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The Group Project

(Jimin is jealous when his best friend and roommate, Taehyung, has a date with the girl Jimin has a crush on.)

Warning: 8000 words and 75% of this is pure smut. MMF sex.  Dirty talking.  Disrespectful name calling.   The usual.

“Fuck you, Kim Taehyung! FUCK! YOU!”  Jimin was livid.  “I’ve never said a single thing to you about all the shit I have to put up with as your roommate!  All the times I’ve had to crash at a friend’s place because you brought some girl back to our dorm room for the night!  I can’t remember the last time I spent a whole week able to sleep in my own bed because of you!  And all those times I woke up to find some chick I don’t know in your bed?  Like you couldn’t just go somewhere else to fuck them? Did you really have to screw them in our room while I was asleep?”  Taehyung opened his mouth to answer, but Jimin cut him off.  “And I wasn’t even asleep for all of them!  What was that one girls name? The one with the short hair? Jungin? Jungah?  Just because you took her into our bathroom to have her suck your dick doesn’t mean I didn’t hear EVERY FUCKING THING that happened in there!  You are so fucking vile!  The things you said to that girl… the sound of her choking on your dick while you called her a slut?  What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

“Some girls like that shit,” Taehyung replied calmly.  “She definitely liked it, that’s for sure.”

Jimin rolled his eyes dismissively.  “The point is that I’ve never said anything to you about how you’ve stuck your dick in half the women on campus.  Despite the fact that you are always inconveniencing me in order to get your rocks off, I’ve kept my mouth shut.  It’s your life and it’s not really any of my business.  But this is TOO FUCKING MUCH!  I thought we were friends?  I never thought you would totally screw me over like this!”

“We are friends!  I didn’t do this to screw you over.” Taehyung and Jimin had been randomly assigned to be roommates in their small single room dorm room their freshman year and immediately became the best of friends.  Taehyung was on a scholarship that paid for his student housing on campus and Jimin couldn’t imagine living with anyone other than Taehyung, so despite the cramped quarters and the arguments frequently caused by the lack of privacy, they continued living together in the dormitory.

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Aggressive ; Peter Parker

WARNINGS: smut !!, oral (both receiving), unprotected sex, messy stuff, language, choking, this is just all smut au & sin tbh

summary: handcuffs in bed are nice and kinky but if your boyfriend’s alter ego was spider man, why not try using his web-shooting abilities instead?

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{Reaction} Having baby fever with BTS

Hi! I really love your blog ♡ could you write a BTS reaction to their gf having baby fever, like watching baby videos looking at baby clothes and stuff? Like she acknowledges that the boys -because of their career- can’t have a baby yet but she still keeps daydreaming about it. Thank you so much in advance, and take all the time you need ♡

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Min Yoongi/ Suga

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Yoongi: “You’re watching those videos again? Jagi I want to go to bed, turn them off now.” *Salty af because he also wants a child but knows it isn’t a good time at the moment*

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by jeonify

Jungkook: “Keep wishful thinking like that and I might just have to give it to you.” 

Kim Taehyung/ V

Originally posted by exoticmaknae

Taehyung: *As excited as you are tbh*

Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Namjoon: “Again, Jagi? I feel like you’re trying to hint something here…” 

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope

Originally posted by bangtan-hobi

Hoseok: “We already have a child in the house, Jagi.” *Winks, laughs as you throw a pillow at him*

Park Jimin

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Jimin: “You think I don’t want that too?” 

Kim Seokjin/ Jin

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Jin: *Kisses your cheek* “Jagi, you’re so adorable.” 

Mystic Messenger : Day 4 ~ V Walkthrough (FULL ANSWERS)

Contributor (THANK YOU SO MUCH): @verycharismaticdragon

If you are on phone, please setting the page to be seen in the computer version! On the phone, the answers are sometimes unaligned and it can confuse you…

In order to not bother and annoy my followers who don’t play this game by this looong post, I’ll put a seperate line. Click to see.

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Them making you cry during an argument (GOT Preference)

Jon Snow

  • His temper getting the best of him so he results in yelling
  • “Darling, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.”
  • You crying because he had never yelled before.
  • Wrapping you in a hug.
  • “Please don’t cry.” Kissing your hair.
  • You stop crying because he is genuinely sorry

Robb Stark

  • He yells as a result of the stress of the war and your upcoming wedding
  • “Yes I do love you, Y/N. Yes I want to get married. I am just stressed.”
  • Trying not to cry
  • You thinking you’re just a stressor and only wanting to make him happy
  • “You make me the happiest man alive, I just want to win this war and make you my queen.”
  • Having makeup sex to make it better for both of you

Oberyn Martell

  • You are screaming at him for sleeping with other people.
  • “Why can’’t you just be happy with me, Oberyn?”
  • Him yelling is the only way to get you to stop screaming,
  • You crying, only wanting him to be faithful.
  • “I promise. I only love you. The others mean nothing.”
  • “Then stop sleeping with them.”

Sandor Clegane

  • “Stop drinking! You’re going to drink yourself to death.”
  • “Just shut up you cunt!”
  • This catching you off guard
  • Making you cry because he knows not to use that word towards you
  • “Lass, I didn’t mean that you know that…”
  • You turning away from him
  • You walking out of the tavern and him staying

Cersei Lannister

  • “Don’t be such a child, Y/N. I didn’t mean to yell.”
  • You crying frustrated tears because she thinks of you like that.
  • “I’m not a child.”
  • “You’re acting like it. Look at you crying.”
  • You throwing your wine goblet down and leaving the room

Tyrion Lannister

  • “Come to bed with me, Tyrion.” You trying to coax him when he is busy with Hand matters.
  • “Y/N! I told you. I simply cannot. I am not your bed slave.”
  • Him not really yelling, but him raising his voice makes you cry.
  • You feeling insignificant and huffing off to find a place to sleep without him.
  • Him apologizing in the morning.

Tywin Lannister

  • You talking about getting married to him.
  • “We cannot, Y/N.”
  • You asking too many questions about why.
  • “Because no one would accept it.”
  • Him caring about his image more than you.
  • You calling him out.
  • He yells, but stays firm.
  • You cry.
  • “Go buy yourself something nice and come back when you want to be a good girl.”


  • Yelling during a petty argument
  • Apologizing when he sees your tears
  • Kissing you to make it better
  • “You’re too pretty to cry.”
  • Having makeup sex 
  • Cuddling after and him telling you he loves you

I couldn’t find Bronn’s last name omg

anonymous asked:

Hello beautiful, not sure if you take this kinda of requests but if you do -if not just ignore please- can you do bts reactions to gf getting dominat/rough (hair pulling,bitting,getting on top etc)with them after a day long of teasing. Thank you

I’m such a submissive person but I would fucking dominate Bangtan in a heartbeat breathe if you agree

BTS: Reaction to you getting dominant 

Jin: He didn’t even notice he was doing it. The way your body tensed when he laid his hands on your butt, he just thought it was because he scared you. The way you shivered when he left small kisses on your neck just made him think he was tickling you. He could sense you starting to get irritated as he was kissing you, so he pulled away and went to sit on the couch.

When you were suddenly on top of him with an angry glint in your eyes, he was shocked. Your lips found his sensitive skin, and so did your teeth. It was so unexpected but it got him excited.

“You’re very pretty… (Y/n)…”

Yoongi: The whole day he’s been teasing you. Butt grabs, 30 second makeout sessions, being pinned to any surface you were near… But you were sick of it. 

“Listen here you little fucker.” You sat on top of him in bed while he was watching Naruto. 

“Woah (Y/n) your fat head is blocking the TV” He complained while trying to look around you. When you suddenly grabbed onto his hair at the back of his head and slammed your lips into his, he knew just what he got himself into.

“Fuck you’re so hot when you get like this baby…”

Namjoon: He knew the whole time. He knew just how you’d react, even though it took you a bit longer than usual. He started off with waking you up in the morning by eating you out, but not finishing you off. Randomly fingering you while watching a movie or cooking but still, never letting you finish. 

When you decided you’ve had enough of his teasing, you pinned him roughly to a wall, an angry glint in your eyes. He watch you with half-lidded eyes and a smirk as you kissed his neck and let hickeys that would be hard to cover later. 

“It’s about time baby girl, you gonna show daddy how much you need him?”

Hoseok: It was just one of those days. He was feeling really playful. The worst part about it? You were around people most of the time. Fingering you under the dinner table, pressing his hips against your butt when you were preparing dessert for everyone… He really fucking loved your reaction. The way you would old back your moans and curse at him under your breath. It was all so cute to him.

Everyone left, and he was sitting on the couch with crossed arms, waiting and expecting you to get freaky with him. His eyes never left yours while you sat on his lap and palmed him through his pants.

“I’ll fucking destroy you Jung Hoseok.” You spoke breathlessly while pressing your hips into his and pulling on his hair to force him to look up at you.

“Oh yeah baby? I’d like to see you try.”

