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BatB 2017 spoilers in this post!! scroll through if you want to avoid them!

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I saw it yesterday, and I mostly agree with you–I felt the ensemble outshined our leads like literally all of the time. I enjoyed LeFou more than I expected I would, and that windmill scene irritated me, because like????? PLAGUE DOESN’T FUCKING WORK THAT WAY?????????????? also it contributes nothing to the plot.

yeah, I felt there were a lot of side/background characters that had more charm and warmth to them than the leads most of the time and mAN that made me so upset… wow, Lefou was pretty amazing, I know there was a lot of discourse going on concerning him before I went to see the movie, but I preferred to wait until seeing it before formulating an opinion, and I really enjoyed how his character turned out

and yeah, the windmill scene and the magic book…. heh, in one of the reviews I saw after seeing the movie they mentioned this gaping plot hole they created with that scene: if that book can literally physically transport you anywhere you want in the blink of an eye, why didn’t Belle just use that thing to go rescue her father? 

I’ll be honest, that hadn’t occurred to me while I was watching the movie, but then I started wondering why it hadn’t: because the windmill scene had little to no impact on the plot, and so I just forgot about that book even existing by the time Belle goes away. That’s…… not very good storytelling?? That book felt like it should Something that would pop up later, but nOPE, it’s never mentioned or seen again??

Heck, tbh if the book scene absolutely had to kept, I think it would have been more interesting if it transported you astral-projection-like instead of physically transporting you? lmao at least like that the plot hole they created would be covered up to some degree, and it could still be a metaphor for the Beast also being a prisoner in his own castle, despite being able to go wherever he wants?? plus the idea of Belle wanting to pick up items from the windmill but not being able to bc she’s not actually physically there is kinda heartbreaking wehh

welp I went a bit into headcanon territory there sorry haha;;

hm, there was something off about the plague explanation, I mean, isn’t it supposed to be eXTREMELY contagious, even when the symptoms aren’t quite evident yet?? you’ll have to shed some light on it though


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what abt pon farr with soval? ;)

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“Soval, are you sure you’re alright?”

The Ambassador took in a deep breath and his eyes flashed up to yours. The looked different; not as controlled as Vulcans usually were. “What I’m going through is…natural for Vulcans.”

You blinked at his words. Vague and uninformative; you shouldn’t have expected anything else. But that didn’t make the concern go away. You took a step closer to Soval. “Is there anything I can do to help? Do you need medical assistance, or…?”

“No.” He answered quickly, straightening up. But the Ambassador’s eyes were still locked onto yours, even as he took a step closer. “No medical assistance. Pon Farr is easily treatable.”


don’t disappoint phil lester by electing donald trump just don’t

I would rather, I would rather not. Thank you.

I love how people are already planing their romances with Andromeda characters when we literally have zero concept of what their sexualities will be, of if they’ll even be romance options.

A bunch of high schools in my back yard woke up to swastikas and anti gay rhetoric spray painted all over the school today (by literal children!!!), Mexican students were threatened and when I was at lunch during work the table full of teenaged boys next to me was hard at work singling out one member and repeatedly saying racist and really homophobic shit about him the entire time

I’m so tired and I’m not even directly going to experience half of what so many others are already experiencing as targets

I’m so tired

ugh ok i just really need to vent about Pokemon Go & this special evolution item bullshit… like i’ve been poking around on reddit and stuff trying to find tips (bc god knows nothing i’m doing is working), and like the drop rates are just all over the fucking place?? some people have 10-20, some still have none; one person will get 6 items in 500 spins, someone else will get 2 items in 5000 spins; some people have like 5+ of one single item and but none of the others… and it’s not totally due to city vs rural thing from what i’ve read…

and like i understand the arguement that they’re ‘supposed’ to be rare in order to ‘prolong’ the game until the next big update or Gen 3 or whatever… but at the same time like they’re losing players due to this crap, and i’m getting there myself. like how is it remotely fair that one person has almost 20 items but some people have none??

they need to change something. there are so many alternatives to the current set-up… allow item trading, even 1-2x a month. why not implement the guarenteed item drop on the 7th day? (as someone pointed out, it’d still take you 3 months earliest to collect each one.) or make it 14 days like fuck. and i’m not sure how advanced their programming is but it would be perfect if they could, by country or continent or hemisphere or w/e, keep the drop rate higher in the cold months and lower in the warm months, i’d be ok with that compromise.

(OH and could they maybe increase the number of sighting or hatchings for those particular pokemons?? i’ve only ever seen 2 Porygon and hatched 1 Chansey. i’m not asking for nests here, just being able to see them once in a while, man…)

i know i know it’s just a goddamned game but it’s one i’ve been enjoying for the most part, until now. the whole point for me is the challenge of filling up the pokedex, instead i guess i’ll just sit here watching people discard evolve items while i get none… :\


can we talk about how the frogs probably all love fatalistic humor, and how jack probably doesn’t get it bc he doesn’t internet?

now give me the frogs laughing at some meme and getting a ten minute long rant/lecture/speech about how if they need to talk to someone he’s here, and things will always get better

they’re touched, for sure, but jack… it’s just memes, jack