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I rly love ur medusa, they r rly cute and I would love to see more of them!!

OMG, i’ve planned sooo much with their stories?? Just…all of three of these kids have shitty as hell lives and they learn to be happy again through each other’s support…and im sO EMOTIONAL FOR THESE KIDS SNKVFKKVDJ

Medusa who lived on the run for almost a century finally gets a warm, safe home to call her own; 

Perseus who grew up in an ivory tower with only the occasional assassins as company slowly learns trust and unconditional love;

and Andromeda who was forced to single-handedly shoulder her country’s safety now has a girlfriend someone fighting by her side….

Making a Difference

This ficlet is based off the starfish story, of which there are many iterations. I’m cheerfully blaming a coworker for putting the old man is a jedi idea in my head… and then Obi took off running.

The man who had taken to going by Old Ben was taking his habitual evening walk along the edges of the Jundland Wastes.

‘You’re hardly old, Padawan mine,’ a not voice said into his head.

“There are many things that age a person besides years,” Old Ben grumbled. “And I’m not sure you get an opinion anymore, my rather dead Master.”

He scanned the edge of the Wastes, there had been a sandstorm earlier that day and the landmarks had changed.

'I still think Ben doesn’t suit you,’ Qui-Gon said.

“Yes, well, it’s a lot less likely to make people think I’m a Jedi,” Ben said snippily.

'But you are a Jedi,’ Qui-Gon said.

“No. I’m not,” Ben said with a weary sigh. “It’s not like they made a difference in the grand scheme of things.”

Qui-Gon hummed disapprovingly and then his presence disappeared.

Ben frowned and started picking his way carefully, paying attention to his footing. He was coming up to the area where the sand was so fine it acted like liquid and it wouldn’t do for him to fall in.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise when he saw a gentle blue-green glow on the ground before sighing in sorrowful realization.

Star crabs.

Scuttling little creatures with six point shells and a bio-luminescent glow. They didn’t so much walk as swim through the fine sand. The sandstorm had flung countless numbers of them out of the Wastes, leaving them helpless on the regular sand.

There was no possible way to save them all, Ben mused with regret, picking his way through the star crabs.

After a while he noticed a strange movement up ahead. Frowning, he moved closer until he recognized the little boy who was running around ducking and straightening.

“What are you doing youngling?” Old Ben asked.

“’M saving the star crabs,” Luke answered without looking away from his task.

“But there are so many of them! Surely you realize you can’t possibly make a difference,” Old Ben said.

At this, Luke stopped and met Ben’s eyes. Maintaining eye contact, he bent down, picked up a star crab, and flung it into the fine sand.

“It made a difference to that one,” Luke said solemnly, his sky blue eyes achingly familiar.

There was a beat of silence.

“You’re right. Shall I show you how to help more than one at a time?” Obi-Wan Kenobi asked.

Okay but like hear me out...

Gon and Killua graduating from school (Mito insisted that Gon go since he was done being a hunter for awhile and Killua, of COURSE, went along with him). Being in cute lil caps and gowns and whispering and nudging each other all through the ceremony. Gon bouncing in his seat and looking around and waving to Mito, Alluka, Leorio, and Kurapika in the audience. Killua complaining about the long ass ceremony and how the cap’s uncomfotable. 

And then… 

Fucking then… 

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(Shimmy here) Hey, Gon-san, what do you use on your hair? Like, to keep it lookin all silky smooth?

I use an all-natural shampoo and conditioner that Mito-san gets on Whale Island. I’ve used it for as long as I can remember. It smells like honey and is supposed to be great for sensitive scalp!

And well… as you can probably imagine, the whole process is a lot more involved nowadays with all this nen-infused hair. When I don’t have a friend around to help attach weights to my hair and drag it through a river to rinse it, I stand under a waterfall and hope for the best.

Don’t even get me started on detangling ( ̄~ ̄;)

Thanks @shimmy-sham-with-the-fam!

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More of little Kitsune!Obi-wan and Qui-gon, please?

Qui-Gon only realized that he should move and do something, long after the young kitsune had left the apartment. Instead the tall Jedi Master had stared at the blood that kept flowing out of his hands, tainting his beige tunics and ruining the carpet. He didn’t care about either things. Confusion was threatening to overcome him. What had happened? This had definitely not Obi-Wan. Well, it HAD been Obi-Wan physically, but mentally, Qui-Gon had dealt with a fox. Had he known that sooner, he would have acted much differently. Then again, would it really have helped?