Jimin: He couldn’t control himself. That outfit you were wearing for him was just so… perfect for you. The way your dress clung to your body and how your ass nearly fell out when you bent over, he couldn’t help himself. He smacked your ass every time he passed you, or pinned you to a random surface and grabbed onto your jaw roughly.

It was annoying after a while. Why didn’t he just fuck you already? Maybe he could sense your anger and furthered it so you’d do this…

When you tied his wrists together behind his back he got excited to see what you had in store for him. His eyes never left you ass you left hickeys down his body and gave him a blow job.

“Is my cock too big for that pretty little mouth of yours?””

Taehyung: He has a lot of hobbies… But lately his favorite one has been teasing you. Kissing you but biting your lip unexpectedly right before he has to leave, and tons of butt grabs-your weakness. Even when he was too tired to function, he’d still manage to make you wet. 

Irritation slowly kept building until you couldn’t take it anymore. When Taehyung came home from dance practice, you immediately pinned him to the door, forcing his button up shirt open. He was shocked at first but he started to slowly enjoy it. 

“I’m sick of your teasing.” You were a little flustered because of the look on his face. 

“Mmm you’re going to punish me? Are you sure about that?”

Jungkook: He was good. Too good. Smooth body rolls and thrusts on camera, and at home he’d just prove his amazing skills in bed. But he found out that when you watched his dancing and he wasn’t home, that you’d masturbate. He loved having that image in his head while he went to work, so he decided to tease you more while he was home. Grinding his hips against yours and hot makeout sessions before he’d leave for work.

One day he came home and you were no where in sight. He cautiously went to your room and sat on the bed. “(Y/n-) He was cut off by you sitting on his lap and kissing him, grabbing is hair and tugging. He’d let out soft groans as you kissed his neck and bite down hard. He was so thrown off guard but he was so amazed with your beauty.

“I’ve always heard being bit by an angel is good luck, you should do it more often…”

i could teach you - taeyong scenario - part two

Lee Taeyong - NCT

words - 1855

genre - man idk really is jus taeyong doing his ting my guy

warnings - vulgar language?? mentions of sex

dedicated to @yongsexual  ♥ ♥ ♥

part - one / two / three / four / five

Originally posted by t-yong

You shoved your head further back into soft plush pillows beneath you and grumbled. Even through your eyes were shut the light was too brilliant in this room and someone somewhere was playing heavy metal at what felt like fucking dawn to you. Hissing, you jerked the covers over your hammering head, hoping the darkness would act as barrier against everything that was disturbing you. Unfortunately that didn’t work and you didn’t want to particularly move any of your dead muscles - maybe if you yelled something the owner of that horrendous music would at least turn it off.

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First [13]


All Rights Reserved

© 2014 Katarina Jones


She contemplated the idea again and again through her own blonde-headed hair. Come on Lara, just get it done with, go to his room and face him.

But it wasn’t just as easy as her head pictured the scene. It was obvious. Something was up with her bigger brother and she might be the cause of it. Did he see her panting and screaming yesterday night at the cause of her friend?

The small thought of it made her sick to her stomach. She didn’t want him thinking that she had no interest on him whatsoever or that she broke their agreement to the whole “you own me” plan.

She stopped her hand from shaking and grabbed the doorknob. No. She had to knock first. Nervous gulps followed one another as she clenched her fist and knocked two times on the door, before she let herself into his room.

The typical manly scent was always filling his room, making it his temple and Lara’s dangerous grounds.

Before she let Adrianne take over her last night, that scent only made her desire grow bigger for him. But now…it just made her sick to her stomach knowing that she had risked everything that she was working for; her first time with Lucas

Lucas was lying down on his bed, the glorious being of his, filling her entire stomach with butterflies. No Lara, no. That isn’t what you want to feel. You only desire Lucas for sex; no feelings.

The image of his strong muscles being hidden by his black shirt, made her forget about it all and just go and fulfil all his manly needs. But it wasn’t the right moment for that. Not now.

His eyes were glued to the phone in his hands. He was watching something that prevented him from noticing Lara’s presence and he was obviously too entertained to acknowledge her.

Lara slowly walked over to his bed, remembering all the good memories of the last few days and tried to make as much noise as she could with her footsteps so he wouldn’t get startled when he saw her.

But that wasn’t the case. She coughed and strange noises to see if he would finally glance up, but Lucas wouldn’t budge. He was acting as if he was oblivious to her being.


His dark blue eyes narrowed up to her and quickly snapped back to his phone’s screen, completely disinterested in whatever she had to say or do. Whatever he was watching was more interesting than talking to his sister. “Mm?”

“Listen Luc,” Lara began, her voice shaking a bit with nerves, “I know you told me to not to-”

Lucas sighed and looked up, locking his phone and placed it beside him. “It’s okay Lara,” he interrupted her, his eyes holding no emotion.

“What?” she blinked slowly, feeling out of bound and completely out of her league. She didn’t even feel like an eighteen year old; she felt like a child getting chastised for stealing cookies out of the forbidden jar.

“I said its okay,” he repeated, slowly as if he were talking to a small child, “Let’s just forget about everything,” his dark eyes snapped up to hers and he clenched his jaw, “every single thing that happened between us.”

Her eyes widened and she felt her heart beating quickly with fear. “Luc-”

Lucas shook his head, the anger he felt the night before coming back to haunt him. He couldn’t believe that she disobeyed him. He had given her strict, clear orders of what was going on between them and she couldn’t hold unto her end of the bargain. “I said to forget.”

“But I don’t want to forget!” She cried out, sounding like the child he was making her feel like. “I don’t know why you’re so angry at me! I didn’t do anything!”

And that did it.

Lucas stood up from the bed, his face turning into a dark scowl as he lowly whispered, “You didn’t do anything?” Lara shook her head, her heart beating faster than conga drums, “So you don’t remember what happened yesterday between you and Adrianne?”

He was inches away from Lara, towering over her shaking figure as he bit out every distasteful word that left his lips. He was beyond pissed. “Do you need a reminder?”

A single tear slid down her cheek, leaving behind a gold trail as she shook her head and bit her lip to keep it from trembling. This always softened Lucas up; it should get the trick done. But Lara thought wrong.

This time she’d have to do more than bat her eyelashes and pout her lips; she had crossed the line.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

Lucas snorted, shaking his head as he stepped away from her and sat back down on the bed. “Sorry doesn’t cut it; get out of my room, Lara. I told you the conditions of me helping you with your shit; you followed everything I said, and I’d teach you everything I knew.” He scoffed, “But even that you couldn’t do.”

Lara glared at him, crossing her arms over her chest as she finally got fed up with his attitude. Yeah, she had gotten freaky with her best friend, but it wasn’t like she shoved a dick up her “virgin tunnel,” like Adrianne would call it.

“You told me that no other man could see me, Lucas; you never said women couldn’t.”

He returned her glare, clenching his jaw even harder as he realized that she was right, but he was still angry and stubborn. “So now you’re into women?!”

“No,” she groaned, throwing her hands up in the air, “it was a one-time thing, Luc. We were both horny and had alcohol in our system. Besides it’s not bad to experiment, I was just trying out something different.”

He rolled his eyes, huffing immaturely and began cursing under his breath.

She smiled, realizing that she finally got the upper hand again and watched as her step-brother ran his fingers through his brown hair, dishevelling it into a sexy mess. Lara crawled on the bed, smiling seductively and whispered, “I want you to be my first in everything.”

When she reached Lucas, she bowed her head and pressed her lips against his, kissing him slowly and teasingly. Lucas placed his hands on her waist, putting space between them and even though his eyes spoke a different story, he said, “You’re not being forgiven that easily.”

Lara nodded quickly, her soft blonde hair falling over her shoulders and slightly tickling Lucas’ collarbone. “Of course…anything. I’ll do anything.”

“Yes you are,” Lucas stared deep into her eyes, his own shining with such passion and hunger that it reflected off hers. “Get on your knees.”

She frowned, not really catching on as Lucas stood up and stood in front of her. “W-what?”

“On. Your. Knees,” he repeated, growing irritated. Lara quickly nodded, getting on her knees as Lucas pulled her towards him and placed her head right in front of his hard bulge. “Do you see this?”

She nodded once more, her heart beating excitedly in her chest as she realized that her brother was going to give her another sexual lesson.

“He’s your friend,” Lucas whispered huskily, taking her hands in his as he felt his hard cock through the fabric of his sweatpants.

Lara giggled at him, more from anticipation than anything else, but it made his eyes snap open and he glared down at her. She quickly sobered up and gulped. This time there was something different in the atmosphere; Lucas was being dominant and she didn’t know whether to be excited or afraid.

He wasn’t going to hold back.

“I’m serious, Lara. You will not use anything else to pleasure yourself but this.” Using her hands, Lucas took his grey sweats off, sliding them down his toned calves and Lara licked her lips, eyeing his thick shaft through his boxers.

He was completely constricted and he needed immediate release and she wanted to volunteer as tribute.

“When we’re done here, you’re going to get your vibrator and hand it to me. You will not use your hands to touch yourself; you won’t use anything to pleasure yourself, do you understand me?”

