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Tell me about how a guy like Luke Skywalker seems so comfortable in the seediest parts of the galaxy.

Hah, okay.

So the thing about Luke that everyone forgets is that while he’s a sweet, open-faced, adorable, inexperienced farm boy, he happens to be a sweet, open-faced, adorable, inexperienced farm boy from the corrupt, gangster ridden shit hole of the universe.

We like to mock Luke’s whining and wistful meandering, but the dude spent the first nineteen years of his life on a planet where six feet tall rats are a thing.  Not to mention the regular raiders, Jabba’s bounty hunters, fucking Krayt dragons, and the pits have fucking TEETH.

We never really got to see Tosche station, but do we really think Tosche station was that much better than Mos Eisley?  I figure there’s a reason Luke started out pretty good with the blaster.  And between you and me, he didn’t seem nearly as bothered by that tavern confrontation as he ought to have been.

For all that Han has a well deserved reputation for dealing with scoundrels and seedy dives, the fact is, if you’re going to take one person, you should take Luke.  Luke is so sweet and optimistic and nice that everyone in the dive is going to assume sitting duck, but Luke is Tatooine-bred through and through.  And on Tatooine, even the cute and cuddly things have a venomous bite.  :-D

Good ride

Frisk riding a gaster blaster with chara floating around and sans there hanging out requested by @derpgreen! i tried my best on attempting to draw gaster blaster for like the second time (i think?) and i’m still not certain if they are suppose to look like this XDDD Anyway thank you for requesting! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

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how would G1 soundwave and blaster react to their s/o making a mixtape for them?

I’ve been meaning to answer this one 

Soundwave G1

Despite the whole ‘cons hate humans’ thing, he actually enjoys human music. He won’t play it around base, but he still enjoys it in private. He sees no reason to hide this from you, since you can keep a secret from the others, and often shares his favorites. You took note of which genres or bands he liked, and slowly made a list 

Once it was finally finished, you eagerly told Soundwave that you had a surprise for him, but it had to wait until you were alone. He was certainly surprised when you handed him the mixtape, but he was smiling under his face plate (if he had a mouth in g1) after giving it a listen. He held out his hands for you to step into, and lifted you up to his face so he could give you a little nuzzle. “You’re sweet,” he said, enjoying the giggle he got out of you

Blaster G1

There’s obviously no need to hide a love of human music/pop culture around the autobot base, so you and Blaster listen to music together a lot. Sometimes a certain song will remind him of a fun/funny story, and by the time the song is over, both of you will be laughing really hard at whatever the story was about. It’s the kind of harmless fun he’s been missing, one of the many reasons he loves earth. You secretly took note of the songs that he thought were really catchy, reminded him of good times, made the two of you obnoxiously sing along, etc. and collected them onto a mixtape 

He was really excited to listen to it when you finally give him the tape! He was expecting new songs when he hit play, but as each song came on he realized why you picked it. It was super touching to him that you remembered all the silly conversations and sweet moments, enough so that you could put it all onto a mixtape. After the first few songs, he picked you up to cover you in kisses and thank you; you had definitely made his day. Once the general giddiness had died down a bit, he beamed and asked ‘hey do you wanna dance?’

Alrighty ladies and gentlemen, it's time for Splatoon 2 Salmon Run tips

By someone who plays this game too damn much. This turned out longer than I thought it would so here’s a read-more.

General Tips

  • As soon as you start; cover as much turf and walls as you can. I mean it’s a given to ink ground, but also focus on walls. Because that will make transporting golden eggs much easier. And it probably save someone, and yourself, from getting overwhelmed. Keep everything as covered as they can, constantly. 
  • Your lifesaver colors actually show your ink levels, if you rely on knowing in Inkling form.
  • Remember that you have two free Specials to use each game, they could turn a wave around in no time. However: try your best to save them for the last wave, if not, the end of a particularly hard wave.
  • Try to keep away from ledges, especially during high tide. Chum and Smallfry can push you into the drink with relative ease.
  • Always keep an eye out for downed teammates. Constantly check the teammates condition on the top left. If they’re down and surrounded, try bombs. Try to lead them over using the “This Way” call. If you’re down, try to move towards teammates in an open area. Also, be sure to lay on the “Help” call to keep their attention. It might be annoying to the others, but it’ll be worth it to them once you’re up and working.
  • Don’t get greedy with grabbing golden eggs if your co-workers are heading for them. Instead: support them by covering the way back to the basket, and protect them from enemies.
  • Slip through grates if you’re surrounded, be aware of your surroundings before doing so.
  • If the wave is about to end, you’ve met your golden egg quota, and your team is starting to become overwhelmed; try to distance yourself from the fight until time is up. Knowing when to retreat is key to winning.
  • If you’re surrounded by golden eggs, and are away from the rest of your teammates while they’re fending off enemies and bosses. Do not sit there and guard them. You will most definitely get overwhelmed and lose the eggs either way. Or worse; start a team wipe. Let them go, because odds are the quota could still be met downing future bosses. If you want to keep them safe while you transport them or assist the team; lob a bomb to take out any Snatchers.

