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Hello :) Don't know if you've done this one yet, but angry make up sex with Kenny Omega?

@amaranthine-reign is my muse in the form of a human

- You like to think that you and Kenny are pretty rational people, arguments not happening often, as the two of you would just talk things out like adults

- But there were some things that just drove the two into screaming matches
- The makeup sex always made up for the screaming and hurt feelings
- Both of you were out to prove how much you meant to the other, which meant that no one was going to be walking correctly in the morning
- In fact, you usually have to take the day off and spend that time attempting to recover in bed because Kenny is a damn athlete and he’s not stopping until the anger and hurt feelings have been fucked out of both of you
- The same intensity and passion he brings into wrestling, he brings into bed with you
- Bite marks and bruises left in visible places
- Regardless of how high the emotions are, he takes his time to thoroughly worship you like you’re a goddess, muttering under his breath and into your flesh about how he doesn’t deserve you and he doesn’t know what he did to have you
- Furniture is broken, and frequently. The latest victims were the loveseat and the dining room table
- Pulling his curls has always been one of Kenny’s kinks, but the groan you would be able to illicit out of him was because you were pulling his hair to expose his neck to dig your teeth in to the tender flesh there
- You both end up absolutely covered in marks
- Matt and Nick notice, and advise Kenny to put a damn shirt on for the match the next afternoon, because the scratch marks extend all the way down his back and clearly below the waistband of his tights
- You both have a tendency to be loud, but the screams and roars are loud enough for the police to be called by concerned neighbors
- Kenny slips between speaking in Japanese and in English
- “Fucking shit Kenny, speak English when you’re -oh fuck- inside of me.”

I Beg You

You, glorious tender beauty with the soulful eyes of a goddess
I whisper fierce sonnets in your ear while gently tracing skin
For the simple joy of watching your passion flush
Take my hand, dream lover though I am, and dance with me
Dance with me in the rain and let the rain dance in us
Pull me down every road your curiosity takes you, me all willing
Turn your goddess eyes to the idea of me and make me flesh and blood
I beg you

Happy Valentine’s Day, darlin.💜 I hope you enjoy.

friday dinner - c.h.

summary: every friday night, you and your best friend with benefits get together and cook dinner.

warning: things get mildly smutty.

Calum let himself in through the front door just like always, ridding himself of his heavy overcoat and hanging it on the coatrack beside him. He placed his keys, phone, and pack of cigarettes down on the table and kicked off his shoes, following the faint hum of music down the hallway and into the kitchen. As he entered, he found you bent over the countertop, elbows propping your head up as your eyes skimmed a cookbook. Looking around, Calum saw a variety of pots and pans resting on the cooktop, and an unopened box of pasta sitting on the granite beside it.

“Hey,” You greeted without lifting your eyes from the pages, slowly standing upright again. A smile twitched on your lips as Calum rested his head on your shoulder, the comforting scent of expensive cologne and cigarette smoke filling your senses as his arms snaked around your waist. “Does pasta sound good tonight? I wanted to make something simple, I wasn’t feeling going all out tonight.”

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First they would draw a man in with an alluring appearance, designing their makeup and adornment to fashion the image of a goddess come to life. By showing only glimpses of flesh, they would tease a man’s imagination, stimulating the desire not just for sex but for something greater: the chance to possess a fantasy figure. Once they had their victims’ interest, these women would lure them away from the masculine world of war and politics and get them to spend time in the feminine world—a world of luxury, spectacle, and pleasure. They might also lead them astray literally, taking them on a journey, as Cleopatra lured Julius Caesar on a trip down the Nile.
—  The Art of Seduction, Preface

Here is a queen: Becoming.
Her voice is a battle cry and her skin is a war zone. She holds the people’s love and admiration in her hands, and it is all she has left when she is cast away. The people cry for her.

Here is a queen: Returning.
Her body is a prison in which a goddess is waiting. But there is only so much flesh and muscle can hold back before her divinity shines. She storms back and demands the homeland which belongs to her. The people sing when their king is dead.

Here is a queen: Bargaining.
Her land does not belong to her without compromise. A queen must make sacrifices for her kingdom, and she is well acquainted with the dealings of wolves. The people begin to whisper.

Here is a queen: Falling.
Her problem is that every promise is a straw on her back which is already crumbling like her cities around her. Her sacrifices are in vain and her empire is crumbling. The people are starting to forget and call for her blood.

Here is a queen: Dying.
Her world has shrunk to the room in which she hides, and closely guards the final moments of her life. She has lost everything she once held dear and maybe that is truly the curse of being loved by all. Because if the people have the power to unanimously love, then they can be the same with their hate.

The people sing when their queen is dead.

—  cleopatra | j.m

On of my paintings; a devotional image of Xipe Totec. You can find a print of this image in my Etsy store at this link.

Here, Xipe Totec, the Flayed Lord, is painted as the Lord of the East. He is the Teótl of Spring, corn, and the morning sun. He stands on the head of the goddess of the earth, for the corn is born of her flesh; about his legs grow corn, pumpkins, tomatoes, squash, and amaranth, for as Lord of the Spring he feeds and nourishes us. He wears the skin of a flayed man, for at the dawn of time, he peeled off his own skin, from which grew corn, to feed his starving children. He carries in one pair of hands his Mist Rattle, which announces the coming of the rains. In another hand, a knife, symbolic of his sacrifice, and of death which is necessary to life, and finally, the Red Mirror, in which he sees the future, the past, and the truth of men’s hearts. To either side stand his children, who are us, the Mexicayotl, in adoration.


Paloma’s faith + her protector goddess in the flesh.

A reminder for all my **Queer Sisters in Wicca**

No matter how it manifests itself, you are bound to the Goddess in ways of which others can only dream. You are the Sacred Feminine, and the Goddess speaks through you in every aspect of your lives.

To my sapphic sisters, no matter what orientation or gender you are, you are those who share their lives and their love with people who embody the Goddess in their very being. What could be closer to loving the Goddess than being a woman who shares her most intimate soul with the hearts of those who embody Her? What could be more spiritual and loving to Her than allowing yourselves to be women in love, together and bound in love and life? The most sacred act of worship to the Goddess is giving love to all of Her daughters as they in turn give love to you; the most sacred rite you can perform in Her name is to give and receive Her love and pleasure. Don’t hide who you are, don’t hide who you love. Allow yourself to embrace your nature, and open your heart to the Goddess. 

For those of you who have needed to take a journey in their souls to acknowledge the reality of their femininity, always remember: you are a Daughter of the Goddess, and you too are loved, welcomed, and protected in Her nature-heart. The Goddess doesn’t care about your physical form - no matter what you look like, no matter how you choose to present, the Goddess knows that you are Her daughter, and She opens Her arms to you in love, joy and acceptance. Your body may not be what you soul knows it truly should be, but the Goddess loves you for the Spark within you, not the flesh without you. 

Cisgender, heterosexual women are always sacred to Her love and care as are all women, but for those of us who sometimes experience oppression at the hands of humans, it can be important to be reminded that the Goddess loves you no matter who you are, or who you choose to spend your love and life with. I hope you always remember that no matter who or what you are, the Goddess loves and cares for you


Blessed be my wonderful people, my dear Queer Sisters in Wicca. Let your lives be full of love for all.

– Juniper Wildwalk, an intersex lesbian Witch

PS: This post is directed at women in Wicca because I have recently been receiving abuse and hate for my sexuality and my religion. I felt that other queer Women of Wicca may need to hear this too. Men, non-binary, and non-sapphic people are always loved by the Goddess too!

My body is ancient and twisted,
like the first unlucky creature
to drag its body out of that primordial soup
into the harsh light of a new world.
I am timeless.

I am the Forgotten Goddess,
I had a name, once,
but that was so long ago;
When my lover’s lips sang it
like a timeworn holy hymn.

My silence was permanent and perfect.
My temples stretched to the stars,
glimmering with golden guilt
and the heathens cried, “Goddess, save us!”
Yet I was mute.