Lara frowned, her heart speeding up at the thought of not climaxing every night. “B-but,” she sputtered, unable to form a coherent sentence.

“No buts,” he growled, “if you can’t do a simple task then how the fuck will you learn?!”

She quickly nodded her head and whispered, “But what about when I’m horny?! What the hell am I supposed to do then?!”

He smirked. “You come to me. I will be the only person to touch you, see you naked, feel you; anything sexual that is done to your body will only come from me. You can tell Alex at the moment that you’re going away on vacation.”

Who the fuck was Alex?!

Oh…her imaginary boyfriend, right.

“I prohibit you from seeing Adrianne without me being there. When you have friends over, I want your door open; I swear to god, Lara that if you let someone else touch you, no matter the sex, I will make sure you regret it.”

She didn’t know if she was just insane or stupid, but Lucas managed to make her pussy drenched by controlling her the way he was. She gulped nodding as he stepped out of his boxers and his cock stood at full attention.

Lara’s blue eyes widened as she stared at the monster before her. It would probably break her in half to have his throbbing shaft thrust inside her, but it would be worth it.

“Open your mouth,” he commanded, not sounding like her loving brother whatsoever. He sounded like some BDSM master.

Lara did as she was told, closing her eyes when Lucas placed his hand over them and then placed the tip of his head in her mouth. The musky male taste on her tongue made her panties heat up worse than molten lava. She needed to shove her fingers in her pussy and bring herself to a glorious climax, but if she dared go against Lucas’ word—well she wasn’t even wishing to find out.

Lucas smirked deviously as he slid the tip of his head around her mouth, pre-cum slowly oozing out and as much as it was killing him to have his cock in her mouth, but not have her do anything; he was going to teach her that he’d be the only thing she’d want in a long while.

“Kiss it,” he whispered, biting the inside of his cheek to prevent himself from chuckling. He knew that his requests were a little bizarre, but he wanted her to submit to him completely.

Her soft plump lips puckered against his head, slowly peppering kisses against it and slowly grabbed the base of his shaft to slide more of him into her mouth. Lucas closed his eyes, grunting in pleasure as Lara’s hot tongue grazed across him, making his knees weaken.

He gulped, letting his head fall back into his shoulders and huskily grunted, “Suck on it like-”

Lara cut him off by sliding his shaft into her mouth. She didn’t need him to give her similes; she just wanted to do it. Lucas groaned, entwining his fingers in her blonde hair as she sucked on him eagerly.

“Fuck…that’s…fucking amazing…”

Her lips turned into a grin around his cock and Lucas began to slam his hips into her face. Lara gagged as his entire length went inside her mouth, but she quickly tried to adjust to him as he kept slamming his hips into her.

There was no mercy at all in his actions.

And Lara loved it. That was all she wanted; for Lucas to treat her like his bitch.

“That’s it, baby,” Lucas breathily praised, “suck on your brother’s big dick.”

At the filthy words leaving his mouth, Lara moaned. She loved it when he spoke that way; it turned her on more than the fieriest chambers of hell. Lucas groaned, the vibrations of Lara’s moans making him go overboard.

He held unto her head, keeping her in place as he began to face-fuck her. Lara shut her eyes, feeling his cock filling with cum and gagged. Her throat would surely constrict in pain later on, but at the moment she adored the submissive position she was in.

She would do anything Lucas proposed without a doubt.

A long string of sperm shot into Lara’s mouth and her eyes widened as Lucas fastened his thrusting hips and almost suffocated her with his length. It sounded painful, but it really wasn’t.

For all she cared, he could hold unto her throat and slam her against the wall as she shoved his dick up her tight virgin hole. Then again, during a sexual high the body was more open to pain and Lara sometimes was a masochist…

The mind-blowing orgasm that broke through Lucas was so powerful that he almost fell to his knees. The anger mixed with lust made the cumming feel like a drug that he never wanted to end. It was glorious.

Lara swallowed his entire seed, licking her lips as she stared up at him with wide “innocent” eyes and gave him a smirk as he leaned against the bed to support himself. After regaining his normal heart beat, Lucas raised his eyebrows at her and said, “Get on the bed.”

She didn’t think twice about it, she simply climbed unto the bed and continued licking her lips. Lucas really did taste good. He must’ve been eating lots of pineapples lately…

“Open your legs,” Lucas practically growled, his voice deepening with desire.

Lara did as she was told; trying to control her breathing after Lucas gagged her with his length. She watched as Lucas got down on his knees, slowly pulling down her pyjama pants. As her bare pussy came into contact with the cold air and Lucas’ breath, she shuddered.

“Mm,” he moaned, running his nose up her smooth thighs, “at least you listened to something I told you to do.”

He was referring to her not wearing any underwear.

“I want you to tell me something, Lara.” She looked up at him. “Did Adrianne make you feel good?”

The tone of voice he spoke in told her that she should say no, but his eyes challenged her to lie. She was stuck in between two walls. “I…”

Lucas bowed down, sliding his tongue into her slit slowly and parted her waxed pussy lips. “Did she make you feel like this?”

Lara arched her back off the bed, groaning as Lucas began to lap at her dripping cunt, licking her as if she was candy. Her legs rose off the bed, wrapping around his strong shoulders as she moaned loudly and tightly grabbed unto her breasts.

He was tempted to pin them away from her chest, but he was so concentrated on her delicious taste that he chose to ignore it. His tongue flattened against her heat, sliding in between her folds and teasing her clit in the process.

Lara cried out, filled with such ferocious passion that she thought it would shatter her into a million pieces. If this was what her brother had to offer, she couldn’t wait until he showed her the rest.

Her fingers tightened around his smooth hair as she pulled him closer to her, grinding her hips into his face as he ate her out. “Fuck, Luc that feels so fucking…unf!”

“Did she suck your pussy like this?” he whispered, as he ran the tip of his tongue up and down her entire length. “Did she shove her tongue deep into your little pussy like this?”

Lara groaned, wishing that he didn’t have to prove anything to her, but groaned and yelped when he nibbled on her lips. Her entire frame shook as wave after wave of orgasms tumbled down on her, making her feel stunned.

Lucas wrapped his lips around her small clit, sucking on it until she thought it had lost all circulation and her legs shook with pleasure. Her clit was literally so sensitive at the moment that it felt completely numb.

“No one will touch you now, Lara; you’re mine. This pussy is mine; you are mine, do you understand?”

“Y-yes,” she gasped, closing her eyes and squeezing her breasts tightly. Her back arched and twisted as she cried out in bliss.

Moans and groans echoed throughout the room as Lara cried out Lucas’ name, swearing that she was thinking of him when Adrianne touched her sexually and it wasn’t until she climaxed so hard that her eyes rolled back into her head and she blacked out that Lucas believed her.

He was good at what he did.

And his sister knew that now.


There ya go, you little fucking freaks! I finally updated. Remember to show me some love now that I’m posting here and not Wattpad because I honestly just wanted to stop writing when they told me that someone reported it. Yup that’s the reason they were going to take it down, because someone didn’t read my fucking warnings and decided to report the story >.> immature fuckers. Anyways, at least I’m writing here so tell me what you liked and what you didn’t like on the comments ♥ 

This is dedicated to my bby Charlie because he wrote the beginning of the chappie. I luh you bby <3 :* I will try to update every Wednesday so stay tuned for more dirty shit c;

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Bottom tweet says “perfect for a Saturday cartoon aesthetic I always enjoyed growing up with lol”]

Four Nights

Four Nights that Sansa snuck into Jon’s bed.  

Jon felt the bed shifting and the covers moving as someone crawled into his bed.  He knew exactly who it was.  He wasn’t surprised to see long red hair pop up from underneath the blanket.  

“Sansa,” he hissed.  “We’re going to get in trouble.”

“Please Jon, let me stay. I’ve tried over and over again and it doesn’t feel as good as when you do it,” she begged.  

Jon’s stomach twisted in guilt and intrigue.  He knew that this was wrong, but he was fascinated by the image of Sansa touching herself.

“I…I bet if you try again,” he began.  

“Oh hush,” she said, and grabbed his wrist.  She led him to the soft spot in between her legs.  Jon gasped when his fingers slid easily over her skin.

“Sansa, we can’t,” he protested.

“Just this one time,” she persuaded.  Jon laid still, his hand frozen over Sansa’s skin.  He could smell her, she could feel her.  He wanted to hear her.  He wanted to hear the same soft little whimpering noises she made that time in the godswood.  

“Just this once,” he said, as his fingers began to trace circles over the bump they had discovered, to both of their delight.

Sansa sighed and turned her head.  “Yes, I promise,” she whispered.


Jon had finally fallen asleep when he felt someone climbing into bed with him.  He knew who it was even before the scent of lavender and rose reached him.  

“Sansa, we’ve got to stop this,” he murmured.

She responded by climbing on top of him and pulling off her shift in one elegant motion.  She pulled his hands to her breasts.  