Boss Tips

  • If your weapon isn’t good with range, or you can’t get to high ground, don’t try take on a Steelhead. Instead; try to kite his bombs away from the team and reliable ground. Steelheads are the Chargers calling. Sting Ray Specials may possibly chip his health away. Don’t quote me on that.
  • Hope to God that the number of Flyfish that appear in a game are little to none. When you’re getting targeted, the lines around your target show how many missiles are heading your way. Also where the Flyfish is located. If you and another teammate are challenging it; wait for the teammate to toss their bomb First. This gives you a chance to aim your bomb, and to see which box they target, so you can take down the other. Ending the pain and suffering it causes you all. The Inkjet and Stinger Specials miraculously will take Flyfish down from afar without the use of bombs. Just be aware of your surroundings and take a good aim before you activate it.
  • If a Steel Eel is following you, lead it away from teammates. Try to circle around and get to high ground to take out the operator. Use bombs to get to the Chum that tend to stay underneath it’s spray.
  • If a Maw is chasing you in a rough situation. Pause for a millisecond so it can prepare it’s attack. This gives you some time to run or swim away. When you have a clear shot and enough ink, roll a bomb along the ground towards the target. Time it to hit just as it attacks to take it down painlessly.
  • If a Stinger is attacking you, it’s a no brainier to run or swim away as fast as possible. But also be considerate of your teammates if they’re close by, one attack can down more than one of you if you stick around each other too closely. If you see a teammate being targetted, help them out by covering the ground around them so they aren’t stuck and eventually busted. Don’t aim for the fish at the top, only taking the pots down count. Any weapons that can be used in rapid succession (Splatlings, Splat guns, Brushes, etc.) can down them with ease. If you can afford to lone wolf it over to one to stop it from causing more trouble, take caution and don’t get overwhelmed. Fight fire with fire by using your Stinger Ray Special to take them down from afar. 
  • Hit Drizzlers whenever they’re floating to their location to get a little damage before they start their attack pattern. You can actually shoot down their torpedoes so that they don’t have a chance to rain down on you. Try to aim it towards them if you can, because if you manage to take it down, they won’t stay as vulnerable as they usually are. Hitting them with their own torpedo will take it out instantly, as a bonus.
  • Try to lead scrappers to an open area. Whale on them to stun them, and swing around the back to take them down.

Special Wave Tips

  • Always keep an eye on the tide. Try not to slip off when it rises, and resist swimming around grates. The basket will always move during low tide, so use the “This Way” call to keep teammates focused.
  • Nightfall usually means that a particularly hard wave is coming. Keep an eye on Mr. Grizzes’ messages to see what you’re dealing with. Also to follow his instructions, if anything is new to you.
  • Nothing much to do in fog except to keep your eyes peeled for Flyfish and Stingers. Goldies are good to lead over to the basket as well.
  • Ink cannons similar to the ones in Octo Canyon will pop up during a Cohock Charge. If you’re good at doing support from afar, try to grab the one furthest and highest from the basket. However; you must keep an eye on your ink level when firing, and make sure not to get attacked while operating the canon. Time shots right with boss vulnerability to make life much easier for the teammates collecting eggs. Be careful of Flyfish and Stingers. Revive teammates easily with shots. If you’re the one collecting eggs, take advantage of the other cannons close to the shoreline.
  • Goldie Seeking waves are impossible without teamwork. Start opening gushers, then find the one’s with the most light coming out of them. The brighter the light, the closer the gusher with the goldie is. Once you find it, call over teammates with the “This Way” call. Lay it on the Goldie for maximum egg output. Tons of golden eggs will be strewn around everywhere. Try to focus on transporting them back before searching for the goldie again, loads of Snatchers will usually come to snag your bounty. As you continue to attack the goldie, it’ll shrink and become faster. Eventually it will pop into three more eggs. A new Goldie will appear in the gushers, however by the time you deal with the first one, the wave will be close to ending. 
  • Keep an eye out for the Griller’s laser sight. If they target you, steer it away from teammates as best as you can. When they are chasing someone else, move around and shoot the spot on it’s back to stun it and attack. The stinger special, despite dealing with other bosses, will not damage Grillers. Predict their movements and keep away from their instant death mowing. Use bombs to deal with Smallfry.
  • Rush waves are the worst waves, and can end a game quicker than grillers. If you’re swarmed with bugs, get to the highest ground and fight off the hoard with your teammates. Alternatively, you can actually​ hang out on walls, just out of their range so your teammates can pick them off with ease. Make sure that the walls are high enough however, don’t get too cocky. If a teammate is swarmed, try to fend off the hoard. But also keep some distance just in case they are downed, and you get swarmed. Focus mainly on defending yourself, but also try to get the egg quota filled.
  • Mothership Waves requires two kinds of teammates: the ones who take down Flying Chinooks, and the ones who collect eggs and bust coolers. Keep an eye on the Mothership when it starts to move. Watch Mr. Grizzes’ messages to know when it’s coming to steal eggs back. The attacks typically happen twice a wave. Rumor has it that the Stinger Ray has the ability to pop the coolers in the Mothership during an attack, which results in many golden eggs. Useful for if you weren’t able to meet quota in time. 

