a going concern

I… wish I did more creative writing… I wish I honestly wrote down my thoughts more… I was struck with the urge to reread my highschool english assignments and i found like maybe 1 creative writing thing I did (and I remember doing it the morning it was due)… the rest is just boring analysis…

My Dad Also Wants Me to Be a Pokemon Master
  • Me:*gasp* Oh, my God! It's a Dratini!
  • Mom:In the Wal-Mart? *pause* What's Dratini?
  • Me:Cute, baby dragon.
  • Mom:Oh.
  • Me:But he's underweight.
  • Dad:So feed him! Poor thing!
  • [Excited by this malnourished baby dragon, my parents take it upon themselves to drive me all over downtown, looking for Pokemon.]
  • Dad:Okay, so do you see anything around here?
  • Me:A Pidgey.
  • Dad:A Pidgey? I drove all the way out here for a PIDGEY?
  • Me:Oh, here's a Magikarp!
  • Dad:That's worse!
  • Mom:What's a Magikarp?
  • Dad:A useless fish.
  • Mom:*pause* Can you feed it to the underweight baby dragon!?

If you’re worried about Rose looking suspiciously like a visual callback to the antagonists in the extended intro and how it’s likely because Steven’s starting to fear his mother in light of recent developments clap your hands!!!!!


But really did they put Kylo Ren on sunscreen to be ironic cuz if so I’m buying it.

I would rather, I would rather not. Thank you.
Football Game
  • me:*walks out of gate to go get something from band room*
  • security:hold on, I gotta make sure if you're able to go back in
  • me:??
  • security:are you in the marching band??
  • me:*is in guard uniform with hair and make up and everything*
  • me:no i dress like this normally