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Stranger Things | 2.01

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just taz things #11: what the fuck griffin

Don’t Let Go [m]

Genre: Angst, smut ⚠️ (spanking, crying? idk man i felt all the feels in this one, no major kinks)

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 3674 (I’m so sorry)

Summary: Making up hurts. But it feels too good to care.

A/N: This is the sequel to my Never Ever drabble “Let You Go” If you haven’t read that one yet, I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DO for storyline and buildup purposes! So this was originally supposed to be just straight up smut, but now it’s like straight up smut but with a lot of angsty feelings. I’m emo tonight. Someone hold me. 

Read first: Let You Go


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  • me: garashir is great!!! love this ship 💜💜💜
  • Una McCormack: that's a nice ship you have there... it would be a shame if something were to... /happen/ to it...
  • me: no... please don't...
  • Una McCormack: *makes Kelas Parmak into a new love interest for Garak*
  • me: no.... stop...
  • Una McCormack: *makes Kelas Parmak super likable and totally married to Garak, but Garak is clearly still in love with Julian as well*
  • me: please... you've done enough...
  • Una McCormack: *makes me super invested in this love triangle I never asked for, and could happily have lived without*
  • me, sobbing brokenly: please, stop, p l e a s e

yeah because it’s not like cinder hasn’t undergone emotional, mental, and physical abuse through all of the life she has ever known and managed against severe discrimination and hate to thrive as much as possible and literally found the strength to stand up against her enemies with nothing but herself at the worst of times and yet remains truly kind and compassionate when it matters most and doesn’t have to outwardly show it 24/7 for it to be expressed and its not like she doesn’t deserve to be a LITTLE SALTY ABOUT HER GODDAMN LIFE SITUATION 

i’m not saying cress isn’t kind and strong and all, ofc she is, I’m just saying not everyone can be optimistic about it all the time, especially when you’ve been beaten down again and again and again by everything around you figuratively and literally and when you somehow find the strength to stand back up again it’s worth mentioning you might be a little cynical of a world that wants you to stop existing just :)) saying :))

I’m Just A Bad Guy

Pairing/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: angst, sadness (lmao me)
Summary: This is how Bucky Barnes broke your heart.
Word Count: 1k+
A/N: ‘I fucking hate u cee – anastasia/@sickplanets’ I was listening to ‘Fickle’ by Gabe Bondoc while writing this up!

Originally posted by caps-bucky

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if i’m understanding the situation right, some anons (probable adults) harassed official-spec, a 15 year old, over content on their nsfw blog which:

1. if you’re an adult looking at a kid’s porn blog you’re a fucking freak, point blank. there is no goddamn situation in which this isn’t despicable

2. claiming that a minor drawing nsfw content of same aged characters is anything resembling pedophilia is ridiculous

if you are an adult trying to police the sexuality of teenagers and/or scoping out whatever content they post on private blogs, you’re fucking disgusting and shouldn’t be interacting with minors in any capacity.

minors should take steps to protect themselves and make this kind of content private and inaccessible bc there will always be terrible adults out there willing to take advantage, but it is still the responsibility of an adult to set boundaries and respect the boundaries of teenagers even if u know this content exists

youngervolcano  asked:

why don't you like b*tty

G O D okay she makes everything about herself??? like her friends are going through a ton of their own shit too but she’s got to weasel herself into every goddamn situation in riverdale and make it all about her and her problems and im like….. sis………… stop for a hot second please and thank you. also the fact that she still thinks she’s in the right for that stunt she pulled with chuck?? where she literally tortured him and attempted to drown him in a scalding hot tub and yet he’s STILL the bad guy,, even when he tried to expose her for literally trying to murder him??? we all acknowledge that he did some fucked shit but its not…. worth…. getting tortured over??? also the fact that she’s a shit girlfriend and just wants that relationship for what SHE can get out of it, and not what’s best for jug, even though he’s literally homeless, has heaps of family drama, and yet it’s still about her lmao. EVERYONE in their squad kept telling betty that jughead hates birthday celebrations and yet she still threw him a party bc that’s what she thought good gfs are supposed to do… and then jug was the Bad Guy in the relationship for being uncomfortable at that party and expressing that discomfort?? and he was guilted into NOT breaking up with her, because of course b*tty cooper can never do anything wrong, and she’s the purest ray of sunshine in the entire town, and everything always has to revolve around her, because she’s the Poster Child of what everyone else’s kids should be striving to be 🙄

