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The Worlds Greatest Detective

Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Reader

Request: Hey there:) can I request something where Bruce comes back from patrol frustrated because the trail he was tracking went cold or something so the reader helps him blow off some steam? Can it be a little smutty please? Thanks;)

Description: After going on a wild goose chase with none other than The Riddler, Bruce returns frustrated and defeated. Y/N attempts to make her lover feel better, but only one thing can make him feel like himself and clear his mind. 

Smut: yep! 

Words: 2266

Requests are open!


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Éffleurer - Chapter 1

Genre: Smut (Future), CFO!Jin AU

Word Count: 4,800+

Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

Warnings: Profanity, mentions of sex, mature themes

A/N: Sections entirely in italics denote a flashback.

Chapter: 01 | 02

His office always smelled of forests: woody, faintly sweet, and reminiscent of sunlight and hiking trails and ripened fruit, always capable of lulling you into a comforted sense of calm whenever you entered. Occasionally, when you headed into your boss’s office you would hear the low notes of classical piano playing from his desktop speakers, or quiet r&b music, or even, that one shocking time, a very explicit rap song, adding to the atmosphere.

As you sat opposite him today it was quiet instead and you nestled comfortably into the rich leather of his guest chair, watching him as he focused on his computer screen and the reports you had sent a short time ago. He twirled a gold-nibbed montblanc between long, lithe fingers, a sure sign that he was concentrating, though the hint of a smile was always peppered on his lips.

You studied his face while he studied the numbers, more than content with silently enjoying the look of him. If the world had its fair share of handsome men, then you were content with your cut of laying eyes on Kim Seokjin five days a week, and even the odd Saturday of deadlines and overtime.

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anonymous asked:

I think this helps explain why the mixed messages from Sam. Shortly after IFH, Sam said in a print interview that he didn't want to do it because that would break the spell (though Cait insisted on doing it). He obviously wanted/wants fans to stay interested in the show with this "are they or aren't they". He kept doing the Cait lovefests on his SM, and then posted the Georgia map pic and geotagged that Audi pic. All of these have been done intentionally. He knows exactly what he's been doing.

Ah, this infamous IFH again. To be fair, nonnie, there are endless theories as to the mixed messages and there are those who would contest the notion of Sam sending them. Let’s say we go with your theory, which I might add, many have put forward as well. So, Sam does this intentionally; have a SM lovefest and counter that with obscure not-so-lovefest with the supposed SO. For a guy who does not live out his relationships and personal life on SM, he is sure bent on people knowing who his “real” SO is, which I am sensing from you, is the-one-who-climb-trees-and-superficially-support-charities.

What it comes down to is interpretation. We are interpreting each move they make on SM and imbuing them with meaning based on our beliefs and perception of said interactions, as well as theories of what has been presented to fandom in general. We are suppose to believe that Sam is with ___. We are suppose to believe that Cait is with ____. We operate on the knowledge that has been circulated and the lens that has been presented to us as a method of processing such representations. We panicked (well, some people do), individually and collectively when the games begin. It’s a vicious cycle. And we wonder, why do I care? Why do I do this to myself? Why are they not togetehr? Don’t they see what we see? Why is he with her? Why does she not have self-respect? Why is she not working? Cait is not innocent of all this!  T is a good guy! Why should I continue supporting their charities when it’s all been a sham? (A note: Supporting charities, regardless of the circumstances, is a an admirable thing).

Nonetheless, for the past three years, we have also seen Sam and Cait together and see the magic or sorcery that ensues. #bettertogether. Now, one might argue that this magic or sorcery is orchestrated to drum up interest in the show, support their charities, and keep them in the limelight. As much as sometimes I succumb to this line of thought, I also wonder why would two actors who are busy working and building a career indulge in this child’s play? For what purpose? To safeguard their relationship and their sanity? To protect their real SOs? If there are indeed real SOs floating out there, I do hope all this is worth it; that Sam and Cait are worth the trouble. I know that watching them grind up against each other, eye-fuck, heart-eyes, complete each other’s sentences, silently communicate, project one body/mind/soul, etc is enough to make me run for the hills.