“My handsome cousin…the dragon rider….the savior of the realm…how can I possibly sleep when I know you’re down the hall from me,” she teased.  She leaned down to kiss his neck and her breasts brushed against Jon’s bare chest.  He was already hard for her.  His hands went to her hips, making a liar of him as he said, “This isn’t right.”

“Just for tonight, Jon, to help me sleep,” she reassured him, although as soon as she sank down onto him, he knew what she truly meant.  


The fire had long since gone out and Jon was fast asleep when he felt Sansa slide up next to him and begin to kiss his cheek.  He slowly began to wake up while she continued to kiss his neck and chest.    

“Sansa, you need your rest, not just for you, for the baby,” he tried to say as she kissed him.

“Yes, I know,” she admitted.  “But my need for you hasn’t lessened at all.  In fact…I’m ashamed to admit it’s all I can think about.”  Jon felt a surge of protectiveness.  He pulled Sansa’s face to his and kissed her deeply.  “You shouldn’t feel ashamed, my love, ever,” he said as he kissed her.  “My desire for you has only increased as well,” he whispered as he stroked her full belly and cupped her swollen breasts.  She moaned in relief.  He knew her breasts were sore, so he turned her on her side and sank into her from behind, holding her to him.  He reached between her legs to push her towards her peak.  She began to moan and arch back into him.  He met her thrusts with his own.  “You’re so beautiful, Sansa, my beautiful wife,” he said as he sucked hungrily on her neck.  They clutched one another desperately as they came, both struggling to breathe.  

“Now, you have to promise me you’ll get some sleep,” he said, collapsing back into bed.  

“Of course,” she said, as she settled into his arms to finally fall asleep.


Jon woke up when he felt something in his bed.  He could hear giggling.  He threw back the furs.  Instead of copper waves, he found a head of dark brown curls and light violet eyes staring back at him.  He pulled Aemon to him as his son shrieked with laughter.  

Sansa sat down on the bed.  “Someone missed you,” she said smiling.  

Jon surprised Sansa by grabbing her arm and pulling her to him.  She laughed the same as Aemon had, and wrapped her arms around both of them.

“You’re never going to stop sneaking into my bed, are you?” he asked as they both settled on his chest.  

“No, never,” she finally admitted.

“Good,” he said, as he kissed the top of her head.  

Swerve X Reader – A Human Crewmate - Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – The Best Roommate?

A/N – Based on a lot of @rocksinmuffin head-canons so extra special thanks to them for that. And it’s here, thanks for the patience.

Warnings – None.

Rating – T

Swerve waited while you examined your new “home”, situated on the desk. So far, you’d been too awestruck to speak, which was probably a good sign. Gently grazing your hand over the bed, you paused, spinning around with an unbelievably huge smile on your face; a smile for Swerve.

“You did all of this yourself?” You admired.

“Well… Brainstorm helped a bit,” Swerve answered confidently, thanking Primus for keeping his vocaliser in check.

“Oh, Swerve,” You jumped into his servo, bringing the two of you level, and pecked his cheek adoringly.

The kiss felt funny to you, you’d expected it to be like kissing a family member or friend but it sparked something more. You pulled back, frowning.

“What’s wrong?” Swerve murmured, suddenly aware of how unusually close you were.

You shook your head, pecking his lips instead. A peck turned into a kiss, the kiss turned into a lingering snog and that led to amorous making out, with Swerve on cloud nine and you discovering a connection you’d never thought about.

“Swerve… Swerve… SWERVE!”

Swerve’s comm link crackled, bringing him out of the deluded fantasy he’d been experiencing.

“Rodimus?” Swerve answered the comm-link.

“Is (Y/N)’s room ready now?”

Swerve examined the desk that had been set out for you. He’d measured it exactly so that you’d be eye level with him when you stood on it. On your own, you came up to his thighs; not a bad size difference compared to most of the other mechs, it was the one time in his life he was happy to be a Minibot. The house-like setup was much improved in your last one, fit for a queen with the advancements Swerve had pestered Brainstorm for; the one thing Brainstorm wouldn’t change or take away was the images of himself depicted on the bed, shower curtain, and cushions. Ignoring that, Swerve admired the handy work, with this you were sure to like him more.

“The pinnacle of human accommodation,” Swerve joked.

“Good, I’ll send Ultra Magnus with her now, are you sure you can handle having a human roommate?”

“Who else would be better?”

“Me, Ratchet, Ultra Magnus, anyone else who’s been to Earth, probably Cyclonus, maybe Night-”

Swerve shut off his comm-link, grumbling. He was going to show the entire ship that he was the best roommate a human could ever have. However, despite his resolve and the underlying excitement, Swerve felt like he was going to purge his tanks. He knew there was nothing further he could do, he’d already cleaned the hab-suite, prepared your half, and been re-painted but he still couldn’t shake the fear that you’d come to hate him. Ignoring that, he watched his internal clock, counting every second until Ultra Magnus arrived.

It was exactly 1829 seconds till the two of you arrived or rather shortly after 30 minutes. Ultra Magnus was his usual self, serious and law abiding; he made sure to inspect your new living area before you were even allowed to see it, he even made you wait outside on your own in case he needed to lecture Swerve.

Finally, you were let in after Magnus declared the room was up to human standards. You rocketed up to the table, exploring the new “house” quietly; it was a lot more impressive than the previous one. Swerve watched you, you weren’t saying much but now, outside of his fantasy, he wasn’t sure if that was a good thing.

You paced around once more, nodding satisfactorily and saying, “It’s nice.”

Ultra Magnus took that as confirmation his job was done. He walked to the exit, excusing himself.

“Thanks Maggie,” You called cheekily.

He froze in the hallway, instantly loathing the nickname, yet as long as it was from you, he supposed it had a nice ring to it; though he would have to rebuke you for using it in public later.

The door shut automatically, leaving you and Swerve alone in a new-found state of awkward silence. You didn’t know what to say, in all honesty you were afraid of being a burden to the friendly bot; did he really have any idea how much more maintenance you needed than him?

“Uhh so…” You mumbled.

“You can move your stuff in now if you want,” Swerve blurted.

“Oh, uh, I don’t actually own anything anymore so this is it really, just me.”

“Oh, right…”

The silence fell again.

You struggled for something to say, “Thanks for doing this by the way.”

“No problem.”


“You wanna get out of here?”


“Okay, come on, I have something really cool to show you, you still have your space suit, right?”

“Y-yeah, Preceptor made me a new one, give me a minute to change?”

“Sure, great, whatever you need,” Swerve beamed; if it killed him, he was going to make you feel comfortable again.

Swerve had slipped back into his bartender rapport, entertaining you with tales of his past, news on the ship, and the crew’s latest antics. Slowly, you were managing to relax again. When you’d been in Swerve’s hab-suite earlier - Your hab-suite - you’d been afraid of doing or saying something to offend him. Swerve had quickly become your best friend on the ship and you didn’t want to jeopardise that; then you almost had by acting odd. Despite that, you were quickly realising that things were going to be okay.

The two of you stopped at a closed door. “You need to turn on your mag-boots and oxygen now,” Swerve warned.

By now, you knew you were going outside and you were more than a little frightened to do so. Yet, with Swerve by your side, you felt a little braver. After doing as told, you gave him a thumbs up, fighting the dryness in your throat.

Swerve punched in the door code, watching for your elation as you stared into open space. The elation didn’t come however. Instead, you were stuck, unmoving and unable to speak as terrifying claustrophobia took over.

“Isn’t it great?” Swerve asked, setting into a conversation about the view.

I almost died,” You panicked, remembering the pod.

“I like to come here to think sometimes.”

This is what it looked like before I came here.

“I expect we’ll see a planet in a few cycles, then we can go out together, if Ultra Magnus and Megatron let you.”

It never ends, I would have drifted forever.

“And if you walk this way-” Swerve stopped, finally noticing that you were still in the doorway while he was far ahead of you, near what looked like a metal pier.


You stood shivering, struggling to breathe.

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong? Is it too boring here? Are you feeling okay? Is it too cold?”

Unforgettable images flashed before your eyes. You were in the pod again, lights were flashing and alarms blared. Just like then, you couldn’t breathe, though this time it wasn’t because the air supply was running out.

You clawed at your throat, gasping. Swerve ran over, clutching you tightly, “(Y/N)! WHAT’S HAPPENING? IS IT A SUIT MALFUNCTION? (Y/N)?! RATCHET,” he switched to his radio, “(Y/N) NEEDS HELP.”

“WHAT HAPPENED?” Ratchet reprimanded.


“Wait there, I’m on my way!”

Swerve glanced at your pale face, panicking more at the sight of your bulging eyes. Knowing nothing that could help, he pressed his helm against your head, “It’s going to be okay, I promise. Everything will be alright.” He repeated the phrase over and over until Ratchet came, though it was unclear whether he was saying it for your benefit or his own.

“Take your time,” Rung eased, “I want you to feel comfortable, there’s no shame in here.”