I conquered the Earth;
the trees shook to the sound
of my pulse and the animals
chanted in a cacophony
of worship.

My lover was the moon
and the stars were her slaves.
Each night, she pulled the sea
into my earthy embrace,
before she was stolen away by the sun.

The sun was such a jealous thing
and the sky burned with his
wicked words.
Our love was beastly.

So the heathens cursed
and spat and sneered 
and left my beautiful temples
to praise the sun.
Hallowed be thy name.

The ground trembled with
my fury
and those heathens all
screamed and wept
and it was exquisite.

Still they left me to rot,
to wither and cry
like a corpse in a meadow.
Fair goddess,
forced to be foul.

Even the moon,
with her pale flesh and
her soft radiance,
grew tired of me
and then apathetic.

So I hide in these green spaces,
and these spaces inside you,
a flicker of curiosity or doubt
in your mind.
Waiting for my return.  

(I will not be forgotten.)

—  the Forgotten Goddess - s.d.

Sanctuary from wickedness, the five points provide;
condemnation of religion and forced to hide.
Elemental symbols of a sacred ritual,
mistaken to represent that of pure evil.

Mother Earth, the Goddess dear;
ground trembles when covered with your fear.
Bones of ash and flesh of crust;
the touch of thee turns me to dust.

Air born upon the summer breeze,
a whisper heard by the silent trees.
Swirls high above the solemn clouds,
The light of the moon it enshrouds.

Water descends from the heaven light,
drowning rain to be turned white.
Blizzard freeze the world to ice,
to melt, vaporize, and begin thrice.

Fire of my soul that which burns,
destruction of life it does return.
After devastation seems like a dream,
the Earth grows fertile, it does redeem.

Spiritual essence of my own life,
I would give up in sacrifice.
Save my Star, I do beseech.
before it’s glow is believed extinct.


There, in front behind, Ahsha saw a man, who was staring at the view through the windows, totally relaxed. The woman though was everything expect relax. She was shocked, afraid and getting upset by the second, as the strong feeling of rape of her intimacy filled the room. When the stranger turned around, seeing his goddess , in bone and flesh Ahsha was now sure. It wasn’t Derek. She tighten her bath dress around her body , trying to cover her nakedness under it , to be sure he doesn’t see any of her birthday suit. She couldn’t believe that a totally stranger succeed to enter in her room like he was her husband. The miss of security was now effect and she felt in danger. Who know why he came for. She could be dead by now. But after the day Ahsha had, and the fact that Derek didn’t answer his phone already send Ahsha upset , now this stranger put her in a rage

“ Who the hell are you ?! ” she asked but shake her head, she doesn’t even want to know , she doesn’t want to be in his Précense any longer. She had a bad feeling that something horrible was about to happen and she was damn right “ Never mind, Can you please leave my room. This is totally inappropriate”

The stranger made couple step toward her and immediacy Ahsha cringe.

“ Inappropriate my love ?” he spoke “ No no , I have been chasing you since you became a devil girl. I love you my sweet Ahsha. You’re so beautiful , so pretty”

The guy was having some stars in the eyes. Like he was truly believe his fantasy.  Ahsha quickly understand that he was. She was used to delusional crazy groupie of Derek, but she never walk on one of her. Represent a fantasy couple made some men wanted to be in Derek’s spot, having Ahsha. Her mistake was to think that just her husband was a fantasy. While it was clearly not the case

“ You need to get out of here. You’re tripping” she said, the sound of her voice higher. She couldn’t explain it. But she sense in her bone that more she was passing some time with this guy and more her life will take another corner

“ What are you saying my darling” dreamed the stranger.“  I love you and you love me ”

It was impossible to reason him. At every of his nickname and sweet words she felt disgusted . She felt sick , deep down in her throat. She just wanted for the man to leave, right the way

“ What are you chasing is a fantasy Sir” slowly spoke Ahsha “ I’m married to the man I love and this is not you. I’m sorry but you need to leave now or I call the security ”

Ahsha doesn’t wanted to be rude , it wasn’t in her education. But it was a flaw because right now , the worse was coming , literally speaking behind in the elevator , a ring to his left hand.

“ The security ? Baby don’t be like that , see you took a bath ready for me . We can make love now” said the guy

The door of the suite opened herself, Derek walked in , a flower bouquet in the hands and chocolate box in the other

“ Guess who is here to surprise you my love ” sang Derek , a huge smile on the face. But it quickly disappears when he saw the scene. What he saw … was his wife , a half naked under a white bath dress and a man , in her hotel room, where everything can happen

“ Derek!!!” screamed Ahsha , even more shocked

Her body didn’t betrayed her and what she felt happened. Derek surprised her, with another man who wasn’t him. If there is something she know more than herself it’s her husband. And Derek’s reaction confirmed it. All he was holding fell on the floor. The man looked at Derek , like the husband just interrupted something. All Derek vision became red, as his anger deformed everything in the room. For him the scene was well worse


The two other adults in the room jumped on themselves. They were now in the same case, in front of an enraged Derek. There was two side, Derek and the cheaters. Ahsha was breathless , she didn’t know what to say to calm Derek.

“ Derek this is not what you think ” she explained

“ I’m her man!!!!!” proudly said the stranger

Obviously he under esteem what Derek was capable of and wanted to die. It would have been easier to just shot himself. Instead he was tripping on the wrong woman , Derek’s one. If the player couldn’t express what he was feeling for his wife , he didn’t have the same problem for the nigga in front of him. He wanted to kill him


The aggression happened so fast. Derek ran into the guy and grabbed his throat. Fiercely! If it would have been just that. The crazy loose his balance and fell on the floor. Which was excellent for Derek. He mount on him , and started to punch the guy in the face

“ Derek stop !!!” cried out Ahsha

It never been in his intention to put more than just one stroke. Derek wanted to hurt him , just once for the disgrace this guy put on his marriage. But something in Derek prevent him to stop. He crushed his phalange all over again , right and left until they were covered of a red substance. The violence of it, froze Ahsha’s blood

“ DEREK!!!” she screamed , afraid

But more Derek put a stroke and more the pain in his heart was flying away , probably thank to the adrenaline. He knew he needed to stop and the poor man wasn’t even trying to protect himself by now but it didn’t make him stop

“ Derek you’re going to hurt him ” yelled Ahsha

That…he really heard it. But again , Derek wasn’t thinking straight. What he heard was Ahsha’s fear. He heard how terrified her voice sound for…Derek hurt her lover. He stopped and stand up , fast . The victim on the floor was surely having the nose broken and two black eyes . He was alive , even caught. Derek in the other hand was like a killer walking dead. He walked to Ahsha , fiercely grabbed her chin and totally backed her against the first wall

“ Hurt him ?!” he spitted “ What about what I’ m going to do to you huh ?”

The look he was using to see his Ahsha never appears in his eyes before. Ahsha could see the disgust, the anger, the violence, the hate and the worse, some killer instinct. She tried to fight the grip but Derek’s hand was well too strong

“ Derek you’re hurting me” she said, in tears

Derek came back to the real world. Where he was terrifying his wife. A wife who was in tears and shacking. He could see in her eyes that she was seeing him abuse her. Derek never been this kind of guy. He didn’t want to be this kind of man . He was already feeling like shit for having scare her like this. He released her without walk away

“divorce… ” he whispered between her lips “ I WANT THE FUCKING DIVORCE ”

Just like that , he end up his marriage , he end up Ahsha’s live

After Derek’s left, Ahsha had to cancel her visit for the next day and went to the airport. She needed to run after Derek and go back to LA, trying to fix it. She refused her marriage was ending like this. On her way back to the mansion she was running and in the hurry, her phone at the ear. She never stop calling him , always falling on his voice mail. After the man who just ruined her life had been take in the hospital and Ahsha threat him to ruin his life if he was putting charge against Derek , a hysteric Ahsha grabbed all her stuff and package. She then ran to the elevator of the hotel and storm in the taxi. Then she ran to catch her flight , once she land at LA she drive like a crazy to the mansion. She knew she wasn’t having a lot of time because Derek was already ahead her. The mansion door opened in a huge noise , surprising Sofia, their maid, in their hallway

“ Derek! Derek!” screamed Ahsha. But the answer she got wasn’t what she was looking for

“ Mr Roman isn’t here Mrs Ahsha. He came home two hours ago , pack some clothes and left ” explained a really calm Sofia for Ahsha. For the dear Mrs Roman , her life was falling apart

“ Left ? He left ?”  she repeated, close to cry again. Of course any time Derek wasn’t answering to his phone, the tears and pain intensified on Ahsha’s cheek

“ Yes Mrs Roman”

“ Did he said where he was going ?” asked Ahsha desperate

“ No Madame”

“ How many baggage did he take ” she insisted

This is only there the maid notice the statement of the woman of the house . Ahsha was having an unusual worry .