To circle back to your theory that Sam knows what he is doing, you also have to ask, what is he really doing? Is he doing anything? Who is he doing it for? Or, is the doing connected only to how we perceive the events that occur?

such a stylish (aspiring)villain boy 

anonymous asked:

Hey, sorry I'm a total n00b, but what's the deal with everyone repeating the "phil kessel is a stanley cup champion" thing? Sorry to bother you! x)

So, it depends a little bit on who you ask, the actual origin is a little unclear, but it is, essentially, a rally cry and big “Fuck You” to all the Phil Kessel haters, of which there are irrationally many. You probably need some backstory about Phil for it to make more sense -

First off, Phil is a great player - specifically, a great goal-scorer and even through some of the toughest times, he has throughout his career managed to put up a lot of points. He’s not what people might call a “200 foot player” who does everything all the time, he’s not a jack-of-all-trades but more of a specialist. A specialist who scores a lot of fucking points.

He’s an olympian, he’s a cancer survivor, he’s dedicated as shit (like he misses a game or a practice waaaay less often than other people, i forget the exact stats but yeah, super dedicated), iirc he does good charity work, he’s reported to be a good guy by everyone who actually knows him.

Phil’s also not your typical hockey bro - he’s a bit soft spoken and he’s too ginger and too round-faced. While I and many others find him delightful, there’s a certain percentage of people who he just rubs the wrong way - which hey, fine, not everyone gets along! He’s maybe a little shy, a little awkward, and he’s maybe a little quick to get defensive/irritated - though in my personal opinion I’d be a much bigger bitch to people if I were as talented as he is and had my work ethic questioned and talked down to as much as he is.

For several years prior to this last season, Phil Kessel was a major player in the Toronto Maple Leafs’ team, but for a variety of reasons, the team’s management and the media there didn’t really click with his personality. I’m not a Leafs fan or anything so I’ve only heard a lot second hand, but they didn’t really have his back, put a lot of pressure on him and blamed him for the team’s continued failures (even though he was one of the only ones actually performing well and they really were doing a bad job managing the team as a whole) instead of letting him just be good at what he does. Plus there has been a lot of media bullshit talking about his temperament and his weight and his - i swear to god - eating of a hotdog (which is actually most likely completely fabricated, but it tells you the quality of journalism). He was supposed to be their star and they should have supported him and been proud, and instead they treated him like shit. I mean, this happens on a lot of teams to a lot of talented players, but Phil’s case has always been a bit strange because he still performs and people ignore it and continue to hate a lot.

Which is when the Penguins come in - last summer they traded for Phil Kessel - a move which had Phil haters crowing with glee that he was leaving their leafs and laughing at the Pens for doing something so “stupid”. There was a lot of horrified talk about how bad a choice it was, how big a waste of cap space it would be and how much they’d regret it and how he’d ruin the team. I’m exaggerating but I’m not.

Now, the Pens team culture is a different one, a little unique in the league. Some teams decide on a personality, a message, and a culture, and they try and mold players into conforming to their perspective - which, good, you need an identity, sure, but several teams take it too far - to the level of making players all get short haircuts and be clean shaven and such things (creeps me the fuck out). Usually comes with a very authoritarian and narrow-minded coach who thinks their personal winning way is the only winning way. Which, will get results, to a certain degree, it’s true. As a personality psychologist, I can tell you that’s a huge waste of human talent though, especially at this level. You don’t want a team made of robots, you want to coach and manage your team so that the things that make your individual players special and above and beyond are the things that fit together. You make careful combinations so the jagged edges balance each other out, become complementing strengths, and letting the best features flourish and shine. The Pens are a great example - especially with the addition of Sully’s coaching style - of how to really play to your strengths. To not try and force guys to be something they’re not, to save their energy for their best features. The Pens kindof have to be like this - you couldn’t have guys like Malkin and Crosby on a team if you weren’t willing break a few molds.