You’d been sat in his patient’s chair for little over twenty minutes, searching for the right words after your visit to the medical bay. On Ratchet’s orders, you weren’t allowed to leave until you’d completed a mandatory psyche-evaluation.

“I thought…” You began hesitantly, “I thought that after seeing it – uh, space – through the windows that I’d be okay… that I was fine but- There’s only so much denial you can go through, y’know? I thought I didn’t need help but after today, I guess it was a wake-up call to come to you. Is that normal?”

“Not only is it normal, admitting you need help is the first step to recovery. I know it may seem difficult to talk about now but I’d like you to try; if it becomes too difficult, we can stop, alright?”

You nodded, forcing your mind back to before you’d been rushed to med-bay. “It was all so dark and everything real, like Swerve and the ship, it all disappeared. I’ve never felt so claustrophobic; in space, I’ve never been so cold.”


Request: “hey could you do a kylo fic were you’re basically his slave and you pretty much worship him and most of the time he’s sweet (enough) and dismissive but he can get forceful during sex if you don’t obey his orders. But you act happy about it and you always reassure him when he’s insecure and you’re always flirty and you hardly leave his room and you have to just like wear lingerie like 24/7 (sorry if this is too crazy but i love your writing so much!!! thanks boo xxxxx)”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 2891

Warnings: Smut

A/n: took the slave part of this request a bit too literally haha but I hope you guys like it!!

It was no easy task, being Kylo Ren’s lover. You had not chosen to be, but somehow, it was as if some higher being had always planned for you two to be together. Bound by fate. The fate of the invasion of your home planet, the fate of the First Order Stormtroopers taking you captive after you hadn’t found an adequate hiding place, and fate that Kylo Ren took a very deep liking to you.

You were the first and last slave he chose to do his bidding, for his commands only deemed it necessary to keep one. He could’ve had others if he had liked, but he hated the idea of it all. They expected him to be a merciless leader, to show authority and lead by example, and yet Snoke had willed him to choose a personal slave so to encourage the other men. Encourage them of what? Kylo thought. That I’m no better than a lusting pig?  

The answer had already shown itself in his mind. It was all for his image. If the soldiers saw that he could take whatever he wanted for his own, to charge someone to his side against their will and subdue them to obey him, then they would automatically subconsciously want to do the same. To lead by example, so that they might become the example itself. It wasn’t that his inferiors didn’t already fear him, it was just that after the sequences on Starkiller base, after their defeat, most had lost some respect for him. His battle wounds humanised him, very detrimentally, in the eyes of all those who served the First Order.

And so, when Hux had lined up twenty-three native women of the planet they had just inhabited, Kylo was quick to choose the one who stuck out like a sore thumb. You. The reason he was drawn to you, apart from the fact that he was almost immediately attracted to your striking appearance, is that you were the only woman not crying. If he were to pull around a human-sized burden, he would prefer it to be one he didn’t have to carry kicking and screaming.

“You.” He pointed to your tired face, his voice crackling in his vocoder. “I’ll have her sent to my quarters.”

You grimaced, already knowing what to expect. You were all women in this room, it was so plain to see what type of slavery you’d be in for.

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Sleepovers w/ Jeno
  • our no jam jeno got a request <3<3<3<33<
  • actually, the anon requested “sleeping w jeno” but i love doing these series so ;))) i combinated them
  • ugh, i’m super soft for jeno this is going to be so adorable i can tell
  • but let’s just start this already
  • okay so,,,,
  • this baby boy would probably invite you to the dorms 24/7
  • and today was one of those day actually hehe
  • y’all spend the whole day together, you had a little date outside and the continued it in the dorms
  • and because of all the stuff you did together you were super tired
  • because dates with jeno would be probably idk walks trought the park that always ends up in you bpushing him and then star running for your life
  • because both of you are small kids filled with energy after all <3<3
  • unless when it’s time to sleep, then both of you became babies
  • the thing is that he noticed how sleepy and tired you were
  • so he was like
  • “do wanna sleep here tonight, princess?”
  • and your eyes shined when he proposed this
  • ofc you agreed and then both you called your tutors aka your parents and mark to ask for permission
  • lmao
  • and then both of you started to organize everything
  • both of you changed the bedsheets for new ones and tied the room a little
  • even tho he did most of the things bc you seem so tired that he didn’t want you to even move
  • so he was like
  • and then it hit him
  • “oh, right, do you have your pjs here?”
  • and ofc you didn’t have them because it wasn’t on your plans to have a sleepover any time soon
  • but you didn’t want to make him feel worried about something so silly
  • “well, this outfit is not that uncomfort-”
  • but jeno being the perfect bf he is ofc didn’t allow you that
  • “no, i’ll give you something”
  • “you can sleep with the sweats you’re wearing now but i’ll give you one of my t-shirts”
  • he made sure to choose the softest material and one of the biggest he had because he knows how much you love baggy cloths
  • and both of you were super blushy in that moment fdjkslñ aw
  • and you were like okay!!!! :))) sure!!!! :))) what a pity that i didn’t brought my pjs right???!! :)))
  • but, tbh, he was just as happy as you, specially when he saw you
  • you went to the bathroom so you could chang and wash up while jeno kept organizing
  • and when you came back you were like
  • “oh, did you finish already?”
  • he literally put his hand of his chest as he took like two good seconds to calm himself down
  • you looked adorable whitout makeup and with his t-shirt that looked gigantic on your body
  • my boy wasn’t prepared to see such a cute image, his heart melted and after being able to breath again he showed you the widest smile ever
  • “yeah, lets go to sleep y/n”
  • both of you layed on bed and couldn’t stop giggling and smiling because of how awkward everything was
  • he moved his hand under the bedsheets to grab yours and tried to make the situation more comfortable while talking as he caressed your hand
  • and his soft voice and touches were so relaxing and everytime you were getting more and more sleepy
  • and the more sleepy you are the more clingy you get
  • suddenly you had you arms around his waist and you were comfortably laying your head in his shoulder
  • and you were trying your best to keep you eyes open so your butterfly kisses were making him more cuddly and giggly and aww
  • “y/n, you don’t need to keep awake for me, if you’re tired just sleep”
  • and his words really helped you to sleep
  • that and the little peck he stealed, making you fall asleep with a little smile on your lips
  • but jeno feel asleep like 20 or 30 mins later
  • your presence itself was somehow really distracting to him and he couldn’t think of nothing but how much he loves you
  • you seem so peaceful and angelic while sleeping and he couldn’t help but feel all this butterflies inside his stomach
  • he stealed a few kisses more but you never noticed a few seconds later he would fall in a deep sleep, feeling warm and secure in your arms
  • and when he wakes up because of your kisses and caresses he would have the same stupid smile on his pretty face
  • “oh? i woke you up? i’m sorry”
  • he just felt so happy the whole time, even once you came back home he couldn’t stop daydreaming about you
  • the other dreamies were disturbed, lmao
  • okay and the end
  • i’ll go to sleep myself now
  • and alone because i don’t have this kind here to make me company <l3
  • lmao, bye
Jealous ~ 10K/Reader

Citizen Z flirts with the reader over the video chat and 10K gets jealous and sassy.
I can just imagine 10K being jealous and because he’s quite young and never really had a girlfriend before? I don’t know…


The screen lit up with Citizen Z’s grinning face on it, there was a small camera above this which you assumed meant that he could see you too.

“Hey, its Citizen Z!” You grinned up at the image on the screen.

Hi! (Y/N). Looking gorgeous as always.” You blushed lightly as you were confused at the action. Luckily you were saved by the embarrassment as Citizen Z asked to see Murphy, who was standing beside 10K and moved him out of the way slightly so he could come in to view. This action made 10K rub up against your back and you turned around to look at his eyes but he was looking stoically ahead, seemingly at Citizen Z.

You faced forward continuing to listen to Citizen Z talking about the mission and where you would be going to next.

The mission is a go, thanks to yours truly. That’s good news, right?” Citizen Z’s voice rang out.

“Good news would be a package of Oreos and a couple gallons of milk.” 10K muttered sarcastically, glaring up at the virtual image of Citizen Z.

Citizen Z instructed you on where to go next and you all piled out of the small room, making your way towards the truck. You climbed in to the truck bed along with 10K but he made an effort to deliberately sit as far away from you as possible.

“10K, what is the matter with you today?”

“Nothing,” He muttered, looking anywhere but at you. You raised an eyebrow.

“You know I know when you’re lying right?” You lifted yourself up and sat down beside 10K, your legs touching.

“Tell me what’s wrong, please?”

“I said nothing. Why don’t you go back and talk to your boyfriend.” He mumbled.



You burst out laughing and 10K looked towards you with even more hurt in his eyes. “He’s not my boyfriend, 10K.” You managed to get out between laughter,

“I don’t think the apocalypse is the time for long distance relationships" 10K didn’t reply but you could see the pink on his cheeks and the stiffness of his body. 

"Anyway. I’m just waiting on the right guy,” You smiled gently towards him. You had a feeling 10K might like you but you didn’t want to act upon it just in case. You knew about how much interaction he had with women in the past. Being so young when the apocalypse started. He was definitely a man now though, his now muscular arms proving this. 

