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How would the boys (Levi, Erwin, Mike a Jean) and their s/o first date look like? Thank you♥

Levi: He would be so awkward and tense. He’s probably never actually been on a date before, I have the feeling he’s probably never really had someone he wanted to date if he’s even had someone romantically significant at all. I kind of get the feeling he’s never really had a need or interest in romantic or sexual relationships before his s/o. He would take them to dinner and walk around with them and try his best to be a little more open and positive. He wouldn’t do to well but as they go on he would actually look forward to date night.

Erwin: Good god Danchou would be so fucking suave it should be illegal. Erwin would treat his date like a prince/princess, let them pick a restaurant maybe see a performance the works. He would be the ultra gentlemen, pulling out their chair opening the door escorting them around like royalty and so on. And the best part is he isn’t acting or just doing it in the hopes of getting laid he genuinely wants to treat his s/o that way.

Mike: He’d be the guy that makes dinner for his s/o and just spend the night relaxing with them. There would be no need for theatrics, just him his s/o and some TLC. Mike would want the first date to feel laid back and tension free, he would want his s/o to feel like they had no worries with him. By the end of the night Mike and his s/o would not only be fulfilled but they would be more in love then before.

Jean: Jean might be a little awkward on the first time, he would try to be a gentleman and do things properly but he would be clumsy and nervous. He wants to make a good impression and make the date as best as possible. Little things would go wrong like missing a reservation for a booth and having to sit at a table or tripping on his feet and spilling the drinks. But it would kind of work in his favor since his s/o would think it’s adorable and funny. 

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Bless you

who cooks normally?: KIDO g od do not let Momo near the kitchen she cooks the weirdest shit don’t let her trick you saying that “Oh it’s EXOTIC” nO. NO. NO. MOMO NO.

how often do they fight?: by fighting you mean a lot of gay pouting. and then they make up like the next day because they can’t take it anymore and gay pouting turns to gay crying then gay hugging then gay ok lets watch some tv now that that’s done

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Momo reads all her ridiculous ass manga and tries not to fail school, does literally whatever pops up in her head so she doesn’t get bored. Momo is an interesting little peach. Kido takes care of her brothers and the dan, reads some magazines, gets sad when she sees her lil peach on said magazine s obs she misses that orange idiot so much.

nicknames for each other?: Kido would be too embarrassed I think, but Momo tries like five hundred nicknames that never stick, ranging from honey to my green power ranger. But then she gets to call Kido by her first name and Momo loves calling her Tsubomi more than anything now~

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Idols get cash yo. But they argue sometimes over who gets to pay so they end up taking turns.

who steals the covers at night?: SECRET BLANKET HOG DANCHOU. Danchou wakes up in the morning and Momo’s got like 3 layers of sweaters on and curls into said sweaters in fetal position dANCHOU PLS.

what would they get each other for gifts?: Kido gets Momo cute things that Momo and *secretly* Kido loves, and Momo gets Kido…weird, Momo things that only Momo loves because what the hell is this kid’s tastes. Kido loves her huge musical cow bobblehead anyways because it’s the thought that counts.

who remembers things?: Kido, but Momo remembers as well. Just. At the last minute. What a scatterbrain.

who cusses more?: tHIS WAS HARD but I think SSLLLIIIGGHHTTTLLYY Momo. Like. Low key. Both of them probably cuss low-key. Low key cussers.

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: Kido gets very worried asks if she’s ok and tries to move her somewhere safer for her or get her help make sure she’s ok. Momo would be REALLY MAD LIKE WHO DID THIS but then oh god yeah we gotta make sure you’re good and healthy Danchou! bUT IF YOU SEE THE SUCKER THAT DID THIS POINT THEM OUT I’LL KICK THEIR BUTTS I DON’T CARE IF IT’S A KID >:ccc *extreme frowning*

who kissed who first?: Momo Kisaragi, god bless you.

who made the first move?: Momo Kisaragi again because it was the point of awkwardness that Momo just had to sTOP ONE OF THEM WOULD HAVE TO DO IT. And so. It happened.

who started the relationship?: Momo. Kido being very close behind her.