Weapon Tips

  • Shooters tend to be a mixed bag. Ones with high rate of fire, like the Jr. or N-Zap, are good for covering ground and mowing down hoards of enemies up close. Shooters that have low rate of fire and high damage, like the Pro and Squelchers, are good with general support and taking down bigger foes, usually at a distance. 
  • Rollers are extremely helpful with keeping the field clear. Literally steamroll enemies with the Splat Roller (Cohocks not included). Vertical swings are good at dealing with further-away targets. The Carbon Roller can only squash Smallfry, so it’s best to fling ink around to attack and cover. Take the Dynamo Roller’s slow sling speed into consideration when taking on hoards, and take advantage of the high damage. Same goes for the Flingza Roller’s vertical swing. 
  • Blasters are good with crowd control and high damage direct hits. Shooting into groups of enemies can really chew them up. When covering ground, aim high so that the trail of ink and burst can cover as much ground as possible (also a good tip for turf). 
  • Pray to any form of religion, belief, or science you follow that you don’t get a Charger loaned to you. Chargers are a support-heavy weapon, stay on high ground to keep an eye on most of the action. Don’t focus on smaller enemies, rapidly fire small shots to help deal with any that swarm you. Keep as many enemies off of your teammates as you can. Keep a clear path back towards the basket for your teammates. Use it’s long shot to your advantage when teammates are downed a distance away from you. Keep an eye on the reticule when aiming at a target to know when your shot will hit. Remember the new feature of keeping a charge for a small ammount of time while in squid form. Take advantage of the longer charge the Gootuber. E-liters can actually one-shot Steel Eels and Scrapers. Be aware of your surroundings when given a scope. Do not jump into action with hoards of enemies, you will be overwhelmed. You might not grab as many eggs as you’d like, but you won’t cost the team a wipe. 
  • Brushes are extremely helpful on the front lines, but don’t bite off more than you can chew. Rapid swings can deal with heavier enemies if done right. Golden egg retrieval is also easy with the ability to run and cover quickly. This makes moving over grates that aren’t squid-form friendly much easier. Keep an eye on your Ink levels. Running your Brush along the ground will actually splat Smallfry. 
  • Sloshers can knock out large groups of enemies. The ability to arch your shots can make any situation as painless as possible. Not to mention it’s large area of ground coverage. Use height to your advantage when dealing with almost all enemies, rain attacks down on hoards before they even reach you. 
  • Splatlings follow the same rules as chargers essentially, but they give you a better chance of taking on enemies by yourself. Being overwhelmed is still likely, however, due to the charge.
  • Dualies are good to distract and kite enemies, and escape deadly situations with their ability to dodge roll. Their range and rapid fire is also good at keeping ground covered. 
  • Brellas are handy for when you get swarmed. Dont rely on the shield too much, as it only covers the front of yourself, consumes ink, and can eventually be broken. It’s short burst shots can pack a punch, and does a decent job on tougher foes. Be aware of the Tenta Brella’s larger ink consumption and slower shield activation, compared to the basic Splat Brella. However the high damage can really give your enemies a whallop, and the bigger shield can probably save your hide if used correctly. 
  • Specials are good for the situations they’re designed for. Bomb Rushes and Splashdowns take out groups of enemies that you can’t handle, in all directions. Stinger Rays have the same rules as chargers, but they’re handy for reviving teammates through walls and dealing with armored foes. Inkjets are the most useful Specials, as they will lift you away from most threats, and give you a chance to revive downed enemies from afar. Don’t fly over the water, otherwise you’ll waste it and land back into the fray. 

Extra Tips

  • “Booyah” after you meet your egg quota and complete a wave to keep team morale high. Show yourself as a friendly and optimistic member. 
  • Don’t give up! You’ll always get something out of your hard work. Push through when things get tough. 

The name of the game is strategy and teamwork. Hope this helps someone out, I’ll update and add to this whenever there’s something new (or when I feel like it). Feel free to add anything else.  