“Puppies and kittens,” You snapped yourself out of your daze as Warren alerted everyone to the incoming zombie. 

10K lifted his rifle up with ease and fired a shot that was slightly over your head. You had no fear because you knew 10K’s aim was always on point. The zombie dropped to the ground and 10K lowered his rifle, leaning back against the truck beside you, your legs still touching.

“Well I hope you find the right guy.” He muttered.

“Yeah, I think I have.” You said, smiling sincerely at him. 10K looked back at you confused. You simply leaned over and took his hand in your own, threading your fingers together, facing back towards the road, the wind from the moving vehicle whipping through your hair. 10K squeezed your hand slightly in return, his features going from confused to happy, leaning back on the truck beside you.

“You know, you’re cute when you’re jealous” You smirked.

“I was not jealous.”

I don’t want to lose you.

Imagine: You confessed Dean your feelings for him, but he didn’t say anything, so you left to the nearest bar and while you were with a guy Dean arrives and beat the shit out of him.

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Pairings: Dean x Reader / Sam (mentioned)

Warnings: Angst, Strong lenguage

Word count: 1416

A/N: Jealous Dean is one of my favourite things ever. I had this in mind for a couple of days and now I’m happy to finally writting it. Italics are flashbacks. ;) Also if you can hear I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith while reading it, would be amazing… You’ll see why.

Tears coming down through your face while you were driving your motorcycle at high speed.  You could literally feel your heart breaking every time you remembered what happened.

Something happened that lead Dean and you into a discussion. “Could you stop this? You can’t be fucking controlling what I do Y/N!” Dean yelled. “I’m worried! Worried that something may happen to you!” With that, you felt how everything was coming to an end. Now it was obvious you felt something for Dean.  “I am because I’m fucking in love with you, Dean!” You instantly regret saying that, but it was too late. Dean’s face changed and he was no longer looking at you. He turned his back to you. “Well… Good luck with that.” He said before leaving the room.

You kicked the door and looked at yourself in the mirror. You weren’t going to cry for Dean or at least not where he could see you. You knew that telling him was a bad idea, but you couldn’t hide it anymore. “Fuck this!”

You took a bag and you packed all your things. Then you walked through the bunker and Sam saw you. “Hey Y/N, going somewhere?” Sam asked. “Far.” You didn’t look at him. “Don’t call me again.” “What?” Sam lowered his cup of tea. “Y/N are you alright?” “I just need to get the fuck out of here.” Sam was looking you with confusion in his eyes. “Sorry, Sammy”

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Originally posted by awhoreslies

You woke with a jolt, a tantalizing pain in your stomach. You bent over, grabbing at your stomach as pain ripped through it. A few cries left your lips as it felt like you were being stabbed over and over again. You subconsciously gripped at the sheets next to you, hoping to find Tommy inhabiting the space there but it was empty. In the dark of your bedroom, alone and sweating at the pain worsened, you thought for a split second someone had broken into the house and was digging a sharp knife into you. But there was no one. Only you, alone.

Tears began to roll down your cheeks as the pain lessened as quickly as it had started. You breathing became normal again as you felt hot, sticky liquid between your legs. You began to shiver, your body’s way of compensating for the loss of blood it was experiencing as you sat in it, ashamed and unable to get up.

The moment the pain had ceased to exist you knew why. You knew what had happened, why there blood was seeping into the sheets around your core. Now you were truly alone, and you knew you shouldn’t be.

You managed to pull yourself from bed, and make your way over to the phone.

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HC MC showering and fainting in their apartment

well that happened to me like a few days ago I had a fever came out the shower got dizzy tried to go the bed but fainted on the way being naked. I hit my head on the door frame too. I was alone but  I somehow thought it be a interesting hc and I also wished they would be their lol.

Im a unicorn now

So For this MC is not with anyone yet but their some feels. Somehow the water was not working in that apartment so seven was saying you can go to one of the members to take a shower.

In the guys case Jaehee was way too busy to be in the chat where it was desired where to shower.

If anyone wants they can write that chat.

Let´s just pretend it makes sense

if anyone wants i can add unknown and v too


  • so you thought it would be good idea since zen  has probably no interest in you and he said he was going to  practice his lines anyway so no big deal
  • you stared to feel a bit sick but brushed it off
  • zen was really nice showing you how to set the temperature while flirting with you
  • you didn’t took him serious I mean he is an actor and he must be flirting with anyone
  • so you thought at least
  • so you started feeling dizzy in the shower getting out setting the water off wrapping a towel around yourself
  • the bathroom was so small you couldn’t risk fainting in here you thought you would made it to the couch but you didn’t
  • you fainted right in front of the bathroom door
  • Zen just heard a loud noise ~knight mode activated~  thinking you might dropped something so he  checked on you
  • but then  he saw you and panicked right away. Lucky their you woke up still hazy grasping on what happened
  • your towel meanwhile moved a bit to south you where to out to notice it and Zen was way to worried
  • you said it happens sometimes no big deal you felt feverish anyway so a bit laying would help
  • Zen was still super worried and despite you saying its not so bad he carried you to the bed
  • He noticed the towel had moved but tried his best to not look too much ~ ignore the beast Zen~
  • so you ended up in Zens bed but different then you ever imaged he was super worried still and refused to let you go home
  • Zen cooked for you and was really relived that you where pretty okay by the evening
  • could not get halfnaked you out of his head never mentioned what he saw but it seemt he became more serious towards you


  • He was a good friend and he thought it would be no issue at all to let a girl take a shower in his apartment ~naive Yoosung~
  • so you took his offer
  • he was more flustered then he thought as you arrived tried his best to not let it show kinda regretted his decision already
  • but then again it was nice to have you around
  • he prepared everything for you
  • you felt really dizzy in the shower turning it off wrapping yourself also the bath was way to small to faint in it so you stepped out
  • Yoosung seemly confused ~did she needed something why was she in  a towel +insert panic-blush here+ ~
  • but then bamm you where on the ground instant super panic attack by Yoosung.
  • He has none of this calling the ambulance despite you telling him you okay you just fainted you be okay
  • Yoosung was not listening he would not risk to loose you
  • at least he agreed to you dressing something while waiting  
  • After the medics said its probably no big deal but took you just in case anyway he was relived
  • He refused to let you drive alone and he stayed on your side the entire time after it was clear that it was nothing he finally passed out on a chair right next to you
  • he figured that you where more then his friend but it took him a bit to confess it


  • This made the most sense anyway you both are girls despite your feelings for her
  • you knew it was one sided so it was all okay
  • so you set everything up since she was so busy
  • and you started feeling dizzy you forgot the towel too -darn
  • you had no choice but go out naked
  • Jaehee just heard a sound she came to look what you broke ~she was super worried but wouldn’t say that~
  • she was panicking but stayed  calm enough on the outside checked your vitals ignoring the fact that you are naked on the floor
  • you woke fast back up hazy trying to grasp what happened Jaehee calmly explained you fainted
  • well you knew that already but thank you Jaehee she helped you to the couch so you could rest covered you up asap
  • you told her that fainting just happens sometimes to you so no need for a ambulance she is okay with it
  • letting you stay till you better and then over night
  • not really wanting to let you go the next morning was not saying anything over that to you
  • letting later hints drop of you moving in with her so she can make sure you are ok ~really smooth~


  • His penthouse is huge with two bathrooms and all that.
  • Much better then his offer to let you stay in a hotel you would feel awful to make him pay for that anyway.
  • So you arrived he was different then normal but you just thought he was uneasy around you
  • Jumin had someone prepare the bathroom for you
  • He fast excused himself to his home office you thought you annoy him
  • So you took a shower got dizzy and left the shower bathroom was huge but everything looked so expensive you don’t wanted to break Jumins stuff
  • You wrapped yourself in a towel and stepped out you managed to go in the living room before you fainted on his carpet
  • Jumin thought it was his cat but it was you
  • He was the calmest on the outside but we all know that was a lie inside he crumbled he felt your vitals a bit embarrassed at your quite naked state
  • Jumins was relived as you woke up quite fast.
  • You where hazy but you could tell him what happened
  • Jumin called a doctor to check on you anyway their was no option to refuse him.
  • Made sure you dressed proper
  • The doctor was agreeing to what you said but recommended you to take it easy
  • So you did in Jumins penthouse he refused to let you go back for the next 3 days
  • just to make sure you are okay ~because he would use all excuses to keep you their as long as possible~
  • After everyone telling him they call the police on him he finally gave in
  • Making sure you know how he feels about you by kissing you before you leave
  • well damm now you cant go ~plan succeeded~


  • you where sure it was not a good idea but you liked him so you thought it be nice to spend time with him ~i feel sorry for you already~
  • after he opened the door ~you  had to beg him to open it since you don’t know Arabic~
  • You had to prepare the shower yourself since he was busy ~and you distract him enough as it is~
  • So you take the shower and you get dizzy his bathroom is small so you have to open the door you wrap yourself in a towel and step out
  • Seven does not hear you falling but he does see it
  • wants to Run over in a instant but then he is relived as you move being really hazy and wobbly
  • Seven has no clue what to do so he freezes up somehow finds himself going over to you as you lay on the couch
  • he is acting like he has no clue what just happened you explain that you need to lay after you just fainted
  • you don’t need a doctor but he lets you rest you
  • Seven leaves the headphones down just in case you need something
  • brings you whatever you need. Seems annoyed but you see right threw him
  • Seven is embarrassed over your towel only outfit lets you dress in his room after you feel a bit more clear
  • lets you sleep in his sine you still wobbly by the evening
  • trys not to think on you sleeping in his bed on his pillow under his blanket ~fails hard~
  • somehow thinks its his fault
  • drives you back in the early morning from now on he will keep an close eye to the cctv out of security reasons
  • he is not worried about you at all ~lies~
  • will ignore his feelings for like 3 days and pretend its nothing
Lace Lingerie

Originally posted by fukumin99

(Warning: contains rimming and anal play. I also cut this one short because I wasn’t sure if I was feeling it but if you guys like it, I’ll continue.) 

