under read more (thank u for sending this!<3)

@lovfx @1attes @tyrande @iluwonho @chrysoda @bipjm @giribouy @zhangyixking @goldpoc @10jimin @yiixingsgf @goddessofbaekhyun @1ovelettres @chenlezhong @fourminute @parkjoys @jisookim @movebybts @rapgodjin

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