“ I don’t know Mrs Ahsha , I was in the washroom when he left . Is there a problem ”

“ No … not at all. I’m just going to call him ”

She tried again , and again it was his voicemail. Derek could show himself completely stubborn and determined sometime. Ahsha doesn’t want to give up on her husband that easily though. She decided to leave a message

’ Derek please hang up the phone. This is a huge misunderstanding’

The doorbell sound and she loudly breath, release that she will have a chance to explain herself and fix it. Expect that the person at the door wasn’t Derek. Why the player would knocked  at his own house. The player who was at the door was a familiar face. He was in a red ensemble, playing with a ball between his hands. She automatically felt disappointed

“ Hey Mrs D. I’m Dwane ” said the new player , smiling. Why everyone was happy around her while she was facing major issue with her husband and that he was out there while he almost kill someone “  Derek and I was suppose to work on our attack tonight ”

“ I know who you are ” coldly spoke Ahsha. The Précense of the young player remind her the coke incident #2 and she accuse her man of using coke again. She guessed what was happening right now was the karma “ you’re throwing your life away ”

“ Obviously Derek seems to be the kind of husband telling everything to his woman ” rolled his eyes Dwane. It was the first time the two of them was having an interaction and heard about each other without actually meet leave some trace

“ Yes. But please come in” invited Ahsha. She almost whispered and her hand on the door , making her body presented in a charming way was sending mixed message without  she know that

“ I’m not going to betrayed a nigga. Wives aren’t my thing” claimed Dwane

He was for sure a mini Derek. Arrogant , sexy, probably fucking everything who was moving. But not wives. Apparently he was having principle

“ Coke is your thing” fought back Ahsha , breaking his act right the way

“ Guess I don’t have the choice now ” replied Dwane , coming in. He followed Ahsha in their living room . Ahsha looked for her phone and called her husband , after the million time “  But if I can say something , you’re too beautiful and too young to be give me a sermon ”

She looked at Derek’s projected as she wait for an answer on the phone , the parallels between the two men was scary

“ You know I used to know a guy like you” she started , her ear still against her phone , but voicemail it was and she tried again.  Her too was determined “  Exactly like you. He was cocky , arrogant but most of it talented. He was fucked up , clearly. He has everything to lose . One day he woke up and decided to be a better man , a better player and a better teammate. If he hadn’t , I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have the life he have now. The kind of life you guys chose isn’t easy. The money , the drugs , the alcohol , the sex. The life give you so much and can take it back that easily. If you don’t change , the life will take everything you have Dwane. Derek doesn’t answering , I’ll call Terrence”

For a moment Dwane forgot why he was coming for. He saw Ahsha’s beauty. Of course physical but also how her words reached him. Just like it did for Derek

“ I know what happened to the guy ” said Dwane

“ What ?” asked a confused Ahsha. Her was focus on reach one of the boys. All she wanted was to fix her marriage before fix any other personal demon of others

“ The guy you was talking about , I know what happened to him. He fell in love with you . T just texted me , he is meeting me at the arena. Bye Mrs D”

“ Listen man , you will have to answer her ”

Derek declined Ahsha’s call and turn off his phone this time. Of course , his best friend had heard about the situation between him and Ahsha , and as his best friend , his role was to reason Derek. Things was.. Derek was adult enough , stubborn enough to chose to stay not rational and angry. It was easier that way

“ I don’t want to speak about or with a cheater ass. Screw her”

His aggressiveness and anger didn’t left him at all. He felt betrayed so hard and deep that most of his word he wasn’t meant them. Terrence couldn’t let him insult Ahsha though

“ Derek!” he reprimanded

“ Oh Please Terrence leave me the fuck alone with her. I know you adore her so if you want to take her defense I rather you to not say anything”

At this moment , Dwane , coming from the mansion , always in a good mood joined the two devil on the court , at the arena

“ What’s up the grandPa” he teased

“ This kid need education ” replied Terrence

“ Where was you Dwane, we’re waiting for you since 15min” spited Derek

The player wanted to drown under the basket to forget his marital issue. Work work and work

“ I was at your place. I meet your wife and I know why you’re always hurry to come home to smash that ass”

Wrong timing for this kind of joke. And again Derek’s reaction too was well too wrong. He grabbed the young player by his jersey , ready to hit him

“ You saw my wife ?!”

“ Wow D relax! ” tried to calm Terrence. He put a hand on Derek’s shoulder. A gesture that Derek avoid but releasing Dwane. What the fuck was wrong with him ? He was becoming a person that he wasn’t recognize anymore

“ Stay away from Ahsha!!” he yelled at Dwane

The jealousy was turning him into something else. It was clear now. He needed to get his shit together before it eat him alive

“ Enough Derek !You need to calm down bro”

“ Sorry. I’m sorry” he whispered to Dwane

“ It’s cool . It’s me who owe you apologies. I shouldn’t say that . It was inappropriate”

If Dwane didn’t see it into Ahsha , he clearly saw it into his mentor. Some stuff was going on into their marriage. He decided to play the nice student and work hard during his personal training leading by Terrence Wall and Derek Roman

Days after , the situation wasn’t better. Ahsha hadn’t heard about Derek since a while and he didn’t come back at the mansion. She thought they will cross at the arena but it never happened. All she wanted to do was to pass her entire day at home, waiting a sign for Derek. But unfortunately for her , she agreed to go at an appointment with Sloane and she wouldn’t be against receive some nice love and support from her mother. She entered the address Sloane gave her in the gps and end up in front of a mysterious store. Looking like the location of a fortune teller with all kind of mystic stuff

“ Mom where are we ? ” asked Ahsha , holding something with a lot of plume “ I don’t need this”

“ Ahsha we’re not here for shopping. We have a session ” explained the mother. She was glad of the meeting but felt a little anxious on how her daughter will react

“ A what ?” repeated Ahsha

A woman , just like Ahsha was imagine the owner of this place was looking like , a bohemia style , some pearls on the head and a large skirt came out from behind a curtain, with a smile well to big for anyone meeting stranger

“ Bonjour , I’m Flower of sun” salute the woman

“ Who ?” whispered Ahsha. Who called her child like this

“ Ahsha can you have an open mind” requested Sloane. They followed her behind the store , in a room lighten by candles with , Ahsha had to admit it , a really beautiful perfume. On the floor a carpet , with some flower making a circle. Obviously Sloane already came because she felt comfortable as hell , which wasn’t Ahsha case.

“ It’s Ok . I’m use to…resistant” spoke Flower of Sun. She sit on the floor, followed by Sloane" Welcome Ahsha. I’ll ask you to join us on the circle for we start"

Ahsha was perplex but she didn’t want to be disrespectful. She took off her Louboutin , like Sloane took of her own shoes and sit , crossed legged , between the circle of flower

“ What is going on ” whispered Ahsha , leaning to her mother “ Mom I really don’t have the time for your meditation. I have bigger problem. ”

“ Ahsha please” begged Sloane , with a charming smile. How say not to that

“ I can sense that you have a beautiful aura Ahsha” replied Flower of Sun “ Give me your left hand for I can sense the essence of your marriage”

“ Nope”

“ Ahsha” said Sloane

“ Fine!” agreed Mrs Roman

It was the last thing she wanted to do but she hasn’t that much choice , Ahsha wanted to please her mother. She gave her hand to the stranger, her fingertips between hers. The woman caressed them , with her two rings on it. She closed her eyes like she wanted to focus on something. For an instant , Ahsha took off her guard. If this woman was a kind of magician and she could help her to fix her marriage by doing a miracle happen , she wasn’t against. She would need all the help she can get. Whatever belief and faith

“ I can see that your husband is strong. Really strong. He gave you enough strength to fertilize”

Expect that they weren’t here for that. The last word was saying it all

“ What in the hell” yelled Ahsha , standing up. She wanted to be as far from the woman.