The Pens embraced Phil and all his personality ‘quirks’ and took off the bullshit pressure gave him places to shine, to make his best talents a priority and not ask him to do things that aren’t. And he fucking did it, he flourished. He did good work all season, and when they came through the playoffs he lit it the fuck up! He led the team in points - 10 goals, 22 points in the playoffs. Sidney Crosby won the Conn Smythe because he was also an amazing leader and a play maker for others in addition to scoring points himself during their run, but many people agree Phil was just as much a contender for it. They would never have won without him. He has worked so hard for so long and put up with so much shit, and when you put him on a great team that embraced him (and the guys really have embraced him, they make a point to talk about his accomplishments and call him “Phil the Thrill” and cheer him on when he doesn’t meekly lay down and take people’s bullshit because his team actually finally fucking has his back - e.g. them cheering him in the background when reporters were asking about his salty team USA tweet)

So, what it comes down to, is when someone says “Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion”, they’re saying fuck you, everyone who trashed him, who treated him like crap and then threw him away. It’s all of us who think he’s great showing our solidarity and pride in him for proving them wrong.

Because he is.

Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion

And nobody can say he isn’t.

A Head, A Heart, & A Crown {Biadore} Chapter 13 -C*NT

A/N: I know I said last chapter we were going to pick back up in the Autumn, but then i got to thinking that perhaps Spring would be better so I wouldn’t cram so much into one season I guess you could say. So there are two time jumps this chapter, there was going to be two no matter what, but I felt in the end this just flowed better. There is a flashback this chapter as well, which will be in italic. TW for drug use (nothing too crazy, promise) and maybe angst? I worked hard on this chapter, if anyone has any suggestions for me to make my writing better, send me some feedback on my sideblog @theofficialcunt I’m always open to improving my craft. I hope you guys enjoy the next chapter. ✨❤️

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Model Heroes

A Captain America x reader, Avengers fan fiction

Tony signs the male Avengers up to do a nude calendar for charity.  What could be the harm? 

Steve Rogers x reader, The Avengers
Humor, fluff

A/N:  Special thank you to @nicloetje for posting the inspiration for the oneshot.

Pepper stormed into the gym waving a piece of paper around while she called for Tony, “Anthony Edward Stark!”

The room became silent; the sounds of the gym equipment, sparring, and conversations going on stopping immediately.

“Uh oh…”, Tony said from somewhere in the room.

She walked around the gym searching angrily for her partner, “Where is he??  Someone better speak up now!”

Clint and Nat stopped sparring and Clint laughed while pointing silently to the heavy bag. Pepper raised her eyebrows as she saw feet behind it, hands gripping onto the bag, and she hurried over.  “Get your butt out from behind there!  What the hell is this?”  She waved a letter around her angrily as she grabbed for Tony’s shirt.  He dodged her and ran to the other side of the room.

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I promised @miichan-yamagusuku​ boy band AU, so here’s the beginning of some boy band AU headcanons….

  • Okay, so first off, when I first started picturing the Bronzes in some kind of boy band I instantly pictured the backstreet Boys, more specifically, the cover of Millennium:

“Cool” poses, fancy clothes (with maybe a little less white XD), and one of them Shiryu wearing shades.

  • All five have their own fanclubs, but surprisingly Ikki’s is the biggest, because everyone goes crazy over his whole ‘bad-boy’ persona. Ikki does not know how to deal with this attention, which of course only makes his fans go even crazier for him.
  • Shun has the second biggest, and all his fans think he’s the most pure and innocent person existence. Shun’s also the best at interacting with fans, taking time to personally respond to fanmail, and making an extra effort to give autographs whenever there’s the chance, because he loves how happy it makes people.
  • There are rumors that Shiryu’s hair is insured for 100 million yen. There are mass protests when its announced that he’s going to get it cut (he donates it to one of those wig charities because ShiShi is just a good guy, okay?). Everyone calms down once they see his new hair because it looks damn amazing (and exactly like how you drew it here Miichan XD).
  • After Shun, Seiya is the next best at interacting with fans, especially through social media. He’s the kind of person who get s a Tweet from a fan about it being their birthday, so he’ll tweet them a sweet little birthday message and other things like that. He’s also got a hilarious Vine account, which often gives fans a behind the scenes look at what the boys get up to in their downtime.
  • Hyoga still wears his horribly 80′s legwarmers, even though this AU is set in the present day. He is 100% responsible for legwarmers becoming popular again.
  • Shun hits high notes like it’s nobody’s business, but Shiryu’s the one with the largest vocal range.
  • You bet your arse that Hyoga shows off his awesome dance moves all the time.

