a good danchou

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How would the boys (Levi, Erwin, Mike a Jean) and their s/o first date look like? Thank you♥

Levi: He would be so awkward and tense. He’s probably never actually been on a date before, I have the feeling he’s probably never really had someone he wanted to date if he’s even had someone romantically significant at all. I kind of get the feeling he’s never really had a need or interest in romantic or sexual relationships before his s/o. He would take them to dinner and walk around with them and try his best to be a little more open and positive. He wouldn’t do to well but as they go on he would actually look forward to date night.

Erwin: Good god Danchou would be so fucking suave it should be illegal. Erwin would treat his date like a prince/princess, let them pick a restaurant maybe see a performance the works. He would be the ultra gentlemen, pulling out their chair opening the door escorting them around like royalty and so on. And the best part is he isn’t acting or just doing it in the hopes of getting laid he genuinely wants to treat his s/o that way.

Mike: He’d be the guy that makes dinner for his s/o and just spend the night relaxing with them. There would be no need for theatrics, just him his s/o and some TLC. Mike would want the first date to feel laid back and tension free, he would want his s/o to feel like they had no worries with him. By the end of the night Mike and his s/o would not only be fulfilled but they would be more in love then before.

Jean: Jean might be a little awkward on the first time, he would try to be a gentleman and do things properly but he would be clumsy and nervous. He wants to make a good impression and make the date as best as possible. Little things would go wrong like missing a reservation for a booth and having to sit at a table or tripping on his feet and spilling the drinks. But it would kind of work in his favor since his s/o would think it’s adorable and funny.