A shaky breath escaped the long haired man and he slowly stood up. Like on autopilot, he moved to his fresher and picked up the first aid kit. The small puncture wounds were quickly disinfected - he doubted that Obi-Wan would transmit any diseases, but you could never be too sure - and bandaged. He was just glad that it had been his left hand the young fox had bitten, not his lightsaber hand.

“Qui-Gon?” a worried vocie sounded from his entrance. The long haired Jedi did not need to guess to whom it belonged. “Is everything alright? Qui-Gon?” Tahl stepped into the rooms, only to freeze at the state her friend was in.

It was not even the blood on his clothes that caught her attention, neither the injury, but the haunted look in his usually lively eyes.

“Qui-Gon,” she exclaimed, “what happened to you?”

“Obi-Wan… he…” he trailed off, gaze distant. Tahl seemed forgotten at this moment.

The Noorian stepped forward and gently took the other’s hands in her own. She waited until he came back to himself and focused on her again. 

“Tell me what happened,” she said softly. Still, it was clear that it had not been a request, but a demand. 

“I don’t know what happened,” he allowed the dark skinned female to led him to his own couch, where he sat down. 

“But it has something to do with Obi-Wan?” She had only briefly gotten to know the little sunshine, who had wrapped the older Jedi around his little finger without even realizing it. “Is he hurt?”

Qui-Gon opened his mouth a few times, but no words came out. “I don’t know,” he eventually managed to say.

The female’s brows furrowed in confusion. “Why… WHERE is he, Qui?”

She watched in horror, how his expression turned pained and sad. He closed his eyes tightly and turned his head away. Tahl let go of the large hands, as soon as her distraught friend made a move to withdraw them. Moments later, he had his face buried and his shoulders were slightly shivering. She had never seen him in such a distress, not even after he had lost his second apprentice, Xanatos.

“I don’t know,” he eventually replied, so it was hard to understand, due to his hands. “It’s all my fault…” he trailed off.

“WHAT is your fault?” Tahl was slowly getting annoyed.

“Everything…” he took a shaky breath and lowered his hands again. His eyes were red rimmed, but no tears had fallen, yet. “He… I forbid him from leaving the quarters, you know how cruel children can be, when you are different.” His eyes were pleading for her to understand.

“Yes, I know,” she whispered. 

“I didn’t want him to get hurt… but of course he was curious and yesterday… he slipped out and promptly ran into a couple of Initiates. They were throwing STONES at him, Tahl.”

She nodded and gently squeezed his arm in a sign of comfort. She had heard about a handful of Initiates that were punished severely, but the reason had not interested her then. Now that she knew that Obi-Wan was involved and therefore Qui-Gon too, her interest was caught. “Go on.”

“I… I scolded him for disobeying and,” he sighed, “He did not come out of his bedroom again, until morning. He had always slept in my bed until yesterday and this morning… he was acting strange, so… so, distant. I thought he needed time and left to spar with Mace, leaving him here. But upon returning,” he fingered the bandage, “he bit me and fled. I don’t know where he is now.” Panic arose in the Master’s heart and he was only calmed by the female, who held him down.

“First you need to calm down, then we can look further. Qui… I am sure there is just one big misunderstanding and as soon as you talk with Obi-Wan, everything will be alright. Now, I want you to take deep breaths and then I want you to access your bond with him.”

While the long haired man closed his eyes in concentration and did as his friend since childhood had told him, was Tahl thinking about what she had been told. She knew Qui-Gon long enough to know that he sometime acted and spoke without thinking, when someone’s well-being was threatened. Perhaps he had just gone too far and Obi-Wan - who was still young and sensitive - had misunderstood his intentions and interpreted it wrong. Whatever it was, she would get to the bottom of it, her friend’s heart was on the line after all.

“He,” Qui-Gon began slowly. His forehead was furrowed in concentration, “he is outside the temple…” Immediately a pair of midnight blue eyes opened. “He is outside the temple!”

Tahl understood, perhaps better than most of the other Jedi ever would, why this was a problem. The fact that Obi-Wan was a kitsune, a rare and therefore highly valued among collectors, brought him into grave danger.

“Let’s go,” she said and was halfway through the room, with Qui-Gon hot on her heels. They could not afford to lose too much time. With every second they wasted, Obi-Wan could get into serious danger and trouble. She just hoped, for the kitsune’s sake, as much as Qui-Gon’s, that they would not be too late and that Obi-Wan would be alright…