“ I can sense the problem Ahsha and it’s coming from you. You’re not open and don’t allow your husband to bless you” she stopped to speak and took a flask with a gold liquid , like it was honey “ You should take this. It will open you more when you and your husband are unified with the nature”

Ahsha couldn’t believe what Sloane just done. And the worse was that her mother spoke about personal detail on her sexual life with a stranger , all in order to have children. Without said a word , Ahsha took her shoes and left the store. This is only on the street that she put her Louboutin on. Sloane ran after her , confused of her reaction

“ Really mom ?! ” argue Ahsha “ You set me up. I don’t need any advice to conceive and I can guarantee you that my thighs are well open when we’re making love. Now if you want to excuse me ”

“ Ahsha what are you so upset ?”

“ Because I’m sick of it! I’m tired of your tentative to put me a baby in the stomach”

“ But baby ” said Sloane , in a really sweet voice. What she wasn’t aware of if that’s a baby was the last of Ahsha’s problem right now. She wasn’t even sure to have a husband to have a child with “  this is going to make a year you guys got married ”

“ Exactly! I just got a husband! We just get married I don’t want to share him. I just want more couple years with my Derek and our marriage , if it left a marriage ”

“ What do you mean ?” questioned Sloane, finally understanding that the source of Ahsha’s tension wasn’t coming from today

“ Derek and I are facing some…problems” admitted Ahsha. It was the first time since Miami that Ahsha was facing how serious the situation was and that it was more than just a misunderstanding. The issue between Derek and her were deepest

“ Which kind Ahsha. Oh my good what didn’t you tell me ”

“ Because you are obsessed with us having a baby mom ”

“ Ahsha I’m listening now” replied Sloane, encouraging her daughter to open up to her. Ahsha looked down , she didn’t know where to start

“ Derek didn’t come home since days. We had an argue and he just left”

“ Call him , he will answer ”

“ No he is not!! This is what he do. We’re facing issue and he rather leave instead of sit and talk. This is what we’re doing! We have terrible communication and it will never change. We’re so stubborn and proud and..with the marriage it’s worse”

It was the first time , Ahsha was admitting how not compatible both of their ways to reason sometime were . Sometime Derek was like the old Derek , impulsive and without mercy. Sometime Ahsha was naive Ahsha , waiting him to screw up and unable to open about her feeling. Sometime, they were fundamentally that way and change a man was one thing, change everything who make the man he is , is definitely something else. Sometime, Ahsha was married to her worse nightmare

Derek was staying at the only place he knew Ahsha will never go look at. The beautiful devil came back from her kitchen , two cup of coffee in the hand. She sit next to Derek as he took a sip of it, both of his hands holding the cup

“ Ahsha…cheating on you ? Wow I never could believe it ” said Jelena

“ Why ? because everyone was waiting on me to screw up ? Well she fucked up. She isn’t an angel ”

Since couple days , all Derek mouth was doing was to spread some venin when he was talking about his wife. He was exhausted. Tired of those nightmare he was doing, with the image of Ahsha making love to someone else, he was tired of being that angry and not master of himself , he was tired of all those promise breaking just under his nose after Ahsha’s betrayed. They were married since less than a year and one of them already threaten to leave the other once. They did made huge step ahead about their communication and trust issue , but obviously when the live was testing them , they were waking step behind

“ Oh believe me I always see through her . I never said she was an angel ” answered Jelena

Jelena couldn’t say she was happy to see her old friend that way but she couldn’t say she was unhappy that someone was hating Ahsha just like she does

“ You felt threaten by her talent and you was scared she surpass you . That’s is all different ” fought Derek  

“ Derek if you want to stay here you’ll have to walk my way ” teased Jelena  

“ You’re fire me ?”

“ Of course not. You can stay here as long that you want. it’s just …”

Derek looked at Jelena’s expression. She was frowning her eyebrow and seems…disturbed, annoyed by something. Let’s just say it was a lot different from what he is use to see on her face

“ You. Jelena Howard! going to take Ahsha hayes defense while she screwed over our marriage”

“ I never said that. Why would I want that but I have to say… I wasn’t expecting that move. I always have a step ahead on her.. Always. She is so predictable and that one… I didn’t see it coming. It doesn’t have any sense. She married you , the big and powerful Derek Roman , turned you into a husband that every girls wanted. You two are the HIT couple , together you’re unstoppable. This is not my words, my counselor told me. She owe the Devil Girl as long that she is married to you why would she want to throw away all she ever dreamed about for some d*ck ”

Indeed it wasn’t having any sense. Was it a possibility that Derek did a mistake and THOUGHT see something

“ Fuck You Jelena” he just said , coming upstairs in his room , trying to catch some sleep.

Kyle notice a change in her best friend behavior and like Terrence she knew what happened between Derek and Ahsha. But when Ahsha cancelled the lunch they were suppose to have, the south Girl decided to drive to the mansion and check on her friend. Ahsha finally succeed to fall asleep , on the couch of the living room since it was impossible in the room she used to share with her husband. But it didn’t last because she went ope to her friend

“ You don’t look ok Mrs Roman” commented Kyle

The name cut into her heart , like a sharp knife. From her desire and want to discuss with Derek in the beginning , Ahsha gave up and hasn’t the energy to fight anymore. She had no idea where her marriage was going . She was defeated. Totally defeated, ready to die under the sadness

“ Please don’t call me like that ” said a weak voice of Ahsha. She let her friend come in

“ Are you fine ?”

“ No. I’m not. My mother absolutely want to get me pregnant. My husband didn’t come home since five days. My all life is falling apart…” at this moment, at this statement her voice cracked. She was pretty proud of herself for not having falling apart until now but she couldn’t hold on the tears anymore, it just flowed , hurting her heart “ What…What am I going to do if Derek doesn’t love me anymore”

Kyle came to hug her friend , rubbing her back. There , on her shoulder, Ahsha decided to totally let it go. She let the pain submerged her, and cry

“ Ahsha…” comfort Kyle “ Carebear call down. Let’s get sit and talk for a bit. Did you try to call him”

The two friends went to sit on the couch. Ahsha wanted to avoid her friend look but Kyle didn’t allow her to take that much distance. She took her hands between hers

“ Yes. He is avoiding me and since four days he turned off his phone. I have no idea where he is been. What if he is…with some hoes. Fucking them like he wasn’t married to me! I know him. He can be so impulsive and reckless!”

If Derek was out there , thinking that his wife betrayed him , that he was having nothing to hold on to their marriage , why would he stay faithful. Her jealousy came out now , adding another emotion to the bomb Ahsha was. Her , imagining some fuck girl having Derek had the same effect on her that it have on Derek. Both of them was really possessive . A part who was feeding their ego and pride

“ You’re totally tripping. I’m sure he is as bad that you’re” said Kyle

“ He think I cheat on him!! Kyle I know my man , I know what he is capable of. You should have see the way he beat the guy , he was about to kill him , to kill me. He was so upset and aggressive. I never see him like this. I even…got scared”

The memory of how violent that night had been was worthy some drama storyline in Hollywood.