god this rant was so Extra and i realize this, but all of this happened just TONIGHT. there’s so much more shit i could have gotten into but the fact that she managed to pull all this shit in one episode is kind of incredible

also here’s a good post explaining it all


Detective Reese. Homicide.

anonymous asked:

You don't have to answer if you don't want to but and I have no idea what's going on, what drama are you talking about?

Pewds said the “n” word during a livestream and people didn’t like it. But the drama I was referring to specifically is about some people wanting Jack and Mark to apologize on behalf of Felix because, according to them, if Felix said a racist word, then Jack and Mark should say something to state publicly that they don’t condone his behaviour. 

I’m biting my tongue in order not to express my opinion because it will only cause more drama, which is not what the community needs. But I can say that this situation is goddamn ridiculous and that we should not feed the drama. Let’s just endure this nonsense and wait until it fades away, like it always does :)

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What are your favorite "country boy" AUs?

try these ones

47.25435° N, 101.73998° W by tabaqui

Summer, North Dakota. The war is over for both Bucky and Steve, but coming home isn’t as easy as it seems.

Coming Home by charlesdk

OR – in which former army captain, current farmer Steve Rogers finds a bruised and battered and dirty stranger who remembers nothing and doesn’t speak in his barn. He takes him in, despite his friends’ advice not to, and helps him recover. It’s not easy. Especially not when, along the way, feelings get involved.

Til the Cows Come Home by itsmylifekay, WhatTheBodyGraspsNot

Steve loves his town. He loves the people, the narrow streets and faded houses. He loves the scraggly weeds that spring up in the sidewalk cracks and trundle into driveways. This place is his home and he loves every square inch of it.

That is, until a certain city-slicker rolls into the picture and throws Steve’s world upside down.


Everything Bucky knows, he’s learned from the streets of Brooklyn. So why…why he had to be dragged from those bustling streets and dropped here, in the middle of fucking nowhere, is a mystery to him. Because Pukesville (he refuses to call it anything else) is shitty. This house that they’re holed up in is shitty. Everything about this situation is goddamn shitty and nothing can convince him otherwise.

Until he meets Steve Fucking Rogers.

The Robron Break-Ups : A Definitive Guide (Part Four/A Large Number)

Part One / Previous Part / All / AO3

And so we return again to what is ostensibly a Break Up Counter but is actually at this point just a general recap of Aaron and Robert’s entire storyline, because I literally have no self-control.

Fair warning to you - with this post we reach The Donny Saga and The Time of Chrobert and the first Proper Break Up, which is personally one of my least favourite eras as far as Aaron and Robert are concerned and I spend most of it wanting to silently and furiously throw sharp objects at my tv screen. I MAY NOT BE AS SUBTLE ABOUT MY DISLIKE AS I COULD BE, TO BE HONEST.

But still, this has been therapeutic, and has reminded me that we’ve lived through many a Dark Age before.

Anyway, everyone loves a good bit of low-key saltiness don’t they? And also, in amongst all the… Lachlan stuff… there’s still some really wonderful moments, because of course there are. It’s Aaron and Robert.

I love you all. Thank you for your kind comments and likes/kudos/general loveliness. Enjoy.

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Fandom: Red vs Blue

Words: 650

Summary:  After Temple leaves, Wash and Carolina attempt to remain calm.

Warnings: Panic attacks, horror (decomposing bodies), mild claustrophobia

AO3 | FFN.Net

Wash isn’t panicking.

“You motherfucker get back here, I swear to every single god if you don’t let us go-” yells Carolina from somewhere beside him. Wash’s visor is stuck facing forward and he cannot turn his head to see her no matter how hard he tries.

He isn’t panicking.

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