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dylanling-blog  asked:

Good morning, I'm not sure if you have answered this already, I tried checking and didn't see it, but I feel it is important to ask anyway to make sure I get the help I need. My Mimikyu, Krypt, loves to play in the mud and as such his cloth gets absolutely filthy. I do my best to bathe him regularly but it becomes rather difficult to clean his "true" body without removing his cloth covering. I am afraid he may catch some infection due to my inability to wash him properly. What should I do?

You can offer him some clean, warm water with a mild antiseptic (the local Pokémon center should be able to supply a good one) to play/bath in daily. Mimikyu are pretty good with their own hygiene if given the right tools.

mrnwilde  asked:

Hey captyns! Your last Zach/Jason comic just made my day-it's been 12 hours since i saw it and i'm still laughing randomly because of it- so i wanted to show my respect and gratitude for your amazing work! Keep it up mate because you're god damn good!!

AH haha I’m glad it made you laugh!! Thank you so much!!

bronwen-davies  asked:

Your opinion on the TRC show?

i’m nervous but very excited! i’m hoping that the show can improve on things that the books were lacking, and highlight the things the books did great!!

i think that the show has a lot of potential to be fun, emotional, visually stunning, and just like..good. i’m really genuinely excited because i love the series so much! but i would be lying if i said i wasn’t worried that things could go sideways very easily.

no use being negative about it now though!!! i’m thinking positive it’s gonna be great!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

Ahhh I knew all we needed was a brooding shot and the goatee would look good! I'm happy he still has fluffy hair but manages to look... dare I say... badass?

He looks perfect and I think that he finally managed to make it look like an actual goatee and that’s why it looks great now. It looks really good in the photos we got this month so far!

His hair looks amazing and fluffy and that’s my favourite, I can’t see him as badass I tried but I just… can’t. He’s too cute and he looks really sexy but I can’t see badass haha