“ D-Ro will never , never put a hand on you. He isn’t this kind of man” replied Kyle

“ I know…it’s just. I… what if everything was over. Maybe… Derek and I aren’t meant to be together… What if we made a mistake by getting married so soon. I keep telling myself that some stuff will never change between Derek and I ”

Even speak was becoming hurtful. Right now , she doesn’t even know what to think , to what believe in. Her feelings was all over the place

“ Ahsha…Ahsha you’re exhausted” started Kyle “ You need to rest and sleep a little. You’re no thinking straight. If there is something in this world proving me that love exist this is definitely you and Derek. If the prove of a man who is loving a woman more than his own life exist , it definitely exist through Derek. It’s just a big and huge misunderstanding. You promised him in front of God to be completely his, he is thinking you betrayed this promise . He just need to calm down. He will come home , to you , when he will feel ready”

Kyle made Ahsha  lay down on her side , resting her head on her lap. Indeed Ahsha was at the board of the bridge , that close to fall into depression. She need to have a sleep and forget her problem for couple hours

“ He said…divorce” she whispered between her tears. A phone vibrating made them parted and the two devil girl sit back on the couch

“ I got news” announced Kyle, looking at her screen

“ What ?”

“ Terrence just texted me. Derek is at.. Jelena’s”

Ahsha jumped on her feet. What the hell did she just heard ?


Ahsha went to take her phone and call

“ Ahsha who are you calling ?”

“ My lawyer”

From defeated , Ahsha was feeling going to war again

With money everything was possible , even increase the procedure of a lot of stuff. After a quick passage back to the mansion everything was set . All was missing was her dear husband and now she knew where to find him. The all scene was like some deja vu and Ahsha felt it when she showed up to the white apartment. Jelena opened her door

“ Well Well Well , isn’t the cheater ?” her venomous mouth spitted

“ Where is my husband Jelena , I don’t have time for your bullshit”

Ahsha didn’t come for play mouse and cat with Jelena. She wanted her man and asap. They could fight and argue as long that they want another day. Not today

“ He is upstairs , taking a nap” proudly answered Jelena

It awake again Ahsha’s jealousy. Jelena was ruining after power , strength and probably crazy sex. All Derek was. But Mrs Roman didn’t want to show any weakness in front of her enemy who will exploit it as she know how do it

“ Why in the hell would he need a nap ? Call him! Right now” then she yelled louder for anyone in the apartment can heard her “ Derek, Babe come here!”

Jelena laughed , not with a hilarious laugh but more like an attacked, mocking at Ahsha

“ You have some nerves to show up here, calling him babe while you betrayed him and your marriage ”

“ You have some nerves to standing here , between me and my husband while I save your miserable soul from meet the devil .” just like that she pushed her to the side and entered in the apartment, without being invited “ Move Jelena or I put the bullet right back I found her and give you your ticket for the hell my damn self! Derek! Derek!!!”

Derek heard the screams from the first floor and descend the stairs. Ahsha tried to not take the fact he was shirtless too seriously . Derek and Jelena hadn’t fuck she thought to herself. Plus Derek put a shirt on his way to the living room.

” Really ? “ said Derek ” you’re going to be that kind of bitch “

” Yes I’m that kind of bitch. Let’s go now" she ordered

Ahsha didn’t allow him a longer look and walked to the exist. Husband and wife hadn’t see each other since days but the woman hadn’t the time to dream about his body. They had more business to do. Derek followed her and before he step out, Jelena grabbed his strong arm

“ You’re not oblige to follow her ” she whispered

“ Yes I know”

As Ahsha drive them back to the mansion , there was having a huge silence in the Ferrari. Her was focus on what was about to happen. Derek in his side was nervous. He didn’t know if he would be capable of contain his rage. He was hating and loving his wife at the same time. He just wanted to close his eyes and the last events never happened , that he show up to that hotel room , find his wife alone and have a lovely night like it was planned at the beginning. But when he was closing his eyes , all he was seeing was her with another man , in the most pornographic imagine and the violent adrenaline flow in his veins again , like poison. They arrived and Ahsha walked to the dinner room , where the large dinner table was there. On it , some paper and a pen , in front of a chair. Derek sit , figure out it was for him

“ What is it ?” he asked, curious and confused. He didn’t expect that at all. For him , she will go for long and emotional speech , beg for his forgiveness, stuff like that. He never imagine that Ahsha drag him back home for some business paper. Expect that it wasn’t business paper

“This is the demand of divorce” she announced . Even if she wanted to be strong and provocative, the word burned her throat “ I already filled it , all you have to do is sign ”

Derek took a look , she wasn’t bluffing. Here, right under his eyes , a form to ask the divorce. He even came through the pages. Ahsha was really not bluffing. Expect that it was the biggest poker move Ahsha ever done

“ So you admit it” spitted Derek. It was a while he wasn’t addressing word to or about his wife by speaking. Derek wasn’t speaking to Ahsha or about Ahsha. All his voice was sounding was some disgust and anger

“ I don’t admit a shit!” yelled Ahsha , who was losing patience. Never she would say something like that. But it was written on the form , black on white. Ahsha wrote it herself. If the word divorce burned Ahsha’s throat , the word Ahsha wrote burned Derek’s eyes

“ For the reason you said adultery” slowly spoke Derek

More he was confused and more he was speaking again. Ahsha saw the difference and it works. It was actually working!

“ Because that is what you think. So go ahead Derek sign”

For him Ahsha was well to relax and calm at the eventuality of ending their marriage. Wasn’t she suppose to love him ? Wasn’t she suppose to fight for their union. Instead she was pushing him to sign the paper and launch the procedure their divorce. A divorce that she seems to want. Where was the cries , the beg , the remorse ? Derek looked up to Ahsha’s face , she was inflexible, saying absolutely nothing encouraging him to not sign.

“ Hell yes I’m signing” he declared

He took the pen and start his signature, the D well written. He realize what he was doing and his hand stopped. Without he command it. Was he really asking for the divorce ?

“ Sign Derek!!! Sign the paper!!” yelled Ahsha

The suspense for the woman of his life was just unsustainable. She was standing there , the tears at the board of her eyes , waiting to see if the man of her life was giving up on their union. She couldn’t keep her composure and her face lost her strict. The tears rolled

“ You cheated on me!!!!!” yelled by his turn Derek , standing up, the pen falling on the floor

“ Did I ? ” screamed Ahsha , fierce. It was now the time to reveal the damn truth.

“ Yes” cried out Derek

Right now it was a battle between who was the one getting louder. But Ahsha was armed, well more than Derek because she knew the truth. She approached her husband for the first time in a while and look right in his eyes. She saw exactly the same thing that she saw in the hotel room , that night , the physical aggressively in less. But she refused to be defeat or scared.

“ Did you see me ? ” barked Ahsha “ Is it what you saw Derek ????”

Something in his look change , but it was just too small for it was visible for Ahsha.

“ Yes!.. No! I don’t know” hesitated Derek

Now it was visible , Ahsha could see at the way of Derek was looking at her. The doubt! Derek was doubting. For the first time since five days , Derek was thinking about the thought of maybe he didn’t see what he thought see. Ahsha took every piece of his doubt and used it

“ Did you see me cheat on you in that hotel room Derek ? Did you see me fucking him ? Did you see his d*ck inside of me!”

“ NOOOOO!” screamed Derek , throwing away the paper from the table

His breath was irregular, his facial expression was showing how upset he got. He was mad! He was madly insane right now. But against himself , because he done a terrible mistake. All Ahsha needed was a chance to explain him what happened that night , and now his doubt was giving him that chance. When she spoke again , her voice was calm , trying to calm Derek’s fierceness

“ I haven’t cheat on you Derek What you saw isn’t what you think ”

“ What was it ?” he request , looking down , ashamed.

Ahsha approached him even closer, the closer the married couple had been in days. So close that she could smell his perfume.