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headcanons about the damerons (kes, shara, poe)

  • Shara’s mother used to say that she was born a speeder without thrust reversers. She wanted to do everything at eighty parsecs a minute—talk, run, fly, chores, make friends, fall in love. She’d never listened to a warning her whole life, and once she finally climbed into the cockpit of an x-wing, got her hands on the yoke, she was never going to.
    • Her mother cried, the day she left for the Imperial Flight Academy. When will you be home? she asked, and Shara had laughed because she would be home.
      • (A point of clarification: Shara never had a homeworld, not then, not yet. She’d never been planetside for more than a few days, however long it took for her mothers to exchange goods for credits and refuel again. Just barely this side of legal, especially after the Empire took over. Shara felt the hum of hyperspace in her bones, could close her eyes and see the tangled threads of hyperlanes, spread out in blue before her.
                          she was always home, in space.)
    • It wasn’t—or maybe it was, but in the way was the Imperial Flight Academy. She’d hated the Academy. 
      • Cold and proper and regimented in a way that made her feel like something unclean, being washed and washed again until she was thin and grey as their trainee flightsuits. 
      • All those Coruscanti accents, sneering at her—her wardrobe, which was cobbled together from half a dozen Outer Rim marketplaces, her taste for xeno foods and music written in languages other than Basic. 
      • She’d lied, whenever her mothers sent a transmit. Or talked about her scores (impeccable) or her instructors (impressed, even if they were cold and grudging about it.)
        • (Before you ask, that wasn’t the reason. Or maybe not the only reason—it was a hundred things she just kept swallowing, like drinking thimbles of something only lethal in a large dose.
          • She didn’t want to die of poisoning, she wanted to die in fire and flying, so—)
    • When Shara Bey defected for the Rebellion, she did it in true speeder-sans-braking-system style; a decision turning on a Coruscanti second, because there were stars she hadn’t seen before.
      • It was her last qualifying solo flight—they let the trainees take out one of the just-off-the-line x-wings for the qualifier, as a sort of incentive. (See what you could be flying! except of course, new pilots got stuck with aging TIE-fighters, where one in three died. She’d checked the numbers.)
      • Shara broke atmo and it was—
        • There were so many stars. How had she never seen the stars before? She’d hung there in space, watching the stars flick by and staring, awe-drunk.
        • (Shara Bey never returned to the Imperial Flight Academy. Neither did the x-wing.)
  • Kes’s mother used to say that he was a mountain, a rock face. He shifted slowly and only when he wanted to, with much groaning. But once it was decided, it was decided, and no one could keep him from it any more than they could stop a landslide.
    • Kes’s mother had been the one to first put a blaster in his hands. We will keep our world free, she said, painting the practice targets the same off-white as stormtrooper helmets. 
      • They were Republican troopers then, but it was good practice for later. The regime changed, the aesthetic didn’t.
        • (A point of clarification: they did not protect their world. The Jedi fought them, but the Empire conquered them, and took the blaster from Kes’s hand and the mother who gave it to him. He  was young, but not so young he expected her to return from whatever prison planet they shipped her away to.
                             She doesn’t, so that’s that.)
        • There were those who fought alongside her, who manage to evade her fate. They contact his family, settlers on the Outer Rim, some moon he’s never heard of—
    • Yavin IV might be the only thing in the whole of the galaxy which changed Kes Dameron’s mind for him. It is the first great love of his life, from the moment he sets eyes on it.
      • (The second is Shara Bey, and the feeling will be the same.)
      • His aunts and uncles, cousins—some of which share his blood, but most of which are related only by proximity, and someone his uncle played sabacc with once—are warm and loud, and he is brought into the affectionate crush of them without question.
        • Though his aunt does look at him curiously when he volunteers to keep watch over the chaqua harvest, and shoot at the rats. I’m good with a blaster, he says with a shrug. His voice has deepened now, and it finally sounds like a man is offering his protection, instead of a child boasting.
        • Sometimes he can hear them talking about his mother—the strange one, wayward daughter who wanted to fight the Republic over a useless spit of mined-out rock, look at where it got her—
                     Kes always shuts his eyes tight, focuses on his breathing, because the alternative is screaming: what if it was here, what if it was you? would you give up yavin? would you give up me?
    • Kes Dameron never really left for the Rebellion. When it arrived on Yavin IV, he was already there, sitting on a heap of rock with a blaster balanced across his knees. You’re here to keep our world free, right? he asks. 
      • Really, the answer doesn’t matter. He’s decided, all the same.
  • Poe’s mother used to say that he was a comet. No question, ishoco, she said. Because no matter how fast you fly, or how much you burn, you’ve come from rock, the same stuff that makes up a world.