Annnnnd that’s all my brain’s got right now. As always feel free to throw your two-cents in!

“eBae” - A Love Letter From Thief X fanfiction featuring Kenshi Inagaki

Bachelor Auction AU featuring cameos by chiapeto, littlehevn, otomesass, and shortymcpunkbutt

Rated PG for language, references to alcohol, and general shenanigans

With a clink of their drinks and a cry of “Bottoms up!”, Amy, Chia, Kay, and Xiao toasted the beginning of their long-awaited girls’ night out, the culmination of weeks of frantic text messaging and juggling of schedules. Between full-time careers and other obligations, finding the time to hang out together had become harder and harder lately for the increasingly busy ladies, each of whom was looking forward to a night of letting down her hair (or hiking up her skirt as the case may be). However, once Kay had found out through the nonprofit animal shelter she worked for that Tres Spades Casino was holding a charity Bachelor Auction, all four girls immediately cleared their calendars to check out the infamous hot spot and even hotter guys that would be up for grabs at the gala fundraising event.

Slowly sipping her margarita, Amy looked around the elegant ballroom in which the girls were seated. Thanks to Kay’s connections in the charity circles, they had been able to snag one of the coveted VIP tables situated right up against the runway, guaranteeing that they wouldn’t miss one muscle ripple of the men who would soon be parading on stage. While the table had been a little pricey, the girls definitely got what they paid for. From the expensive china on which their many plates of appetizers had been served to the tuxedoed waiters who served them, Tres Spades was more than living up to its lavish reputation.

“I had heard this place was pretty posh, but I had no idea it was this fancy,” Amy remarked, pointing at the chandelier above their heads. “That thing is so huge I almost expect the Phantom of the Opera to jump out of it!”

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It’s been quite a week...

After all the rollercoaster rides we’ve been on in the past 2 years, this was one of the worst. After the IFH I decided, together with many of you, just not to believe what they were saying. 

I couldn’t do that now. And I was angry, really pissed off at everthing and everyone. Especially at Sam. This was all his fault! But was it? 

This morning I read a fantastic post by @weencounterednowildbeasts and there was the answer to my question. Was it his fault? Or was it my own?
I put him on that pedestal, he never asked for that. So he had to live up to the expactiations I had of him. And he didn’t. Because he is just a man, flaws and all. And not a God, King of Men, Perfect Guy, Perfection Personified, Jamie Fraser…

What he does in his own live and who he loves is none of my business. I have no interest in who he loves if it’s not Cait. I have no interest in some of his “friends”.
But I am interested in Sam as the damn fine actor and as the good man Cait and others say he is. With all he is doing for charity he can only be a good guy. But still a guy, a human, who fucks up once in awhile. Or twice ;-).

I have bitched and snarked at Sam for a few days. I needed that. But I’m ready to be Sam fan again. I won’t put him on that pedestal and I will probably roll my eyes and snark some more if he does something stupid again, which he will, but that’s okay. 
I’m really grateful for the magnificent way he brings us Jamie and hope he will do so for many seasons to come. 

So I’m going to Sam spam a bit! To end this horrific week in a positive way! 
If you’re not ready for it, scroll by fast. Take your time.
But I’m ready to move on.

Talk to anyone who knew or worked with Walker, and they’ll all pretty much say the same thing: he was one of the good guys. Affable, self-effacing, passionate about his daughter, Meadow, his charity work and his hobbies (he majored in marine biology and can be seen, giddy as a schoolboy, on a shark-finding expedition in a Discovery Channel documentary) and generous to a fault.


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