“ You’re going to listen to me” she started “ If you don’t believe what I’m about to say , if you don’t trust me then our marriage isn’t worth it. You can sign the paper and leave”

“ Ok” agreed Derek

“ I was coming back from the visit and I wanted to talk to you so I called you . You didn’t answer . I called my mother and we stayed on the phone for a while. After hang up , waiting on my dinner I decided to take a bath I put a bath dress when I was done and came back in the suite , there the guy was there. He started tripping and telling me he love me , that we, him and I , were meant to be together . I asked him to leave and that is when you come in. That’s why I was naked under my bath dress. That is what you saw Derek, nothing else”

Derek was looking for the truth in her eyes and what her saw was saying to him is that indeed , she was telling the truth. The man questioned his own heart and he got the same answer , indeed his heart was trusting her. He gently , to not scare her placed a hand on her hips and backed her body against his. He caressed her hair , looking at her visage

“ You didn’t touch him” he asked, calm and master of himself. The jealousy left. The anger left.

“ No”

“ You didn’t kiss him ?”

“ No”

“ You didn’t fuck him ?”

“ No”

He backed his forehead against hers. There Ahsha saw it, the tears rolling down his eyes. Derek was now crying, released. Extremely release in front of the fact that Ahsha didn’t betrayed him. All the piece of the puzzle got together and he was finally capable of explain why he react that over disproportionate

“ Ahsha… I don’t know what to say. This is this marriage thing. It’s driving me crazy. I want you for myself, all for myself.” He was forcing her to look deep down in his soul , as he re became aggressive and possessive again , but not like before , more like the sensual way Ahsha was loving about her husband. With the emotional elevator they just have, the sexual and insane tension between the both of their bodies too was high. They hadn’t been sexual since a while and the miss of sex was high to the roof. He tighten the grip around her hair, making her lean and giving her full access to her neck . Derek whispered right on her skin “ I can’t stand the idea of you with another man. I’m jealous! I’m fucking jealous. Imagining someone else, inside of you send me over the edge , awake something dark in me. I’m invading by aggressively and have the worse thought ever. ” He then face her lips and bite her bottom lips “ I want you for myself. All for myself” he sucked her upper lips and continue his sexual confession “  I want you all day long. I want you to be mine all night long”

Ahsha put both of her hand on his torso, and looked at him pleased that the fire between them was still there. Sometime the passion was having several form

“ Listen to me carefully Derek…I married you. I’m all to you. You can have me all day long and take me all night long. You married me! We’re married Derek. You can’t run away any time we have an issue. I’m your wife and I swear to God you not going to divorce me. I’m not the kind of woman you divorce. This is the first and last time you’re using this word. You got me”

“ Yes”

He crushed his lips on her , finally kissing his wife since five days.

“ Good. I’m going to take a shower and sleep” she announced

“ I’ll wash you my love and rock your body to sleep”

“ Ok”

They went upstairs to their room and then their bathroom. Derek and Ahsha share the shower and like he told her, he managed to wash her body. He took care of everything , washed her body and her hair.  Ahsha let her husband handle her body because even herself couldn’t. The hot water , gliding on her body , making all of her problem go away , felt like a huge breath of air. Ahsha was just out of energy and soon Derek figure out she needed to rest. How many insomnia she got ? He carry her out of the shower , dry her and put her a little nightdress. Having sex was just out of question and they we’re both agreed that it wasn’t the solution. Not yet . He lay her down the bed and lay next to her. Ahsha quickly change of position , resting her head on his torso

“ I need you to tell you some stuff Ahsha” said Derek in the dark

“ Derek I’m exhausted. I don’t have any energy left. I just want to lay down on you, sense you and sleep”

“ We don’t have to converse , just listen to me ”

He grabbed her hips and made her lay down on him , totally on him , between his legs. Her chest on his large torso, her head on his pectoral. The movement back and forth of his breathing, the sound of his heart beat but most of it , his hand down her back , caressing her skin was her definition of the paradise

“ I love you Ahsha” whispered Derek “ I love you so much that I can’t even express how much I do. You’re my life. You’re my everything. You’re my strength. My power. My happiness. You’re the only reason why I want to wake up every morning. You’re the prettiest heart I ever meet. You’re the love of my life. You’re the woman of my love”

A week after, the couple was working perfectly. They were trying to share sweet and tender moment in the morning , during break first every day . They reduce their time at work and was trying to come home together. Ahsha was enjoying of this calm period to focus on her marriage , and Derek did the same. Step by step the coke incident and the cheating incident was forgetting replaced but lovely married couple life. Their conversation was around the communication and the trust issue. One week had been enough for Derek and Ahsha to go back to their union and what their love was…expected they hadn’t sex yet. As surprise it can be, husband and wife hadn’t been intimate since their reconciliation. Not that they put a specific rule but they knew their sex was fine. Derek was waiting on the blonde storm which was there. Some stroke sound against the main door. He opened and tried his best to not laugh at Kyle, red of rage like Ahsha told she would be.

“ Where is she ?” barked Kyle , looking for her terrible best friend

“ Ahsha ?” asked Derek , like he was innocent

The blonde tornado came in , without Derek tell her to

“ Yes! ” she yelled “ You know since you two are good now she could have least think of me. This is my damn birthday and she is so rich now , she could have offer me some shoes. I made her! Yes D-ro everything she does to you in bed I teache her… I meant no physically speaking but Carebear would have never been Ahsha if she hadn’t receive some good advice of me. Yes Sloane put her on hearth but I made her be the femme fatale wife she is. I well aware of your sexual contract. You two are freak ! A gesture on my birthday would have been nice! Why Am I even talking to you , Ahsha!!!”

“ Ahsha isn’t here ” answered Derek , fixing his watch which attract the south girl attention Derek was dressed up , looking hella fine “ she is at the Rome”

“ And where was you going ?”

“ Join her , She is out with the girls”

“ That’s why no one is answering! How Dare she ? On my birthday , cheating on me”

Kyle had try to reach her friends all day and no one answer. She was expecting a nice gift from the well too much rich Mrs Roman. For sure , her birthday was just a disaster so far

“ So you’re coming or nah ?” proposed Derek, coming out the mansion

“ Hell to the yes. I’ll whoop her ass that if will leave you nothing to smash!!” spitted Kyle.

Derek internally laugh . More angry Kyle was and more great the surprise will be.