With your pulse racing, you stared at the shining cream and black bag Minho had left for you whilst he went out to practice. A bag full of different types of panties, some made from silk and lace so soft that they slipped from your fingers. You caught a glimpse at one of the price tags. 99 dollars for a simple white thong with a diamante detail. You gasped at how much he must have spent in the store. But why did he buy all of this? Next to the bag, he’d left a hand written note reading:

‘I expect one of these to be on you when I return and nothing else or there’ll be trouble.’ 

You had to admit that the note sent an intense warm tingle through your core and a shot of excitement through your veins that reached your finger tips. You kind of liked being in trouble; you enjoyed your punishments even though you weren’t supposed to but you sensed Minho wasn’t in a playful mood today; he was serious about this request. Looking through the multiple pairs, you tried to find one that would at least cover some of your behind, wanting to tease Minho and make him crazy for you.

Goosebumps spread across your body in anticipation when you heard the front door close. In your sheer black booty short style panties and nothing else, as he requested, you tried to act like you hadn’t been waiting for him to return, flopping down on your bed and pretending to read a book. You didn’t even have to look up to know he was there; you could feel Minho’s dark, lust filled eyes examining your body and it did things to you. With your breasts exposed, you hoped he couldn’t see your nipples harden with arousal. 

“Mmm, even better than I imagined. You’re such a good girl.” 

Minho hummed in appreciation, folding his arms and admiring his woman. From behind the book, you bit your lower lip, trying not to smirk at his words. 

“I try…”

You replied, placing the book down and gawking at your topless sex god boyfriend. He made your heart thump against your chest like a boxing match. 

“Thank you for the panties Sir but why did you get me them?” 

You asked curiously, crawling to the edge of the bed where he stood with an obvious hard on trying to break free from his grey joggers. He smirked, an aura of cockiness about him. 

“Because, princess, I like to watch your butt almost pop out from them.” 

And within seconds, he reached over and grabbed your ass cheeks, squeezing them dominantly and making you squeal from surprise. 

“These are nice baby but I was hoping you’d pick a pair that’s a little more revealing.” 

He commented, staring at your behind and making you blush. 

“You’re going to have to model some for me. I want to see your perky ass bounce and don’t be coy about it. Off you go.” 

“I like the lace on these ones. You look amazing in pink Princess.” 

Minho said, running his fingers down the soft fabric until he reached peep hole on your mound. You could see the desire in his eyes and his body tense as he felt a part of himself stiffen even more. After trying on three pairs for him, he decided he liked the pink ones the most, wanting to rip them from your soft skin. 

“Bend over the bed for me.” 

He instructed and you weren’t about to defy him. Minho had a hand that was ready to spank your ass with no mercy; an image of the last time he spanked your ass so hard that it bruised shades of purple and yellow flashed through your mind. No, you were going to be a good girl today. Minho couldn’t resist touching when you bent over, the thong allowed him to kiss and nibble your back side and you loved the attention you were getting from him. 

“You see Princess, I have a thing for a nice round ass. Something to spank and grab and kiss. Fuck, yours looks so delicious and wow, these panties are doing something to me.” 

Minho’s words made it hard to breathe, your pants becoming heavier and steaming up the room. You couldn’t help but mewl when you felt his fingers hook around the band of the thong and peel it from your hips. The thin fabric dropped to the floor and Minho wasted no time in giving your left cheek a hard spank. 


You squeaked, pouting in to the pillow. 

“Sorry baby. I couldn’t help myself. You’ve been a good girl for me today. I should reward you, shouldn’t I pretty girl?” 

He knew what his pet names did to you. Already, you were struggling to keep still and to fight off the urge to touch yourself. Minho always managed to make you wet within seconds, completely under his control. By nature, he was a dominant but luckily, a loving and generous boyfriend who you adored. You nodded in agreement, telling him you wanted a treat but that wasn’t a good enough response for him. Making you shriek, his hand slapped your right cheek harder than the other. Pain spread through your skin as you could feel your behind glow a bright shade of red. 

“Try answering me again Princess.” 

His tone was soft yet authoritative. You gulped before shyly answering: 

“Yes Sir, I’d like a reward please.” 

You could sense his triumphant, pleased smirk. It was difficult for you to be verbal with your desires with him, only because he looked so damn good all the time and you could barely find your words, never mind say naughty things that made you want to hide your face under the covers.

“That’s a good girl.” 

You could feel his warmth breath on your behind, his hands gently spreading your derriere. All sorts of thoughts were running through your mind; this was a new feeling, a foreign sensation. You felt his lips, there. Minho placed the tip of his fingers inside your butt hole sometimes; when he was feeling adventurous, he’d gently insert his thumb and watch you squirm in a mixture of pain and pleasure but his lips and tongue were different. 

Is this okay?

Is this normal? 

Is this hygienic? 

You had so many questions about this but you were struggling to pay attention to them; what he was doing felt amazing though it was hard to admit it to yourself. This was so kinky, even for yours and Minho’s relationship that had always been mixed with aspects of BDSM. Minho’s strong hands firmly kept you spread open and exposed. Like he’d been dreaming about it for years, the point of his tongue drew circles around your tight butt hole and then probed your confused sphincter. A desperate groan escaped your mouth, telling Minho how you felt about his little experiment. For a moment, he took his mouth away from you, happy with himself. 

“You like this baby?”

Minho questioned as he massaged your aching butt cheeks, admiring how firm yet bouncy they were then he touched them. Embarrassed, you didn’t want to tell him how much you liked it yet you didn’t want him to stop. He couldn’t stop now; you were getting so wet. 

“Yes…I like it.” 

Minho moved his mouth back to your butt. 

“Such a naughty girl.” 

You heard him whisper before spitting on your hole and probing it with his tongue a little more. He tried different techniques with you to see your responses, flattening his tongue and licking it slowly, almost fucking it with a stiff tongue and wiggling it fast side to side, using a sucking motion but every response was the same, a loud moan and a plead for more. You couldn’t believe how you were almost reaching an orgasm from something as dirty as what he was doing but you knew for sure that you wanted him to bring this in to the bedroom permanently. It felt so good that you were even tempted to try to reach behind you and bring his head in further. Deeply, you wished you could see what his face looked like buried between your buttocks. You bet it looked delicious; what a thrilling thought, your clit ached and begged to be touched. When Minho stopped, you could feel the sexual tension and desire so much that beads of sweat appeared on your forehead. Having no idea what he had in mind next, you held your breath, not daring to look at him in the eyes; you’d be sucked under his control within seconds. 

“Oh baby girl, do you have any idea what you’ve done to me?” 

RFA+Saeran Doing Their Lover's Makeup For The First Time

I’m so sorry it took me this long to write this. I explained my writing hiatus in a previous post, but I still don’t think it’s any excuse *sweatdrops* please forgive me, and enjoy!

*****I am on mobile so I had a LOT of technical difficulties, this was originally a request but Tumblr decided to fuck me and ahdbdbdndnd this took hours but here you guys go*****

- It was just another lazy day, with MC laying across Yoosung’s lap on the couch watching some kdrama

- Yoosung’s fingers would be tangled in MC’s hair as he played with their locks.

- Neither of them were paying attention to the TV. MC was staring at the ceiling and Yoosung was just calmly watching MC’s chest rise and fall as they breathed

- “Jagiya, is there anything you want to do? I’ve seen this entire show several times, I’m boooored” Yoosung would whine

- MC closed their eyes, thinking

- “Do you want to do my makeup?”

- Yoosung would be a bit taken aback. Hair, he had experience with, but makeup?

- “ A-are you sure? You’re not worried I’ll mess up your face or hurt you?”

- “Yoosung, you’re putting makeup on me, not performing surgery”

- MC ran to their shared bedroom and came back with a box full of makeup and a grin on their face

- This poor boy had no clue what he was doing

- “This is lipstick, r-right?”

