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Although summer is over, and fall has arrived, Team Guy still figured a day at the beach would be awesome. And because they’re such great guys, look who they😳…look who they brought🤔…uh…well, uh…😟

Okay, no way around it! WTF is HE doing there?! 😂😂

(Lets face it. Team Guy looks adorable in their swimsuits).

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Video “W-Two Worlds” Exhibition @ MBC Brand Store

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I have like 30 minutes left to be visible today so I’m gonna post something real quick. It’s been a long day, it’s been a long life. 

I want all my bisexual peeps out there to know that as long as you’re proud of who you are and own it, no one can ever take your identity away from you. You are valid, you are loved.

anonymous asked:

what is in your opinion something bad about latinx cultures? I'm asking cus I think you're really knowleadgable and worldly

Hahahah I’m not that knowleadgable but that’s still super sweet of you to say, thank you!

If you wanna see something pretty damn awful about latino culture, just google “Mexico femicide” or “Honduras femicide” or just lots of latino countries with the word “femicide” added to them and you’ll get a VERY clear example of the type of shit I really hate about our cultures.

Not saying “white” or “european” cultures are better though, y’all still have some nastyass problems as well and I’ll definetly expand on them if I’m ever asked to.


CG Making Video @ “W-Two Worlds” Exhibition @ MBC Brand Store