All way to his club, Kyle multiplied the insult and it became really difficult to not laugh. The blonde was rarely upset but right now she was. She felt forgotten by her friend and most of it her best friend. They arrived as Derek discreetly texted his wife. Kyle walked to the entrance, ready to explode while her surprise exploded to her face. The crowd of friend , co worker, gorgeous rich man and photographer were here for the big event, Devil Girl Kyle Hart’s birthday
“ Surprise!!!” Yelled every one. 
The Rome saw having a totally other skin , with her best friend favorite colors , blue and pink . Every single damn thing were in this theme. A huge poster of Kyle was on the walls. Some gift packet on the table. The food and drink was flowing . Yes…it probably cost a lot to Ahsha. An Ahsha who came hug her favorite south girl
“ Happy birthday” yelled Ahsha. Their bodies hit against each other and Kyle surround her arms around Ahsha. Behind she saw Derek , with a smirk 
“ I take it back” mime her lips , for Ahsha doesn’t hear “ I take everything back”  
Once Kyle salute everyone…took some drinks and the party could begin. Derek knew when he needed to stay back and right now was the perfect example. He let Ahsha with her friends , enjoying her night while he was enjoying his in his side, sit at his private area , with Terrence and some other boys. It didn’t prevent him to watch her cross the room an every time he was seeing her it was smiling or laughing, a drink or something to eat in the hands. Some other time she was posing , taking selfie with others. Once thing was sure , Kyle wasn’t the only one please by her birthday party. Of course a club filled of Devil girls means dance. Song after song he watch his woman , dancing and singing in the same time, for fun in different kind of style. When the Dj was putting some old school stuff , Ahsha’s body adapted , her hips waving. When it was some soca , she went for some light twerk. Driving her bae crazy. When another song dropped , and the all girls screamed they start to dance , in unison doing the choreography just like in the video music. Owing the club for Derek had his advantage right now , every guest knew who invited them. So every men knew that Ahsha was a back off field. But it didn’t prevent them to look at her , like the squad of vulture they were. The music changed again and a very familiar song came on , so familiar than even the boys know it
“Where are my naughty girls tonight at” said the Dj. It was a rule. When Naughty girl by Beyonce drop in a club , you grab the first man you catch and make him a naughty dance. Two second after , every devil girl was having a partners and Ahsha walked to her receptive one. She continued to dance , in the most lascivious way , approached Derek who was still sit . He took an even more comfortable position , savoring his scotch as he stare at Ahsha , dancing for him. Ahsha knew how to move her body and knew exactly which kind of move will drive Derek crazy. She went for some slow and waving movement , making her curves dance in a delightful way. The fact she was signing the explicit lyric wasn’t helping either. 
“ Dance with me” she asked him. Some froting would it be sexier. Body against body 
“ You already come home with me tonight. I don’t need to dance with you" 
So Mr wanted to be provocative. At that game , Ahsha was the best, especially that she was in her territory. She came in front of him , making an eyes contact. A sexual except that Derek was just focus on her lips and breast. Ahsha placed both of her hands on each of his keel and parted his legs. One step ahead and her body descend , her chest making circle until she was almost kneel in front of him. She stand up and sit on his manhood , back to him. Her butt undulate , as her entire chest did the same. Derek couldn’t help himself and one of his arms surround her , tighten her , just to feel every of her movement.  Her head fell on one of his shoulder , her hair caressing his cheek
’ Tonight…I’ll be your naughty girl’ she sang. 
Maybe they forgot where they were or maybe they did’t care. Because right now it was well more than just a dance. Quickly it turn into foreplay. With her backside teasing him , Derek became harder in his pants , as Ahsha became wetter. He leaned in her neck and fiercely sucked her skin, leaving a huge hickey
” Oh come on Derek , you know you want to dive in" 
The arm who was surrounding her left her chest and came down on her. Derek passed his hand under her dress , between her thighs . His finger pushed her panties to the side and Derek’s fingertips dive in her warmth. Right the way her vagina welcome them and the player felt the ecstasy on the top of his fingertip. He never had the intention to be gentle. Not at all so he trust in and out , like he was there since years 
“ Aaanw Derek” moaned Ahsha 
With the music, the people dancing , no one catches the sexual act between them . Under her butt, the budge became harder , and thicker 
“ I need to fuck you , RIGHT NOW!!!” Confessed Derek. Ahsha smiled, she was expecting less from her man
“ I’m agree” she said. Without warning she stand up , breaking the finger fuck and took his hand. Their fingers melt and she could sense her juice , on his. Ahsha lead them to the second floor at the end of a corridor , in his office. They waste no time , for the simple reason they hasn’t any. Plus…Ahsha knew Derek would be vexed if the jump on foreplay. She lifted her dress , upper her thighs and took off her panties. The material glided all over her legs . She keeps her heels though. Derek in his side unzipped his pants and the second after, his boxer and pants fell to his ankle. Ahsha started at it, surprised that he was that hard. The piece was so thick that it was standing , right in front of her in all his length
“ What ?! You’re going to tell me you’re affray of your husband now ?” Teased Derek. 
As only answer , Ahsha backed her back against the wall and bite her lips , as anticipation. Derek came in front of her. He lifted her dress higher , right upper her button belly
“ There…now you’re perfect" 
Derek kneel to grab behind her knees. With both of his arms under them and all his strength he lifted her while with all of his length and thickness his hard stick grin into her moist center.
” Shiiiiiiiiiiit" yelled Ahsha , over attacked by all kind of sexual electroshock. In this position , her legs wildly parted her access was even profound and of course Derek masculinity took every bite of it. The husband literally crushed his rigid piece into her, merciless with a back and forth. But just once , to have both of their bodies ready for the intercourse. The slim film of her liquor enveloping his hardness , making the intrusion enjoyable already. He stopped there and kissed her. Derek perfectly knew how do her and worse…making her crave for his sex. After a long open mouth kiss, with a ravaging tongue of Ahsha , they broke it. Down the man have a movement of hips behind , and his entire penis escape from the delightful grip. The head of it dangerously teasing her entrance

“Talk to me” he ordered her. Fix something to say and speak right now felt like a hard math exercise but her mind was always set up for some dirty talk
“Fuck me ” she said , and more she continue to speak and more her voice turned to a sensual whisper “ I want you to fuck it like you ever fuck any other p*ssy" 
He powerfully stroke in again , his all length in her center. Her vagina flex as her walls tighten around this sensitive part of Derek. He trust in and out , more teasing her that making his own pleasure increase. And he was good at it. Ahsha wrapped her arms around his head and neck . During the inspiration his rigid shaft was taking into her and the exhalation he was taking out, the friction intensified, but just a little. Him was focus in how his woman will make love to his mind and send him over edge just with her dirty word. Ahsha sucked his lobe and her tongue stay a little longer on his skin
” You feel so Good" she complimented , pleased. Until now , Derek was gentle . And his ego quickly get over it. His hips make bigger movement and when he was in again , he dig deeper in her. It sent an all other energy . The adrenaline came through her entire body
“ This is the best” moaned Ahsha
“ What baby ?tell daddy “ 
” Your d*ck!!! This is the fucking best c*ck who fucked that c*nt" 
The physical tension was so thick that the two of them could see it, with their eyes. Derek increase just a little bit the space , enough to send her huge waves of pleasure and ecstasy. For sure…her center never welcome Derek that good. She got soak , really soak. The warmth liquid dresses his piece and the body anatomy animate itself , like it could think by itself. It dive , faster and faster, meeting her intimacy in the most delightful way. Ahsha encouraged it , now him her husband but his sex 
“ Show me …who this p*ssy belong to” exclaimed a breathless female voice. It was like music to his ears and the note coming out her throat was making it ever sexier. The couple definitely forget where they were and the music of the club was there best alibi because soon…a murder was about to be commit. His kindness , and gentleman skills left him to give place to his most destructive and merciless drive .Derek needed a better hold. He lifted her up a little more , making her jump and grin on his thickness, the flesh of her thighs fell back into his strong hands , with it add the deepest stroke his d*ck made in her center since the beginning of their fuck session. He went that far that he touched her paradise spot , too quick and fast for the both of them but it didn’t prevent him to groan in a rough sound as Ahsha moaned really high
“ Tell daddy you like it”  he ordered her. He went search the sensation he just had of his head being in the hotter of her center and definitely trust faster. Sending Ahsha over the edge , she couldn’t control herself , her body or the sound she was making 
“ I fucking like it daddy!!!“ 
When you thought it was impossible Derek went even faster. Her backed making the wall behind her tremble. Her heels hitting it , since she was still wearing them . The regular small knock of it sound like a beat in the all office. With her moans, his groans , her breathless , the beats, the music was complete. In this vigorous rhythm , the sex become dangerous and incredible more exciting
” Slow…slow…slow” she yelled 
For the first time , her arms released his upper body and came down him , literally speaking. Her delicate sweet hands went on his firm and muscular ass cheek. She pushed, with all her strength , inching him deeper , harder and slower in her intimacy 
“ You’re a naughty bitch” groaned and smirk at the same time Derek. Hard , deep and slow this is going to be. He entered her , in a slow motion , gliding in an intense move , so intense that Ahsha could see, literally speaking the action , she picture his blessing penetrated her in the back of her mind. And the brutal man didn’t stop there, he stroke, powerfully touching her G spot again. Her nails dive in the flesh of his back as Derek’s one grip into the flesh of her thighs, still holding her legs since 13min exactly. Derek’s strength at no boundaries or limits just like the satisfaction he get to inch his thick length into his woman. He attacked again , always in mastered and straight movement, couple second passed between each trust in
“ Fuck it!!!” Groaned Ahsha. She well passed the moan level , every of her sound now was filled of an enraged passion and a fierce urge to receive even more of her man “ Fuck iiiit . Show me who this p*ssy belong to" 
” It’s fucking mine”
Their bodies might not get away with this . Because Ahsha’s nails were leaving some red mark on his ass , just like his fingertips dig in her thighs. He wonder how far her legs can part. It was just a thought , but something happened and her thighs recede father from each other, her kneels completely touching the wall behind them. Split. Right in front his d*ck. The new access was quickly invaded by the strong manhood
“ Aaaaaaarg Dereeek" 
” Scream my name and beg me to stop"
No time for game anymore. He wanted her to explode and perfectly knew how do it. He increased the space, faster and faster
“ Derek!!!!!” Screamed Ahsha. She could felt the huge wave of the sexual drug dose building in her stomatch. It was coming, inflame her from the inside and ready to submerge her “ Don’t stop baby don’t stop!!!”
Think that he didn’t. Him himself couldn’t. He was enjoying it well to much. He was unstoppable and more he was coming into her and more he wanted to do her even better than the previous stroke
“ Derek!!!!” Barked the poor victim expect that Ahsha was everything but not a victim. He was giving her all of him ,  all of his length since their pelvis was coming into electroshock , all of his energy since he was sweaty like hell, all of him , to 95% of him. And yet, Ahsha was holding to the 5% left, even if it mean that one of them fall in the coma
“ Harder!!! ” she yelled “ Fuck me harder!!!“ 
The unthinkable happened , those 5% happened and his hardness and thickness made her inner muscle worked well too much , he stretch the hell out of her and she contracted. Like her all body contract. Her legs around his waist and her walls around his sex
” Derek shiiit” she cried out , a tear rolling on her eyes as the most powerful and intense orgasm Ahsha ever had, with him. And the level was already high. Him…in the other hand was having 100% more to give again , 100% of his miss of kindness. He didn’t retire , even the opposite , he fight her tightness and insert himself in again , in one single stroke 
“ I’m coming!!!!” Complained Ahsha
“ I fucking don’t care” he spited
He reduce the rhythm and went back to a slow , hard and deep trust game
“ Stoooop ok ok stop!!!!” Begged Ahsha, holding on to his shoulder. Her vagina flex again , and Ahsha had a second orgasm. This time, Derek couldn’t hold it anymore. He released , sending his elixir in a hard throwing
“ Fuuuuuuck!!!!” Ahsha screamed. She thought it was over but it wasn’t. A third orgasm came right after the second and she squirt
“ Spread your juice wify” laughed a breathless husband 

