a goddamn look


Okay, I still not finished that pic
But I done a quite accurate depiction of how Magnus “So done” The Red met fluffy lizardass. 
And probably start for real thinking about Tzeentch being a complete asshole.
(I am, personally, vote for Team Kairos. Because I know Crys, she will screw everything up while trying to do something good. Wait, oh shi-)

I am falling into deep of Horus Heresy, yes
And managed to buy myself “The Thousand Sons” book.

It’s soft and they’re laying in bed and isak is playing with even’s hair who has his eyes closed and is leaning into his touch. It’s raining outside and it feels like no one can touch them in this place of comfort and warmth and he whispers “I love you” because he does and he feels it in every molecule of his body. even’s eyes flutter open and meet his and he looks so goddamn happy as he reaches out to cup isak’s face and rub his thumb along the edges of his cheek and “you never said that before. say it again.” so isak does and does again between soft kisses and soft touches and smiling against each other’s lips because boy does he love this beautiful man in his bed and is he grateful for his existence.

okay there is nothing more that pisses me off than people’s moleskins of stupid drawings like cacti and eggs and plants in general because they all look the goddamn same and it all looks so organized and not messy that it pisses me off. i don’t mean to be an art elitist this is just how i feel.