- “….. Yoosung that’s mascara”

- Yoosung tried his best, gently caressing MC’s face the whole time, trying not to poke them or smear anything

- “S-stop giggling so much! You’re gonna make me get it on your nose!”

- When he was done, MC didn’t look too bad.

- (MC thought they looked like a raccoon on LSD but Yoosung didn’t need to know that)

- “I think I’d like to try this again, so I can get better!”

- Yoosung looked so proud and excited MC agreed

- MC eventually got her revenge though

- MC was sitting on their bed, scrolling through Tumblr on their laptop

- They had found a Zen fanpage, filled with gifs from interviews and movies

- MC came across an image of Zen getting his makeup done. Naturally, he looked flawless while doing so.

- Zen, who was sitting across the bed, received a pillow smacked directly to his face

- “MC what was that for?!” As he scrambled to get back on the bed after being knocked off

- “For being extremely rude, who gave you the right to look so good?” MC huffed

- Zen looked over at the image, laughing “I can’t help it, I was just born with good looks”

- Staring at the image, he suddenly had an idea

- “MC would you let me do your makeup?”

- Zen didn’t have much in the way Of makeup because he rarely used it, but he definitely knew how to apply it

- Like Yoosung, he would be extra careful, his skilled hands dancing across MC’s face

- Zen would go for a glamorous look, with champagne tones and ombre lips

- “MC you have such good skin, you barely need anything at all”

- He would praise and compliment MC the whole time

- As often as they were intimate, this was the first time he really noticed the soft curve of MC’s lips

- Or the shape of their eyes

- Once or twice MC would have to get Zen’s attention as he spaced out

- When he was done, both Zen and MC would be impressed by his work

- “You look nothing short of an idol, Jagiya” he grinned

- He reminded himself to get MC to do a photoshoot with him sometime

Jaehee (gayhee amirite)
- It was one of Jaehee’s rare days off, thanks to Jumin leaving the country on vacation

- She relaxed with MC in their kitchen early in the morning, making coffee for the both of them

- Neither of them had anything planned, they were just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company

- Jaehee handed MC their coffee, giggling at the smeared makeup around their eyes from the day before

- “If you keep leaving your makeup on like this you’ll get breakouts” as she wiped a stray streak of eyeliner away

- “I was too tired to wipe it off” MC grumbled

- MC watched Jaehee’s eyes move across their face as she tried to fix MC’s mess of a face

- “Jaehee, would you like to do my makeup?” MC hummed

- “M-me? You would trust me to do that?”

- Jaehee never had anyone to practice makeup on before. Sure, she does her own, but she just never had that kind of bonding experience with another person

- MC nodded, and Jaehee smiled excitedly as she dragged MC to their bedroom

- Jaehee wasn’t a makeup expert, but we still knew what she was doing

- She went for a more natural look, wanting to accentuate MC’s features rather than weighing them down with dark colors

- Jaehee admired MC’s eyes as she applied slightly shimmery shadow with not-too-dark eyeliner

- She also got distracted while applying nude lipstick

- MC took the opportunity to kiss Jaehee on the lips, transferring the lipstick onto her mouth as well

- “M-MC!” Jaehee exclaimed, surprised

- Jaehee would blush furiously as MC smirked triumphantly

- The rest of the makeover would compose of MC continuously teasing Jaehee

- Nevertheless Jaehee loved the entire experience, and always asked MC to let her do their makeup from then on

- Jumin never really cared for women who wore a lot of makeup

- Scantily-clad women with caked on faces were his father’s type

- Of course, he didn’t mind MC wearing makeup. He always bought the best brands, making sure nothing would irritate her skin or give her any bad reactions

- One day in their livingroom, the topic came up

- “I sincerely do not understand why women feel the need to paint their faces in order to look presentable. In fact, it typically contradicts the whole purpose.”

- “Well, sometimes women just want to look nice. True, some girls overdo it but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to spruce up once in a while.” MC shrugged, petting Elizabeth

- Jumin genuinely didn’t see the appeal, if a woman wanted to apear attractive shouldn’t her actions speak louder than her looks?

- “I think that’s more objective.”

- MC understood where he was coming from, but they still tried to think of how to change his mind about makeup

- MC shot up, running to their room leaving a slightly startled Jumin behind

- As MC brought back their makeup case, Jumin held a perplexed expression

- MC placed the box in Jumin’s hands. “I want you to do my makeup.”

- “Why? I see no need for you to wear it.”

- “That’s nice of you and all, but I want to show you how makeup can be a positive thing.”

- Jumin wanted to refuse, but he couldn’t resist MC’s puppy-eyed look

- He didn’t know what he was doing, but he had seen some of his father’s dates apply makeup before so he tried to copy what they were doing

- He picked out the tones that he thought complimented MC’s eyes best, and carefully applied it

- Jumin was a bit hesitant to apply eyeliner in fear of poking MC, but MC guided him through it just fine

- “I rather like this tone, it suits your eye color well.” he admitted

- He looked down at MC when he was done, their glistening eyes and plump lips catching his eyes

- “I think I am beginning to understand the appeal” he muttered, admiring the shimmering color of MC’s lips, the slight rosy tint on their cheeks

- Although that could have just been MC blushing

*hehe oops this is where I accidentally posted without finishing it but I edited it so it is now finished. I am a bad author lol*

- MC was casually watching their favorite anime on their laptop while Seven slaved away at his desk

- Well, actually Seven had quit working about an hour ago after being distracted by some YouTube videos of cats, but MC didn’t have to know that

-MC was too invested in anime to scold him anyways

- Seven distractedly clicked video after video, and he eventually ended up watching some Harley Quinn makeup tutorial

- He didn’t particularly care about makeup, but he was so bored he’d watch anything

- After the tutorial was over, he suddenly had an idea

- Seven stood up, walking over to the stretched-out MC and proceeded to lay across their body, blocking MC’s view of the laptop

- “MC I need attention.”

- “Saeyoung if this is about getting a pet tiger I already told you-”

- “Not this time.” He sat up, leaning in towards MC. “ I want to do your makeup.”

- MC was surprised. “Where did that request come from?”

- “Boredom and about half of a case of Phd.Pepper”

- MC cautiously handed Seven their box of makeup, a bit worried of what was about to ensue

- Seven immediately took out MC’s eyeshadows, deciding to follow the tutorial he had watched earlier

- The whole time, he insisted on MC keeping their eyes closed, much to MC’s worry

- “You’re making me look like a tiger aren’t you, I knew this was your form of payback-”

- “Just relax, Jagi, I’ll be done in a bit”

- Seven had skilled, steady hands as he delicately worked on MC’s face as if he were making a piece of artwork

- After he had finished skillfully smudging one side of MC’s lipstick, he handed them a mirror

- “Wow. Have you ever considered cosplay?” MC was impressed while Seven grinned like a idiot

- “I told you you can trust me Jagi.”

- MC’s smile halted as they looked at Seven suspiciously. “…. Saeyoung you haven’t done any work, have you?”

- Saeran had done his fair share of makeup

- He had always managed to skillfully smudge eyeliner around his eyes while still appearing masculine. He was fine if he had to go without it, but he still preferred just a little bit

- One day he was rummaging around in MC’s makeup, looking at the wide array of colors and hues that they had collected

- He didn’t even know what half of those brushes were for

- MC walked in on Saeran looking at the back of one of their pallets. “Whatcha doing?”

- Saeran jumped a bit, startled. He sighed upon realizing it was MC.

- “Just looking. Why do you have so many colors when you don’t use half of them?”

- MC shrugged. “I have them just to have them, I guess. I’ve never had the occasion to use most of them.”

- Saeran nodded, going back to looking at the pallet.

- MC leaned in. “Do you… want to do my makeup?” They asked.

- Saeran looked a little surprised, but was happy to do so nonetheless. “Of course.”

- Once he actually had the makeup in his hand, he became a nervous wreck.

- He was constantly apologising at every small bit of eyeshadow dust or pigment that fell onto her cheeks

- The poor guy was so worried about messing up that he became shakier than he originally was, making a bigger mess

- He flinched when MC blinked, getting eyeliner on their cheek and becoming extremely flustered

- “MC I-I’m so sorry let me fix it-”

- MC put their hand on his shaking one, smiling tenderly. “It’s just makeup, Saeran. It’ll wipe off.”

- MC let Saeran use a makeup wipe to clean their face. He softly wiped their cheek, taking extra care as if MC would break otherwise.

- MC looks in his eyes. “Just pretend you’re putting makeup on yourself. If you mess up, its not the end of the world.”

- After that, Saeran was less shaky and became more confident in what he was doing. He perfectly outlined MC’s eyes, smudging dark eyeshadow while giving them blood red ombre lips

- MC and Saeran both were heavily impressed. After that, MC started lett left Saeran put makeup on them more often, both of them thoroughly enjoying the experience.

(I realize that V sadly wasn’t included in this one, but seeing how V is basically blind I felt it would be too short and unfair compared to the other headcanons. If you guys liked these, I’ll consider giving it another shot with V!)