After everyone dry, cleaned and dressed , Ahsha was still shocked of what just happened. Beast. It was the right word to define them. They were beast . She pulled on her dress again , to be sure the material was at his right place. She passed her hands on her hair , trying to fix her waves.  
“ How am I” she asked 
“ Perfect….and fucked” answered Derek , fixing his belt” I’m particularly proud of myself on that one" 
Ahsha laughed , she definitely saw how proud he was . She was definitely having her revenge plan forming in her head as they speak. She came closer to him and dropped a peck on his lips, for the congratulation .  Ahsha grabbed his chin though
“ Wait we’re home and I’m on my knees. You’re going to wish me to never leave” she swear to him 
“ I’m going to fuck that mouth just like I fucked this p*ssy , without any mercy” he seductively fought back. They walked to the exist . Now that they were totally normal again , down , Kyle birthday party was having and since the half hour they spend on that office , fucking like animals, someone probably noticed their absence 
“ I’m screwed” said Ahsha , a hand on the wood of the door “ Kyle is going to kill me" 
” Correct" mocked Derek 
Ahsha opened the door and the blonde tornado was there. A hand on her lips , her face saying all , Kyle was standing there , like she was waiting on the couple to come out and it seems like it was the case. Derek recognized it, she was exactly the same like when she thought her best friend forget her birthday. The two women were staring at each other, silence. One shocked ,the other ashamed.  Derek kissed Ahsha’s cheek and passed just next to the blonde 
“ Kyle” he saluted and left 
“ You’re a terrible best friend. Fucking your man at my birthday party” said Kyle 
“ Sorry ?“ 
” Oh please! “ replied the DG ” You doesn’t even meant that! I hope it was worth it “ 
” I can tell you no but I wouldn’t mean it”
The two girls laughed. There was no way Kyle would stay mad, if she ever been mad. Ahsha grabbed her hand , leading her to her party again 
“ Come, it’s time for your cake" 
” Guess Daddy already gave you yours" 
Yes…Derek and Ahsha marriage was having beautiful days again 

You made it haha. I know it was really long and I’m sorry for that. It was that or being left ater Ahsha figure out Derek was at Jelena’s So….you would have been mad (yes @msnefie-honeylove21 baby love I’m talking about you lmao )

Thank you for reading , Merci d’avoir lu

A Court Of Mist And Fury - The Squad

Rhysand- A demon born with the heart of an angel
Feyre- A girl who fell in love with a prince and lifted his curse- only to reveal the beast within.
Cassian- A bastard born with a sword in hand
Azriel- A boy trapped in darkness so long- the darkness spoke back
Morrigan- The one that hell could not break
Amren- Daughter of Chaos, goddess made flesh. Nyx incarnate.

A WIP of my demon hunter I plan to play in Legion.

It is a strange thing, I imagine, to hear from lips who freely lay down their purity.  That the motivations behind my, indeed I like to think behind all of our, choice to forsake our birthright and place was love. That when we turned to the sky and whispered our prayers we saw salvation not in the hands of one who might be watching over us, but in our own.  It was not faithlessness.  For many of us still retain the unshakeable attribute that it is to understand faith. Simply, our focus has shifted.  In the knowledge that to face our hated enemy, we must not entrust our fates overly so to a Goddesses and distant virtues but in our blood, flesh and souls.  That we must sacrifice that and more.  So much more.

They have come to destroy what we have come to love and each and every one of us will pick up arms and fight for what we believe in, true to this are most living creatures.  But us who have taken the fight into our very selves will without hesitation or wavering die for what we love.  And it was with elated spirited and hardened heart I traded my prayers for the dark of blindness.  My staff for a well sharpened pair of glaives.  Because I loved the place of my birth.  Because I loved my sisters.  Because I loved our way of life.  Because I loved Azeroth.

she arrives ten minutes late
the smell of coffee already on her breath and black paint staining her fingertips like charcol
as she sits down across the table from you, her ruby painted mouth murmurs a myriad of excuses
including traffic, the weather, and the phrase:
“I got caught up in myself.”

caught up in herself.
that’s she ever seems to be.
if your bit of information does not directly pertain to her
she is incapable of giving a fuck.
She does not care about what you did this weekend,
nor does it matter to her that so-and-so is dating now so-and-so,
she’s never been one for idle chatter.
she’s speaks as if every word she’s ever spoken will one day be written down
in some sort of holy book.
as if every breath she takes, is a gift to the world that she does not want to be taken lightly.

she is the most selfish person you know.
you have loved her long enough to know this.
she is the kind of girl who will not knock someone down
because it would take too much effort and she doesn’t consider them worthy of her time.
she’s the kind of girl,
who you feel like it would be an honor to be stepped on by,
as if the scar of her her six inch heel digging into you back
would be the proudest medal you could ever hope to bear.
she’s the kind of girl,
that you would stand outside in the pouring rain for hours to even catch a glimpse of,
that you would kill to be like her, to carry yourself the way she does.
she’s the kind of girl
who men would die for,
her eyes crinkle into half moons as the dragon chews on on their bones,
and with their last breaths, her knights see her smile and can only think,
“i wish i could’ve died for her again.”

she arrives ten minutes late,
walking into a coffee shop,
as if she is queen of the damned,
messiah of the forsaken,
savior of everything you have ever laid eyes on.
she walks in, as if she is what you have been waiting for your entire life.

you foolish follower.
you love-struck disciple.
don’t you know that she is a prophet;
her words alone are worth more than you.
you see,
she was made
to be loved by you.
she was made to be worshiped
by the dying acolytes who last breath will be a final hiss of her name.
she is a goddess
enclosed in human flesh.
don’t you know that her type of holiness requires sacrifice.
and you are a fool
if you ever believed that she could be a deity
who loved her followers as much as they did her.